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The 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
August 4th 2013

The Executive Committee for the 51st International Antiwar Assembly

composed of
All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations [Zengakuren]
Antiwar Youth Committee
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) [JRCL (RMF)]

The Central Meeting in Tokyo

The Overseas Appeal for the Assembly

The Messages of Solidarity

On August 4th, the 51st International Antiwar Assemblies were held in 6 cities in Japan. We the Executive Committee realized these assemblies as meetings for strengthening our determination and international solidarity with foreign comrades to fight against the offensives imposing <war and poverty> upon the toiling masses all over the world.
The central meeting in Tokyo went like this.
The venue was filled with enthusiasm of the participants. Walls of the hall were crowded with banners and flags of Zengakuren, Antiwar Youth Committee, and many workers' groups and students' associations.
The comrade who presided at the meeting announced the meeting open in a clear-cut voice. She stated: 'In East Asia, tension has been mounting to such an extent that the slightest provocation could touch off a world war. The Japanese government led by Prime Minister Abe is just about to launch ultra-reactionary offensives which had been held back before the Upper House election. We must fortify ourselves and fight dauntlessly!'
The first programme was an emergency report from Okinawa. At this very minute when the assemblies were held, workers and students in Okinawa were fighting against the US Forces' additional deployment of the tilt-rotor aircraft MV-22 Osprey in the Futenma Base. (The Okinawa regional antiwar assembly was held a week later, on August 11th.) On August 5th, in the process of deployment, a US military helicopter crashed in the northern part of Okinawa. People's anger is seething more than ever and their fight is still going on today.
The keynote speaker started off his address: 'Now is the time to fight resolutely, aiming to remove all the military bases and repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty!' 'Launch a counterattack against the neo-fascist Abe government hell-bent on strengthening the US-Japan new military alliance and revising the Constitution of Japan!'
After an intermission, messages from abroad were presented by a student of Zengakuren. She read 15 messages the Executive Committee received from 12 countries. (We received another 2 messages later.) She said, 'The appeal is now being read in Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian texts by workers and the toiling masses all over the world. Let's fight together with them!' The audience applauded it, feeling a strong sense of solidarity with comrades of the world. In the lobby, pictures of people's struggles in the world were put on display, together with journals and newspapers of foreign organizations.
We, the Executive Committee, express our cordial internationalist thanks to all foreign comrades and friends who participated in our assemblies through messages.
The presentation of overseas messages was followed by the declaration of resolves by two comrades. The first was an education worker, who made his decision clear, saying that he would disclose the neo-fascist nature of the Abe government's offensive of constitutional revision and strive to build up the unity of the working class in solidarity with workers of all industries. Next and the last was the chairman of Zengakuren. Wearing a white helmet for fighting, he powerfully reported on the struggle fought by Zengakuren right at the moment in Okinawa against the US Forces' additional deployment of the Osprey.
Finally, everybody stood up, raised a chorus of yells, which shook the whole building, and sang The International in unison, thus concluding the meeting.
Comrades of the world!
Fight together to strengthen our international solidarity against <war and poverty>!

 The Tokai Assembly in Nagoya   The Hokuriku Assembly in Kanazawa 
 The Kyushu Assembly in Fukuoka  The  Kansai Assembly in Osaka 
 The Hokkaido Assembly in Sapporo  The Okinawa Assembly in Naha

Overseas Appeal for the
51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Let us fight against the competition for strengthening nuclear capabilities

between the US and China/Russia!
Build up international solidarity against <war and poverty>!

 Working people all over the world!
 On the 4th of August, which is the sixty-eighth summer since US imperialism dropped nuclear bombs onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we are going to hold the 51st International Antiwar Assemblies in seven major cities across the country. Let us fight in unity to shatter <wars and poverty> imposed on the toiling masses all over the world!
 Currently in Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who justifies Japan's invasion of Asian countries in the past war, is now in an attempt to eliminate the 'war-renouncing' Constitution of Japan. He is taking along, as a booster, the leader of Japan Restoration Party, Toru Hashimoto who made inadmissible remarks such as 'a system of comfort women is necessary' to let soldiers 'have a rest'. Abe's target is to establish a Constitution suitable for a militarily 'strong country' that is capable of waging wars along with the US.
 Moreover, the Abe government is carrying out nuclear development on the basis of a strategy of maintaining 'potential possession of nuclear weapons.' It pays no attention to the hazardous situation of TEPCO's Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant ceaselessly scattering about radioactive substances. It gives no consideration to the 154,000 evacuees suffering from radioactive pollution and poverty. This government has eyes only for the quick re-opening of nuclear plants and is hell-bent on the exportation of Japan-made nuclear plants to the world.
 Comrades all over the world!
 In Japan, we are promoting the struggle to stop the revision of the Japanese Constitution, the struggle against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and the struggle against the strengthening of US military bases in Japan including the ones in Okinawa, together with the struggle to stop the re-opening and the exportation of nuclear plants. Raising the banner of 'Down with the neo-fascist Abe government', we are in the forefront of the toiling masses in Japan. Comrades! Now is the time to unite worldwide to stir up the flame of antiwar struggles!


 The first summit meeting between President Obama representing declining imperialism and new Chinese President Xi Jinping was held on June 7th and 8th. The meeting was staged on the west coast of North America, with the Pacific Ocean nearby. This informal meeting ushered in a new and more severe confrontation between the two states competing for dominance over the Asia-Pacific region.
 At the press conference, Obama said, 'the United States welcomes the continuing peaceful rise of China as a world power.' But at the same time he was in readiness for the US-Japan joint military exercise 'Dawn Blitz 2013' designed for an 'emergency' on the disputed Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands. This exercise was to start immediately after the meeting (June 11th) on the coast of California, close to the meeting place. A request from China to cancel the exercise had been rejected. What Obama intended to do was to show off the conspicuous and overwhelming military power of the US. In reaction to the announced exercise, Xi stated that 'the vast Pacific Ocean has enough space for the two large countries of China and the United States'. In this way, Xi, being proud of China as a 'major power that rises in the East', claimed to win half of the Pacific Ocean in rivalry with the US.
 US imperialism and China are at daggers drawn on either side of the Pacific Ocean. The confrontation between them is increasing military tension in East Asia.
 In a bid to contain China aiming at being a 'superpower of the 21st century', the Obama administration is rushing headlong towards establishing the military encirclement of China. The core of Obama's strategy is to form a multilateral alliance with Asia-Pacific countries centring around the new US-Japan military alliance as its cornerstone, particularly in order to form a triangular alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea.
 Due to the miserable defeat in war on Afghanistan and Iraq, the US administration has been forced to run away from the Middle East region. This defeat has left a huge amount of government debt, so much so that the Obama administration is obliged to cut the military budget by more than $500 billion within 10 years. For this reason, the administration is concentrating its troops in the Asia-Pacific region, restructuring the US Forces in the name of the 'Rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific Region.' What's more, this administration is scheming to link the allied forces in the region with US Forces. The first to be named is the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, a subservient force accompanying US Forces, with other allied forces of South Korea, Australia, the Philippines to follow it. The front line of this military encirclement against China is the US military bases in Okinawa, where tilt-rotor Ospreys were forcibly deployed last autumn by riding roughshod over workers' and students' protests. US Forces hold more than a hundred military bases in Japan ranging from Okinawa to Hokkaido, as if to stick a careful and hostile gaze on China all the time. The whole country of Japan has become a forward base of the military encirclement of China.
 Furthermore, the Obama administration is pouring a huge amount of money into the development of high-tech armaments despite the huge budget deficit it is burdened with. This administration of the warmonger state is developing so-called 'killer robots' that stand in a battlefield instead of soldiers, to say nothing of drones and remote-controlled ground robots, which have been already deployed for wars in the Middle East.
 On the other hand, the Xi government of China has adopted the strategy of becoming a 'maritime power' in order to break through the US military encirclement. It is frantically building up its nuclear military capabilities, as seen in the introduction of China's first aircraft carrier. With the aim of seizing command of the South and East China Seas from the US, and seizing command of the West Pacific Ocean, the Chinese government constantly repeats naval exercises nowadays. And now, its expansion of armaments against the US extends into outer space along with the development of ASAT [anti-satellite interceptor].
 It does not end here. The Chinese government has announced that it is in China's 'core interests' to possess the Diaoyu Islands, as well as the Spratly and Paracel Islands. By repeating violent, high-handed behaviour towards fishing boats of Vietnam and the Philippines, it causes friction with these countries. The Chinese bureaucracy also schemes to seize and monopolize the marine resources of East Asia.
 As to Russia, the number of nuclear warheads it possesses still amounts to 8,500. The counter-measure of strengthening its armaments against the US has been spurred on. Putin desires to rehabilitate 'Russia as a world power'. Russia has now advanced its navy into the North Pacific Ocean.
 In East Asia, the US (plus Japan) and China/Russia confront with each other politically and militarily. Tangled with a scramble for natural resources, this rivalry could now become the cause of a new war.
 Amid the intensifying rivalry, the Abe government of the Japanese imperialist state is rapidly reinforcing the Japanese SDF as a subservient force to the US one. It has been accepting every request from the Obama administration, such as bearing the huge expenses of constructing US bases in Japan and Guam. However, at the same time, the Japanese nationalist Abe, burning with ambition, sees that this is a favourable opportunity to promote Japan to become a military power of the first-rank, or to become a 'strong state'. This is the reason why the Abe government is trying to bulldoze a new Constitution drafted by his Liberal Democratic Party. It schemes to eliminate the present Constitution that includes 'renunciation of war' and adopt new one that specifies the possession of 'armed forces' and the 'restriction' of human rights. In April, he openly uttered, as Prime Minister, that 'definition of what constitutes invasion has yet to be established'. With the aim of establishing such a Constitution, he propagandizes to justify the invasion of Asian countries as a 'war of liberation of Asia'.
 Triggered by the inexcusable words and deeds that Abe and his followers have repeated, the burning indignation of the toiling masses has broken out everywhere, particularly in China and South Korea. The government is also producing friction in its relations with power holders of these countries. Here, it is making existing tensions even more intensified in East Asia.
 We strongly oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance as a defensive and offensive alliance against China! Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko, Okinawa! No to the Henoko base construction for building the frontline base of the military encirclement against China! Remove the Ospreys! Fight against the counter-nuclear-buildup promoted by the rulers of China and Russia!


 In the Middle East, the isolated Israel of Netanyahu is scared of being surrounded by the flame of anti-US/anti-Zionist resentment, and is frantically waging wars against the neighbouring countries. The rulers of Israel are screaming for a pretext to launch a military attack on Iran, which is proceeding with nuclear development. Fight against the brutalities of Israel armed with eighty nuclear warheads under the protection of the US! Denounce this warmonger for repeating air raids against Palestine and Syria!
 In Syria, where the Assad regime is escalating armed oppression against anti-government groups, more than a hundred thousand people have been killed. The civil war is tangled with sectarian strife between the Shia and the Sunni, becoming more intensified than ever. Russia supports the Assad regime whilst the imperialist states of the US, Britain and France express their support for anti-Assad groups: furnishing arms aids, these rulers are egoistically trying to accomplish each of their state interests. They are the ones who are leaving the Syrian toiling masses in hell!
 Denounce the Assad regime and denounce the massacre of Syrian masses! Denounce the Israeli government launching air raids on Syria! Toiling masses of Syria! Now is the time to unite beyond sectarian differences to topple down the Assad regime!
 Inexcusably, the Obama-led US imperialist state is repeating drone attacks on people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It has dragged the Middle East and Central Asia into a nightmare; Afghanistan and Iraq were turned into a US 'testing ground' for new high-tech weaponry like white-phosphorus bombs and daisy cutters. In areas where US Forces attacked with depleted uranium munitions, many of the children are suffering from malformations. US imperialism, which committed the historical crime of dropping atomic bombs onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this time, has thrown the toiling masses of the Middle East and Central Asia into a radiation disaster.
 Workers and people all over the world! Promote the antiwar struggles in solidarity with fighting people in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa!


