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The Communist
Shinseiki [New Century]

No. 208
distributed in November 2003

Whither the JCP
All-out criticism of the Draft Programme of
the Japanese Communist Party

A programmatical compilation of its 'anti-revolution'
Hamuro Masato

'Socialism' infinitely similar to capitalism
Sakata Seiichi

Illusion of a monopoly capitalism 'that is not imperialism'
Mido Renji

Abolition of the 'abolition of the emperor system'
Okuzono Koichi

No Japanese troops to Iraq!

Agitation of 'anti-North Korean' national Chauvinism
Kamata Toshikatsu

Desperate attempts to avoid Rengo's declination to death
Kasagi Takao

Grave industrial accidents successive under the major restructuring
- Nippon Steel Corp.: Explosion of a gas tank at a steelworks in Nagoya
Hoshi Ittetsu
- Toyota: Cover-up of labour accidents
Ezaki Susumu

Strangulation of conservative liberalism:
the meaning of the 'merge' between the Democratic Party and the nationalist Liberal Party
Nakadera Shinji

"Water War" in the 21st century
Yahata Taichi

Spells of the "path of confession"
Tanabe Hajime's Buddhism and the Western Philosophy and his miserable failure
Irie Sankichi


No. 207
distributed in September 2003


The Bush administration in the death agony
- Reorganization of the 21st century world
Kazamori Akira

Failure in the strategy of pre-emptive attack and our tasks for antiwar struggle against the Iraqi occupation
(The keynote report to the central meeting of the 41st International Antiwar Assembly)
Kusuda Yasuyuki

Stop Bush's War!
(Overseas Appeal for the 41st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan)

Messages from foreign friends to the 41st International Antiwar Assembly (English, Russian, etc.)

The 'thought' of neo-cons
- Militarism that advocates 'democratization'
Katagiri Yuu

A little chat against Yankee imperialism,
or telling the prologue to a comic story without the main part
Ameda Kintaro

The Chukakuha remnants at the end of their resources for survival

Nagatabe Gennta

A road to a surveillant state
Takegaki Sakuzo

JCP's 'Draft of a Revised Programme': anti-revolution
- Completion of the party's line for revised capitalism
Shiramine Hijiri


No. 206
distributed in July 2003


Bush's war:
The Meaning of the Aggressive War on Iraq and His Ambition for World Domination

Revolt against the 'Sole' Superpower in the World:
Formation of the 'Franco-German- Russian line'
Koseki Kenji

Indomitable Anti-American Struggles by Shiite Muslims in Iraq
Nagaoka Shigeo

JCP and a Miserable Conclusion of the UN-Dependency
Uesugi Takashi

- Laws for Japan's Participation in the Military Administration
- History of Aggression by Militarist Japan

This is the Praxicality of Communists:
Re-reading Lenin's 'Left Wing' Communism - An Infantile Disorder
Kanda Haruhiko

Study Notes
Takenaka Heizo's argument on 'structural reform' No.2:
Deceptions with his neo-liberalist theory of 'the market principle' as almighty
Uzawa Kenji

A Soulful Mystery Story:
Review on a Popular Novel by Yonehara Mari
Shari Masaru

Learning Comrade Yoshikawa Impressed to Get the Quintessence of the Anti-Stalinist Communist Movement
Murasakino Yoko

Concerning the Clarification of the Struggle = Organizing Tactics for the Spring Labour Offensive 2003
Moiwa Natsuhiko

The 1958 Problem of the JRCL: Bitter Struggles in the Early Days of the Anti-Stalinist Communist Movement

Indignation and Surprise: the Truth of the 1958 Problem
Hayami Izuo

Thinking over the Building of the JRCL Organization in the Early Days
Tawara Shinji

Bitter Struggles in Our Revolutionary Movement in Its Early Days:
Reading Kuroda's Against the Adverse Current
Yuki Yasuaki


No. 205
distributed in May 2003

For crushing the brutality of the militarist Emperor

Organize an international struggle against imperialist America's military occupation and control over Iraq!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

full text

Zengakuren delegates report their struggles in the US
Shoulder to shoulder with US workers struggling in opposition to the betrayal by the AFL-CIO leadership
Koshiumi Susumu

Leaflet Stop Aggressive War on Iraq by Imperialist America! (English)
Emergency Statement Down with the Bush Gov. launching a massive assault on Iraq! (English)

The US antiwar movement at the crossroads
Koshiyama Yukuzo

World domination for oil'?
On Michael T. Klare's Resource Wars, his criticism of the Bush strategy
Koizumi Shin'ichi

Putin's measures for boosting the Russian economy: only a dream!

Obigawa Hikaru

A letter from Russia to K. Kuroda
To the human man
Oleg Romanov

A festival of bourgeois ideological contamination:
The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Hoshio Ippei

The enhancement of the 'public individual'
Something 'new' underlying the latest report of the Central Council of Education
Kondo Manabu

Study Notes
Takenaka Heizo's argument on 'structural reform' No.1:
Deceptions with his neo-liberalist theory of 'the market principle' as almighty
Uzawa Kenji

Public Political Meeting: the 40th anniversary of the JRCL-RMF founding

Hew out a new stage of the organizational building of our party!
on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction founding
Chairman of the JRCL National Committee Ueda Takuma

Resolutions expressed For A Leap Forward in the Japanese Anti-Stalinist Communist Movement
Mori Shigeru
Asakura Fumio
Yonei Shigeru
Kawanaka Kenzo


No. 204
distributed in March 2003

Special For the Iraqi Antiwar / Spring Labour Offensive!

