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No. 235
July 2008 Issue

Denounce the reinstatement of the gasoline tax surcharge!

Oppose the deployment of missile defence systems! Fight against the intensified expropriation of the toiling masses!
Throw over the lame-ducked Fukuda government!
Central Students' Orgburo

Japanese imperialism fearing a synchronized downfall with US imperialism
Shumon Kankuro

The 2008 spring labour offensive forced into defeat: Overcome the crisis!
Build the working class front to radically break through the 'war and impoverishment'!
Yata Mitsuo

Build a battle line of unorganized, temporary workers to break through the absolute impoverishment!
Mutsu Kenji

The European Union ambitious to form a 'third pole'
distresses and friction under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
Karube Takao

Stranded just after the sailing
The ROK crisis under the Lee Myung Bak-led new government
Nakago Toshio

International competition for nuclear plant exports and uranium resources
Uragami Shinsaku

'An Islamic revolution' in illusion
About an analysis of the Iraqi situation attempted by a conscientious intellectual
Nagaoka Shigeo


Distributed in May 2008

No. 234
May 2008 Issue

Smash the attacks for lower wages and severer expropriation under the economic turbulence!

Special - For a breakthrough of the crisis in the spring labour offensive 2008!

Overcome the today's Industrial Patriotic movement selling workers to the war and impoverishment!
Central Workers' Orgburo

The Japanese monopoly bourgeoisie fiercely imposing an absolute impoverishment
Evil ambition filled with their annual report for managerial and labour policies
Shinbori Saburo

Rengo's agenda 'for emerging from the gap-widening society': deception and hypocrisy
The annual report revealing its nature as today's Industrial Patriotic movement
Utsunomiya Ken

Zenroren's tactics for the spring offensive: 'for externmating poverty'

The fallacy of 'a better capitalism'
Miyahara Takao

Fallacious adherence to its participation in 'a non-LDP coalition government'
The degenerate Stalinist party of the JCP coming to a miserable end
Kimoto Yasuji

Chukakuha remnants ramified
Asahina Masashi

Overcoming Tsushima's theory of socialism
Mizuki Shoko


Distributed in March 2008

No. 233
March 2008 Issue

Win a greater leap forward to a genuine vanguard party!
Strive to strengthen the revolutionary fortress to break through 'the century of war and darkness'!
Chairman of the JRCL National Committee Takuma Ueda

Advance further by inheriting the revolutionary traditions of our anti-Stalinist communist movement!

Special - The total collapse of the world domination by US imperialism as the 'sole superpower'

The grand failure of the US financial system and the final collapse of the USD order
Tatekaze Hiroshi

Ambition to build a Chinese 'mature capitalism' in the name of 'harmonized society'
Hoshio Ippei

Putin's strategy for promoting Russia to be a superpower: an illusion
Ishigaki Jiro

The Rengo leadership helping the evil current towards a 'two conservative party system'

Denounce the attempt to spread illusions for the Ozawa-led DPJ aiming at 'a normal nation'
Yata Mitsuo

The JTU leadership complementing the neofascist reform of education

Kaminaga Toru


Distributed in January 2008

No. 232
January 2008 Issue

Denounce the CX bribery!
Advance struggles against war and the military alliance!

Let us build a mass struggle against war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Fight by overcoming the official opposition movement dependent on the Ozawa-led Democratic Party of Japan!

The CX scandal - The revealed bribery over the procurement of next-generation military cargo planes: facts and the depths
Iwasuge Yoichi

Stop the legislation to continue the MSDF anti-terror mission! Oppose the deployment of MD systems in Japan! Fight to stop the Constitutional revision!
Smash the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

Central Students' Orgburo

A new policy of wages planned by the Japanese employers' federation to minimize the personal costs
Utsunomiya Ken

Smash the postal version of industrial patriotic movement supporting the managerial attempts 'to build a strong company'!
Yajima Tatsuo

Special - Central Europe drifting, No. 2

Czech Republic led by the pro-American Klaus government shaken under the confrontation between the US and Russia
Funakoshi Keiichi

Poland in a crisis: the collapse of a 'national exclusionist' government
Takasaki Sumio

Chukakuha remnants on the verge of extinction
Asahina Masashi

What I was taught by comrade Kuroda

Tobiume Shiro

Overseas Appeal for the 45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Messages from foreign friends to the 45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
(Continued from the previous issue)


Distributed in November 2007

No. 231
November 2007 Issue

Smash the LDP attempt to survive its crisis as a ruling party!
Build a battle front by denouncing the Rengo labour aristocrats and the JCP central leadership dependent on the Ozawa-led DPJ!

