The Executive Committee for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly

The 46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Meetings of the 46th International Antiwar Assembly were held on August 3rd in 7 cities in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Attended by many workers, students and citizens, every meeting was very active. They strengthened their determination to advance antiwar struggles internationally in opposition to the growing crisis of 'war, impoverishment / starvation, and environmental destruction'. (The picture above: the central meeting in Tokyo, with 1200 workers, students and citizens.)

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The Okinawa regional meeting The Hokkaido regional meeting

Overseas Appeal for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly

Let us create an international antiwar struggle!
Fight together against war, against forced poverty,
against the destruction of the global environment
exacerbated by the 'new confrontation
between the US and China-Russia'!

Executive Committee for the 46th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
- Zengakuren [All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations]
- Anti-War Youth Committee
- Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

(A) Oppose the worldwide deployment of US missile defences! Oppose the newly started competitive build-up of nuclear military power between the US and China-Russia!

The American imperialist administration of President George W. Bush is bogged down with successive defeats in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite its reinforcements drafted on the pretext of a 'war on terror'. It is now plunged into complete isolation from the rest of the world. At home it is faced with a serious depression, or rather, is on the verge of a dramatic collapse of its economic foundation, caused by skyrocketing international oil prices, one of the results of the forcible invasion of Iraq and its defeat, and by the breakdown of its financial system, and further a sharp decline in the dollar, triggered by soaring subprime loan defaults. All this has led to the collapse of its imperialist domination over the world as the 'sole superpower'. In a desperate bid to gloss over and circumnavigate this impasse, the Bush administration is hell-bent on deploying missile defences in Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as in Japan, with the aim of maintaining its overwhelming ascendancy in nuclear military power at any cost.

The American power holders, who consider China and Russia to be their main enemies that threaten their dominance over the world, are determined to build up worldwide missile defence (MD) systems in a bid to overwhelm these two states militarily. They have launched this scheme to 'disable' Chinese and Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). They are forcing their allies in Europe and Asia to participate in, cooperate with and conform to their plan.

The power holders of EU countries, however, have indirectly put a brake on the US-led move towards the deployment of missile defences in Central Europe by defining it as an integral part, not of the US-made scheme but of a 'future NATO-wide missile defence architecture'. European rulers have taken heed of Putin's Russia, which is offering strenuous resistance to the US plan and is even adopting a 'brinkmanship policy' to foil it. Likewise, newly inaugurated South Korean president Lee Myung Bak, who on the surface stressed the need 'to redefine the US-ROK alliance', has also rejected deployment in his country.

While the Bush Empire has got itself into an impasse, the Fukuda government in Japan alone is giving full support to the US plan for MD systems, as it is tightly chained up with the US-Japan security alliance. Hand in hand with the Bush administration, this LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) government is implementing a succession of reactionary schemes, including the establishment of US Force headquarters to command a nuclear war in the eastern hemisphere in the form of the Bilateral Joint Operations Coordination Centre (BJOCC) in Yokota on the outskirts of Tokyo, the provision of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington in Yokosuka to make it serve as a floating command base on the sea, and the deployment of missile defence armaments such as SAMs (ship-to-air missiles) and PAC-3s (Patriot Advanced Capability 3s) along with a full range of equipment for a global intelligence and communications network. Throughout the country, combined and integrated US-Japanese forces are continually engaged in joint military exercises with the aim of technologically improving the missile shield. Japan is now placed on a quasi-war footing against China and Russia.

In competition with American imperialists who are bent on building up their worldwide MD systems, Chinese and Russian rulers are also reinforcing their nuclear military capabilities. By trampling down the protests of workers and toiling people all over the world against the military build-up, they have embarked on an arms race in outer space. Thus our world in the 21st century faces an impending crisis - the threat of a third World War - exacerbated by an intensifying scramble for natural resources and food between the imperialist powers of the US-Japan-Europe and China-Russia.

Why is this state of affairs permitted? Because both the antiwar/peace movement and the labour movement in Japan are still under the control of labour aristocrats, who are at the helm of trade unions affiliated to the Japan Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), and that of the Japanese Communist Party, a party of converted Stalinists, and so are grossly distorted into something that gives priority to 'national defence'.

We, revolutionary Japanese workers and students, call on our comrades all over the world!

Rise now to create an international antiwar struggle in all countries against the US imperialists' worldwide deployment of missile defences, and against the build-up of nuclear military strength by the rulers of China and Russia in competition with the US. Here in Japan, we have been advancing our struggle against war and the US-Japan military alliance assiduously by overcoming the degeneration of the official leadership of opposition movements. We are resolved to stand in the forefront of this international struggle.

(B) Strike a final blow at the Bush Empire!

The Bush-led militarist empire of America is now suffering from the total collapse of its unipolar domination of the world, having brought wars of aggression and poverty upon toiling masses all over the world. This empire, however, is now trying frantically to wriggle out of the morass it has created.

In Iraq, their decisive operation, carried out forcibly by the occupying forces - with the Iraqi army of the Maliki government deployed in the forefront - to wipe out the Mahdi Army, an anti-American Shiite militia led by cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, has ended in complete failure. Or rather, it has resulted in the consolidation of the Iranian government's political influence on the Iraqi government as well as Shiite and Sunnite forces, since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's offer to act as mediator between the Maliki government and the Sadr group turned out to be successful. This should be the worst result for the Bush administration, which is even contriving to topple the present Iranian government under the pretext of 'preventing its nuclear development'.

Nations described by Bush as US allies in the 'Coalition of the Willing' have made a rush to withdraw their troops from the field of battle. The Empire has become stuck in a bottomless quagmire of civil war between Shiite and Sunnite forces, which the US itself instigated. Even while issuing its death cry, it is still continuing with its occupation and the brutal killing of Iraqi people.

In Afghanistan, too, the defeat of the US occupying forces is obvious. President Karzai, a puppet of US imperialists, has been forced into a tight corner by the Taliban, who have regained their strength. He narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by the Taliban using secret agents they have established within the government. The US-led International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF), the 'heretical' allied forces that have been trampling down this country, the poorest of all Islamic countries, are now kept on the defensive by fierce guerrilla attacks from Taliban and al-Qaeda forces. The puppet Karzai government, a 'local government' which merely confines itself to the capital Kabul, is on the verge of collapse. Frenzied US forces have gone so far as to launch air raids by crossing national borders, on tribal areas in Pakistan, which they regard as 'safe heavens for the Taliban', and perpetrate indiscriminate murders of Afghan and Pakistani people. This brutal act has even led to an armed conflict with the newly inaugurated Pakistani government, which has antipathy towards the US government.

In Palestine as well as in Lebanon, bloodthirsty assaults on Muslim people, atrocious offensives that the Bush Empire has launched by instigating the Zionist state of Israel, have totally failed. Bush's round visit to Middle Eastern countries intended to stage 'peace in the Middle East' - a plot to mark the last days of his presidency - ended in fiasco due to his own stupidity. He hailed Israel as a 'promised land for God's chosen people' and provoked an angry response from all the rulers of Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

In opposition to these shabby, last-ditch attempts by the idiot Bush, a region-wide encircling net against imperialist America and Zionist Israel is now steadily being formed, on the initiative of the Iranian Ahmadinejad government, and in the strengthened bond between Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Syrian government and the Shiite-led Iraqi government. Chinese and Russian rulers, who intend to break the domination of American imperialism over the Middle East and take its oil-related interests away, are propping up and giving various support to the 'anti-American' governments of Iran and Syria, as well as to those of Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries that intend to distance themselves from the US and its dollar.

Thus, the evil stratagem of the Bush Empire to dominate the Middle East, according to which it has attempted to plunder oil resources and has continued to murder Muslim people at will in the name of a 'war on terror' since the start of its invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 followed by that of Iraq in 2003, has gone totally bankrupt. This is precisely what Bush, the mad cowboy president who has inflicted a succession of wars of aggression according to the 'strategy of pre-emptive strike' under the pretext of a 'war on terror' by basing himself on the neo-conservative idea of unilateralism, has brought upon himself.

This is not all. Hit by a grave economic crisis, this 'world's sole military superpower' now finds itself shaken to its foundations, as it is faced with a serious breakdown of its economic base, the very basis for its economic and financial dominance over the world. A chain reaction triggered by the subprime loan debacle - the uncontrollable turmoil in the international financial system, the declining dollar and soaring oil prices - has precipitated the US economy into recession. Because of the spiralling progression of all of these, the dollar system in itself, the economic base for US domination over the world as the 'sole superpower', is now on the verge of its final collapse.

Business practices akin to fraud - subprime home loans, to which many poor people have fallen victim, and the securitization of these risky mortgages to sell in the form of RMBSs (residential mortgage-backed securities) or CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) - have naturally gone bankrupt. This major bankruptcy has set off another steep decline: financial derivative products as a whole, including LBOs (leveraged buyouts) and CDSs (credit default swaps), have gone into free fall. This has brought about a total loss of international confidence in US financial institutions, which could even spark international financial panic at any moment.

This is a truly welcome development, in the sense that it has brought to light the total bankruptcy of financial alchemy, which American imperialists invented under the cover of 'financial engineering'. Today' s American state monopoly capitalism in the form of casino capitalism, which has survived so far by resorting solely to this financial alchemy in patching up the hollowing out of its manufacturing sectors and huge current account deficits, has been pronounced to be at its historical end. This tolls the death knell for the hegemony of imperialist USA, which has forced neo-liberalist reforms and political as well as military subordination on every other country with the aim of winning the whole world for its market.

The Bush administration's scheme to deploy missile defences worldwide is the last-ditch attempt of this 'world's sole militarist superpower' to tide over its mortal crisis. So is its neo-colonialist economic invasion of developing countries in a new form on the pretext of protecting the global environment and by means of 'CO2 emissions trading'.

(C) Oppose the imperialist powers of the US, Japan and Europe forcing poverty and environmental destruction on developing countries!

The combination of imperialist America's bankruptcy in its financial system, the steep decline in the dollar, skyrocketing international oil prices and economic recession is now developing into a 'simultaneous worldwide depression spreading outwards from the USA'.

Since the governments of developed capitalist countries have remodelled their politico-economic structures into those of casino capitalism in the name of globalization based on the Yankee imperialist ideology of neo-liberalism, they are now suffering on the whole from economic difficulties due to a domino-effect financial crisis and price hikes (or inflation).

Under the slogans of 'deregulation' and 'privatization' of public sectors, the monopoly bourgeoisie and their governments in developed countries have mounted reactionary offensives against workers and toiling people: mass layoffs, the extensive introduction of temporary employment, deprivation of labour rights, deterioration of working conditions, and wage cuts. These governments tout the principle of a 'small government and a strong state', while making it a major premise to secure a tremendous amount of military expenditure. On the one hand, they have adopted policies of reducing corporation taxes and promoting the restructuring of corporate organizations for the purpose of supporting monopoly capitalists in large-scale enterprises. On the other hand, they have been bent on relaxing labour standards and reducing public social security services.

Now that the world is sinking into a slump, capitalists in each country are sacking their employees on a mass scale. Supported by their governments' strengthening of the above-mentioned reactionary measures, they are throwing workers out into the street in succession, while drastically raising the prices of food and other daily necessaries. Thus, in developed countries, the number of temporary workers (called the 'working poor') is increasing dramatically. These workers are exposed to hopeless impoverishment. So are socially vulnerable people such as the jobless, aged and disabled. All this is also a result of labour aristocrats permitting these reactionary offensives. In Japan, the Fukuda government has forcibly introduced a merciless medical insurance system (dubbed the policy of 'deserting the elderly'), which imposes a heavier burden on elderly people by not only deducting higher premiums from their pension benefits but also increasing their contributions for treatment, disregarding the fact that they are making ends meet on their small pensions alone.

In developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, which are now incorporated into the US-led 'global market', multinational monopoly capitalist corporations from the US, Japan and Europe are pressing governments in each county to accept poor standards of labour conditions and bad environmental standards, which could hardly be permitted even in their home countries. They are thus forcing local toiling people to endure harsh exploitation, ruthless expropriation, health damage and environmental destruction.

