Weekly Kaihoh / Liberation
* English edition is not available. Japanese only.
No. 1690 (October 22nd Issue)

Join the Antiwar United Action
of Workers and Students
for Oct. 21st!

Denounce US-UK forces
for perpetrating air-raid terrorism against the Taliban!

Smash Japan's participation in the war!
Smash the bill for 'anti-terrorist measures'!

- Intensifying conflicts between the US and Russia behind the scene of the 'war on the Taliban'
- The Koizumi government rushing to join the war on the pretext of 'rear-area support'
- JCP central leadership proposing 'military measures' for 'eliminating terrorism'
- Now is the time to advance antiwar struggles internationally!
11 Oct. JCP-led 'Central Urgent Rally': JCP Secretary Ichida heckled
'You help the Anglo-American state terrorism!'
- JRCL propaganda to denounce the JCP central leadership for joining the chorus for 'eliminating terrorism'
- Ichida's remarks 'Arrest and take sanctions against Laden!', with no objection to the air raids, greeted by mass boos of anger
- Discredit and anger expanding against the JCP central
4 Oct. JCP-led 'Prefectural Rally': JRCL denounced the JCP central
- Supportive responses to the criticism 'You are with Bush!'
13 Oct. Zengakuren demonstration beat the US / UK Embassies and the Diet.
- 'Denounce the air-raid terrorism against the Taliban! Stop Japan joining the war!'
Zengakuren in Nation-wide struggles
8 Oct. Sapporo: 'Stop the bombing' Voices of anger exploded against the US Consulate (Photo below left)
8 Oct. Kanazawa: Kanazawa Univ. Students developed their antiwar propaganda in the downtown (Photo above upper right)
8 Oct. Osaka: Zengakuren Kansai protested against the aggression at the US Consulate. (Photo above lower left)
8 Oct. Fukuoka: Kagoshima University students rose in an urgent protest against the US Consulate. (Photo above lower right)
8 Oct. Okinawa: at the US Commanding Office (Photo above upper left)

6 Oct. Sapporo: 'Stop SDF transport planes leaving for Pakistan!' Zengakuren Hokkaido protested against the LDP Regional Office.
22 Sept. Osaka: Fighting workers and students led discussions at a regional pro-Constitution meeting.
30 Sept. the nuclear critical-mass accident 2 years on: Militant students developed their struggles at the site and Tokyo, also encouraged civic rallies and demonstrations. (Photo above right).
Chukaku-ha remnants astounded by the anti-American jihad
- The 'guerrilla-loving' tools of the state astounded at the 'devastating damage' in the US
- Idealistic interpretations with no analysis of the 'Islamic jihad'
- No reference to 'Islam': a mean resistance to the Islam-praising defector.
The publicly revealed CIA agent and his connection with the Chukakuha: and their lie, 'We did not know it.'
[6] Labour Front
JCP-led federation of prefectural and municipal workers' unions
- Apparent submission to the Koizumi reform
General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions: the Convention of the Federation voted down leadership's proposal for unifying the major transport workers' federations
- A blow to the reactionary plan of labour aristocrats to reorganize the current industrial federations
Topics: Rengo President Washio's greeting at his resignation: 'policies were right, but not realized.'
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Show the Red Flag: against the indiscriminate bombing.
- JCP letters to 'leaders of countries': for 'UN sanctions against the criminals, including military measures'
- The first mad cow disease in Japan: delayed measures and cover-ups by bureaucrats with spongy brains.
The ultra-nationalist-compiled school textbook for civics
Imposing the spirit of 'annihilation of the self for serving the state'
- What is called 'a perspective of human beings to be the citizens of the state'
- Like an SDF ad for recruitment
- What is meant by 'citizens of the state who form a community-based human relation'?
- Rationale for the today's version of the militarist spirit, 'Annihilate the self for the state!'
- A statist education schemed by the government


No. 1689 (October 15th Issue)

Impeach US-UK imperialist Warmongers
Starting Air-Raid Terrorism against the Taliban!

Burn Antiwar Flames Nation-wide and over the World!

