Weekly Kaihoh / Liberation

No. 1710 (March 18th Issue)

Stop Imperialist America's Warmongering
throughout the Middle East and Asia!

Stop Imperialist America's Warmongering throughout the Middle East and Asia! Stop Japan joining in the war! No emergency legislation! Overcome the SDPJ / JCP infatuated with summoning scandal-tainted lawmakers!
- The Afghan War protracted
- The Bush administration rushing to aggression against Iraq
- For international antiwar struggles! Solidarity with the people all over the world!
Zengakuren struggled against the dispatch of SDF troops to East Timor
- Okinawa Kengakuren demonstrated at the GSDF Naha Base, 3 Mar.
- Zengakuren Hokkaido protested against the advance dispatch from the ASDF Chitose Base, 2 Mar.
Zengakuren extra national convention to be held in Tokyo
- Under war: Now is the time to prove the worth of the revolutionary student movement!
- Establish a guideline for struggles! Build a powerful leadership board!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Ex-Minister Tanaka should have worn wartime work pants before she felt anybody was stepping on her coattails: Koizumi.
- The 'straight Japanese nationalist' vs. the 'US-patronized conservative': contradictions revealed within the ultra-nationalists over their responses to the September 11th.
- The Chinese statistics with a raised bottom: realities behind the 'economic high growth'
[4] Spring Offensive 2002
NTT Workers' Union: no demand nor struggle in the leading policy for spring offensives
Denounce the central leadership helping the wage cuts and the '110,000 restructuring'!
- Full co-operation with the managerial in restructuring 110,000 workers under the pretext of 'securing jobs'
- Denounce their abandonment of wage hike demands for two consecutive years!
- Expose deceptions in their policy for 'secured jobs'!
- Never allow the NTT Workers' Union to be enmeshed into the corporate organization!
Confederation of Automobile Workers' Unions: the central leadership fully co-operative to survival plans for auto monopolies
Expose deceptions with their 'demand for 1000-yen raise'!
- Proposal of 'a spring offensive for lasting development of the company'
- 'Job security' policies for supporting the major restructuring
- Tricks with the 'wage hike demands under the adverse wind'
- Deceptive 'demands for a suitable wage level to the highly value-added productivity'
- Never allow them to victimize workers for 'securing the competitiveness'!
Stop the Tokyo Prefectural Board of Education from introducing a new hierarchical system!
- Introduction of 'a position for leading and supervision'
- Shatter the neo-fascistic reorganization of education!
- Fight by transcending official leaders who accept the ministry's plan for 'education reform'!
[7] The Feb. 22nd Railway accident in Kyushu
The accident was caused by the congested train schedule and the intensified labour by the JR Kyushu management: Never allow them to shift the responsibility to the driver!
- The deceptive announcement by the management
- Denounce the management imposing a strict observation to the congested schedule!
Nachdenken and the praxical tachiba

Letters on the Beginning of the End
Letters from readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1709 (March 11th Issue)

Stop Emergency Legislation!

Overcome the SDPJ- / JCP-led peace movements degenerated into the 'defence of the fatherland' position!
- The Koizumi government bent on emergency legislation 'against armed attacks'
- US-Japan joint operating systems for aggressive war being strengthened
- No emergency legislation! No revision of the Constitution! Stop expansion of the 'antiterrorism' war! Build a broad front of opposition!
No joint military drills in Hokkaido!
- Students and workers demonstrate against drills in the snow under war 17 Feb. (Photo left).
No subcritical nuclear test
- Zengakuren Tokai protested on US / UK consulates in Nagoya 15 Feb.
Okinawa: Massive waist oil found, dumped by US Forces
- US Military disregards protests, using the SOFA for justification.
A mysterious 'missile rocket' against a US base
- A state conspiracy with 'leftist radicals' as tools for oppressing opposition movements
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The 'Office of Strategic Influence' for lying.
- More than Hitler: US patriotism in Salt Lake City.
- The tango crisis: condor funds.
Chukakuha remnants dying
- Mess over the September 11th
- Confession of the bankruptcy
- To the end
[6] Labour Front
National Meeting for Educational Research sponsored by JCP-led teachers unions: Stormy criticisms exploded against the central leadership stressing the need 'to cooperate with governmental editorial boards'
- Central leaders trying to escape voices against the Afghan bombing
- Yielding to government-sponsored educational trainings.
- Stormy criticisms and disagreements against central leaders following the JCP central.
Increasing number of pupils in arrears with their school meal charge.
- Sacking and lower pay hit workers' families.
Topics: 'Accept unemployment rate over 10 % and wage cuts by 25%', voiced the head of electric workers' unions.
Ikegai Corp. failed: a wily bankruptcy for sacking
- All sacked, with only 10% redundancy pay
- The Rengo-affiliated JAM leadership accepted the sacking.
- Never allow leaders of the JCP-affiliated minor union to reduce the struggle into a campaign to collect supports from communities!
A peace movement group led by Krushchevites: casts abusive words to the September 11th attacks
- 'A challenge against anti-globalization movement'?
- Depending on just 'humanity', instead of the socialist USSR.
- Slanders with no consideration of terrorism.
Reading a book on the Kobe Incident
- 'It's a state conspiracy of the century': simply copied from the conscientious civic group.
- And, for leading to a different conclusion.