Advance antiwar struggle to break through a crisis of warfare caused by the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia!
Kusuda Yasuyuki

Overseas Appeal for the 45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Messages from foreign friends to the 45th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Denounce the grave accident at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant due to its poor earthquake resistance!
Stop the government and electric power companies continuing the nuclear development with haphazard measures!

Scrap now all nuclear reactors built on the possible seismic centres!

The Abe-led 'civil service reform': its nature against the people
Ikari Masato

Special - drifting Central Europe, No. 1

Clashes between the US and Russia for dominance over Central and Eastern Europe
Fumio Kuju

Hungary turned a semi-colonized country of Western imperialist powers
Kabahara Ikuko

Pains of Romania, a 'dependent country' of the Bush Empire
Amano Hitoshi

Lessons from our struggles to organize mass movement against war and the military alliance through this spring

Central Students' Orgburo

A funeral of Former JCP Chairman Miyamoto Kenji, or our condolence to the Fuwa's JCP


Distributed in September 2007

No. 230
Distributed in July 2007

On the first anniversary of Comrade Kuroda's death
Advance on the road of building
a stronger revolutionary vanguard party
for the permanent liberation of the
contemporary proletarians!

JRCL National Committee Chairman Takuma Udeda
JRCL Revolutionary Marxist Faction Polito-Orgburo

A drastic change of the contemporary world
under the new confrontation between
the US and China/Russia

Stop the constitutional revision!
Advance struggles against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Central Students' Orgburo

Chinese economy in a conjuncture under the globalized economy
Tatekaze Hiroshi

The shameful death of Yeltsin as the foolish czar
Ishigaki Jiro

'Socialist' Cuba deepening its degeneration and confusion
Tango Natsuko

Revive the labour movement against the war and impoverishment!
- Overcome the defeat in the 2007 spring offensive! Break through the today's Industrial Patriotic movement!
Central Workers' Orgburo

Denounce the state defraudation of pension premiums more than tens of trillions of yens!
- The Koizumi-Abe 'pension reform' and its reactionary nature against the working people

Mido Renji

Illusions of a 'new welfare state'
- JCP advocators for 'affluent and comfort society': too rotten
Kawachi Otoya


No. 229
Distributed in May 2007

Special 1
Smash the all-out offensive
for the Constitutional revision
by the Abe government

Fight to stop the enactment of the national referendum law for revision of the Constitution

Under the banner against the neo-fascist reaction, fight to advance struggles against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Central Students' Orgburo

Abe's catch copy 'Japan a beautiful nation' with tricks and falsifications
Kurobuse Hiromichi

Special 2
Crisis of warfare
under the new confrontation between
the US and China-Russia

The Bush Empire in decline
Umebayashi Yoshiki

Failed attempt for a monopoly of the world oil resources
Uragami Shinsaku

A major counterattack by Putin's Russia
Ishigaki Jiro

The converted Stalinists and their darkness covering Central European countries
Shiori Susumu

The Bush Empire in decline
Umebayashi Yoshiki

Roh Moo-Hyun's ROK shaken under the new confrontation between the US and China
Nakazato Toshio

Fake syndicalism of the Chukakuha remnants: their desired conversion into a 'parasite' on the official labour movement
Asahina Masashi

Iraqi people, band together and advance towards the final victory in the struggle against the US aggressor and its occupation!
We appeal on the 4th anniversary of the military aggression against Iraq by US imperialism!
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

With an English version. See.


No. 228
Distributed in March 2007

Break through the ruinous crisis of
the Japanese labour movement!