- Anglo-American imperialism has started the state terrorism without declaration of war.
- The Koizumi government is rushing to join the war, expressing its 'strong support' to the air raid.
- Denounce the official leadership for their degradation to 'complementary forces to the war'! Fight together!
Zengakuren rushed to the US Embassy in the morning of the day (8 Oct. JST) (Photo above)
- Denounce the air raid against Afghanistan! (See also English Home)
JRCL-RMF and the Zengakuren held a joint press conference in Tokyo within the day (8 Oct. JST) (See also English Home)
- Denounced the US / UK launching state terrorism and called for an international antiwar struggle.
[2] Zengakuren in Nation-wide struggles
6 Oct. Never let SDF planes leave for Pakistan! Militant students demonstrated in front of SDF Komaki Base. (Photo above lefet)
5 Oct. No bill for joining the war! Zengakuren waged their protests at the Prime Minister's House. (Photo above right)
Militant students' struggled to shatter government-sponsored 'town meetings'.
15 Sept. in Kanazawa: A storm of denunciation attacked ministers including Takenaka and Shiokawa
- Speeches against 'military retaliation' appeared in succession.
- Objections in chorus to the sponsor for ordering a student out of the hall.
16 Sept. In Kobe: Militant students criticized Financial Minister Shiokawa.
- Against the minister uttering in irritation criticisms were levelled in succession from other participants.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- History repeated in Afghanistan? A nightmare of the cowboy.
- Koizumi in a mood of Western films: 'Bush is a sheriff fighting against evils.'
- Castles in the air: what was collapsed?
Impeach the Anglo-American forces bombing Afghanistan! Stop Japan joining the war! Denounce the SDPJ / JCP joining the chorus for 'fight of civilization against terrorism'! Rise in the Oct. 21 joint antiwar action of workers and students!

JRCL Central Student Orgburo

1. American imperialism launched air-raid terrorism against Taliban with no declaration of war
- Putin's Russian government in a 'dark collaboration' with American imperialism
- The Koizumi government rushing to join the war as a closest ally.
- Antiwar movements expanding world wide and the degenerated official leadership in Japan
2. Fight it out denouncing the JCP degraded to 'complementary forces to the war'!
- Denunciation of 'terrorism' based on no analysis of the 'jihad'
- 'A law-based sanction': an idealistic alternative.
3. Advance international antiwar struggles on the basis of proletarian internationalism!
[6] Labour Front
At a meeting sponsored by JCP-led trade unions: Criticisms appeared in succession against Chief Secretary Shii shouting 'to eliminate terrorism'
- 'No difference from Bush or Koizumi', etc.
- Questions expanded about the party's policy for 'a law-based sanction'
In middle- and small sized companies: cuts in wages, 30 % increased norm, 'volunteer' retirements
- No matter whether to resign or not, it'll be a hell.
'Sample employment' of youth: haphazard proposals of the government
- What is aimed at by the proposed 'trial employment system'?
Topics: 'Trade unions produced causes of restructurings'?: Suzuki, head of the electric workers' union, calls for introduction of an American 'lay-off system'
[7]Koizumi Government
A military breakthrough of the crisis caused by the failed 'structural reform' (Continued from the previous issue)
2. The Koizumi government in agony from the catastrophic crisis of the economy
- The American economy bound for a downfall
- The Koizumi Reform' aground
3. Smash victimization of workers and the people! Stop Japan's military build-up!
A undeniable proof photo appeared: spy connections of the head of the Chukakuha-led 'workers' liaison'
- A secret meeting with a professional spy recorded.


No. 1688 (October 8th Issue)