Stop US-UK aggression! Stop Japan's participation!
- For international antiwar struggles breaking the UN illusion
JRCL-RMF Central Students' Orgburo

Fight for a militant spring offensive 2003!
- Impeach the Rengo leadership advancing the war-supportive, industrial patriotic movement!
JRCL-RMF Central Workers' Orgburo

JCP bureaucrats joining in the chauvinistic chorus for Japanese nationalism
Hikone Saburo

The historic crime of Japanese militarism: forcible immigration of Korean people
Nishiguchi Toshi

Special Economic deflation and the bankruptcy of state monopoly capitalism

Threat of Nipponensis (Japanese disease): a present form of failed state monopoly capitalism

Matsushiro Hideki

Japanese imperialism suffering the deflationary spiral
Yoshimoto Ryuji

Evil aims of Kakenaka's 'plan to revitalize the financial business'
Kawatani Ken

Review: Yonehara Mari Truth of Liar Anya
Shari Masaru

Hamas's strategy for 'Palestinian Revolution'
Kurobushi Hiromichi


No. 203
distributed in Jan. 2003

Break the barbarity of Yankee imperialism claiming proclaiming a 'new empire'!
- For advancing a militant struggle against the aggressive war on Iraq in spite of the chauvinistic Japanese nationalism

JRCL statement
We appeal to Korean brothers / sisters in Japan!
- Fight together against the storm of chauvinistic nationalism against North Korea taking advantage of the kidnapping issue!
Korean version

Warmongers' new strategy for world military domination
Natsuba Nariomi

The revised draft of the Emergency Laws for war participation
Sunano Hiromasa

Annual Defence Report 2002
Hirao Kenji

Marx in the jihad raging world

Denounce Putin's bloody repression on the Chechen people!
- The Moscow massacre
Kanda Haruka

Senile Ishido Seirin on the eve of the USSR collapse
Manabe Hajime

In commemoration of Alexandre Podtchchekoldine
Ogawa Sanshiro

Break with historical ontology
Kurobushi Hiromichi

Overcoming the ontological unfolding of epistemology
- On the revised text of What Is Revolutionary Marxism?
Kajigawa Santaro


No. 202
distributed in December 2002

Special Stop US / UK aggression against Iraq!

JRCL statement

Stop Anglo-American imperialism launching an aggressive war on Iraq!

Denounce the UN resolution in support of a military attack on Iraq!

A heated 'strategic controversies' within the ruling class of the US
Tonegawa Ko

Collapse of the American 'stock capitalism!:
revealed by frauds and the bankruptcies of Enron and WorldCom.
Yoshimoto Ryuji

The UN Conference on the environments failed
: Surging angers against the United States hostile to solutions of environmental and poverty-based problems
Atsuta Takashi

Farcical talks between the JCP and CPC: the JCP borrowing China's influence to show off its 'diplomacy complementary to government's one'

Miyahara Takao

Fuwa's argument on 'everlasting market economy':
JCP Chair's lecture in Beijing titled 'Lenin and market economy'
Kanda Haruka

Stop the government building the Big-Brother system!
Takegaki Sakuzo

Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis:
a spectacular picture scroll
Sunayama Yuji

Studying the revised text of What Is Revolutionary Marxism?:
Reading K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
Uranami Takamine


No. 201
distributed in October 2002

Special The September 11th Attacks: One Year On

Stop the global expansion of the 'war on terrorism'! In solidarity with fighting Muslim people!
Sakasegawa Susumu

Overseas Appeal for the 40th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Executive Committee for the 40th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Messages of solidarity from abroad

The beginning of the real end of the dollar system
Revealed limitations of the 'American capitalism' and a crisis of the world economy
Kawaharada Hisashi

A signal gun of the collapse of the 'civilization of machines and technology'
On Hino Keizo's views on the September 11th incident
Oeyama Kenpachi

Revolutionary turbulences in Argentine

Fight in solidarity with workers and people fighting against brutal repressions!

Tango Natsuko

Letters from Argentine Trotskyists
Revolution in Argentina: the present phase
LOI(CI)-Democracia Obrera of Argentina
Call to the international healthy forces of 4th International
Organizing Committee of the Principled Trotskyism (Fourth International)

No to the forcible start of the national online system of resident registries!
Stop the Big-Brother system!
Yamahara Hiroshi

From my progression like a snail
Early days of the Japanese anti-Stalinist communist movement: Humble experiences in my memory
Yoshikawa Fumio

Hymns for Keynesian economics
Uzawa Kenji


No. 200
distributed in August 2002

Special Stop the Bill for War of Aggression!

