Kaihoh/Liberation (No. 1611-1620)
* English edition is not available. Japanese only.
No. 1620 May 22nd
Stop revision of the Constitution! Build a broad fighting front!
Organize anti-war anti-fascist struggles by overcoming the official 'defend-the-Constitution' movement without 'anti-Security Treaty' cause!
- A stormy campaign for revising the Constitution.
- Revisions for strengthening the neofascist ruling order.
- Yomiuri Shimbun's 'Second Draft for Revision' complementary to Ozawa's 'Draft'.
- Expose the neofascist nature of the Yomiuri Draft!

Stop a new military heliport!

No to the G8 Summit in Okinawa!
Militant workers and students demonstrated in Okinawa (29 Apr)
- Denounced the official opposition leadership as joining the 'summit fever'.
Chernobyl: 14 years on
Denounce state rulers of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus deserving victimized people!
- 55,000 deaths from workers mobilized to fight the accident: the Russian government revealed part of casualties for the first time.
- They are still running the Third Reactor.
- Stop Japan's nuclear development!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Mori's first trip abroad unmaking reputations with the dream of a 'political big power' far away.
- JCP deleted a statement made by its-recommended democratic Constitutional scholar at the Diet panel that the Stalin Constitution is still valid and that the Security Treaty contradicts the Japanese Constitution.
- A year after the NATO bombing: J. Fischer's depression.
- Chukakuha expresses its 'solidarity' with the 'new current of international class struggles'.
Tokyo Governor Ishihara's fallacious perspective
for Japan's 'independence of the USA'

'Boosting scenarios for Japanese economy': a poor copy of the old cliche
1. A 'strategy for an independent state'
- Fading-out of his previous conception of an 'East-Asian Yen Prosperity Sphere'.
2. Sales of a 'Tokyo model'.
3. An 'anti-American' coated imitation of American-made neo-liberalism.
- 'Missing of animal spirit'? A derangement.
- A vain stress on the 'real power of Japanese economy'
- Fallacious 'securitization of public property'.
4. A rejection of 'post-war democracy'
under the pretext of 'breaking the mental dependency'
- Anti-American sentiments coincident with his inferiority complex to America.
- Fascistic antagonism against struggles of the working people.
- Intentions underlying the ultra-nationalist agitation.
Ludicrous condemnation against the 'state with no strategy'
[6] May Day
Central May Day Rally of the JCP-led NCTU
- Participants seriously reading JRCL leaflets.
- Fuwa's speech with poor response.
May Day of the minor NTUC
- Sympathetic, supportive responses to JRCL propaganda
An 'area-wide joint management' of clerical work at schools
- The Ministry of Education attempts it in 17 Prefectures to centralize the business and curtail the personnel.
- JTU leadership supports the Ministry.
The failed plan for '700 thousand jobs': a bureaucrat of the Ministry of Labour tried to gloss over the poor results by saying 'that figure was for easing the public mind.'
A report from a local branch of Hokkaido Prefectural Teachers Union:
Against the forcible introduction of the national flag and anthem.
- The HTU leadership yielding to the Ministry intensifying its oppression.
- 'Silence is wrong': animated discussions at the branch.
- Offensives from the Ministry
How I read Kuroda's new book: Praxis and Topos Vol. 1
- On the 'Topos of Life and Death'.
[8] Review
Satoshi Aoki Security Police in Japan
Why does he fail in thorough exposure of the 'dark side of the security police'?
- Poor investigation into conspiratorial events.
- Surprised at JRCL decoding the digital wireless communication of the police.
- Superficial analysis about 'oppositions between security and criminal sections'.
Asahi Shimbun's pocket-size edition of the book on Kobe murder case.
Three photos in the old edition were replaced with no mention to cover up its contradictory allegation that the boy was criminal.


No. 1619 May 15th
No to revision of the Constitution!
April 29th: 1000 militant workers and students demonstrated at the centre of Tokyo.

- A delegate of the JRCL gave a speech in solidarity.
- Win a further advancement of anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggle!

[2] Zengakuren
Militant students intervened in a popular televised live debate (from Asahi National Broadcasting) to beat out Constitutional revisionists!
- In the beginning, self-styled 'Constitutional defenders' from SDPJ / JCP were miserably cornered by revisionists.
- Criticized by militant students, the anti-communist ideologues stood speechless at last.
- The irritated moderator incurred a concentrated blame for his helping the revisionists.
Anti-nuke civic gathering on 23 Apr: active students imbued the rally with militant confident.
3 SDF minesweepers entered a civilian port in Kanazawa: local students waged a protest (14 Apr).

Okinawa Prefectural Assembly forcibly decided 'to purge anti-war landowners from public services'
: militant workers and students fought in the forefront of protest (11 Apr.).