Global warming, an outcome of industrialization in the 20th century, is now melting the Arctic ice cap and causing profound changes in the earth's climate, such as simultaneous occurrences of droughts and major typhoons, cyclones or hurricanes. Because of a steep rise in grain and other food prices - which has been brought about by a general slump in agricultural production due to these climate changes, as well as soaring oil prices, and has also been promoted by speculative dealings by financial gamblers (including US and European hedge funds) - a great number of people are threatened with starvation, unable to buy food. This is also because American imperialism has been forcing other countries' governments to 'liberalize' imports of agricultural products. To make matters worse, under the protection of the Bush administration and its policy of converting automobile fuel to bio-ethanol, US monopolies of agribusiness are rushing to step up the production of maize for bio-ethanol, with a resultant cut in the production of wheat and soybeans. This has brought about a rapid rise in international grain prices and has brought starvation to many people in developing countries that depend on grain imports from the US, especially those in the so-called poorest countries.

Political horse-trading among imperialist rulers in the world over reductions in carbon dioxide in the name of 'measures to cope with global warming' has in itself been accelerating the increase in the number of starving people and the progression of environmental destruction. Imperialists of the US, Japan, and EU countries are pressing rulers of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to reduce CO2 emissions, while they themselves are overtly or covertly permitting their own manufacturing monopolies to continue enormous emissions of CO2. Worse still, these monopolies have embarked upon a new moneymaking venture, namely the development of 'eco-friendly technologies' (e.g. energy-saving technologies and those of alternative energies in place of oil). They are engaging in fierce competition with each other to export these technologies in the name of 'emissions trading'. In fact, they are absorbed in 'planting' these technologies, which could reap them huge profits, in developing countries, calling this procedure a 'clean development mechanism (CDM)'. On top of that, international hedge funds are rushing to securitize 'emissions quotas' and their trade in the form of derivatives in pursuit of opportunities to make more money through speculation.

Furthermore, our government in Japan, as well as those of the US and France, have again started to encourage dangerous nuclear power generation by falsely calling it 'an eco-friendly, clean energy'. Under the wing of their governments, nuclear industry monopolies in these countries are so eager to sell their nuclear plants in China, India, Brazil and oil-rich Arab countries.

Without a doubt, the Group of Eight summit, or the so-called 'environment summit', to be held in Japan from July 7th to 9th, will be an arena for both the imperialist power holders of the US, Japan and the EU, and the rulers of China, Russia and the group of emerging economies and developing countries led by China and Russia, to press 'measures to reduce CO2 emissions' upon each other and thus accelerate environmental destruction under the slogan of 'protecting the global environment'. The coming summit meeting, to be held beside Lake Toya in Hokkaido, a site of entrancing scenic beauty, will surely turn out to be a place for ugly bargaining over 'emissions trading', sales war for new eco-businesses, and a scramble for grains and mineral resources, between the three blocks of (1) the US and Japan, (2) EU countries (led by France, Germany and Britain), and (3) economically rising countries. It will merely serve as a springboard for promoting the destruction of the global environment.

With the Olympic games in Beijing near at hand, Hu Jintao's China was recently hit by the Great Sichuan earthquake. The disaster occurred during a revolt by the Tibetan people. This calamity, which claimed more than 80,000 lives and instantly transformed this region into a hell on earth, laid bare the dark side of China, a 'capitalist state' that still harbours the pretence of socialism.

Buildings of shoddy construction with no reinforcement, deficient supplies of water, electricity and gas, and poor disaster relief operations - all of these revealed that the remarkable growth of the Chinese economy (symbolized by the booming cities of Shanghai and Beijing) rests on the abandonment, or victimization of poor toiling people in rural and remote regions. This bespeaks the anti-proletarian nature of the state capitalism that the Chinese government has created, by means of its policy for 'transformation to capitalism from above'. The earthquake has exposed to the light of day that the implementation of this policy by the government of the converted Stalinist bureaucracy has brought forth a tremendous gap between the rich (a handful of capitalists and bureaucrats) and the poor (workers and toiling people), a widening economic gap between urban and rural areas, and awful destruction of the environment. It is just like Hurricane Katrina that hit the southern part of the US three years ago, thus unsparingly revealing the dark side of America's 'prosperity'.

As for Russia, Putin, who was able to fulfil his ambition to reinstate Russia as 'a world power' thanks to a steep rise in international oil prices, has further consolidated his system of autocratic rule by placing Dmitry Medvedev in the post of President. The Russian government is vying with the US, Canada and Norway over the reserves of petroleum and natural gas on the seabed of the Arctic Ocean, gloating at the melting of its ice due to the global warming.

The world is now witnessing the start of an environmental = economic war, i.e. economic war connected with conflicts over environmental issues, between the three poles: (1) the US and Japan, (2) the EU, and (3) China and Russia. These imperialist states and the BRIC nations are struggling with each other for economic dominance over developing countries and for the lion's share of natural resources under the cover of 'protecting the environment'.

We call on working people all over the world.

Let us oppose the new form of neocolonialist invasion of developing countries by the US, European and Japanese imperialist powers on the pretext of 'protecting the global environment'. Never let them force starvation and environmental destruction on these countries. Oppose the Chinese and Russian governments' acts of plundering natural resources and promoting environmental destruction in competition with imperialist states.

(D) Fight now for a surge of international antiwar struggle!

Comrades all over the world!

In this 21st century, we are confronted with the seeds of another world war. US imperialism is deploying missile defences worldwide, while China and Russia are steadily strengthening their nuclear military capabilities, including an arms race in outer space, in rivalry with the US. Imperialist powers of the US, Japan and Europe are making economic inroads into developing countries through eco-business struggles and bitter competition over speculation under the cover of 'protecting the global environment', while the 'allied' emerging economies led by China and Russia are competing with the former. World powers are intensifying a mad scramble for food and resources, while starvation and poverty are spreading on an unprecedented scale. The seeds of war present in the contemporary world are growing and spreading day by day.

This crisis on a global scale is intensifying as we speak, with its epicentre in the conflict between three blocks: (1) the declining empire of America and its poodle, Japan, (2) the countries of the continental EU led by the Franco-German axis, and (3) the group of emerging economies with China and Russia at their head.

War, poverty and environmental destruction are inseparably combined with each other in every sense. Worldwide poverty and environmental destruction forced by imperialism have aroused angry revolts by workers and toiling people, while imperialist armies are perpetrating massacres and state-machinated acts of terror to suppress and upset these revolts. Workers and other people in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world, as well as Muslim people in the Middle East, are waging indomitable struggles. Yet, in almost all developed capitalist countries, degenerate leaders of the labour movement (who have undergone 'establishmentarianization') are oppressing these struggles and supporting the brutalities of imperialism. This is precisely the tragedy of the 21st century, brought about by the prolongation, albeit deformed, of the life of contemporary imperialism, having been freed from its yoke with the collapse of Stalinism and supplemented by converted Stalinism.

We must stop this tragedy and break through the crisis of warfare caused by the newly started competition for nuclear military build-up between the US and China-Russia. In order to create genuine working class-based power to realize this, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) is fighting resolutely in Japan by bringing to light the criminal nature of converted Stalinists, inheritors of the 'negative legacy' of Stalinism. We shall never permit the bureaucracy of China, who still hold up 'socialism' but are in fact accelerating the transformation of its politico-economic structure to 'state capitalism'. Neither shall we let the Japanese Communist Party praise and follow them.

Japan is the only country in world history that has ever suffered the horrors of atomic bombs, dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American imperialism in the closing stages of the Second World War. From this country, we call on our comrades all over the world.

We call on our comrades all over the world.

Let us join forces and create an international antiwar struggle to break through the emerging crisis of warfare. Fight in solidarity against the stormy offensives of neo-liberal reaction, against the coercion of poverty, and against the extreme destruction of the global environment caused by imperialist powers, as well as China, Russia and other states under the rule of converted Stalinists!

The revolutionary left, workers, people all over the world!

Stand up to break through the dire crisis of warfare, absolute pauperization and the destruction of the global environment in the 21st century!

(July 1st, 2008)


Messages of solidarity from foreign friends

The Assembly received 17 messages from 10 foreign countries. The Executive Committee thanks the following organizations / individuals for their letters encouraging international solidarity.

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Tavini Huiraatira No Te Ao Maohi - Front de Libération de la Polynésie
- The Humanist Party, the Czech Republic
- Vladimir Pronin, Ukrainian Intellectuals for Socialism
- David McReynolds, former Chair of the War Resisters International, the USA
- News and Letters Committees, the USA
- The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK), Greece
- A World To Win, Britain
- Northstar Compass, Canada
- The International Coordination of Leninist Trotskyist Fraction (FLT)
- The Permanent Revolution Collective
- The Russian Workers' Communist Party-Russian Party of Communists (RWCP-RPC)
- RWCP-RPC Tumen Regional Committee
- RWCP-RPC Sverdlovsk Regional Committee
- N. Morgnova, Tula, Russia
- The Communist Party of the Soviet Union
- The Regional Party of Communists (Leningrad)

¨Revolutionary Marxists in Britain


July 24th 2008, London, Britain

We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send our comradely greetings to the 46th Anti-War Assembly.

We declare our solidarity with the struggle of the workers of Japan and of the world against war, poverty and environmental destruction.

In Britain, the "Labour" Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues the foreign policy of his predecessor Tony Blair, often depicted as the "poodle" of George Bush. Brown declared in his one-day visit to Iraq on that he wanted the withdrawal of British troops — but only once certain 'objectives' were met. This is no different from the position of George Bush.

Brown means that the troops will stay until the Iraqi people become subservient to the objectives of imperialism. The resistance of the Iraqi people means that this will not happen.

In Britain, the working class is resisting attempts to impose a cut in real wages by keeping pay rises below inflation. The strike of 500,000 local government workers on 16 and 17 July is the latest manifestation of this resistance. Militant trade unionists increasingly demand that unions end their affiliation to the Labour Party and form a new workers' party.

Working class families have been compelled to buy rather than rent their homes because of the end to building of houses by local councils. The collapse in house prices and rising interest rates on home loans have pushed many working class homeowners into poverty. The rise in the price of fuel and food continues and makes it difficult for millions of working class people to afford necessities.

Meanwhile the government continues its doctrinaire policy of privatising public services. The British Medical Association, which represents doctors, has expressed horror at the proposed further privatisation of health services. In education, the privately financed "academies'' perform badly and expel ''difficult'' pupils.

As the Overseas Appeal for the Assembly states, it is the working class that can end war and poverty. For this, the working class needs a revolutionary leadership. We declare our solidarity with the Japan Revolutionary Communist League in its struggle to build such a leadership. We support the principles of Revolutionary Marxism as developed by the JRCL and set out in the works of the late Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda. Revolutionary Marxism is the basis on which communists can build the leadership that will enable the working class to fulfil its revolutionary role.




The Liberation Front of Polynesia (F.L.P)


26 Juillet 2008, Papeete, French Polynesia (Te Ao Maohi)

A nos frères et sœurs de lutte et participants du Congrès

Au nom du Président, Monsieur Oscar Manutahi TEMARU et de tous les militants du Tavini Huiraatira, nous adressons nos sincères salutations nationalistes et fraternelles à tous ceux et celles présents aujourd’hui, à ce 46ème congrès.

Nous remercions les organisateurs pour l’invitation faite au peuple polynésien, afin que ce dernier puisse venir exprimer la situation politique déplorable dans laquelle il évolue et déclarer son soutien à tous les membres actifs de ce congrès.

Le Président de la République française, Nicolas SARKOZY, déclarait l’an dernier (le 25 septembre 2007) à New-York, sa volonté que «les droits des peuples à disposer d’eux-mêmes» soient totalement respectés dans le monde entier. Or, nous (Peuple Maohi) sommes encore témoins et victimes des agissements pro colonialistes français dans notre pays. 

En effet, après avoir subi la décision du Général DE GAULLE d’implanter un centre d’expérimentation atomique en Polynésie, période allant de 1966 à 1996, sans qu’aucune mesures de sécurité civile et sanitaire efficaces ne soient prises; aujourd’hui nous devons encore accepter les déclarations des émissaires français: Estrosi et Jégo (consécutivement Secrétaires d’Etat en charge des territoires d’Outre-mer français) et De La Gravière (Délégué à la Sureté Nucléaire pour le Ministère de la Défense), quant à l’innocuité de leurs essais nucléaires dans notre ciel et dans notre sol.