Oppose limited wars against terrorism! Stop Japan's participation in the war!
In solidarity with the working people over the world, advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Fallacious interpretations of the Emergency Bills
JCP's positive position on a 'self-defensive war'
Murakawa Toshi

Criminal mistakes with the SPDJ's position
that the Emergency Bills are not needed
Imaga Chiyasu

Deceptions with Dzuganov's 'inter-nationalism'
Kanda Haruka

A Rengo leadership demanding more comprehensive emergency bills
Utsunomiya Ken

Militant anti-American struggle by Bin Laden
How we should transcend its fallacies
(continued from the previous issue)
Nagaoka Shigeo

The European Union shaken by the emergence of neo-fascists
Koshiyama Gyozo

Okinawa's Return: 30 years on
For revolutionary advancement of our struggle over the Security Treaty and issues in Okinawa
Izena Noboru

A fallacious dream of a 'public space'
JTU leaders giving up before state-supremacism and neo-liberalism
Izatono Hisoka

On the philosophy of the 'topos of life and death'
Tashiro Shin'ichi

For an epistemological elucidation of the cognizing process
Reading the revised English edition of What Is Revolutionary Marxism?
Tshidate Wakako


No. 199
distributed in June 2002

Fight against enactment of the Emergency Bills, laws for war of aggression!
For clarifying our tactics for organizing the mass struggle against the Emergency Bills

Special Islamic Political Thoughts

The 'war of civilization'?
A multi-cultural approach taken by an Islamic intellectual
Sakata Seiichi

TMilitant anti-American struggle by Bin Laden
How we should transcend its fallacies
Nagaoka Shigeo

Deceptions with Dzuganov's 'inter-nationalism'
Kanda Haruka

A suicide bombing by an erstwhile Blanquist over the Sept. 11
Yoshimoto Takaaki's turn to Japanese nationalist
Nagahama Seiichi

Policies for restructuring in the name of 'work-sharing'
The annual report on labour by Japanese capitalists
Sugawara Tetsuya

Abandonment of wage struggle covered up with demands for 'rules for work'
The JCP-led national labour centre submitting to the offensives of restructuring and lower wages
Okuzono Hiroshi

Chukakuha remnant in a free fall
Minakami Genta

Kato Tadashi and his materialism
Its significance and crucial problems
Azumidaira Haruhiko

Fragments from my snail-like progress
Memories of my humble experiences during early days of the anti-Stalinist communist movement in Japan
Yoshikawa Fumio


No. 198
distributed in March 2002

Hell of restructuring and
a crisis of the spring labour offensive

Stop Japan joining in the war! Stop emergency legislation!
Fight it transcending official peace movements led by the SDPJ and JCP degraded to the 'defence of the fatherland' position!

Sole super militarism scheming to expand the 'war on terrorism'
Kuju Fumio

The spring offensive 2002 under the Afghan war
JRCL Central Workers Orgburo

The hellish restructuring under the deflationary spiral
Utsunomiya Ken

This is the restructuring!
NTT: Historic 110,000 job cuts and the earlier retirement age
Electric: Shifting burdens of the IT bubble bursting onto workers
Steel: successive mergers and job cuts plus lower wages
Auto: Intensified selection of parts makers under the 'mega competition'
Railway: Outsourcing of jobs for stations

Degeneration of the educational research movement into that serving the 'patriotic' education: JUT leadership's report for a 'reformed research movement' and its criminal nature
Tsuruta Nozomi

Report from the JTU National Conference of Educational Research: Against the reaction 'under the war'
Arase Wataru

On the Islamic fundamentalist ideology
Todoroki Shinji

Reading Tosaka Jun On Epistemology
Azumino Haruhiko


No. 197
distributed in January 2002

For a radical revolutionization of
the world under wars and darkness!

Break the global crisis of warfare for a century of revolution!
Stop US aggression in the Middle East! Stop Japan joining in the war!
Build a battle front for international antiwar struggles!

Start of 'wartime economy' under the global recession: US, Japan, and European imperialism desperate for military breakthrough of the depression
Tatekaze Hiroshi
The erstwhile child of 'post-war democracy' becoming spineless
Oe Kenzaburo's comments on the 'terrorism'
Oeyama Kenpachi
Stop US Aggression against Afghanistan!
(in English)

Series No.4
Problem-Riddled ultranationalst 'Tsukurukai' Textbooks

History: A myth of the 'independent self-development' of the Japanese nation and culture
Makihara Mitsuyoshi
Civics: Is the environmental destruction 'a price for civilization'?
Yoshino Kaoru
Civics: The ultra-nationalist view on the 'family'
Kagawa Midori

A proposal to exploit aged workers to their death
The criminal nature of the Rengo leadership's proposal 'welfare-type society centring around labour'
Kasagi Takao

Neoliberalism and neofascism:
For struggles to smash neofascist reactions

Yanaba Masahiro

Now I am 27-year old
Yoshikawa Fumio


No. 196
distributed in November 2001

Barbarities of Warmongers
Denounce the US / UK Aggression against Afghanistan!

