JRCL Weekly :Kaihoh/Liberation
* English edition is not available. Japanese only.

No. 1640 October 16th

22 October Rally in the workers and student actions!
Advance antiwar struggles transcending the official peace movement led by the JCP that has made its 'pro-Constitution' slogan empty!

- The intensifying conflicts between the US and China-Russia over Middle East and the 'democratization' of Yugoslavia
- Never allow the JCP leadership to declare for a 'practical use of the SDF'!
- Win an upsurge of the 22 October actions with the united strength of workers and students!
[2] 30 September The nuclear critical-mass accident one year on
Tokyo: Zengakuren protests against the Science and Technology Agency
Tokai-mura: militant students demonstrate through the town and stage protests at the concerned facilities together with local residents
Mito: students encourage the militant mood at a trade-union sponsored rally
Smash the coup d'etat by the gang of four in the JR Kyushu Workers Union!
Encourage the fire of labour movement of the Federation of JR Workers' Unions to flame up!
Outlines of Police Reform released
Police apparatuses to be strengthened under the guise of prevention measures against scandals
JCP's Declaration of 'Anti-Revolution'
Struggle for a radical dissolution of the JCP that has declared its abandonment of 'revolution' and formulated the 'defence of the fatherland' stand!
4. Culmination of its revised-capitalist degeneration
a) Shameless conversion to a 'practical use' position on the SDF
- The 'three-step dissolution' policy for a smokescreen
- 'Dissolution of the SDF' and 'abrogation of the Security Treaty' shelved forever
- A ruinous consequence of its 'respect for the national sovereignty'
b) Results from its obsession about 'entering a cabinet'
- An ultra-rightwing revision of its line for 'economic democratisation'
- Having sold the spirit to the monopoly bourgeoisie...
[5] The 22nd Convention of the JCP-led federation of municipal workers' unions
Leaders order the ranks: 'Serve your residents at all costs!'
- Their yielding to and currying the favour of the 'restructuring in municipalities'
The 70th Convention of the All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union
Never allow the leadership to help introductions of new 'efficiency rating systems'!
- Repulsions erupt against their agenda for 'establishing a democratic personal management'
- The leaders' scheme to change the Union a into a 'social service centre'
- Stressing the need to 'discuss the Constitution' while abandoning peace movements
Topics: 'Men just-in-time'? The employers' association's report on the personal management
[7] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Another country that they could label as a 'rogue state'.
- Mori meets Kim Dae Jun at 37 degrees, in his temperature; so dozing?
- That progressive intellectual who had wet feet before ultra-nationalist Tokyo Gov. Ishihara
- Don't act stupid! There must be more to be informed before 'gang information', cops!
'Development' into a theory of 'increase in capital's power to subsume labour power': critical notes on Ouchi Tsutomu's Outlines of Political Economy, Vol. 1, Chap. 4 'The Method of the Politico-Economic Analysis of Contemporary Capitalism'
1. Characteristics of Ouchi's 'method of politico-economic analysis of contemporary capitalism'
2. Reorganization of Uno's tri-stadial methodology into Ouchi's three-stages theory


No. 1639 October 9th

22 October Join the antiwar anti-Ampo struggle!
No to the new arms race between the US and China-Russia! No to the building of a joint war-operating system between the US and Japan!
Stop revising the Constitution! Fight it out by denouncing the official SDPJ / JCP leadership as shelving the 'anti-Ampo' cause and accepting the SDF!

I. Intensifying political and military conflicts between the US and China-Russia
A. A new confrontation over the NMD / TMD development
B. Collisions over Korea and Yugoslavia
C. The oil war on a new horizon
II. Mori Administration's reactionary offensives for Japan's promotion to the leading nation in Asia
- Intensifying power strife over breakthroughs of the current crisis of Japanese imperialism
III. SDPJ / JCP just asking the government to take a 'peaceful diplomacy based on the Constitution'
A. Real contents of 'pro-Constitution' policies by Doi's SDPJ
B. 'It's too natural to put the SDF' to practical use' (JCP)
- A peace-touched head's interpretation of the 'state of affairs'
- A 'defence of the fatherland' declaration
IV. Build a battlefront against the Ampo [Security Treaty] and neofascist reactions


Zengakuren protests against a US Marine live shooting drill at the front gate of a military base (13 Sept)

JCP's Declaration of 'Anti-Revolution'
Struggle for a radical dissolution of the JCP that has declared its abandonment of 'revolution' and formulated the 'defence of the fatherland' stand!

