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No. 1650 1st January
Open a Road for Another Century of Revolution!

Build a Powerful Revolutionary Vanguard Party
for Liberation of the Proletariat!

Ueda, Takuma (Chairman of the JRCL National Committee)

Develop a struggle to break through the new age of warfare!
Now is the time to learn historical lessons in the building of our party organization!
Open a new stage in building our party organization!
10 Dec in Sapporo: 400 workers and students rally in the JRCL Hokkaido Regional Public Political Meeting
Open a Second Century of Proletarian Revolution by Exerting All the Power of the Anti-Stalinist Revolutionary Communist Movement!
1. A Mounting Crisis of New World War
a) Political turmoil started in the US and Japan
b) Turbulences expanded worldwide breaking the fake 'peace'
- The made-up 'peace' in the Korean Peninsula
- The false 'democratization process in Yugoslavia'
- The 'peace process in Middle East' completely failed
c) A new Cold-War confrontation intensifying between the US and China-Russia
- A drastic shake in America's dominance as the 'sole superpower'
- Imperialist America frantic for breakthrough
- The Sino-Russo bloc desperate to form an 'anti-American' net
- Accumulated socio-economic contradictions due to the 'transition to market economy'
2. An Impeding Catastrophe of the Globalized Economy
a) High oil price, low euro rate, and indications of US economy's bubble bursting
b) Fermented contradictions under the American globalization
- International financial market revolting against the US-dominated integration
- Deterioration of the 'debtor economy' and the impeding catastrophe of the 'dollar system'
3. Defeat and Disband the Japanese Stalinist Party Turning Assistants to the Neofascist Ruling Order!
a) Degradation to today's version of the 'defence of the fatherland' position
- Euro socialism self-defeated
- The extremely criminal nature of JCP's 'practical use' position on the Self-Defence Forces
- Bourgeois liberalist change in its ideas
b) Ruinous results of revised capitalism
- Emasculation of the social-democratic idea of 'welfare state'
- JCP's abandonment of 'anti-monopoly' cause
Open a new horizon of our anti-Stalinist revolutionary left!
[6-7] A picturized uprising from the revolutionary fortress in the new century

The banner Marx holds reads 'Workers of the World, Unite!', and
the flag behind Lenin and Trotsky 'Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Stalinism'.

Build a firm organization of workers to break through the labour movement degenerated into today's Industrial Patriotic movement!
Win a new advance of our organization by learning lessons in 1990s!

JRCL Central Orgburo of Workers

At first
1. Struggles by revolutionary workers against the Rengo-type 'Industrial patriotic' movement
1) Win a militant rebuilding of trade unions in spite of the historic betrayal!
2) Labour aristocrats driving their campaign for revising the Constitution
3) Full cooperation in restructuring: their acceptance of the mass sacking and imposition of it on workers
4) The 'funeralization of the spring offensive' and struggles against it
[10] Resolutions for New Year
- JRCL Kansai Regional Committee
- JRCL Kyushu Regional Committee
- JRCL Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
[11] Photo album of militant struggles in 2000
Antiwar demonstartion to
the Diet Building (October)
Students march against the
SDF drill in Tokyo (September)


No. 1649 December 18th

3 Dec. JRCL Public Political Meeting Held in Success
A Bridgehead for a Great Leap Forward of the Anti-Stalinist Communist Movement
1800 participants resolved to revive labour movement in Japan