Letters from readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1708 (March 1st Issue)

Angry waves surged up
against the US-Japan warmongers' summit

Zengakuren fought through 17-19 Feb.

- 17 Feb. No to Bush's visit to Japan! Militant students marched on the US Embassy and the Diet, as smashing a hostile act by rightists who welcomed the US President.
- 19 Feb. Students' sit-in around the Diet Building against Bush's speech to MPs. (Photo below)
- Expand international antiwar struggles over the world!

Media reports
aljazeera: 1 / AP: 1 Reuters: 1 2 3 / BBC: 1 Reuters: 1 2

No Bush! Nation-wide calls. 17 Feb.
- Okinawa: Kengakuren protested at a US Consulate, also expressing their resolution against a new US Marine base.
- Osaka: Zengakuren Kansai demonstrated at a US Consulate, against Bush-Koizumi meeting.
Protest against a US military plane using a civilian airport
- Zengakuren Hokkaido picketed, together with workers from trade unions. 5 Feb.
Waseda University: Break oppressions on student activities under the war!
- Conferences of class representatives held by self-governing associations at faculties, as a regular convention held by the Waseda union of student circles.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Deideologization: dollars for US presence in the Central Asia.
- Renewal of war beautification by ultranationalist narcissists
- 25 drums of water leaked from nuclear facilities.
For an antiwar spring offensive in opposition to degeneration into a labour movement supporting the war order
1. Spring offensive 2002 under the war of aggression
2. Storms of restructuring
3. A drastic change in the civil service system planned under war
4. Fight against labour movement's degeneration into one supporting the war order!
- JTU has scrapped its slogan "Never send our pupils again to war!"
- Jichiro leaders are scheming to change the public workers' union into a body for community service.
- Overcome Zentei leaders' 'policy proposing' campaign to mobilize postal workers for crisis control
An annual report on labour by the Federation of Employers' Associations: imposing lower wages and major restructurings in the name of 'work sharing'
1. Declaration for Japan's 'survival' through victimization of workers
2. Justification of lower wages named 'emergency evacuation'
3. Too Arrogant a proposal for 'job security'
4. Trends towards a military breakthrough of the crisis
Leaders of the Tokyo Prefectural Workers' Unions betrayed a strike for its annual autumn offensive!
- Accepted the introduction of performance-based pay
- The Unions' Chairman pledged 'cooperation' to Governor Ishihara
- Our colleagues struggled for a militant upsurge of the offensive
Letters from readers: on The Beginning of the End
- 'Realized the significance of the September 11th attacks'
- 'The new century opened with the roaring flames'
From a leader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- 'Touched with Kuroda's humanity welling up from the 'depth of darkness'


No. 1707 (February 25th Issue)

Zengakuren struggle
against the second dispatch of SDF troops
in Maidzuru, Yokosuka and Sasebo

Stop US aggression against Iraq! Smash emergency legislation!