Oct. 14th JRCL Public Political Meeting

Stop US Imperialist Aggression Against Afghanistan and Iraq!
Stop Japan Joining the War! Smash the Bill to Support US Forces!
1. Build an international antiwar struggle to shatter imperialist America's warmongering!
- The Bush administration's scheme to launch a military attack and aggression against Afghanistan
- The Koizumi government rushing to join the war with Prime Minister's authoritative decision from above.
- Denounce the JCP central leadership for their degradation to 'complementary forces for the war'
2. Change the burning flames of war into a hydra of revolution!
[2] Stop the War! Nation-wide struggles of the Zengakuren
26 Sept. Kyushu: Protests against the SDF Aegis destroyer leaving Sasebo port for the war
24 Sept. Tokyo: Stop Koizumi leave for the US!
25-6 Sept. Tokyo: Antiwar propaganda in streets
24 Sept. Tokyo: Active discussions at a SDPJ-led rally 'No to the both: terror and retaliation'
22 Sept. Hokkaido: demonstration to the US Consulate and the local LDP office
21-22 Sept. Okinawa: Demonstration against US forces leaving the island for the war
21 Sept. Kanazawa: Street propaganda against the war
21 Sept. Osaka: Protests in front of the US Consulate and the local LDP office
19-22 Sept. Nagoya: Protests and street propaganda against the war
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Meaningful smiles: Who takes the advantage of the event?
- The jihad: Heaven and Hell
- Successive layoffs: while propagandizing USA patriotism
[4] JCP
Joining the chorus for the 'war on terrorism': Denounce the JCP central for its degradation to complementary forces to the war of aggression!
- JCP bureaucrats imposing 'anti-terrorist' screams on the ranks
- No reference to the backgrounds and purpose of the 'Sept. 11th jihad'
- No accusation of imperialist America's barbarities: complete evaporation of the party's 'anti-American' cause
- Outcry for a 'low-based sanction': helping Bush and Koizumi
- Smash the JCP bureaucrats laying bare their hatred for people's struggles
[5] Koizumi Government
A military breakthrough of the crisis caused by the failed 'structural reform'
1. Rushes to join the US war of aggression against Afghanistan
- Dispatch of an Aegis vessel to the Indian Sea: authoritative decision by the Prime Minister
- A military breakthrough of the political isolation and the economic crisis
[6] Labour Front
Sapporo: Making Junior high school students experience SDF tanks in the name of 'general learning'
Behind successive accidents at a local buss company: workers exhausted from overwork
Topics: US airline companies sacked 100,000 workers within a week after 11 Sept.
[7] Regular Convention of the Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union
Never let the leadership help the neo-fascist reform of civil services
- Non-confidential votes count one third in the election of offices
- Oppositions come out against 'a democratic reform of civil services'
- The leadership demanding the establishment of a 'joint consultation system' for 'prefectural / municipal reform'
- 'Declaration for the 21st Century': completion of the degeneration
- Labour aristocrats in the central leadership engulfed by the current of the constitutional revision.
- For a militant strengthening of the trade union organization
Students waged protests against the Diet resolution 'to condemn the terror attack'


No. 1687 (October 1st Issue)

No American Imperialist Aggression against Afghanistan!
Stop Japan Joining the War!
Smash Warmongers' Barbarity!
Burn Flames of International Antiwar Struggles!

- A 'retaliatory war' of madness to save the 'prestige'
- 'Infinite injustice': never let them do barbarities of the century!
- We appeal to American people
- Stop Japanese imperialism joining the war of aggression against Afghanistan!
- Denounce JCP bureaucrats degraded to 'complementary forces to the war'!
- Burn flames of international antiwar struggles in solidarity with people in the Middle East!

21 Sept. Stop the US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk leaving for war! Stop SDF vessels going together! Zengakuren waged protests at Yokosuka Port. (Photo right)
19 Sept. Zengakuren demonstrated to the US Embassy and Prime Minister's Office
with explosive angers: Stop Aggression!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Though wavering the sward: difficulties trouble the war monger.
- 'American people should remember': teachings of the 'rogue'
- From Russia with ironies: the super power has proved to be vulnerable
- No pardon to 'terrorism' but 'assassination'.
Islam's Anti-American jihad and a great turbulence of the Arab world
Never let imperialist America repress the Palestinian liberation struggle in the name of 'war on terrorism'!
I. The Bush administration scheming to choke off the attempt to build a 'Palestinian state'
1. Genocide carried out against Palestinian people
- Complete annihilation of the Oslo Agreements
2. The final bankruptcy of Clinton's policy of 'peace process'
- An 'autonomy with in a jail' aground
- An 'anti-American siege' engineered by China and Russia
II. A surging wave for Islamic resurrection and its roots
- Arafat's betrayal
- The historic bankruptcy of Arab nationalism
- A religious revolt against the 'capitalist transformation from above'
III. Results of Yankee-type Machiavellianism
- Islamic guerrillas trained and funded under the former 'cold war'
- Arrogance of Yankee imperialism
Agonies of Afghanistan
The birth of Taliban and its present: from 'anti-Soviet, pro-American' to 'anti-American'
National Convention of the JCP-led teachers' union: criticisms erupted against degenerate cadres repeating empty cries for 'school making in co-operation with parents'
- JCP-affiliated leaders justifying the grave defeat in the latest election
- Hypothetical summarization of the struggle against ultra-nationalist textbooks
- A further right-wing elaboration of the leading line: 'co-operation with parents'
- Policies for peace movement with no 'anti-Security Treaty' cause
From a local rally of the prefectural and municipal workers' union
- Feeling anger against remarks of the corrupt cadres giving a helping hand to the government-planned reform.
Fujitsu, Matsushita, Toshiba, Hitachi,
Never let them sack 80000 workers in electric industry!
- The unprecedented mass restructuring
- Forcible sackings through the current system of retirement
- Labour aristocrats helping the restructuring
Toyota: mid-night work, overwork to suicide
This is realities of the 'humanitarian management'
The 114th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee: 6-7 Sept.
Stop imperialist America's warmongering! An organizational system built for the coming struggles