9 Dec. in Tokyo: Zengakuren march to the Diet and the Prime Minister's House (Photo left above)
30 Nov. in Tokyo: militant students protest in front of the Diet Building against Ishihara and Sakurai, advocators for revising the Constitution. (The ultra-nationalist Tokyo Governor and the rightist journalist were invited by the House of Representatives Research Commission on the Constitution to make an anti-Constitution agitation.)
23 Nov. in Hokkaido: a trade-union-based Peace Movement Forum holds a regional meeting with 1200 participants over the planned nuclear facility in the northernmost area (Photo right above)
- Militant students propagandize to halt the plan in solidarity with fighting workers and residents
- Leaders of Rengo and the Democratic Party criticized for their effective acceptance of the nuke facility
26 Nov. in east Hokkaido: Local students protest against the SDF live shooting drill
[3] From Students' Cultural Festivals
11-12 Nov. at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa: many social-critical events held in success
28 Nov. at Waseda University: a diehard JCP scholar on the Constitution beaten at a symposium by students criticizing the party's 'practical use' position to the SDF
25 Nov. at the University of Tokyo: Democratic Party head Hatoyama heckled at a lecture meeting by students criticizing his Constitutional revisionist stand
The 22nd JCP Congress: manifesto of a party of 'anti-revolution'
1. Changeover to an 'assistant party of Japan'
- Debut of the Fuwa-Shii-Ichida system
- Bureaucratic oppression on erupted opposition, deliberately branding them as 'anti-party elements influenced by the JRCL'
- The shameless 'soft and hard line'
2. Deception, self-justification, and intimidation
- 'Counterarguments' against criticisms of the 'practical use' stance to the SDF
- Sophistries for justifying the new definition a 'party of the people [or the nation]'
Now is the time to defeat and dissolve the JCP
Political dynamics of the 'reconciliation' between the US and North Korea
New frictions between the US and China-Russia over the Korean 'settlement'
1. A makeshift by imperialist America pressed by its failure in the world domination
- 'The world strongest economy' waning
2. Kim Jong Il's 'strategic change' supported by China and Russia
- Rulers of China and Russia busy forming an anti-American net
3. Critical situations aggravated under the ;new cold war'
Burn the flame of the JR labour movement!
- A workers' discussion meeting held
JRCL's declaration of fight
JCP history of bankruptcies and confusions No. 5
Expose the myth of the 'consistency in the programmatic line'!
'Abandonment of revolution' by introducing the line of 'democratic alternatives'
The 1989 About-face as the turning point in its degradation into a 'social reforminst party' (continued from the previous issue)
3. The 20th Congress where the party formulated its line of revised capitalism
- Abandonment of the Stalinist outlook of the times
- Declaration of the abandonment of 'socialist revolution'
- Rejection of the 'class alliance'
- Denunciation of the 'denunciation of the Security Treaty'
4. Kneeling down before the 'affluence of capitalism' and rejecting the 'socialist' idea
- Changeover to a 'decoloured Stalinism'
- Complementation to the neofascist regime
Supplement: the JCP after the 1989 about-face
1. 1993: 'Broad cooperation based on the single task in defence of the Constitution'
2. 1995: 'Broad cooperation with non-partisan people'
3. 1996: 'Cooperation with conservative people'
4. 1998: a 'freeze' on the 'denunciation of the Security Treaty' and the suggestion to accept the legalization of the 'Rising Sun' as the national flag and the 'Reign of the Emperor' as the national anthem


No. 1648 December 11th

Rise in struggles to overthrow the Mori administration
intensifying reactionary offensives!

Fight it denouncing the SDPJ and JCP
as complements to the neofascist ruling system!

- Nonaka's sudden resignation from the LDP secretary general opens the second stage towards Mori's fall
- Incompetence of the Mori administration and the downfall of Japanese imperialism: the APEC and the ASEAN plus 3 meetings
(Photos above) Militant students staging their protests at the Diet Building.
19 Nov. in Miyazaki: Zengakuren Kyushu protests against the US-Japan joint minesweeping drill (Photo left)

10-14 Nov. at Kagoshima University: students smash authorities' regulations to win their cultural festival
- A mass protest at the school campus
- Active cultural events including discussion meetings on the Constitution, Educational reform, nuclear plants