1. An open declaration of its abandonment of 'revolution' and 'use of the SDF'
2. A bureaucratic breakthrough of the party's crisis
- A complete submission to the 'conspiratorial anticommunist propaganda'
- A blind obsession with the vision of 'a better administration'
- Bureaucratic control over disagreements, repulsions, and estrangements by the rank-and-file members
3. The nullification of the 'vanguard party' definition for currying the favour of 'conservative voters'
- A distorted interpretation of the 'vanguard party' concept, unrelated to the class-conscious self-organization of the working class
- A soft patch-up within its bureaucratic view of the vanguard organization (Continued)
Topics: The Secretary General of the Japan Teachers' Union express his 'respect' to the members of the National Conference for Educational Reform consulted by the Prime Minister
Hokkaido Teachers' Union 111th Convention: the degenerate cadres follow the central leadership of the JTU, self-claiming 'partner of the Ministry of Education'
- Oppressing motions and addresses from conscientious delegations
Leaders of the Electric Workers' Union busy paving the way for the Constitutional revision
- Leading union members to a revisionist stand towards the Constitution
Successive sabotages against railway operation along the Joban line
Smash the conspiracy engineered to destroy the Federation of JR Workers' Unions!
- Concrete bricks thrown to running trains
On a joint action to stop revising the Constitution

A letter from the reader: my question to the article on disorder in the classroom in The Communist, No. 187
NTT Workers' Union leaders' proposal for a new 'personnel and wage system' with a criminal nature against the working class (continued)
3. A proposal to give a free hand to wage cuts and worse revision in the form of payment
4. An attempt to force union members to submit to the labour management by the company
5. Create struggles from workplaces by denouncing the leaders as proposing the betrayal!


No. 1638 October 2nd

Now is the time to build a battlefront
against the Security Treaty and the neofascist reaction!

A Storm of Denunciations to the JCP Fuwa Leadership That Has Openly Raised the 'Defence the Fatherland' Banner!
- Ultra-reactionary offensives for the survival of Japanese imperialism
- Mori's tripartite coalition government taking the last step to the Constitutional revision
- The JCP paving the way for the Constitutional revision as following after the Social Democrats
- Denounce the JCP justifying its degradation to a genuine social democracy!
Japan Times Weekly (30 Sept) The Japanese Communist Party has proposed temporarily recognizing the existence of the Self-Defense Forces and rvising the party's constitution to drop a preamble that upholds Marxism-Leninism.

: The arrested five workers and students were won back! They have fought out with the unjustifiable arrests and coercion for their opposition to the SDF drill on 3 Sept.
Never allow the Public Security Investigation Agency [PSIA]
to conduct a today's version of the 'non-patriotic elements' hunt!

JRCL exposes
the Central Japan Public Security Investigation Bureau [PSIB]'s
evil manipulations for intelligence activities
against students', workers', and citizens' groups

- Attempts to force some students to do spy activities in the name of 'recruiting more co-operators among the masses'
- Threatening the concerned family members, conducting destructive works against mass organizations, harassing booksellers...
- Never allow the PSIA to conduct a witch hunt for terminate antiwar peace movements!
(Photo below: left, Junji Imagawa - concerned PSIB investigator; right, his office - Central Japan PSIB)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- A SDF officer arrested for 'passing secrets to a Russian military attache' (?) at a brightest popular bar (?): whether arrested or not is dependent on the top of the police.
- Mori's syndromes from his stresses.
- The worst floods in over 100 years in central Japan: a revenge of the fauna against destructive capitalist development?
- The recent 'time bomb' guerrilla against the Narita Airport plan whose responsibility was stated by the Chukaku faction two weeks later from the event.
The Chukaku faction:
failure in a fake 'mass movement' with their true face concealed

- The so-called 'belief-like belief' collapsed
- An astounding beautification of the 'Korean summit'
- The criminal policy for their fake mass movement
NTT Workers' Union leaders' proposal for a new 'personnel and wage system' with a criminal nature against the working class
- Emphasizing 'performance, merits, and activeness' instead of 'seniority-oriented elements'
- Paving the road for more redeployments, legislation transfers, and intensified labour
Topics: The head of the Federation of Employers' Associations lectures 'Workers should enhance their abilities before dismissed; this is the idea of the Japanese type employability.'

