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No. 1660 March 19th

Smash reactionary offensives intensifying through the 'post-Mori' politics!
The SPDJ and JCP are just dependent on the '4-party opposition coalition'!
Denounce them and fight back!

- At last: Mori forced to imply his stepping down.
- A farce over the proposal of the 'non-confidence motion' and its rejection
- A keen struggle for power over breakthroughs of Japan's impasse
- Smash neofascist reactions!
Join the 113th Zengakuren Central Committee meeting! (22-23 March in Tokyo):
the 40th anniversary of its historic 27th meeting.
- Strengthen the battlefront of students for antiwar, anti-Security Treaty, anti-Constitutional revision struggles!
JRCL condemns the 5 March police raids!
- On the national and regional offices, all at once!
Won a suit against the state!
- Nagoya District Court judges the police raid on the JRCL Tokai office (in 1998) illegal.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- The 'Mori-bund' Mori Cabinet: the tug-of-war going for his successor, but a farce.
- God damn! Although doing the same as 10 years ago... (Bush and Powell)
- Ligachev and Yakovrev 10 years on: interviewed by a Japanese right-wing paper.
- The former Chair of Rengo rewarded with the Imperial Order.
Special: The Spring Labour Offensive 2001
[4] Telecommunication industry
Leaders are distorting the offensive into a 'sales battle for Myline carrier registration'.
Fight it in opposition to them!
1. Their 'spring offensive' line: for defending NTT firms.
2. Priority to completion of the 'midterm business project'.
3. Negation of wage raise.
3. Introduction of a merit-, performance-based pay in the bonus system.
4. 'Contribution to the national I.T. strategy': a flag-waver for the industrial patriotic movement!
5. Positive enmeshment into corporate organizations.
[5] Auto-industry
Cadres of the Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Union making full cooperation in a massive offensive for restructuring. Fight back by denouncing them!
- Outcries for, not 'offensive for better life', but 'reform of the offensive'.
- Criminal nature against workers with their demands 'for a wage level according to a high additional value productivity'.
- Positive response to monopoly capitalists in the name of 'each subjective, independent contribution to the formation of the average'.
- 'Rotation of unemployment' policy in justification of their full cooperation in job cuts.
- 'Stakeholder' theory of a trade union for its self-destruction.
[6] Chemical industry
Never allow leaders to replace the offensive with 'joint consultations for strengthening corporate managerial foundations'!
1. Chemical industry in Japan in its major reorganization.
2. Never allow leaders in the Chemical League to complete their class conciliationist stand!
3. Organize a militant offensive from our workplaces!
Topics Nissan bonus payments to meet the trade union's demands: Carlos Ghosn boasting achievements of his major restructuring to submit the leaders.
[7] Electrical Electronic and Information Union
The central leadership of the Union abandoning the wage struggle in the name of a 'safety net for wages and employment'
- What they call 'a comprehensive spring offensive for better life'.
- The labour aristocrats crying for 'breakthrough of crisis' of firms and the industry
- Demands for higher wages abandoned.
- Responses to capitalists' introduction of performance-based pay.
- Submission to neo-liberalism.
- Fight back in opposition to the labour aristocrats denying the contradiction of interests between employees and the employer!
Review on Satoshi Kohchi's The Young Kuroda: Critical Biography
- A miserable pushy sale of his own view on the 'Hungarian Revolution'.


No. 1659 March 12th

Down with Mori's reactionary 'lame-duck' cabinet!
Fight transcending the SPDJ / JCP
immersed in policy promotion for the coming election!