- Denouncing the official leaders who did nothing to block it.
Condemn the reactionary sentence to declare 'safety of the operation of the fast breeder reactor Monju! Never allow the government to resume the operation!
Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities No. 6
Former police bureaucrat Atsuyuki Sassa revealed the dark side of former NPA Chief Osamu Mitsui with the bloody past of his own concealed.
- Unrecoverable grudge of Sassa, who was demoted by Mitsui, 'Boss of the security police'.
- Sassa himself worked to conceal the historic conspiracy, Kim Dae-Jong Abduction.
No to national universities' conversion to independent agencies!
Stop revising the Fundamental Law of Education! Join the nationwide united action of Zengakuren on 19 May! Overcome the parliamentarianist distortion by JCP-led student organizations! Build a fighting front to block a reactionary reorganization of education!
1. The Mori administration: rushing towards a neoliberalist 'reform of education'.
- A scheme to revise the Fundamental Law of Education under the slogan 'Build a spiritually rich nation'.
- Ability-first, statist reorganization of higher education.
2. JCP's crime to play a complementary role for the Mori administration.
- Proposals of alternatives within the framework of the government.
- 'Better reform of education': fallacious.
3. Smash the neofascist reorganization of education!
Aims and meaning of the plan to convert the national universities to independent agencies
Introduction of neo-liberalist principle of 'competitiveness' in higher education in the name of 'individualization'
1. Neo-liberalist reorganization of the managerial form of national universities.
2. Reorganization of the system of universities into a 'multi-peaked' hierarchical structure.
- Measures for 'deregulation' to enforce 'pro-business' policies.
3. Intensifying 'struggles for existence' among universities.
Central May Day Rally of Rengo
'Where's the spring offensive!' Militant workers fought against labour aristocrats' scheme for a moderated May Day.
- President Washio's show of a 'confronting' posture against the LDP.
- Indignant booting to guests from official oppositions including opposition-turn ultra-nationalist Ozawa.
- JRCL propangandized against the Constitutional revision.
JCP helps suppression on Prefectural Teachers Unions in Mie: the party shamelessly implies the responsibility for the suicidal case of a school principal to the trade union and the League for Liberation of Burak People.
A JCP-led workers group in electric industry: accepting a 'appropriate restructuring'.
The first month of the started nursing care insurance system: nursed people bewildered and discredited even to suicide; nursing workers imposed intensified labour, lower wages, and even sacking.
Labour aristocrats of metal workers unions advocate for 'smoother shift of labour force'.
What is meant by the 'job security' in their 'line of labour movement for 2000'.
- Positive cooperation with companies in restructuring.
- To drive sacked workers into 'competition' for a job.
- A trade union carrying employment exchange services!?
The leadership of JCP-led municipal workers unions immersed in campaigns to legislate 'municipal ordinances for residents'.
- In Hamamatsu, Kanagawa, and other Prefectures and Municipalities.
- A fallacious dream: to regulate state policies by 'ordinances'.
- 'Dialogues and cooperation' with conservative voters for election campaign.
A consideration on monopoly capitalist limitations in 'safety measures' for nuclear plants
- Their 'safety measures' have been focussed on automatization of devises.
- 'Scale merits' have been sought by more colossal equipments
- Operating workers are just accessories to the 'colossal black box'.
- Massive radiation is regularly imposed on maintenance and cleaning workers. How is the radiation to cleaners from subsidiaries covered up? What has caused the increase in radiation to maintenance workers?


No. 1618 May 8th

Denounce the Ishihara remarks!
Condemn his ultra-nationalist, exclusionist agitation and reference
to the mobilization of SDF troops for 'law and order'!
Smash the constitutional revision! Smash the Mori administration's scheme to build a national mobilization system!
- The national exclusionist statement and his agitation to mobilize the SDF troops for 'law and order'.
- Mori's new tripartite coalition rushing to build a war preparation system.
- The official leadership enmeshed in the today's version of the national mobilization system.
- Oppose security mobilization of the SDF troops in the name of 'disaster prevention measures'!