A new version of school course guidelines issued by the Ministry: for a statist-based revision in teaching history.
An Emergency Medical System taken for the Okinawa Summit: as a model case to incorporate medical workers into a today's version of the national mobilization system.
Maritime SDF troops exercise at a civilian port in Hokkaodo
Introduction of the ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning], transfer, intensified labour...
What is happening at workplaces in middle and small size enterprises under the IT revolution.
- A worker on a production line requested to issue necessary orders through the LAN system
- Senior workers transferred to a worker dispatching company with halved wages
- Technical workers forced overtime for 'producing goods for survival'
Reading Kuroda's Praxis and Topos, Vol. 1
- Sharing his philosophy: Live here and now.
Denounce labour aristocrats in Electric Workers' Unions as leading the industrial patriotic movement
- President Suzuki, advocator of a 'participation-type labour movement'
- A criminal idea of 'a new way for trade unions'


No. 1637 September 25th

Win an upsurge of antiwar struggles to break the
new arms race between the US-Japan and China-Russia!

- The UN millennium summit turned an arena of conflicts between the US and China-Russia
- Rulers of China and Russia intensify their 'peace' offensives against the US
- Japan's hawkish rush irritated with the 'Japan passing': towards the build-up of a joint war-operating system with the US
- Never allow the SDPJ and the JCP to extol 'peace under the UN'

(Photo: workers and students against the SDF drill in Tokyo on 3 September.)

The 112th Zengakuren Central Committee Plenum (1-2 Sep) establishes its guideline and leadership for autumn struggles against the new military build-ups and the Constitutional revision
Hokkaido students accuse the local nuclear plant accident that killed a worker (20 Aug), also voice at public hearings for planned nuclear facilities (3-21 Aug).
Students of Kanazawa University wage their protests against the 'Imperial War Memorial' built at a local shrine (21 August).
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- ECHELON: off-limits to non- Anglo-Saxons
- 'A leak from within'? Related with Mitsubishi Motor's double love-call...
- Sanctions over whaling for Gore
- DPJ expels its MP arrested for fraud
- "Bloody internal strife within the radical sect"? No. A state conspiracy to erase its tool for covering up conspiracies.
The crisis of Japanese economy more intensified
under its uneven 'recovery'

I. Realities of the 'moderate recovery'
A. A 'recovery' led by exports to US and Asian economies
B. Basic weakness revealed
II. Structural contradictions caused by capitalist breakthroughs
A. The threat of financial crisis and limitations of the second phase of restructurings
B. Delay in the 'IT revolution' and its limitation
III. Impossible break through financial or investment policies
Leaders of the Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions work for full cooperation in restructuring and lower wages
- The labour aristocrats justify the worst results in the spring offensive
- Never allow them to promote the industrial patriotic movement under the slogan 'Reform the spring offensive'
Topics: Labour aristocrats' currying-favour with the president of the employers' association who stresses 'capitalism with a human image'
The 15th Convention of the JCP-led teachers' union: Never allow the leadership to yield to the scheme to revise the Fundamental Law of Education!
- The leadership 'criticize themselves for self-restraint from the election campaign'
- Internal conflicts over 'cooperation with PTAs as a teacher's mission'
- Fight in spite of their immersion in 'debate on education reform in parents' favour'!
Questions about characterizations of 'Nakasone-led education reform in 1980s' included The Communist, No. 187
- Contradictions of Nakasone's 'breakthrough of the deviation score-stressed education'
- Evils of the American pragmatism-based education also needed to be exposed
[8] History of our antiwar struggles No. 34
1978: fights to stop building a nuclear plant in Kashiwazaki
- White helmeted workers and students shocked the city.
- Militant workers led the mass rally sponsored by the Prefectural Council of trade unions.
- Positive qualitative changes won in anti-nuclear plant struggles


No. 1636 September 18th

Waves of Anger against the SDF Training for Police Activity
under the Guise of Disaster Drills
Blows to ultra-reactionary Mori and Ishihara

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth fight at the spots in Tokyo and other related areas