No. 1686 (September 24th Issue)
Never Let Imperialist America Make Warmongering
in the Name of 'Defence of Freedom and Civilization'!
Stop US Aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq!

(See the English home)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- What is Osama bin Laden? Supported by CIA and turned against it.
- Former Bundist's remarks in Asahi Shinbun: aimed to help the Chukaku leader beaten by the revealed spy connections.
- The 'broken window' theory: the reason for increased budget for the National Police Agency.
Stop building a national mobilization system in the name of 'disaster prevention'!
The 'inter-prefectural drill for disaster prevention' for building a US-Japan joint operation system for war
1. Today's version of the national mobilization system being built through 'anti-disaster drills'
2. A 'disaster prevention drill' led by the central government and centred around the SDF.
3. A US-Japan joint exercise for 'emergency'
4. Today's version of the national mobilization system: its structure and the essence
5. Stop building a US-Japan joint operation system for war!
No to building a national mobilization system!
Zengakuren fought nation-wide on the day
- 31 August in Sapporo in Hokkaido
- 30 August in Osaka
A proposal of 'research activity' supporting education policies of the education ministry
JTU report on 'reformed research activity on education' and its nature against education workers
1. The teachers' union leadership is scheming to join the union's 'education research activity' to the ministry-sponsored teaching training
2. The leadership has started its steps towards today's 'patriotic education association'
- Degradation to an 'opportunity to study the contents of education serving the country and society'
- The JTU leadership complements the reorganization on education stressing the state and gifted-talents
- 'Change you mind!' Leaders outcry is filled with hatred against militant members of the union.
Smash the casualization of postal workers in collection and delivery sections!
Stop 50000 sackings in the name of 'systematic review'!
Impeach the Zentei leadership for accepting the major restructuring!
Never let them choke the Zentei orgnization!
Topics 'Still not enough!' 'Foreign investors' demand more restructuring from monopolies in electric industries.
[8] The Kobe Incident
A book on graphology by a professor in Kobe University: 'According to my standard of judgement, two handwritings cannot be seen as identical'
- The 'letter of challenge' to police and the boy's composition.
Okada Kei's Darkness of the Incident: sincere eyes seeing the darkness of the Kobe Incident
- 'The sentences are not those written by the boy.'
- 'There are no physical proofs in this incident.'
- The key question needed for the author: Who and what for.


No. 1685 (September 10th Issue)
'Koizumi Reform' Wrecked
Smash Reactionary Offensives to Save It!
Denounce the official leadership for reinforcing Koizumi's 'economic boosting measures'!
- The unprecedented conjuncture of the Japanese economy and Koizumi's 'structural reform' at a deadlock from the beginning
- 'Measures for employment and economic boosting': a pragmatic turn of the Koizumi government
- Internal strife of the LDP intensifying over economic policies and relations to China
- Shatter neofascist reactions!

LSDF fired a 155-mm howitzer shell into a civilian resort area!

Zengakuren protested against the Defence Agency on 8 September.

