JRCL Weekly :Kaihoh/Liberation@iNO.1580-1571j

* English edition is not available. Japanese only.
No. 1580 August 2nd

[1] To the International Antiwar Assembly on August 1st!
Smash building the US-Japan bilateral war-operating systems!
No to the neofascistic reactionary offensives!
Condemn the passage of the Flag-and-Anthem Bill in the House of Representatives!

[Students rallied in front of the Diet from Tokyo area against the Flag-and-Anthem Bill.]

[2] Picket and demonstrations
Zengakuren students in Tokyo marched against the Flag-and-Anthem Bill, some carrying on their picket together with teachers unions in front of the Diet (July 22nd).
5000 workers gathered at the trade-union-sponsored rally in Osaka: militant workers and students struggled to revolutionize the mood under the social-democratic leadership.
The 68th National Congress of the Zengakuren on July 13th to 15th: elected the new Executive Committee (Shin'ichi Iida from Waseda Univ. as the Chairman, Tomoyuki Tashiro from Nagoya Univ. as the Secretary).
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- The Chief Cabinet Secretary threatened an opposition MP in a Diet session by saying 'I have a plenty of sources about you'; the threatened MP counterattacked by comparing the Chief to the ex-CIA Director with implication 'you conducted wiretapping?'
- Catchphrase-nut Economic Planning Agency Director-General recommends in the annual economic report 'high risk, high return': 'high-risk, no return' for the people.
- 'ECHELON' again: related to the Wiretapping Bills in Japan.
- A popular song in Serbia: ending with Yeltsin, 'After drinking, I would have come to save the Serbs; but, showed bucks ....
The second wave of cruel restructuring: plunging workers into a hell.
Tsuruga nuclear plant accident: massive radioactive water leaked, but the official information concealed the reality.
The Ministry's labour report 'Enhance workers' employability': meaning endurability for restructuring.
JCP-led teachers unions held a mass rally against the Flag-and-Anthem Bill: militant workers and students carried various activities from within to transcend the JCP-led movement 'for demanding a national consensus'.
From 10PM to 6AM through two weeks: harsh mid-night labour imposed on female workers in textile factories.
Fukuoka Teachers Union: critical voices against social-democratic leadership came up one after another at the congress (June 5-6).
Behind the bloody infighting within the split infantile radical sect there is the state power pulling the string.
Education Ministry: introduced in the new guidelines for teachers a 'moral education' together with strengthened authorities of principals.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 16
October 8th in 1967: the first Haneda on-the-spot struggle to stop Prime Minister Sato's visit to South Vietnam for supporting the US imperialist aggression.
- The JCP did nothing during the period but held a 'Party Flag Festival' in a holiday resort.
- 'To the Haneda Airport': JRCL-led militant workers and students broke the police blockade and rushed into the airport cite.
- Heralding the 1970 struggles against the Security Treaty and against Okinawa's return to the Japanese State.


No. 1579 July 26th

[1] Reporting the 14 July demonstration in Tokyo
Over 1200 Workers and students rallied at Hibiya Open-Air Hall, a historic site for class struggles, and marched to the Diet Building against the ongoing neo-fascistic reactionary offensives.

[The hall full of workers and students.]