- Power struggles with no strong successor found
- Internal and external difficulties and an eager anxiety for a 'powerful administration'
- Degenerate JCP tailing after Hatoyama's Democratic Party
- Condemn scandals! No military build-ups! Fight together!
Workers and students against joint drills No live fire drills! Students in Kyushu.
Workers' and students' anger against US-Japan joint mid-snow military drills in Hokkaido
14 Feb: Zengakuren Hokkaido protests at the Yausubetsu range and demonstrates through a local town.
20 Feb: Zengakuren Hokkaido protests at the SDF Eniwa base.
17 Feb, a trade union-based Hokkaido Peace Forum's region-wide rally: students struggle in the forefront together with militant workers. (Photo left above.)
No US Forces' live fire drills! Zengakuren Kyushu fights at the range and imbues an SDPJ-led rally with the anti-Security Treaty cause. (Photo right above.)
1 March Zengakuren's street propaganda against the sub collision and anti-Iraqi air raids
'Give an angry punch to Bush and Mori!' 3 Feb prefecture-wide students' action in Okinawa. Anti- Security Treaty calls resound throughout Naha City.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Japanese people also 'remember Pearl Harbor!': truth behind the 'apologies' 'without arrogance'.
- Criticisms from other Asian countries against an ultra-nationalist school textbook: responses from the lame duck's cabinet at sixes and sevens.
- Mad-cow disease: Europeans kill cattle, which the honorable leader asks them to give for having his people eat.
- A JCP candidate answered a critical question at a local election meeting: 'What the party calls the practical use of SDF troops is not for "emergency" but "in the event of a sudden violation against the sovereignty"' ???
Internal strife of the LDP over the KSD and the secret funds scandals
1. Exposures and counter-exposures by the Hashimoto and the Etoh-Kamei Factions
- LDP politicians fed with dirty money from the KSD association.
- Murakami's arrest engineered by Nonaka and Aoki.
2. Embezzlements of the secret government funds by officers exposed with the aim to break the 'bureaucratic resistance against reforms'
- The Foreign Ministry forced to dismiss the Director-General of the Secretariat
- Outcry for a 'politics-led administration'
3. Power struggles among conservative politicians over a successor to Mori
A draft by the LDP Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters for a worse reform in national personnel systems
- Aims of the draft.
- For changing the national personnel system to correspond to the government reorganization
- Leaders in the Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union helping the negative reform
[6] Labour Front
Topics Tokyo Prefectural Board of Education revises its 'objective' and 'policy' of education: reactionary offensives storm various regions.
No introduction of the 'Rising Sun' and the 'Reign of the Emperor' in leaving-school ceremonies!
Stop the education ministry and the prefectural board of education from breaching the 1971 agreement!
JRCL Hokkaido Regional Education Workers' Committee
- A mass offensive for breaking the gains and a worse revision in school regulations.
- Leaders of the prefectural teachers' union yielding to the ministry and the educational board.
- The leadership is exposing the ranks to the repression! Fight back in opposition to their betrayal!
11-14 Jan the national meeting for education research sponsored by the JCP-led teachers' unions
Criticisms erupted against the central leadership and JCP-led academics at the peace education commission etc.
Criticizing the JCP-led trade union centre Zenroren's policy for the spring offensive 2001
Call for 'cooperation with Rengo' just to complement the industrial 'patriotic' movement
1. Zenroren leaders crying for 'cooperation in three issues'.
2. No awareness of crisis to neofascist reactions.
- No sensibility to the critical situation of class struggles in Japan.
- Omission of the economic analysis.
3. Self-repression on demands for higher wages and acceptance of restructuring
- Demands for raising wages replaced by those for minimum wages.
- Opposition to restructuring replaced by demands for 'managerial reform'
- Pursuit for 'manufacturing' based on the unity between employees and the employer
4. Introduction of the JCP line 'reform of Japan's politics' into labour movement.
Reading Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda
- Touched with the young Kuroda's idee and pathos.
Critical review Satoshi Kohchi's The Young Kuroda: Critical Biography
- The militarist boy's repulsion by the biographer self-exposed


No. 1658 March 5th

Down with the Mori Cabinet! Smash the Security Treaty!
Fight it by transcending SDPJ / JCP

engulfed by power struggles for 'post Mori' politics!