(Photo left)
Protests against successive USS calls at civilian ports
Himeji, 28 Aug.: Zengakuren Kansai fought together with workers in an SDPJ-led rally against the guided missile cruiser Vincennes.
Nagoya, 28 Aug.: militant students impeached a port-call by the missile frigate Gary.
Kagoshima, 24 Aug.: local students protested against a US landing ship.
Himeji Nagoyaj

The US issued Japan a 'terrorist warning' on 7 Sep.: reported with a photo of Zengakuren against US bases.

Beware of CIA frame-ups against antiwar struggles!

No closure of the University of Tokyo dormitory at Komaba!
- Militant students led a series of struggles over the student autonomous Dormitory.(Photo right)
20 Aug., Hokkaido: Impeach the ASDF firing at a civilian rehabilitation centre! Stop resuming drills! Zengakuren staged protests as Director General of the Defence Agency Nakatani visiting the site (Photo below: a car with Nakatani and protesters).

[4-5] Revealed spy connections and their acknowledgement
Sweep up the Chukaku faction as the den of agents!
1. Tools of the state used and thrown away
- Spy connections revealed publicly and their last ditch fight
- The tools of the Japanese state and the CIA.
2. JRCL's victory in its fights to smash state conspiracies and sweep the tools away
3. Advance on the basis of the victory!
- The US imperialist state reviewing its military / intelligence strategy.
- Smash new conspiratorial offensives to destroy our party!
The 4th Convention of the NTT Workers Union: Accepted the management's restructuring plan of 110000 job cuts as the leadership forced to silence any critical remarks. Organize from below denunciation against the Tsuda leadership!
- The leadership maneouvred the ranks with deceptive demands.
- Most delegations just backed the leadership.
- Tricky demands for 'softening the changes'
- Covering up the diversion of the union's strike funds.
Topics Tokyo prefectural board of education plan to make a new administrative position under Head Teacher.
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
- One of Koizumi's adviser tries to promote the reform: 'Reform is delightful'??
- Those Chukaku-deserters who revealed the faction's spy connections are also spies.
- The first successful launch of the H-IIA rocket following two earlier failures: really a success?
- A police officer killed in fight with a knife-wielding man: what is going after the incident behind the scene.
Jiang Zemin's post-socialist lecture: Inviting private entrepreneurs to join the party with his 'three representations' theory as smoke screens
- An attempt to establish 'Jiang Zeming Program / Rules' for the 16th National Congress
- 'Contribution to the economic development' seen as a criterion of the party membership
- Attempts to 'grow', or degenerate, into a party compatible to a market-economic transformation
- A dash towards the melt-down of the Communist Party of China


No. 1684 - September 10th

No SDF mobilization drills for internal security!
Workers and students fought on 1 Sep. 'Disaster Prevention Day'.

(Left: Students in protests near the main venue at Hachioji station.)

Demonstration in Chofu despite police cocersion At U.S. Yokota base
Tanks for disaster prevention? Koizumi at a commanding tent.
[3] 5 Aug. International Antiwar Assembly
Kyushu meeting (in Fukuoka): Advance struggles against U.S.-Japan joint military drills!
- Workers and students made up their resolutions. (Photo right)
Hokuriku meeting (in Kanazawa): Build a battle front for antiwar struggles and blocking the Constitutional revision! (Photo left)
- Participants resolved to fight in their workplaces and schools.
Kagoshima Univ. students fought against Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni Shrine.
- 9 Aug. sit in together with civil societies in Kanoya City.
- 14 Aug. publicized their protests at Nishi-Kagoshima station.
- 15 Aug. joined a SDPJ-led mass rally, received warmest responses from workers.
Smash the Chukaku faction as the den of spies! Spy connections of the faction revealed publicly and its self-acknowledgement
- Documents of the Public Security Investigation Agency revealed by several books: showing spy connections of the faction.
- Chukaku faction's announcement: acknowledging partly and deceptively.
Topics a restructuring rush: Toshiba to cut 19000 jobs, Fujitsu 16000, Hitachi 15000...
- Labour aristocrats pledge full co-operation.
Police officers give 'morals' lessons at schools in Hokkaido
- An attempt for statist education.
- Outsourcing of 'morals' education.
Middle and small sized milk makers washed out
- Closures and dismissals after food poisoning incidents.
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
- A 'humanitarian ethnic cleansing'?: 1500 'disappearances' of Serbs in Kosovo under the rule of the UNMIK.
- Yesterday's 'left-wingers' called 'fascists' by the nationalist textbooks authors: after the textbook's failure to be taken in schools due to surging waves of protests.
- Tokyo Gov. Ishihara: 'Even Mishima envied my capacity as first-class novelist.'???
JCP Fuwa-Shii leadership and their desperate attempts to tide over the party's miserable defeat in the recent election
For a revolutionary disbanding of the JCP
- Losing words before the defeat.
- Self-purification as reformers within the system.
- Expose their bureaucratic control of the party organization! Disband the Stalinist party!