Break through the crisis of another World War:
Shock waves of the Islamic martyrs' attacks and the great crime of the contemporary Crusade

Overcoming Islamic fundamentalism:
Historic significance and limitations of the martyrs' attacks for jihad

Russia's conspiracy with the contemporary Crusade:
Benefits aimed by Machiavellist V. Putin

HORIBA Daisuke
Japan's participation in the war in the name of 'eradicating terrorism':
Koizumi's logic for 'war participation and its great deceptions

Degradation to a complementary force to the war of aggression:
JCP bureaucrats joining the Bush-conducted chorus for 'war on terrorism'

Barbarism named 'Civilisation':
a group of advocators for 'capitalist civilisation'


Series No.3
Problem-Riddled ultranationalst 'Tsukurukai' Textbooks

Myth of the 'Emperor's Japan':
nonsensical fabrication of the history

MAKIHARA Mitsuyoshi
Acquittal to the US atomic bombs
Advocating the 'nuclear deterrent'
Beautification of the Maintenance of Public Order Act

What I thought of about Kuroda's Praxiology in English


No. 195
distributed in September 2001

Series No.2
Problem-Riddled ultra-nationalist 'Tsukurukai' Textbooks

The myth of 'Japan's modernization':
The dark side of the Japanese state in Meiji era under the Ten'noist [imperial] system

Trumpeting for the illusion of the almighty of 'market economy': compilation of tricks to conceal the negatives of the capitalist economy
SHUMON Kankuro
Report from a struggle
Lessons from our struggles to stop municipal adoptions of the 'tsukurukai' textbooks
YAMAOKA Jinpachi

Smash barbarities of war and fascism!

Stop the building of a US-Japan joint war operating system!

Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the intensifying new Cold War
KUSUDA Yasuyuki
Neoliberalism and neofascism:
For struggles to smash neofascist reactions

YANABA Masahiro

Recommendation of 'what the wage slave system should be':
Critique of JCP-sympathizer Kinoshita Takeo's 'wages of Japanese people'

Utsunomiya Ken

Overseas Appeal for the 39th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (English)
Executive Committee for the 39th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Messages from foreign friends (English)


No. 194

Including no English text.

New Series No.1
Problem-Riddled 'Tsukurukai' Textbooks

The praise of war and the Emperor: a 'history' textbook of falsification, demagoguery and tricks.
- Kuju, Fumio
A statist alteration of ideas of the Constitution: a 'social study' textbook aimed to imbue the spirit of 'self-sacrifice for the nation'
- Hirao, Kenji

'The Nanjing Massacre' erased / The reason why nothing is described about 'comfort women' / The well-known progressive poetess taken as a follower to the traditional family system / What is Nishibe Susumu, author of the civics textbook

Special I The Myth of the 'Koizumi Revolution'
A new-type of fascism under the guise of 'reform'
Dangerous ambitions for reviving Japan as a military big power
- Ishigaki, Jiro
Falsehood in the 'structural reform without sanctuary'
Imposition of 'pains' upon the working people

- Yuuki, Rikiya

An ejaculative populist politics / How to read catch-copies produced by minister-turned neo-liberalist academic Takena Heizo / Tricks in the argument on 'higher and lower productive sector' / Sayings of the U.S.-follower

Special II Metamorphoses of declining social democrats
The 'EU model' bankrupted
The Euro land in impasse and its breakthroughs

- Tonegawa, Kou
A way to submission to neoliberalism
Fallacies in A. Giddens' Third Way
- Ashida, Shigeo

My History of Struggles
Flames of pits never blown off
What the closure of the Miike Colliery reminds me
- Banshoya, Taro


No. 193

Including no English text.

Rebuild the fundamental idea, the 'antiwar, anti-Constitutional revision'

Strengthen our battle line for overthrowing the ultra-reactionary Koizumi government!

The LDP Hashimoto faction's chimerical 'drafts of the revised Constitution'
- Osako, Shin'ichi
Tokyo Gov. Ishihawa Shintaro's demagoguery towards the Constitutional revision
- Ose, Katsuya
A 'healing' sociology
A miserable bankruptcy of Miyadai Shinji's criticism of Yoshinori Kobayashi's On War
- Minakami, Genta
An illusion for a 'century of peace':
The fallacious picture of 'the world without standing armies' illustrated by JCP bureaucrats

- Kurobushi, Hiromichi

Reactionary nature of LDP Yamasaki Taku's 'draft of the revised constitution' / Neo-fascist nature of Ishihara Shintaro 's 'urgent proposals' for economic recovery / Crimes of neo-fascist Ishihara / Shintaro Hitler's reactionary remarks / Ideological about-faces of JCP theorist Ueda Koichiro

The end of the Kokuro [National Railway Workers' Union]
- Yoshida, Tadao
Shatter the government's scheme for 'full privatization of JR'!
Ambitions for a 'JR that supports a war operation system'
- Kagami, Soji

On printing labour
- Sanada Yuichi

Philosopher Tosaka Jun's death in jail
- Kawakami, Kuniari


No. 192

Including no English text.

Special Down With the Mori-bund Mori Cabinet!

JRCL Urgent Appeal Give an iron blow of angry workers to Mori's dead-duck cabinet!