- The Bush administration: war arsonists firing air strikes against Iraq
- The US government and military officers taking arrogant attitudes despite the condemnable sub collision and soldiers' crimes
- Power struggles among LDP politicians over ways to survive the difficulties
- Smash neofascist reactions!
Zengakuren protest against successive US air strikes against Iraq!
(At the US Embassy in Tokyo, 23 Feb)
Denounce the US nuclear sub ramming to sink the Ehime Maru!
Japanese people also 'Remember Pearl Harbour!'
Condemn heinous crimes by US soldiers!
Denounce the 'nuts and wimps' remarks by the US military officer!
Stop building US-Japan joint operation systems for a war of aggression!
No the Anglo-American allies' air strikes against Iraq!
17 Feb, Tokyo: Zengakuren Tokyo.
18 Feb, Sapporo: Zengakuren Hokkaido.
Denounce the US sub ramming to sink the Japanese training ship!
12 Feb, Okinawa: Zengakuren - Okinawa Prefectural Federation
10-11 Feb. Fukuoka and Kagoshima: Zengakuren Kyushu
11 Feb, Nagoya: Zengakuren Tokai
11 Feb, Kanazawa: militant students from a local university
10 Feb, Sapporo: Zengakuren Hokkaido.
Condemn a series of American soldiers' crimes!
8 Feb, 15 Feb, militant students in Okinawa protest at a US military base.(Photo)
Stop the planned introduction of a thermonuclear experimental reactor in Tomakomai!
Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist faction) Hokkaido Regional Committee
- The Government launches the International TER plan
- A hasty research and development of nuclear fusion for imperialist Japan's survival
- More dangerous than nuclear reactors
- Let us fight against it by criticizing the Rengo leadership and JCL for their criminal responses!
Revealed! A regional Public Security Investigation Bureau in Kyushu made nasty works for spying
- An investigator approached a teacher under the guise of consultation over children's troubles
A trouble-ridden sail of the Bush administration
1. Start of the new administration amidst a freezing rain
- Inaugural address by the 'empty' president
2. Forcible breakthroughs of Clinton's negative legacy
(a) Negation of the Clinton-type policy of 'comprehensive engagement'
- Foreign policies making much of 'allies'
(b) 'Generous conservativism' based on the 'small government' principle
(c) A vast tax-cut policy leading to a dollar crash
3. Rush towards warmongering and mass military build-ups
(a) Outcry for unity of the 'freedom' camp
(b) The new administration divided by dilemmas in its policies
[5] Labour Front
Topics Three JR firms agree to the 'full privatization' with the government: A sign for the offensive to destroy the JR trade unions
NTT labour aristocrats made up for their failed ventures with the strike fund
18 Feb A JCP-led rally of metal workers: crying for 'boosting small and medium sized enterprises based on the unity between employees and the employer'
- JCP-affiliated leaders reporting their acceptance of restructuring as 'victory'
Never allow JCP-affiliate leaders to base JMIU on 'defend of the company' stand!
Organize the spring offensive in the metal workers' front!
- Stresses made on an 'equal partnership between employees and the employer' based on 'agreement and cooperation': characteristic of their policy for the spring offensive
- A right-wing revision of their rationale for 'demands for higher wages'
- Recommendation of a movement for higher productivity in the name of 'defending the fundamentals of enterprises'
- Attempts to degenerate trade unions as those 'which capitalists can trust'
4 Feb in JR Hokkaido
Denounce the railway accident that killed two linesmen!
Never allow leaders of the JR Hokkaido workers' union to submit to the company!
- Forcible work stressing productivity, prior to safety, killed the workers.
- The management self-justify saying that workers are responsible for the accident
- The corrupt cadres in the JR Hokkaido workers' union abandon the 'responsibility of the trade union'
- Let us revise the tradition of the 'Doro-type labour movement'!


No. 1657 February 26th
Denounce the US nuclear sub ramming to sink the Ehime Maru!
Now is the time to overthrow the incompetent, shameless Mori Cabinet!
- A big tragedy caused by a 'show' for promoting mass military build-ups
- The Mori cabinet sunk with its failure over the sub collision
- Intensifying struggles for power after Mori
- Oppositions within the conservative political elite over revision of the Constitution
- The official SDPJ / JCP leadership immersed in their policy promotions for the coming election
- Oppose the Security Treaty! Advance to overthrow the Mori cabinet!
Denounce imperialist US and Britain airstriking Iraq! Never allow the war arsonists!
- Zengakuren students wage their protests at the US Embassy (Photo right)
No USS port-calls! Zengakuren Hokkaido fights together with militant workers
3 Feb, Hakodate: Stop the US frigate! Zengakuren students fight despite the blizzard before encouraging a local Rengo rally against the port-call together with militant workers
7 Feb, Tomakomai: Militant students fight to block the flagship of the US Seventh Fleet, lead a trade-union-sponsored rally together with militant workers
30 Jan, Obihiro: Students from Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine protest against a US military jet landing at a civilian airport
10 Feb., Osaka: Zengakuren Kansai protest against the nuclear sub collision at the US Consulate
29 Jan., Nagoya: No KSD bribery scam! Down with the Mori cabinet! Zengakuren students protest against the LDP Prefectural office
Surging protests against a series of crimes by US troops
12-17 Jan., Okinawa: Militant students lead the struggles
12 Jan, Okinawa, Prefectural Zengakuren and local trade unions in their rally against the US Forces. 3 Feb, Hakodate, Hokkaiho, local sudents against the US war vessel amdst the blizzard.