De plus, nous devons accepter que notre avenir politique, avec toutes les répercussions économiques, culturelles et sociales qui en découlent, soit décidé à plus de 20,000 kms de notre «fenua» (pays).

Cette attitude et bien d’autres, traduisent le manque de considération de l’Etat des Droits de l’Homme pour le peuple Maohi, peuple déraciné, spolié et anesthésié par les beaux discours d’un président qui n’a pour première préoccupation que de maintenir la France dans le rang des grandes puissances économiques et politiques, au détriment de «ses petits territoiresd’Outre-mer ».

Les agissements de tous les états impérialistes, présents notamment dans le G8, comme les Etats-Unis (pour ne citer qu’eux) doivent être dénoncés. Car au-delà de nos propres inquiétudes, nous nous accordons avec tous les peuples de notre belle planète, afin que tous puissions enfin vivre dans la paix, la justice, la fraternité et la liberté.

Dans une mobilisation permanente, tentons d’éveiller la conscience collective, afin que les comportements irresponsables de ces chefs d’Etat cautionnant la destruction de notre unique habitat la Terre, changent impérativement. 

Que nos enfants ne soient plus les victimes de tous les bouleversements économiques, sociaux, culturels et climatiques que nous subissons.

«Notre terre est notre demeure, celle de nos enfants».

A vous tous, frères et sœurs, dans la solidarité la plus totale, continuons notre lutte pour préserver cette demeure et défendre les droits et la liberté de tous les peuples affamés et opprimés.

Bon courage et bonne continuation dans vos travaux.

Recevez, encore une fois, de la part du Peuple Maohi, notre soutien et notre amitié.                                                      «Ia ora te Tiamaraa!»  Vive la Liberté!




¨ Czech Humanist Party


July 29th, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic

Dear friends,

We send you very warm greetings and a message of solidarity in our common struggle.

As you probably know, the Czech Humanist Party has been very active in the disarmament efforts for more than a decade. We have been protesting against tests of Nuclear weapons conducted by France in 1995, we have been campaigning for nuclear disarmament in 2006 and for the past two years we have been very active in the Czech movement against the planned US Missile Defense radar. Two thirds of Czechs oppose this project and so we will do all we can to prevent our government from betraying us. We have united with other 60 groups and organizations and we are resisting this military-industry project from being implemented. I believe that together we can win this battle.

With the recent increase in armament and the “War on Terror“, we now live in a world where it is important more than ever before to cooperate across boundaries, overcoming cultural and other differences and focusing all of us on the common goal of living in peace in a sustainable world.

Therefore we are very pleased to have the opportunity to send this message of support and solidarity to you.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to this year’s European Humanist Forum, which is titled “The Strength of Non-violence” and which will take place on October 17-19 in Milan, Italy. Although this will be mostly a platform for Europeans to discuss their plans and future, we will be more than happy to have guests from other continents as well. It is important that we strengthen the links among us even more and the forum is a very good opportunity for that. You can find out more at

With very warm and sincere greetings


Jan Tamas, Ph.D.


Humanist Party



¨Владимир Пронин

член президиума Антифашистского комитета Украины

член президиума Общественного объединения «Интеллигенция Украины за социализм»

24 июля 2008, Киев, Украина

Единство антиимпериалистических сил достигается в совместной борьбе


46-я интернациональная антивоенная, антиимпериалистическая конференции, которой хочу искренне пожелать успешной работы, собралась в условиях, когда от единства действий антиимпериалистических сил зависят судьбы всего человечества.

В последнее время в рядах международного коммунистического движения все чаще раздаются призывы к возрождению нового Коммунистического Интернационала. Думается, сейчас это вряд ли достижимо, учитывая слишком большие расхождения в вопросах идеологии, стратегии и тактики политической борьбы, во взглядах на прошлую эпоху социалистического и коммунистического движения. В связи с этим все отряды международного коммунистического движения могут и должны стремиться к максимально возможной координации своих действий в борьбе за общие для них цели. Такой объединяющей общей целью в нынешнюю эпоху может стать антиимпериалистическая борьба, жесткое противостояние империалистической угрозе прогрессивному развитию человечества. Те политические силы, которые объявляют себя коммунистическими, но фактически давно уже перешли на социал-демократические рельсы (классические социал-демократические партии в нашу эпоху стали обычными буржуазными партиями), скорей всего, поддержат эту борьбу, но только на словах, а на практике от этого будут уходить под любыми, порой, самыми благовидными предлогами. Но тем самым они продемонстрируют свою истинную сущность и в конечном итоге полностью разоблачат себя в глазах рабочего класса и всех трудящихся.

Совместные же усилия всех действительно коммунистических сил в антиимпериалистической борьбе будут способствовать их дальнейшему сплочению. Кроме того, в ходе совместной борьбы они смогут избавиться от многих подозрений и недоверия друг к другу, накопившихся за предыдущие годы, и в итоге, вполне возможно, смогут выработать те формы объединения, которые на данном этапе удовлетворят все или почти все политические силы коммунистической направленности.

Эта совместная борьба имеет тем большие шансы на успех сейчас, когда антиимпериалистические противоречия не только не ослабевают, но все более обостряются. Разве можно сравнить то единство империалистических разбойников, которое позволило им растерзать Югославию в конце прошлого века, с тем состоянием межимпериалистических отношений, которое мы наблюдает менее чем десять лет спустя?

И в первую очередь следует отметить дальнейшее падение влияния мирового жандарма нашей эпохи – Соединенных Штатов Америки. Дело дошло до того, что в самой цитадели американского империализма открыто заговорили о конце лидерства США в мировой империалистической системе. Даже такой прожженный финансовый спекулянт, как мультимиллиардер Джордж Сорос, в недавнем интервью немецкой газете «Die Welt» говорит как о свершившемся факте: «Миропорядок (как его понимали империалисты - В.П.) рассчитан на США как ведущую державу. Но США потерпели крах, в результате чего прежний мировой миропорядок распался и практически перестало существовать то, что мы всегда называли Западом». И далее он еще раз подчеркивает: «США уже не лидер». Ни в коей степени не переоценивая роль и значение этих противоречий, далеко еще не антагонистических, для будущего освобождения человечества от капиталистического рабства, мы в то же время не можем не использовать их в нашей общей антиимпериалистической борьбе.

Еще одним фактом, подтверждающим ослабление влияния США, является тот факт, что даже непосредственные усилия самого президента США Буша не позволили добиться на саммите НАТО в Бухаресте решения о начале процесса присоединения к НАТО любимых режимов своих ставленников – Саакашвили (Грузия) и Ющенко (Украина)! Да, попытки откровенного американского ставленника и буржуазного националиста Ющенко, ставшего президентом Украины в результате «оранжевой революции», инспирированной, оплаченной и организованной США, вызвало бурную реакцию на Украине и массовые антинатовские и антиамериканские выступления, эхо которых прокатилось по всему миру и стало основной причиной неудачи Буша в Бухаресте.

Но сам факт позорного поражения США, ранее распоряжавшегося в НАТО, как в собственном доме, неоспорим. Следует учесть и то, что влияние США в Европе в значительной степени в последнее время зиждилось и зиждется до сих пор на холуйском послушании капитализаторских режимов постсоциалистических стран Восточной Европы. Так вот – в Бухаресте против диктата США впервые выступило правительство одной из таких стран – Венгрии.

Разумеется, вновь и вновь мы должны подчеркнуть решающую роль непрекращающегося героического сопротивления народов Ирака и Афганистана жестокой империалистической агрессии США и их союзников по империалистическому разбою в усилении антиимпериалистических сил по всему миру.

Японские трудящиеся ведут мужественную борьбу против размещения элементов системы противоядерной обороны (ПРО) в Японии и в странах Восточной Европы, установку которой американская пропаганда объясняет … угрозой со стороны Северной Кореи и Ирана. Конечно, только совсем уже зомбированный империалистической пропагандой и вообще недалекий человек способен поверить в этот бред сумасшедшего. Любой нормальный, мало-мальски разбирающийся в политике человек понимает, что настоящей целью этих поползновений есть окружение России и Китая и стремление прикрыть свои войска от угрозы возможного ответного удара в случае агрессии против этих стран.

В свою очередь трудящиеся Украины ведут борьбу против втягивания Украины в НАТО, так как понимают, что вступление ее в этот агрессивный блок будет использовано для провокаций против России, тогда как США и их империалистические союзники в случае необходимости будут оставаться как бы в стороне, что в конечном итоге усилит позиции империализма.

Таким образом, два направления борьбы антиимпериалистических сил Японии, Украины, других стран Европы и Азии, всего остального мира сливаются в общем русле борьбы с агрессивной внешней политикой мирового империализма. Достигаемое таким образом единство действий приведет в конечном итоге к победе сил социализма и прогресса над мировым империализмом. Империализм силен и достигает своих целей только тогда, когда ему удается осуществлять на практике свой старый циничный принцип: «Разделяй и властвуй!». В противном случае он обречён.




¨David McReynolds


July 9th 2008, New York, USA

Dear co-workers,


Thank you for sending notice of your August 3rd Assembly in Tokyo and regional meetings elsewhere.

We have many areas of agreement, as well as differences in approach. My own position is that there are many Japanese forces with which I want to work, including yours. I think there is determination in the minds of many Japanese that we need to build an international framework that will be opposed, categorically, to the nuclear weapons of any nation, and will strive to disarm the nuclear powers, starting with the nation which first developed and used nuclear weapons - the United States of America.

I believe in the philosophy of nonviolence as taught by Mohandas Gandhi, and as carried into action here in my country by American Blacks in their struggle against segregation. I believe, deeply, that the means we use will determine the ends, and in that spirit I hope for an openness of heart and mind as we explore how to deal with the great organizational and institutional evils we face, and to do so while never dehumanizing the men and women who are trapped within those institutions.

The men and women from the US armed forces, currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, are carrying out acts which are often nothing but criminal - yet the real target must not be those men and women, but the institutions which launched those invasions.

For dialogue at all times, joint action where possible, I send my warm greetings,


David McReynolds,

former Chair, War Resisters International

Socialist Party USA candidate for President, 1980 and 2000.



¨ News & Letters


August 2, 2008, Chicago, USA

Dear Comrades:

The members of News and Letters Committees, the U.S. Marxist-Humanist organization founded by Raya Dunayevskaya 52 years ago, send our revolutionary greetings to the 46th International Antiwar Assembly meeting in Japan. It is with special pride that we call attention to our long-established solidarity with you in the international antiwar struggle.

We also note with pride the 1964 Japanese translation and publication of Marxism and Freedom, for which that solidarity had been responsible. What was crucial to us was that the identification of both Russia and China as state-capitalist societies would not stop at the economic analysis but continue to a recognition and embrace of the philosophy of Marx’s humanism.

Our fundamental opposition to war was incorporated directly into the Constitution of News and Letters Committees adopted in 1956, which established: “The age of state-capitalism, whether in its single-party totalitarian form or its parliamentary form, can offer nothing to humanity but the prospect of another war. The advent of nuclear weapons, possessed by all contenders for world power, seriously raises the question of the survival of humanity in the event of such a struggle.  We believe that the working people are the only force in the world today capable of changing present-day society and of evolving the forms and shape of future society.”

“The necessity for a new society is clear from the working people’s opposition to war. That opposition is based upon a vision of a new society in which they, to a man, woman, and child control their own lives.”

Our paper, News & Letters, which was thereupon established as an integral part of this quest for a fundamental new way of life, continues to be based on our principle of the unity of theory and practice that Marx practiced and that his Marxism stood for. It is with that in mind, that we 1) invite you to a continuing dialogue with us in our pages, and 2) wish to recall today the words Raya Dunayevskaya delivered to a peace rally in Hiroshima on Dec. 8, 1965:

“While I do not wish to minimize Japanese militarism’s role in the second imperialist world war, the day of infamy that will never be erased from history is not Dec. 7 but Aug. 6. And when that day of infamy was extended and on Aug. 9th, Nagasaki was atom-bombed, hell on earth seemed to be the only reality left. Because we are gathered here to make sure that that dehumanized version of reality does not repeat itself, our anti-war struggles must be inseparable from those aimed at eradicating that which is at the root of all wars: class society.”