What Next to the farce for Mori's stepping down?
Acceleration of power struggles for squeezing more oranges and ultra-reactionary offensives
Dangerous developments for war preparations
Revision of the Constitution: a scheme to revive the 'militarist Japan'
OSAKO Shin'ichi
Forcible establishment of a top-down system under the Prime Minister
'Shaking up' is nominal in the government reorganization
OGA Goichi
An incompetent cabinet with no policy for the economy
The impeding crisis of catastrophe led by the failed 'boosting measures'
'Education Reform' to deform human nature
What would be caused by a nationalist-oriented and talent-stressed education?
The opposition coalition's vulnerable measures for overthrowing the cabinet
A stalker-like desire of the JCP to 'enter a cabinet'

Photos: A rally against a joint military drill in Kyushu (left), protests against U.S. soldiers' crimes in Okinawa (right).

JCP's fallacious proposal of 'welfare networks'
A complement from below to the changes to worse in the social welfare system
Trotsky's theory of fascism
SAKATA Seiichi

Win an upsurge of the spring offensive 2001!
Break through the neo 'industrial patriotic' movement!
JRCL Central Orgburo of Industrial Workers

(No English text included.)


No. 191
Including no English text.
Photo Special
The decade of struggles
Against the adverse tide in the end of the century

(Left: the first page of the 16-page special)

Build a Powerful Revolutionary Vanguard Party
for Liberation of the Proletariat!

Ueda, Takuma (Chairman of the JRCL National Committee)

Open a second Century of Proletarian Revolution by Exerting All the Power of the Anti-Stalinist Revolutionary Communist Movement!
1. A Mounting Crisis of New World War
a) Political turmoil started in the US and Japan
b) Turbulences expanded worldwide breaking the fake 'peace'
- The made-up 'peace' in the Korean Peninsula
- The false 'democratization process in Yugoslavia'
- The 'peace process in Middle East' completely failed
c) A new Cold-War confrontation intensifying between the US and China-Russia
- A drastic shake in America's dominance as the 'sole superpower'
- Imperialist America frantic for breakthrough
- The Sino-Russo bloc desperate to form an 'anti-American' net
- Accumulated socio-economic contradictions due to the 'transition to market economy'
2. An Impeding Catastrophe of the Globalized Economy
a) High oil price, low euro rate, and indications of US economy's bubble bursting
b) Fermented contradictions under the American globalization
- International financial market revolting against the US-dominated integration
- Deterioration of the 'debtor economy' and the impeding catastrophe of the 'dollar system'
3. Defeat and Disband the Japanese Stalinist Party Turning Assistants to the Neofascist Ruling Order!
a) Degradation to today's version of the 'defence of the fatherland' position
- Euro socialism self-defeated
- The extremely criminal nature of JCP's 'practical use' position on the Self-Defence Forces
- Bourgeois liberalist change in its ideas
b) Ruinous results of revised capitalism
- Emasculation of the social-democratic idea of 'welfare state'
- JCP's abandonment of 'anti-monopoly' cause
Open a new horizon of our anti-Stalinist revolutionary left!

Build a firm organization of workers to break through the labour movement degenerated into today's Industrial Patriotic movement!
Win a new advance of our organization through reconfirming lessons in 1990s!

JRCL Central Orgburo of Industrial Workers

At first
1. Struggles by revolutionary workers against the Rengo-type 'Industrial patriotic' movement

1) Win a militant rebuilding of trade unions in spite of the historic betrayal!
2) Labour aristocrats driving their campaign for revising the Constitution
3) Full cooperation in restructuring: their acceptance of the mass sacking and imposition of it on workers
4) The 'funeralization of the spring offensive' and struggles against it
5) Attempts to incorporate trade unions in a corporate body: recommendation by the labour aristocrats for self-destruction of trade unions
2. Lessons in building vanguard organizations of workers

Special: Whither the 21st Capitalism
Transformation of the World Economy in the End of the Century
Fermented Crises under the American Globalization by Yanatsu Hirosi

Is there any future for capitalist-transforming China?
The remnant Stalinist state undermined by the 'globalization of capital' by Sugisawa Kanji

Where is Putin's Russia going?

Illusion of 'market economy regulated by a powerful state' by Horiba Daisuke


No. 190
Including articles in English.

Japanese Communist Party's Declaration of Anti-Revolution
Disband the JCP That Has Abandoned 'Revolution' and
Fallen into 'Defend the Fatherland' Stand!
- By Hamuro Masato
Illustration: JCP History of Strategic Failures and Zigzags

Special: Whither the 21st Capitalism
Transformation of the World Economy in the End of the Century
Fermented Crises under the American Globalization
by Yanatsu Hirosi

Illusive Images of the 'IT Revolution' by Shumon Kankuro

Attempts to Grope for Reforming the 'Japanese Management'
Traps for the 'New Japanese Management' Theory
by Matsushiro Hideki

Focus: Limitations with the New Innovation
Biotechnology: for Human and Environmental Destructions by Uragami Shinsaku

Can the Nano-Technology Pioneer the Future? by Shouda Tsuneo

Engels' theory of the state-will [staatswille]
Centring on his Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy
by Okuno Hiroshi

The JRCL and its Significance for the World Communist Movement
by James White
Contribution from a Foreign Comrade (in English)
/ Party and Class / Strategy / Revolutionary Marxism / 'United-Front'-Type Tactics / Epistemology / Praxiology / Self-Revolutionization / Materialist Subjectivity / Alienation / Philosophy and Science / Party organization / Conclusion
On the Document by J. White
by Koshiyama Gyozo (JRCL-RMF National Committee International Division)

Messages from Foreign Friends to
the 38th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
(in English) (Continued from No. 189)
The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
The Movement for a Socialist Future
The International Trotskyist Opposition


No. 189

Including English articles.

