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Overseas Appeal for the
62nd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Crush the Putin regime's war of aggression in Ukraine!
Denounce the Netanyahu regime for genocide against Palestinians in Gaza!
Prevent the outbreak of a nuclear war with the unity of the world's people!

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No. 2827
(July 15th 2024 Issue)

Come together for the International Antiwar Assembly, August 4th!
Shatter Putin's war and Netanyahu's war!

Advance revolutionary antiwar struggles to break through the crisis of warfare
erupting amid the 'head-on clash between the US and China-Russia'!

- Condemn the massacre of Gazans by the Netanyahu regime!
- Smash Putin's war!
- Break through the crisis of an eruption of war in East Asia!
-- No to the Kishida government's massive military buildup! Don't make the whole of Okinawa and the Southwest Islands a military fortress!

'Decommission the Shika Nuclear Power Plant!'
1,100 protesters from across the country held an angry demonstration

'Sayonara to Nuke' rally in Kanazawa,
June 30th
Protest action at Hokuriku Electric Power Co. 'No to nuclear development!' Kanazawa Univ. students

'Condemn the genocide in Gaza!'

Antiwar youths in Fukuoka protested at the US Consulate

Fukuoka, June 26th

'Denounce Biden's support to Netanyahu!'
Protesters raising angry fists


Denounce the rape of a young girl by an American soldier!

Stop the reclamation work in Oura Bay in Henoko!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL
- Condemn the Japanese and US governments for covering up the successive sexual assaults by US soldiers!
- Denounce the forcible loading work that caused casualties!
- Smash the strengthening of the US-Japan global alliance!
- Overcome the central JCP leadership's abandonment of 'opposition to the US-Japan Security Treaty'!
- Fight under the banner 'Remove all the US bases! Scrap the Security Treaty!'

'We condemn the US soldier's rape of a young girl!'
Enraged workers, students and residents of Okinawa rose in action

Okinawa, July 4th

Militant students protesting under the slogans,
'Remove US bases! Crush Ampo!'
Anger exploded at the Japanese and
US governments' cover-up


Denounce the NTT union leadership for justifying its acceptance of the ultra-low wage hike!


The Health Ministry schemes a huge increase in the number of 'special nurses'
who are allowed to practice medicine without a license

No to a still more intensification of medical workers' labour!


The government and monopoly capitalists are bent on keeping minimum wage rates low
The Labour Minister's advisory council has started its deliberation of the issue

Arise, ye, people to change the world!

Overseas Appeal for the 62nd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Crush the Putin regime's war of aggression in Ukraine!
Denounce the Netanyahu regime for genocide against Palestinians in Gaza!
Prevent the outbreak of a nuclear war with the unity of the world's people!

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No. 2826
(July 8th 2024 Issue)

Break through the crisis of
a thermonuclear war
erupting amid
the ‘new East-West cold war’!

- Denounce Putin’s nuclear threat! Crush the Russian invasion of Ukraine!
- A Russo-North Korean military alliance formed: an impending crisis of war in East Asia
- Smash Netanyahu’s war!

Workers and students’ united actions fought nationwide

June 22nd
‘Don’t make Okinawa a military fortress!’


Solidarity rally
‘No to the US-Japan global alliance!’ ‘Smash Putin’s war!’ ‘Condemn the genocide in Gaza!’

Osaka June 16th
‘Denounce the genocide in Gaza!’

Solidarity rally
‘Pulverize Putin’s war!’ ‘Shatter the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!’

Sapporo June 23rd
‘Smash Putin’s war!’
Demonstrators clenched their fists

Solidarity rally
‘Stop the massive military buildup! Stop the constitutional revision!’ ‘Stop the genocide in Gaza!’

No to Valiant Shield 2024!

Zengakuren Hokkaido and antiwar youths fought against the US-Japan joint military exercise, at an SDF camp in Eniwa

Hokkaido, June 5th


The deceitful nature of the ‘work style reform of doctors’ compelled by the Health Ministry and the government

Don’t allow the legalization of medical workers’ long working hours!


Denounce the Central Council for Education for announcing its opinion
to maintain the notorious law concerning teachers’ overtime!

Definitely no to the imposition of long working hours on teachers!
Let us fight to abolish the law that legalizes teachers’ overtime without pay!


Under the banner ‘Realization of an attractive industry’, the union leadership dictates ‘submission to wage restraint and restructuring’
The 2024 plan of action of Shitetsu-soren
[Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers’ Unions]


Stop the restart of Onagawa nuclear reactor No.2!