[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- A freeze in Russia: 'A human error' (Putin). Yes. A squared human error.
- The dying Yellow River to be given water from the Long River: A shallow thought.
- Blatant manipulation for stock boosting: permission for companies to buy their own shares, out-of-market exchanges of cross-held shares.... Isn't it against market economy?
- 20-century mummies found: mountains of IT junk.
- Stern prosecutors soft to judges.
Monopoly capitalists scheming the final destruction of Japanese customs in labour
Japan Federation of Employers' Associations' report: a declaration of victimization of workers
1. Commanding an all-out offensive for 'rebuilding Japan'
- Encouraging acceleration of the second wave of restructuring
- Ordering for 'reform in wages, personnel management and employment systems'
- Proposing a 'spring offensive as an occasion for joint consultation'
2. Tricks of 'market economy with a human image'
- Envy towards 'American customs in labour'
- Tricky 'diverse alternatives'
- Deceptive 'equality in opportunity and treatment according to performances'
- Bog Brother's eyes on streets: police to set TV cameras on main crossroads in Tokyo
[6] Labour Front
Topics The labour ministry prepares a bill for 'individual labour disputes': to be handled by not a 'third-party organization' but an administration
9 Feb: Rengo central rally for the spring offensive
Never allow leaders to help lower wages and rationalizations! Anger erupted against the central leadership
- JRCL propagandizes for a militant offensive.
Chukakuha: the miserably tattered economic analysis covered with more tattered patches
- Bizarre theory of 'world crisis process'
- Miserable 'economic analysis'
- Mannerist cries of 'excess capital (excess productive power) theory of economic crisis'
JRCL mourns for Kohchi Satoshi (a supportive intellectual, died on 15 February at the age of 66).
Reading Political Judgement and Cognition by Kuroda
- For "creating history" here and now
Reading Praxis and Topos, Volume 1, by Kuroda
- A 'precious treasure' to be digested as my fresh and blood


No. 1656 February 19th

4 Feb Workers' Meeting held

A bridgehead for a militant Spring Offensive
Filled with fighting spirits of 1700 workers