 Today, everywhere in the world, more workers than ever are being deprived of their jobs and are suffering poverty. Governments and capitalists are imposing heavier burdens upon us workers.
 In Japan, Prime Minister Abe has started to implement so-called 'Japan's economic recovery' measures, including an extreme monetary relaxation policy (i.e. expansion in the monetary base), public investments funded with the issue of a huge amount of government bonds, and reactionary revisions of labour laws. The enforcement of such measures, or so-called Abenomics, is forcing severer poverty and harsh low-wage labour on the toiling masses. The manipulated yen's depreciation and high stock prices has contributed to moneymaking for a handful of monopoly capitalists and hedge funds, whereas for the toiling masses it has caused great hardship due to price hikes. In order to cover the financial deficit which is now amounting to astronomical figures, the Japanese government is preparing a drastic rise in consumption tax. Corporation tax, on the other hand, is to be reduced pretty soon. While spreading the demagogic propaganda that the overprotection of jobless people and workers is the cause of the slump of the Japanese economy, the Abe government is reducing social security expenses, and in addition, carrying out 'deregulation in the field of labour'. It is creating a 'paradise for capitalists', where they can freely exploit workers through low wages and dismiss them at any time. But this is a hell for workers and nothing else.
 We, workers of Japan, will definitely smash such offensives by the government and the ruling class!
 In the lingering economic crisis, imperialist governments are doing everything to bail out the monopoly capitalists of their own countries, while making workers and the toiling masses pay the price for the crisis. In Europe, the austerity policies that the EU leadership has imposed on severely indebted countries have thrown an unprecedented number of people into unemployment. In the United States, workers' wages have been cut drastically in the last five years. Today, the wages of manufacturing workers are even said to be as low as those in China. An enormous amount of dollars printed in accordance with the Obama administration's quantitative easing policy has been poured into newly emerging and developing countries for speculative businesses, only to boost inflation there.
 'Economic recovery by means of monetary easing' is impossible. Contemporary capitalism has already lost vitality, showing signs of the approaching end. Imperialist governments and monopoly capitalists, as well as governments and native capitalists of developing countries who are colluding with imperialists, are imposing more poverty and low-wage labour on the toiling masses. This is the only measure left for capitalism. The bureaucratic government of China, now faced with a slowdown in the economy, is no exception.
 This is not all. In a bid to escape from the economic crisis, imperialist governments are fully assisting their capitalists to carry out overseas expansion. Imperialists are bent on making neo-colonialist invasion of Asian, African and Latin American countries in pursuit of commodity markets, resources and cheaper labour-power.
 The neo-Stalinist bureaucratic government of China, now the world's second greatest economic power, is promoting the overseas expansion of Chinese enterprises while continuing to introduce foreign capital. It is also scheming to create a China-led economic bloc. Thus, in the Asia-Pacific region, a bitter rivalry is growing between China and the US: China is aiming for an economic bloc that excludes the US (e.g. the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership), while the US is forming a US-led free trade zone (i.e. the Trans-Pacific Partnership). Economic rivalries of this kind are closely entangled with a political and military confrontation between the two states to heighten military tensions in various regions of the world.
 Comrades of the world!
 Everywhere in the world, angry workers are rising up in protest - in Brazil, Turkey, Greece... Our comrades are fighting at this very moment. Now is the time to unite and strengthen our counterattack. Fight against the monopoly capitalist class and its governments! No to the imposition of poverty on the toiling masses! No to neo-colonialist invasion!


 The world where we live today is covered with dark clouds of warfare. Imperialist America, the world's strongest nuclear power, has numerous military bases all over the Pacific region. Against it, China is hell-bent on the expansion of armaments on the basis of the 'logic of power politics' in the same manner as imperialist rulers though it claims to be 'socialist'. The competition for strengthening nuclear capabilities between the two states is thus intensifying more and more.
 Monopoly capitalists are making inroads into foreign countries to obtain cheaper labour-power. Resentment is simmering all over the world against the ones who are greedily exploiting workers and monopolizing natural resources.
 The contemporary world is now rotten to the great extent shown by these developments. We must fundamentally overturn it.
 We will never let the Abe government justify the aggressive war once conducted by the Tennoist state of Japan against China and other Asian countries as a 'sacred war to liberate Asia'. The Japanese military massacred twenty million Asian people. It ravaged the Chinese Continent and placed Korea and other Asian countries under its colonial rule. This blood-stained war of aggression must go down as such in history.
 We firmly fight against the Abe government which glorifies the aggression in the past war. As the Japanese proletariat, we express our self-criticism to all the toiling people of China and other Asian countries for not having been able to stop the Tennoist state from committing the aggressive war.
 Workers and toiling people of China! We call on you to fight together with us in denouncing US imperialism for strengthening its military encirclement against China, and condemning the Abe-led Japanese government for justifying Japan's historical war crimes. We call on you, at the same time, to stand up against your own government by rejecting anti-Japanese nationalism propagandized for the 'possession of the Diaoyu Islands'. Promote antiwar struggles against the warmongering efforts of the Chinese government and its nuclear military buildup! The Chinese government is fanning Sinocentric nationalism to avert the eyes of workers who have risen up in protest against the corrupt bureaucrats of the central and local governments and against the bosses of state enterprises and private and foreign-owned enterprises that are exploiting workers through extremely low wages. It is an anti-proletarian chauvinistic ideology for diverting the resentment of the toiling masses to 'foreign enemies'.
 Recollect! During the days of the anti-Japanese resistance, people of China distinguished between Japanese toiling masses who were mobilized in the war and the Japanese government or the military. The Japanese toiling masses should not be the target of your denunciation.
 The party-state bureaucracy of China have plunged workers and peasants into abject misery. Denounce those who have transformed China's economic structure into state capitalism while maintaining the signboard of a 'socialist state'!
 Let us smash the nationalist, chauvinist ideological offensives launched by both governments! Create solidarity between Chinese and Japanese workers and people across the border!
 In Japan, the leadership of Rengo, the biggest national centre of trade unions in Japan, is planning to decide, in the coming convention, to effectively accept the revision of the Constitution. Based on the idea that labour and management share the same interests, those labour aristocrats of Rengo have been suppressing workers' struggles.
 The same goes for the Japanese Communist Party. Today when the Abe government is insisting on Japan's 'possession' of the Senkaku Islands and spreading Japanese nationalism in the name of 'national interests', this party is not against it, rather lending a helping hand to it. The JCP says, 'The Japanese government should state more clearly to the Chinese government that the Senkaku Islands are a territory that is an inherent part of Japan'. The JCP leadership has joined in the nationalist propaganda conducted by the imperialist government, thus serving to divide the toiling people of Japan and China from each other. This is an inevitable result of them having obliterated the class nature of the state and pursued 'reforms within the framework of capitalism'.
 They can never overturn the rotten world of today. We shall resolutely overcome the official leaderships and fight to strengthen the class solidarity of the working people.
 The contemporary capitalism is in its death throes. Workers and people are rising up all over the world in opposition to governments' policies to prepare wars and to make the toiling masses pay for the economic crisis. Impermissibly, nationalist ideologies are being spread not only by the ruling classes and their governments but also by the official leaderships of the labour movement. In opposition to such an ideological offensive, workers and people must unite both in their own countries and across national borders.
 Imperialist rulers say the Soviet Union has collapsed and so has Marxism. This is a sheer demagogy! Official leaderships, including most communist parties in the world, have bowed to this demagogy. What has collapsed is not Marxism but Stalinism, which is pseudo-Marxism. It is Stalinism that has led the Soviet Union to its disintegration and has driven contemporary China into the utmost degeneration. Only the internationally united fight of the working class, overcoming the degenerate official leaderships, can open the way for eradicating wars, poverty, radioactive contamination, environmental destruction and the deepening material and mental alienation of the toiling masses. Now is the time to raise our voices all over the world:

(July 1st, 2013)

Messages of solidarity
from foreign friends

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Spark (solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea)
- Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)
- The EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party of Greece)
- Vladimir Pronin
(a member of presidium of antifascism committee in Ukraine) Ukraine
- Union Pacifist de France
- Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)
- A World to Win, Britain
- Russian Party of Communists, Russia
- A.K. Cherepanob (First Secretary of Tyumen Ob-Com Russian Communist Workers Party -CPSU) Russia
- Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers Newspaper)
- News and Letters Committees
 - Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI)
- Tavini Huiraatira no Te Ao Maohi (Liberation Front of Polynesia)
- Anti-capitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA), Greece

- David McReynolds (former Chair, War Resisters International, Former co-Chair, Socialist Party USA) USA
- Larisa Trofimovna Babienko
('For USSR') Russia

 Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
July 18th 2013, London, Britain
  We, Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, send our warm and comradely greetings to the 51st International Anti-War Assembly.
  We write at a time when working-class resistance to increasingly oppressive measures by the ruling class has reached huge proportions in many countries, but a lack of revolutionary leadership may result in defeat.
  The demonstrations by 17 million people in Egypt on 30 June showed the determination of the masses to oust President Mohamed Morsi. The takeover by the army however is an attempt to derail this movement. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's support for the army takeover on the grounds that the army can prevent "chaos" is an example of the fear the world bourgeoisie has of the strength of the masses.
  The workers of Greece have engaged in mass strike action against the "austerity" measures imposed by the European Union. The coalition government in Greece has seen its majority decline as the "Democratic Left" resigned from the coalition under pressure from the working class, particularly in relation to the defence of the state broadcaster ERT, which has been occupied by the workers and has continued to broadcast in defiance of the government.
  Nonetheless, the "socialist" PASOK continues to be a junior partner in the coalition government, while the main opposition organization, Syriza, moves to the right.
  In Turkey, resistance which was sparked by a police attack on a small number of protesters against the removal of trees in Istanbul's Taksim Gezi Park, and now worker-led demands for democratic rights have spread throughout the country, despite increasing police repression. There is again a lack of leadership in the movement in Turkey.
  In Britain, the ConDem government increasingly resorts to lies and deceit to justify its policies of cuts in health and other public services such as firefighting, and its punitive measures such as the cap on benefits and "bedroom tax", which reduces the benefit paid to low-income families deemed to have an "extra" bedroom. The benefit cap has meant that low-wage and workless families are being forced out of London and other high-cost areas, with great detriment to children's schooling and family welfare.
  The Health and Social Care Act aims to privatise most of the National Health Service, making profits for private companies but increasing the cost of health care. There have been major demonstrations in many areas to defend local hospitals threatened with closure, and to defend NHS services. Middle class people are increasingly resorting to private health insurance, and Britain is moving towards a "two-tier" health care system, with worse health care available to those who cannot afford private health insurance.
  The government's policy to sell off the Royal Mail, now formally separated from the Post Office, and to close Post Offices has also met with resistance. On 17 July workers in the 372 "Crown Post Offices" went on strike against planned closures and job cuts.
  The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has followed the Conservative policy on these issues, while suspending from the parliamentary party the MP David Ward, who dared to criticise Israel as an "apartheid state".
  Labour leader Ed Miliband is offering no opposition to ConDem policies. His support for the EU policies on "competitiveness" and for the EU-US Trade Agreement that will enforce privatisation undermines any attempt he might make to develop alternative policies. Miliband is anxious to weaken the links between the Labour Party and the trade unions, and keep away any influence from the working class.
  In Britain's largest trade union, Unite, the left were divided as to whether to support the militant Gerry Hicks in his challenge to Len McCluskey, for the post of General Secretary. A major difference between the two is Hicks's support for a new workers' party and McCluskey's policy of trying to influence the Labour Party. McCluskey's attempt to influence Labour by encouraging Unite members to join the party and support Unite-sponsored candidates received a major setback recently in the Scottish town of Falkirk. Miliband moved to prevent the enrolment of Unite members and prevent the selection of the Unite-supported candidate, Karie Murphy.
  Miliband says he wants the Labour Party to recruit more members. But not if these new members are militant trade unionists.
  It is indeed time, as the Overseas Appeal states, "to raise our voices all over the world: 'WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!'

