No. 1610 March 13th
No more expropriation from the masses! No to schemes to revise the Constitution!
Down with the Obuchi Administration!
Fight it in spite of parliamentarianist distortions by the SDPJ and JCP!

* The three-way coalition's budget for 2000: imposing harsher expenses on the masses
* Rush to the constitutional revision with the start of the 'Constitutional Research Commission' as a signalling gun.
* Japanese imperialism shaken by internal / external difficulties.

Zengakuren Students from Kanazawa Univ. protested against the joint military drill on 15 Feb.
Against a new nuclear reactor: students in Hokkaido turned the company's official meeting for 'account' into the place of accusation (26-27 Jan).

Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities
No. 2 What did police bureaucrats do in the name of a 'Special Internal Inspection' into the local police? Partying at a resort hotel, gambling at mahjong, etc.
- Following scandals in the Niigata Prefectural Police, also revealed were the related corruption of central bureaucrats in the National Police Agency.
- Failed efforts to cover it up with an easy punishment.
- From top to lower officials... that's all in a day's work.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'I was the first who said it': a governmental brain's ugly criticism of the Tokyo Governor around the new taxation on major banks.
- It' coincident: the US Government expelled a former Cuban diplomat amid the tense controversy over the boy.
- It was revealed at the leap day: thanks to 'privatization', government agencies' cybersecurity systems were developed by a firm controlled by AUM. But who and for what did reveal it?
- There is a reason why the kidnapping 50 years ago was scooped again as a crime by US intelligent agencies.
- An election campaign by the ruinous petty bourgeois sect: outside the arena.
The ex-Chief Cabinet Secretary Kajiyama's fallacious 'Criticism of Obuchinomics': the criticism is titled a 'scenario for reboosting Japan' but illusive and barren.
1. A 'criticism of Obuchinomics' connected with power struggles.
A gun for 'breaking through the difficulties'.
- Irritation against Obuchi's casual countermeasures against the depression.
2. Blind belief in neo-liberalist 'structural reforms'
A. A fallacious interpretation that breakthrough is belated because structural reform is belated.
- A circular argument.
- Fallacious view on the revealed limitations of the Japanese financial system.
B. An illusion due to envy towards the 'America's revival'.
- Blind belief in the 'disclosure'.
- Disregard of differences in politico-economic structures between the US and Japan.
C. An illusion of 'cyber-industrialization'.
D. A scenario ending with blank firing.

[6-7] For the militant spring offensive 2000
Denounce central leaders of electric workers unions scheming to destroy the offensive! Let us fight for a militant upsurge of the spring offensive!
They move to accept sacking and wage cuts under the pretext of 'securing jobs'.
The federal leadership is busy only 'boosting the electric industry'.
- They see the offensive only as that for 'breaking through the current economic depression in Japan'.
- 'Priority to job security': deceptive.
- Demands for record low wages.
Remake the spring offensive 2000 from the bottom of workplaces for its militant upsurge!

For criticism of the NTT workers union leaders' course for 'spring offensive for livelihood': Denounce their swearing to cooperate with the companies in their 'interim projects'.
- Their 'offensive' for 'structural change in communication industry'.
- Full cooperation with the companies in 21000 job cuts.
- Yielding to the companies' offensive for 'canceling the basic wage raise'.
- Never allow NTT unions to be degraded into employees' associations for serving the company.

(Photo; NTT workers at a Rengo rally in Tokyo for the spring offensive 2000.)

Justifications by labour aristocrats in the JAM of its decreased membership caused by their assistance to companies' restructuring: 'let us recruit in cooperation with other industries'!?
- Minus 5400 for 3 months, 20000 minus in the total membership.
- 'Cooperate with other industries skillful in organizing part-time workers'!?
- Never allow the leaders in the metal workers unions to direct for 'cooperation in reboosting the company'. (Photo: a metal workers' column at a Rengo demonstration. )

The bid on the planned Taiwanese bullet train network: Japan's come-from-behind victory, why dit it happen?
- By taking advantage of the serious train accident in Germany.
- By making a bid of the unheard-of low price.
- Japanese monopoly capitalists in desperate efforts to revive the myth of 'Japan as a technological giant'.

Redeployment, wage cuts, and no raise in basic pay: leaders in IMF-JC have accepted companies' offers one after another before the official date of the bargaining.


No. 1609 March 6th

Fight it out for winning the spring labour offensive 2000!
Never allow betrayals!
Workers' Rally of Indignant on Feb 13

Labour aristocrats of Rengo abandon the offensive in the name of ejob firstf-- Denounce them!

Their assistance to wage cuts and sacking under the pretext of ework sharingf.
- Leaders of electric workers unions: eMake a rule for dismissals!f
- Their deceptive demands for esystems for changing jobsf in cooperation with employers.
- Criminal beautification of the introduction of ea higher retirement agef.
Denounce leaders of the JCP-led NCTU wanting for ecooperation with the Rengof.
Fight it out on the basis of militant workersf power!

[2] Zengakuren
30 Jan in Kyushu: Stop the US military shooting drill! Zengakuren demonstrated through the local town, encouraging 10,000 participants in Rengo rally for edown-sizing US basesf together with militant workers. Also demonstrated on 3 Feb, the vary day of the drill, at the gate of the military base, inspiring the rally held by local trade unions.
Stop US battle ships calling at civilian ports! (3 Feb at Otaru port in Hokkaido, also at Kagoshima port in Kyushu.)
(Photo: at Otaru port, in the face of the US battle ship.)

Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities
No. 2 Kanagawa Prefectural Police, a den of criminals
- Assaults, thefts, intimidation, drugs, molesters c and their covering up.
- Successive leaks are aimed at security officers.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The arrogant petty emperor: Jian Zemin.
- The sacked minister for financial reboosting: Ochi
- The ex-KGB officer: Putin.
- The Director General of the Economic Planning Agency: suffering from the gloomy conclusion of official monitors.

Smash a major restructuring with wage cuts and sacking!
Break through Rengofs industrial patriotic movement!

1. Full cooperation with restructuring and wage cuts.
2. Making make esafety netsf, for monopoly capitalists.
3. Emblem of their yielding to emarket almightyf: eRengofs strategy for a welfare society centring on labourf.
4. Schemes to enmesh trade unions into corporate organizations in the name of eparticipation in corporate governancef.
(Photo: Rengo's rally for the offensive, workers being resolute despite the pressure from above.)

Leaders of the JMIU, the JCP-led metal / machine workers union, wanting for the ecooperation with owners of middle and small size enterprisesf
- A espring offensive united with political reformf: their course for the offensive based on the direction from the JCP central bureaucrats.
- De facto abandonment of e38000 yen rise in wagesf.
- Indulgence in propagandising alternative policies for companyfs revival: Nissanfs case.
- Anti-working class nature of their proposal for a 'new relationship between the employer and employees'.
Putin winning over the neo-Stalinist party
Dilemmas of his 'national-united government' and foretastes of a 'new Russian crisis'
1. The nodal point in building the Putin-assistance order based on the 'national unity': the election of the new Speaker of the Duma.
2. Pressures from internal / external difficulties intensifying under the 'new cold war'.
- A quagmire of the Chechen War.
- the economic catastrophe devastating.
- The 'eastward expansion' of NATO and EU.
3. Breakthrough measures of the Putin Administration.
Questions about Kurodafs Essential Terms of Revolutionary Marxism (2)
- Some other questions.

Young Kuroda's sore spirit touching my heart.
After reading Kuroda's "Quest for a new human being"
(included in Kuroda's Selected Early Writings)
- Happy to meet the 'legendary book'.
- Wishing to rethink Kuroda's thought from the origin.

No. 1608 February 28th

The Rally on 13th Feb held with enthusiasm
for a victorious spring labour offensive 2000

-"For a spring offensive to open a workers' century": the keynote report inspired the participants with accurate guidelines.
- "Smash the Rengo's industrial patriotic movement": the special reporter exposed the limitless degeneration of labour aristocrats.
- Addresses of resolution from regions and industries: Okinawa, Nissan auto-factory, etc.

16 Feb in Tokyo: Zengakuren demonstrated against the US-Japan joint military commanding drill. (Photo left)
Nation-wide students' actions against national universities' reorganization into independent administrative agencies 28-29 Jan: Hokkaido Univ., Nara Women's Univ. (Photo right), Kagoshima Univ., etc.

New Series: Exposing corruption and internal strife in the police authorities
No. 1 Police 'scandals' reported one after another: Why are they being leaked now?
- Shock waves of the exposure.
- Attempts to save and rearrange the system.
- What is called soto-tataki [bashing rivals from outside] connected with schemes for drastic reorganization of the Japanese police.
- After recognising the JRCL decoding the police digital radio messages: in fear for the full exposure.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The reason why they did not 'say NO' to Tokyo Governor Ishihara's plan to tax the gross profits of major banks.
- Another Franco-German axis: but for black money.
- Kyoto murder case whose main suspect 'jumped to his death': the police made awkward changes in its official announcement as a number of contradictory witnesses coming out.
- The true reason why the Niigata police made a lie over the discovery of the girl forced in containment for nine years.
An 'economic analysis' by Chukakuha in delusion.
[6] Labour Front
Smash the plan for massive reduction of personnel in postal deposit offices by computerization.
- Scheming for cutting 70 or 80 % workers.
- Also imposing drastic changes in methods on workers to remain.
- Leaders of the Postal Workers Union announced the full cooperation to the plan. Denounce them!
At the Rengo rally for spring labour offensive 2000 in Tokyo 10 Feb
- JRCL's inspiring propaganda for a victorious spring offensive permeated the participants.
- Erupted waves of indignant against the leaders.
Is it an 'interference in a trade union'? No!
Takuma UEDA, Chairman of the JRCL National Committee
JR Tokai company's repulsion against the full privatization plan of railway service.

- Overspent big projects in impasse.
- A focus: JR Central Towers in Nagoya on the verge of red note.
- The Linear Shinkansen project requiring massive fund.
- Deleberate accumulation of debt to victimize the workers.
Questions about Kuroda's Essential Terms of Revolutionary Marxism (1)
- On charts for theory of technics and technological theory.
- On '-ate', '-fy', and '-ize'.
- Viva! Revolutionary verbal-ism.
- Elaborated expressions given to its first version issued in the weekly Kaihoh.


No. 1607 February 21st

Expose the American Imperialist ambition to dominate the world!
Never let them do warmongering and war preparations!
Let us advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle to eradicate the "new East-West cold war"!
- The Clinton Administration haughtily boasting the 'world strongest economy'.
- European imperialism shaken by the emergence of neo-Nazis.
- Intensification of the "new cold war" and a surge of anti-US regionalism.
- Signs of American bubble bursting and an impending crisis of the world financial market.
- Never allow the Obuchi Administration to make reactionary offensives!
Never allow the police frame-ups!
Denounce the successive arrests and search instructions!