Because those words are as alive today as when they were first delivered, we extend our strong solidarity in your appeal to “fight together against war, against forced poverty, against the destruction of the global environment” and sign our greetings: For Freedom and a new world built on human foundations,


Olga Domanski for

The Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees




¨Workers’ Revolutionary Party (EEK)


August 1st, 2008, Athens, Greece

Dear Comrades,

The Workers’ Revolutionary Party (EEK) of Greece stands firmly with you in the antiwar struggle and hails your Assembly as an important event in the organization of our common international struggle against the imperialist capitalist system, whose internal contradictions and crisis are the main source of war, barbarism and devastation in the world.

Every year the anniversary of the horrible nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki not only generates to all the peoples on the planet horror and anger against the US imperialist perpetrators of this unspeakable crime against the Japanese civil population and against humanity but also it gives a warning for today: imperialism in its crisis is preparing new catastrophes. As Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib have revived Auschwitz, new Hiroshimas are now prepared as the threats for a first strike by US imperialism and Israel against Iran are mounting in the last days of the Bush Administration.

As the most authoritative representatives of global capital now admit, their capitalist system faces “its worst crisis after 1929”, following last year’s debacle of the US sub-prime mortgage market that detonated the world credit crisis of 2007-2008 and the slide in 2008 to a new world depression. Humanity knows too well what happened following the last Great Depression of the 1930s. As the first decade of the 21st century is ending, we will not allow the world capitalist system to repeat, in a greater scale, the disasters of the 20th century and to bury us under its ruins. Non passaran!

Already, imperialism’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon met with defeats or a stalemate because of the popular resistance.

Let’s organize an international antiwar, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist mass resistance in the metropolitan centers as well, in Europe, America and Japan, where the center of the war drive is really situated!

Down with imperialism and war!

Forward for the world socialist revolution!


On behalf of the CC of EEK,

Savas Michael- Matsas, General Secretary.




¨A World to Win


July 29, 2008, London, Britain

Dear Friends and Comrades,

We are very pleased to have been invited again to offer greetings to the international gathering of the Antiwar Assembly in Japan. We also recognise and congratulate the JRCL in its resolute opposition to the G8 meeting in July.

In these days of increasing military interventions and adventurism, it is more important than ever that assemblies like this meet to discuss and find ways for the peoples of the world, already threatened with deepening crises in so many areas, to live free from wars and preparations for war.

From the first World War onwards we have seen how imperialism has sought to divide the international working class in order to dupe them into thinking that working people of one country must be an enemy of the working people of another. They well know that a strong, united international working class is fatal to the interests of the powerful and wealthy, so they set us to battle against one another.

Now all over the globe people are waking up and seeing where their true interests lie. We have realised after two horrifying major wars in the twentieth century and many conflicts, invasions and continuing occupations, that our best defence is solidarity and not division. An attack is now being prepared on Iran and we must not let that happen. Another new theatre of war would be disastrous and the consequences for the whole region could be unspeakable.

We must continue to stand with the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan and not be discouraged by the refusal of the occupying governments to listen to our protests. To become discouraged by capitalist, imperialist politicians because they have disregarded our interests would be to give them credibility they do not deserve. We need to go beyond them and form our own institutions of democracy.

You have probably heard that in Britain the Ministry of Defence has recently signed contracts for two huge new aircraft carriers, worth £4 billion. The role of these two massive ships, we are told by Des Brown, Defence Secretary, is to "support peace-keeping" and have a role in "conflict prevention"! So war really is peace in the strange minds of "our" leaders. How obscene this kind of spending is on military hardware in a time of deepening recession, food shortages and environmental degradation.

We have also just seen on our TVs and read in the papers reports of the capture of the Bosnian Serb alleged war criminal Radovan Karadzic. Now we know that awful things happened in the Balkan areas of Europe during the 1990's and we know that Karadzic and the late Serbian president Milosovic and many others were implicated in atrocities.

But in all the jubilation at the capture of Karadzic, just as with similar scenes when the despot Saddam Hussain was captured, no mention was made, or will be allowed to be made, of the real international criminals. George Bush, Tony Blair and the current British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown have presided over and still preside over the greatest atrocities of our times. Those who have command of vast armies and the ability to order the deaths of millions in the name of freedom and the never ending "war on terror" are hailed as great statesmen and as leaders of the "free world". When will they ever come to trial? Will we let them rest peacefully in their beds at night while untold millions live in fear, hunger, poverty and the dread of falling bombs?

We also give our heartfelt support to the people of the Marshall Islands now bearing the brunt of a declared state of emergency because of the financial crisis. They have already lost their home on Bikini Atoll due to the testing of weapons of mass destruction by the United States in the aftermath of World War 2 and they still suffer the horrific effects of nuclear fallout from that time.

Even with all of this however the fact that this assembly is taking place is heartening because it means that people still have hope that a better future is possible. The old forms of government which have oppressed us for so long can be brought down.

Those of us who live in so-called democratic countries know how weak, inadequate and unrepresentative democracy really is. We in A World To Win have put forward proposals for a new kind of democracy which is truly participatory, along with radical proposals for dealing with the deepening economic crisis and the ecological crisis we also find ourselves in.

We are in a time when if we do not act the opportunity may be lost. Global capitalism is in crisis. We must grasp this moment to form new popular organs of power and take command ourselves of the structures of government and put an end to tyranny, oppression, inequality, war and want.

This assembly is an ideal forum in which to discuss and put forward revolutionary alternatives. e therefore extend warm wishes to all who gathered at the assembly in solidarity and hope that your work will meet with great success.

With revolutionary greetings


Corinna Lotz,

secretary, A World to Win.



¨Northstar Compass


July 10th 2008, Toronto, Canada

Dear friends in our common struggle:

Your work is known all over the world for its dedication, perseverance and stamina which comes from the belief that unity of purpose shall overcome all obstacles and dangers.

Reading your Appeal to this 46th International Antiwar Assembly makes all of us at the International Council and Editorial Board of NSC very proud of your dedication and achievements which go far beyond the shores of Japan.

The Editorial Board of NSC is so impressed with this heart-warming CALL that it was decided to publish it in full in the July-August issue of Northstar Compass. We hope to receive some photographs of this world important Assembly so that our readers in 78 countries of the world can read the Call and see the participants. I was asked by the International Council to invite your delegate to our International Council Conference on October 10-11-12, 2008 in Toronto, Canada, where there will be 14 countries represented, including a delegation of 5 from former Soviet Union, from the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

It would be an excellent idea for your delegate to give a report to this conference.

We wish you dear friends much success and health in our common struggles against Imperialism!

On behalf of the International Council


Michael Lucas,


Editor of Northstar Compass




¨International Coordination and Action of the Fracción Leninista Trotskista (Leninist Trotskyist Fraction)


July 30, 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina

To the 46th International Anti-war Assembly in Japan

To the comrades of the Federation of Self-determined Student Associations of all-Japan (Zengakuren)

To the comrades of the Antiwar Youth Committee

To the comrades of the Japanese Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Fraction)



In this opportunity we want to send you fervorous revolutionary internationalist greetings for your meeting.

From the Secretariat of International Coordination of the Fracción Trotskista Interncionalista (FLT) (Leninist Trotskyist Fraction) - which is integrated by Partido Obrero Internacionalista (Internationalist Worker Party) of Chile, Liga Trotskista Internacionalista (Internationalist Trotskyist League) of Peru, Liga Obrera Internacionalista-Democracia Obrera (Internationalist Worker League-Workers Democracy) of Argentina, Fracao Trotskista (Trotskyist Fraction) of Brazil, Communist Workers Group of New Zealand and Liga Trotskista Internacionalista (Internationalist Trotskyist League) of Bolivia- we want to join you in that internationalist day of action against the plague of war unleashed upon the oppressed peoples of the world by the imperialist powers. A day of action that is also committed to fight against that true one-sided class war waged by the imperialists and their servants, the national bourgeoisies of the “developing” countries against the international working class in order to make it pay the costs of the imperialist crisis with mass layoffs, skyrocketing cost of living and the starving of millions of exploited people. Due to this attack the exploited people suffer in the arena of class struggle more casualties per year than those caused by the two World wars.

The imperialist US-UK beast is presently swamped in the desert sands of Iraq; the indomitable Iraqi resistance and the resistance of the US working class have caused a serious crisis in the hated Bush government. In the jails of Guantanamo and in those kept by the CIA, thousands of internationalist fighters are languishing in true concentration camps that have nothing to envy to those erected by Hitler in the ’30s-‘40s of the 20th Century.

In 2006 the Zionist Army had to flee in despair from southern Lebanon. The Palestinian worker-peasant militias and those militias of the exploited Lebanese people accomplished a huge victory at the time when the unpatriotic military of Siniora run to hide itself, acting in fact as a fifth-column against the exploited masses it was supposed to defend.

Along these heroic actions of resistance and the fighting back against their oppressors from the part of the Middle East masses, we could see the upsurge of the Egyptian working class against the pro-US and dictatorial government of Mubarak. They rose up in workers’ struggles, strikes, revolts and revolutionary combats for bread. They followed the days of struggle of the heroic Iranian working class that was giving its martyrs in huge combats for better wages and against starvation and inflation: they were the transport workers, the teachers, de unemployed, etc. In the Palestinian fatherland, the martyred and enslaved Palestinian people rose in an insurrection against the Al Fatah misleadership in the Gaza Strip, and some time later they destroyed the shameful walls of the slave-owners, seeking help from their brothers and sisters, the Egyptian workers, to begin a joint fight against imperialism and the Zionist invader. Almost at the same time the same worker and peasant rank and file that had defeated the Zionist army in Lebanon rose again in a general strike against the skyrocketing cost of living. With the withdrawal of the British troops from the Basra region in Iraq, the workers and peasants in the southern part of the country rose decidedly, and against and in spite of the orders of Al Sadr, that “brave Shiite militia” waged a humiliating defeat on the puppet Iraqi army.

You and we have to work out why this heroic resistance against the colonial wars of domination, and for oil, has not been able to accomplish a new Vietnam that defeats the aggressive Imperialist powers and becomes one with an upheaval of the working class of the imperialist countries.

For us, comrades, the truth is a simple fact; and it is high time the truth is told to the proletarians worldwide: that resistance by the heroic masses of the Middle East needs a revolutionary proletarian leadership that helps it to become a counteroffensive and carries it to victory. By the hand of the national bourgeoisies, the fighting masses are merely bargaining chips in the negotiations between those native bourgeoisies and the imperialist powers, with which they are once and again associated as junior partners.

Thus, while Bush hints that Iran would be in the eve of getting out of the “Evil Axis”, Ahmadinejad government is unleashing a brutal repression against the Iranian working class and youth, of the likes of those that murderous Mubarak uses to apply to the Egyptian masses. The Iranian Ayatollahs, as well as the Syrian bourgeoisie, are the great stabilizers for the sake of the imperialist invaders in the region. They are in charge of controlling the heroic national (liberation) wars being fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and in martyred Palestine.

In Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr utilized the enormous victory of the Iraqi masses of southern Iraq to negotiate with the puppet government of al-Maliki his place in the US protectorate and his business. And soon after the Palestinian masses of the Gaza Strip tore down the walls and sought to unite with their brothers and sisters of Egypt, the Hamas bourgeoisie put the shameful wall in the Egypt border again in its place to keep enslaving the Palestinian people in order to win the dubious right to a seat in the negotiation table and being the negotiator of choice for the new “peace plans” with the murderous State of Israel. We have an obligation to tell the truth: the general strike in Lebanon by the armed masses that defeated the Zionist army was given up by Hezbollah as a bargaining chip, to win a ministry in Siniora’s cabinet, to be able to get a share in the business of reconstructing Lebanon together with French and Italian imperialists.