Build a battlefront to break the new arms race between the US and China-Russia and the major current for strengthening the Security Alliance and the Constitutional revision!
by Amatsu Toshinori

Overseas Appeal for the 38th International Antiwar Assembly
(English, translation modified)

Messages from foreign friends to the Assembly

Victimizing the people: major reform in administrative and welfare systems
'A crisis-controllable state': a dangerous vision
- 'Administrative reform' for strengthening the Japanese neo-fascist regime
by Oga Goichi

Illusions of 'Keynesian welfare state': limitless bourgeois degeneration in the JCP idea of 'social welfare' by Tanabe Toshio
The JCP vision of 'municipality reform from below' and its fallacy
- An extreme anti-working class decoration to the 'servant to the whole' theory of the municipal worker
by Atagawa Shinobu

Accusations from workplaces
The increasing number of medical accidents and its cause by Onuma Masako

Revealed contradictions with the nursing care insurance system
- Deserting the elderly: the system that can bring forced deaths
- Realities of 'one-day care services': thorough reduction in the personnel with the increasing number of heavily ill users.
- What is happening at protective institutions for the elderly.
- Break the stormy restructuring of welfare systems!

Renegade Fuwa's condemnation of Lenin: nonsensical abuses and slanders against Lenin and proletarian revolution
Kurobushi Hiromichi


No. 188
Including only Japanese articles.
Special 1:'Pro-Constitution' ideologies deteriorating
Smash the scheme of revising the Constitution and neofascist reactions by the Mori tri-partite administration!

JCP's 'pro-Constitution' stand without 'anti-Security Treaty':
Turning to the acceptance of the Security Treaty and the SDF under the pretext to 'cooperation with conservative voters' by Kaminaga Toru
Miserable death of the SDPJ as a 'party for the Constitution':
burdened with the 'negative inheritance' of the former LDP-SDPJ coalition government. by Ashida Shigeo
Rengo leadership to accept the revision of the Constitution:
a result of its degeneration into today's version of the 'Industrial Patriotic Association' by Utsunomiya Ken

Special 2: Elegy for religions, ethnics, and wars
One year after the ceasefire: has 'peace' come in Kosovo? by Kuroe Tatsuyuki

Ideological turn to the theory of 'civilizations' conflicts'
- Iwata Masayuki groping his way as an 'ideological refugee' by Nakago Toshio
Paradox with the 'illuminative reason'
- Harbermas' beautification of the aggressive war in Yugoslavia by Kondo Manabu

Historical-materialist and political-economic elucidation of education
by Daido Masaya


No. 187
Including only Japanese articles.

Stop the Reactionary Reorganization of Education!

Neofascist reorganization of the public education
- Criticizing the Mori administration's 'Education Reform'
OSAKO Shinichi
Destruction of the youth's personalities and imposition of burdens on educational workers
- Aggravated contradictions of the 'reform in elementary and secondary education'
From classrooms
What to do with 'disorder in the classroom'?

Against the imposed national flag and anthem

Degenerating line and ideology of the leadership of the Japan Teachers' Union
- Attempts to complement the governmental education reform in the name of 'education as a safety net'
Chronology: JTU movement and its degeneration

Criminal nature of the JCP's 'education reform from below'
- Bourgeois degeneration of its cause 'genuine education'
Revival of the Emperor-centred view of history stained with bloodshed
- A neofascist revised schoolbook of history
OSE Katsuya
Study of education based on historical materialism and political economy
DAIDO Masaya

Introduction of 'competitivity' among universities
'National Conference for Education Reform' what is it?

Engels' theory of the state-will [staatswille]
- Centring on his Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy
OKUNO Hiroshi


No. 186

Feature I:
Break the 'Spring Labour Offensive for Lower Wages'!

Fight out the spring offensive in opposition to betrayals!
Labour aristocrats in Rengo abandon the offensive in the name of an 'offensive primarily for jobs'. Denounce them!

Self-destruction of Rengo's Spring (not offensive but) Talk!
Self-claiming 'Rengo's new strategy': full of falsification and barrenness
JCP-affiliated NCTU leadership: desperate efforts for 'collaboration with Rengo'
Right-wing and parliamentarianist distortion of the offensive for 'democratic change in politics'
In the name of 'reform in prefectural / municipal administration': complementation of the existing ruling order
'Chemical Workers League 21': conversion to a 'type of labour movement for policy design and proposal'

Future II:
Criticism of Ideologies for Revising the Constitution

Polemics over Japan's strategy for its 'survival'
What underlies the tripartite discussion among Nakasone, Katoh, and Hatoyama.
MAKIHARA Mitsuyoshi
Ultra-reactionary nature of Ozawa's 'Draft of the Revised Constitution'
A scheme for building a 'powerful neofascist state'
'Discussion for revision from new liberals' of hypotheses and deceptions
Hatoyama's 'critique of hawks': a fantasy.
Oppositions between neo-nationalists and liberal conservatives over the Constitution and diplomatic policies centred on the Security Treaty

Chronological review over the Constitutional revision and the Security Treaty
* May 2000, A5, pp. 208, 1200 yen. Japanese edition only.