평화와 통일을 여는 사람들 (SPARK Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea)

7 17, 한국, 서울 

SPARK’은 국제반전집회실행위원회의 제51회 국제반전집회를 진심으로 환영하고 응원합니다. 'SPARK'는 제국주의 침략과 냉전적 대결에 반대하며, 한반도에서의 미군철수와 비핵화 그리고 분단체제를 평화체제로 바꾸기 위한 평화협정의 체결을 지향합니다. 나아가 한반도 비핵화를 시작으로 하여 동북아, 궁극적으로 전세계 노동자민중의 전쟁과 핵으로부터의 해방을 지향합니다.

지금의 동북아 정세는 ‘아시아로의 귀환(Pivot to Asia)' 정책을 기치로 한 미국 오바마정권의 아시아패권 강화, MD구축과 핵우산을 기반으로 하는 세계패권전략, 이를 견제하는 중국과 북한의 반발, 미국과의 동맹을 우선시 하는 한국과 일본의 극우정권 재창출 등의 연결고리가 악순환으로 작동하고 있습니다. 이는 한미일 해양 동맹과 북중러 대륙 동맹의 신냉전적 동북아 형세를 규정하고 고착화 하여, 자주평화통일을 갈망하는 한반도 민중을 비롯한 전세계 민중의 평화적 생존권이 위협받고 있는 것입니다.

특히 최근 일본 아베 정권의 급격한 우경화에 의한 침략역사 부정과 평화헌법 개정 움직임은 과거 일본의 군국주의에 의해 큰 피해를 입었던 아시아 민중의 우려를 사고 있습니다. 게다가 이는 미국의 제국주의적 세계패권 전략과 결합되어 한반도 비핵화와 자주평화통일경로에 심대한 장해요소로 작용할 우려가 큽니다.

한국의 박근혜 정권 또한 동아시아의 협력과 남북한의 대화·화해보다는 미국의 대북적대정책에 편승하여 남북관계 개선의 기회를 저버리며, 안으로는 반북 이데올로기를 무기삼아 자신의 지지기반 강화에만 골몰하고 있습니다.

하지만 동아시아의 상생과 평화를 위한 SPARK의 반미, 비핵, 평화의 투쟁은 멈추지 않을 것이며, 평화를 위한 한국 민중들의 투쟁도 계속될 것입니다.

이에 'SPARK‘는 제51회 국제반전집회에 즈음하여 전세계 노동자민중의 반전평화연대투쟁에 뜻을 함께 하고자 합니다. 함께 싸웁시다!

Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)

July 25th 2013, Afghanistan
Dear comrades and friends,
Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA) is pleased to covey its sincerely greetings to you and express its strong solidarity with you. LRA appreciates your struggle against war and destruction missions of the Japanese government and other imperialists around the world. All people from Japan to US, from Germany to Australia, from Iraq to Afghanistan want peace and development but the plundering imperialist governments waging war across the world to gain their dirty interests for their minority parasitic lives. We are aware of hazards of nuclear weapons and the effects it imposed recently to Japanese people in the nuclear center in Japan.
US imperialism along with its allies in NATO under pretext of "war on terrorism" occupied Afghanistan in 2001 and killed more than one hundred thousand people and destroyed the agriculture and infrastructure of the country during 12 years. In the name of defending human rights they committed heinous crimes against Afghan people. They are bombarding the villages and innocent people and children, letting dogs on women and children, cutting the fingers of their victims, urinate on the dead bodies of the victims and doing sexual abuse of women during searching the homes. They torturing the detainees until they die and keep them in a very awful condition behind the eyes of media and access their families and 'human rights' defenders.
In the name of democracy they established a corrupt, mafia and criminal government through a fraudulent elections and the violence against women is several time worse than before.
So, the anti war and anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan is increasing and widening day by day and the invader forces of imperialism face with sever challenges. The recent efforts of US imperialism for Peace Talks in Qatar shows their failure. The US imperialism with its allies set 2014 as their military troops withdrawal date but they urge to keep tens of thousands military troops in their newly established strategic military bases in Afghanistan after 2014.
The people of Afghanistan demand for immediate withdrawal of all military troops of imperialist from Afghanistan and do not wan their military bases.
The anti occupation and anti war resistance in Afghanistan seriously need the solidarity of Japanese people for their legitimate struggle against imperialism.
Long live solidarity between the people of Japan and Afghanistan!
Long live anti war struggle around the world!
End to occupation and withdrawal of all imperialist forces from Asia!

The EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party of Greece)
July 21st 2013, Athens, Greece
Dear Comrades,
The EEK( Workers Revolutionary Party) of Greece salutes the 51st International Antiwar Assembly taking place in Japan on August 4, as a well as the entire Japanese working class, the youth, the farmers, and the people, joining you in the common struggle against world imperialism, militarism, and the threat of a nuclear holocaust.
From Hiroshima to Fukushima, the people of Japan became the emblematic martyr of the barbarism generated by imperialism, world capitalism in its historic decay. Your sufferings are our sufferings, as your tragedies are a warning for all of us, all over the world - a warning for the catastrophe threatening humanity if it is not liberated timely from the capitalist system, the ruling classes and all its governments.
We are sending you our greetings from Greece, a country in battle in a ferocious class war against the dictatorship of the infamous "troika" of the IMF, the EU, and the European Central Bank imposing on our people, through the reactionary Samaras government, a savage "programme" of measures of social cannibalism. Already more than third of our population lives under the poverty line and 63 per cent of our youth is jobless, and without any hope to find a job in a foreseeable future.
But we fight back, we will never surrender, and we will win! The capitalist State, its government and repressive forces, including the fascist gangs of the Nazi "Golden Dawn" try to intimidate us, without any success. It is not accidental the fact that the Greek State and the current Greek government (which includes notorious fascists as ministers) has endorsed the legal action by the Nazi "Golden Dawn" against our
Party, organizing a show trial against the General Secretary of the EEK, Savas Michael-Matsas, on September 3, 2013. There is already an international campaign of solidarity to us, gaining everyday impetus and strength. We are sure that the fighting and internationalist spirit of the Japanese vanguard workers will express also its solidarity against this witch hunt launched by the Greek government and State in full collaboration with open proponents of Adolph Hitler like the Nazi "Golden Dawn".

with internationalist communist greetings
on behalf of the EEK
Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary of the Central Committee

Владимир Пронин

Член Президиума Антифашистского комитета Украины

 9 июля 2013, Киев, Украина

 Уважаемые товарищи! Очередная, 51-я по счёту, международная антивоенная конференция проходит, как и все предыдущие, в условиях непрекращающейся борьбы народов мира против мирового империализма. Эта борьба то усиливается, то несколько ослабевает, но не прекращается никогда. И эта борьба закончится только тогда, когда с империализмом будет покончено, когда в его гроб прогрессивное человечество забьёт последний гвоздь.

Другой исход этой борьбы - окончательная победа империализма не может быть допущена, потому что в этом случае речь будет идти не только о возможности человечества идти по пути прогресса и цивилизации, а только о самом существовании человечества. Стремление империализма сохранить власть и собственность остаётся прежним, тогда как возможности уничтожить человечество нарастают с каждым годом. А на что способен империализм, когда у него возникнет ощущение, что его загнали в угол, показывает недавняя информация, озвученная влиятельнейшим американским политологом и государственным деятелем Збигневом Бжезинским. Для того, чтобы представить уровень его информированности, достаточно указать на то, что при президентах Кеннеди и Джонсоне он занимал ключевой пост Советника по государственной безопасности США.

По его словам, в 1979 году, при президенте Картере, когда ещё не выветрился вьетнамский синдром и когда вслед за Вьетнамом произошли народные революции в Анголе, Мозамбике, Южном Йемене, на Гренаде и в Никарагуа, в Лаосе и ряде других стран, США чуть не нанесли ядерный удар по Советскому Союзу, потому что в США кто-то заложил в сети провокационную информацию об уже произведенном запуске советских ракет по направлению к США. Только проверка этих данных, показавшая их явную лживость, помогла удержать мир на краю ядерной пропасти. Этот факт показывает, на что способен империализм и его наиболее оголтелые ястребы, если они почувствуют угрозу своим привилегиям относительно возможности ограбления прочего мира. И это ещё одно доказательство того, на какой грани постоянно колеблется само существование человечества при нынешних возможностях взаимного уничтожения странами, обладающими основными ядерными запасами атомного оружия. Разумеется, коммунисты, как партия будущего (если это настоящие коммунисты), не могут не выступать против ядерной гонки вооружений, не могут не требовать всеобщего разоружения. Но при этом они не должны упускать из виду, кто является главным виновником, инициатором гонки вооружений – это мировой жандарм нашей эпохи, - американский империализм. Ведь именно США ныне стоят за подавляющим большинством международных конфликтов, каждый из которых может послужить прологом мировой бойни, которая в условиях наличия немыслимых запасов оружия массового уничтожения может в один трагический день привести к всеобщему уничтожению. В конечном счёте, мы не можем ставить на одну доску наглого агрессора США и Корейскую Народно-Демократическую Республику, которая не поддаётся угрозам и провокациям со стороны США и марионеточного режима Южной Кореи и создаёт для своей защиты собственный ядерный щит, заставляющий империалистов и их подпевал считаться с собой!

И, наконец, мы должны понимать, что подлинное и полное разоружение невозможно, пока существует капитализм, потому что военные заказы приносят буржуазии, в особенности, той её части, которая непосредственно занимается производством вооружений, особо высокие прибыли, поступаться которыми для капиталистов немыслимо – иначе они не были бы капиталистами.

За истекший после проведения предыдущей юбилейной, 50-й по счёту, Международной антивоенной конференции мировой империализм, в основном, преследовали неудачи, что не может не радовать как участников нашей конференции, так и всё прогрессивное человечество.

Основным событием, которое больше всего привлекало к себе внимание во всём мире, были кровавые события в Сирии, где не устраивающий империалистических агрессоров режим президента Асада, поддерживаемый большинством народа, явно не собирается сдаваться на милость победителей. И в этом вопросе при оценке тех или иных событий мы должны прежде всего принимать во внимание, кто стоит за агрессией и кто выиграет в случае поражения Сирии. Ответ ясен – всё тот же американский империализм, для которого свержение режима Асада и установление в Сирии марионеточного режима будет всего лишь шагом на пути к достижению их главной на данный момент цели – смены антиамериканского режима в Иране, замене его на послушный империалистическим хозяевам режим, и, тем самым, получения окончательного контроля над нефтяными ресурсами Ближнего Востока. После этого США с полным на то правом рассчитывают получить мощный рычаг для оказания решающего воздействия на неугодные ему режимы по всему миру, в частности, на Россию, Венесуэлу и другие богатые нефтью государства..

Опыт показал, что политика уступок наглеющему и понимающему только силу империализму приводит только к одному – к капитуляции и гибели тех руководителей государств, которые идут на уступки, как было в случае с Хусейном и Каддафи, и, как итог, к хаосу в стране марионеточного режима победившего империализма. Судьба современных Ирака, Афганистана, Ливии – тому доказательство. И президент Асад из этого опыта совершенно очевидно, сделал правильные выводы.