Comrades of the 46th International antiwar Assembly in Japan: let’s honor the vanguard of the combat of the world working class against the imperialist war: to the heroic Iraqi resistance, to the heroic Afghan resistance, to the heroic Palestinian resistance. But let’s honor them as revolutionary proletarians do: let’s tell them the truth. Out with the leaderships of the national bourgeoisies in Middle East, a leadership that utilizes the heroic anti-imperialist combat of the worker and peasant masses to advance its businesses with the different imperialist powers that quarrel over the spoils of those plundered nations! Down with the walls of the apartheid built for enslaving the Palestinian masses within their own fatherland! Out with the administrators of those concentration camps, the bourgeois factions of Hamas and Al Fatah! Down with the collaborationist government of Siniora and the Hezbollah leadership in Lebanon! For unifying the Iraqi Shiite workers and peasants’ militia with the worker and peasant masses of southern Lebanon, with the Palestinian masses of Gaza and the West Bank in a revolutionary struggle against the Zionist state! For unifying the resistance of the Palestinian workers with their class brothers and sisters, the Egyptian and Iranian working classes that have entered in class wars against the skyrocketing cost of living and against starvation, together with the hundreds of thousands of construction workers that are building with their sweat and blood the Paradise islands and the magnificent mansions of the tycoons of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the Arab Emirates, etc.! For the destruction of the Zionist State of Israel, for a free, secular and democratic Palestine, one that could only be guaranteed by a revolutionary workers and peasants government of the Palestinian masses! For the Federation of Socialist Republics of Middle East!

For the military defeat of the imperialist powers in Iraq and Afghanistan! For the expropriation of all the imperialist enterprises and all the transnationals in the region! The fighting masses are formed by workers and poor peasants: For a proletarian leadership of the war to conquer a Federation of socialist Republics of Middle East!

Rise the working class in Japan, US and Europe to paralyze the counterrevolutionary war machine in the US and the rest of imperialist powers!

The national (liberation) war against imperialist oppression will only triumph with the socialist revolution both in the Middle East and to the interior of the imperialist powers. Long live the unity of the international working class!

The Syrian and Iranian governments have been now called by the imperialist Sarkozy of France. Under the command of the murderers of the French imperialist Fifth Republic the national bourgeoisies are associated as junior partners in the plundering of the oil and gas riches with the objective of fencing the heroic Iraqi resistance and giving time to the weakened US government in crisis and the butchers’ regime of the US “Republicrats” to reconstitute a new “steering committee” (a “fresh” imperialist government of Obama or McCain legitimized by the reactionary US electoral system could thereby enjoy a social base to prepare new attacks on the peoples or concoct counterrevolutionary pacts to expropriate the revolutionary struggles of the world masses).

So the condition for those national bourgeoisies to be anointed with their junior partnership to the masters is the collaboration in the cornering of the Iraqi resistance and the disarmament of their heroic combatants.

Comrades, let’s reaffirm together the program of the founders of Trotskyism and the Fourth International: the national bourgeoisies can never advance the anti-imperialist struggle to the end, because they fear more the armed and insurrected proletariat, much more than imperialism, as the latter turns them into its junior partners in its businesses. The heroic working class of the Middle East has powerful missiles to defeat there imperialism; those missiles are the socialist revolution, the expropriation of the Banks and the transnational that plunder their nations, exploit the oppressed peoples and finance the occupation armies! For the unity of the Middle East working classes! Let the borders of the class war unify the occupied Palestinian fatherland with Lebanon, the Lebanese masses with the Egyptian and Iranian working classes! Let that class war expand like wildfire to the working class of the imperialist countries, because those workers are who have the duty, the high obligation of paralyze the war machine at home!

For reaching victory, comrades, the international working class needs to reconstitute the international unity of its ranks. More than ever today that Big imperialist Capital in crisis and bankruptcy is seeking and will seek for any means to make the world exploited masses to pay for the cost of that crisis. No nation or region in the planet has been spared, the exploited masses all over the world are suffering and are being unified objectively by the lashes of capital, the increase of oil and food prices, the sinking value of wages and salaries, the skyrocketing cost of living. We are not in front of one more, new crisis of the world capitalist economy. We are facing THE CRISIS. From 1989 on, the world imperialist capitalist system is surviving beyond its life-span thanks to its absorbing the former worker states that were handed out to the capitalist restoration by that gang of Stalinist highwaymen, usurpers of the revolution, which recycled themselves into bourgeoisie, as in Russia, China, the East European countries, etc.

So the White Russia of slaughterer Putin, that guaranteed the worse genocide against the people of Chechnya, that supported dozens of dictators and counterrevolutionary agents oppressing the masses in the former soviet Republics is today the great junior partner of European imperialism, essentially of the French-German type, which it provides gas and oil, and so the new rich of Russia are becoming themselves a new “petrodollar bourgeoisie”. Murderous Putin has therefore the license issued by the French Fifth Republic and by the imperialist German butchers to go on developing his industrial-military machine, to intervene as a strong gambler in the world weapons trade, but really always under the French-German control. No doubt, the heavily armed White Army of murderous Putin is not aimed at confronting imperialist France or imperialist Germany –its real masters- but the own Russian working class and the peoples that Russia oppresses, in the same way it attacked and perpetrated genocide against Chechnya, and today acts as a policeman of dozens of small nations for the sake of the imperialist powers.

The White Army troops of Putin, their overwhelming armament are in the first place to the service of the French-German imperialism against the European working class, against the working class of the former soviet Republics and against the own Russian proletariat. The murderous butcher, Putin, acts in the same way that Milosevic –the slaughterer of the Balkans- acted some years ago , for the sake of the imperialist powers. No doubt that once Putin finishes with his role of butcher-in-chief (as in Chechnya, Georgia, Nagorno-Kharabaj, Armenia, etc.) the fate waiting for the oppressed peoples and the working class of the former soviet Republics is that of the Balkans’ : the dismembering of their nations and the artificial creation of fake little republics, semi-colonies and protectorates. Because that is the future prepared by the world economy in crisis for the former worker states where capitalism has been restored.

And though, some shameless fake “Trotskyists” still have the cheek to write that the capitalist restoration in East Europe and the former USSR was a “pacific” process. It is clear that these people has not been in Chechnya, in Armenia, in Georgia, in the Balkans, in Kosovo or in the Serbia bombed by the NATO airplanes. Those renegades are disoriented vulgar petty bourgeois pacifists that want to make the proletarians in the imperialist powers believe that the regimes and governments of those powers are sowing “democracy” and “peace” all over the planet instead of occupation wars, genocide, counterrevolutionary dictatorships to complete and strengthen the capitalist restoration. They are the harbingers of the reformist story narrated from the end to the beginning, they are servants to imperialism and rotten Stalinism.

In the same way, the heavy spending of the Chinese bourgeoisie to make theirs a powerful army – that you very correctly denounce - is not aimed at confronting US imperialism or that big creditor of the transnationals in China, imperialist Japan. No. that huge army of millions is aimed to control and slaughter the millions of slave workers that as cheap labor restorationist China handed out to the world capitalist market. That army is aimed at confronting and suppressing the thousands of rebellions by the peasants and the workers being sacked from their plots and their jobs in the factories. The imperialist powers have today thrown their entire crisis over the shoulders of China, especially the US that has left in the Chinese state’s hands about 900 billion dollars of devalued Treasuries (US Treasury bonds). The crac that is looming on China after the first alert of the crisis in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in February 2008, will show an army of some million slaughtering very much more workers, peasants and students than in 1989 Tiananmen Square for the sake of US and Japanese imperialists, which will not balk at dividing and allotting China between themselves, as was made by the ruling imperialist powers in the 20th century.

Because this worldwide crisis that is developing without a pause, shows not only the bankruptcy of parasitic, big financial capital –which long ago has spent beforehand its benefits not still produced-; it also shows that there are too many imperialist powers, so that one o more of them will have to pay, to be the loser (or losers) in this global capitalist catastrophe. Let’s tell once more the truth: if the proletarian revolution does not stop this, the breakthrough of this crisis in the hands of imperialism will be as follows: the trade wars and the quarrels and proxy wars for the zones of influence that we see today will be turned in the first cannon rounds of the Third World War, which –if the proletariat does not stop it- will begin in the same way as was finished the Second World War in the 20th century: with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As Lenin said, the most important economic factor of this imperialist epoch is war, it is the development of the destructive forces, the production of commodities for destruction, that is the only way for the imperialist system to remedy the falling of the rate of profit. The imperialist states run to bailout their Banks and their big enterprises in crisis with more than 600 billion dollars that the masses worldwide are paying and will pay endlessly with their sufferings. The bankruptcy of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are announcing the loss of more than two billion dollars in the US. The turning of billions dollars to speculative gambles on oil and food and other crucial commodities, and the ongoing devaluation of the dollar (with which the US throws its crisis on the entire world in the form of inflation) are a warning that the human society appears to be entering stagflation.

But this world system of imperialist capital will not fall down by itself. It is necessary to overthrow it by means of the world proletarian revolution. If it does not happen, the way to barbarism, fascism and new wars is sure. But things are to be seen. The world proletariat is far from having spent its strength for the struggle. What today paralyses it is only the action of the treacherous leaderships that it has at its head.

Comrades: we ask vehemently your International Antiwar Assembly, which comprehends powerful internationalist organizations for the struggle of the Japanese proletariat, to make now an appeal to the international working class to unite its ranks in a common united struggle against the skyrocketing cost of living all over the world and against the oil wars, the plundering and wasting of the imperialist powers.. The world proletariat needs a new “General Staff” to struggle and win. A general staff that helps it do away with the treacherous leaderships, i.e. Stalinism, social Democracy, fake Trotskyists, national union bureaucracies, etc., that destroy once and again all that the masses build up in their struggle. These misleaderships submit the masses to the bourgeoisie with their vicious policies of Popular Fronts, of submission to the national bourgeoisies or support to the “democratic imperialists”.

We are writing to you from Latin America. We have seen here how the stinky remains of Stalinism, in complicity with the renegades from Trotskyism have supported and continue supporting all the national bourgeoisies that –disguised as “anti-imperialists” and “populists”, and grouped all of them in the so called World Social Forum, expropriated the heroic revolutions in Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia. We see all of them together with Chavez and the Castroite bureaucracy, and the “indigenous” Morales, expropriating the heroic revolution of workers and peasants that started in Bolivia in 2003, defeating from inside the heroic and combative Bolivian miners, while fascism raises its head and threatens to unleash a blood bath on the workers and peasants’ movements.

We see them together with Chavez and the Castroites giving in the workers and popular resistance that combats against the fascist government of Uribe in Colombia. They act in the same way as did Stalinism in the aftermath of the 2nd World War in Europe, when it disarmed the French maquis, the Italian partisans and the Greek resistance, even murdering or handing out to imperialism those combatants that refused to give up their weapons. Thus acts the Castroite bureaucracy and the Chavista national bourgeoisie, calling the Colombian resistance to disarm and surrender unconditionally so that “anti-imperialist” Chávez Government in Venezuela can make profitable businesses constructing pipelines between Venezuela and Colombia.

Thus we cn see Chávez, Uribe, and all the reactionary governments in Latin America, including those which claim to be “socialist and anti-imperialist”, building highways and river routes from The Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the South American sub continent, to transport the goods, basic commodities and raw materials from the Atlantic for the Pacific trade, and all this under the command of Brazilian Lula’s government, the guarantor of the “juicy businesses” in Latin America for the sake of all the imperialist powers. He is associated in Petrobras to the French Total to plunder the Bolivian oil and gas; he is associated in agribusiness, food and basic commodities to Chicago and to the New York Stock Exchange. He is associated to the Japanese imperialism with which he controls the maquilas (sweatshops) of Manaos in northwest Brazil, overexploiting the slave workers for the sake of Sony, Fujifilm, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc.

The harbingers in Latin America for the well known “Bolivarian Revolution” are simple liars, servants to the bourgeoisie, who after wiping the masses out of the revolutionary scenery, have submitted these masses to the brutal exploitation of the capitalist governments in the region, and our nations to the plundering of the US, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, etc. imperialists.

But what is even worse, claiming the necessity of defeating “fascist Bush” they have carried the North American proletariat to support the Democratic Party of Clinton and Obama, the party of the counterrevolutionary war in Vietnam and the most important backer of Bush government in crisis.

They are who have prevented the revolutionary upsurge of the Latin American masses that started at the beginning of the 21st century from uniting with the awakening of the north American working class fighting against the war and against the bosses attacking their gains... and with its indisputable vanguard, those more than 30 million both legal and “illegal” immigrant (or children of immigrant) Latin American workers, overexploited cheap labor for the use of the imperialist bourgeoisie within the US.

Internationalist brothers and sisters of Japan: we want to warn you about the vicious pact being prepared by the Castroite restorationist bureaucracy and the imperialist powers in the American continent for backstabbing most seriously the working class in the Americas: the pact for the consummation of capitalist restoration in Cuba.