Yokosuka, 12 Feb. Calls against a MSDF vessel leaving for war

Sasebo Port, 13 Feb, Students' boat trying to block the vessel
(For Sasebo, see also the photo below, at the gate of an SDF base)

Denounce the US / UK subcritical nuclear test!
- Zengakuren protested at both embassies in Tokyo (15 Feb)
Fire at Onagawa Nuclear Plant: a dangerous accident
- Zengakuren protested in front of the ministry (10 Feb)
Kokugakuin University
- Kokugakuin Union of Cultural Circles decided its protests against the arrests of students activists. (30 Jan)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Patriots: parasites on military-industrial complexes.
- Tanaka vs. Suzuki
- Sharon: 20 years after the massacres in Lebanon
- Rogue's logic: detainees are not POWs.
- IR systems: surveillance for political control
Win a militant upsurge of the Spring Offensive 2002! Denounce the Rengo leadership leading no struggles for 'either wages or job'!
1. Massive job cuts and stormy wage cuts
2. Rengo leaders are accepting wage cuts imposed on the pretext of 'job'.
3. They are just asking the government and capitalists to introduce 'work sharing'.
Number of job cuts Toshiba: 20,000 (for reorganization of semiconductor factories) / Fujitsu: 22,000 (including factories abroad) / Hitachi: 16,350 (for 25% cut in stock) / NEC: 19,000 (for retreat from DRAM) / Fuji Electric: 1,500 / Kansai Electric Power: 3,000 (due to declining demand)
Reorganization of intelligence apparatuses over the US and Japan revealed: a plan 'to release Kobe Shonen A in spring' and its meaning
- 'Should I leave my life as it is?' He seems to think.
- Moves to his release and a drastic reorganization of the intelligence world over the US and Japan
[6] JTU National Conference of Education Research
'No Revision of the Fundamental Law of Education! Stop Japan Joining the War!' Militant workers struggle to overcome the patriotic degeneration
- 'You are sending your pupils to battle fields again!' Militant and conscientious workers denounced the leadership.
- The central leaders met angry voices critical of their assistance to the planned revision of the Fundamental Law
- Leaders yielding to the propaganda that attributes the declining ability of kids to the JTU
- In opposition to the leaders' scheme to join the Union's movement of the Conference into government-sponsored training seminars
- The leadership criticised for leaking materials to reactionary journalism
Smash the major restructuring through introduction of 'a new system for collection and delivery'! Denounce the leadership for co-operating with the Agency! Win a upsurge of the Spring Offensive 2002!

JRCL Postal Workers' Committee

- Demands for higher wages abandoned by leaders of Zentei [Postal Workers' Union]
- Never let them introduce the 'work sharing'
- Denounce the central leadership accepting 'a new system for collection and delivery'!
- Criticize the leadership indulged in legislative work to keep the public status of postal service!
- Create antiwar struggles in opposition to the leadership joining the chorus for 'antiterrorism'!

Sanyo Electric
- The trade union reorganized in accordance with the corporation's transformation into a holding company
Topics Government's Monthly Economic Report: bankruptcies, unemployment, wage cuts ...
The Japanese imperialist economy in a deepening crisis
2. Contradictions caused by capitalist breakthroughs of the recession (continued from the previous issue)
- Impeding bankruptcies threatening financial monopolies

- Collapse of the Japanese economic system
3 Revealed limitations of fiscal / financial policies


No. 1706 (February 18th Issue)

Stop Warmonger Bush's Visit to Japan!
Stop Imperialist America Attacking on Iraq!
Stop Japan's War Participation! Smash the Emergency Legislation!
Denounce the SDPJ / JCP Joining the Chorus
for 'Sanctions against Terrorism'!

Yankee Imperialism Rushing to Another Warmongering against Iraq
- The Bush administration shouting for war on 'an axis of evil'
- American rulers irritated at a backlash by China and Russia
The Koizumi Government: Actively Responding to America's Extension of the War
No to US Military Attacks on Iraq!
Stop Bush Visiting Japan!

Join a Fight against Bush in Tokyo!
Feb. 17th, Shiba Park.
A rally starts at 1:00 p.m.
before a demonstration for the US Embassy. etc.

[2] Reports: Stop US Marine Shooting Drills in Kyushu!
- 23 Jan. Students from Kagoshima Univ. fought at a local port to stop US forces from unloading munitions.
- 27 Jan. A militant demonstration by the Zengakuren inspired a regional Rengo-sponsored rally of protest with 10000 workers.
- 31 Jan. Militant students propagandized at a local trade union rally.
- 1 Feb. Zengakuren students fought at the gate of the manoeuvring field.