К тому же героическое сопротивление Сирии империалистическим наёмникам со всего мира не оставило равнодушным другие народы и не только находящиеся в ближайшем соседстве с Сирией. Как результат такой солидарности, начало формироваться международное содружество друзей сирийского народа. Длительные волнения в Турции, восстание в Египте сразу же после того, как президент-исламист призвал к джихаду против Сирии, после чего его смела волна народного гнева, выступления в Ливане. Даже марионеточный режим в Ираке, только и держащийся на американских штыках, вынужден был в целях собственного самосохранения выступить в поддержку справедливого дела сирийского народа.

И, конечно, во многом решающую роль в том, что Сирия устояла, сыграло то, что на этот раз, в отличие от недавней ситуации с Ливией, Россия и Китай отказались предать сирийский народ – видимо, руководители этих стран, наконец-то, осознали, что они могут оказаться следующими целями империалистической агрессии,

Серьёзное поражение империализм потерпел в России, где он пытался испытанным методом организации «цветной» революции по типу «оранжевого» путча на Украине, сбросить переставший их устраивать режим Путина и только потому, что Россия в последнее время посмела проводить более самостоятельную и независимую внешнюю политику.

Несмотря на все эти неудачи империалистических сил, народы мира, как и прежде, не должны терять бдительность. Агрессивная сущность империализма не может не направлять его энергию к новым авантюрам. Наряду с другими тлеющими мировыми проблемами наметился новый фронт наступления империализма, прежде всего, американского – Латинская Америка, когда-то бывшая фактической колонией США, но где в наше время давно уже происходят события, никак не устраивающие Вашингтон. Свидетельством тому событие, не всеми правильно истолкованное, - смена ещё действовавшего папы Бенедикта XVI на латиноамериканского папу-иезуита Франциска I. Впервые за 600 лет действовавшему папе не дали досидеть на папском престоле до конца его дней и отправили в почётную отставку. Смерть антиамериканского президента Венесуэлы Чавеса, имевшего огромный авторитет у трудящихся всей Латинской Америки, преклонный возраст Фиделя Кастро заставили тех, кто решает судьбу папского престола, поторопиться, чтобы воспользоваться благоприятным моментом и перейти на латиноамериканском континенте в контрнаступление. И тот, кто внимательно следит за жизнью латиноамериканцев, уже замечает первые шаги США и его прихлебателей в этом направлении – организованные перебои в снабжении самыми жизненно важными продуктами в Венесуэле, недавние беспорядки в Бразилии...

Нет и не должно быть сомнений, что рано или поздно, но человечество избавится от капитализма и всех связанных с этим бесчеловечным обществом проблем, в том числе и тех, о которых говорится на нашей конференции и в её решениях. Но эта победа не придёт сама собой. Для этого антиимпериалистические силы должны приложить максимум усилий. Нет сомнения, что наша конференция, которой я от чистого сердца желаю самого успешной работы, приложит к этому все усилия. Удачи всем нам в этой великой борьбе за освобождение человечества от жестокого и позорного ига империализма!


Union Pacifist de France
July 10th 2013, Paris, France
Dear Comrades,
We thank you for your invitation to the antiwar assembly.
The Union Pacifiste de France, French section of War Resisters international, wish you a very good meeting.
We also fight against the competition for strengthening nuclear capabilities between the US and China/Russia. We must build up international solidarity against war and poverty.
With solidarity,
Maurice Montet
Secretary Union Pacifist de France

Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT)
July 25th 2013, Vienna, Austria
Dear comrades,
The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and its sections in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Occupied Palestine, USA and Austria send you the warmest internationalist greetings! We congratulate you - the Executive Committee for the 51st International Antiwar Assembly (uniting the All-Japan Federation of Students' Self-Governing Associations (Zengakuren), the Antiwar Youth Committee and the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction, JRCL (RMF)) - for organizing the 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan.
Since Japan is one of the world's biggest imperialist powers, your campaign of mobilizing workers and youth against the militaristic policy of the reactionary government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is of huge importance not only for the Japanese but also for the international working class. In this you are following the principle of communist internationalism as it was put in the well-known slogan by the German workers leader Karl Liebknecht: "The main enemy is at home!". This is also the principle which the RCIT and its section are adhering. In the last few months we have been active in organising protest actions against the intervention of French and EU imperialism in Mali as well as in solidarity with the Palestinian people against imperialist Israel and in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. (1) We also defeated an attempt by the Zionists to open a trial against a leading RCIT comrade in Austria because of an Anti-Zionist speech he gave at a pro-Palestinian demonstration which we co-organized during the Gaza war in November 2012. (2)
You rightly denounce not only Japanese imperialism but also its lackeys inside the workers movement like the Stalinist JCP. Like the French Stalinists who welcome the imperialist adventure of its ruling class in Mali or the Israeli CP which supported the expulsion of the Palestinian people in 1948, the Japanese Stalinists too support their imperialist masters. They not only defend the territorial claims of the Japanese monopoly bourgeoisie on the Senkaku/Diaoyu-islands but also of the Dokdo/Takeshima Island against South-Korea. They even supported its own imperialism against China and the USSR (the Kurile/Chishima Islands, the Habomai Islands and the Shikotan Island) when the later still were degenerated workers states.
We agree with you that the conflict around the Senkaku/Diaoyu-islands is an expression of the growing rivalry between Japan, the USA and China about the hegemonic position in East Asia. It is an expression of the increasing contradiction between the imperialist powers in their search for supremacy and for super profits by plundering the semi-colonial world as we have outlined in our recently published book "The Great Robbery of the South". (3)

You correctly say that the Stalinist rulers in Beijing have "transformed China's economic structure into state capitalism while maintaining the signboard of a 'socialist state'!" However we think it is not sufficient to say that China has become a capitalist state. It is also necessary to state which kind of capitalism China has become: a semi-colonial or an imperialist capitalist country? In our opinion China is an emerging imperialist power which is driving to expand its influence and exporting capital. (4)
This is not only an important scientific question from the point of view of Marxist theory but also from the point of view of Marxist tactics. Which position should revolutionary Marxists take in the conflict between Japan and China? If China would be a semi-colonial country and Japan an imperialist country, revolutionaries in Japan would be obliged to support China in this conflict (while at the same time putting forward all the necessary political denunciations against the ruling Stalinist-capitalists in Beijing). If on the other hand one considers both countries as imperialist, revolutionary Marxists would take a revolutionary defeatist position in both countries, i.e. they would state "The main enemy is at home!" both in Japan as well as in China. The later is the position of the RCIT as we have outlined in a longer article. (5) What is your position?
We like to finish our letter by drawing your attention to the "Open Letter: Revolutionary Unity in the Struggle for the Fifth Workers International!" which the RCIT has published in May this year and which we attach below as an appendix. (6) It summarizes the main issues of the international class struggle and which position in our opinion revolutionaries should take. We emphasize the deep crisis of working class leadership and the need for authentic revolutionaries to seriously discuss the possibilities for closer collaboration and in possible fusion. We would be highly interested in your opinion on it.
Again, we wish you good luck for your congress!

Forward in the international class struggle for the liberation of the working class and all oppressed!
Forward in building the revolutionary Fifth Workers International!

Internationalist Greetings,
International Secretariat of the RCIT

A World to Win
August 1st 2013, London, Britain
Dear Friends and Comrades in Japan and around the world,
We in A World to Win send our revolutionary greetings to the 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan.
We are engaged in a common struggle to end the rule of capital which has spread throughout the world since the United States unleashed the destructive nuclear force upon the people of Japan.
In recent decades the accumulation of capital has created a global network of corporations and financial institutions whose operations leap over national boundaries. These have transformed the relationships among the national governments of the world.
The corporations promote competition amongst capitalist governments to attract inward investment, and stir wars for declining resources - energy, minerals, land and food as well as ever cheaper sources of labour.
Since 2007/8 every part of the world has been drawn into an historically unprecedented interconnected economic, ecological, social and political crisis.
Attempts to impose solutions which favour the 1% of the population who benefit from their ownership of the world's capital have triggered mass movements around the world.
The global crisis has created the conditions for a revolutionary unity amongst the 99% of the world's population, whose common interests lie in the ending of capitalist rule on the planet.
This year alone we have seen millions in Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal and Brazil rise up against governments imposing austerity and deteriorating conditions of their lives. They are opposing dictatorial regimes who act on behalf of global capital, destroying conditions of life, not only for their citizens but for the planet itself.
We believe in moving beyond resistance to developing mass, truly democratic forms of economic and political power.
We support the brave individuals who contribute to that struggle around the world.
We condemn the 136-year sentence imposed on US anti-war whistleblower Bradley Manning who exposed the war crimes against Iraqi civilians and journalists.
We demand the dropping of charges and safe haven for military secrets opponent Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. We salute Joe Glenton, the first British soldier to refuse to serve in Afghanistan on moral grounds.
We denounce and call for the ending of Disposition Matrix, the US military's long-term programme of drone warfare in Pakistan, presided over by President Obama.
We call on your Assembly to join with us to work for a revolutionary transformation of power. This means transferring the ownership of resources and productive capacity into the stewardship under democratic control of a global network of local, national and regional People's Assemblies.
These can and will replace the discredited and failed democracy of the current system of capitalist nation-states.
Your Assembly offers us confidence in the future.
With the warmest, revolutionary greetings

A World to Win secretariat

Российская партия коммунистов 

29 июля 2013, Ленинград, Россия

Уважаемые товарищи!

Исполком Российской партии коммунистов вновь выражает высокую оценку традиции ежегодно, в начале августа, проводить международные антивоенные ассамблеи в Токио и других городах Японии. Мы хорошо понимаем организационные трудности, которые успешно преодолевают Союз японских революционных коммунистов, Дзэнгакурэн и Комитет антивоенной молодежи, достойно реализуя эту важную традицию. Память о жертвах безумного варварского акта США, совершённого 68 лет назад, остаётся, к сожалению, по-прежнему актуальной, а не только долгом перед теми, кто не подлежит забвению.

Мы, в основном, согласны с анализом мировой ситуации, изложенном в вашем Обращении к 51-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблее, и с тремя главными лозунгами, которые открывают его. Действительно, гонкой вооружений, как и сокращением оплаты наёмного труда и социальных расходов, империализм издавна пытается спастись от своей генетической неизлечимой болезни, проявляемой всё более разрушительными социально-экономическими кризисами. И только постоянная классовая борьба, проникнутая интернациональной пролетарской солидарностью, способна ограничить природную алчность буржуазных хищников.

В настоящее время наиболее острую кризисную ситуацию  переживают страны Европейского Союза, их народы. ЕС предпринимает отчаянные усилия для самосохранения. Он использует, во-первых, обычную  буржуазную демагогию, во-вторых, оппортунистические партии и движения для ослабления революционных настроений у эксплуатируемых масс, наконец, самое страшное для нас оружие классового врага – агрессивный национализм. Угроза его возрастает. На это особое внимание обратил проходивший в начале мая в Вене Центральный и Восточноевропейский социальный и экологический форум.

Через месяц в другой европейской столице, в Афинах, собрался форум представителей многих левых и центристских социальных движений для выработки единых действий против изуверской политики жёстких мер, проталкиваемых Тройкой – Европейской комиссией, Европейским Центральным банком и Международным валютным фондом. Этот форум, названный Альтерсаммитом, также заявил, что подымающий голову практически во всех странах ЕС фашизм – это лучший союзник европейского и мирового капитала. Альтерсаммит принял специальный Антифашистский манифест.

Наш общий противник понимает, что речь идёт о жизни и смерти для господства европейского и мирового капитала.  Он концентрирует и координирует свои действия. Нам есть чему поучиться в этом отношении у его политтехнологов.

Будем самокритичны. После краха  СССР и реставрации капитализма в России и странах Центральной и Восточной Европы в результате номенклатурно-буржуазного перерождения заражённых сталинизмом компартий, отрыва их от трудящихся масс, всё левое движение до сих пор пребывает в состоянии организационной раздробленности. Продолжение такого состояния может обернуться европейской и мировой катастрофой.