- Fake suspicion over the trespass.
- The state power reveals its hatred against our earthbreaking decipherment of police radio messages.
- Japan's 'cyber security' shaken by US intelligence agents.
- Denounce the state crimes! Smash the offensive designed to break the JRCL organization.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
* US population in jail: now over 2 million people less criminal than Clinton's crime against Monica or Bush's drug.
* Mine Kampf today: The man calls himself a reformer like Blair.
* JCP Chair Fuwa: Lenin misinterpreted Marx when he said '"the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery and wield it for its own purpose" and so must break it up'; Marx, in fact, meant that you cannot use it as ready-made but must use it with reforms attached ??!
* Who hacked the ministries' sites in fact? Japan's poor security targeted.
"As things go elite of originality and creativity can never come out":
imaginaray pitiable utterances from a Ministry's brain for a reformed education system
- Elite can never come out!
- We are burdened with the seriously negative legacy of mal-egalitarianism.
- Teachers do not know how to do but just go with rebellious kids.
- They tend to take an easy way, satisfied with leading play-like 'lessons of experience'.
- Even though we force them to improve their ability...
- Where have "volition, interests, and attitude" gone?
Militant educational workers led the 49th JTU National Seminar for Studying Education in spite of its deterioration by the leadership (22-25 Jan, Kanazawa)
Indignant voices against the leaders have spread over each session.
- "Never allow the leaders to degenerate the Education Seminar for the benefit of the state and business": JRCL leaflets circulated before the opening.
- Oppositions erupted at the "Kids' Forum", prepared by the head as a symbolic event.
- Reactionary nature exposed as to the 'reforms of school and teaching"
- Militant workers struggled against leaders' scheme to scrap 'peace education'.
[6] Spring Labour Offensive
Leaflets for educational workers (27 Jan).
- Electrical Electronic & Information Union head Suzuki' proposal: Establish a rule for dismissal.
- Post Offices' New Year in confusion: though troubles were caused by the millennium stamp service they introduced, bosses imposed overtime for patch-up on workers.
- Electric and Electronic & Information Union's agreement with the bosses to 'raise the retirement age to 60'?: once dismissed before 60 and employed again with lower wages reduced by 20-50 %.
- JRCL leaflets circulated also in the Seminar for Studying Education sponsored by JCP-led teachers' unions. (Photo)
- Teachers' Union in Shizuoka Prefecture: the leadership actively proposes foundation of 'school conferences' only to help intensified state control.
Denounce Rengo leaders as proposing a Constitutional revision!
Expose the criminal nature of Rengo's "New Political Course"!

- Expressing its support to today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.
- Full Cooperation to war preparations.
- In response to the government's scheme to revise the Constitution.
- Even the anti-LDP banner pulled down.

What I thought after reading an article in Enigmas of the Kobe Case: I must grow out of my 'digitalized brain'.

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Antiwar Struggles No. 27
The general strike in Okinawa on May 19th in 1971
against the US-Japan Agreement on Okinawa's return: workers and students' fights shook the whole island in spite of the bankruptcy of the official movement to demand its 'return to the fatherland'.

Workers and students at the Gate No 2
confronted with armed police troops.
A general strike backed by militant workers and students.

- At the Gate No 2 of Kadena Air Base: the peak of the struggle by Military Base Labour Union.
- Naha City Municipal Workers Union: denounced the JCP-led head's retreat and waged picketing.
- Won the historic people's meeting with 100,000 participants as smashing the rightists' armed attack.
- The 3-hour sit-in on the military road No 1 in confrontation with armed US soldiers.
- By overcoming the JSP- and JCP-led official movement to demand a 'true return'.
- The petty bourgeois sect bankrupted.
- Our struggles advanced in the labour front.


No. 1606 February 14th

Stop the US-Japan Joint-Commanding Drill!
Join in Protests on 16 Feb.!
Stop building a US-Japan bilateral war-operation system!
Fight it aiming to overthrow Obuchi's three-way coalition cabinet
- The first major military drill presupposing an emergent 'situation in areas surrounding Japan'.
- The US-Japan vs Russia-China: conflicts intensifying in Asia.
- The Obuchi administration rushing for war preparation.
- Let us fight it by transcending the JCP-led peace movement that has abandoned the 'anti-Security Treaty'.
- Smash the scheme to build today's version of the National Mobilization system!
[2] Zengakuren
20 Jan, Kansai: demonstration against the joint commanding drill in SDF Itami base.
23 Jan, Kansai: Kobe Univ. Students and militant students and workers led the mass rally against the joint drill sponsored by the JCP-led and other official groups.
28 Jan, Tokyo: No to the planned reorganization of National Universities into independent agencies! Demonstration and protests at the front gate of the Education Ministry.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Carving a Buddha and forgetting the soul: although having believed the Tibetan 'living Buddha' in the palm of the hand...
- The Cuban boy drifting on.
- 'We have built a new economy'? 'Resolve the digital divide'?
- 'Defence' is the beginning of the offence: Defence Agency stated it starts research against bio-terrorism.
- Chukakuha's 'New Year Appeal' includes the identical description as 1999's, that included the same as 1998's.
[4-5] JCP-led National Confederation of Trade Unons
A Right-wing, Parliamentarianist Distortion of the Spring Offensive Based on Their Dream for 'Cooperation with Conservative Strata'.
Criticize the NCTU leaders' as revealing its anti-working class nature!