3 Feb.
Workers Rally of Anger Uplifted!
Break the 'industrial patriotic movement' under war!

1200 workers gathered for a militant upsurge of the Spring Offensive 2002
- The Rengo leadership: no offensive for 'either wages or job' (Keynote Report 1)
- Explode the Spring Offensive together with antiwar struggles in opposition to 'a labour movement to support the wartime order' (Keynote Report 2)
- Make antiwar flames burnt to break the new century of warfare'! (Special Report)
- Resolute Speeches from regions and industries.
Chukakuha remnants in a mess of ideological confusion
On the verge of the end: 'Fight the liquidationism!'? 'No money remains.'
JRCL slogans for the Spring Offensive 2002
Win a militant upsurge of the Spring Offensive 2002 by denouncing the Rengo leadership degraded to leaders for a war-supportive industrial patriotic movement!
A. Fight a militant offensive! Denounce Rengo and Zenroren leaders co-operating and yielding to the mass restructuring and wage cuts!
- No to introduction of a 'Japanese-type work-sharing' with wage cuts and worse forms of employment!
- No to lower wages and worse forms of payment in the name of 'cuts in the total cost for personnel'! No to introduction of 'performance-based pay'!
- No to any restructuring! Fight against sacking and transfer! Fight against worse forms of employment and work! Stop labour conditions deteriorating!
- Denounce betrayals of the JCP-led 'Zenroren' leadership degraded to assistants to the government and capitalists!
- Oppose central and local governments changing systems of civil service and cutting jobs!
- No to changes to worse in the medical insurance system! No to higher rates of consumer tax! No to more expropriation from the masses!
- No to 'legislation of rules for dismissal' leading to sacking! No to another revision of the Worker Dispatching Law and the Labour Standard Law!
- Expose deceptions of Koizumi's 'reform with no sanctuary' to victimize workers!
B. Denounce US / UK aggression against Afghanistan! Organize antiwar struggles against the Koizumi administration joining the war!
- Denounce US and multinational forces committing military aggression against Afghanistan! Denounce Russia and China's collaboration in the war in the name of 'antiterrorism'! Expose the anti-people nature of 'Afghanistan reconstruction' by imperialist powers!
- No to Japan's participation in the war! Stop the emergency legislation! Never allow them to build today's national mobilization system!
- Absolutely No to the Constitutional revision! No revision to the Fundamental Law of Education! Stop neo-fascist reactions!
- Stop the government and monopoly capitals expanding munitions production for climbing out of the recession! No to munitions-industrialization of the economy!
- Denounce the Rengo leadership supporting participation in the war! Denounce the JCP-affiliated leadership in the Zenroren degraded to a complementary forces to the war!
C. Fight it out aiming at overthrow of the reactionary Koizumi government thrusting the workers and people down to a hell of war and unemployment!
D. Let us fight for militant revival of Japanese labour movement in opposition to industrial patriotic degeneration of the official labour movement! Now is the time for the militant strengthening of trade unions!
An extraordinary convention of the Jichiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]: marked its degeneration as a public workers movement for serving the state
JRCL Public Workers' Committee
- Denounce a treachery by the Self-claimed left wing (social-democratic leaders of '13 prefectures)!
- Elected new leaders and a deceptive cover-up of the dirty money scandal
- Their 'revival program' for a 'public workers movement to serve the state'
- Fight on for a militant revival of the Jichiro!
The Japanese imperialist economy in a deepening crisis
1. An impeding crisis more serious than the 'lost decade'
- Drastic decrease in export under the global recession
- Japanese financial monopolies in the 'pentagonal difficulties'
2. Contradictions caused by capitalist breakthroughs of the recession
- More serious recession caused by the 'negative restructuring'
What I thought through reading Kuroda's 'Ethic and Logic for the Subject of Organizing (Continued from the previous issue)
- The way to take problems related to dispositions and morality
- How to acquire and form praxical abilities
From a leader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Work
- The real image of Taketani Mitsuo coming up from an included Kuroda's article


No. 1705 (February 11th Issue)

Stop Bush's Visit to Japan!