(Photo: 29 April demonstration to the Diet.)
[2] Zengakuren
Metropolitan Student March on 22 April. (Photo right.)
- Starting from the opening rally at Waseda University.
The second victim in the nuclear critical-mass accident: protests against the Ministry of Science and Technology on 27 April.
No to a new nuke reactor! Students in Hokkaido turned official 'local public hearings' into arenas for condemnation! (18-30 March)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The only thing Mori did at his debut to diplomacy: a kick-off at a rugby game.
- A proposal for 'price keeping operation' for stock market by that LDP politician Kamei: in fact, for his 'post keeping operation' in the party machine.
- The pot 'criticizes' the kettle black: critical remarks by a bankrupt American hedge fund against its rivals.
- 'We have good agents in the Chukakuha group': a leaked document of the Public Security Investigation.
[4-5] Putin's Russia
Staking its fate on revival of the super power
1. The presidential election campaign in the unison of patriotism.
2. The Putin diplomacy for Russia's revival as a super power.
3. A rush to build a 'national unity'.
4. Breakthroughs to save the Russian economy from defeat.
5. Agitation to enhance a patriarchal idea of the state.
[6] Rengo's report for trade unions in small and medium size companies.
Denounce labour aristocrats as their full cooperation in restructuring!
A. Preferential selection and organization of minor businesses by monopoly capitalists.
B. The Rengo central uses 'jobs' as a smoke screen for accepting sackings.
C. Labour movement changing into that of 'participant-type' as a 'stakeholder' of the corporation.
Never allow conspiratorial sabotages against railway operation engineered under the new management of JR East Co. connected with LDP politicians Nonaka and Kamei!
Smash the plots to destroy fighting trade unions.
- Nation-wide, coincident sabotages against railway operation.
- Never allow the conspiracy under the Kasai-Otsuka-led management with the 'new Democratization League' as their followers.
JR Tokai Co. President Kasai's self-confessed 'dream' is 'to open a school after the retirement'? The case is...
- A smoke screen against a possible chorus for his retirement.
- What would be the school like being managed by this man, the womaniser?

A letter from a worker: Is the French version of 'work sharing' worthy of high estimation.
Democratic Party's complete submission to the LDP over the alteration of the Bill to ease company division: 'prior consultations' are codified but with, not 'the trade union', but 'workers'.
A letter to Kan'ichi Kuroda from Russian journalist Alexandre Mosienko.
- After reading the Russian version of What is Revolutionary Marxism? Your contention, 'Revive Marx!', is completely right.
Young Marx and I myself: after reading Marx's early writings and Kuroda's Logic of Formation of Marxism
Kuroda's bitter struggles for creating the organization felt from unwritten sentences: reading the Chronology appended to Political Judgement and Cognition.


No. 1617 May 1st
29 April, to the Diet! No to the Constitutional revision!
No to the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
Smash the major reactionary offensives from the Mori administration!
- The Japanese government has revealed its incompetence before the global market crash.
- Tossed back and forth amid intensifying conflicts between the US and China-Russia, the government and the ruling class accumulate their irritation.
- The reactionary Mori administration launches a desperate breakthrough.
- Antiwar! Anti-Security Treaty! Stop neo-fascist reaction! Build a wide-ranging front!


"No night landing practice! Remove the military base of US Forces!" 320 Sit-in at the head-office of the Defense Agency
: militant students fought in the Kanagawa people's action complaining against the US Atsugi base (13 Apr).
Won the suit against the coercive police operations to the International Anti-War Assembly in Osaka.

Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities No. 5
A tense internal strife among police bureaucrats: conscious leak of 'scandals' to defeat rivals.
- NPA Secretary Ishikawa failed to win his promotion to Chief.
- Targets are high-ranking officers charged with security and public safety.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- US government's ecologist, No, egoistic egology: once exported poisonous PCB wastes from US bases in Kanagawa returned to Yokohama port after the rejection of unloading at a US port.
- JCP Chair Fuwa's miserable attempt to funeralize Lenin and Leninism.
- 'Jewish commerce'? Israel sells its high-tech radar to China.

Won a self-criticism of the dropping-out leader from the Bukuro = Chukakuha. He also uncovered today's realities of the degraded petty sect as tools the state.

A new management starts for East Japan Railway Co.
Smash offensives to destroy trade unions!

- A new order was set up with the Mori administration as backer.
- Smash offensives with pro-company palace guards and the 'new Democratization League' as tools!

(Photo JR workers marches for the spring labour offensive.)
Denounce labour aristocrats of NTT accepting the settlement with lower wages!
- Leaders accepted the proposal with 'no raise'.
- Labour aristocrats: full cooperation with the management in 'medium-term business project'.
- Win a militant strengthening of NTT labour movement!

Members of our party must work within trade unions in this way
- The end of the 'Rengo's spring offensive'
- The emergence of a new neo-nationalist order and the Rengo purifying itself as an 'industrial patriotic' movement.
- Labour movement in Japan on the verge of crisis.
- Fractions in a trade union and building the vanguard party.

Is it a 'prolongation of employment'?
The case of Mitsubishi Electric Co.: a lower retirement age and reemployment with lower wages.

[8] History of our revolutionary antiwar struggles No. 28
March-April 1972: indefinite strike by military-base workers union in Okinawa (continued)
In spite of coercion against the strike by US and Japanese rulers
- Won solidarity with US soldiers.
- Denounced the leadership as authoritatively issuing the order to cancel the strike.
Militant workers' struggles supporting the historic fight
- A new horizon opened by the indefinite strike.


No. 1616 April 24th
Join the Workers and Students Action on April 29th!
The official leadership, SDPJ and JCP, just complement the government's schemes to strengthen the Security Alliance and revise the Constitution!
Let us fight it out by transcending them!