Osaka (28 Aug): militant students protest against the dispatch of local SDF troops to Tokyo
Hiratsuka (1 Sep): Zengakuren struggle to block the SDF landing drill. (Top centre)
Fukuoka (2 Sep): local students block SDF busses for Tokyo. (Bottom left)
Sapporo (2 Sep): students protest at the local SDF base against dispatching troops to Tokyo.
Nagoya (2 Sep): Zengakuren read the statement of protest before the SDF commander.
And in Tokyo on 3 Sep.
Harumi area: workers' and students' demonstration to the central site of the Drill, in spite of 5 arrests and restrictions on the rally. (Top left)
Ginza area: demonstration against the military march on the central shopping street. (Top right)
Metropolitan Office: calls of anger against Gov. Ishihara. (Bottom centre)
SDF Nerima base: pickets against the start of troops. (Bottom right)
Zengakuren demonstrate against the Mori-Putin talk in Tokyo (4 Sep)
Also wage protests against Russia's subcritical nuclear test at the Russian Embassy (7 Sep), in spite of the revengeful arrest.
On the report by Mitsuo Nagumo, President of the Federation of Commercial Workers' Unions of Rengo
Rosy vision of the 'optimum society' kidding the working class
1. Fantastic 'optimum society'
- Full negation of the traditional social-democratic idea of 'welfare'.
- Presentation of the rosy fantasy.
- Tricks to negate the class interests of the working class.
2. Distortion of labour movement into that 'to serve the company as an employee'.
- 'Change trade unions' point of view from improvement of labour conditions to their very participation in the work!'?
- 'There would be no labour movement without companies' reform'?
- Tricky nature of the 'new idea of workers'
3. Encouragement of the self-destruction of trade unions
- From 'a weak member of the trade union' to 'a strong individual'?
- Yielding to the neo-liberalist ideology.
Topics: 'No raise of wage level to be natural once in two years' stated by labour leaders of the Electrical Electronic & Information Union.
The 54th National Convention of the Postal Workers' Union:
leaders immersed in the 'campaign to design a new postal service' in full cooperation with the Ministry
- Leaders propose a vision of the postal service as a 'general network service for better life': to enmesh the postal workers' union into a corporate organization.
- Denunciations against the leaders erupt in spite of the bureaucratic oppression.
- Win a militant revival of the postal workers' movement!
Stormy Sackings in Nissan-related auto-parts makers along the Ghosn's restructuring
NTT trade union leaders propose 'reform of the spring offensive'.

Reports from pro-Constitution meetings with Dr. Charles Overby invited
(2 Sep in Nagoya and 6 Sep in Tokyo).
Raging seven-teens
- What 'killer teens' illuminate.
- 'Tell me why I mustn't kill'
- Baseless 'cultivation of human mind' proposed by the Government
- Educational workers, unite!


No. 1635 September 11th

Break the industrial patriotic movement
for the Government and monopoly capitalists!
Smash the massive restructuring! Stop revising the Constitution!
- The Rengo leadership publicly express its policy to funeralize the 'spring offensive for higher wages'
- IMF-JC to dissolve as labour-aristocrats seeking 'broader mergers'
- Never allow the industrial patriotic movement for restructuring and helping the constitutional revision!

Denounce the metropolitan police and Tokyo Gov. Ishihara for arresting 5 protesters against the SDF drill!
- Police unjustifiably arrested 5 workers and students on 5 September when they were walking at a subway station in Tokyo. They were to participate in actions against the SDF training for police activity under the guise of a 'disaster drill'. This arrest is a deliberate attack on the Antiwar Youth Committee and Zengakuren who have strongly opposed the drill. In fact, Gov. Ishihara inserted unusual remarks in his speech at the drill site: 'Leftist fools against the drill were arrested'. Release the 5 protesters immediately! (Photo below left: students against the drill at a main crossroad in central Tokyo.))