The sole superpower of militarist America expanding its 'war on terrorism' and the danger of a Fifth Middle East War
- Imperialist America rushing to the 'second phase of war on terrorism'
- Iran and Iraq: seeking for an anti-American coalition
- The 'international coalition against terrorism' getting out of step
- Stop Bush's visit to Japan
Block the second dispatch of SDF troops!
Stop imperialist America extending the war of aggression!
Stop Japanese troops from joining the war!
No to the emergency legislation! No to the Constitutional revision!
- The Koizumi government showing positive responses to imperialist America extending the 'war on terrorism'
- Stop the second dispatch of SDF troops! Stop Bush's visit to Japan!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Karzai: only a male geisha
- The JCP statement on the 'suspicious vessel' issued for the first time a month after the incident
- The key man erased: Enron.
- Mt. Pinatubo to rage again
Smash the neo-fascistic reorganization of central / local systems of the civil service
1. A civil service system to support the 'wartime order'
2. 'Structural reform' for saving the state from a crisis
3. Denounce the central leadership of Jichiro union yielding to the scheme!
- Overthrow the leadership stained with dirty money!
- Fight against the reorganization of civil service systems!
JRCL slogans for the special convention of Juchiro union
[All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union']
- Never allow the leaders to cover up the scandal with the 'Final Report' and the 'Revival Plan'!
- Overthrow the central leadership trying a self-justification of the dirty money.
- Advance antiwar struggles against the Afghan war and the emergency legislation!
- Smash the civil service reform to produce servants for the state!
- Build a fighting board of leadership! Win a militant revival of Jichiro!
* Jichoro held a two-day special convention in January in the wake of a tax evasion scandal involving former executives and the revelation of massive off-the-book debts.
Denounce the frequent occurrence of railway sabotage in JR Hokkaido!
- 90 stones put on the rails in broad daylight: showing a state conspiracy
- Railway sabotage escalated under the 'war'
- The JR Hokkaido Workers' Union leadership praising the company's safety measures: Organize a struggle against railway sabotage!
Topics record worse rate of unemployment 5.6 %
American imperialism rushing to the development and increase of nuclear power plants
- Bush's new program for national energy
- A plan to mobilize Freanch, British, and Japanese nuclear technologies
Usec followers in Japan: shuddered by the September 11
- 'The anti-globalization campaign was damaged'? A temper with no reason.
- A criminal condemnation based on the criterion of 'democracy and human rights'
- Degenerate Trotskyists taking up a violent aspect and hate it.
What I thought through reading Kuroda's 'Ethic and Logic for the Subject of Organizing

No. 1704
(February 4th Issue)

Zengakuren Demonstrated 20-21 Jan. in Tokyo
against the Afghanistan Reconstruction Conference

- Also raising a slogan 'Stop the emergency legislation!

Regional demonstrations against the Afghanistan Reconstruction Conference
- 19 Jan., Osaka: Students' protests at the prefectural LDP office and the US Consulate
- 21 Jan., Kanazawa: At the prefectural LDP office.
Condemn the reactionary judge!
- The Osaka High Court dismissed the damage suit against the government for the mistaken arrest of a Kobe Univ. student.
Whither Shonen A?: reorganization of the CIA revealing
- 'Something that disgusts' Shonen A (Youth A) of the Kobe incident.
- 'No choice other than killing him', cried a commentator.
- Discarding state tools as the user reorganized
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- Enron: What next?
- China's new paper for 'class research': 5 classes and 10 strata, 'upper' from the 'lowest'.
- Who is bugging the Chinese leadership?
- A series of bomb incidents that was not reported before a homeless man was injured.
Stop the Media Control Bills!
1. The Koizumi government scheming three bills to control the media
2. A betty-bourgeois opposition proposing a 'third-party commission'
- 'Independent citizens' or 'the nation subject to the state': a fallacious alternative
- 'The state' vs. a 'citizen-based community': idealistic contraposition
- A 'third-party commission' as a 'force of civil self-governance'?
- Empty cries for 'independence of journalists'
[5] For the Zenkyo National Conference for Educational Research
Overcome the current movement for a 'school making based on participation and co-operation'!

JRCL Education Workersf Committee

- The Zenkyo leadership following the JCP central bureaucrats who help the war participation
- Abandoning fights against the planned revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- A 'school making truly opened': yielding to the education ministry
- Never allow the national conference for educational research to degenerate into one for the 'educational reform'
JRCL propaganda in the Zenkyo conference
- Supportive responses expanding among members of the union
* Zenkyo: the JCP-led teachers' union as opposed to the social-democratic JTU.
Absorption of a union-sponsored conference of educational research into a government-sponsored conference in the name of 'open conference'
This is the e'Kawasaki Conference for Educational Research' sponsored by the Kawasaki City Board of Education!
- Kawasaki Teachers Union ends a union-sponsored conference for educational research
- Never allow leaders to scrap JTU-sponsored conferences!
Topics: JTU-patronized scholars developing an argument for 'reform in school management'
On the Islamic fundamentalist movement
(Continued from the previous issue)
2. How we should point limitations of fundamentalist forces for Islam
- Reasons why they do not seek to organize the poor, working people
- On terrorism
From a reader of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- I wish to have Kuroda's passion for revolutionizing praxis


No. 1703 (January 26th Issue)

Join Workers' Meeting of Anger on Feb 3rd !
Raise the banner 'Antiwar!' and 'Stop restructuring!'
Uplift the Spring Labour Offensive 2002!