Now, under the above mentioned conditions of strangling and distraction to blind alleys of the proletarian revolution in Latin America, the Cuban restorationist bureaucracy has accomplished its objective of disposing of the pressure of the revolutionary masses’ fighting that disturbed its plans. So it is accelerating its conversion to a directly restorationist agent of capitalism in the island, and is acting in the same way as Gorbachov, Deng Xiao Ping or the treacherous bureaucracy of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam; it is advancing gigantic steps to consummate the capitalist restoration in the only worker state in the Americas, which now suffers an extreme degree of decomposition.

And this will not be a “pacific” development. Worker and peasant Cuba is a conquest of the working clas and of the popular masses of the entire continent. the massacre and the surrender of the Colombian resistance is the first counterrevolutionary action of the restoration of capitalism in Cuba. Fascism that raises its head in Bolivia while the popular front controls and submits the Bolivian proletariat with brutal repression,  is also an action of that restoration. A triumph of fascism in Bolivia would be quickly followed by the threat of an imperialist invasion to Cuba or either, by a counterrevolutionary attack by the restorationist Castroite bureaucracy against its own working class, now submitted as to slavery with salaries of 18 dollars a month!

Comrades: let’s look together to the martyred workers of Black Africa. While Mandela –that servant of US-UK imperialism- is given honors, the South African workers that are led by the (Stalinist) Communist Party, submitted to the new Black bourgeoisie and oppressed by the government of the African National Congress that starves them, have attacked -in a disgraceful development for the international proletariat- their class brothers and sisters the immigrant workers of Zimbabwe, scrambling for a miserable underpaid job in a country that today shows a 40% of unemployment.

Dozens of fratricide wars are impelled by one or other imperialist power in order to dominate Black Africa. Millions of Black workers flee to Europe trying to survive the catastrophe being created by the imperialist plundering in the region. Thousands die in the Mediterranean Sea or against the wire fences erected around the Spanish imperialist enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Those that finally get to Europe are thrown to the filthy jails of the imperialist powers. These not long ago had opened their borders –when their economies where booming- for the workers from Africa, Middle East and Turkey to take the worse menial jobs, which pay them miserably and where they are treated as slaves. But now that the crisis is here, the imperialist powers doesn’t need them for the time and so throws them away, jails them repress them with their counterrevolutionary shock forces as in Italy or hang stones from their necks for them to drown into the Mediterranean Sea.

Comrades: we address you from the American Continent. the battered North American working class and its awakening against the war were outrageously surrendered by the treacherous left misleaderships grouped in the so called world Social Forum to the feet of the Democratic Party of the bloodthirsty imperialists Obama and Clinton who have not only supported murderous Bush but they themselves will surely deepen his plan of domination and plundering of the planet.

Honor to your Antiwar Assembly! You from Japan have declared that “the enemy is at home”, that is the own Japanese imperialism. That is the duty of every worker organization in the imperialist powers: “the enemy is at home!”. All the forces of the working class of the imperialist countries to the service of their class brothers and sisters of the oppressed peoples of the world!

There we can see the north American working class that has lost one by one all its gains, not only the loss of the purchasing power of their wages and salaries, but even their houses, a plague that more than 40 million workers suffer in the US nowadays.

Because the better accomplishes each imperialist power in its “adventures” abroad reaping gains in the semi-colonies and colonies, the worse will it treat its “own” working class, the same as it treats the working class of the countries that it invades and plunders.

But the responsible of the paralysis of the working class of the imperialist powers has a name and a surname: it is the treason by the worker aristocracies and bureaucracies which nurture social-democracy, the remains of Stalinism, the class collaborationist union bureaucracies and now also the renegades of Trotskyism.

Now as never before the program inherited from the founders in 1938 of the Fourth International shows its vigor: the crisis of humankind boils down, ultimately to the crisis of revolutionary leadership of the proletariat. How quickly the vanguard of the international working class is able to unify its ranks and forces under the revolutionary program and strategies, will be the only guaranty for the entire human society and its civilization not to be carried to barbarism by this rotten capitalist imperialist system. This is the foundation on which our greetings and good wishes for your Assembly are based.

We invite you to open quickly an enriching debate to clarify our mutual positions, because we think that today it is necessary to conquer an International Conference of the healthy forces of the principles Trotskyists and the revolutionary workers organizations in order to prepare a worldwide offensive of the exploited masses. Because the crisis and the wars have put at the top of the order of the day the prognosis by revolutionary Marxism: “Socialism or Barbarism!”. And the war cry of the Third International of Lenin and Trotsky: “For the world working class to live, imperialism must die!”

We call you to vote together in your International Assembly –and we raise it as a motion, a proposal to be developed- that to combat, to defend the working class gains and to get new victories, it is necessary for the workers of the world not to have their best fighters held as hostages, jailed in the dungeons of their class enemy. We call you to impel a worldwide campaign of international fighting in all the countries for the immediate freedom of the prisoners in Guantanamo, of the Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan prisoners that languish in the filthy jails of the occupiers; for the immediate release of the more than 7200 political prisoners from the Colombian resistance; also in Argentina, for the release of the workers imprisoned in Las Heras (Argentine Patagonia), who have been imprisoned by the Kirchner government, a puppet of the imperialist Big Oil, because they rebelled against their dire work conditions, asking for better wages and working conditions, and confronting the union bureaucracy that once and again surrenders their struggles to the bourgeoisie. This is a part of the fight for the release of all the political prisoners worldwide!

Comrades: when the Marxist movement split into two opposite tendencies: reform and revolution in 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, on one side there was the socialdemocracy that voted for the war credits for the proletariat to die in the slaughterhouse of the imperialist war; while on the other side, together with Lenin, the forces of revolutionary Marxism grouped themselves in Zimmerwald and Kienthal, setting the embryo of a revolutionary proletarian leadership that prepared the October Revolution in Russia and the foundation of the heroic revolutionary Third International of the ‘20s.

When in the ‘30s Stalinism went to the counterrevolutionary camp with its policy of “socialism in one single country” and of popular fronts, the forces of bolshevism re-grouped their scattered forces in the Fourth International of 1938.

After decades of adaptations and capitulations, first, and of treason later, the renegades of Trotskyism have put the Fourth International in the first place to the feet of Stalinism and then of the world bourgeoisie; that it they have liquidated it as a World Party of Socialist Revolution. But the continuity of its legacy, of its theory, its program and its revolutionary lessons, and the resistance to its liquidation have developed at the level of some different fractions, groups and currents that today need to re-group their forces at an international level under a revolutionary program.

We vow before your Assembly for the regrouping of the internationalist workers that need an international “general staff” to guide their combats and their whole struggle all over the world, so that it comes to life as a material, concrete reality in the near future.

Death to imperialism! For the triumph of the international socialist revolution! Let’s write again together with letters of fire the program of the founders of scientific socialism: “THE LIBERATION OF THE WORKERS WILL BE THE WORK OF THE OWN WORKERS, OR IT WON’T BE!”

Revolutionary greetings to the revolutionary combatants of the Japanese proletariat!


Secretariat of International Coordination and Action

of the Fracción Leninista Trotskista (Leninist Trotskyist Fraction)


integrated by

Partido Obrero Internacionalista-(POI-CI) of Chile.

Liga Trotskista Internacionalista (LTI) de Perú

Liga Obrera Internacionalista-Democracia Obrera (LOI-CI-DO) of Argentina

Fracao Trotskista (FT) of Brazil

Communist Workers Group (CWG) of New Zealand

Liga Trotskista Internacionalista (LTI) of Bolivia




¨ Collectif Révolution Permanente


1er août 2008 France

Front unique ouvrier contre les agressions impérialistes, les occupations de l’Irak et de l’Afghanistan, contre le militarisme!

Pour la révolution socialiste mondiale qui extirpera leurs racines!


Nous saluons tout effort anti-guerre et anti-impérialiste, en particulier de ceux qui, comme vous, ont compris que l’ennemi principal est dans leur propre pays. En effet, le gouvernement Yasuo Fukuda, est au service des groupes capitalistes japonais. Comme tous les gouvernements du PLD précédents, une politique anti-ouvrière et d’intervention militaire à l’étranger.

La jeunesse du Japon avait joué un rôle mondial en 1968. Grâce aux politiques de collaboration de classes, grâce aux trahisons des partis réformistes et des directions syndicales, grâce aux alliances contre-révolutionnaires entre Washington et Pékin et Washington et Moscou, la bourgeoisie mondiale a surmonté la vague révolutionnaire des années 1960-1970 et a repris l’initiative lors de la décennie 1980. Le centrisme qui capitulait devant le stalinisme, la sociale-démocrate et le nationalisme bourgeois, ainsi que le gauchisme, qui tournait le dos au prolétariat, ont facilité la réaction.

Dans les pays capitalistes avancés, la bourgeoisie a fermé les anciens bastions ouvriers, a restructuré les entreprises, a désindexé les salaires, a restreint le droit de grève, en utilisant la pression du chômage et la concurrence des travailleurs des pays dominés. Les bureaucraties étatiques ont restauré le capitalisme en Russie et en Chine; les travailleuses et les travailleurs de ces pays subissent désormais l’exploitation et la précarité. La bourgeoisie, en renforçant l’exploitation dans les pays impérialistes, en ouvrant des marchés qui lui étaient fermés et en exploitant des millions de travailleurs qui lui échappaient autrefois à cause de la propriété collective, de la planification et du monopole du commerce extérieur, a pu redresser le taux de profit.

Si le taux de profit a ainsi été temporairement redressé, le capitalisme reste un mode de production en déclin, ce qu’illustrent la crise bancaire et les «révoltes de la faim», et aussi l’occupation de l’Irak et de l’Afghanistan et la montée des fondamentalismes religieux. Le mode de production capitaliste a accompli depuis longtemps son rôle historique: dissoudre les rapports sociaux archaïques, impulser la science et la technique, surmonter les particularismes locaux grâce à des Etats nationaux, développer l’industrie et les transports, créer un marché mondial…

L’étroitesse des frontières et la propriété privée des moyens de production entravent le développement des forces productives de l’humanité. La survie du capitalisme engendre une succession ininterrompue de guerres et de crises économiques. Les crises économiques, dont les travailleurs salariés sont les premières victimes, sont inévitablement engendrées par les contradictions du capitalisme. Elles servent de solution temporaire à la suraccumulation du capital, par la destruction d’une partie de celui-ci. Les guerres jouent le même rôle. En outre les dépenses d’armement peuvent temporairement résoudre les problèmes de débouchés, tout en permettant de menacer ou d’asservir d’autres pays. De fait, le militarisme est inséparable du capitalisme à l’époque de l’impérialisme.

Partout, la stabilité de l’emploi, la protection sociale et les services publics reculent; la taxation des riches baisse alors que les impôts sur la consommation s’élèvent. Les profits et les dépenses militaires augmentent. Malgré le niveau élevé des sciences et des techniques, une proportion importante des producteurs ne dispose pas d’un logement décent, n’a qu’un accès réduit aux soins, à l’instruction, à la culture; des millions d’êtres humains n’ont ni eau potable ni nourriture suffisante. La recherche est mise au service de la guerre et de la spéculation. L’informatique sert à espionner les individus, à contrôler les producteurs et à intensifier le travail. Les déplacements des êtres humains sont limités et parfois interdits. L’accumulation du capital et la recherche du profit mettent en cause l’environnement même de l’espèce humaine.

Pour autant, la bourgeoisie ne disparaît pas d’elle-même de la scène de l’histoire. Elle demeure la classe sociale hégémonique: en temps ordinaire, elle gouverne en s’appuyant l’appareil répressif de l’État bourgeois et aussi sur sa domination idéologique. Un vieil outil de justification de la propriété privée et de l’inégalité sociale est la religion, dont les formes les plus réactionnaires ressurgissent, tant dans les pays dominants (reculs de la laïcité, justification de l’invasion de l’Irak au nom du christianisme…) que dans les pays dominés (cléricalismes bouddhiste, hindouiste, islamiste… diviseurs des opprimés et contre-révolutionnaires). Une forme de cette puissance sociale de la bourgeoisie, perfectionnée au cours de la phase impérialiste, est l’intégration à l’État et la corruption des dirigeants des organisations dont se dotent les opprimés et les exploités, ce qui aboutit à des formes de dégénérescence du mouvement ouvrier: partis réformistes et bureaucraties syndicales.