Breaking through the neon-fascist reaction,
fight for a militant upsurge of the 2007 spring labour offensive!
Central Workers' Orgburo

A project to revive 'a strong Japan' given the name of 'a hopeful nation'
The Nippon Keidanren: the employers' federation imposing an 'absolute impoverishment' upon the workers
Shinbori Saburo

Complements to the attacks to strengthen the neo-fascist ruling order
Rengo labour aristocrats positively responding to the attacks to deprive the rights of workers and to destroy trade unions
Uesugi Takashi

Encouragement for today's Industrial Patriotic movement
Labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC and their tactics for not spring offensive but a spring talk
Shiramine Hijiri

The illusion of realizing 'a better capitalism'
Zenroren's tactics for 'correcting the differences' and its deceptions
Kitami Daisaku

'Marketizing tests' to be introduced for dismantling the public sector
Udo Ikari

Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the warfare under the new confrontation between the US and China-Russia!

Illusions in Fuwa's idea for 'post-capitalism'
Decorations on the JCP strategy for revised capitalism
Kimoto Yasuji

I determine 'here and now' to truly revolutionalize myself to be a revolutionary communist
Karasumaru Takeshi

Go forward with Kuroda's 'supreme product' as my bridgehead
Kanda Haruhiko

Memorial messages from Russia

Illustration: Historic crimes of Stalinism


No. 227
Distributed in January 2007

JRCL foundation 50 years on, the Russian revolution 90 years on
By making comrade Kuroda's thought on revolution our weapons,
fight to develop and strengthen the anti-Stalinist revolutionary communist movement!
Takuma Ueda, Chairman of the JRCL National Committee

Develop the 21st century into 'another century of revolution'!
Break through another tragedy of the international proletariat under 'the new confrontation between the US and China'!

Stir up the flame of antiwar struggle to break through the global warfare!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

The Japanese economy declining between the US and China in a new confrontation
Sumon Kankuro

Special: the 21st world undergoing a drastic change

Development into 'an age of the new US-Chinese confrontation'
The APEC Conference in Hanoi and its historic meaning
Umebayashi Yoshiki

'Russia's revival as a great power': an illusion
Ishigaki Jiro

Ukraine: a Janus-faced government started
Kanda Haruka

New confrontations over a 'unification of Koreas'
Nakazato Toshio

Smash the Chukakuha remnants dreaming of a survival through 'disbanding'!
Furuki Chikako
Complete victory in our struggle to disband the group of the state tool
Furuki Chikako

Comrade Kuroda lives on in my mind
Takegami Saburo

Commemorating Mr. Kan'ichi Kuroda
Ekaterina Bronina

Learning Kuroda's determination 'to die and live'
Murasakino Yoko


No. 226
Distributed in November 2006

To the memory of comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda
On the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution
Oct. 15th JRCL public political meeting

Succeeding to the high will and work of comrade Kuroda,
open up a new century of proletarian revolution!
Takuma Ueda, Chairman of the JRCL National Committee

For building a genuine revolutionary party,
consolidate the origin of the foundation of the anti-Stalinist revolutionary communist movement!
Keynote report to the first half: Shigeo Maehara

Sweeping away the negative legacy of Stalinism,
leap to be a powerful vanguard party of the proletariat!
Keynote report to the second half: Masahiro Yanagiba

I open up the future of our anti-Stalinist revolutionary communist movement!
Shigeru Yonei

We the young generation pledge to struggle in the forefront!
Ryuta Takigawa

We workers ourselves will build a workers' vanguard party!
Akira Iwamizu

Memorial messages to the meeting

A radiant JRCL meeting on Oct. 15th: the starting point built for the anti-Stalinist revolutionary communist movement after comrade Kuroda

To the memory of comrade Kuroda: determinations of comrades

I will break through my weakness to redo my life!
Manabu Manabe

Fight for a radical transformation of our way of thinking to overcome our own deviations of functionalism!
Susumu Unno

I struggle to make the revolutionary's spirit my own!
Koshitaro Munakata

I pledge to comrade Kuroda: in response to the JRCL statement
Saisei Odzuki

I determine to refashion my qualities to be communist
Daisuke Horiba

Fight an internal struggle to subjectivize the 'philosophy of the topos of praxis'!
Shiro Tobiume

Denounce the nuclear test by North Korea! Fight an antiwar, anti-military alliance struggle to shatter the strengthening of the US-Japan war readiness!