Power-holders of the both Koreas agreed to hold a summit talk amid the tense conflicts
- Kim Dae Jung's 'sunshine policy' towards North Korea.
- The Kim Jong Il administration's attempt to break the international isolation and economic difficulties.
New developments of political and military conflicts between the US and China over East Asia
- China's struggles to form an anti-American network
- US imperialism rushing to build a military net to contain China
The Mori administration developing an 'independent diplomacy'
Break the building of a US-Japan joint operation order for war!

Condemn Tokyo Gov. Ishihara's ultra-nationalist remarks!
Zengakuren students waged a protest at the metropolitan government building (12 Apr.).(Photo)

- Ishihara stirred up a controversy by remarking that foreigners in Japan could stage a riot following a major earthquake and urging the Self-Defense Forces to maintain public security in such emergencies ... using the word 'sangokujin', literally 'people from third countries', that refers to people from the former Japanese colonial possessions of Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula, as well as their descendants, and now widely regarded as a derogatory term (from Japan Times, 11 Apr.).

Stop building a new US military heliport! Oppose the Okinawa G8!
Never allow the official leaders to chorus for the 'Summit fever'!
Let us fight it out!

Marxist Student League - Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Mori Administration urged to achieve a 'successful summit'
- 'Sweep away the local sentiments against military bases!': Mori's rush to build a new US military heliport in Nago city.
- Official leaders have yielded to the 'summit fever' even abandoning their distorted campaign to recall the mayor.
Build a fighting front for anti-war, anti-Security Treaty struggle and against neofascist offensive.
- Denounce the JCP immersed in self-claiming 'complementary diplomacy'!
- Rise in militant fights in spite of coercive repressions!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- A record crush in NY blessed Mori's start.
- Neo-Darwinist remarks by a Nobel awardee appointed as chief consultant by Obuchi.
- The circular constant is ... 'around 3': a fantastic reform in the teaching guidance by the Ministry of Education.
- Robot pet fever: their cuteness depends on how much to pay.

[4] Middle East 'peace talk'
Clinton Administration scheming to rebuild the US-led alliance
I. 'Peace Talk' going on thin ice.
- Irreconcilable antagonism between Israel and Syria revealed
- American imperialism scheming to win over the Syrian administration.
II. US-led system of alliance in Middle East turning hollow
- Drastic changes in political dynamics in the area.
- Surging waves of Islam fundamentalism
III Diastrophic turbulence in the Arabic and the Middle world as a whole
- Necessity of the bankruptcy of the 'peace talk'
- Intensifying struggles over oil resources between the US and China-Russia

What are the 'signs of economic recovery'? Increased capital investment with record low unemployment and individual consumption.

Oil monopolies in Japan: stampeding into massive restructuring
- A drastic realignment into four major groups
- Scraping and deserting affiliated oil stations with massive sacking

JRCL propagandized at a Rengo Hokkaido rally
(14 March) for the spring offensive.

[7] To railway workers!
Rise up aiming to overthrow the Mori government rushing to the Constitutional revision!
- Rengo leaders led the spring offensive to defeat. Denounce them!
- Smash reactionary offensives by the Mori administration!
- Smash conspiracies engineered over railway operation! Never allow the rulers to destroy fighting trade unions with the new 'Democratization League' as their tool!
Transportation workers to be mobilized for 'rear area supports' in an emergent situation: Fight back against the scheme to build today's version of national mobilization order.
- Workers will be forced to transport weapons and ammunition as well as troops.
- A national mobilization order is being built for 'an emergent situation in areas surrounding Japan'.
- Legislation for emergency is schemed including articles for forced mobilization and requisition.
- Denounce Rengo leaders supporting the emergency legislation!

[8] History of our revolutionary antiwar struggles No. 28
March-April 1972:
indefinite strike by military-base workers union in Okinawa

Under the banner: No massive sacking! Antiwar! Remove the military bases!
- March 7th: pressing the leadership from below, the trade union went into a 10-day-long strike.
- 24-hour picketing at every gate.
- On the basis of organized fights from below an indefinite strike was decided.


No. 1615 April 17th
No to 'Bills for Boosting Corporate Divisions'!
Stop the legislation to help restructuring!
Fight back against it by transcending
the official movement to demand a 'bill for protecting workers'!
- The 'Corporate Division Bills' designed to help major restructuring.
- Monopoly capitals rushing to desert unprofitable sections.
- The central leadership of Rengo demands a 'bill for protecting workers': its nature against the working class.
- JCP-affiliated NCTU leaders currying favour with labour aristocrats of Rengo.
- Denounce betrayals by the official leadership! Make militant waves from workplaces!

