Agitation to Denounce the
NATO Bombing

May 1st, 1999

With even the 'soul in the soulless world' (K. Marx) lost in their heads, those leaders have gone so wild as to appeal to arms!

How merciless of monotheism - Christianity, Eastern Orthodoxy and Islam - to come into conflict with itself! Awaken to our Century in which
'God is dead' (F. Nietzsche)!

Imperialists, go to hell! You have committed slaughter 'for peace and stability' in the name of God.

Serbs, stop your ethnic cleansing, and forget your ethnic grudges since 1389!

Bill Clinton, immoral murderer, don't you hear the moans of those killed by depleted uranium bullets?

How brutal! The clearance of cursed Tomahawks, travelling overseas for bloodshed. Clinton, don't you see the bloody smoke from the explosion of gunpowder?

The Green and Pink parties are dead, forced into death with the Anglo-American empires.

The sky over the Balkans, haunted by Nazism, covered up with the whirr of bombers.

Down with imperialist NATO! We impeach imperialists for their cruel, indiscriminate bombing!

Despite the tears of the Statue of Liberty, the devil in Clinton loves only bombs.

The true character of hateful 'politico-economic democracy' revealed, with the atrocity of bombings!

The dusk is gathering on the ground; clouds come together in the glow of sunset, as if mourning for the dead.

US cities bombed, bombing on a scale that never was and never will be - but it's just a fantasy in my dream.

Overestimated Euro-socialism has killed itself with its wild air strikes outside the area of NATO.

The matter stands so miserable in ruinous Russia; it looks on helpless at the bombing by NATO. The rage of the workers is growing as time goes on.

The Slavs in misery, losing their belief in ideology, unable to resist outrageous imperialism.

Ethnic conflict thrown into darkness with a god on each side!

Savage carpet bombing by NATO bombers - reviving the nightmare of Hitler, the dictator.

'Milosevic is a Hitler!', 'Nazi-NATO!' - as they attack each other, the disaster of war is spreading in Yugoslavia at this very minute.

Up to their last breath, they must have been moaning in pain, shedding their blood, without asking what purpose their death served.

Due to the enforcement of the imperialist policy for military spending, the corpses of civilians are, alas, piled up under the NATO air raids.

The consumption of stocks of conventional weapons will put a grin on the face of the munitions monopolies.

Workers all over the world! Destroy the munitions industries that have grown by sucking innocent blood!

戦争を廃絶す途歩むべし、暁めざし Fight it out!(撃ちてし止まむ)
Fight on for the dawn of the workers' age! Let us advance our struggle aiming for the abolition of war!

It is evidence of imperialist arrogance that oil tanks, TV stations, bridges, and hospitals were burnt to ashes.

Deliver a blow to NATO's savage air raids!

Not a single person can be cool, not a day passes by without tears, with refugees wandering in search of peaceful living.

Back to Marxism! The more intervention by state powers, the more misery to unfold!

Think! Replace the bombing in 'emergent situations in areas surrounding' the EU with that in emergent 'situations in areas surrounding' Japan.

Look straight at the misery of the Balkan War! Denounce the vice of the 'war manual' (based on the US-Japan Security Treaty)!

No judgment on the inhuman bombing by NATO, and no fight against its barbarous acts - a regrettable actuality of the Fourth International.

Alas! The Fourth International cannot rise in action, bound by its thesis of the 'defense of national struggles'.

The Lambert faction had been fighting only against unemployment, and has died a tragic death, scared by the NATO air raids.

Trotskyists on their deathbed are breathing their last, far from going on strike against the bombing.

Merciless indiscriminate bombing, so the countries of the EU are thrown into panic.

The 50th anniversary of war-torn NATO - the beginning of its extinction.

無慈悲に敢行さるる空爆は Euro の自滅もたらすらむ
NATO's cruel, cold-hearted bombing will lead to the self-destruction of the Euro.

Genocide through limitless bombing by NATO; a desperate sign of the ruin of evil imperialist states!

Throw Anglo-America's atrocities into a melting pot of wrath, to go down as a rare piece of idiocy in world history!

The tragedy of the Balkan War has heralded the collapse of the 'post-Cold War' myth.

Responding to the ethnic rage of the Serbs, let us advance the international anti-war movement!

Put up an anti-war banner over the corpse of Euro-socialism!

Throw away the God of cursed monotheism! Put arrogant imperialist power-mongers to death!

Time was when God sat in judgment over the people, and the people were not class-conscious; now is the time to fight against the god of 'sanctions' and 'military operations' in a thoughtless age.

Do not connect each ethnic grudge with Jesus Christ or Mohammed, coming about after the collapse of the Soviet bloc!

* 腹と背の皮膚をはがして両肩の上で結びつける拷問
Christians cutting off Muslim ears and noses, Muslims skinning Christians - put an end to these punishments!

At the end of the 20th century in which God has died, conflicts between gods and between ethnic groups have been brought about in reality. Alas! It's List des Geschichte.

Waves of whirring bombers resound in my ears; my blood boils with rage!

Above their heads, sounds of bombing instead of the song of skylarks; below the air raid goes the Balkan Elegy over the ground.

A meteorite hit the Pentagon and destroyed it. It was just a dream. How very disappointing.

The death-throes of the Anglo-American empires will come soon, if anti-war movements flare up around the world.

Rise up in anti-war struggle, people of the EU! Death to NATO! Light up the struggle against war!

Enlighten the dark side of the world with the light of your burning desire for a bright future!

Vitality and pathos are within us to open the door to the next century. Marx's thought is now living brilliantly.

A vague feeling of unrest, like the marching war songs of troops coming from afar, growing ever louder. Let us organize waves of demonstrations against the second revision of the Security Treaty!

Arouse public denunciation of the CIA conspiracy and NATO air strikes outside NATO! Open up the new world of the 21st century!

Nip off the growth of state-nationalism and ultra-nationalism that is now rising!

Stand up against the war by NATO, embracing the memories of the holocaust!

Look at the evening glow as a pool of blood! Listen to the moans of the Balkan people!

Bombing to divert people's attention from Clinton's 'inappropriate' love affair; now the people of the world are thrown into raging billows.

Rise up against war! Extend the flame of anti-war strikes all over the world!

Death to NATO and ethnic cleansing, while overcoming Euro-social-democratic parties and Trotskyists of the Fourth International!

Rise up, people, who know the root cause of all evil lying in gods and state power!