A message from the Russian Communist Workers' Party - Tyumen Regional Committee
- Against the background of the deepening decay of Russian Stalinist parties
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- A battle outside the ring of the ASEAN meeting over the 'infrastructural divide': a nonchalant Prime Minister says 'Japanese IT mobiles go without electricity'
- That female novelist extends her helping hands to Alberto as one of his patrons: by referring to not Christian but Arab virtues
- A Brit 'Macho' vs a French Feminist
- The USSR anthem restores after the USSR's ruin
Denounce the leadership of the federation of electric workers' unions voicing loud 'Reject the conventional type of labour movement'!:
The 'mid-term perspective of labour movement' advocating 'a fundamental reform of labour movement': its nature against the working class
1. Gist of the 'mid-term perspective 2001-10': proposals of a 'new labour movement'
- Basic ideas: 'affluent life of a new type' in the mature society
- Labour movement: from a 'protester's type' to 'subjective forces of social reform'
- Relationship between labour and management: from 'opposition over shares' to 'participation and creative proposal'
- Roles of trade unions: from 'unity and solidarity' to 'mutual assistance and help to independent individuals'
- Commitment in 'political activities of participation-type'
2. Degradation into an industrial 'patriotic' movement in the name of 'reform of society'
- The final negation of struggles for higher wages
- Positive responses to the offensive for changing forms of employment and payment
- Deceptive nature of the 'affluent life of a new type' in the mature society
3. Change in quality of trade unions by praising neo-liberalism
- 'Movement for social reform' for breaking through 'the systematic fatigue'
- Praises for market principle almighty
- Change in quality of trade unions: incorporation into corporate organizations
For overcoming mistakes with the analysis that ex-Prime Minister Nakasone introduced a 'GPA-based education divided by the ranking'
1. Nakasone condemned the current system of education' as a 'GPA-based, divided by the ranking'
2. What is meant by the 'GPA-based education divided by the ranking'?
3. Chaotic situation of education in Japan since the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee for Education in 1987
Topics Japan's unemployment rate 4.7%, Rengo's Secretary-General Sasamori 'we are benumbed at the high rate not improved'; and President Wasio 'Dividends from the restructuring must be appropriate'
Denounce the chairman of the railway workers' federation dependent on the police
Reading Kuroda's Praxis and Topos Vol. 1, 'Topos of life and death'
[8] JCP history of bankruptcies and confusions No. 5
Expose the myth of the 'consistency in the programmatic line'
'Abandonment of revolution' by introducing the line of 'democratic alternatives'
The 1989 About-face as the turning point in its degradation into a 'social reforminst party'
1. Pragmatic about-face from the previous Fedseev line
- The break: the 'interview to Chairman Miyamoto' publicized in Akahata 1989
- 'Democratic changes' proposed by Fuwa and Ueda
2. Reasons why JCP Miyamoto decided the strategic change
- 'Repulsion' and obedience to the Gorbachev leadership
- For breaking through the isolation from mass-movements and the decreased parliamentary seats


No. 1647 December 4th

Down with the reactionary Mori Cabinet scheming to revise the Constitution!
Fight together by denouncing the official JCP / SDPJ leadership abandoning the anti-Security Treaty cause!
- The failed 'revolt' by Kato and Yamasaki and waves for another reorganization of the Japanese politics
- Divergences over breakthroughs of the political and economic difficulties
- Advance "antiwar, anti-neofascist reaction" struggles
20 Nov.: Stop resuming operations of the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant!
Militant students demonstrate against the Tokai plant whose facility exploded in 1997 exposing 37 workers to radiation. (Photos below)

Taiwan shaken by Chen Sui-bian's decision to scrap the partially completed fourth nuclear plant: The Japanese and US governments astounded
- The Japanese government and monopoly capitalists losing their hope of exporting nuclear plants
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- From a hero to a troublemaker: the Korean exile from North
- From a dove to a hawk, genetically modified? No. That is the way taken by the DPJ chair born with a silver spoon in his mouth for his independence
- The war-loving disease: how was the Ebola virus able to move 500 km?
- Dear Mrs. Hillary: they have to change the usage of "womanish".
Professor T. Ehashi, representative of the 'peace forum', introduces the SDPJ to his 'plus-type revision of the Constitution'.
- The pro-Constitutional academic's proposal for a 'plus-type revision' as the result of his submission to the revisionist offensive
- A rightward liquidation of the SDPJ's superficial cliche of 'pro-Constitution'
- The 'campaign to invite democratic drafts for a revised constitution' just to help the revisionist offensive
[5]JCP history of bankruptcies and confusions
Expose the myth of the 'consistency in the programmatic line'
The 1984 Turn forced by the Kremlin bureaucrats: its conversion to the line of a 'socialist revolution in a non-peaceful form'
1. The opportunistic turn achieved by 'purging' Fuwa and Ueda
2. Rush towards the rejection of parliamentarian reformism and the two-stage strategy
Topics: 'We will play just a moderator's role for 2001', says the Rengo leadership for declaring their complete abandonment of the spring offensive that rallies all the industries on a line
The scheme to reorganize local administrative structures by means of unifications of municipalities
Never allow them to reduce the municipal workers!