Conservative MPs thrust into a panic at resolute addresses by a student invited from Waseda University: reporting from the gallery on a session of the Constitution Research Panel of the Upper House of Diet held under the name 'a special session for talking with students' (5 April)
- Her voice against the constitutional revision reverberated the hall.
- LDP MPs could only defend their position with a cheap logic: 'If Japan should meet an attack, how to do?'
- 'Really needed is to make an opposition movement against military build-ups by the governments in solidarity with the people across the world'.
- Controversies heated up also over the coercive 'Wiretapping Law' among MPs and invited students including the gallery with the impetus of her challenging intervention.

No to subcritical nuclear tests! Zengakuren waged a protest at the gate of the US Embassy in Tokyo (7 April) (Photo section 4-5)

Smash a new 'Democratization League [Mindo]'!
Full quotation from the relevant doccuments.
- View of the General Federation of Japan Railway Trade Unions on a new 'Democratization League'
- The concerned Joint Statement for 'Democratizing' East Japan Railway issued by three trade unions (JR Trade Union Confederation-East Japan Railway Industry Trade Union, JR Trade Union Confederation-JR Green Union, National Railway Workers Union-East Japan Chapter).

[4-5] For the coming joint action of workers and students on 29 April
Smash the Constitutional revision by the Mori administration!
Smash building of a war readiness order for aggression!
Denounce the official leadership of SDPJ / JCP immersed in election campaigns! Fight back by transcending their parliamentarianist distortion!

JRCL Central Students Orgburo
At the US Embassy against the nuclear tests (7 Apr.)
I. Turbulence in Asia / Middle East and deadlocked Japan in an impasse
A. Conflicts between the US and China over Taiwan: the 'new cold war' further intensifying.
- Shock waves from the appearance of a 'separatist government' in Taiwan.
- American imperialism irritated with wavering of its dominance in Asia.
B. Breakthroughs taken by the Mori administration rested on a new tripartite coalition.
- Japan's 'Independent diplomacy' toward Asia.
- Building of a US-Japan joint war readiness order for aggression.
- A rush for revising the Constitution, and tense internal strife for power.
C. Official SPDJ and JCP immersed in election campaigns.
II. The official opposition movement degraded to a complement to the Government's schemes to strengthen the Security Alliance and to revise the Constitution. Wage a militant struggle by transcending it!
A. Denounce the JCP shelving the anti-Security Treaty cause!
- 'A global current towards peace' showing a delusion from its 'peace'-touched brain.
- Distortion of anti-war and anti-Security Treaty struggles into a campaign to demand 'policy changes in diplomacy'.
- Shelving the cause 'against the Security Treaty', effectively abandoning it.
B. Build a broad fighting front for 'anti-war, anti-security treaty, and blocking the neofascist reaction'!

Central leaders of the Postal Workers Union are rushing for a labour movement to serve the national postal service and the state! Denounce them and win a militant upsurge of the spring offensive 2000!
- Central leaders' guideline for the spring offensive: put forward is 'for development of the postal service'.
- Distortion of struggles for wage hike into the 'efforts to secure a rule for wage talks'.
- Anti-working class nature with their policy for 'institutional design' towards the shift to a 'new postal agency'.
- Wage the spring offensive for a militant rebirth of the Postal Workers Union!

The record low wage hike and Rengo President Washio's shameless remark: 'accumulated repulsions against current leaders of trade unions can trouble the employers in turn'.
'Communists control teachers unions and media in Okinawa Prefecture', 'We flush the anti-state sentiments in this region through the G7 Summit meeting': people's rage is surging in Okinawa against the abusive words by Mori (then LDP Secretary)
- Leaders of trade unions in Okinawa take only a defensive attitude.
- No to the coercive introduction of the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem.
Restructuring plan of Hokuriku Electric Power Co.
- To scheme massive 1000 dismissals and intensified labour by victimizing elderly workers.
My resolution to fight against oppression from labour aristocrats: after participating in the Rengo 'central rally for the offensive'.

Labour movement in Germany and France gutted under social democratic governments.
Work-sharing scheme of the French version has revealed its tricky, deceptive nature.
- Varying forms of victimizing workers.
- Real contents of Jospin's policy for curtailing working hours.
Tripartite German consultation system among the government, labour and managers has thrust into paralysis
- Schroder has revealed his nature against the working class.
Delusion of the JCP: extolling 'European models'.


No. 1614 April 10th

Smash the Historic Revision in Social Security Systems!
Never Allow Rengo Leaders
to Yield to the Worst Victimization of Working Masses!
A neo-fascist reorganization of insurance and pension systems.
- The nursing care insurance system introduced.
- The pension system: the worst change.
- The medical insurance system revised: and more tax.
The government scheming to scrap workers rights to bail the monopoly capitals.
Fight against the full offensive by the government! Denounce the official leaders helping the government!