[2] Anti-war pickets and demonstrations
Zengakuren students in Kanazawa against the entry of SDF military vessels into a civilian port (July 2nd).
Young workers and students in Nagoya staged a demonstration against the NATO military occupation of Kosovo and the US-Japan bilateral war-operating systems (June 20th).
Okinawa: pickets and rallies against the civilian-craft-used mobilization of US Marine Corps troop (June 8th to 14th).
University of Kagoshima students marched around their town against war preparations (June 15th). Students in Osaka held a meeting against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the US-Japan Defence Guideline Laws (June 12th).
Students in Hiroshima protested the 'public hearing' for legalization of national flag and anthem (July 7th).
The statement of protest against the wrongful police raid on the JRCL national and local offices on July 12th for repressing opposition movements with a frame-up.
Meltdown: verses for Chukaku sect in deathbed.
[4-5] The dying Bukuro = Chukaku sect, bureaucratic elements that dropped out from the JRCL early 60s.
The expelled former 'editor' has published the leaflets to 'expose' the organizational collapse and internal conflicts.
Quarrels among monopoly capitalists over the 'industrial boosting' bills.
Leaders of the NTT trade union stated their 'opposition' to the wire-tapping bill' but effectively accepted the police request for 'technological cooperation'.
A JCP bureaucrat in his lecture to their influenced public workers unions said: You must give up 'less work, more wages'.
Workers in US military bases in Okinawa: labour intensified as tension being higher in Korea and Yugoslavia.
From a worker who participated in a Rengo [JTUC] meeting in Fukuoka: Anger is growing against the labour aristocrats who shouted 'Save the nation'.
[7] On the 'Basic Ideas' of the reorganized NTT [Nippon Telephone & Telegram] trade union
Labour aristocrats' declaration for a 'Industrial Patriotic' movement.
1. Newly released 'basic ideas' and 'guidelines' for today's version of the 'industrial patriotic' movement.
- Dreaming of 'Harmonious relationship with the company for co-prosperity'.
- The banner of global-wide 'symbiosis' based on the negation of the class opposition.
- Dissolution of trade union movement into volunteer activities for social contribution.
- A slogan 'free and fair society' for monopoly capitalist.
2. A right-wing negation of the former 'program'
- Let us fight in opposition to the labour aristocrats with their anti-worker nature uncovered!
[8] A massive amount of radioactive water leaked at Tsuruga nuclear plant.
Zengakuren students staged immediate protests against the accident at the front gate of the plant and the company's head office in Tokyo

Monopoly capitalists in Japan in a dash of nuclear plant export for their survival.
- A new stage in nuclear export to the rest of Asia.
- Intensifying competitions over the market sharing and global-wide reorganization of companies.
- Stop export of nuclear plants!

No. 1578 July 19th

[1] To the International Anti-War Assembly on 1 August!
Build a fighting formation of international anti-war struggles for a revolutionary breakthrough of the ongoing crisis of global-wide warfare!
[2] Anti-war pickets and demonstrations
Zengakuren students against the aggressive SDF landing drill in Hokkaido, together with the rallied 1500 workers from local trade unions (2-5 July)

Student Associations against the public hearings for legalization of Kimigayo [reign of the Emperor] and Hinomaru [Rising sun] as national anthem and flag.
Trade unions and student associations in
Okinawa against the local hearing.

[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Peoples Daily complains to party-members' contamination with a religious cult.
- A failed putsch in a tiny radical sect.
- 'JRCL disturbed the lecture of the JCP General Secretary'?: the Party conceals the truth at the meeting, where he faced many critical questions from the participants.
- New 'people of woods' in Moscow.
[4] Cologne Summit: Illusion of a 'G8-framework-based' control of the world
1 Attempts to take Russia into the 'framework of G8'.
2. Schemes to wedge the Sino-Russian relationship.
3. 'G7' malfunctioning.
4. 'G8's control of the world': a castle in the air.
A national congress of the JCP-influenced public workers unions: abandoned the anti-Rengo [JTUC] flag.
Stop the 'Industrial Revival' Bills!
- Evil legalization by the Obuchi administration to rescue depressed monopoly capitalists from their agony by victimizing the working people.
Condemn the wiretapping into SDPJ Hosaka MP's conversation by the authorities!
Block the 'Counter-Organized Crime' Bills!

- An ugly comment by the National Security Minister: 'Police did never do such a thing.'
- Never allow the tapping to suppress the opposition movement!
Condemn the wrongful arrest! Never allow the police framing up the 'trespass into a trade union official's house'!
[8] Review of Kuroda's new book:
For the Philosophy of Topos - Topos of Expression, Topos of Consciousness, Topos of Praxis.
Introduction to the materialist philosophy of topos
- Philosophy never dies.
- Philosophy of the topos of expression.
- The topos of praxis.
- Challenge to the decadence.
- The theory of alienation and its superiority.