No. 185

Win a Great Leap Forward of the JRCL for "Another Century of Revolution"!

Break through the Crisis of Warfare!
Make a Stormy Advance of Proletarian Class Struggles!

Special: The Aggravated Danger of
Grave Nuclear Accidents

Nuclear development in Japan: its negative history full of repeated accidents and cover-ups.
- Monopoly capitalists in Japan and their Government have continued the hasty development of atomic energy plants and nuclear technology in the name of a 'breakthrough of the country's difficulties due to its poor natural resource'. This is now going bankruptcy in every section.

Limitations of 'security measures' by the Government and monopoly capitals.
ATOH Rokuroh
- What causes defects and absence of 'safety measures' of nuclear plants. ATOH exposes them in terms political economy and technological theory.

Japan's export of nuclear plants: presenting dangers of nuclear disasters in Asia.
URAGAMI Shinsaku
- Nuclear plants are exported, totally indifferent to technological development of security control. URAGAMI reveals what is happening amidst the triangular competition between Japan, the US, and the EU over nuclear export to Asian countries / areas.

JCP: just demanding "safety measures" from the Government
- In JCP's demands for 'security measures', even the 'opposition to new / extended buildings of nuclear plants' is made ambiguous. TANABE criticizes mean political intentions of the Fuwa leadership latent in the party's pragmatic revision to its policies.

Confused, fallacious theory of 'the economic crisis of the "Great Depression-type"': the miserable end of Takumi Mitsuhiko as theorist of 'world capitalism'.
YANAZU Hiroshi

Criminal nature of TPM [Total productive Maintenance] based on the harmony between the employer and employees.

Messages from abroad to the 37th International Anti-War Assembly (continued). (English, Russian.)


No. 184
SPECIAL The Chinese revolution 50 years on
and the East European collapse 10 years on
-- What has been brought about by the 'transformation to
market economy'? Why did the 'socialist' states collapse?

Cries by the 'funeral directors of the revolution' suffering from 'internal and external difficulties' -- China affected with the poisonous flower of 'market economy'.

Vicious 'Critique of the Chinese Revolution' by Yomiuri Shimbun news paper.
KUDO Shiro

East Europe involved in political turbulence under the 'new cold war between West and East'.

'Light' and shadow of the East European conversion to 'market economy'
-- Discredited illusions of 'capitalist development'
HORIBA Daisuke

Areal study:trials and errors with the 'market economic conversion'
Poland The epitome of East Europe: deformed contradictory structure of politics and economy
Ex-East Germany Expanded reproduction of 'East-West differences' under market economy.
KAMATA Toshikatsu
Romania Intensifying pain of the 'poorest country in the East Europe'
ONO Hitoshi
Bulgaria The impeding bankruptcy of the 'forced landing on market economy'

Advance the struggle to denounce the nuclear criticality accident at Tokaimura! A Decisive failure in the Japanese imperialist development of atomic energy plants and nuclear technology
SHUMON Kankuro

A fascistic 'theory of nations' by Shirai Akira, expelled Chukakuha chief editor.
KAWAZU Ryutaro
A fin de siecle illusion--Unseasonable praise to Marx by a liberal intellectual


No. 183
* Including English articles.
Relief Plans by the Obuchi Administration for Monopoly Capital

A hell of restructuring - workers suffering from massive dismissals and low wages
The second wave of restructuring
- Auto-makers: groping for survival by international financial alliances.
- Electric: world-wide reorganization and partition of business.
- Steel: ridding unprofitable facilities and centralisation in the 'core business'
- Bank, stock, insurance: a historic reorganization of the financial world: the epitome of a hell of restructuring

Industrial Revitalizing Laws: a castle in the air- A vicious circle caused by its encouragement of restructuring.

NISHI, Kentaro

Thorough deprivation of workers' rights: what is to be brought about by the revised labour laws

A reactionary revision of the social-welfare system: neo-fascist reorganization in the name of 'self-help and self-reliance'.
TANABE, Toshio
Delusion to the almighty of market principles: Ideology of Obuchi-Ozawa coalition for 'deregulation'
YANATSU, Hiroshi

STOP PREPARATION IN COMMON FOR AN AGGRESSIVE WAR BY JAPAN AND THE US- Build a broader fighting front to break the neofascist reactionary offensives!
TOGAWA, Makoto

An illusion on stage at fin de siecle: on an untimely song of praise to Marx by a liberalist

Agitation to Denounce the NATO Bombing(English)

Overseas Appeal for the 37th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan (English)

Messages from foreign friends to the 37th International Antiwar Assembly (English)

- International / domestic affairs and struggles of the revolutionary left (June to July, 1999)


* No English edition is available. Japanese only

No. 182

Special: What Are To Be Brought About By The 'Pacification In Kosovo'? 