[2] Zengakuren The 111th plenum of the Central Committee (23-24 March in Tokyo).
- In response to the agenda proposed by the Central Executive Committee, local delegates made hot reports on militant struggles.
- Decided guidelines for antiwar struggles and welcoming freshmen.
Protests against the US subcritical nuclear test: 23rd in Tokyo, 22nd in Sapporo.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- A 'historic reconciliation' between the three religion?
- "Collective Baageningu", "Suteiku holders", "Corporate gavanansu"... Caution! Rengo leaders love English terms. Why?
- Another Anglo-Saxon alliance: for decoding the human gene information.
- A petty-bourgeois radical sect proposing 'another troops' alternative to the SDF's peacekeeping activity.

Organize fights back against cuts in wages and jobs from municipal workplaces in spite of oppression by the official leadership!
A. Intensified offensives from the government and municipal authorities under the pretext of 'breakthrough of the financial crisis'
- Storms of wage cuts and reduction of the personnel.
- A neofascist reorganization of the administrative apparatuses.
- The neofascist ruling system intensified in the name of 'decentralization'.
- The official leadership yielding to the offensive.
B. Fight for a militant revival of the municipal labour movement.
- Central bureaucrats of the Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union: indulged in a dream of 'municipal reform'.
- JCP-led unions' leaders: distorting fights into 'campaigns to make municipal regulations'.
- No cuts in wage or job! Fight it out!

Labour aristocrats of the IMF-JC struggled to funeralize the spring offensive.
I. Labour aristocrats imposing on workers acceptance of lower wages and sacking.
II. IMF-JC's 'Guideline for Struggle in 2000' with the sense of mission to relieve the Japanese economy.
- Sharing the sense of crisis with monopoly capitalists.
- Basing demand for wages on 'productivity in additional value'.
- Out-crying for 'deregulation' and curtailing the expenditure for social security.

- The central leadership of the Postal Workers Union showed the full acceptance of the Ministry's measure for prolonging the 'evening delivery service'.
- Fukuoka Prefectural office planning to scrap and privatize Prefectural welfare facilities for massive sacking of workers.
- A Democratic Party's conference in Okinawa supported by local Rengo organization: openly gave support to a new military heliport.
- A report from a worker in Hokkaido who joined a trade-union-sponsored rally against a military drill: Let us expand the antiwar wave in workplaces in spite of the oppression from the official leadership!

Never allow the authorities to impose the 'rising sun' and the 'reign of the Emperor' upon teaches and students in the entrance ceremony!

Be cautious of the successive mysterious accidents in JR!
- In a JR Tokai's subsidiary: a ballpoint pen-shaped bomb exploded.
- Across the metropolitan area: successive 'jumpings on the track', troubles in the signaling systems, etc.
- A JR West employee put rocks on the track to sabotage the operation.

Book Review: A Concrete Crisis that predicted the slabs falling from tunnel walls in the Shinkansen bullet train system.

After reading Kuroda's Political Judgement and Cognition: a theoretical monument of our organizational struggles amid state conspiracies.
A. Composition of this volume and the author's theoretical pursuit.
B. Political Judgement and Cognition for me.

(1) How we should grasp events that have occurred? - The first article.
(2) What is the subjective ground that enabled us to smash the conspiratorial attacks? - The second article.
(3) Earth-breaking lessons from ideological struggle to dissolve the Bukuro faction. - The third article.
(4) Proposal of praxical guides for qualitative strengthening of our party. - The fourth article.
(5) Great records of our revolutionary communist movement. - The appended chronology.
C. Living theories of mine.


No. 1613 April 3rd

No to the TMD missile system! No to China's counter military build-ups!
Root up the impeding crisis of warfare fermented by US-Chinese conflicts over 'Taiwan'!
- The Jiang-Zhu administration irritated with Chen Shui-bian's victory: launches new anti-American measures.
- Diplomatic offensive for Taiwan's isolation and desperate efforts for contemporarization of its military.
- US imperialist ambition for the Asian domination and the containment of China with Taiwan as its fortress. - Building of an Anti-Chinese military net based on the linkage of the US, Japan, ROK and Taiwan.
- The Obuchi Administration moves toward war preparations and a new Greater East-Asian Co-prosperity Sphere.

- Revolutionary students called for opposition to the strengthening of the Security Alliance at a mass rally against a new US military heliport in Okinawa (17 March).
- Kagoshima University in Kyushu: students waged an action against the oppression on their autonomous activities by the school authorities (28 Jan) and elected a militant leadership of their self-governing association.
Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities No. 5
Ibaraki Prefectural Police: covered up the murder case committed by a son of its officer.
Saitama Prefectural Police: dark connections with gangsters behind its strange treatment of the Okegawa case.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- 'The two major democracies of the world'?: A snake charmer-like lip service by Clinton to the Indian Premier failed in a back-bite.
- A quiz: Show me a liar, and I will show you a (...)? Yes. It's a 'policeman'. In Japan, 'scandals' are also attaining the global standard.
- American rulers use Lenin's dialectic? CIA made hackers teach at the Capitol how to fight against hackers.
- Ex-Prime Minister Nakasone's dream for 2100.