No. 1577July 12th

[1] Rally at the Hibiya open-air hall on July 14th!
Fight together by transcending the ready-made peace movement influenced by the SDPJ and the JCP, which cannot sense the impending crisis of war!
- June 20th in Osaka: young workers and students demonstrated to the LDP local office and the US Consulate.
- May 29th in Hokkaido: 3000 workers gathered at a trade-union-sponsored rally against expansion of the local nuclear plant, militant workers and students being in the forefront.
- For the Sixty-Eighth National Congress of the Zengakuren on July 13-15.
- Rally against the planned military drill of the Maritime SDF on Osaka Bay on July 15-18!
- Protest against the revisions for the worse of the Worker Dispatching Law and the Employment Security Law! Never allow the betrayals by the Rengo [JTUC] and Zenroren [NCTU] leaderships!
Idealistic prayers for a 'UN-led peace in Kosovo': JCP bureaucrats in full bloom of dependence on the UN.
I. Beautification of the 'Peace in Kosovo'.
- Wishing for a 'pacification' based on 'UN rules'.
- Concealing the exposed inability to cope with the NATO states' aggression against Yugoslavia.
II. Fallacies with the said 'increasing role of the UN'.
- Disregarding the conflicts among the rivaling state powers over the 'pacification'.
- Neglecting any examination into the root for the NATO-led 'pacification'.
- Lacking the essential comprehension of the aggressive war in Yugoslavia.
III. Criminal nature of the dependence on the UN.
IV. JCP Degradation to positive acceptance of a 'war for self-defense'.
- A fantastic interpretation by Obuchi concerning words of Kimigayo anthem: the 'reign' of the 'reign of the emperor' means the 'country'.
- Postal Ministry's new directions: a traffic accident in line of duty would meet a severe punishment.
- Behind the 'job creation measures': a boosted consultant business to give know-how for sackings.
- At the Rengo rally in Osaka: massive propaganda against the leadership accepting plans for full-scale restructuring.
Stop revisions for the worse of pension systems and higher rate of consumer's tax!
Self-defeating comments by a psychiatrist on the mysterious Kobe case: 'the cat-killing was a compensation for matricide.'


No. 1576 July 5th

[1] June 20th: young workers and students marched to the US Embassy and the Diet Building.
Oppose the NATO force military occupation of Kosovo! No to building of US-Japan bilateral systems for war of aggression! Smash the 'Counter-Organized Crime' Bills!
[2] June 24th: a mass rally against wire-tapping bills attended by official oppositions.
JRCL struggled to build a broad-based fighting front from within the rally.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- A sudden mobilization of Russian troops to Pristina, which was explained by the foreign minister as 'an unhappy accident' following Clinton's manner; G7 gave empty praise to Yeltsin for his 'cooperation in Kosovo'.
- JCP's 'relatively better government' is supposed to suspend only enforcement of the guide-line-related laws without discarding them: then how can the party explain its view that wrongly defined the laws as an 'automatic machine for involving Japan into US's war'?
- A new report by the European Parliament on US NSA's 'Interception Capability 2000 (IC 2000): an American software company delivers 64-bit encryption key to the customers, but the 24 bits of those in the version that it delivers outside of the US are deposited with the American government.
- Aggravated stalker syndromes with JCP: on the whispered 'coalition between the Democratic Party and the JCP'
- Following the WHO decision to delay the planned destruction of the sampled smallpox viruses, the US Department of Defence says North Korea and Iraq hold the virus for developing biochemical weapons: it is the Pentagon that does it, and aim for its monopoly.
Smash the 'Counter-Organized Crime' Bills, today's version of the Maintenance Public Order Act! For building a broad-based anti-fascist front!
The 86th Congress of the Japan Teachers' Union: The JTU central leadership made desperate efforts to oppress struggles against Hinomaru flag [rising sun] and Kimigayo anthem [reign of the emperor].
Each split sections from the petty bourgeois radical sect shouts loud for killing the other.
My first anti-war demonstration: 'I shall not be beaten', fighting spirit sprang against the police repression.
[8] Review: Selections from the Early Writings of Kuroda Kan'ichi, 3 volumes.
The young inquirer and his footmarks of bitter struggles
- Ideological turn: the Hungarian Rebellion.
- The origin of thinking: self-formation of his own Subjectivity.
- Confrontations and discussions: five moments.
- The thought of anti-war: approach to the atomic bomb issue.
- Spring up to revolutionary movement.
- Significance of this book.
(The three volumes were published in Japanese edition on June 10th by Kobushi Shobo, Tokyo.)


No. 1575 June 28th

[1] Smash Neo-Fascistic Reactionary Offensives!
Smash the 'Counter-Organized Crime' Bills! Stop legalization of Hinomaru [rising sun] and Kimigayo [reign of Emperor] as the national flag and anthem! Oppose Japan's promotion to a military big power!