Ishikawa Prefecture: police to lead measures against juvenile delinquencies in place of teachers
Fight against the major restructuring by Hokuriku Railway Co.!
No sacking of 349 workers! No separation of area centres!
The post offices never sleep: a 24-hour counter started
Imposing severe labour upon indoor workers
Sack the leadership of the JR Kyushu Workers Union who made a deceptive self-criticism! Polit-Orgburo of the JRCL - RMF
Reading Kuroda's Praxis and Topos
Wishing to close in on the existential of Kuroda
Reading The Communist No. 187
Sympathizing with the highly motivated research on present situations of education


No. 1646 November 27th

3 December JRCL Political Meeting
Win a Great Advance of the Anti-Stalinist Communist Movement
towards the 21st Century!

- Power struggles intensifying over a replacement of Mori
- Conflicts over breakthroughs for 'Japan's revival'
- Rise in struggles against the Constitutional revision and the neofascist reaction!
17 Nov. Zengakuren protest against the passage of the Ship-Inspection Bill
(Photo below left)

14 Nov.: Zengakuren protest against the F-16 jet crash to the US Embassy and the Defence Agency
(The first and the second photos from the right above) [Two US F-16 fighter jets collided in midair and crashed into the Sea of Japan off southwestern Hokkaido on 13 Nov. amid the US-Japan joint drill.]
5 Nov. in Kansai: militant students fight in the forefront of a DPJ-affiliated mass rally against the US-Japan joint drill in the SDF Aibano training field
29 Oct. in Sapporo: 'No Revision of the Constitution!' Regional students march through the capital of Hokkaido (the second photo from the left above)
2-5 Nov.: a student festival at Aichi University
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- Ambitions of the 'masked couple': 'For the minority'?

- The 'Statue of Liberty' taken over
- A series of strange earthquakes in the Barents Sea
- The homeless with high-tech jobs at the IT town
- Another God's hand? Usage of the living fossil of the Japan Red Army
- The third farce by the NRU
Russia (-China)'s counteroffensives against the 'sole super power',
involving OPEC members

Political dynamics of the oil price

1. Social-Democratic administrations in the EU shaken by the rocketed oil price
2. Factors of the higher price
3. Anti-US collaboration between Russia and the OPEC

- The latest OPEC meeting: a rebellious stand remarkable against the US
- Favourable conditions for the OPEC towards 'independent stand against the US'
- Russia (China)'s scheme: bringing over the OPEC and wedging between the EU and US
4. US imperialism irritated at the failure in its scheme to the world domination
Topics The new flexible working hours system six months on
- A Rengo think tank encourages capitalists to develop the system
Never allow leaders of the 'Rengo Ishikawa Prefecture' to betray the struggle!
Fight the autumn offensive for a higher seasonal pay!
Leaders of the Postal Workers' Union to train 'corporate worriers'?
Outrageous contents of their sponsored 'seminar for your upgraded lives' like a human resources development centre of companies
Expose the case in the mass defections from the JR Kyushu Workers Union!
- Fight for advance forward of the JR labour movement!
JRCL denounces the chairman of the JR Workers Federation
for his 'charge' to the police!

Denounce NTT workers' union leaders for their full cooperation with the authorities in the 'mid-term plan' of 21000 cuts in job!
- 'Fruitful results of the joint consultation'?

- Fully accepting the 'flow in personnel'
- Agreement to the 'outlet-contract' way of sacking
- Active proposal for 'changes in business structure'
- Smash the major restructuring in NTT!


No. 1645 November 20th

Down with the Mori Cabinet!
We oppose the scheme to build a joint war-operating system by the US and Japan!
Stop the Ship-Inspection Bill! Smash the offensive to revise the Constitution!