The Kure MSDF base in Hiroshima to be reinforced

A base for war supplies and sorties against China


No. 2825
(July 1st 2024 Issue)

Antiwar militants marching through
the centre of the metropolis
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths rose up by overcoming
the established opposition leaderships organizing no protest

June 16th, Tokyo

 Marching on the US Embassy  Advancing on the Russian Embassy
- Militants marched on the Diet Building, the US and the Russian Embassies
- 'Stop the massive military buildup! Smash the US-Japan global alliance!': the
solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- 'Denounce the genocide in Gaza! Smash Putin's war!': a speech by a JRCL comrade
- All workers and students! Bring down the Kishida-led Japanese neo-fascist government!
'Stop Putin's war! Condemn the genocide in Gaza!!' Solidarity rally


'Bring down the reactionary Kishida government!'
Angry protesters staged a militant demonstration in the centre of Nagoya
Workers and students united action in Tokai, June 16th
'Shatter the US-Japan global alliance!
Crush Putin's war! Condemn the genocide in Gaza!'
Solidarity rally

All-Kansai workers and students' united action

Osaka, June 16th
Denounce the genocide in Gaza! Smash Putin's war! Solidarity rally

'Don't make Okinawa a military fortress!'
The united action of militant workers and students in Okinawa

June 22nd

Denounce the reactionary Kishida government for hushing up the LDP 'political funds' scandal!

Thwart the resumption of Shika No. 2 nuclear reactor operation!

Hokuriku Electric Power Company (HEPCO) is desperate to conceal the extensive quake damage

New Caledonia: Macron plots to make colonial rule permanent

Denounce the French repression of Kanak people!

A US-Japan joint construction of a satellite constellation
By mobilizing NTT's optical information and communications technology

The notorious law concerning teachers' overtime work:
How did revolutionary and militant education workers fight against its enactment


'Your wage raises will exceed price rises from next year'?
The Kishida government's 'Economy and Fiscal Policy 2024' imposes sackings and law wages on workers


No. 2824
(June 24th 2024 Issue)

Uplift worldwide antiwar struggles to crush
Putin's war and Netanyahu's war!

Workers and Students' united action in Tokyo, June 16th

- Smash Putin's war!
-- Stop the Europe-wide rampancy of the far-right, fascist forces!
- Stop the Netanyahu regime's genocide against Palestinians in Gaza!
- Flare up antiwar struggles in solidarity with Ukrainians and Palestinians!

Japan-China-South Korea summit talks

Xi Jinping attempts to roll back Biden's 'decoupling' against China

Deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Japan

US and Japanese rulers building up their systems for pre-emptive attacks against enemy bases

Valiant Shield 24
The Japanese military's first participation in the US military's Joint All-Domain Command and Control exercises

Stop the deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Japan!
No to the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as an offensive and defensive alliance against China!
Denounce the Xi regime's intimidating military actions surrounding Taiwan!

The general election in South Korea

Yun's party sank into the depths of a historic defeat

The government and the Education Ministry tighten state control of schools attached to national universities

The case of an elementary school attached to Nara Teachers College

A contribution from a comrade
On the 60th anniversary of the formation of the JRCL-RMF: I've made a decision to make my leap forward

An appeal to postal workers for the union's 17th National Convention!
Let us reject the compromises agreed upon by the union leadership in the 2024 Shunto!
Prevent the leadership from adopting the 'future plan'!
Denounce the JP Union leadership for totally collaborating with the management in wage suppression and rationalization!

The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL

Denounce the auto monopoly capitalists for falsifying products' performance data for government authorization!
Condemn Akio Toyoda, the chairman of Toyota Motor Co. for shifting the responsibility onto factory workers!

No to the increase in tuition fees!
Guarantee students' autonomous circle activities!
100 students stood in action against the university authorities

May 29th, Kokugakuin University

'Stop the reclamation work in Oura Bay!'
Voices resounded through the area

Militant students fought in the van under the banner 'No to the military alliance!'
People's Action in Okinawa on June 1st, Henoko, Okinawa


No. 2823
(June 17th 2024 Issue)

Condemn the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza!
Stop the Netanyahu regime eradicating Palestinian territories!

- Denounce the attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp! Condemn the massacre of Palestinians!
- The Biden administration: an accomplice in the barbarities of the Zionist rulers
- Create an explosive upsurge in the fight against the wholesale slaughter of Gazans!

Ukrainian unionists' joint appeal

Justice for Ukrainian Workers!

Appeal to political representatives of the people of Europe and the world

'Stop the strengthening of Ampo! Crush the enormous military buildup!
Antiwar demonstration staged by militant workers and students
May 26th, Sapporo, Hokkaido


No to a tremendous increase in tuition fees at national, public and private universities!
Zengakuren students! Fight in the van of a nationwide struggle against higher fees!
The Japan Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)
- Pulverize the unprecedented tuition increases planed by the Kishida government!
- Let us advance the struggle by combining it with the struggle against the government's scheme to turn universities into military research hubs and the struggle against the massive military buildup and the constitutional revision!
- Smash 'fascism in universities'!