No MEDEX 2000! Militant students demonstrate against the US Force's medical exercise together with workers and residents in Kanagawa (28 August) (Photo above right))
Local meetings of the Antiwar Assembly
Hokkaido (Sapporo): share the significant struggles against SDF drills in the region.
Hokuriku (Kanazawa): Young comrades express their resolutions.
[3] Kaleidoscope
Gov. Ishihara on the Drill: 'The object is a disaster, however, we wage here, you know, a kind of street warfare'.
Continued police scandals even after the proposal by the Police Reform Council.
A specially prolonged mouse
[4-5] JCP Secretary-in-Chief Shii's report
Bankruptcy of the vision for 'Japan Reform' by a 'better administration'
- Accumulated dissatisfactions against the central leadership
- An illogical assessment on the defeat in election.
- A fantastic and criminal vision for a 'better administration'
Topics: IMF-JC loses its role of a federation
An increasing number of traffic accidents on job among postal workers: the authorities impose the dangerous intensification of labour.
'Municipal-owned hospitals unable to fulfil the needs of the public should be scrapped': social democratic leaders of the Municipal and Prefectural Workers Union speak for the Government
The West Japan Railway Co. orders a heart-attacked driver to continue his operation
- Denounce the management neglecting the driving safety!
No the massive sacking of US Force's school buss workers in Okinawa!
[8] History of our revolutionary antiwar struggles No 33
The Lockheed Scandal related antiwar struggles in 1976: denounces the scandal by overcoming the official opposition movement to demand a 'clear investigation' (continued).


No. 1634 September 4th

Denounce the Russian nuclear sub accident!
No Putin's visit to Japan!

Denounce the Russian rulers for evading the responsibility for the disaster!
- The 'strong nation' discredited as the nuclear submarine sank

Zengakuren protests against the nuclear sub accident at the Russian embassy
(21 August)

Local meetings of the Antiwar Assembly
Osaka: builds a fighting front against the NMD project.
Fukuoka: confirms the significance of the struggles against the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
Make the crewman's mother silent with a injection!?
The North leader's gabber reveals his impasse.
Makiko Tanaka simply a daughter of the big name.
IT revolution, RMA, GPS, LandWarriors ... who gains from all this?
The power strife within the bourgeois political circle for saving the imperialist Japan
What is behind the arrests of Nakao and Kyo
Topics: 'Equality in the opportunity for challenge'!? The convention of the NTT workers union proposes a 'performance-based pay'
The hell of overwork for the Okinawa summit
'Rengo Fukuoka' discard spring offensives in small and middle sized companies

Smash the SDF drill for police activity with the guise of the disaster drill!

Helmeted Zengakuren students appear in front of the Tokyo Governor's room to protest against Ishihara's official visit to Yasukuni Shrine for worshiping war criminals (15 August) (Photo)
[8] History of our revolutionary antiwar struggles No 33
The Lockheed Scandal related antiwar struggles in 1976: advanced a struggle to denounce the scandal by overcoming the official opposition movement to demand a 'clear investigation'
- Railway workers of Doro waged a political strike to condemn the scandal; 4000 workers and students demonstrated in response


No. 1633 August 28th

Stop building today's version of the national mobilization system
by lever of 'disaster drills'!
1 September:
Join the Zengakuren demonstration against the SDF landing drill in Hiratsuka!
3 September:
Rally against the mobilization drill of SDF troops for police activity in Tokyo!
- 'Big Rescue Tokyo 2000' planned by the metropolitan government: 7100 SDF troops to be mobilized under the supervision of the Prime Minister, scheming a drill for police activity
- '7 Prefecture Joint Disaster Drill' in Kanagawa: a landing assault craft LCAC to be introduced, coinciding with US Forces' medical exercise
- The Mori administration schemes to tighten its 'crisis control system'
- Official opposition movements merely counterpose alternatives for counter-disaster measures
- JCP criminally demands a 'genuine disaster drill'
- Fight to smash the neofascist reaction!
Join the 112th Plenum of the Zengakuren Central Committee!
For developing antiwar anti-Security Treaty struggles and fights against the Constitutional revision!

15 August (anniversary of the end of the war)

Zengakuren students protest at the Prefectural Office against Tokyo Gov. Ishihara visiting Yasukuni Shrine, a Shinto memorial to Japan's war dead

Condemn the Russian nuclear submarine accident!
Denounce the Putin administration for their criminal deeds against the people!
- The unprecedented submarine disaster
- Cover-ups and self-protective justifications
- Financial difficulties and disarrayed military disciplines
- A 'Chernobyl' for Putin
International antiwar meeting in Okinawa (6 Aug): resolute to struggle for 'removing the bases', filled with enthusiasm after the historic anti-Summit fights
International antiwar meeting in Nagoya (6 Aug): strengthens the fighting front against the Security Treaty and the Constitutional revision, exposing the degenerative changes in the 'pro-Constitutional cause' of the SDPJ and the JCP
17 July in Hokkaido: 'Stop building nuclear facilities!' Local students fight back against the administration at a public hearing together with concerned residents
Putin's rush towards revival of the 'strong Russia'
and intensified power struggles
1. Coercive measures successively taken by the Putin administration
- Strengthened control onto Jewish new oligarchies
- Conflicts in the military over the planned reform
- Putin's scheme for an 'all-embracing ruling coalition'
2. A scheme to build a powerful presidential autocracy
- Reorganization of the administrative system of the central government
- Establishment of the centralized federation
- A troika system of Putin type
3. With supports of the power shaken and another economic crisis impending
Win a revolutionary revival of the class struggle in Russia!