Oppose the NATO allies' military occupation of Kosovo!
- Expose the deceptive 'pacification' against people! Advance international antiwar struggles!
The historic crime with beautification theories of the Yugoslavian aggression
- What is a road to the true solution of the religious = ethic war in Kosovo?
KAMATA Toshikatsu / NAKAZATO Toshio

Self-destruction of the Euro socialism

Boris the Great's failed attempt to 'save Yugoslavia' ISHIGAKI Jiro

The warmonger's strategy for world domination UMEBAYASHI Yoshiki

Fourth Internationalists praising the war of aggression

JRCL Overseas Appeal: Stop the Fascistic NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia! (English)

Ideologies for the 'Industrial Patriotic' Movement

Labour aristocrats of the Rengo [JTUC]: intent to transform trade unions into a component of the 'cooperative sector', or one of 'non-profitable organizations' in a 'civic sector'. TENKUUJI Sho
Acceptance of 'ability-base' wages in the name of 'fairness'
- Criminal policies proposed by the Rengo leadership MOURI Harunobu
Euro economic sphere in trouble
- Revealed illusion of the 'strong euro' SHUMON Kankuro

- International / domestic affairs and struggles of the revolutionary left (April to May in 1999)


Explode the anger towards the US and Japanese imperialists, warmongers!
In spite of degenerated SDPJ and JCP joining the today's version of the 'Imperial Rule Assistance Association', create a radical fight to break through the 'new East-West Cold war'!

JRCL Central Students Organizing Committee
Special: Take a theoretical offensive against the beautification theories of wars
The United States: the world-most rogue state
- warmongering in the name of 'freedom and democracy'.
URAGAMI Shinsaku
China: agitation of a 'new cold war' with its ambition for the 'super power'
- Chinese diplomacy 'against 'hegemonism' with sheer Machiavellianism.
Demagoguery of the 'North-Korean menace'
- Fictions to justify the building of bilateral war-operating systems between the US and Japan.
HABA Takeshi
Tricks in Yomiuri Shimbun's justification of the 'Great East-Asian War'
- an attempt for the revival of the theory of 'a just war'.
SAKURAGI Katsuhiko
Emotional and popularized agitation of a new type of the 'sacred war' theory
- ultra-reactionary nature with On Wars by comic artist KOBAYASHI Yoshinori
JCP: Degradation into a war-supporting party
- Why is it that the party does not denounce the bombing of Yugoslavia or the Japan's military action against 'suspicious boats'?
KUROBUSE Hiromichi
G. Lukacs' theory of consciousness and his dialectics
- International / domestic affairs and struggles of the revolutionary left (January to March in 1999)
- Letters from readers


On the Occasion of Changing the Japanese Title from Kyosanshugisha into Shinseiki
/ Ueda, Takuma (Chairman of the National Committee of the JRCL)

<Special Edition>
For Militant Reconstruction of the Spring Labour Offensive!

Part I. Break through the Today's Version of Sampo [Industrial Patriotic] Movement for 'National Salvation'

- Desperate Offensives of the Monopoly Capitalists and Their Government in Death Agony and the Crisis of Labour Movement in Japan / JRCL Central Workers Organizing Committee
- Break through the Degeneration of the Labour Movement Today into Sampo Movement for 'National Salvation'! Create Surging Waves of the Spring Offensive of 1999! / JRCL Central Workers Organizing Committee
- Destruction of the Spring Offensive in the Name of 'Reforming the Spring Offensive' / Gorikida, Tokumaru

Part II. How Was the Spring Offensive Choked Off?
--- Degeneration and Its Deepenin

- Late-1960s to 1970s: Bankruptcy of the Labour Movement of Sohyo Mindo-type and Turn to the 'Spring Offensive Initiated by JC' [Japan Council of Metal Workers Unions] / Sakamaki, Go
- 1970s: The Historic Surge of Public Workers' Struggle for a Right to Strike and Its Setback / Yoshida, Tadao
- 1980s: Degeneration of the Labour Movement into Today's Version of the 'Industrial Patriotic Movement' and the End of the Sohyo / Shiitani, Takashi

Chart: Reorganization of Labour Unions Since Japan's Defeat in War
Chronology: History of Labour Movement in Post War Japan

Part III. Anti-Working-Class Ideologies of 'Rengo' [JFTU] and 'Zenroren' [NCTU]

- A New Definition of Labour Union by Rengo Leaders as a 'Non-Profitable Organization and a Civic Movement for Public Interests' and Its Anti-Working-Class Nature: An Attempt to Gross Over the Today's Version of Sampo Movement under the Guise of a Civic Movement / Kasagi, Takao
- Distortion of the Spring Offensive Based on the JCP Line of 'Coalition with Conservative Constituencies': Criminal Nature of the Zenroren's Course for the 'People-Based Spring Offensive of 1999' / Shiramine, Hijiri

- Yen Imperialism Shaken by the Crisis of Submergence / Shumon,Kankuro

Cartoon: Japan as an Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier to Sink
Chronology: Domestic and International Affairs and
Struggles of the Revolutionary Left in 1998

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