- Break through the industrial patriotic movement 'under war'!
- Never allow the Rengo leadership to help the major restructuring!
- Fight back against the worst offensive of wage cuts!
- Stop introduction of a 'Japanese-type work-sharing'!
- Fight Spring Offensive 2002 under the 'antiwar' banner!
Waseda Univ. students won a historic case!
The Tokyo High Court ordered Waseda University to pay for secretly handing the police a list of students who attended a 1998 lecture by Chinese President Jiang Zemin for 'security'.
- The previous judgement turned down; handing the list ruled illegal.
- Voices surging against the reactionary school authorities and police oppressing students' activities
- A new horizon opened for students' fight against the reactionary reorganization of the University
- No to the emergency legislation planned by the Koizumi government!
Stop Monju from resuming operation!
- 8 Dec., Tsuruga City, Militant students demonstrated against the dangerous nuclear reactor together with 700 workers and residents. (Photo right).
An all-campus meeting against the war at Aichi Univ. 14 Dec
- Attended by many students and teachers, leaving their lessons
- With an antiwar student strike decided by a 500-attended general student convention
[3] Kaleidoscope 2002
- The truth of the 'pretzel scare'
- A double-standard for POWs
- Commentary on Enron's bankruptcy
The end of the Pax Americana and Islam's challenge
(Continued from the previous issue)
5. The Islamic idea of 'holy war'
- The meaning of the 'present-day jihad'
- Islam and terrorism
6. Islam and Marxism: a key ideological issue in the 21st century
Warmest greetings to the JRCL-RMF from an Argentine-based militant Trotskyist organization (COTP-CI) ... we knew about your revolutionary action together with the zengakuren, fighting to prevent the Japanese warships from sailing to attack the Afghan nation, and this filled us of joy. We particularly commend your internationalist struggle against your own imperialism, and the principled and revolutionary statement on the Stalinist traitors and the workersEaristocracy .... we will move for the urgent call for an International Conference of the principled Trotskysts and the internationalist revolutionaries, ... the Argentine proletariat and popular masses have been many times next to kick it down but for the treason of their leadership and the blind alleys ....
Stop introduction of a new hierarchical system in schools!
- Teachers to be obliged to go 'training for voluntary social service'
- 'Chief teachers' to be named directly by a prefectural board of education
- A new post to build a hierarchical system
- The JTU leadership assisting offensives for more intensified management of labour
A regular convention of the Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers Union: rank-and-file members exploding their angers against the corruption of the national Jichiro leadership
- 'No to bombings of Afghanistan!' voiced one after another
- A stormy denunciation to the revealed embezzlement by national Jichiro leaders
- Angers exploded against the leadership accepting the Governor's plan of restructuring
Topics: Rengo President Sasamori accepts the 7 % cuts in wages.
On the Islamic fundamentalist movement
1. How we felt the September 11th
2. How we should point limitations of fundamentalist forces for Islam
- 'Bin Laden does not distinguish between the US government and the people'?
- How we should take the fundamentalist political movement for Islam
- Their 'jihad' theory: that against 'external enemies' and against 'internal enemies' (continued)
New Year greetings from the Tokyo District Workers Conference
- For antiwar waves from local districts in spite of JCP central bureaucrats helping the war!
Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis
- I've heard outcries of his indomitable spirit
From readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1702 (January 21st Issue)

Spring Offensive 2002 under 'War and Recession'
Win a militant explosion of antiwar / spring offensives
in spite of oppressions by labour aristocrats and Stalinist leaders of trade unions!