Stop the ultra-reactionary offensives by the Abe-led Japanese neo-con government!

A challenge against neo-liberalism: What is Hugo Chavez's 'Bolivarist revolution'?
Fumio Kuju
(Continued from the previous issue)

Illusion about patriotism: On Masahiko Fujiwara's best selling book Dignity of the Nation
Hiromichi Kurobuse

Messages of solidarity from foreign friend to the 44th International Antiwar Assembly


No. 225
Distributed in September 2006

Memorial tributes to
Comrade Kan'ichi Kuroda

Strive to build a stronger vanguard party in pursuance of his high will!
National Committee of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League
Chairman Takuma Ueda / the Polito-Orgburo

In pursuance of Comrade Kuroda's will, push forward on the road of the contemporary revolution as human revolution!
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

Make a great leap towards becoming revolutionary communists now!
In response to Comrade Kuroda's will, build a stronger student organization!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Make Comrade Kuroda's revolutionary spirit ours!
Consolidate the bridgehead of the original creation for the anti-Stalinist movement!
Fumio Asakura

Assimilate the 'philosophy of revolutionizing praxis' now!
For indeological, organizational strengthening of our League!
Shigeo Maehara

Strive for today's succession to the reality-theory of organizing praxis!
Make comrade Kuroda's 'philosophy of praxis' our weapon working in reality!
Takeo Saijo

Create revolutionary forces to break through the crisis of warfare under the new confrantation between the US and China!
Takeshi Ohtori

Overseas Appeal for the 44th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Messages from Foreign friens

A challenge against neo-liberalism: What is Hugo Chavez's 'Bolivarist revolution'?
Fumio Kuju

French protests against a new employment system
Kamata Katsutoshi

Vietnam following after the Chinese-style state capitalism
Jiro Ishigaki

US-Japanese clash over the whaling issue
Tsuneo Shoda

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathres:
Teiichi Tanigaki and Taro Aso


No. 224
Distributed in July 2006

New confrontation between the US and China
- A war crisis intensified

A ceremony for a 'war-operating alliance' between the US and Japan

Denounce the belligerent measures against North Korea and China by the US and Japanese government taking advantage of the 'Taepodong-2' launch!

For a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break the crisis of global warfare!
Central Students' Orgbureau

The Bush Empire threatened with the collapse of its 'unipolar' domination of the world

Rim of the Pacific Exercise 2006: a large-scale joint war game for battles against China

Hu Jingtao's strategy for 'becoming a superpower' and its heavy makeup

Ahmadinejad's challenge against US imperialism

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathers

Abe Shinzo: blood of a cruel man continued from his war-criminal grandfather

Yasuo Fukuda: the son of ex-Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda and the continued anticommunist, corrupt connection ranging over the US, Japan and the ROK

The internal ministry's theory of 'new public space' and its falsity

A reunification of NTT companies: with raging offensives for restructuring

A drastic intensification of the total surveillance system for controlling the nation

Book review Homeland


No. 223
Distributed in May 2006

Fight against the building of
a new US-Japan military alliance!

Organize the battlefront to stop the Constitutional revision and the strengthening of military bases under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

The bilateral SCC report: A programme based on Bush's new strategy for turning Japan a US 'protectorate'

Power strife inside the Japanese ruling class over a national strategy for the 21st century
Yoshitomi Nobuo

No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
JRCL Education Workers' Committee

The exposure of the Defense Facility Agency scandal and its backgrounds
Hayase Tatsuro

Livedoor scandal: trials and errors for rebuilding the Japanese financial system
Kawaharada Hisashi

The Social Democratic Party of Japan: its death and revival as a party 'to defend the Constitution and to correct the social gaps'
Imaga Chiyasu

The ruin of the Japanese labour movement
the first year

Positive responses to the monopoly capitalists for renewed measures in their management and labour control: the Rengo labour aristocrats who have ruined the spring labour offensive 2006
Utsunomita Ken

The caricature of 'Another Japan': the drifting Zenroren led by the JCP
Shiramine Hijiri

The concealed US-Japan struggle over the domestic arms production
Hishima Fujio

China challenging the US domination of the oil resources
Takasaki Sumio

The new phase of the Palestinian liberation struggle: the meaning of the Hamas-led government
Kurobushi Hiromichi