- The US Presidential election in chaos
- The imperialist America sailing in agony for the new century
- Power struggles intensifying within the LDP with Kato's 'revolt' as a trigger
- Never allow the SDPJ and JCP to complement the war preparations

[2] Fight at every spot against the US-Japan joint military drill (Keen Sward 2000)!

9 Nov. at the US Air Yokota base in Tokyo: Zengakuren demonstrate round the base (Photos right top and middle)
7 Nov. at the SDF Tsuiki base in Fukuoka: militant students and workers protest against the evacuation drill (Photo right bottom)
6 Nov. in Sasebo City, a military centre: militant students demonstrate together with workers from the Sasebo District Federation of Trade Unions against the local US and SDF bases
2 Nov. at the SDF Aibano training field in Kansai: militant students fight to stop the 'anti-guerrilla' drill
2-11 Nov. in Okinawa: Zengakuren - Okinawa Prefectural Federation wage a series of fights against US Marines joining the drill

22 Oct. in Osaka: workers and students rally against the Security Treaty
7 Oct. at Osaka University of Economics: student across the region hold a joint meeting against the military drill at the Aibano training field
26 Oct. in Osaka: militant students join a peace rally sponsored by trade unions
20 Oct. in Kanazawa, Mori's constituency: students demonstrate against the Constitutional revision, handing their statement of denunciation to the local LDP office

Remnants of the ruinous Chukaku-ha: covering up and falsifying the reactionary history of their 'war against the JRCL-RMF'
Miserable Chukakuha chanting 'Down with the railway workers' federation!'
[6] Labour Front
Topics: Rengo's '21st Century Vision' proposes a 'Japanese-type of workers' representative system' in corporate governance, declaring a self-destruction of trade unions

A municipal-governments' version of restructuring named 'breakthroughs of financial difficulties'
Never allow the authorities to victimize workers and people!
1. Stormy offensives for cuts in wages and jobs

2. Reorganization of administrative systems in prefectures and municipalities in accordance to that of the central government
3. What has caused the financial difficulties?
[7] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The quagmire in the end of the century: International Surveyors needed for the US

- The man reported again by the US intelligence in the explosion of the US destroyer: a proof of the conspiracy
- Chen Sui-bian shocked the Japanese nuclear industry
- China to restore the Flying Lake: disregarding the 'tragedy of the Aral'
[8] JCP history of bankruptcies and confusions No. 3
1970s: Smuggling in the Euro-communism to finish the JCP version of the 'structural reformist' line
1. The 'Declaration of Freedom and Democracy' and its awkward reinterpretation today
- From the view of 'four-step transition' to the absolutization of 'immediate reform'
- Substantive changes in 'economic democracy'
- 'Development' of 'three freedoms'?
2. A gap between the JCP version of 'structural reformist' line and its revised capitalism of today


No. 1644 November 13th

No US-Japan joint military drills! Smash the Ship-Inspection Bill!
Mori is rushing for war preparations! Fight to overthrow his reactionary Cabinet!

- Power struggles intensified within the Government and the LDP over a 'post Mori' regime
- The Mori administration showing the incompetence before the turbulence in Korea and East Asia
- Japan's desperate rush towards the emergency legislation and the Constitutional revision
- SDPJ and JCP just complementing the scheme to build a 'Great East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere': Fight together by denouncing them!