I. Outcries for 'grand dialogue and cooperation'.
- A 'spring offensive' for 'a democratic change of politics'?
- Blind obedience to the JCP central leadership, maddy beggers for Ministers' seats.
II. Arbitrary 'analysis of the situation' aloof from real conditions of the working class.
III. A complement to the Rengo's industrial patriotic movement.
A. Dreaming of a 'cooperation' with Rengo and owners of small and middle size companies.
- What is meant by an 'offensive embracing the whole district'.
- Lost directions in the face of the major sacking and wage-cuts.
- 'Find a demand that can be shared immediately': a right-wing solution of the difficulties.
B. Culmination of revised capitalism, with their 'anti-monopoly' cause emptied.
- Subjugation of labour movement to the partisan interests, the votes.
- Delusion of the 'participation' for 'a healthy management'.
The planned revision of the Employment Insurance Related Laws: 50% higher rate in contribution with halved period of pay.
Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers Union preparing a strike for 9 Feb.: Organize a fight-back from below against the planned wage-cuts! Fight it by overcoming corrupt leaders and JCP-led activists supporting them!
Post offices in Kyushu: 'individual job performance' graphed and put up on the board after imposing extra tasks for sale in disregard of working hours, with the help of the labour aristocrats.
JRCL leaflets for the Japan Teachers Union's National Meeting for Education Study: won a good, expansive response from attendants.
[7] JTU
Never allow the authorities to impose tightened management and intensified training systems on education workers!
- Prefectural boards of education on the offensive: By referring to their authority to assign the personnel, even reject the prior consultation with teachers unions
- Introduction of 'chief educator training systems' with the aim to develop an 'assistant stuff to the principal'.
- Fight back! Denounce JTU leaders as deeply submitting to the Education Ministry!
[8] Okinawa
Expose the criminality of the JCP in its fallacious campaign to demand 'return of military base areas' without referring to "anti-Security Treaty"! Win a militant upsurge of the struggle against the planned US military heliport in Okinawa!
JCP cadres denounced by the residents as oppressing the protests.
Distortion of the struggle by putting forth the slogan 'Restore a public-opinion-based Nago-City administration!'
Fallacious demand for 'reorganization and reduction of the military bases' without referring to the "Anti-military base, anti-Security Treaty".
- The 'Asian trend': An illusion by their 'peace-touched' brain.
- A criminal 'alternative' by the JCP giving a helping hand to the deceptive 'peace diplomacy' by the Government.
- Indulgence in 'mutual respect to the sovereignty of the states.
Obedience to the regionalist demand for 'relocation of bases to the mainland'.


No. 1605 February 7th

Denounce Russia's Invasion in Chechnya!
Stop US-Japan War Preparation!
Let Us Advance the Revolutionary Antiwar Struggle
to Eradicate the "New Cold War"!

- Russia: rushing towards a patriotic order based on a 'national unity'.
- US, EU, Japan: wary of the latest developments in Russia.
- A crisis of global warfare intensifying under the "new cold war".
- Breakthroughs measures by Obuchi suffering the 'crisis of the nation'.
- Antiwar, anti-Security Treaty, and anti-Constitutional revision: Build a militant front!
[2] Zengakuren
22 Jan, Tokyo: demonstration to the Russian Embassy and the Diet Building to condemn the Chechen invasion and stop the Constitutional revision; denouncing the official SDPJ / JCP leadership as abandoning the struggle.
23 Jan., Hokkaido: protested against the invasion at the gate of the Russian Consulate; also expressed the opposition in front of the local LDP office against the planned US-Japan joint drill.

9 Jan., Okinawa
: picketing the SDF base together with local trade union members to stop officials participating in the coming-of-age ceremony.

From Kagoshima University in Kyushu: surging protests against the authorities planning tightened control on students' circles.
(Photo. At the head office of the Univ.)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
Possibly, the most stupid man in the millennium: JCP head Fuwa described Marx only as 'a great scientist', while even BBC said the most voters cast for Marx as 'the greatest thinker in the millennium'.
Discouraged Miyazawa, beat in G7 by Summers.
Classified documents of the Public Security Investigation Agency exposed: a spying network planned to extend even to Japan Pen Club, Journalist Association, and human rights, peace, anti-nuke groups; with remarks 'If objected, explain it in relations to the need to investigate JCP or radicals.'
No way out: expressed by Chukakuha in their New Year paper.
Put an end to the tools of the state within the century!
JCP beautifying the revised Equal Employment Opportunity Law as 'banning the sexual discrimination'
- Beautifying the revision with no relation to the revised Labour Standard Law removing the cords for women protection.
- Interpreting the revised text from the point of view of 'sexual equality' and 'removal of the discrimination'.
- 'Stop the revised Labour Standard Law coming into workplaces'?
[6] Smash the offensives for major restructuring and wage cuts!
Private buss companies: deserting 'unprofitable' divisions, reductions of operations, etc.; a system of staff on contract period applied to all the employees in relation to reassignment of the operation to / from other companies including subsidiaries.
Small / middle size enterprises: from a workplace suffering from harsh tasks imposed by monopoly capital in electric machine industry.
Auto industry: Ford-controlled Matsuda imposes intensified labour in a Yankee style, demanding harsh cost cutting from sub-affiliated companies, extracting several-hundred-hour over-time labour with no pay.
Smash JR 'bomb' conspiracies engineered by the conspiracy-conducting group in the state power! Build a front to break US-Japan war preparation and the neofascist reactionary offensive!
- A series of 'bomb' accidents: deliberately engineered.
- A man arrested for cover-up.
- The conspiracy-conducting group moving behind the scene.
- Neofascist reactions intensified by the 'three-way coalition' government.