Шагом на пути преодоления этой недопустимой раздробленности явилась конференция левых политических партий и движений, состоявшаяся в Афинах 9-10 июня сразу вслед за Альтерсаммитом. В ней участвовали делегаты из 20 стран Европы, Ближнего Востока, Африки и Латинской Америки. Россия была представлена нашей партией - РПК, Ассоциацией марксистских объединений (АМО), Левым фронтом, движением «Альтернативы». Конференция, названная «Европа в кризисе – За революционную интернационалистскую альтернативу», помимо обсуждения острых проблем антикапиталистической борьбы в странах ЕС, уделила серьёзное внимание положению в регионах европейской периферии. Солидаризуясь с массовыми выступлениями трудящихся Турции, Египта, Туниса против реакционного исламистского фундаментализма, участники конференции подчёркивали важность научиться закреплять достигнутые успехи в этой борьбе. Сделанный в результате дискуссии по сирийской трагедии единодушный вывод заключается в том, что кровопролитную гражданскую войну, продолжающуюся более двух лет и уже унёсшую более ста тысяч жизней, во многом стимулирует вмешательство корпораций и правящих кругов США, ЕС и России, преследующих свои противоречивые геополитические интересы.

Июньская Конференция левых сил в Афинах специальную сессию посвятила ситуации в России. Кремлёвская власть в тупике и растерянности. Путин напуган массовостью уличных протестов в Москве и Ленинграде, существенно ожививших политическую жизнь страны с декабря 2011 по июнь 2012 и испортивших ему инаугурацию. Волну протестов  удалось временно погасить не только грубыми полицейскими провокациями и жёсткими репрессиями в отношении активистов, но и поведением либералов в антипутинском движении: они всячески противятся выдвижению на первое место лозунгов с социальными требованиями, концентрируя внимание только на требовании честных выборов. Но власть ничего не может поделать с неотвратимо наступающей рецессией экономики. Рост ВВП в первом квартале 2013 упал до нуля. Без учёта инфляции. А если еврозона не выдержит напряжения и евро не удастся спасти, то мало не покажется и России, 40% валютного запаса которой – в евро. Власть не в состоянии справиться с коррупцией. Всё это вызывает межклановую грызню в правящей элите. И власть уже не может скрыть эту грызню. Она сдаёт проворовавшегося экс-министра обороны Сердюкова и в то же время оттягивает суд над ним и его командой. Отправляет в отставку (неожиданно для всех аналитиков) руководителя аппарата правительства вице-премьера Суркова, многолетнего технолога внутренней политики Кремля. Спасая себя и не зная, что делать дальше (ручное управление более не действует),  Кремль вскоре вынужден будет отправить в давно ожидаемую отставку правительство во главе с премьером, умеющим только банальные истины произносить, на него списав все неудачи и провалы. Последним «подвигом» правительства Медведева, вызвавшим возмущение всей научной общественности, явилось внесение законопроекта о «реформировании Академии наук», фактически – о её ликвидации. Всесторонний регресс страны может быть остановлен только несистемной оппозицией во главе с её социалистическим ядром. Проблема проблем состоит здесь в преодолении трудностей объединения российских левых сил. 2012 год подарил в этом отношении определённые надежды. Их  укрепил прошедший в один из первых дней 2013 третий съезд Левого фронта, в который входит и наша партия, составляя в нём вместе с РКП-КПСС и АМО Марксистскую платформу. Стремление к единству и кристаллизации рядов на принципиальных социалистических началах возобладало над настроениями разочарования от неудач и ряда допущенных ошибок. Параллельно с укреплением ЛФ нужно, невзирая на трудности, развивать процесс объединения в широкую левую партию, начатый в истекшем году двумя Форумами левых сил. Преодолевать идеологические разногласия, порой надуманные, искать компромиссы, опираясь на общие принципиальные позиции, - дело трудное. Но – жизненно необходимое. С другой стороны, надежду вселяет укрепление независимых профсоюзов. Вместе с движениями гражданского протеста против роста тарифов на жилищно-коммунальные услуги, против расширения сферы платного образования и здравоохранения, эти профсоюзы всё чаще глухое недовольство населения ухудшением условий труда и жизни переводят в жёсткие требования, угрожая забастовками или организуя их.

В самые последние дни левым силам России удалось добиться определённого успеха: снята приостановка прокуратурой деятельности Левого фронта. Теперь наши усилия сосредоточены на освобождении из-под заключения и незаконного суда жертв полицейской провокации в ходе массовой акции протеста 6 мая 2012 в центре Москвы. Помощь зарубежных друзей в форме пикетов и писем протеста в дипломатические представительства России будет весьма полезна.

Российские проблемы, как и проблемы всего мира,  могут быть успешно и с меньшими потерями решены солидарной координацией усилий левых политических партий, независимых профсоюзов и социальных движений на государственном и общемировом уровнях.

История бросила серьёзный вызов левым силам. Дело нашей чести –принять его и достойно выдержать предстоящие испытания жёсткой борьбы за торжество социализма в России, в Японии, во всём мире.

Исполнительный комитет Российской партии коммунистов желает успеха 51-ой Международной антивоенной ассамблее!

Да здравствует пролетарский интернационализм!

 Исполком РПК




Тюменский областной комитет


31 июля 2013, Тюмень, Россия


Тюменский областной комитет РКРП-КПСС горячо приветствует японских товарищей, участников интернациональной антивоенной ассамблеи.

Сегодня, когда наступление мирового империализма на права трудящихся приобретает все более угрожающий характер, истинная интернациональная солидарность приобретает все большее значение. Именно поэтому, в настоящее время, как никогда актуальна совместная интернациональная борьба.

Сегодня как никогда актуальны слова Карла Маркса о том, что для получения 300% прибыли буржуазия пойдет на любые преступления. Сегодня буржуазия всего мира пошла, может быть, на самое серьезное и жестокое свое преступление: поставила мир перед угрозой новой войны. Причем, как верно было подчеркнуто на предыдущих антивоенных ассамблеях, эта война из-за применения ядерного оружия станет самой страшной и разрушительной в истории человечества.

Борьба против этой агрессии жизненно важна. Но какова бы ни была ее важность, необходимо помнить, что борьба против стремления США и НАТО поработить весь мир неотделима от борьбы с системой капитализма, укоренившегося в большинстве стран мира.

Однако японские товарищи не совсем верно оценивают ситуацию, когда говорят о том, что борьба за ресурсы между США и Китаем-Россией в Восточной Азии вынуждает Японию идти на сотрудничество с США и усиливать американские базы на территории Японии. США стремятся устанавливать свои базы по всему миру вовсе не для того, чтобы защищать интересы этой страны. Нужно понимать, что появление военных баз необходимо в первую очередь для того, чтобы использовать как дальнейший плацдарм для наведения «порядка» в той стране, которая посмеет выступить против ее империалистических тенденций.

Скрываясь за риторикой об усилении напряженности на территории Восточной Азии, США готовят новый плацдарм для вторжения, и укрепление американских военных баз – это один из первых шагов к такому вторжению. Потому японским товарищам нужно перестать питать иллюзии о какой-либо полезности американских баз на территории своей страны.

Возможно японские товарищи не совсем верно понимают всю опасность данного вторжения по той причине, что не совсем верно оценивают ситуацию, сложившуюся на Ближнем Востоке. Сегодня именно Сирия стала главным плацдармом наступательных тенденций НАТОвской военщины.

США с самого начала конфликта активно поддерживают сирийских боевиков, выступающих против законно избранного президента Башара Асада, оружием и финансами. Сегодня президент США Барак Обама все чаще говорит о возможности ввода своих войск в Сирию.

Давление на Сирию усиливается, в орбиту конфликта втягиваются другие страны, но режим Асада свалить никак не удается.

Сегодня создаваемая западными СМИ информационная картинка "страданий сирийского народа из-за тирании Асада" постепенно рушится. Запад вынужден признать, что позиции Асада прочны, а на стороне так называемой оппозиции воюют радикальные исламисты и члены террористических организаций. Созданная комиссия ООН была вынуждена признать, что боевики использовали химическое оружие против мирного населения, в чем ранее обвиняли режим Асада. Именно поэтому американская политика в регионе начинает терпеть поражение. Началось сопротивление планам США, и мы искренне желаем нашим японским товарищам поддержать эту справедливую борьбу. Как это делаем мы, коммунисты РКРП-КПСС, активно поддерживаем борьбу сирийского народа против иностранного вмешательства. В поддержку законной власти Сирии и против агрессии США и НАТО через финансирование и вооружение боевиков принята резолюция на XXII Международном семинаре коммунистических и рабочих партий в Брюсселе, которую я подписал как секретарь ЦК РКРП-КПСС.

В то же время мы желаем японским товарищам, чтобы, ведя борьбу против прекращения производства и распространения ядерного вооружения, они четко видели конечную цель: социализм и его высшую стадию – коммунизм.

Только при социализме и коммунизме во всем мире исчезнет опасность применения ядерного оружия, и оно будет ликвидировано

Мы желаем участникам ассамблеи продолжать вести вместе с коммунистами РКРП-КПСС борьбу за социализм, за ликвидацию ядерного оружия, против наступательных тенденций американской военщины и породившей ее капиталистической системы.

Первый секретарь Тюменского обкома РКРП-КПСС

А.К. Черепанов

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers Newspaper)
August 1st 2013, Faridabad, India
Dear Friends,
We welcome all efforts in today's world to create a new humanity.
We would like you to consider this pamphlet as a contribution to the initiatives that you are opening up in the world.
In Solidarity