Denounce the Russian forces' cross-border glide bomb attacks on Kharkiv!

Sino-Russian summit talks

A bloodstained handshake between the invader of Ukraine and its supporter

- Beijing and Moscow leaders dropped the Ukrainian issue from the official agenda
- Moscow is making a plea for Beijing's economic support
- The Xi regime's stratagem to 'make use of Russia'

A greedy demand of monopoly capitalists for the development of 'strong industries'

Keidanren's opinion 'for the reinforcement of Japanese industries'

The government and monopoly capitalists are plotting to extend the coverage of exemption from working hour regulations
Absolutely no to the bad revision of the Labour Standards Law!

[6] Kaleidoscope

Neo-McCarthyism: crazy 'anti-Semite'-baiting is raging across the US

'Sanctions' on the ICC!!
US rulers exploded at an ICC warrant against Netanyahu

US' retreat from Niger: Russia-led 'African corps' active behind the scenes in the Sahel


No. 2822
(June 10th 2024 Issue)

Workers and Students' United Actions
Rise up across the country!

Stop the tremendous military buildup! Stop the constitutional revision!
Pulverize the US-Japan global alliance!
Smash Putin's war!
Condemn Israel's genocide against Palestinian people in Gaza!

The present world, with confrontation between the US and China-Russia becoming intensive and acute

- The Netanyahu regime is frantic to commit genocide against Palestinians in Gaza
- Putin-led Russia is intensifying its attack on Kharkiv
The Kishida-led reactionary government is rushing headlong towards military expansion and the revision of the Constitution
Let us fight firmly by overcoming the JCP leadership, which has abandoned opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!


Workers fighting against the new president Milei's offensives to destroy trade unions

- General strikes fought out twice
- The 'libertarian' rushing headlong towards anti-working class 'reforms'
- The union bureaucrats laying their hopes on a parliamentary deal
- Fight resolutely by overcoming the treacheries of the existing trade union bureaucrats!

India's Prime Minister publicly pronounces 'solidarity with Israel'
Denounce Narendra Modi for defending Israel's attacks on Gaza!

The Voice of Europe unmasked

Putin is intervening in the European Parliament election

The 'wage increase of 30,000 yen'
What are the leading steel corporations aiming for?

A contribution from a Kaihoh reader working in a post office
My determination to fight
Reject the ultra-low compromise figure in this year's shunto!


Rengo's Yoshino leadership pressing on opposition party leaders to support the constitutional revision, military buildup and nuclear power generation
The action plan of the Rengo leadership for the upcoming general election

[6] Kaleidoscope
US and Japanese universities to launch a new project for developing military technologies to vie with China

'You had better not sacrifice unification to peace': Xi's military advisor gives a threat

A cheap trick: Genkai Town mayor accepted a first-stage survey to choose a disposal site for high-level radioactive waste

The registration number of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing in Myanmar under military rule


No. 2821
(June 3rd 2024 Issue)

Don't make the Southwest Islands a military fortress!
Zengakuren Okinawa and students from across the country
rose to action, May 18th-19th, Okinawa
'Pulverize the US-Japan global alliance!''

Zengakuren students leading the van of the Peace March encircling the US Futenma base,
together with workers and people
May 18th (Pics above and below)

Students denouncing the Japanese government's missile deployment
at the GSDF post in Katsuren
May 18th

Making a storm of protest against the US base construction
at the reclamation site
Henoko, May 19th
Let us build up a nationwide struggle against the US-Japan military alliance, against the massive military expansion!


The Kishida government designated five ports in Hokkaido for use by the SDF

Don't allow the conversion of civilian ports into 'military infrastructure'

'Stop the massive military buildup! Crush the strengthening of Ampo!'
JRCL appealed to workers and citizens participating in the rally
'No to the Constitutional Revision' Rally in Aichi, May 19th, Nagoya

2024 spring labour offensive
Denounce the JTUC leadership for distorting shunto into a campaign to 'promote the raising of prices'!
A. Fight back against the imposition of low wages and high prices! Smash the government's reactionary offensives!
B. The 2024 shunto distorted into a campaign to request a 'shift of labour costs onto price rises'
C. The Rengo leadership justifies itself by depicting 2024 shunto as the 'first step for a stage change'
D. Never ever allow the revision of the Labour Standards Law! No to massive tax increases! No to price raising!

Kishida's 'fixed-amount tax reduction' deceives toiling people

Don't allow the raising of prices! No to the intensification of mass expropriation!

Shatter the 'school version' of work style reform
The Central Council for Education set out a plan to maintain the notorious law that legalizes imposition of endless hours of work on teachers with no overtime pay

Xi Jinping putting pressure on the Marcos government

Japan and the US to support Philippines' construction of nuclear reactors


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