No. 1604 January 31st

To the Workers Rally of Indignation
for a Victorious Spring Offensive in 2000!
February 13th
Let us fight back against the mass restructuring!
Never allow labour aristocrats in the Rengo leadership to distort the offensive into an Industrial Patriotic Movement!

Monopoly bourgeoisie: in a frantic mass sacking and wage cuts.
- Intensified measures for restructuring for the utmost reductions in cost.
Denounce the Rengo aristocrats! They respond positively to the restructuring.
- The Rengo leadership accepting the 'wage cuts', saying, 'For jobs'.
- A good assistant to the terrible revision in social welfare systems and the building of a 'great East Asian yen prosperity sphere'.
Reconstruct a 'militant spring offensive'! For deconstruction of the Rengo!
(Photo: the Rally last year.)

[2] Okinawa
Stop relocation of the US Marine base at Futemma to Nago!
Fight it by transcending the official opposition movement only to demand 'rearrangement and reduction of US bases' without "anti-Security Treaty"!
Japan Marxist Student League - Okinawa Local Committee
A. Japanese and US governments rushing towards building a new military heliport.
- The 'solution within the year' directed by the Obuchi administration.
- Plans to build a US-Japan bilateral war operating order for aggression.
- Official SDPJ and JCP leadership indulged in recalling the mayor.
B. Fight it by transcending the degeneration by the JCP calling for a 'broad coalition' on the single basis of 'respecting the civic will'!
- Fight it aiming for the "complete removal of the military bases" and the "abrogation of the Security Treaty"!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'Pooti'. A 'pet robot' now on sale by a Japanese company? No, "Putin"! Yeltsin's robot but now growing out of puppethood into a more dangerous apparatik.
- 'Employability' advocated by the labour aristocrats.
- The mistaken bombing 'fully based on a plan'.

JCP's 'Review of the 20th Century': full of falsehoods and ostentation.
A grotesque decoration by converted Stalinists.
I. A coating for reasoning the 'new Programme'.
II. 'Review of the 20th Century' with no mention of the 'socialist advancement'.
III. Falling into a "mankind's development view of history".
A. A pragmatic discard of the 'three major revolutionary forces' view.
B. Discard of the 'socialist' idea.
- A bureaucratic self-protection in the face of the collapses of 'socialist countries'.
- Defilement of the Russian Revolution.
- Gorbachevite distortion of the concept 'socialism'.
C. Replacement of the concept 'imperialism' with 'hegemonism'.
D. Rejection of the materialist outlook of history, falling into a "mankind's development view of history".

For a creative advancement of the Education Study Movement!
Never allow the leaders of JCP-led teachers unions to resolve the movement into alternative proposals for 'reforms in education'.

JRCL Education Workers Committee

A. Storms of the all-out reorganization for a statist and capability-first education.
B. Leaders of the JCP-led teachers unions indulged in complementing the 'reforms in education' by the Ministry of Education.
C. Never allow the leaders to cancel the struggle against the reactionary revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
D. Denounce their betrayal in struggles against the 'national flag and anthem'.
- Never allow the peace education to be discarded!

Resolutions for New Year expressed by JRCL Local Committees, etc. (5)
JRCL Transportation Industrial Workers Committee: We build spring offensives from our workplaces in opposition to the distorted guidance by the trade union leaders for 'saving the company'.
JRCL Small- and Mddle-Size Company Workers Committee: Build revolutionary nuclei in spite of the stormy industrial reorganization!
Anti-War Workers Conference in Eastern Kanagawa District: Let us expand our anti-restructuring calls over the factory belt.

Reports from annual student cultural festivals in universities: Kokugakuin Univ., Aichi Univ.


No. 1603 January 24th

22 Jan.: to the Diet Building!
Join in a demonstration sponsored by the Zengakuren!

No to the US-Japan bilateral war preparation!
Stop a constitutional revision!
The official peace movement has degenerated
into a national-defense stand of today! Fight on by transcending it!

- Impeding crisis of global warfare intensifying amidst the "new East-West cold war".
- Japanese imperialism in agonies of the 'nation's life-and-death crisis'.
- Power struggles within the ruling class intensifying over the way for breakthrough.
- Make a surging wave of antiwar, anti-Security treaty struggle! Stop neofascist reactions!
Smash national universities' reform into independent agencies!
To a national demonstration against the Ministry of Education on 28-29 Jan.!
No to a neofascist reorganization of the higher education systems!
Students' protests against the nuclear development:
Hokuriku: 4 years after the massive sodium leak from high-speed breeding reactor Monju; local students demonstrated at the site, giving a militant mood to the SDPJ-led rally only demanding for an alternative energy (5 Dec. 1999). (Photo left.)
Osaka: No to a pluthermal project at Takahama Nuclear Plant! Local students struggled at the forefront of 5000 participants in a mass rally sponsored by trade unions in cooperation with militant workers (3 Dec.).
Hokkaido: Smash a nuclear facility plan at Horonobe! Local students struggled together with 1500 workers, farmers, and other residents at a mass rally not to allow the official leadership to accept the plan (23 Nov.). (Photo right.)