Seul le prolétariat, la classe dont les intérêts sont antagoniques à la bourgeoisie, peut chasser celle-ci et, sur la base de cette révolution mondiale, jeter les bases d’un mode de production supérieur, le socialisme. Seule la classe ouvrière, dont les rangs ont considérablement grossi dans les «pays émergents» d’Amérique latine et d’Asie, peut ouvrir une issue à l’humanité, en se portant à la tête de tous les opprimés et de tous les exploités des campagnes et des villes, en constituant des organes démocratiques de lutte et en les centralisant, en détruisant l’État bourgeois, en expropriant les grands groupes capitalistes, en étendant la révolution, en collaborant avec les autres gouvernements ouvriers qui en résulteront. Ainsi, seront réunies les conditions du socialisme: développement des forces productives, planification par les producteurs associés, suppression des frontières, dépérissement des classes sociales et de l’Etat.

Les résistances courageuses des ouvriers, des employés, des paysans, des étudiants, des femmes, des peuples opprimés ne manquent pas, dans les pays impérialistes (incluant les États-Unis), dans les pays capitalistes dominés (en particulier en Amérique latine), et dans les nouveaux pays capitalistes (surtout en Chine). Pour vaincre, les travailleuses et les travailleurs doivent non seulement mener la lutte contre les patrons, les gouvernements à leur service, les corps de répression, mais aussi surmonter les obstacles que sèment les agents de la bourgeoisie, qui les subordonnent à la bourgeoisie, à leurs propres exploiteurs. Il leur faut un parti à eux, un parti qui lutte pour la rupture avec la bourgeoisie, pour l’auto-organisation des travailleurs, pour la prise du pouvoir. En s’appuyant sur la théorie de la révolution et de l’émancipation qu’est le marxisme, les éléments les plus conscients des travailleurs et de la jeunesse doivent se rassembler dans de tels partis, reliés par une internationale ouvrière révolutionnaire.

Parmi les moyens de nous regrouper, figurent des mots d’ordre antimilitaristes et anti-impérialistes que nous devons adresser à toutes les organisations ouvrières de masse:

Évacuation immédiate de toutes les troupes impérialistes d’Irak, d’Afghanistan, du Liban, de Côte d’Ivoire, du Tchad, du Kosovo…!

Fermeture de toutes les bases militaires américaines, françaises, britanniques, à commencer par celle de Guantánamo!

Fin des menaces contre l’Iran, fin du blocus de Cuba et de la Corée du Nord!

Collectif Révolution Permanente (CRP Pérou, GB France, PRK Autriche)




¨Российской коммунистической рабочей партии –

Революционной партии коммунистов

30 июля 2008, Санкт-Петербург, Россия


Уважаемые товарищи!


Коммунисты РКРП-РПК, сознательные рабочие, прогрессивно настроенные слои российского общества последовательно ведут борьбу против милитаризма и поддерживают антивоенные, антиимпериалистические инициативы 46-й Интернациональной ассамблеи.

Агрессивные устремления империалистических государств, в том числе и буржуазной России, всё острее проявляются в борьбе за рынки и ресурсы, увеличении военных расходов в бюджетах, возникновении новых очагов напряженности и военных конфликтов, что свидетельствует о всё большем переходе империалистов к ведению политики военными методами в мировом масштабе.

Наращивание ядерных и других видов оружия массового уничтожения, строительство новых объектов ПРО США в Европе, прямая агрессия США и НАТО, при участии их сателлитов и «союзников», против неугодных и неуступчивых правительств и народов полностью подтверждают ленинскую характеристику последней стадии капитализма, как формы его существования «от войны до войны».

Не во всем соглашаясь с оценками «коалиции» Китая и России, которую дают товарищи из Союза японских революционных коммунистов (Фракция революционных марксистов), коммунисты РКРП-РПК отмечают, что в условиях нарастающего и обостряющегося мирового экономического кризиса вероятность ожесточенной схватки между империалистами возрастает многократно.

Падение социализма в СССР, ослабление позиций пролетариата в мире, распространение оппортунизма и ревизионизма в коммунистическом и рабочем движении значительно ослабили факторы мирового развития, сдерживающие агрессивность и развязывание войн империалистами. Угроза мировой войны с чрезвычайно тяжелыми и непредсказуемыми последствиями для всего населения планеты возросла многократно. Пример «цивилизованной» Европы, ставшей колыбелью гитлеровского фашизма, ничему не научил апологетов капитализма.

Вот почему необходимость скорейшего преодоления пролетариатом и коммунистическими партиями идейного и организационного кризиса становится как никогда актуальной, жизненно необходимой для сохранения каждого человека и всего человечества.

Законы капитализма, порождаемые им на каждом шагу противоречия, частная собственность на средства производства как источник империалистических войн не оставляют человечеству шансов сохранить среду обитания в пригодном для жизни состоянии.

Именно поэтому коммунисты РКРП-РПК, объединяя свои усилия в борьбе за мир со всеми прогрессивными организациями, со всеми честными людьми, с участниками 46-й Интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи, считают необходимым заявить, что вопрос о мире есть вопрос классовой борьбы. РКРП-РПК призывает трудящихся и эксплуатируемых, решительно отбросив внедряемые буржуазией идеи классового пацифизма и классовой толерантности, смелее переходить на сторону коммунизма и в классовой борьбе против империализма, толкающего народы к новой мировой бойне и ядерной катастрофе, завоевать свободное и мирное будущее для всего человечества.

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!


По поручению ЦК РКРП-РПК

Первый секретарь ЦК В.А. Тюлькин




¨Тюменский обком РКРП-РПК

"Левый фронт"-Тюмень


30 июля 2008, Тюмень, Россия

Коммунисты Тюменской областной организации РКРП-РПК и тюменского отделения "Левого фронта" горячо приветствуют товарищей, участвующих в интернациональной антивоенной ассамблее.

Мы горячо поддерживаем Вашу борьбу с империализмом. США все больше и больше распространяет свои щупальцы на весь мир, стремясь прибрать к рукам все мировые энергетические ресурсы. Тем самым они стремятся на практике воплотить свою пресловутую теорию "золотого миллиарда". Их внешняя политика - это направленный геноцид других народов, которые стремятся жить в свободном мире и хотят быть независимыми, развиваться самостоятельно.

Сейчас военные формирования войск НАТО вплотную приблизился к границам России. Военные базы НАТО есть уже на территории Латвии, Литвы, Эстонии, Грузии, Украины, Киргизии. Американские войска с успехом проводят тренировки на территории нашей страны. Таким образом, Россию планомерно превращают в колонию. Президент Путин, скрываясь за антиамериканской риторикой, за время своего правления фактически сдал страну на растерзание США. Тем самым фактически превратил ее в колонию. И его "наследник" президент Медведев продолжает эту политику. Таким образом, как это не печально констатировать, правительство России не борется с военной агрессией со стороны США, а лишь всячески потворствует их захватнической политике.

Только наличие ядерного щита у России, доставшийся от Советского Союза, являвшегося гарантом мира, еще хоть как-то удерживает планету от падения в пучину новой войны. И именно японцы, как ни какой другой народ способны понимать все ужасы и угрозу начала этой войны. Пережившие ядерные взрывы в Хиросиме и Нагасаки всегда будут искренне бороться против любых проявлений военной агрессии. А у перед коммунистами других стран стоит задача оказывать в этом всестороннюю поддержку.

Губительная политика США приводит к разжиганию войн по всей планете. Однако их истинная цель разжечь новую мировую войну, которая может уничтожить все человечество. В такой ситуации мы, настоящие коммунисты, должны выступить решительно против милитаристской агрессии со стороны США и всегда будем выступать против любых проявлений военной агрессии.




¨Свердловского Обкома РКРП-РПК


3 августа 2008 Свердловское об. Россия

Уважаемые товарищи!

Свердловское региональное отделение "Российской коммунистической рабочей партии — Российской партии коммунистов" приветствует всех товарищей прибывших на 46-ю интернациональную антивоенную ассамблею.

Мы поддерживаем борьбу за недопущение развязывания любой агрессии по отношению к мирным государствам, но нам как никому понятно, что пока существует, капитализм, и империализм, как его высшее проявление — войны на земле неизбежны.

Поэтому в сегодняшней сложнейшей политической, а так же экономической ситуации в мире встает вопрос о сплоченности и организации сил противостоящих империализму и объединяющих всех здравомыслящих людей для борьбы за справедливое будущее, за мир во всем мире. Мы выражаем свою солидарность и надеемся, что движение за мир и социализм с каждым годом будет находить все больше сторонников, а люди на земле начнут присоединяться к тем здоровым силам которые сегодня стоят на страже мира и безопасности на планете земля!


По поручению Свердловского Обкома РКРП-РПК.

Первый секретарь OK РКРП-РПК

Н.А. Россейкина.




¨Моргунова Н. Л.


29 июля 2008, Тура, Россия

Уважаемые товарищи борцы за мир, дорогие коллеги из фракции революционных марксистов!

Мы все оставшиеся верными марксизму-ленинизму и коммунисты и сочувствующие всей душой поддерживаем Ваше стремление укрепить мир на планете, не дать США и из сателлитам развязать новую атомную атаку на все человечество Земли! Не дать возможности свершить зверское злодеяние новым агрессорам, объявившим своими национальными интересами любую точку на планете, в настоящее время долг каждого человека любой национальности, любого вероисповедования. К сожалению, «пятой колонне» в СССР удалось свершить контрреволюцию, конечно, не без помощи США и кап-стран Европы, но и капиталистическая Россия не станет агрессором. Ей не нужны чужие земли! В этом Вы можете быть уверены.

Тем более знаете о том, что США, НАТО и Ваше правительство мечтают о захвате территории именно России! Так что все живущие в России солидарны с Вашей борьбой за мир! Китайскому народу, как и его правительству, война тоже не нужна! Вам бояться Китая не стоит! Капитал в нем работает под контролем государства, как когда-то при НЭПе / новая экономическая политика / в Советской России.

Вся угроза миру исходит от капитала США и стран НАТО!!!

Враги не мы с Вами! Враги те, кто готовит новую мировую войну! Вам бояться бы надо только ответного удара за агрессию Вашего правительства против Китая и России. Вы сами пишете, что на территории Японии готовят разместить радарные установки и оружие для ПРО. Ваша задача не допустить этого! Не дать втянуть Японию в союзники агрессора США и НАТО! Желаем Вам справиться с этой важнейшей задачей!

Привет всем участника 46 интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи!


Коммунисты и беспартийные




30 июля 2008, Москва, Россия

Уважаемые товарищи, дорогие друзья!

От имени руководства и всех членов Коммунистической партии Советского Союза разрешите приветствовать участников 46-й антивоенной ассамблеи и пожелать успеха в нашей общей борьбе.

Несколько слов о нашей партии. В настоящее время наши организации действуют в половине бывших союзных республик, в том числе в Прибалтике и Узбекистане, где деятельность КПСС официально запрещена и участие в ней наказывается тюремным заключением. В остальных республиках мы работаем полулегально, то есть наша деятельность не запрещена, но и официально не разрешена. Большинство членов нашей партии живет и работает в России, положение в которой серьезно влияет и на ситуацию в других бывших советских республиках.

За границей о положении в России существует нередко искаженное положение. Говорят о бурном экономическом росте и повышении жизненного уровня (одна из серьезных газет даже написала, что, дескать, «никогда еще русские не жили так хорошо»), об агрессивной внешней политике России, о возрождении ее военной мощи и т.д. На самом деле многое из этого не соответствует действительности.

Начнем с экономики, где в реальности все обстоит не так, как это представляет официальная статистика. Дело в том, что власти в несколько раз занижают рост цен, создавая впечатление бурного экономического роста и повышения жизненного уровня. В последние месяцы, когда общественность немного осмелела, все чаще появляются заявления о том, что на самом деле цены растут намного быстрее, чем об этом сообщает официальная статистика. Независимые эксперты считают, что ежегодная инфляция составляет около 30%. Если по официальным данным номинальная средняя зарплата в России увеличилась в прошлом году на 26%, то получается, что вопреки утверждениям властей реальная зарплата на самом деле не выросла, а упала. То же самое касается и промышленного производства.