No. 1683 - September 3rd

No to SDF mobilization drills for internal security
under the guise of 'disaster prevention'!

Join struggles against the Big Rescue Tokyo 2001
at Hachioji and Chofu on 1 Sep!

- Disaster prevention exercises and mobilization drills for internal security to be carried out under SDF commands: a vast number of residents to be organized
- The Koizumi government is rushing to build today's version of the national mobilization system.
- Shatter reactionary neo-fascist offensives! Denounce the official opposition leadership submitting to them!
Zengakuren smashed a plot to ban rallies against the Big Rescue, fought back against a prior repression by ultra-nationalist Tokyo Gov. Ishihara and police.
- The exposed plot: Tokyo Metropolitan Police had directed the local city office to 'occupy all the parks on the day for public purposes' for none of them to be used for protest.
- The city office framed up 'local residents' requests for use' though the similar trick had been judged illegal before.
- Zengakuren broke the ban.
Join the Zengakuren 114th Central Committee Meeting 6-7 September in Tokyo!
(Photo: 2000 strudents in Waseda University fought against the school authority over the Student Centre, 31 July.)

[3] 5 Aug. International Antiwar Assembly
Kansai meeting (in Osaka): Create a antiwar struggle to break the new arms race!
- Summarization of remarkably advanced struggles. (Photo left)
Okinawa meeting (in Ginowan): Denounce U.S. military's crimes! Advance anti-Security Treaty struggles!
- 300 workers and students rallied with high spirits. (Photo right)
6 Aug. at the SDF Komatsu base: Kanazawa University students demonstrated against U.S. F-18 fighters coming for a joint military drill.
The Chukaku faction: on the verge of extinction.
The Chukaku faction 'held the 6th Party Congress of the JRCL' ????
- The ridiculous announcement riddled with contradictions.
- Troubles to make a tiny gathering of activists a 'Party Congress'
Never let the leadership of the NTT Workers' Union accept the mass restructuring with 110,000 job cuts! Denounce the Tsuda leadership as a watchdog for the managerial! Win a militant National Convention!
- Their full acceptance of the unprecedented mass restructuring.
- Their demands 'for fully guaranteed measures for softening sudden changes': a sheer deception.
- Their help for worsening the current system of allowances.
Reporting the Japan Postal Workers' Union [Zentei] Hokkaido Regional Convention: Criticisms of the leadership raged the meeting.
- The regional leadership schemed to hold the convention for their election campaign.
- Militant rank-and-file members blasted the scheme off: irrepressible anger from below.
- The dominant social-democratic group beginning to split.
Topics: the unemployment rate hit a record high 5%: 'pains of the structural reform' to be imposed upon workers.
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
Koizumi on his earlier visit to Yasukuni 'I have one mouth but two ears' implying a man of deliberation: in fact, a double tongue for one selfish head.
What comes after endurance: the number of unemployed people newly produced from the disposal of bad loans expected over a million.
What has come after market economy in Mongolia: tents among urban buildings.
What delighted the ultra-nationalist textbook authors: the strange 'ultra-leftist arson attack' on their office.
From Kuroda's Topos and Praxis
Straw-rope pattern pottery and original Mongoloids.
Reading Fingers Becoming a Fist: inter-communications between Kuroda and his Russian readers
Touched with Kuroda's resolution to 'start my third life'.


No. 1682 - August 27th

We did not issue the Kaihoh on Aug. 20th for annual holidays.

We Oppose a National Mobilization System
Built in the Name of 'Disaster Prevention'!

September 1st Join Zengakuren Struggles
at Hachioji and the U.S. Yokota Base to Fight on the Spots!