A step of Germany towards a 'total abolition of the nuclear plants':
the meaning of the agreement concluded between the 'red-green coalition' government and the electric monopolies
1. A compromise reached through hard negotiations: the ambiguous service life 'averagely 32 years'
- Retreat after retreat by the Green Party
2. German electric monopolies' way for survival
- Structural peculiarities of the electric power business in Germany
3. Germany's nuclear policy in the perspective of a political unification of the EU
4. Consequences of the Germany's policy for the 'natural deaths' of nuclear plants: its paradoxical dependence upon foreign nuclear plants
Smash the mobilization drill of SDF troops for police activity
by means of the 'joint disaster drill' in Tokyo on 3 September!
- 7100 troops to be mobilized at Gov. Ishihara's request for police activity
- The Mori administration in a rush to build today's version of the national mobilization system
- Official opposition movements engulfed by the governmental campaign for building a 'crisis control system'
- Fight together in opposition to the official trade-union leaders' working in full cooperation with the administration in 'disaster drills'!
No the 'joint disaster drill' in Kanagawa!
Stop the Maritime SDF introducing an LCAC craft!
- September 1st 'joint disaster drill' with the landing drill of SDF troops as its core
- The US Forces' medical exercise planned in response
- Fight together in opposition to the SDPJ and JCP doing nothing!
Stop the Tokyo Prefectural government
revising the 'disaster prevention ordinance'!
- Gov. Ishihara's agitation for tightening the 'crisis control system'
TOPICS: An employer with a 'human face'?
- JCP daily Akahata praises Okuda, President of the Japan Federation of Employers' Associations
Messages of Solidarity from Foreign Friends
to the International Antiwar Assembly

- Tavini Huiraatira No Te Ao Maoi, Polynesian Liberation Front
- Revolutionary Marxists In Britain
- Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
- Movement for a Socialist Future
- International Trotskyist Opposition
- News & Letters Committee

No. 1632 August 14th

The Central Meeting Of The International Antiwar Assembly
Held On 6 August Together With Regional Meetings At 5 Cities

Participants resolve to win an international development of the revolutionary antiwar struggle by confirming the historic horizon of the anti-Summit fights
- 'No the US NMD! No China's and Russia's counter military build-ups!' The keynote speech calls for a dynamic development of antiwar struggles.
- 'Let us develop our sensibilities for carrying out antiwar struggles!' The special report emphasizes.
- 'Stop the planed exercise of the SDF for police action in Tokyo', stressed by a worker from the Tokyo prefectural workers' union and the Chairman of the Zengakuren.
[2] Students
Zengakuren protests against the surface subcritical nuclear test by the imperialist America in front of the US Embassy in Tokyo (3 August): militant students struggle to break the illusion, the 'trend of disarmament'. (Photo left below)

Zengakuren carries out mass propaganda on the street for the international antiwar assembly (4-5 August): stressing the crisis of the official opposition movements in discussions. (Photo right)
Students in Hokkaido stage protests against the planned new nuclear reactor (11-14 July)
Students of Kanazawa University demonstrate against SDF vessels' entry in a local civilian port (19 July) (Photo right above)
'Denounce crimes by American soldiers in Okinawa! Smash the Summit!' Zengakuren Tokai Regional Union protest in Nagoya (13 July)