[2] Student actions

- At the front gate of the US Force Camp Fuji on June 14th: protested against the gun-shooting drill together with complaining residents.
- Surrounding the 'public hearing' sponsored by the government in Okinawa on May 19th: to stop the Defence Guideline related bills passing.
- Through the downtown in Osaka on May 21st to 25th: demonstrated against the Defence Guideline related bills passing.
- In front of the LDP local office in Sapporo on May 24th: to block the Guideline bills.
No to the Chief Director of Waseda University suppressing students' activities!
- An epochal winning in the lawsuit brought by the students self-governing association against the suppression. Marxist Student League Waseda University Section
[4] Kosovo and the JCP
JCP central bureaucrats rely on an illusive 'UN-centred diplomatic solution': their nonsensical sayings over the 'Peace Agreement'.

I. The JCP central relieved at the 'agreement for cease fire'.
II. Being aloof from the intensifying crisis of warfare under a new cold war between the West and East.
III. 'Anti-imperialism', or anti-American nationalism, is lost.
Stop changing to worse the Labour Union Law!
- Reorganization of the current system of 'Labour Relations Commissions'.
- Introduction of an 'employee representative systems' and negligence of trade unions.
- 'Capitalism with human face' (said a new chairman of the Japan Federation of Employers' Association): smoke screens to conceal unemployment.
- Home care service industries: big corporations are entering the business and labour is intensified.
- Rengo [JCTU] local mobilized the ranks to 'volunteer activities for home care service'.
- Labour aristocrats calling for 'development of reorganized NTT company'.
'Borderless world': stupid words by Anthony Giddens, brain of Bomber Blair.
- Making a collection of 'globalizations'.
- Hysteric agitation for the 'right to humanitarian intervention'.

A Sad Spring: verses composed amid of the Balkan war.
Messages in solidarity with the international call from Zengakuren against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia: Committee for Peace in the Balkans, Manchester Against War In The Balkans, etc.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 15
- A great surge of Ampo = Okinawa struggles on April 26th to 28th in 1968 was a signal gun to heralded the beginning of 1970 anti-Ampo struggle. Against the government scheme for 'Okinawa's return with the nuclear bases untouched', Zengakuren succeeded in a great surge of united actions with students' associations led by 'Structural Reformists' on the basis of nation-wide student strikes at main universities appointed as struggle points. What made these historic struggles possible?


No. 1574 June 21st

[1-2] Demonstrations in five cities on June 20th
Oppose the military occupation of Kosovo by the NATO force in the name of the 'Peace Accord'!
[2] Student actions
Zengakuren marched on June 5th for international solidarity against the aggressive war by the NATO states; from Waseda Univ. to the US Embassy.
'Never let the US force carry a military drill under the Mt. Fuji!' on June 8th.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Twice a comedy: French CP's list to highlight non-communist candidates in the name of today's 'anti-Fascist Popular Front', but really a pro-fascist front following the biggest 'rogue' state?
- 'The economic tide is both flowing and ebbing, so eddying': a 'hard-to-understand' comments by an economic minister.
- Why does the Chief of the National Police Agency have a heavy purse?: exposed dirty connections with gangsters.
- Humanity saves a virus from its extinction: WHO decided to delay the planned destruction of the sampled smallpox viruses in the US and Russia.
Mortal agony of ruinous Russia: Boris the First's circusy counter-crisis measures for its 'resurrection as a great power'.
I. Counterattacks by Yeltsin in impasse.
- The 'May coup d'etat' in the midst of the aggressive war in Yugoslavia.
- Outcast of 'communist-generous, anti-American' Primakov at US's instigation.
- A 'bourgeois' reaction against the trend towards a neo-Stalinistic re-reversion.
II. Sharpening policy oppositions over the way to break through the 'national deadlock'.
- The eastward expansion of the NATO and offensives to undermine the Russian 'influence'.
- A threat of the national default and the deepening economic crisis.
- Primakov's counter-crisis measures scrapped by Yeltsin.
III Intensifying power struggles over the 'after Yeltsin'.
- Conflicts on the way to the parliamentary and presidential elections.
- The CPRF immersed in Slav nationalism.
[6] Stop legalization of Hinomaru [rising sun] and Kimigayo [reign of the Emperor] as national flag and anthem! JRCL Education Workers Committee
-The central leaders of the Japan Teachers' Union is helping the forcible introduction of the flag and anthem in schools from behind by their proposal for strengthening the authority of principals. Never let them do it!
- A stabbing with a knife against a principal at a junior high school in Osaka: Never allow the political terror to the struggle against Hinomaru and Kimigayo!
- A Sad Spring: verses amid the recent events.
- Introduction of the statement addressed by Noam Chomsky and other American Jews to the German Green Party; and his letter in response to the JRCL Appeal against the NATO bombing.
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 14
Advancement of revolutionary struggles for liberation of people in Okinawa in spring 1967:
- 'April the 28th, Okinawa Day' still evokes indignation and passion for fights among comrades who aspire to 'anti-war and peace'. The struggle arose in spring 1967. In Okinawa under the US Force military administration and in the mainland of Japan, how did militant workers and students struggle to transcend the official opposition movement that uniformly demanded Okinawa's 'return to homeland'? What was the uniqueness and revolutionary nature of their struggle?