Chukakuha remnants and their 'building a worker's party'
Asahina Shoji


No. 222
Distributed in March 2006

For the spring labour offensive
to break the storm of neo-fascism

De-construct Rengo amid the spring offensive 2006!
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

Makeshifts for the crisis they've caused through harsh restructurings: the reactionary nature of the annual Keidanren report
Sugawara Tetsuya

A Labour Contract Law for destroying trade unions
Uesugi Takashi

The Japanese economy on the verge of crisis under the new confrontation between the US and China
Tatekaze Hiroshi


The worst revision in the medical system under the banner of 'self-reliance and self-help'
Saikawa Harumi

The new system of nursing care service deserting the aged and the unfortunate
Satomi Akira

Neo-liberalist reform in the compulsory education system
Kawachi Otoya

The JPU leadership, who have misled struggles against the postal privatisation to the defeat
Ikari Taketomo

Toyota: extending tentacles worldwide to intensify its
Urauchi Shinji


A crisis of the Koizumi government shaken by the power strife

Bush's 'worn-out' Empire and the strategy to revive its 'world domination'
Umebayasih Yoshiki

The bombing of the Iraqi Shiite mausoleum plotted by the Bush Empire

Smash the offensive to destroy the students' self-governing association in Osaka University


No. 221
Distributed in January 2006

Win a great leap forward of our anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement!
Now is the time to show the real power of revolutionary Marxism!
Chairman of the JRCL National Committee Ueda Takuma

The 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution /
The 50th anniversary of the rise of the anti-Stalinist communist movement in Japan

Build a revolutionary bridgehead to overturn the century of darkness!
Break through the crisis of warfare under the US-Sino new confrontation and the fury of neofascist reaction!

Win a militant revival of the Japanese labour movement by breaking through today's Industrial Patriotic Movement!
Okabayashi Morio

The LDP draft of a new Constitution: declaration for a 'country that can wage war'
Onogawa Atsushi

Ruinous Russia seeking relief in collusion with China: a strategy for recovery envisaged by Putin as autocratic monarch
Shiori Sususmu

The Japanese Communist Party led by Fuwa abandoning oppositions to the US-Japan military alliance and monopoly capital
Kimoto Yasuji

Special Expose the 'reign of terror'
under the Koizumi autocracy

(Continued from the previous issue)
Worst changes in the social security system to desert the unfortunate

Workers deprived of their basic rights in the name of 'deregulation'

Destruction of trade unions as the kernel

Young Kuroda's confrontation with Umemoto's philosophy
Udzuki Tatsuo


No. 220
Distributed in November 2005

Sir up the flame of struggles against revision of the Constitution, against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Expose the 'reign of terror'
under the Koizumi autocracy

Revision of the Constitution and a strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance: rushing towards a war of aggression

Crimes of the Koizumi-led 'diplomacy of a subjugated nation'

Demagogies for beautifying the war of aggression

A drastic intensification of the Japanese-type neo-fascist ruling order

'Structural (negative) reforms' dismantling public sectors

Restoration of the doctrine on 'the direction of the development of the world history': a fallacious will-to-be by the JCP chairman
Hamuro Masato

The senile chairman of the Japanese Communist Party and his anti-revolutionary Manifesto:
deception-riddled arguments on 'a democratic revolution' by Fuwa Tetsuzo
Ohki Yasuji

Fu Jintao's China challenging the 'US dollar domination'
Kawaharada Hisashi

Denounce the London bombings Plotted by the Bush Empire!

Messages from Foreign Friends to the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly

On technicalization of the process of collaborated labour
Kuwaki Takuji

On Comrade Mori's "Impressions from a book by Comrade Yoshikawa Fumio"
Akino Hirosi


No. 219
Distributed in September 2005

Against Brutalities of

Down with little Hitler Koizumi's government intensifying its drive for the Constitutional revision and other reactionary offensives!