OPEC's joint curtailment of oil supply and its drive to a world economic catastrophe.
I. Oil process soaring.
II. OPEC: encouraging 'independence in natural resources' based on anti-American nationalism.
III. Increasing possibility of a Third Oil Crisis and a world financial crisis.

Denounce the JAM leadership ordering 'Vitalize your company'!
- Their call for recovering companies' business under the pretext 'to save jobs'.
- Abandonment of conventional demands for an 'improved living'.
- Yielding to restructuring-related worse conditions for 'resolving job issues'.
- Labour movement in small and middle size enterprises transforming into that for saving companies from depression.
- Fight it out in spite of leaders' betrayal!

Wage a militant labour offensive! Denounce the leadership of the Chemical (Workers) League yielding to wage cuts and sacking!
A. Chemical industrial monopolies in desperate efforts to survive the intensifying competition over the world market.
- Chemical labour aristocrats fully cooperative in restructuring.
B. Leaders of the Chemical League dissolving the spring offensive into a 'spring discussion' with capitalists for 'stronger foundation of vitalized management'.
- Rejection of 'the course biased to wage hike'.
- Yielding to wage reduction and cuts through stressing the need 'to adjust perceptions between employers and employees over 'the current business and a future vision'.
- The term 'managerial measures for jobs' representing their yielding to sacking.
Wage a militant spring offensive in spite of the betrayal by League's leaders!

- At a JCP-led metal workers unions' rally for spring offensive: expanding sympathy to the JRCL leaflets.
- An owner of a small transportation company said 'carrying bombs or nuclear fuel is the best for surviving the business crisis; major companies as well.
- Oppressions on teachers unions in Mie Prefecture: enforced 'national flag and anthem', intensified 'work performance appraisal.

After reading Kuroda's Political Judgement and Cognition: a theoretical monument of our organizational struggles amid state conspiracies.
A. Composition of this volume and the author's theoretical pursuit.
B. Political Judgement and Cognition for me.
(1) How we should grasp events that have occurred? (Continued)


No. 1612 March 27th

Denounce Labour Aristocrats of the IMF-JC!
They concluded the spring labour offensive with a wage-cut agreement!
Never allow the Rengo leadership to funeralize the spring labour offensive under the pretext of 'job first'!
- 'Giving up higher wages is too natural', arrogantly said the labour aristocrats.
- Assisting capitalists to introduce the 'work sharing'.
- Stop the Obuchi Administration legislating bills to help restructuring!

[2] The US-Japan joint military operation system rapidly strengthened
- Plans to reorganize SDF Komatsu Base into a offensive fortress: for a 'Korean emergency'.
- The Defense Agency decided to introduce AEGIS-equipped vessels of new type and refueling aircrafts: a rush of military buildups in order for real participation in wars.
Students from Kagoshima University waged a protest against US mine hunters calling at a local civilian port(Photo).

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Russia's new military doctrine presented by Putin: dependent on nuclear weapons.
- JCP's new election tactics: a candidate tints his hair yellow. 'Where's our anti-American pride of the nation gone?', said old members.
- Sony's PlayStation 2: only a game machine but something.
- Ex-SDPJ head and puppet Prime Minister Murayama's retirement.

For a militant labour offensive by private-railway workers!
Smash the reorganization of managerial bodies with wage-cuts!
Build a stronger class unity of workers!

- Capitalists in private railway and bus companies: launching separate subsidiaries, cutting wages, and changing in forms of employment.
- Leaders of the General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions following the Rengo leadership.
- The leadership has abandoned the offensive and assisted companies in restructuring. Denounce them!
- For much higher wages! Against divisions of companies connected with rationalization by restructuring!

For a militant rebirth of labour movement in publishing industry!
Fight against the major restructuring in spite of weak-kneed leaders of the Federation of Publishing Workers' Unions !
- Storms of wage cuts and dismissals in the depressed publishing industry.
- Parliamentarianist distortion of the spring offensive by JCP-influenced leaders: Self-control of workers' demands / Acceptance of merit rating / Distortion of the offensive into a proposal of alternative policies to break through the 'industrial crisis'.
- Win a leftward advance of the offensive based on workers' unity!
(Photo: workers waging bitter struggles under JCP-affiliated leaders. )

Never allow LDP politicians to 'review' the check-off system.

JRCL leaflets at Rengo meetings: a militant inspiration for workers (5 March in Osaka and Nagoya, 15 February in Okinawa)
JRCL propaganda at the joint symposium by transportation-related trade unions against the new guidelines of US-Japan military cooperation: in opposition to the parliamentarianist distortion by JCP-influenced leaders.