Sher Singh

News and Letters Committees
August 1st 2013, Chicago, USA
  Dear Comrades:
  Greetings from your comrades in News and Letters Committees, the U.S. Marxist-Humanist organization founded by Raya Dunayevskaya in 1955. We, who reside in the belly of the beast of U.S. capitalism/imperialism, are proud to acknowledge, once again, our solidarity with you in the international struggle against capitalism and the war it inevitably engenders.
  We strongly support your statement of Japanese proletarian solidarity with the workers and toiling masses of China, and your call for them to fight together with the workers of Japan. To this we add our call for the solidarity of U.S. workers with those of Japan and China. There are two worlds in every country of the rulers and the ruled, and effective opposition to war depends on the international solidarity and cooperation of the workers and oppressed of all countries.
  Every year in our Marxist-Humanist Perspectives we present our view of the current struggle for a new world built on human foundations. This year it began by showing that: "The world today is riven between the creativity of masses in revolt and the violent degeneracy of counter-revolution, whose destructiveness even extends to the revived specter of nuclear war two decades after the collapse of the USSR. Such is the degeneracy of the globalized capitalist system, laden with destructive forces and sunk into structural crisis. The deep crisis is seen in the U.S. and abroad, economically, in unemployment and poverty, homelessness and hunger. It is seen politically, in new laws attacking workers and women, and new outbursts of racism. It is seen environmentally, with the advance of climate disruption and fake capitalistic solutions. It is seen in thought, as the lack of philosophy, of a total view, hampers the development of struggles from the U.S. to the revolutions of the Arab Spring facing counter-revolutions."
  We share your concern with what is transpiring in Asia: "The Korean Peninsula has been militarized since World War II ended. Europe and Asia were divided into spheres of influence of the two superpowers, Russia and the U.S. After the Korean War and the collapse of the USSR, the division of Korea persisted, with rising power China as North Korea's remaining ally.
  "North and South Korea have two of the world's largest standing armies. The North deploys approximately 700,000 troops, 8,000 artillery systems and 2,000 tanks close to the South, ready to strike. Its regime maintains not only its large military but its hold on power through its 'military first' policy.
  "The superpower U.S. has 28,500 troops in South Korea, with another 53,000 based in nearby Japan and 55,000 more in Hawaii and Guam. And this is before the U.S. has executed its 'pivot to Asia' to confront China's regional strength. At the same time, China is using nationalism to try to divert widespread internal discontent, revolt and strikes, and has its own imperialist designs to control supplies of strategic resources like oil and rare earths. China has acted ever more aggressively in territorial disputes with several other Asian nations over resource-rich uninhabited islands in the Pacific. Its naval vessels recently confronted ships from both The Philippines and Japan.
  "Long before North Korea built its first nuclear weapons, the U.S., Russia and China had intercontinental missiles aimed at each other. The recent events are a harsh reminder that the end of the Cold War did not end the nuclear threat to humanity. The fact is that nine countries are now nuclear-armed, with about 16,000 warheads in U.S. and Russian stockpiles.
  "Only the U.S. has intentionally used atomic weapons against civilian targets when it bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Such weapons are one part of the world's overwhelmingly largest armed forces. Despite recent budget cuts, the U.S. still spends more on its military than the ten next biggest militaries combined.
  "The fact that some in South Korea now call for construction of their own nuclear weapons illustrates the lie inherent in the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It calls for nuclear-armed nations to pursue disarmament, but in reality acts as a framework for proliferation. The show of weapons reduction really amounts to arsenal modernization. This is in keeping with an international order in which not only do nations compete with one another, but a group of industrialized countries continuously appropriates natural resources and unpaid labor from the majority of the world's population.
  "The civilian nuclear energy industry was created to provide a 'peaceful' cover for the nuclear-industrial complex. The civilian industry enables proliferation to continue. In the wake of Fukushima's meltdowns, the people of Japan are the latest victims of the 'peaceful' side of the complex...
  "Capitalism's utter moribund degeneracy is seen not only in threats to humanity's future from nuclear weapons and climate change, but also in the continuing economic crisis. High unemployment and homelessness persist in the U.S. and Europe, and the world food crisis continues. The UN estimates that 10.3 million people could suffer food shortages in the Sahel region of Africa this year. One in six people in the U.S.--46 million, including one in four children--do not get enough food...
  "Although the U.S. has not slipped back into recession, unemployment remains high. Poverty has skyrocketed, with 19 million at less than half of the official poverty line. Also, 70% of the 3.5 million jobs that have been created since June 2009 are low-paying, while half of the 7.6 million jobs lost during the year and a half before that were mid-range, paying $38,000 to $68,000...Automation is taking its toll, and it isn't finished. Capitalist figures warn that advancing automation is likely to result in 50% to 75% unemployment...
  "While we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves, one cannot help but notice that slave labor still exists in the U.S., both inside and outside of prisons; that the structure of our economy still depends on a superexploited layer of immigrant workers of this country not given the rights of citizens, as well as superexploitation of workers from China to Honduras to Bangladesh; that families are still being torn apart by armed agents of the state; that resisting this system of exploitation can land you behind bars, deported, or even dead.
  "Across the U.S. there are determined struggles over school closings, housing and healthcare cutbacks. In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed to close 54 public schools, on top of years of school closings, mainly affecting Blacks and Latinos. Angry parents, students and teachers have rallied, sat-in in the streets and demanded answers in hearings. In many cities schools are being closed or privatized.
  "Obama's healthcare legislation has not ended struggles over healthcare. In Chicago communities are still fighting the Mayor's closure of several mental health clinics. Sit-ins have also protested the closure of emergency rooms on the South Side. As evictions and foreclosures continue at a fast clip, so do the struggles against them. Detroit, where the foreclosure rate is about one in every 500 homes, is one of several cities where anti-eviction groups, aided by the Occupy movement, have successfully kept people in their homes when threatened with eviction...
  "As our publication, American Civilization on Trial: Black Masses as Vanguard, put it: 'The elements of the new society, submerged the world over by the might of capital, are emerging in all sorts of unexpected and unrelated places. What is missing is the unity of these movements from practice with the movement from theory into an overall philosophy that can form the foundation of a totally new social order.'
  "The question arises: Where is the total view? Again and again, struggles arise from the grassroots but are carried out without raising a banner of a totally new society, with new human relations in production, between the sexes, and more. Those who would limit the movement's reach have taken advantage of this to mislead.
  "Philosophy as missing link means not just philosophy in general but dialectical philosophy of revolution. That means Marx's new continent of thought, which Marxist-Humanism comprehends as revolving around revolution in permanence. In our age the question of 'what happens after the revolution?' moved from the realm of theory to that of staving off counter-revolution, making the vision of a new society a weapon in that concrete struggle. Negation of the negation as self-determination of the idea of freedom is a material force, needed to make the new society real.
  "Just as failure to listen to the voices from below blocks the development of theory and philosophy, the philosophic void prevents would-be revolutionaries from hearing the voices from below. Working out the needed historically grounded philosophy of liberation and working out a new, Marxist-Humanist relationship between theory and practice are not two tasks, but one and the same. The urgency of the task is underscored by the multiplicity of the crises and the simultaneity of revolution and counter-revolution. The aim remains the total uprooting of this racist, sexist, heterosexist, capitalist order and the creation of a new society on truly human foundations."
  We support you in your condemnation of Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his attempt to militarize Japan, including his desire for nuclear weapons and his commitment to nuclear power despite the suffering of those exposed to the radioactivity from the meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor; as well as his "Abenomics," which, like capitalism everywhere, attempts to save itself by impoverishing the workers and others least able to fight back. And we oppose, with you, the attempt of the U.S. to maintain and enlarge its military presence in Japan, especially in Okinawa.
  We join you in denouncing the so-called "death of Marxism," which, as you point out, is really the failure of Stalinism. These so-called existing socialist countries are in fact nothing but state-capitalist monstrosities and it is capitalism which has proven itself incapable of creating a human society.
  Creating a new society based on new freely associated human relationships remains our task.
  For Freedom, and a new world built on human foundations.
  The Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees.