- Never allow labour aristocrats to funeralize the offensive (1st report)
- Fight back from our workplaces against neofascist rections (2nd report)
- Build a revolutionary organization of workers to break the today's labour movement turned an Industrial Patriotic movement (special report)
- Fight now based on lessons from the Doro-type labour movement!
Denounce the US nuclear sub collision with the Japanese fisheries training ship!
- Zengakuren wage an emergency protest to the US Embassy on 10 Feb.
Antiwar, Anti-Security Treaty protests waged in various regions
22 Jan, Asahikawa: Zengakuren Hokkaido struggle at a local airport to stop SDF 'peacekeepers' from departing for the Golan Heights.
22 Jan, Kumamoto and Fukuoka: Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth picket to stop the US-Japan joint commanding drills in Kyushu.
28 Jan, Oita: Zengakuren and militant workers struggle in a mass Rengo-sponsored rally against live-fire drills at Hijudai artillery range in Kyushu.
3 Feb, Tokyo: Zengakuren fight to block the flagship of the US Seventh Fleet from entering the civilian Tokyo port.
29 Dec, Okinawa: Zengakuren denounce a dangerous US military helicopter accident.
Denounce the sub collision! Workers, students against live-fire drills
Against joint commanding drills Stop the USS calling at the Tokyo port!
No SDF troops to the Golan Hights! Denounce the US helicopter accident!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- A tax police training school in Moscow
- 'Inappropriate': the same excuse expressed again but this time from not that ex-president but the top US military officer in Okinawa for his remarks '(Okinawan leaders are) all nuts and a bunch of wimps'.
- Labour leaders given imperial rewards for their efforts.
- Mad cow disease rampant throughout Europe
- Big Brother's eyes on streets: police to set TV cameras on main crossroads in Tokyo
The final report of he National Commission on Education Reform and its ideological characteristics
1. Impressions
2. Talent supremacism based on a 'genetic decision' view of human quality
- Children with 'gifted talent' and those without
- 'Motivation, interests, and attitude' stressed for overcoming gutlessness
- Longing to have a 'genius gene'
3. 'Awe of what is beyond one's self'?
Toyota revises its recruitment systems to worse
- For exploit senior workers under unstable employment and low wages
Osaka prefectural board of education announces reactionary 'measures for teachers with less leadership'
- Never allow the authorities to tighten their personnel management
[6] Labour Front
Topics 'To continue the spring offensive or not' was decided after consulting with the Employers' Federation, confessed Sasamori, Secretary General of Rengo
Smash the restructuring by the JR Hokkaido company!
- Denounce the leaders in full cooperation with the management!
Leaders of the Hokkaido Prefectural Workers' Union openly declare their 'negation of the wages-centred spring offensive'
- Submission to the central leadership
The both split sections of the tiny band threatened before the state moving to scrap them for covering up its conspiracies using them as tools
The Cabinet Information Officer, a new post for centralizing the intelligence in the Cabinet Secretariat
- The diplomatic, defence-related, and police intelligence to be concentrated in one
Intensifying disagreements between European powers and the US over the DU ammunition
- The 'Balkan Syndrome' started to be reported in European countries
- The opposition between the Anglo-American allies and the continental powers over a non-NATO military force
Terrible Realities of the 'Balkan Syndrome'
- Inhumane nature of the 'humanitarian intervention'


No. 1655 February 12th

Down with the Mori Cabinet!
29 Jan. Zengakuren demonstrate to the Diet Bldg. and the US Embassy,
voicing against the Security Treaty and the Constitutional revision, condemning the scandals.

- 'Fight it by overcoming the JCP / SDPJ immersed in their vote-collecting campaigns!' (Chairman Iida appeals)
- Strengthen the battlefront through confirming the significance of the struggle!
Students demonstrate, 29 Jan. The collective bargaining at Kagoshima Univ.

Fight to stop joint mid-snow drills and USS port-calls!
Marxist Student League - Hokkaido Regional Committee
- US-Japan joint mid-snow military trainings and successive USS calls at civilian ports planned on the basis of the revised Guidelines for Defence Cooperation
- Bilateral building of war operating systems against China, Russia and North Korea
- Fight against them by transcending the official opposition movement emptying the 'Anti-Security Treaty' cause!
Students of Kagoshima Univ. win a mass collective bargaining with the school authorities
The negative remodelling plan of students' circle facilities withdrawn

- 400 students rallied to criticize the authorities
- The reactionary offensive against students' self-government smashed
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Kaliningrad: the Russian exclave becoming a focus of international politics
- What is more terrible in Mongolia than the freeze
- A prefectural branch of the LDP partly covering up its TV ad critical to Mori with 'be' for evading the pressure from the Centre
- The NPA allows the police to take teenagers' fingerprints more easily
Chukakuha sect wishing to metamorphose into a 'new party': no room for the state's tools to survive
- A dreamy trial to sneak into the mass movement against the Constitutional revision
- Collecting votes in one district: 'struggles to be recognized by society'?
- Babbles on the state of affairs: self-acknowledgement of incompetence
- (No-)policy for 'decisive battles against the Constitutional revision'
[6] Labour Front
Topics: Teachers' national research meeting for education: JTU leaders 'funeralize' the 50-year-old union-sponsored event, union members explode their indignation against the nasty propaganda by the right-wing media
Mie Prefectural Board of Education claims against teachers for the return of their salaries (over 1 billion yen)
- Condemning 'trade union activities within hours of duty'
- Right-wing journalism and LDP MPs collaborating for destructive offensives against teachers' unions
Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education imposes trainings at private companies on every teacher An advanced introduction of the report by the National Conference for Education Reform
- Aiming to introduce competitions in the name of the 'need to have a wider vision'
- Denounce the union leaders demanding a 'more effective training'
Regular Convention of the Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers' Union: critical voices erupted against the leaders' agenda
- Degenerate leaders yield to the wage-cut offensive by the authorities
- Break the leaders' bureaucratic oppression