No. 1573 June 14

[1-2] 20 June demonstration
Denounce the NATO states committing aggression against Yugoslavia!
Smash NATO's ambition to occupy Kosovo in the name of 'pacification'!
Stop the Obuchi-Ozawa coalition establishing laws for 'emergency' and the 'anti-organized crime laws'!

A picket line of students from Waseda,
Tokyo,Yokohama, Kokugakuin, Wako,
Chuo, Senshu,and Tsudajuku Univs.
Stop the 'Anti-Organized Crime Bills'! Zengakuren students in angry waves of protests.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- Bombing in the morning, barbecuing in the evening: Who is a rogue state?
- Zhu Rongji's tear: what for?
- Why the Red Brigade now? A possible Yankee-style suggestion against wavering Italians for 'unity of the Alliance'.
- What is behind the murder of the moderate Albanian leader.
[4-5] A historically grave crime with beautification of the NATO war of aggression against Yugoslavia - a fiction of 'humanitarian intervention' in the conflicts in Kosovo, religious = ethnic conflicts.
I. The criminal Yugoslavian aggression in the name of 'humanitarianism and justice'.
- The 'peace deal' as the result of the mass destruction.
- Fallacious 'humanitarianism, justice, and democracy' to conceal the indiscriminate murdering.
- Hard lines to contain Russia and China.
- Arrogant imposition of Anglo-Saxon values.
II. Neglect of religious = ethnic/national antagonisms.
- Milosevic's ultra-nationalism and its root
- Failure of Tito's policies concerning national/ethnic groups.
III Denounce the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia! Break the imperialist-led scheme for 'pacification'!
- A 'Conference for Research on the Arguments around the Constitution' to start: Labour aristocrats in Rengo [JCTU] prepare a campaign for constitutional revisions.
- Government's job package and Rengo leaders' assistance to it including mass firings and 'labour force flexibility'.
- In the name of 'female warriors': imposition of muscle training and mid-night labour in a car-making factory.
[7] Surging waves of anti-war and anti-Security Treaty struggles in Okinawa, the
islands of military bases.

- 7000 people in the All Okinawa Rally for Peace on 15 May.

- Zengakuren Okinawa: successive protests against US military bases in April.
Denounce the degenerate remnants of the Fourth International that let the NATO states bomb Yugoslavia! Now is the time to create an anti-war International!
- Renegades who praise the bombings in the name of 'support for the Kosovar Independence'.
- Dead Usec of the Mandelites.
- Disoriented French Trotskyists due to their economic-struggle-first stand.
- Go forward by transcending the dead Fourth International!


No. 1572, 7 June

[1] Anti-War Anti-Security Treaty Rally on June 20
Denounce the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia! Stop Building US-Japan Bilateral War-Operation Systems! Block Passage of the 'Anti-Organized Crime Bills'! Fight it out by denouncing the SDPJ and JCP for their joining a new Imperial Rule Assistance Association!
[2-3] Reports of struggles
21 May: 50,000 workers and people in the 'Stop the Law for War' Rally in Tokyo
- Militant workers and students called on the participants to fight against the Security Treaty by transcending the SPDJ and JCP's distortion of the struggle.
22 May: Metropolitan Student March to the Diet and the US Embassy
- Called by Chairpersons of Students Self-Governing Organizations in Waseda, Kokugakuin, Tsudajuku, and Yokohama Universities.

