20 July - Surround the US Kadena Base!

From 2:00-3:00 pm. 27000 people surrounded the largest US Air Force base in Asia with a human chain. In spite of social-democratic leaders' misdirection to oppress the anti-Summit or anti-Security Treaty slogan, students of Zengakuren struggled in the forefront of the 27000 participants under the clear banner: 'Remove the bases! Smash the Security Treaty!'. They staged protests just east of the sponsor's tent. Militant students' protests hoisting the banner 'Smash the Summit' attracted the international media and were reported throughout the world.
20 July: militant students, gathering from various regions of the country, led the mass protests, with flags of the Ryukyu University Students' Association and the Okinawa International University Students' Self-Governing Association hoisted at the forefront.
Anti-Summit Demo / Anti-Atsugi Base Protests

In central Tokyo, students of Zengakuren demonstrated to the National Guesthouse under the banner: Smash the Okinawa Summit! No strengthening the US-Japan security alliance. Also near the US Naval Atsugi base they led the anti-base mass protests in solidarity with the people's action to surround the Kadena base in Okinawa.
Zengakuren demonstrate from Roppongi
through Aoyama Ave. to the Guesthouse
Zengakuren at the mass protests to surround the Atsugi base together with militant workers.
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