[2] Antiwar demonstrations
22 Oct. in Nagoya: workers and students demonstrate towards the US Consulate
15 Oct. in Nagoya: students from local universities march through the city against the emergency legislation
21 Oct. in Okinawa: the annual mass rally held against US bases
- The Prefectural Zengakuren denounce the SDPJ / JCP leadership for their dependence on the latest US officers' 'proposal'
[3] Against public hearings by the National Conference for Educational Reform
21 Oct. in Osaka: local students march to the meeting place; also develop direct polemics in the hearing.
28 Oct. in Tokyo: militant students wage protests.
Report from the Hearing in Osaka: a student officially invited from Nara Women's University develop an impressive criticism to expose the reactionary nature with the 'educational reform'
- 'The planned obligation of volunteer services is meant to impose self-sacrifice upon kids for the state' (the student); members of the Conference escape into the silence
- 'Egalitarianism must be replaced by the diversification for personal differences' (counterargument by a members of the Conference); 'that idea is for the elite and deforms the kids' (again by the student)
Palestine in gun smokes: Middle East shaken as a triangular opposition intensifying among the US, EU, and Russia
1. 'Al-Aqsa Intifada' burning widely
2. The Barak administration escalating the repression by military forces
3. The Clinton administration with no 'regulatory capacities'
4. Pro-US Arabic states shaken by surging waves of anti-US demonstrations
5. Confrontations among the US, EU, and Russia over the settlement in Palestine
[4-5] JCP history of bankruptcies and confusions: Series No. 2
Expose the myth of the 'consistency in the programmatic line'
The about-face in 1966: a plunge into parliamentarianist reformism in the name of 'sovereign independence'
1. The opportunistic and pragmatic conversion using the criticism of the Chinese CP as a smoke screen
- Conversion in the line of peace movement: the 4 February and 8 August Articles
- Smuggling in the Khrushchev line: 29 April Article in 1967
2. Decisive differences between the '1966 conversion' and the current turn for 'reforms within the framework of capitalism'
- On lines for peace movement
- On a 'government to notice the end of the Security treaty'
- On 'popular parliamentarianism'
[5] Labour Front
Topics:'Expand the membership!' with 'competition and reward'?

- The Rengo leadership affected with a manager-like idea
The authorities of a local post office order the workers even to watch for illegal disposals of wastes in the concerned area
- Full cooperation given by the leadership of the Postal Workers' Union in the name of 'general support to the lives of the nation'
2005 Expo in Aichi prefecture: JCP's conversion to a supportive stand for the 'ecological Expo' with the aim to curry the favour of 'progressive' capitalists
- JCP even to shelve its demand for the 'referendum'
Workers are not chickens!
- A 'Circadian Rhythm Lighting System' on sale: inhumane instruments for nightshift introduced by monopoly capitalists
The leadership of the federation of JCP-led medical workers' unions helping the intensification of labour imposed on medical workers
The criminal nature of their 'Emergent Proposals for Preventing Medical Accidents'
- The 'Emergent Proposals' under the pretext to 'secure the safety in medical cares'

- A superficial analysis without in-depth investigation into the causes of the accidents
- 'Preventive measures' just to help the government and owners of medical facilities
Reading Kuroda's Praxis and Topos
- To do my best to live the present
No to the Tokyo Governor's plan for wage cuts and a worst system of personal management! (by the JRCL Municipal Workers Committee)
- No another wage cut! No to the full introduction of a 'performance- and merit-based personal management'!
- Smash the Gov. Ishihara's plan to 'reform the Prefectural government' based on 'market principles'! Never allow him to turn public service divisions privatised fully or partly, nor to change them into independent agencies!
- Stop building a war cooperation system in the name of 'anti-disaster measures'! Stop the Constitutional revision!
- Win a militant upsurge in the seasonal offensive by transcending the official leaderships of municipal workers' unions who help the 'prefectural and municipal reforms'!


No. 1643 November 6th

22 October
Workers and Students Demonstrate
against the Security Treaty and the Constitutional Revision!
Advancing the revolutionary antiwar struggle
as denouncing the JCP leadership accepting the SDF

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committee sponsored annual antiwar rallies on 22 October in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Photo right: students start the demo in Tokyo.
Left: front banners in the march.

No to the US-Japan joint military exercise! Fight together at drill sites!
Aibano (2 Nov.), Sasebo (6 Nov.), Tsuiki (7 Nov), and the US Air Yokota Base in Tokyo (9 Nov.)