24 May: An emergent protest against the Defence Bills
- Just in front of the Diet Building Zengakuren students raised the big banner of protest.
Others: Local trade union rally against the Defence Bills in Kyushu (29 April, Fukuoka), Zengakuren welcome meeting for freshmen (16 May), Osaka Student March against the War Preparation (24 April)

[4-5] For the 20 June Struggle
Stop the Yugoslavian aggression by the NATO states!
Smash building US-Japan bilateral war-operation systems!

- JRCL Central Student Organizing Committee
Smash the 'Anti-Organized Crime Bills'! Build a Broader Front of Protest!
- Repressive legislation for the police to wiretap
- Aiming at strengthening the 'crisis control' systems for Japan state as a military big power
- Let us fight it out by transcending wrong reduction of the issue into 'violation of human rights'
Film 'Enemy of America': to show the nearest future of Japanese police systems
Report: The Final split of the petty bourgeois radical sect, tools of the state power
Won a victorious judgement against the police interference with the anti-war assembly
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 13
Struggles against expansion of the US military base at Tachikawa in the suburbs of Tokyo (commonly called Sunagawa base) in 1967: latter period
- Amidst the surging anti-military base struggles the Chinese government dared to conduct another nuclear testing. Official left parties and other 'anti-JCP' radicals revealed their ideological confusion and had to go bankrupt. Against them, how did the JRCL and the Zengakuren wage ideological struggles in the midst of the Sunagawa struggles? And how did we draw theoretical lessons from this struggle through intensive internal discussions?


No. 1571 May 31

Denounce the Enactment of Bills for the US-Japan New Defence Guidelines!
Smash Historic Reactionary Offensives by Obuchi-Ozawa Coalition for Survival of Japanese Imperialism!
Stop NATO Aggression in Yugoslavia!

- Escalated bombings by NATO.
- Obuchi-Ozawa coalition: schemes for Japanese imperialism surviving the crisis: 1) Building of a bilateral war-operating systems between the US and Japan, 2) Dashing for a national mobilization order of today's version, 3) Ambitions to construct a new Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere.
- Political power struggles under the 'absence of Takeshita', Obuchi's master.
Stop revision to worse of the Workers Dispatching Law.
Introduction to The Communist No. 181 just published.
[3] Kaleidoscope of 1999
- A revealed NATO conspiracy in the 'massacre at Rachak' for propaganda: "The most decisive is the words uttered at first for appealing to people's emotion", said a professional agent for propaganda.
- Spaghetti better than curry: around the 'resignation' of Sonia Gandhi.
- A historic first war on the web by cyber volunteers: today's partisan war.
- Asahi Shimbun: from 'Pravda in Japan' to 'Voice of America in Japan' for 'North Korean threat' propaganda.
- The poisoned curry murder case: suspicious 'proof' by 'high-tech investigation'.
[4-5] Criticizing the adopted report of the Metal Workers Union Conference
Idealization of the 'industrial patriotic movement' of today's version in the name of 'healthy development of metal industry'
(1) A paradisiacal 'plan for development of medal industry'
(2) Worship of 'principles of market economy'
- 'Fair and just systems according to market economy'
- Destruction of workers' unity in the name of 'respect for individuals'
(3) Anti-working class nature of the scheme for 'new socio-economic systems'
- Assistance to metal industrial monopoly capitalists for survival
- Recommendation of victimization of workers
- A positive response to a neo-liberalist idea for a 'small government'
- Beautification of 'employer-employee-talk-based settlement' line with no strike
Drastic decrease in the number of 'regular employees'
JRCL at local May Day rallies: Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, etc.
Labour accidents increasing in depression-stricken Hokkaido area
The Final split of the petty bourgeois radical sect, tools of the state power
[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 12
Struggles against expansion of the US military base at Tachikawa in the suburbs of Tokyo (commonly called Sunagawa base) in 1967
- As US bombings of North Vietnam escalated, Sato administration decided its co-operation with US Johnson administration in expanding Sunagawa base. Struggles against this expansion meant a prelude to the coming great struggle in 1970. Zengakuren fought out in its forefront, transcending the abandonment of protests by the JSP and the JCP, both of which were completely submerged in elections for the Lower House Representatives and the Tokyo Governor.