Protest actions against cop scandals at the very front gates of the head ofiices of the NPA and the MPA (14 Dec).
Security cops scared in the face of Zengakuren's protest.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Parodies of Obuchi's statements.
- Behind the scene in Seattle: a NGO is a short cut to high officials?
- 'Anti-communism' more than 'anti-America': the ultra-nationalist has dropped his 'anti-American' mask by saying, 'Those who oppose the Security Treaty without awareness of China's threat are spies for CPC!'

[4-5] Win a Militant Upsurge of the Spring Labour Offensive in 2000!
JRCL Central Workers Organizing Committee
(Continued from No. 1602.)
II. Advance the spring offensive leftward for the future of the working class!
A. Denounce the Rengo leaders accepting wage cuts and restructuring!
B. Never allow (JCP-led) NCTU leaders to move towards 'cooperation with Rengo'!

- Saying 'No restructuring' but from the viewpoint of 'better corporate management'.
- Discarding the demand for 'much higher wages' from their vulgar realism to accept the status quo.
- 'Cooperation' for the cooperation's sake, and their degeneration into a line of a 'better harmonious relations between employees and the employer'.
C. Smash cuts in wages and mass restructuring with the class unity of workers!
- Break the unprecedented wage-cut offensives! Win a "much higher, uniform raise in wages"!
- Make a surging counter-fight to 'stop the mass restructuring and sacks'!
- Stop reforms to worse in social welfare systems! No more expropriation from the masses!
- No to reactionary revisions of labour laws! Never allow them to destroy trade unions!
- Stop building US-Japan bilateral war operating systems! Absolutely no to a constitutional revision!
Struggle against a bourgeois transformation of trade unions! Win a militant strengthening of trade unions!
Accepting the 'work sharing': 'The alternative is not "either job or higher wages" but "either job or lower wages"' (head of the auto-making trade unions); 'We give up 1% base up for 2% less rate of unemployment' (Rengo president Washio).
The Nanking Massacre 62 years on: expand anti-war waves from work places!
- The Nanking conquest and massacre in the name of 'for realizing peace in Asia'.
- What must we learn from the history stained with the bloodshed.
Teachers Union in Okinawa: leaders openly discarded the 'peace education' and made a right turn to a patriotic education.
Toyota: Bosses gave 50000-yen 'gratuity'; trade union leaders cancelled the demand for higher bonus.

[7] Resolutions for New Year expressed by JRCL Local Committees, etc. (4)
JRCL Chugoku Local Committee: Strengthen and expand the organization of our workers party in spite of the neofascist reaction.
JRCL Heavy Industrial Workers Committee: Smash the 'industrial patriotic' movement led by leaders of the IMF-JC!
JRCL Chemical Industrial Workers Committee: Fight back against offensives for restructuring and rationalization! Create revolutionary nuclei!
JRCL Mass-Communication Workers Committee: Stop reactionary revisions in schoolbook edition! Advance to consolidate our fortress!
JRCL Social Service Workers Committee: Fight back against neofascist reforms of social welfare systems!

[8] History of Our Revolutionary Anti-War Struggles No. 26

June 23rd in 1970: Doro's [National Railway Locomotive Workers Union] political strike against the Security Treaty at Tachikawa locomotive base, marking a step forward amid the defeat of the 1970 anti-Security Treaty struggles.

- On the eve, breaking the tense police order, 500 workers and students held a rally of support, where over 1000 young railway workers join in.
- In the morning, A scab's train was stopped before the scrum of the "workers-students solidarity".
- In the evening, over 10000 demonstrators from the Zengakuren, Anti-War Youth Committee, and high-school students surrounded the Diet Building.


No. 1602 January 17th

Win a Militant Upsurge of the
Spring Labour Offensive in 2000!

Smash mass restructuring plans and wage cuts! No to major negative revisions of social welfare systems!
Break through an 'industrial patriotic movement' by Rengo [JTUC] leaders!
Break their attempt to mesh trade unions into 'corporate organizations'!
JRCL Central Workers Organizing Committee
Revolutionary propaganda
at a Rengo rally in 1999.

I. Monopoly capitalists making victims of working people and labour movement driven into a crisis
A. An all-out offensive for mass restructuring and wage cuts
- Monopoly capitalists setting the stage of 'wage cuts or contra spring offensive'.
- Escalated offensives for restructuring and sacking.
- A sweeping destruction of the Japanese customs in employment.
B. The Obuchi administration in desperate efforts to relieve monopoly capitals from the crises
- Relief plans for monopolies in the name of 'overcoming the depression' and 'structural reforms'.
- Preparations for a US-Japan bilateral warfare and Japan's challenge for building a 'Greater East-Asian Yen-Prosperity Sphere'
C. Official leaderships of labour movement engulfed into the dark stream of 'restructuring' and 'constitutional revision'
- Labour aristocrats of IMF-JC rushing for funeralizing the spring offensive.
- The end of 'Rengo's spring offensive' and its assistance to the constitutional revision.
- Leaders of the (JCP-led) NCTU casting sheep's eyes for 'cooperation' with the Rengo leadership.
II. Advance the spring offensive leftward for the future of the working class!
A. Denounce the Rengo leaders accepting wage cuts and restructuring!
- 'Spring offensive' defined as 'negotiations for revising labour contracts combined with confirmation of managerial plans'.
- Demands for 'higher wages'? No. Declaration of the agreement to lower wages.
- Full acceptance of restructuring and dismissals with complementary proposal of 'social safety nets'.
- Surrender to neo-liberalism and attempts for bourgeois transformation of trade unions.
We get a big step forward of revolutionary student movement
for opening a new century!