Angry fists against successive port-calls by US military vessels
13 Oct. in Hokkaido: Zengakuren demonstrate against the US aircraft carrier together with 1500 workers from local trade unions
6 Oct. in Osaka: Zengakuren protest the US cruiser's call at a civilian port
No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
14 Oct. Tokyo Students March
14 Oct. in Fukuoka: Local students protest against the public hearing by the National Conference of Educational Reform
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- No Nobel Prize but an Academy Award to Kim? For directing that show before Albright.
- Really kids' play! Planned 'point-cards' to be given to kids who show 'volunteer's spirit': only to produce those who do it for card collection?
- Franken-rice comes after the Franken-corn?
- 'War victims are 3 millions but less cruel because abortions are more'??? -- That Christian lady, among the consultants to Mori for 'Educational Reform'
[4-5] JCP history full of bankruptcies and confusions: Series No. 1
Exposing the myth of the 'consistency in the programmatic line'
- Fuwa-Shii leadership falsifies the 'History of the JCP' to cover up its true history full of opportunistic revisions in basic lines of the party
1. Right-and-left confusions repeated since the 1961 Programme: never erasable!
- A stretched interpretation of the 1961 programme as a 'line for a democratic revolution'
- Cover-up of the about-turn to the 'sovereign independence' line in 1966.
- The 1984 change to the line of 'transition to socialism in a non-peaceful form': erased
- The 1989 conversion to the line of 'reform within the framework of capitalism': also covered up.
2. 'Consistency in the programmatic line': an ultra-demagogical tag
- Position of 'sovereign independence': fake!
- The 'consistent theory for democratic revolution': fabrication!
- Declaration of its abandonment of 'socialism'
Smash the official order by the Sapporo City Board of Education to impose the flag and anthem! by JRCL Hokkaido Regional Educational Workers' Committee
Report: JCP-led annual 'anti-Security Treaty Rally' with no anti-Security slogan
Topics: 'Show teachers' alternatives by a united 3-minute action instead of strikes', said JTU leaders currying the favour of the National Conference of Educational Reform,
Never allow the leadership of the JR Kyushu Workers' Union to sacrifice members who have cancelled their withdrawals!
- A deceptive trick by the degenerate leadership
- Let us rise up in response to the statement from the JR East Workers' Union!
Smash a provocative 'intervention' by the Chukaku-ha sect as tools of the state power!
[8] The released 'Defence Report 2000'
Justification of war preparations under the pretext of 'coping with threats from China'
- Proposals to upgrade Japan's own 'capacities of crisis control'
- Breakthrough measures of Japanese imperialism for an 'Asian leader'
- Tricks to implant defence consciousness in the minds of the nation


No. 1642 October 30th

Smash the neofascist reorganization of education!
Stop the National Conference of Educational Reform holding its public hearings!
No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education! No revision of the Constitution!
Fight it out never allowing the official leadership to yield to the offensives!

- Schemes to revise the FLE for raising the 'spirit of service' to the state
- Stormy reactionary offensives nationwide and official leaders' submissions to them
- Build a broad battlefront to stop revising the FLE and the Constitution!
22 Oct. Workers and students demonstrate in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya
2 November Stop the Keen Sword 2000 at Aibano! Rally in at the training field to stop the US-Japan joint military drill! (JRCL Kansai Regional Committee)
- The biggest ever drill prepared for a 'Korean / Taiwanese crisis'

- A miserable situation of the official peace movement and struggles by revolutionary students
- JCP's degeneration: trying to limit the fight to a 'coalition' just for 'No visit by US Forces'
- Fight against the Security Treaty! No the road to a military big power!
5 Sept. in Hokkaido: militant students demonstrate round the Prefectural Office to protest against its permission to a new nuclear reactor, together with teachers' unions and local residents.
8 Sept. in Kagoshima: local students picket the Prefectural Office to stop new nuclear reactors.
[3] Kaleidoscope
A popular writer beats the LDP in the Nagano Gubernatorial race: who is the backer?
'Marketization of the state power' in China???
Two Nobel awarded scientists in Japan
What next to the 'spirit of service to the public'?
[4-5] Yugoslavia
The 'popular revolution' amid the political and economic chaos: a tragedy
Realities of the collapse of the Milosevic regime

1. The 'triumph' of Kostunica's Democratic Opposition of Serbia
- Intensifying power strife and the impeding crisis of ethnic warfare
2. A triangular confrontation among the US, EU, and Russia over the Yugoslavian turbulence
- Russia's manoeuvre taking advantage of the split between the US and EU
3. Illusion of the 'last popular revolution in East Europe'
- 'Democratization in Yugoslavia': its characteristics and nature.