- 'Big Rescue 2001 Tokyo': 'disaster prevention drills' with a mass mobilization of SDF troops
- The Koizumi government is scheming to build and strenghten today's version of the national mobilization system.
- JCP's degeneration: just demanding a 'true prevention of disasters'.
- Fight against the drill under the banner 'Block neofascist reactions!'
Zengakuren fought against Prime Minister Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni Shrine 13-15 August in the forefront of the working people.
Koizumi Jun'ichiro visited Yasukuni Shrine as Prime Minister on 13 August, two days before his previously announced date, the anniversary of Japan's WWII surrender. Not only did he arrogantly trample down repulsion from people and governments of Asian countries including South Korea and China but also oppressed oppositions of workers and people in Japan. The Shrine is dedicated to Japan's war dead as 'heroes', including leaders hung as Class A war criminals for their roles in Japan's military aggression during WWII. Burning with anger against this outrage students of Zengakuren waged their protests at the Shrine during his visit (and on 15 August) They fought it out in spite of fierce repression of police and violent provocation of rightists.

Never let them adopt the ultra-nationalist textbooks! Students surrounded the Metropolitan Board of Education with a 'human chain' to prevent them from adopting the text for prefecture-run weak children's schools. 7 Aug. (Photo left)
- An outrageous act! As the textbook failing to be adopted nationwide, Gov. Ishihara schemed to do it forcibly.
- Together with fighting workers.
Denounce the U.S.-U.K. air strikes against Iraq! Zengakuren waged protests on 11 Aug. (Photo right)
- The Bush and Blair administrations carried out atrocious air strikes against Iraq by their 50 war planes on 10 Aug. On the next day militant students waged their protests in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.
[3] 5 Aug. International Antiwar Assembly
Hokkaido meeting (in Sapporo): with over 400 participants, filled with fighting spirits.
- All confirmed the significance of antiwar struggles and struggles against the education reform laws.
Tokai meeting (in Nagoya): Let us assimilate the revolutionary tradition of antiwar struggles! 230 workers and students made up their resolution.
15 July in Okinawa: local university students marched against obscuration of the rape incident.
21 July in Kyushu: students from Kagoshima University called on citizens to protest the rape incident.
4 Aug. in Hokkaido: Zengakuren students propagandized at the nearest station against the SDF firing incident to a rehabilitation centre.
Anti-working class nature of Rengo's '21st Century Vision': declaration of its transformation into today's version of the Industrial Patriotic Association
1. Why did they formulated the 'Rengo Vision'?
2. What is the 'Rengo Vision'?
3. Problems with the 'Vision': positive responses to breakthrough measures of the government and monopoly capitalists
- What is meant by responses to 'ageing society with less children'.
- Co-operation in reorganization of the Japanese customs of employment.
- Deceptive 'welfare society centring around labour'.
- Ordering transformation of trade unions into employees' organization to support industries and companies.
[5] Messages to the International Antiwar Assembly
- Revolutionary Marxists (Britain)
- Socialist Future Group (Britain)
- Women in Black against War (Yugoslavia)
- BJSF President Tafazzul Hussain (Bangladesh)
- Russian Communist Workers' Party -Tumen Regional Committee (Russia)
Never let the education ministry and the Prefectural Board of Education carry out a mass punishment aimed at destruction of Hokkaido Teachers Union!
- The Education Board punished 51 teachers for 'obstructing the national flag and anthem'; HTU leaders have abandoned struggles against the mass punishment.
- Referring to daily trade union activities and contents of teaching: an escalated punishment that has never been done.
- A thought control and purge of teachers against war.
- Fight it out in opposition to part of HTU leaders who sacrificed their rank and files!
Topics 'Leaders of trade unions have to take responsibility for defeat in the recent election.' (Washio) It is the Rengo chair himself that is the most responsible.
The SDF firing incident against a rehabilitation centre in Hokkaido
The ASDF Research Commission inventing 'causes of the incident' and self-justifying
1. ASDF cadres attended a 'meeting for explanation' just for self-justification and intimidation: growing voices of residents for removing the range.
2. Chameleonic changes in explanation just after the incident: tying to escape by commenting 'now on research' but no way.
3. An attempt to tide over by inventing the story of a 'wrong electric current'.
4. Advance struggles to protest the SDF firing incident!
Denounce Hokkaido police arresting two comrades!
- A political revenge for the surging struggle against the nationalist textbooks and the SDF firing incident.
- They were forced to release them on the next day.
'A century of NGOs': an illusion (Continued)
3. Material bases for the world-wide extolment of NGOs
- U.N.'s functional disorder
- Mounting global issues
- Self-destruction of Stalinism and degeneration of labour movement
4. In the name of 'non-governmental and neutral': complement to the ruling order.