Interview with Zengakuren leaders:
Mr. S. Iida, Chairman, from Waseda University,
Mr. T. Tashiro, Chief Secretary, from Nagoya University.
Japanese imperialism shaken by US imperialist offensives for the 'take-over of Japan'
1. US imperialism accelerating the offensive against Japan
2. Japan's defeat in struggles with US imperialism, and its cause
A. Defeated by the offensive for the 'take over of Japan'.
B. Delay in overcoming its 'high-cost structure'.
C. Exposed limitations of the 'economic system of Japanese type'.
3. Wandering for 'revival' of Japanese economy
A. Desperate efforts for 'reconstructing' its financial and productive bases.
B. A thorny path towards the building of 'yen's sphere of economy'.

[6] Resolutions expressed by JRCL Local Committees, etc. (3)
JRCL Hokuriku Local Committee: Burn an anti-Stalinist flame on the basis of great advancement in our struggles!
JRCL Electric Machinery Industrial Workers Committee: Turn over the dominance by the labour aristocrats struggling to funeralize the spring labour offensive!
JRCL Metal Industrial Workers Committee: Build revolutionary nuclei in workplaces in spite of the industrial patriotic movement accelerated by the foundation of the JAM.
The mayer's car
stopped by the masses.

Surging opposition to the decision of the new US military heliport in Okinawa.

21 Dec. at the mass rally with 8000 participants: Zengakuren Okinawa local leading the demonstration.

22-23 Dec. in and outside the City Assembly: fighting all night to stop the resolution.

27-28 Dec. in Nago City: workers, students, and other residents rallied against the Mayer's statement for the acceptance.
Zengakuren denounced the Chechen military invasion by Russia at the gate of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo (14 Dec.)

Zengakuren waged struggles in commemoration of Mr. Ouchi, the radiated worker of JCO at Tokaimura, who passed on 21 Dec. after his 3 month long struggle.

[8] Debut of the bloody Putin administration for the war (2)
Rise up in a struggle to overthrow the government for revolutionary revival of class struggles in Russia! (Continued from No. 1601)
II. The military invasion in Chechnya for a desperate defence of the Russian sphere of influence.
A. The Chechen War in quagmire.
B. A Russian-led 'reunion' of Central Asian countries.
C. A bridgehead for the struggle over the oil resources in the Caspian area.
III. A road for overcoming the crisis in class struggles
A. A fever of patriotism expanding over the country.
B. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation: further deteriorating its parliamentarianism and nationalism.
C. Fight for overthrowing Putin's war administration!


No. 1601 January 10th

Break Through the Crisis of War
Intensifying Under the New Cold War!
Fight it by overcoming the official peace movement! They've degenerated into today's version of 'defend-the-fatherland' position! Build a revolutionary column for antiwar and anti-Security Treaty struggles!

JRCL Central Student Organizing Committee
I. The contemporary world under the deepening crisis of warfare and the intensifying offensives of neofascist reaction
A. Antagonistic collisions of nationalism under the 'new East-West cold war'
(1) Russia's military invasion in Chechnya and its repercussions
- Multiplied expansion of religio-ethnic wars in the CIS, Middle East, and East Asia.
(2) Conflicts between US-EU-Japan and China-Russia with intensified characteristics of the new cold war
- Debut of the Putin Administration strained with blood
- China: struggling to defeat the 'sole hegemony by American imperialism'
- US imperialism: frantic efforts to survive the crisis in its world domination
B. Japanese imperialism: rushing to intensify neo-fascistic reactionary offensives
(1) Power struggles within the ruling class escalated by their sense of crisis in the 'nation's survival'
(2) Hard-line policies launched for the breakthrough
C. 'Establishmentarianization' of the official opposition movement and struggles by the revolutionary left.
II. Fight it by transcending the official peace movement that has degenerated into a complement to the neofascist regim!
A. Expose JCP's degeneration coloured with 'patriotic' nationalism!
- 'A coalition of opposition parties' for the sake of the 'coalition'
- Extreme idiots touched by pacifism and parliamentarianism
- A complement to the security and diplomatic policies by the Obuchi administration
- Assistance to the building of today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
- 'Defend the fatherland' position of JCP version being purified
B. Win an explosive advance of revolutionary antiwar struggles to break through the 'new cold war'!
(1) Stop building a national mobilization system for US-Japan bilateral war preparation!
(2) Never allow Russia's invasion in Chechnya and US imperialist warmongering!
(3) Rise up aiming to overthrow Obuchi's reactionary coalition government!

Denounce the Rengo [JTUC] leadership engineering a bourgeois transformation of trade unions!
- A scheme to enmesh trade unions in 'corporate organizations'
I. A plot to eternalize the current ruling order
- What is called 'building a stable, safe and assured society'.
- 'Social welfare' only 'providing a sense of assurance'.
- Yielding to neo-liberalism and tricks to cover it up.
II. 'A safety net' for more massive job cuts
- Condemnation of 'market almighty theories' for the sake of appearance.
- Direct import of Blair's 'Third Road' theory.
III. Enmeshing trade unions into corporate organizations in the name of 'participation'
- Dreaming of 'participation' in 'corporate governance'.
- Imposing self-destruction of class-consciousness by calling workers 'stake holders'.
- 'Corporate governance' theory for 'balancing stake-holders' satisfactions' fabricated to cover up intensified exploitation.
- An ideology for leading workers to division, split and rivalry.