- Pragmatic alliances of Balkan politicians
- Slogans for the full introduction of Western-style democracy and market economy: a castle in the air.
- Break the illusion of 'democratization'!
Topics: This is a 'selectable affluence'?
- Growing human-resource dispatching business with no rights and low wages
Never allow Osaka Prefectural office to introduce a 'new personal management system'!
Fight against it by denouncing the leaders' betrayal!
- The social-democratic Federation of Prefectural Workers' Unions: swears the full cooperation with the authorities under the slogan 'Revive the Prefectural administration'
- The JCP-led federation: effectively helps the introduction by demanding a 'merit rating for residents'
Crimes of the gang of four in the JR Kyushu Workers' Union (JRCL Kyushu Regional Committee)
Fight in the forefront to break the destructive offensive against the trade union organization by the new Democratic Union! (JRCL Traffic and Transport Industrial Workers' Committee)
- Fight in solidarity!
- Advance organizational / ideological struggles from below!
- Make a step forward by learning the bitter lesson!
An appeal from a retired teacher to JR workers
The 'long-term plan of nuclear development' with numerous cuts
1. The 'long-term plan' with no long-term plan
2. New difficulties for the government and capital in the electric-power producing industry
- Contradictions accumulated by the liberalization in electric power market
- The pluthermal project shaking by pressures from abroad
3. Japan's exportation of nuclear plants to Asian areas for surviving the bankruptcy
- The impending danger of a nuclear catastrophe


No 1641 October 23

22 October
Denounce the Israeli military attack against the Palestinians!

Rise in antiwar struggles
to break the new crisis of warfare under the "New Cold War"!

- The final bankruptcy of the 'peace process' and the impending outbreak of a fifth war in Middle East
- Seeds of religious / ethnic warfare accumulating in the Balkans
- The US' world dominance undermined as China / Russia collaborating for an anti-American network
- Never allow the official leadership of pro-Constitution movements to make the anti-Security Treaty cause empty!

Zengakuren students protest against the military attacks against the Palestinians, at the Israeli and US embassy in Tokyo (13 October) (Left).
4 Oct. Hokkaido: regional Zengakuren students rally against Australian military vessels entering a civilian port. (Right).
[3] Kaleidoscope 2000
- The wanted surviving: Yugoslavia
- JCP Chairman Fuwa: our meaning of 'revolution' is the same as that of the 'IT revolution'.
- Along the Long River: an island of sand expanding, peasants' lands reducing.
- The renewed code of the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association emphasizing the 'public'.
We denounce it with anger: Rise for reconstructing the trade-union organization of the JR Kyushu Workers' Union!
JRCL Central Workers Orgburo / Traffic and Transport Industrial Workers' Committee

(Cf.) Statement of the JR East Workers' Union: We denounce the mass defection from the JR Kyushu Workers' Union as an attempt to destroy the Federation of JR Workers' Unions

Start now for organizational reconstruction of the JR Kyushu Workers Union!
JRCL Kyushu Regional Committee / Kyushu Regional Workers' Orgburo

Topics: at a Nissan auto-factory with its closure just around the corner.
This is realities with the so-called garbage war in Nagoya: more burdens imposed on garbage collecting workers
Under the second wave of restructuring: dismissals focussed on handicapped workers.
The true face of elected chairman of the Postal Workers' Union revealed at a reception
Osaka Prefectural Office to introduce a 'new personal merit rating system'
- Stop an ability-and-performance-based reorganization of the personal management and wage system!
Answering the question from the reader on my article 'How to do with the terrible "disorder in the classroom"'
'Development' into a theory of 'increase in capital's power to subsume labour power': critical notes on Ouchi Tsutomu's Outlines of Political Economy, Vol. 1, Chap. 4 'The Method of the Politico-Economic Analysis of Contemporary Capitalism'
3. Regression from his past work State Monopoly Capitalism

- An approach based on the theory of economic crises evaporated
- Interpretations of class struggles from the self-government theory of socialism
- 'Capital's subsumption of labour-power' theory as a 'stumbling block'.

On the Selections of Kuroda's Early Writings
Imagining 'philosophical questions' of the young Kuroda...
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