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No. 2771
(June 5th 2023 Issue)

Rise up against the gigantic military buildup and
against the revision of the Constitution!
Stop the enactment of the law to secure defence funds and
the law to beef up munitions industries!

- The neo-fascist Kishida government is in a rush to reinforce the US-Japan global military alliance, to build Japan into a military power
-- A rush to a military buildup and an increase in military expenditure on an unprecedented scale
-- The government and the LDP, accompanied by two 'opposition' parties of Ishin and Kokumin, are accelerating Diet deliberations on the revision of the Constitution

- Denounce the degeneration of the JCP leadership that abandons opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
- Create a massive struggle to prevent the military buildup and the revision of the Constitution!

'No to the voting on the Defence Funds bill in the Lower House!'
Militant students rose in an emergency action in front of the Diet Building

May 23rd, Tokyo


Militant students rose in anger against the G7 Hiroshima Summit


May 19th

May 19th

'No to the US-Japan global military alliance!'
Zengakuren raising their clenched fists at the PM's Office
'Stop the LDP government building a pre-emptive attack system!'
Students protesting at the local LDP office



A fascistic control of the academic circles

The Kishida government plans to privatize the Science Council of Japan, critical of government-led military research

The Japanese and Indian air forces conducted their first joint exercise
The Kishida government has embarked on promoting military cooperation with the Modi government

Putin's conscription
Sacrificing ethnic minorities, economically disadvantaged people, those in the Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation ...

A stinging blow to the Russian Air Force stationed in Belarus
Belarusian partisans blew up a Russian AWACS with a drone

Kishida's 'new capitalism' integrated with a plot to build Japan into a military power

The survival strategy of Japanese imperialism amid a head-on clash between the US and China plus Russia

A. 'New capitalism' led by the state
- Getting out of 'dependence on the market'
- Rivalry against 'authoritarian states'
B. Integration of 'national security' and economic / industrial policies
- 'Pushing 'security' to the front
- Building a system to secure high-tech semiconductors as a national policy
- Securing today's version of an 'all-out war footing'

The launch of a new rocket H3 ended in failure
A severe setback for the Kishida government now making a headlong dash to an arms race in outer space

Reorganization of a national university

Kumamoto University embarked on a new project in line with the government-led invitation of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

- Setting up a research centre to train semiconductor engineers along with Government, the local authorities and electrical monopolies
- Reorganization aimed to resolve the shortage of high-tech engineers caused by the invitation of TSMC
- The university authorities positively responding to the Kishida government's strategy for 'reviving Japan's semiconductor industry'

The true state of 'smart factories' where AGV's (automated guided vehicles) are introduced
Automation has entailed dismissals, redeployment of workers and intensification of labour

'High-level wage increases are achieved in Japan'!?
(a fabricated report of the Nikkei Shimbun, monopoly capitalists' PR magazine)
Concealing the drop in real wages and the intensification of labour

From a May Day Appeal issued by the FLTI-CI

 For the military defeat of Putin's counterrevolutionary troops in Ukraine!
 Let's open the path to the Russian working class and youth!

 For the unity of the European working class!

'No to the missile deployment on the Southwest Islands!'
A mass peace rally in Okinawa,
May 21st
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought in the van, raising the banner 'No to Ampo!'
'No to the pre-emptive attack system! Crush Putin's war!'

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