[6-7] Resolutions expressed by JRCL Local Committees, etc. (2)
Students against the natinal flag and anthem at the gate of the Diet Building
JRCL Hokkaido Local Committee: We have power to open the new century.
JRCL Kyushu Local Committee: Build an indomitable, strong vanguard party to eradicate the fin de siecle decadence!
JRCL Educational Workers Committee: Advance by learning lessons from the struggle against the national flag and anthem!
JRCL Postal Workers Committee: Counterattack against forcible redeployments and other offensives for rationalization by breaking through the bureaucratic control by the central leadership of the Postal Workers Union!
JRCL Municipal Workers Committee: Smash every offensive launched in the name of 'decentralization'.
JRCL Telecommunication Workers Committee: Fight back against sackings and redeployments on the basis of strengthening of our workers organizations.
Antiwar Workers Conference in Tokyo Districts: We fight it out in spite of the stormy offensives of restructuring!
Debut of the bloody Putin administration for the war (1)
Rise up in a struggle to overthrow the government for revolutionary revival of class struggles in Russia!
I. The exit of Boris the Idiot
A. Transition to a 'Putin regime'?
B. A landslide victory of the 'Unity' in the election.
C. Conspiratorial tricks to beat the 'Fatherland - All Russia'.


No. 1600 January 1st

Win a great leap forward of the JRCL
for another century of revolution!
Break through the antagonist collisions of nationalism
and the crisis of warfare!
Win a surging advance of proletarian class struggles!
I. The fin de siecle world shaking under the crisis of expanded warfare.
- Intensification of warfare caused by the aggressive war in Yugoslavia.
- Religious = national / ethnic antagonism expanded under the 'new cold war'.
II. The 'new East-West cold war' intensifying on and the impeding crisis of world turbulence.
A. American imperialism in frantic efforts to prevent China and Russia being its 'rivals'.
B. Sino-Russian alliance strengthened 'to break the sole super power's domination'.
C. Intensifying struggles over oil resources in Middle East and the Caspian Sea.
III. Nationalism colliding against each other and a world-economic catastrophe.
A. A world financial crisis caused by the irresistible trend toward counter economic blocs
- A new conflict emerging over the WTO.
- The fundamental collapse of the 'Dollar-standard system'.
- The growing possibility of the 'third oil crisis'.
B. American globalism: forcibly imposed and bankrupted.
C. 'Anti-Yankee' sentiment fermenting throughout the 'Third World' and economic struggles intensifying among the US, Europe, and Japan.
IV. Japanese imperialism in desperate efforts to build a new Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.
V. Militant revival of class struggles for the 21st century!
- 'Death' of official peace movements throughout the world.
- Win a 'deconstruction' of Rengo [JTUC]! Fight it by exerting all the power of revolutionary workers!

[3] New Year's Appeal
Bravely and powerfully! Advance the class struggle in Japan for the 21st century!

UEDA Takuma
(Chairman of the National Committee of the JRCL)

[5] Resolutions expressed by Local Committees (1)
Kansai Local Committee: Build a strong organization of the party with full enthusiasm by breaking through ferocious repressions at the end of the century!
Okinawa Local Committee: Let waves against the Security Treaty rage throughout the 'islands of military bases'! Create a strong workers party!
Tokai Local Committee: Let us advance to open 'another century of revolution'!

[6-7] Cartoon and parodies
Throw the rulers into a reversal 'Gernica'!
Today's China wandering for an illusion of a 'super power'.
- Challenging the 'sole hegemony by US imperialism' in a three-legged race with the Russian partner.
I. Realpolitik diplomacy to break the 'monopolized dominance' by American imperialism.
A. An economic version of its strategy launched over the Seattle Conference: 'sole super power to be contained by plural powers'.
B. Building an 'anti-hegemonist = anti-American' siege based on the Sino-Russian alliance.
C. Growing hatred towards anti-Chinese interference by US imperialism.
II. The big dragon knocked around and agonized by the 'globalization of capital'.
A. Subjugation to the world financial order led by the US.
- Deformed reforms for 'market economy'.
B. 'Market-economic reforms' of Chinese type with Russia and East Europe as object lessons.
III. At the age of fifty - whereto is China going?
A. Measures for China to survive the crisis for the new century.
B. Break the spell of Stalinism and the illusion of 'market-economic reforms'!

Russia, East Europe and China: suffering from the total bankruptcy of 'market-economic reforms'
- How to cross the barrier of contradictions?
1. Disillusionment ten years after.
- Revealed shadows of the 'transition to market economy'.
- A round table talk by 'progressive intellectuals' on 'East European revolutions ten years on': recommending a multipolarized world based on a system of 'centre and margin'.
2. Market-economic reforms of three types
A. Economic subjugation to imperialism and deformed dual structures of domestic economy.
B. Quasi-capitalism and deterioration of religious = national / ethnic conflicts.
C. Dilemmas for Stalinist states to carry out policies for 'capitalist reform'.
3. Total bankruptcy of 'market-economic reforms' and its ground.
- Fallacious counterposition of 'market economy' against 'bureaucratic planned economy'.
- A productive-power-absolutist alternative.
- Break the illusion towards 'market economy'!

Highlights in 1999 (photos).