21 July - Zengakuren Fight to Stop Clinton's Speech on Mabuni Hill.
(8:00-10:00 a.m.)
How can we endure Clinton expressing his 'thanks' to the people for 'accepting' the military bases! Zengakuren started their demonstration at 8:45 a.m. and reached the point 500 meters before the the ceremonial place, 'Cornerstones of Peace'. At 9:50 a.m. finding Clinton arriving by a military helicopter, they threw voices of denunciation towards him. At that very moment another voice bursted. 10 selected student protesters appeared at the entrance of the 'Cornerstones of Peace' after breaking through the police siege. Shocking and embarrassing the police and Prefectural authorities they denounced the imperialist power holder within his earshot. It must be noted that among a number of opposition organizations only Zengakuren made a resolute protest against the speech. It's too natural they received wormiest responses from the people. They thoroughly exposed the hypocrisy of the Clinton speech that stressed the 'vital role' of the US bases in Okinawa. Their fight was reported throughout the world by the international media.
March towards the 'Cornerstones of Peace' (seeing the 'Peace Memorial Dome' nearby). Denounce Clinton arriving (500 meters from the 'Cornerstones of Peace' seen before).
Selected protesters appeared at

the entrance of the 'Cornerstones of Peace'

after breaking the police siege.

As embarrassing the police,

they rained the denunciation

onto Clinton delivering a speech.

Selected protesters appear at the entrance, embarrassing the police.

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