JRCL Central Workers Orgburo

1. The 21st century world under war clouds expanding and Spring Labour Offensive 2002
2. Drastic changes in the Japanese class situation

- The government and ruling class intensifying reactionary offensives and the works exposed to a storm of restructuring
- Degradation of labour movement to that supporting a 'wartime order' and revolutionary workers' struggles against it
3. In opposition to the war-assisting 'Industrial Patriotic' Movement! Advance an antiwar / spring offensives!
- For regeneration of the selves as revolutionary workers!
No to the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan's Reconstruction!
- The Koizumi government hosting the International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan following its participation in the war: an attempt to display its 'political power'
- The US and the UK: scheming to make a puppet government.
The end of the Pax Americana and Islam's challenge
1. The empire shot through the heart by the 'jihad'
2. The 'asymmetrical war' endless
3. The root cause of 'anti-American jihad'
4. A challenge to the civilization of Americanism
- Falsehood of the 'civilized society'
- An extremity of capital's civil-ization
- the imposed 'civilization' and the revolt against it
[6] Resolutions for New Year expressed by JRCL constituents: No. 3
- Chugoku Regional Committee
- Heavy Industrial Workers' Committee
- Social Welfare Service Workers' Committee
- Small Enterprise-Employed Workers' Committee
From Antiwar Workers' Council in Eastern Kanagawa
Interviewing the Zengakuren Chairman
9 Dec. JRCL Public Political Meeting in Hokkaido Region
- 400 workers and students came together.
Nation-wide students' protests against the shooting of a 'suspected' vessel
- 25 Dec. Osaka, against the LDP Osaka office.(Photo right)
- 23 Dec. In front of the regional LDP office.
From readers of K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
* Touched with Kuroda's 'leap at the risk of life
* Resolution coming out to build the future together with comrades


No. 1701 (January 14th Issue)

Stop American Imperialism
Extending Its Aggression over the Middle East!

Smash the Emergency Legislation!
Advance Antiwar Struggle Resolutely!

Condemn the Koizumi government shooting to sink a 'suspected' vessel!
Denounce the JCP leadership keeping silence at the incident! Fight in opposition to their degeneration to the position of 'defence of the fatherland'!

JRCL Central Student Orgburo

1. The Koizumi government committed to war participation and emergency legislation
- A scramble was exercised against a 'suspected' vessel
- A 'Basic Law of Security' is schemed for emergency legislation
2. The Bush administration preparing to extend the 'war on terrorism' and scheming to divide between Russia and China
- Warmongering in the entire Islamic world, defining it as 'asymmetrical war'
- 'Antiterrorist' co-operation with China and Russia along with conflicts behind the scene
- Collapsed official peace movement and struggles of the revolutionary left
3. Stop American Imperialism Extending Its Aggression! Smash the Emergency Legislation! Advance antiwar struggles resolutely!
- Denounce the JCP central bureaucrats degraded to a 'complement to the war of aggression'
- Build an antiwar, anti-Security treaty, anti-neofascist reaction front
Nation-wide students' protests against the shooting of a 'suspected' vessel
- 23 Dec., Tokyo, in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence
- 23 Dec., Nagoya, against the local coast guard office (Photo right, local students reading their statement before an officer).
- 23 Dec., Kagoshima, local students in front of the very 10th Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters (Photo above)

Criticism of the Rengo vision of 'welfare-type society centred around labour': a proposal to go on sweating workers before their deaths
1. Assistance to the war of aggression
- In opposition to the Rengo leadership shouting 'anti-terrorist' slogans, struggles from below exploding
- Giving acquittal to monopoly capitalist restructuring and shifting the responsibility onto the 'terrorist attacks'
- Pledging loyalty to the monopoly capitalists
2. Fallacy of the 'welfare-type society centred around labour'
- What is the 'welfare-to-be' in the midst of financial crisis
- Costly 'provision of the 'sense of safety'
- neglect of sacked workers
- Imposition of 'staged retirement' on workers and harsh treatments of aged people
3. Reasoning with west European-type social democracy
- 'Workers' direct participation' following after the Japanese managerial model
- Incorporation of trade unions into corporate organizations
- Reinforcing the idea of class collaboration based on the negation of 'class contradiction'
[6-7] Resolutions for New Year expressed by JRCL constituents: No. 2
- Tokai Regional Committee
- Hokuriku Regional Committee
- Kyushu Regional Committee
- Education Workers Committee
- Postal Workers Committee
- Metal Workers Committee
- Chemical Workers Committee
Condemn Kanagawa Prefectural Police arresting a student activist!
- Denounce framing up a 'bodily injury' case!
- Wide-ranging students, teachers, and intellectuals standing in protest
Reading K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Taught 'We are with colleagues'

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