Fraccion Leninista Trotskysta Internaciona
July 31st 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  A year ago we were with you fighting together against imperialism in the 50th Anti War Assembly. In times of capitalist crisis, wars and revolutions, tempos accelerate. It seems it was yesterday that we were there, fists high up, undertaking among us to fight recklessly against the foes of the world proletariat. And that was what we did, and now we go on doing, fighting together.
  The JRCL and Zengakuren's flags, together with those of the Fourth International and the FLTI fought together in the streets of Aleppo in Syria against Bashar the Dog, who does the dirty work on behalf of all the imperialist powers and Zionism.
  Today, facing the massacre abating the Syrian masses, the isolation they are submitted to by the treacherous leaderships of the world proletariat has but increased. Two million workers and peasants are crammed in tents in true concentration camps in the midst of the desert. There are already thousand hundreds of dead. The Syrian revolution is a revolution made bled-white and betrayed one and a thousand times. From within it, the Free Syrian Army cadres, under the command of Turkey and the NATO, and the al-Nusra Front, partners of the Saudi bourgeoisie, disorganize and disarm the masses in the liberated territories. Their objective is dissolve the power bodies of the exploited, i.e. the worker and rank and file coordinating committees. All imperialist agents want to prevent the masses from reaching Damascus. They need to prevent them from defeating Bashar the Dog as yesterday in Libya the masses defeated Qaddafi. They want to prevent the Palestinian masses' uprising, so as they cannot reach Jerusalem and conquer victory and destroy the Zionist-fascist State of Israel.
  As we swore a year ago, we reassert today our convictions: Let's fight together for the death of Bashar the Dog! Let's defeat Obama, the NATO, murderous Putin and his new partners, the repressive Iranian bourgeoisie -which has so many times chastised its own people, and now sent its Republican Guard to attack the Syrian masses with the "Go!" of Zionism and imperialism!
  In Syria all the forces of counterrevolution have concentrated so that the worker and socialist revolution of Maghreb and Middle East cannot succeed. There a decisive battle for the world proletariat is fought. They want to chastise the world working class with thousand hundreds of dead and razed cities, so that the working class knows what would occur if it dares to rise up in revolutionary struggles for bread, against bankrupt capitalism and imperialism. Enclosed by the treacherous leaderships of the World Social Forum, by Stalinism and the renegades to Marxism, the Syrian masses still fight and resist; their class brothers and sisters rebel in Lebanon against the bourgeois government of Hezbollah and reappear in the streets of Egypt to fight in Tahrir Square; in Tunisia the masses confront the fascist gangs; and the militia do not surrender in Libya.
  From the combats in Aleppo and Qsair, from Tripoli and Bengazhi, we send to you the revolutionary Greetings of the Leon Sedov Brigade to the 51st Anti War Assembly and the commitment of fighting together. Revolution has not yet given in, though its leadership has, long ago. The entire reformist world left wants to enclose our struggle. Obama and Putin, together with Netanyahu and the Chinese mandarins are preparing with Bashar the Dog and the "oppositionist" bourgeois government in Qatar, a Geneva Conference, allegedly to "conquer peace for Syria"... that is a vile sham. All of them have met with the intention of dismembering Syria, disintegrating it, "Libanize" it, so that imperialism can take it all over the ruins of our revolution and the massacre of our class brothers and sisters. We ought not allow them to do that! So, our proposal is that to the conference where Obama, Putin, Zionism, Bashar the Dog and the generals-without-battles-fought of the Free Syrian Army we oppose a Counterconference of all of us who are beside the Syrian masses and their revolution, of all who want to break the encirclement which the treacherous leaderships of the international proletariat have one and a thousand times isolated and slandered it with.
  We want our comrade Abu Nur, murdered by Bashar the Dog in the battlefields of Syria, to be considered as one more delegate in your Assembly, which, we are sure, will vote alongside us redouble the fight for the success of the Syrian revolution; for the down throw of the governments and regimes expropriating the revolutions in Middle East; for the fall of Zionism; and for the masses' conquering their bread with the victory of the Socialist Revolution.
  As yesterday in Chile and Peru, today the JRCL and the FLTI carry together a struggle that is educating all the advanced workers of the world in the solidarity of the international working class. An enormous international solidarity reached Las Heras, in the south of Argentina, from hundreds of workers' organizations in the world. This solidarity reached the court of the counter revolutionary judges of the imperialist oil companies, enemies of the workers, breaking the silence and the isolation that the workers had for years. The Argentine left has kept a vile silence about the workers imprisoned and tortured for years. The question is that in their uprising, one of the assassin policemen of the bourgeois state died. The left paid condolences to the assassin police, and this is the truth of why that silence and why they left isolated innocent workers that only demanded bread and dignity. The JRCL and the courageous Zengakuren were de outpost of this international solidarity. The red banners written in Japanese are seen with surprise by the repressors and the assassin army men, together with the banners of tens of workers organizations that were in common cause with the workers at the gates of the court. The Japanese, Argentine, Bolivian, African, American and European working classes are there. This enormous solidarity helped the people and the workers of that city to give up the fear. This is the international solidarity that the working class needs to recover to fight. The JRCL and the FLTI head this internationalist revolutionary struggle. Let us send you, on behalf of our comrades and families submitted to the jeer of a gibbet of the bourgeois justice of the imperialist oil companies, a greeting to their class brothers and sisters, the revolutionary workers of Japan. Here, among the most perspicacious layers of workers of Argentina, there is a demand that boomed in the streets when the revolution grew worse in 2001. The scream was: if one of us is touched or beaten, we all are touched or beaten! Long live the unity of the international working class! Then, let's proclaim together: For the dissolution of the repressive court of the imperialist oil companies in Argentina! Free the oil workers of Las Heras! Free the Palestinian prisoners, those in Guantanamo, and the Suzuki workers in India! Let's take revenge and do justice against the exploiter governments in the whole world, fighting for the liberation of our comrades, who are hostages of the ruling classes to extort the workers and their struggles!
  In the past year, the collision between classes has deepened in an international level. Imperialism -supported by Stalinists, renegades of Marxism, workers' bureaucracies and aristocracies, that isolated the struggles of the proletariat in each country-, could contain an enormous offensive of the masses; putting itself upright in key points of the planet, it concentrated its forces and could turn back enormous revolutionary processes. This is what it did in Syria to prevent the spark that lighted in Tunisia in 2011, set on fire the Maghreb and the Middle East.
  Imperialism concentrated its forces in Greece to extinguish the spark of Athens that threatened to set on fire the whole Europe. With the demagogy of Syriza, that augured the end of the sufferings of the masses through the "peaceful way towards socialism"; with the Communist Party breaking the heads of those workers who tried to occupy the parliament of the Troika, that voted the worst anti-workers plans, the struggles in the streets of the workers were drawn to the attrition and demoralization. As an answer, emerged Golden Dawn and the fascist gangs that attack the workers and the immigrants daily. This way, the capital thrown the whole weight of its crisis on the European working class. The trade union bureaucracies and the social imperialist parties allowed that to be possible and, momentarily, took the hard struggles of the workers of Portugal, Spain, Italy... to a blind alley.
  In Latin America, the "Bolivarian" bourgeoisies of Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela have demonstrated to be as lackey of imperialism and anti workers, as those of Chile, Colombia, Peru, that are in the Free Trade Treaty with US. With UNASUR, with CELAC, with the military bases, US have finally recovered the control of its backyard.
  Obama received a price from the hands of Stalinism and the renegades of Trotskyism who openly gave Cuba away to the world capitalism, integrating it into a bourgeois "free trade treaty" as the ALBA (Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc.), liquidating the monopoly of the foreign trade, restoring the right of inheritance, and dealing in the whole Latin America, as another branch of production, with the Cuban public health and education, that from being a great conquest of the revolution, are a great business fort the new rich men of the Cuban Communist Party, today. The Castro brothers gave up the Colombian resistance and, together with Chavez, proclaimed that their candidate in US was Obama. This way, when wide strips of the North American working class tried to retake the way of the struggle against the war, for the immigrants and against the attacks from Wall Street, they were taken by the North American left and Castroism to support Obama. Today, the North American and world working class are paying for this policy of the treacherous leaderships.
  In March, the World Social Forum met in Tunisia. 5.000 organizations that vindicated Khadafy, paid homage to Chavez and, or kept a shameful silence or openly supported the massacre of the assassin Al Assad, and called to be confident in the parliamentary ways out, in the traps of the constituent assemblies and the fraudulent elections, with which, for the moment, the revolutionary processes in the North of Africa and the Middle East were expropriated.
  Imperialism was able to take a breath. It was achieved by concentrated all his paid agents in the worker movement to strangle the revolutionary processes. Capitalism doesn't fall alone. If the proletariat doesn't take power, the imperialism throws his crisis over the exploited and the colonial and semi-colonial world. The capitalist system survives by destroying the vast majority of the planet, making smaller the market and developing a pole of the economy at expense of smashing the majority of the world production.
  The youth that fenced Wall Street were and are right: it's necessary to end up with the 1% of parasites, that is, the super-finance oligarchy that lives cutting coupons, enslaving the vast majority of the human civilization.
  A huge process of concentration of cartels and transnationals, crisis and fusions is in development in every production branches of the world economy. A finance super-oligarchy concentrates an enormous power in the world economy. An study on the biggest 43.000 MNCs societies of the world that is already public in the same Wall Street divulges that due to a cobwebs of investments, a control of stocks and managements, 1318 companies are the core of the world economy and 147 of them shape a super-finance oligarchy controlling 40% of the planet wealth. The vast majority of them are composed by Anglo-American, German and Japanese finance capital proving that in those imperialist powers the central core of the international finance capital is located. Such concentrated international finance capital retains almost 80% of the 200 billion of dollars out of the total of the world's wealth. Half of the poorest world population has 2% of the wealth and 1.200 millions of inhabitants survive with less than 2 dollars per day. That is the rotten world imperialist capitalist system that survives backed by the union bureaucracy, aristocracy and treacherous worker parties that live from the crumbs falling from the working class' exploitation to prevent the proletariat from taking power! How right the outrage youth (Indignados) of Wall Street were! They see in those 8 squares the 1% super- finance oligarchy of the planet that the proletariat must expropriate to live!
  Unlike the epoch of free exchange, today the rivalry is put on his knees. Far from the emergence of new imperialist powers, many of them are disappearing or like Europe end up submitted as minor powers to true Versailles Agreements. The crisis of Wall Street and the City of London is paid by the working class of U.S., Europe and the world as well as the imperialist powers defeated in the Commercial war. Germany and USA have imposed a true Versailles Agreement on the minor imperialisms in Europe. Germany and U.S.A. are the creditors of Europe and with France has signed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty, a region of free trading between U.S.A. and Europe that nowadays have reciprocal investments for 2,8 billions of Euros. 350 stockholders of the big European and US corporations gathered to plan the last details of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty that since the military viewpoint was already proved in the invasion on Mali. From the US-French military base in Chad and from the US military command they monitor the defense of the UK-US and French MNCs' interests that plunder the minerals and precious stones in the Africa stained in blood. Such Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty sustained in a the armed branch NATO-the troop of major capacity of destruction in the planet-, has 55 millions of m3 gas annually that BASF take out from Russia of a 1.224 km gas pipe. Meanwhile, the Great Russian bourgeoisie that inherited the URSS0's military apparatus receives technology from Germany for his development and expansion. Thus, Russia, one of the major exporters of weapons in the world fulfills his role of country dependant on imperialism by controlling with his military bases in the Central Asia the routes of opium and the "trafficking", fundamental raw material for the big German and US labs.
  U.S. that together with Stalinism and Bolivarians ended up controlling his backyard in Latin America is advancing with the Transpacific Trade Partnership in which 11 countries are ready to create the biggest zone of free trading in the world under the command of Obama and Japan. This Treaty to submit all the oppressed peoples of the region and control the 45% of the world trade that circulates on his coasts, contains the aim of controlling, fencing and preparing new counterrevolutionary besieges against China. Now, imperialism wants to keep the domestic market of that country through the banks and big MNCs after super-exploiting during decades the labor force that is the main Chinese commodity. The world market gets smaller, even, to continue sharing out with the native bourgeoisies, no matter how independent they can be. Transpacific Trade Partnership is just a warning campaign for the world proletariat because if the imperialist beast is not stopped -in this case USA and Japan- it will come for everything. As they are doing today with Syria, breaking it up and disintegrating it; facing the first strikes of the crack which are coming due to the housing and financial bubble of China, the imperialist beast without hesitating will break up China to dispute the slave labor force and his wealth. Huge presences of the imperialist financial capital in the Chinese Banks where they are the main stoke holders will lead to the disintegration of the Chinese provinces. Japan became a US military base will be the beach head of the next imperialist landing in China. The threat of war and barbarian are getting closer to the human kind if the socialist revolution does not success. However, the working class has not said the last word. The aims of commercial and military wars are written and developed in the general staff of the transnational and the military academy. They are run and decided in the battle field of the class struggle. There is nothing determined. The proletariat from the Pacific is honored for giving the greatest defeat in history to imperialism, from China to North Korea and from Vietnam to the Indo Chine peninsula. It is not said that this time will be different. The offensive of the masses from the Pacific has to reach San Francisco Bay and upsurge the US working class. The Revolution in the North of Africa and Middle East hasn't yet exhausted his potentiality as it is showed by the upheavals of Egypt and Tunisia, and the resistance of the heroic Syrian masses. Despite and against the treacherous and union leaderships, millions of exploited from Brazil entered the combat to recover their health, education and decent salary. The Chilean youth and working class don't give up and millions of enslaved women workers in Bangladesh have already rebelled, as the workers slaved by Anglo American in Africa, and as it is shown day by day the workers in the jail-factories, as in Foxcom fight against the transnational companies and the "red" businessmen of the Chinese Communist Party. USA puts its burden as dominant power by throwing the crisis to the other imperialist powers and the world. It does it by the dollar devaluation and inflation. They are making dozens of regional trade agreements to control the world economy and commerce and be in better conditions to smash revolution. Germany and France in Europe and Japan in the Pacific are the great allies of US-UK imperialism to control the world. But there is a difference: Japan and Germany are not allowed to get armed beyond what US allows them as they were the losers powers in the last inter-imperialist war.
  The imperialism in bankruptcy has conquered a new precarious political, economic and military point of equilibrium...that is, a breath. The world proletariat hasn´t surrendered and opens new revolutionary offensives.
  Your call for the Anti War Assembly is an example for the entire working class and for the Marxists at an international level. You call the workers in China and the Pacific Rim to fight together with you against the Japanese and US imperialism and the pacts the latter have concocted against the countries and masses they oppress. As the 3rd International stated, no one call him/herself a Marxist in an imperialist country whoever does not say that the chief enemy is at home, and that his/her chief ally is the working class in the nation which his/her imperialist bourgeoisie exploits and oppresses.
  From martyred Africa, from our fighters in Libya and Syria, from the workers in Chile, Peru, Colombia that fight alongside you in the Pacific coasts against imperialism, we of the FLTI cannot but stand up, applause, put up our fists together with you and show all the workers in the world the historic lesson of internationalism that you are giving us all. In the call for this Assembly you state a commitment: never more in the name of the Japanese or any other imperialist country's working class a nation belonging in an oppressed country or its working class will be massacred and/or enslaved (as Japan did against China and the martyred masses of the Pacific Rim well before the Second World War). In that way, any worker that fights in China, the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, etc. already knows that his/her greatest allies are in this Assembly for attaining victory, for defeating imperialism, the bourgeoisie and its governments that oppress and exploit him/her all over the region.
  Now the Chinese workers will know that their ally lives in the revolutionary workers in Japan and not in the big henchmen and exploiters as the Chinese mandarins of the CCP and the generals of their cowardly and murderous army, which is only brave for massacring and soaking in blood the Chinese people, as they did in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and in thousands of revolts that army smashed to iron and fire in the last few years.
  Now, then , we will certainly be in better conditions for fighting for the destruction of the US and Japanese military bases in Japan, as the main forces of aggression and offensive against the working class in the Pacific Rim. This has become in a priority as a task, not only for the Japanese working class but also for the masses all through the Pacific Rim, i.e., the Chinese, Korean, Philippines'', Vietnamese, Chilean, Colombian, Malaysian, etc. workers... and also of the US workers!
  Thus, it becomes urgent that we make together a call to the US working class. It is urgent to defeat the military base in Okinawa! It is necessary to defeat and expel the US military bases all over the Pacific Rim and worldwide! The US working class must stand up! The defeat of the US military base in Okinawa will be conquered with the Us working class rebelling against the war and puttong again in place the Movement of the Million Workers Against the War, as it did against Bush, this time breaking with Obama the chief of the imperialist bandits.
  To the Transpacific Trade Partnership treaty we must oppose as soon as possible a treaty of all the workers in the Pacific Rim for expelling and expropriating the MNCs; for smashing the murderous regimes and governments of the bourgeoisie and imperialism. An internationalist agreement of the Pacific Rim working class to confront the governments and regimes that have restored capitalism, and to restore under revolutionary forms the worker states of China, Vietnam, Kampuchea, and defeat imperialism, conquering a reunified and socialist Korea. In the fight against the Transpacific Trade Partnership treaty the road is but the combat for unifying the ranks of the working class all over the region against the bourgeoisies and imperialism, for the destruction of the imperialist military bases.
  Down with the Transpacific Trade Partnership concocted by Japan and United States! Out with imperialism from the entire region! Down with the regime of the murderous Chinese mandarins, of the red bosses, that handed out the biggest quantity of slave labor to capitalism in order to drown the wage of the working class worldwide, thus extending the life span of rotten capitalism!
  Our victory in the region will only come in the hands of the conquering of the Socialist United States of the Pacific Rim.
  If in US and the imperialist Europe the forces of the working class regroup establishing -as you do in this Assembly Against the War- that they make themselves responsible, hardly combating against their own imperialism, of stopping the aggressions and lootings of Africa and Latin America, the counterrevolutionary wars and for the withdraw of the imperialist military basis, the situation of the class struggle would be different. The proletariat would began to recover its militant internationalism, that social democracy, Stalinism and all the renegades of Trotskyism have devoted themselves to bury in the past decades.
  If this was in this way today, Syria would not be isolated and massacred by the jackal Al Assad, when Europe has a thirty per cent of its working class composed by immigrants from the rebelled peoples of the Maghreb and Middle East. Long time ago would the international brigades left to fight in Syria, to break the fence and to fight for a workers' leadership of the war against Bashar. Social imperialism has stick the most cruel stab on the back of the world proletariat: it has destroyed its militant internationalism. Fighting for the refundation of militant internationalism in the world working class, we are fighting together, the revolutionary Marxists of Japan and the internationalist revolutionary Trotskyists of the FLTI. On the side of chauvinism and treachery are the World Social Forum with the waste of Stalinism, socialdemocracy and the renegades of Trotskyism.
  Two years ago, the congress of Conlutas took place in Brazil. The whole Brazilian and international left, went to that Congress. Chukaku-ha, went to that meeting too. All of them joint to strangle the left wing of the Latin American and world proletariat.
  In that congress, the friends of Lula and the PT did not let speak the Trotskyists and the revolutionaries of the JRCL, Reading the common statement we have sent... We were right. Our struggle was correct. Today There are millions of exploited people in the streets fighting against the police, the government of hunger and misery of the PT in Brazil. That reformist left comes from signing agreements as the one with GM in which, in Sao Paulo, they gave up wages and jobs of the workers of Brazil. Today there are them the ones who cannot speak nor join the movilizations in the streets, and this time there are the workers and the exploited youth who do not allow them to do it. As it is shown by the experience in these years of a steady joint international struggle, it is absolutely clear for everyone that the world working class needs a strong pole of international regrouping of the forces of the international Marxist movement! The time is here, there is no time to waste! New defeats of the proletariat will irremediably take towards fascism and the war. The Marxists know that there is no way to defeat the counterrevolutionary wars of the bourgeoisie and imperialism but with the victory of the socialist revolution. There is not nuclear arsenal of any country of the world that can be shot against its own working class if it enters in revolutionary struggle, because the bourgeoisie would never shoot itself nuclear bombs. The way to prevent new wars and catastrophes is the advance of the socialist revolution in the imperialist powers. This is why the speed race is between barbarism, war and fascism or the victory of the socialist revolution. Finally we propose you to pay tribute to the textile workers slaughter in Bangladesh where for U$ 2 per day even forced to work in factories which fall in their heads. They represent the most exploited of the world proletariat: OPEN THE ROAD TO THE WOMAN WORKER!
  A regrouping of the vanguard of the international proletariat will be the first step in the way towards victory. Long live the world working class! Long live the socialist revolution! Death for imperialism! Today more than ever: Let's fight together!