News: a less strong earthquake caused serious accidents to reactors at a nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- A Luxurious summit, a summit for banquet, and a summit as a symposium ... At any rate, who played a major role and who directed the play behind the curtain?
- Why is the stock price of Snow Brand Milk Products Co. recovering?
- What is an 'ER of Tokyo version' proposed by the ultra-nationalist governor?
- The erstwhile ecologist scholar praises market economy.
The Kyushu-Okinawa Summit as a stage for the battle between the US and Russia
1. A counterattack, and disagreements, with the scheme for 'sole domination over the 21st century world'
a) Putin pressed Clinton to give up the NMD plan.
b) Mori's aims broken away.
c) Europe's and Japan's resistances against the US as the sole winner
2. Official opposition movements engulfed by the pro-summit campaign.
a) The Mori administration made desperate efforts to stage the 'final settlement of the Okinawa problem'
- The Clinton speech filled with deceptiveness
- The pro-summit campaign from above and the 'Okinawa initiative' theory
b) Overcoming the corruption and yielding of the official opposition movement
- Tricks in the 'Okinawa initiative' theory
Report: 88th Regular Convention of the Japan Teachers' Union
The JTU leadership vowed the full assistance to the Ministry of Education
- The central cadre picking up steam while regional leaders showing their impotence.
- The central cadre expressed their positive intention to join the government-organized National Conference for Education Reform
- Never allow the leaders to finish the degeneration of the JTU as today's version of the 'industrial patriotic association'.
Never allow the Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education to punish the union's protests against the national flag and anthem!
JRCL Hokkaido Regional Educational Workers' Committee

- The punishment decided in response to the political intimidation by LDP members of the Prefectural Assembly
- Central leaders of the JTU oppress the fight-back and sell out its members
- Never allow the regional cadre to make a deal with the administration behind the curtain!
- Smash the scheme to revise the Fundamental Law of Education with united power of workers!
Topics: Major member unions of the IMF-JC released the plan of 'unification': to cover up the decreased membership due to their full cooperation in restructuring.
Let us fight in spite of the distortion of struggles by the JCP-influenced leadership of municipal workers' unions!
JRCL Prefectural and Municipal Workers Committee
They replace the struggle with 'better services for the residents' on the basis of their policies 'for rebuilding municipal finances'.
- Stormy offensives of municipal versions of restructuring
- The central leaders of the Union have yielded to the governmental propaganda of 'financial crisis'
- Their deceptive policy for 'democratic breakthroughs of the financial crisis'.
- A further right-wing revision of their 'servants of the whole' theory of municipal workers
Impact and sympathy expanding over the world
Our anti-Summit struggles attracted foreign journalists
- Zengakuren's fight against the Clinton speech on Mabuni Hill was reported throughout the world
- The militant students' fights overwhelmed any self-advertising performance by 'NGOs' backed by part of imperialist rulers.
- Some of the foreign NGOs shamelessly said 'the base issue in Okinawa is a local issue.'


No. 1631 August 7th

20-23 July: Anti-Summit Fights Exploded
Militant students and workers struggled
against the Security Treaty and the new arms race
as denouncing the official leaderships for abandoning the fight

Special reports in pp. 1-3 and 8. For details, see the photo special in the top page.

A New Nuclear Arms Race Has Begun Under the 'New Cold War'
Conflicts over US's Development of NMD / TMD intensifies between the US and China-Russia
1. A tug-of-war at the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit
- The Putin diplomacy prevailed
- A wedge between the US and Europe
2. A three-legged run by China and Russia for strengthening the anti-US network
a) Stage direction of the Korean 'pacification'
- Imposition on Kim Jong Il of changes in external policy.
b) Russia's turn to the Putin-type 'two-face policy'
- New foreign policies based on 'pragmatism'
- Russia's new military doctrine refers to a 'first nuclear strike'
c) The Jang Zemin administration's desperate efforts to be a 'super power'
3. A drastic turn to a new nuclear arms race
a) Imperialist America schemes to consolidate its 'sole domination'
b) Conflicts between the US (plus Europe and Japan) and China-Russia intensifies over the world
Labour aristocrats in JAM sell workers in medium and small companies as prey to the monopoly capital
12-14 July in Hiroshima: JRCL's mass propaganda for the regular convention of the Postal Workers Union
Struggle for a present construction of the 'Doro-type labour movement': reviewing the regular Convention of the East Japan Railway Workers Union
- Remember the orthodox way of building trade-union movement = organization!
- Apply lessons from the driving safety struggle in 1962 to the present campaign for safety!
- Overcome the labour-management cooperation line for a stronger trade union!
Police arrested a suspect at a track yard of the bullet train: aiming to cover up conspiratorial sabotages against the railway operation.
Central Japan Railway Co. watched a trade union office through a hidden video camera: never allow the management to destroy the trade union organization!

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