Smash the mass sacking of NTT workers in the guise of 'voluntary retirements'!
- 6500 middle-aged workers targeted
- A mass restructuring under competitions intensified between companies
- Either to accept redeployment or to start a private agency ... otherwise a 'voluntary retirement'
- Denounce the labour aristocrats! Fight back from workplaces!
Criticism of a few alienesque officers in JR Workers Union
Neofascist nature of Governor Ishihara's plan for 'drastic remodelling of Tokyo'
- Ishihara's image of 'Tokyo's future'
- The Capital City remodelled for a neofascist state
Complements to Mori's 'Structural Reforms of Economy' / A 'Tokyo Bloc' as an advanced introduction of reformed systems of local governments / Agitation for tightening the crisis controlling system / Ishihara's idea of a 'new Tokyoite' against the people
- Fight back against it by overcoming the official leadership with no critical awareness!


No. 1654 February 5th

4 Feb Workers' Meeting for the Offensive
Fight out in opposition to the industrial 'patriotic' movement
for helping restructurings and the Constitutional revision!

- Labour aristocrats in 'Rengo' funeralizing the spring labour offensive
- Power struggles intensified over the KSD bribery and the embezzlement of state 'secret funds'
- Win a militant upsurge of the Spring Offensive 2001!
Keynote speech: Organize a militant current of labour movement in opposition to the industrial patriotic movement helping war preparations! by Yanagisawa Ryuta, Kno Yumiko
Special report: Build a revolutionary organization of workers to break through the tendency of labour movement towards today's version of the industrial patriotic movement! by Iwasawa Hiroshi

Police's Illegal investigation revealed!
A peace activist in Kagoshima Prefecture was released after the false arrest and lawyers publicly revealed investigators' voices left in the IC recorder returned to him, showing their illegal research unrelated to the case.
Students win a damages suit against the police over the wrong raid in 1997 The justice confirming the illegality
Stop resuming the operation of Monju! Militant students lead workers and residents in their rally against the high-speed breeding reactor
Kokugakuin Univ. students win the suit. Stop the resumption of operation!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Neo-liberalist blackouts in California
- As good be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb: a Russian 'two-stage' nuclear business
- The causality between 'humanitarianism' and the depleted uranium
- SDPJ Chair Doi in China praises farmers for their ten years of arduous toil in cultivation: and how about the party's ten years since its acceptance of the SDF?
- A self-praising talk by the retired police chief over the AUM incident, disregarding blamed blunders
Ambitions for world domination by a 'rich and strong China' under the banner against the 'sole hegemony of imperialist America'
1. Alerting and countering to 'adverse winds' from the Bush administration
a) Counteractions against the NMD / TMD development
b) 'Hard and soft' responses by the Sino-Russo block
2. Positive counteractions against the American globalization
a) Strategy of 'plural powers against the sole super power' carried out in the world economic arena
b) Negative counteractions by Russia and positive by China
3. Chinese economy rapidly undergoing capitalist transformation
a) Aggravated imbalances in the industrial structure
b) Social / economic contradictions erupted
- Massive lay-offs / Aggravated income differences with splits into classes and diversification into strata / Religious and ethnic problems / Corruptions of the party and the impeding crisis of 'peaceful counterrevolution'
4. Anti-working class nature of the Jang-Zhu leadership's strategy for world domination
- Basic structure of their strategy 'plural powers against the sole super power'
Topics: 'Be in accordance with the menu of the prime minister's advisory council'? Demands for social welfare proposed by the JCP-led Zenroren leadership
Smash the Aich Prefectural authorities' wage-cut offensive for the third year in a row!
Fight back in opposition to trade-union leaders' betrayal!
Experts' report 'The United States And Japan - Advancing Toward A Mature Partnership': for a drastic strengthening of the US-Japan security alliance in the name of 'power sharing'
- From 'burden sharing' to 'power sharing'
- Changes urged to US security policies for Asia including its relations to China and Japan
- Measures to restrain Japan from 'independence of the US'
- 'Broader and more flexible deployment for the Marines now on Okinawa throughout the region' to strengthen their capability for rapid responses
- SDPJ / JCP leaders trapped by their illusion about the 'broader, flexible deployment'
Our resolution for New Year
Iida, Shin'ichi (Chairman of Zengakuren)
- The Zengakuren movement showed its power through struggles in 2000
- Go forward with the more aggressive mind in hardships!
- Let us win a great leap forward of the revolutionary student movement!