Нет, кое-какой экономический рост в России все же есть, но в основном он происходит за счет роста котировок акций российских предприятий (надувается очередной мыльный пузырь), плюс на деньги богачей строятся квартиры, которые предназначены даже не жилья, а для перепродажи. По стране уже стоят сотни тысяч и миллионы таких вот пустых квартир. Почти все остальные отрасли экономики по-прежнему прозябают, в прошлом году даже снизилась добыча нефти и газа – основа нынешнего российского «благополучия». Что же касается доходов, то у большинства населения они в действительности такие же, какими были в 2000 году. Какая уж там «победа над бедностью», о которой трубит официальная пропаганда, если в действительности число бедных нисколько не уменьшилось, а в среднем доходы населения составляют 40-45% от доходов конца 80-х годов! Но это в среднем. Большинство населения по сравнению с советскими временами живет в 3-4 раза хуже. Причем в последние месяцы цены начали расти еще быстрее. Даже по официальным данным за первые 3 месяца этого года они выросли на 5%, что соответствует 20 процентам в год. В стране уже прошли первые митинги протеста против роста цен.

Теперь об «усилении военной мощи России», в которое за границей многие верят. Я процитирую всего несколько цифр, вполне доступных в открытых, несекретных публикациях. За восемь лет правления Путина армия получила двадцать семь стратегических ракет, а 440 было списано. Укрепился ли при этом российский ядерный потенциал? По-моему, ответ ясен. За те же годы российская армия получила 90 новых танков (в среднем по 11 штук в год), три (!) новых самолета и один (!) новый комплекс противовоздушной обороны. И так далее, и тому подобное. Любопытно, что при Ельцине российская армия получала больше оружия. Но, может быть, поставки вооружений возросли в самое последнее время? Увы, нет.  Некоторые заводы, правда, работают, но все их производство идет на экспорт.

В этих условиях трудно говорить о каком-то реальном военном противостоянии России и США. Несмотря на временами грозную риторику российских руководителей, вряд ли можно пока говорить и о действительно независимой российской внешней политике. Например, в прошлом году Россия поддержала в ООН санкции против КНДР, ратифицировала подписанное несколько лет назад соглашение о порядке пребывания на российской территории войск НАТО (!) и т.д. В конце февраля было объявлено об отказе России от продления аренды радиолокационных станций на Украине (сами украинцы были не против). Эти станции предназначались для оповещения о ядерном нападении. Стоит также вспомнить сделанное недавно предложение направить в Афганистан российские войска. Если же проанализировать широко разрекламированную «борьбу» Путина против размещения в Восточной Европе американской ПРО, то эта борьба больше похожа на капитуляцию. Ведь что он предложил американцам? Вместо Восточной Европы разместить свои станции в Азербайджане (бывшей советской республике) и в России (под Ленинградом, на новейшей радиолокационной станции). Странная получается стратегия: если враг влез на участок к соседу, то давайте пустим его к себе в дом! Если бы американцы согласились на это предложение Путина, они разместили бы на российской территории свои войска – причем на совершенно законном основании.

В общем, на публике произносится одно, а в кулуарах – совсем другое. Иначе и быть не может, так как у российской верхушки на Западе находятся не только банковские счета (речь идет о десятках и сотнях миллиардов долларов), но у многих даже и семьи. Возможно, если цены на нефть будут и дальше повышаться, внешняя политика России станет более самостоятельной, но серьезная конфронтация с теми же США довольно маловероятна. Ничего особенно здесь не меняет и приход к власти г-на Медведева, хотя, в противовес мнению некоторых иностранных экспертов, он отнюдь не является марионеткой Путина. Собственно, уже сейчас между командами Медведева и Путина идут серьезные трения, которые неизбежно закончатся уходом Путина. Определенные изменения политики здесь, очевидно, неизбежны, однако общий путинский  курс на «либерализацию» экономики и подчинение Западу при сохранении «патриотической» риторики, видимо, продолжится.

По нашему мнению, борьба против империализма США по-прежнему остается актуальной. Погрязнув в иракской и афганской авантюрах, сотрясаемый экономическим кризисом, он все же остается опасным врагом всех прогрессивных сил. Борьба против размещения североамериканской ПРО в различных странах мира, против расширения агрессивного блока НАТО – все это требует координации усилий коммунистов и прогрессивных сил разных стран. Требует от нас сплоченности и наступление крупного капитала на права трудящихся, проводимое под флагом "приватизации" и "дерегулирования". Мы рады возможности установить непосредственный контакт с японскими революционными коммунистами и готовы развивать с вами товарищеские отношения.

Да здравствует революционная солидарность трудящихся всех стран!

За мир без войн!


Сергей Скворцов,

Первый секретарь ЦК КПСС



¨Региональная партия коммунистов (Ленинград)


30 июля 2008, Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Региональная партия коммунистов (Ленинград) и Ленинградское региональное отделение Ассоциации марксистских организаций шлют самые горячие приветствия участникам 46-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблеи. Нельзя не отметить последовательность, с какой руководство Союза революционных коммунистов Японии и организации Дзенкагурэн чтят память жертв страшного преступления американского империализма, совершённого в августе 1945 года. И лидеры этой сверхдержавы, предшественники которых не остановились перед сожжением в атомном огне сотен тысяч жителей Хиросимы и Нагасаки, ещё смеют выставлять себя защитниками прав человека!..

Мы согласны, в основном, с большинством оценок ситуации в мире, данных в Обращении Оргкомитета Ассамблеи.

Вполне очевидно, что и в Ираке, и в Афганистане агрессивные авантюры США и их союзников по НАТО провалились, нанеся колоссальный ущерб не только народам Ирака и Афганистана, но и финансово-экономической системе и политическому престижу США.

К вполне заслуженному военно-политическому поражению на Ближнем и Среднем Востоке добавились кризис американской валюты и американской ипотечной системы. Эти кризисы поразили оплот, главную державу глобального капитала. Но кризис энергоресурсов, экологический и продовольственный кризисы, тесно связанные между собой и обусловленные в определяющей мере хищнической природой капитализма, охватили весь мир.

Возьмём, например экологическую угрозу – проблему глобального потепления климата. Погоня капиталистических корпораций за максимальной прибылью вошла во второй половине ХХ века в жесточайшее и постоянно обостряющееся противоречие со средой обитания человека и всего живого на Земле. Капиталистические лидеры, казалось бы, осознали, что негативное изменение климата, чреватое катастрофой для человечества, может обернуться катастрофой и для самой капиталистической системы. И вняв выводам научного сообщества, саммит ООН в Рио-де-Жанейро в 1992 принял Рамочную конвенцию по проблеме изменения климата, выполняя которую международная группа экспертов подготовила компромиссный документ, после трудных переговоров принятый на конференции в Киото в декабре 1997 г., – так называемый Киотский протокол. Если он будет выполнен с применением предусмотренного им механизма стимулов и штрафов, то в течение 2008-2012 гг. выбросы в атмосферу СО2 и других «парниковых газов» должны сократиться более чем на 5% по сравнению с 1990 г. Но что мы видим на деле? Страны Европейского Союза и Япония выполняют предписания Киотского протокола, а Соединённые Штаты, главный загрязнитель планетной атмосферы, подписавшие при президенте Клинтоне этот документ, при президенте Буше отказались его ратифицировать: сказалось давление базирующихся в США транснациональных корпораций, действующих по принципу «прибыль превыше всего, а после нас – хоть потоп». Это вызывает острое противоречие в империалистическом лагере, ослабляя политические позиции правящих кругов США.

Далее. Главными источниками «парниковых газов» являются топливные электростанции, автомобильный транспорт, цементная и металлургическая промышленность. И эти же отрасли материальной цивилизации и мировой экономики, являясь «виновниками» экологического кризиса, одновременно сами испытывают кризис энергетический, являясь потребителями невозобновляемых, сокращающихся ресурсов углеводородного сырья. Следовательно, для преодоления обоих кризисов жизненно необходимо повсеместно переходить на возобновляемые источники энергии и резко поднять энергоэффективность промышленности. В состоянии ли мировой капитализм решить в глобальном масштабе эти безотлагательные задачи? Разумеется, нет.

Так, дальнейший рост производства электроэнергии в мире должен обеспечиваться вводом в эксплуатацию только таких электростанций, что работают на возобновляемых энергоисточниках и не выпускают в атмосферу СО2, т.е. гидравлических, ветровых, приливных, солнечных, биотопливных и атомных. Но не использованный ещё энергопотенциал рек распределён на планете крайне неравномерно (в основном это Южная Америка и Африка), энергия ветра, приливов, Солнца требует достаточно больших площадей для достижения минимально разумной мощности установок (суммарно в близкой перспективе они вряд ли смогут превысить 10-15% национального энергоэлектробаланса), АЭС остаются пока наиболее экологически (в эксплуатации) и экономическими (опять-таки в эксплуатации) выгодными электростанциями. Во Франции, Японии, Бельгии они обеспечивают наибольшую часть (во Франции - более 75%) потребляемой электроэнергии. Но АЭС имеют тот родовой недостаток, что требуют специального хранения извлекаемых из реакторов отработанных элементов с радиоактивными продуктами ядерного деления до их последующей химической переработки. Между тем, наука давно нашла практически неисчерпаемый источник экологически чистой энергии – управляемый термоядерный синтез. Но для реализации первого, пока ещё демонстрационного термоядерного реактора требуются колоссальные усилия и финансовые вложения ведущих государств. По сегодняшним оценкам, демонстрационный термоядерный реактор международного проекта войдёт в эксплуатацию не ранее 2014 г., а первые промышленные термоядерные электростанции – 2023-25 гг. Но очевидно, что если ведущие страны, участвующие в этом проекте, существенную часть средств, направляемых на безудержное вооружение, перевели на решение этой действительно насущной проблемы, она решена была бы намного раньше. Однако на планете господствует капитализм... Что же касается биотоплива, которое нарастающими темпами будет заменять, в первую очередь, дорожающий бензин для автотранспорта, то в условиях капитализма это не может не привести к сокращению площадей под продовольственные культуры и обострению кризиса продовольственного.

Ключом к решению энергетических и экологических проблем в промышленности служат принципиально новые технологии, направленные на кардинальное снижение и даже полное исключение потребности в органическом топливе для производства энергоёмких продуктов, таких, например, как цемент. Основы такой технологии в Советском Союзе незадолго до его краха были разработаны. Но с победой капиталистической контрреволюции финансирование работ прекращено: вложения, не приносящие выгоду быстро, капиталу не интересны.

Последний саммит G8 в Тояко на Хоккайдо обсуждал проблемы энергетики, экологии, продовольствия. Но всё ограничилось разговорами. Под вопросом остаётся и принятие документа, который должен заменить Киотский протокол после завершения его действия в 2012 и в котором декларируются амбициозные планы дальнейшего сокращения выбросов «парниковых газов» на 30 и более процентов к 2020-2030 гг.

Только с победой социализма, когда целью материального производства станет не достижение максимальной прибыли транснациональными компаниями, эксплуатирующими миллиарды наёмных работников, а гармоничное его развитие в интересах людей труда, самостоятельно планирующих и организующих его с использованием новейших достижений науки и технологии, смогут быть решены кризисные проблемы, угрожающие человечеству.

Но сегодня, к сожалению, ещё не сложилась революционная ситуация. И в этой связи вполне реальна угроза того, что капитализм, задыхающийся от раздирающих его противоречий, попытается использовать военный путь их разрешения с помощью локальных войн для перераспределения сфер господства над энергоресурсами. Не с этой ли целью США развёртывают по всему миру свои военные базы, включая базы системы ПРО у границ России?

Антивоенные силы, во главе которых борются левые политические организации, должны и дальше, не ослабляя давления на правящие круги стран НАТО и их сателлитов, на капиталистические правительства всех стран, мобилизовывать народные массы на сопротивление военным приготовлениям, срывать их, пропагандировать социалистический путь решения мировых проблем

Мы присоединяемся к призыву организаторов ассамблеи, обращённому ко всем революционным левым политическим силам, - объединить усилия в борьбе за мир и светлое будущее для всех людей на Земле!


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