No. 1681 - August 13th

Smash Prime Minister Koizumi's Official Visit to Yasukuni Shrine!
Join the Zengakuren fight 15 August!

- The Koizumi government aims to glorify the aggressive wars and inspire a 'patriotic spirit'.
- Fight the struggle by transcending the SDPJ / JCP revealing their peace-touched brain!

5 August the central meeting of the International Antiwar Assembly
1300 participants made up their resolution to advance antiwar struggles
- The keynote report: Advance an international antiwar struggle to break the 'new cold war'!
- Messages of solidarity from abroad
- Block the closure of the student centre! An appeal with the recorded video from Waseda Univ. students was warmly welcomed.
- The special report: clearly exposed the neofascist nature of the 'Koizumi Reform'.
- An education worker: reported on surging struggles against the ultra-nationalist textbook.


24 July in Okinawa: protests waged against successive crimes by U.S. servicemen
- Okinawa Kengakuren protested at the U.S. Kadena Air Base against an arson attack by an American soldier.
- The official Peace Movement Centre held a 'People's Rally': Kengakuren students struggled to inspire the participants in solidarity with militant workers. (Photo left above)
'Denounce the raping incident! No strengthening of military bases!' The resolution was adopted by the All-Student Meeting in the Students Association of the University of Ryukyus on 13 July. (Photo above right)
Two thousand Waseda students fought against the school authority all through the night to block the closure of student club rooms (31 July)

A millitant student on the roof calling on students to block the closure of the student club house Students pushing away the authority at a gate
At the entrance: club members relaying their speeches. A historic mass rally at the school's gate

'Never let the authority attack the student autonomy!' Mass anger exploded against the scheme to close student club rooms.
- The student power stopped the authority from closing the Student Centre I.
- 2000 students continued a rally of protest until 4:00 am. at the schools' front gate.
- An epochal fight for breaking the neofascistic reorganization of universities.
4-5 July in Hokkaido: Stop shipping the nuclear waste!
- Militant students struggled to inspire workers and residents at a Peace Forum's rally.
- Waged protests against sail of the cargo ship.

23 July No SDF troops dispatched to the Golan Heights! Local students protested against the Land SDF base in Obihiro, Hokkaido.

Friction between unilateralism and 'anti-U.S., sick-of-the-U.S.' nationalism
How the banquets in Genoa progressed
1. Conflicting interests with no room for deceptive compromise
- Uncompromising oppositions over the missile defence project
- Collisions over the Kyoto Protocol and Koizumi's cheep trick
- An empty 'co-operation' for fear of a globally simultaneous recession
2. 'U.S.-Japan co-operation' isolated from the world
- The Bush administration rushing for developing the MD system
- Koizumi's countermeasures driven by the 'threat of China'
Topics 'The structural reform is just a chant' A boastful LDP leader spoke at the Rengo Summer Seminar before depressed labour aristocrats
Is he really an academic? The latest article by the scholar of an iron nerve
Russia Mining workers rose in struggle against the worse labour code: opposition movement but in disarray
Ukraine in turbulence No. 3
The Kuchma administration rapidly approaching to Putin's Russian government
- Joining the world's poorest counties
- Either joining a tripartite Slav state union or being a member of NATO
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Makiko Tanaka's please-all performances
- Go-it-alone: the world's biggest rogue
- After the election 1: JCP turns right again? No. Just zigzagging.
- After the election 2: SDPJ complains about.
- After the election 3: The barnacle-like Chukaku faction supported an SDPJ candidate with no comments from the very candidate
'A century of NGOs': an illusion
1. 'Revolts against globalization'?
- JCP on NGOs: glorification.
- 'Battles in Seattle' Clinton took advantage of.
2. Varying nature of NGO currents and their ideologies

NGO currents were highlighted from Seattle through to Genoa. Are they really a 'messiah of the 21st century' that breaks the 'contradictions of the global capitalism'?


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