Fraccion Leninista Trotskysta Internacional-Collective for the Fourth International
Integrated by:
Chile: Partido Obrero Internacionalista - Cuarta Internacional (POI-CI)
Zimbabwe: Workers International League (WIL)
Syria: Brigada Sevian Al-Laith (Brigade Leon Sedov)
Libya: Movimiento de Obreros voluntarios Internacionalistas del Magreb
Bolivia: Liga Trotskista Internacional (LTI)
Colombia: Grupo Socialista Revolucionario Trotskista Leninista, "Comuneros"
Brazil: Comite por la Refundacion de la IV Internacional
Peru: Liga Socialista de los Trabajadores Internacionalista
Venezuela: Liga Comunista de los Trabajadores (LCT)
Argentina: Liga Obrera Internacionalista-Cuarta Internacional (LOI-CI)

Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi
August 2nd 2013, Tahiti Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
Comrades all over the world!
On behalf of the Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi, I would like to extend our warmest greetings to all organizers, volunteers, performers and participants in the 2013, 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan.
I would also like to extend our pledge for solidarity in pursuit of Peace and Freedom and to thank the organizers to give us this opportunity to share our thoughts with you. The 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan is calling for solidarity against 'war and poverty' due to imperialist war policies and neo-colonialism. Imperialism, neo-colonialism and nuclear testing in Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) are fundamental issues for the Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi and for the people of Maohi-Nui.
Imperialism has always dominated the Pacific Ocean through colonization by the western world and today a new type of colonisation is occurring. The shift of the world to the Pacific area is now evident. These competitions between the Euro-USA coalition and China or Russia will put the Pacific in turmoil. Small-island states of the Pacific again would have to endure the turmoil since the Pacific is becoming the new bargaining counter.
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) has become for more than a century now, a country controlled by France, a western world imperialist country. Such control has allowed France to perform all their nuclear tests. All together European countries and USA contested the re-inscription of Maohi-Nui on the UN list of country to be decolonized. Since May 2013, Maohi-Nui has been put back on the UN list of country to be decolonized and against the will of France.
We all know that Japan is the only country which has been intentionally bombed by the US imperialism atomic bombs. Japan is the first country of the Pacific to suffer the consequences of the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear plant. Disaster which propagates fear and panic in Japan. We empathise with all the stress and fears that the Japanese people had to undergo.
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) has been the scene of the French nuclear bombing on Moruroa and Fangataufa Islands.
192 bombs exploded in Maohi-Nui of which 43 bombs exploded in the atmosphere. At the time of the explosion, no protective measures were taken to protect the people of Maohi-Nui.
The Fukushima disaster not only created a wave of fear and panic in Japan but also in the so-called rich countries of the northern hemisphere. Since we are under the control of France, France feared for us and sent us iodine tablets. No such care were taken when the 192 bombs exploded in our face and in the very heart of Maohi-Nui. "Clean nuclear bombs" exploded in Maohi-Nui as claimed by French delegates.
A study reported radioactive polluted fishes found in Hao Island, 500 km away from the site of explosions. Also, the risk for the atoll of Moruroa to collapse and create a tsunami wave is not negligible. Facts like these are numerous and are becoming known to the public and French delegates keep maintaining our people ignorant. Needless to mention, compensation for loss of human life and environmental damage have not yet been recognized by France.
Other major impacts of the nuclear testing in Maohi-Nui have been on the economical system and our culture. The economy changed so rapidly from a subsistence economy to a market economy that favours the growth of the imperialist system where rich people becomes richer while poor people becomes poorer. More dramatic is the lost of our language, culture and history: new generations have no more references on their own land and we fear a loss of identity.
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia) is located in the South Pacific and has the biggest Exclusive Economic Zone, about 5 000 000 square kilometres, as big as Europe. Our country is a highly coveted region in particular for its resources by the imperialist countries. Rare earths have recently been discovered in Maohi-Nui and we all know that rare earths are essential for efficient nuclear weapons. Our destiny, like yours, remains tied to nuclear devices or weapons.
Strongly controlled by France and foreseeing the future nuclear disaster, you understand that resumption of nuclear test or of nuclear plants is critical to our future as well as yours. We heard your appeal and are joining you in your struggle to shake imperialists to their foundation and to build a better future for our planet Earth.
With warmest regards,

August 4th 2013, Greece
Dear comrades
The Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (ANTARSYA), address our warmest greetings to the 51th International Antiwar Assembly along with a solidarity message to the Japanese working class and people against the reactionary politics of Abbe government, against nationalism and militarism. Against the nightmare of the nuclear weapons that the disasters of the atomic bomb in HirosHima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 always remind us, as well as against the ,threat of the so called " peacefull" use of the nuclear energy as Fucushima proves that this is a tragic illusion that only enforces capital specularity. Against the danger of a war in the area caused by the imperialist antagonism and continious armaments of the USA, Japan, China and Russia.
Five years now, we are confronted with a deep structural crisis of contemporary capitalism with tragic consequenses for the working class and people all over the world. So the question rises: is the answer of the capital in order to overcome its crisis will bring a new era of brutality? Or the struggle to overthrow the policy of capital will bring wealth and power to the working people, showing a new era of civil rights, social liberation, openin the road towards the socialist change and the communist perspective in the 21rst century.
Capital answers by overexploiting the working class. Creating a massive unemployment, privitizing the public sector and infrastructures, the natural wealth and the environment. The democratic rights are being violated, as well as freedom of the people, while fasism, rasism, nationalism, religious fontamentalism are being used in order to divide, supress, provoke war.
Critical is the role of the imperialistic centers with leading the role of the US-EE-NATO as well as the orgqanizations as IMF, WB, WTO, G20 etc.
However, the capitalist crisis grows and according to every new element, developed imperialist centers are once more in depression, affirming that this is a superior and deeper structural crisis of the capitalist system itsself. The problem is capitalism and not its aministration.
In Greece the working people confront Samaras government which is supported by the parties of New Democracy (cosnervative) and PASOK (socialdemocrats), which since 2010 apply with the EE and the IMF the reactionary policy of three succesive memorandums, and in order to pay the dept, destroy the whole society, while the dept itself as well as the proffits of greek and international capital and banks boost.
The workers' and popular struggles have delayed the implementation of the EE-IMF and the government's policy, and they have created great difficulties for the materialization of the attack The fact that these struggles failed to cause qualitative ruptures, is due to many reasons; While shaken, the hegemony of bourgeois politics and of the trade union bureaucracy over labor and popular movements remains in place in conjunction with the strategic and political failure of the reformist Left, namely SYRIZA and KKE. This stresses the need for an anti-capitalist and revolutionary perspective, a strategic reestablishment of the Left and a class reconstruction of the labor and popular movements to overthrow the attack.
The main axes of struggle of the anticapitalist programme of ANTARSYA are:
The overthrow of ND-PASOK coalition government, debt cancellation with immediate cessation of payments to creditors, the nationalization of banks and large businesses, including those that are closing down and firing workers, with worker-popular control and without compensation for losses, the exit from the Euro and the EU, the overthrow of the undemocratic politics of violence, repression, and state of emergency through democratic gains to the benefit of workers and the people, the radical redistribution of weaqlth, the protection of the environment, the broadening of civil rights and democratic freedoms.
In these tough but fruitful times we keep walking having the confidence that people will finally win with international solidarity and the hope that the rebellions in Turkey, Braqzil, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Japan, have born. In these strugles, new ideas are born in order to overthrow the old and tired capitalism. We send you our warmest greetings for your assembly that constitutes a vital contribution to the antiwar struggle of people and a crucial attempt to create a world with no exploitation; the world of the socialist attempt and the communist perspective.
The 21st century will be the century of people!
Solidarity is the weapon of people, war against the war of imperialists!
Capitalism is not our future, revolution and communism is!

Лариса Трофимовна Бабиенко

Главный редактор газеты «За СССР» 

9 августа 2013, Москва, Россия

Дорогие товарищи! Спасибо за публикацию моего поздравления.
После ваших писем мы тоже не чувствуем себя в одиночестве в нашей борьбе
за лучшую судьбу рабочего человека.
С интернациональным приветом!

David McReynolds
Former Chair, War Resisters International
Former co-Chair, Socialist Party USA

August 9th 2013, New York, USA
For the past two weeks I have been totally out of email touch, as my old computer died, and I had to buy a new one and get it installed.
Thus, no response to your long communication on the impending meetings of your Assembly on August 4th.
Even after the date has come and gone, the need remains to build links of solidarity among all those in the world, not just Marxists, who know the life of our planet is in peril - or at least the life of the human race as we know it.
You have done outstanding work. We may not be in total agreement on all points, but we are marching together in a broad front of those who resist militarism no matter where it arises.


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