How we should do things to the very reality in which we live?
From a discussion at an inter-circle / -seminar meeting of students (continued).

[8] Clinton's last State of the Union Address
Illusion of the 'historic strongest economy' and the blind tenacity to the 'sole hegemony of the world'.
I. Agitation for a '21st century American revolution'.
II. The 'sole hegemony' shaken to the ground and the exposure of the bankruptcy.
- 'Economic hegemony of the world' waning.
- Exposure of the fundamental failure of the 'sole domination of the world.'
III. 'America's century' of Illusion and falsification
- The logic for justifying warmongerings.
- National interests of the US carried through under the pretext to 'help globalization'.
IV. Necessity of its bankruptcy now being revealed.


No. 1611 March 20th

The US-Japan vs. China-Russia: confrontation intensifying
Build a struggle to root out the crisis of 'Asian warfare'!
Never allow Japanese imperialism to build a today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere!
- The coming election of the Taiwanese President: a focus of the conflicts between the US and China.
- The Jian Zemin Administration: rushing to form and strengthen an 'anti-American' net.
- American imperialism: frantic to maintain political and military containment against China and Russia.
- The Japanese ruling class: with sharp divergences over policies towards China and how to build a today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.
- Denounce the JCP as playing a complementary role for the today's Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere!

For the 111th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee:
Strengthen the battlefront for anti-war, anti-Security struggles and campaigns to stop neo-fascist reactions!

- A decisive progress gained through the struggles in January-February.
- The danger of global warfare under the 'new cold war'.
- Make a solid course and organized unity for spring offensives!

Zengakuren Hokkaido against a US-Japan joint military drill
: won a preceding meeting in a local university full of enthusiasm (19 Feb), joined and inspired a trade-union rally with over 1000 workers and demonstrated to the military base (20 Feb), demonstrated through the frosty field close to the drill site (21 Feb). (Photo left.)
Kokugakuin University in Tokyo against the authorities' plan to revise the lecturing system: students stop the professors' decision by picketing.

Series: Expose crimes and internal strife of the police authorities
No. 3 Around the enigmatic killing of a Kyoto boy: crimes of Kyoto Prefectural Police revealed.
- The suspect was asked to 'voluntarily come to a police station' with no evidence.
- 'The suspect dived to his death from the 13th floor'?!: the police announcement is full of suspicions.
- "Dead man tells no tale": the police tried to conclude the case with the 'criminal's suicide'.
- The media that accepted the police report blindly must take the same responsibility.

Denounce the leadership of the Federation of Iron and Steel Workers' Unions! They swear to take a full cooperative stand to the major restructuring.

- They have reduced the demands to 'job security for workers from 60 years up'.
- Self-restraint of wage raises like the wartime slogan, 'Never want it before victory'.
- Demands for "prolongation of working years": in fact, only to serve monopoly capitals for securing labour powers.

(Photo right: steelmaking workers' column at a Rengo demonstaration for the spring offensive. )
Denounce the leadership of the Confederation of Automobile Workers Unions! They give assistance in sacking and wage-cuts in the name of 'job security.
- Deceptive slogan of 'job security'.
- Tricks in demanding 'for restructuring without dismissals'.
- Acceptance of wage cuts in the name of 'payment according to productivity in adding value'.
- Completion of today's version of class conciliationist stand under the slogan, 'Build a new relationship between employers and employees'.

Rengo rally on 4th March imbued with revolutionary energy. The JRCL struggled in the forefront for victory in the labour offensive 2000.
- Massive militant propaganda carried out in spite of pressures from Rengo leaders.
- Workers' indignation broken out everywhere at Rengo Chair Washio's statement, 'we have been cooperative in restructuring.'
- Revealed disagreements among labour aristocrats.
- Washio received and read a JRCL leaflet just to stand with no words before putting it into his pocket.

The leadership of the Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers Union reduced the strike on 9 Feb. into a 29-minute work-place meeting. Militant workers struggled in spite of leaders' oppression by a compromise agreement
- Degenerate cadre yielded to the authorities' offensive of wage cuts and sacking.
- Militant workers build struggles from workplaces for the strike.
- Let us advance by learning the significance and lessons of the struggle.
- JRCL propaganda for the union's rally on 8 Feb. inspired workers.


How we should do things to the very reality in which we live?
-- From a discussion at an inter-circle / -seminar meeting of students.

[8] Clinton's last State of the Union Address
Illusion of the 'historic strongest economy' and the blind tenacity to the 'sole hegemony of the world'.
I. Agitation for a '21st century American revolution'.
II. The 'sole hegemony' shaken to the ground and the exposure of the bankruptcy.
- 'Economic hegemony of the world' waning.
- Exposure of the fundamental failure of the 'sole domination of the world.'