No. 1653 January 29th

Build a Militant Spring Offensive in 2001!
Denounce the 'Rengo' labour aristocrats as surrendering to the capital and dissolving the offensive into a joint consultation framed by the capital!

JRCL Central Orgburo of Industrial Workers

1. The Government and the monopoly capital victimizing the workers for breaking their impasse
a) An all-out, highhanded offensive by the monopoly bourgeoisie
- Deconstruction of the Japanese customs in employment and full intensification in labour management
- Reorganization of the collective bargaining into a joint consultation
b) The ultra-reactionary Mori administration rushing to strengthen the Japanese neofascist ruling system
c) The official leaderships of labour movement being engulfed by the neofascist tide
- Dissolution of the spring offensive into a 'joint consultation'
- The JCP-led Zenroren leadership driven by their illusion, 'cooperation with the Rengo'
2. Create and strengthen a militant current of labour movement to break the 'industrial patriotic' movement from within!
a) The 'Rengo' leadership dissolving the spring offensive into a 'consultation framed by the capital'
- With no motivation
- Abandonment of the role of a national centre
- Participation in the corporate management as a 'stakeholder'
- Conversion of trade unions into a 'safety net'
b) Win an upsurge of the spring offensive by breaking through the 'industrial patriotic' movement
- Smash the capitalist offensive for lower wages in the name of 'control of the total personnel cost'! Win a equally big wage raise!
- Fight back from workplaces against the Constitutional revision, Japan's promotion as a military big power, and neofascist reactions!
4 Feb. To the Central Meeting for the Spring Offensive!
Power struggles within the Government and the ruling class over the planned construction of a linear motor train line
a) Ministry of Transportation insisting as if 'practical use were in sight'
b) Grave difficulties in finance
c) Rivalry interests intensifying over the planned construction of a linear motor train line
d) The national project related to the development of superconductive technology
Topics: The 'Rengo' leadership launches a worker dispatching company: a 'safety net' for sacking!
Denounce the leadership of the Tokyo Prefectural Workers Union as yielding to the authorities! Smash the wage cuts! Never allow Governor Ishihara to introduce reactionary personnel-control systems!
[7] Kaleidoscope 2001
- Not a 'rogue' but 'humanitarian' state: Saddam Hussein's aid for the American poor
- The Balkan syndrome: another war crime
- The so-called historical revisionist group upset about the archaeological scandal, which discredits their ultra-nationalist 'new schoolbook'
[8] Resolutions for New Year
JRCL Chugoku Regional Committee
JRCL Social Workers Committee
JRCL Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Workers' Committee
Anti-War Workers' Council in East Kanagawa District


No. 1652 January 22nd

29 Jan. March to the Diet and the US Embassy!

Oppose the scheme to build a US-Japan joint war operation system!
Block the Constitutional revision!
Win a powerful advance of the revolutionary student movement!

JRCL Central Orgburo of Students

1. The Bush administration started: an impact to intensify the 'New Cold War'
a) The imperialist America's containment policy against China and Russia for breaking its crisis
b) The Sino-Russo bloc desperately to form an 'anti-American' net
c) The Mori administration rushing to Japan's promotion as a military big power and to revision of the Constitution
2. Fight in opposition to the SDPJ / JCP degraded to a complement to the neofascist ruling system!
a) The SDPJ seeking for 'cooperation' with the Constitutional-revisionist Ozawa's Liberal Party
b) The criminal nature of the JCP's 'defence of the fatherland' stand to justify its policy for 'practical use' of the SDF
- Fantastic analysis of the 'peace trend in Asia'
- Fall into 'patriotic' nationalism
3. Build a battlefront to fight against the Security Treaty and to stop revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education!
[3] 4 Feb. To the Central Meeting for the Spring Offensive!
Win a militant upsurge of the 2001 Spring Offensive in spite of the industrial 'patriotic' movement by the 'Rengo' leadership!
- 'Thorough control of personnel costs in total' shouted by monopoly capitalists
- The 'Rengo' leadership helping the capitalist restructuring and the leaders of the JCP-led 'Zenroren' revealing their corruption
- No the mass restructuring! Stop revision of the Constitution! Build a battlefront!
Japanese imperialism in agony of the unbreakable economic depression
1. The opening of New Century with America's slowdown
2. Negative burdens of the 'lost decade'

a) Visible signs of another recession and intensified pressures for depression
b) The 'Japanese economic system' showing its limitations and collapsing
3. Groping around for a breakthrough
a) Passive measures against the 'takeover of Japan'
b) Financial crunches and fermented social unrests
c) A rough passage to today's version of the Greater East-Asian Co-prosperity Sphere
[6] Resolutions for New Year
JRCL Hokkaido Regional Committee
JRCL Tokai Regional Committee
JRCL Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Committee
JRCL Heavy-Industrial Workers' Committee
JRCL Telecommunication Industrial Workers' Committee
JRCL Chemical Industrial Workers' Committee
Anti-War Workers' Council in Tokyo District
Fight back against the planned 10,000 job cuts by JR East Company!
Fight it out in opposition to betrayals by the degenerated leaders!
- The company's offensive for rationalization and for destruction of trade unions based on its 'Interim Managerial Vision'
- The Japanese Government rushing to the 'full privatisation of JR' and the construction of new Shinkansen [bullet train] lines
- Degenerate leaders kneeling down before offensives to destroy trade unions and accepting the rationalizations
- Win a militant revival of JR labour movement!


No. 1651 January 15th

Advance for building the revolutionary workers' party!
Revive the 'Doro-type labour movement' on the basis of the latest struggle that frustrated the plotted 'rush-in' of the JR Kyushu Workers' Union to the corporate-bred trade union!
[2-3] Resolutions for New Year
JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
JRCL Hokuriku Regional Committee
JRCL Postal Workers' Committee
JRCL Education Workers' Committee
JRCL Electric Industrial Workers' Committee
JRCL Metal Industrial Workers' Committee
JRCL Mass-Communication-Related Industrial Workers' Committee
Russia: Groping its Way for Revival as a 'Super Power'
Difficulties in Store for Putin's Breakthroughs of the Crisis
A. Intensifying confrontations between the US and China-Russia; and the dead pressure from Yeltsin's 'negative legacy'
- Strengthened alliance between China and Russia v.s. America's attempts for rollback
- The 'eastward expansion' of NATO and EU; and drastic changes in East Asia
- The leaden weight of the Chechen issue and the economic devastation
B. Challenge to America's domination as the 'sole super-power' on the basis of the Sino-Russo alliance
- Formation of an political net against the NMD
- 'Peace / disarmament' offensives and policies for wedging between the US and Europe (and Japan)
- Formation of an 'anti-American' political net and rolling-back attempts in 'war over oil resources'
C. Building of an authoritative / military ruling system in the name of 'rule by law'
- Strengthening of the autocratic regime under the presidential power supported by security organs
- Duma's transformation into an assistant organ and building of a centralized system of the Federation
- Reforms for 'market economy under the state control'
D. Vanity of the Putin Reform and the necessity of its bankruptcy
- Difficulties for Russia's revival as a 'world super-power'
- Contradictions with the Putin Reform and their eruptions
Break with any illusion about the Putin Reform! Fight aiming to overthrow the Putin Administration!
Build a firm organization of workers to break through the labour movement degenerated into today's Industrial Patriotic movement
Win a new advance of our organization through reconfirming lessons in 1990s!

JRCL Central Orgburo of Industrial Workers

I. Struggles by revolutionary workers against the Rengo-type 'Industrial patriotic' movement
(Continued from the previous issue)
5. Attempts to incorporate trade unions in a corporate body: recommendation by the labour aristocrats for self-destruction of trade unions
II. Lessons in building vanguard organizations of workers
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