Stir up the flame of the revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the darkness hanging over the 21st century world!
(The keynote report to the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly)
Takigawa Ryuta

Overseas Appeal for the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Messages from Foreign Friends to the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly

The central leadership of Rengo pressing affiliated unions to support for the Constitutional revision
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

Declaration of the JTU turning a 'Patriotic Educators' Association': the JTU central leadership expressing its support for the Constitutional revision
Etchu Tohta

The controversial school textbooks compiled by ultra-nationalists: beautifying Japan's past wars of aggression and praising the Constitutional revision
Tomonaga Takao

Ethical nationalism desertic: A Japanese nationalist with identity loss
Kuju Fumio

The London bombings plotted by the Bush Empire

Another imperialist conspiracy to cover up the conspiracies


Oyabu Ryusuke, or a withered proselyte: On what he calls 'association revolution'
Kaido Ikari

Fallacies with the theory of 'Soccer-type labour organization'
Kase Wataru

Impressions from a book by Comrade Yoshikawa Fumio
Mori Shigeru


No. 218
Distributed in July 2005

The Japanese Communist Party
on the brink of a precipice

Praise for China: Indulgence in idle talk
Hamuro Masato

Illusions about the Chinese 'market economy':
nonsensical babble by JCP-patronized scholars
Hoshio Ippei

The JCP's tactics for 'the defence of the Constitution', which do not amount to such in reality, and a makeshift patch-up to them
Mido Renji


Fight to build up a mass struggle against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq war and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Kim Jong-Il's autocratic ruling system on the verge of collapse
Yoshitomi Nobuo

The railway disaster at Amagasaki: crimes of the authorities in JR West Co.
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo
The disaster was inevitable!
From a technological point of view
Kurita Tetsuo

Chukakuha remnants being reorganized into another network of CIA agents
Furuhata Tomohiko

Denounce the rightists' assault on Zengakuren on March 3rd machinated by the state power


Falsification of the history of students movement in Japan:
Kumano Sumihiko blindly following Hiromatsu Wataru
(Continued from the previous issue)
Tawara Shinzo

Oyabu Ryusuke, a rotten convert, and
what he calls 'association-based revolution'
Kaido Ikari


No. 217
Distributed in May 2005

Stop Revision of the Constitution!

Chorus for the Constitutional revision and chauvinism:
Break through the dark current!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Proposed revisions for a war of aggression:
reactionary nature of the LDP draft for 'a new Constitution of Japan'
Yoshinaga Shuichi

Central leadership of Jichiro [prefectural / municipal workers unions] waving a flag for 'revising Article 9'
Ikari Masato

The JTU leadership converting to a supportive position for the Constitutional revision in the name of 'participation in Constitutional discussion'
Utsunomiya Ken

The 'pro-Constitution' cause degraded for 'cooperation with conservative voters':
The anti-working class nature of the JCP's 'united front policy'
Akioka Taro

Fight back against stormy offensives to destroy students' self-governing associations!
Marxist Students' League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)


Bush Empire's strategy of 'escape forward'
Kimoto Yasuji

Roh's South Korea attempting to break away from the triangular alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea
Kamata Toshikatsu

Desperate attempts of Putin's Russia to wriggle out of the crisis
Ishigaki Jiro

The central leadership of JCP-led Zenroren [National Federation of Trade Unions] requesting for 'companies' social responsibility'
Uesugi Takashi

Staring myself having become disabled:
Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis
Itten Hohu


Falsification of the history of students movement in Japan:
Kumano Sumihiko blindly following Hiromatsu Wataru
Tawara Shinzo


No. 216
Distributed in March 2005

For a militant uplift in the
2005 Spring Labour Offensive

For a Spring Offensive waged against the Iraq War, against the Constitutional revision and against restructurings!
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

Declaration for extremely lower wages and harshest restructurings:
an annual report from the employers' federation
Sugawara Tetsuya

Lessons from our struggles to organize labour movement and build organizations of workers
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo


Bankruptcy in the US occupation of Iraq:
a shock wave from the result of the Iraqi parliamentary elections
Kimoto Yasuji

A wild rush of China towards a 'superpower in the 21st century'
Hoshio Ippei

Putin's Russia in grave agony
Kanda Haruka

Chukakuha remnants supported by the state power
Shibusawa Gentaro

The Kobe murder case: a false report on the boy's 'correction'
Shari Masaru


A cross section in a sorrowful parting:
on Kumano Sumihiko's comments on Hiromatsu Wataru
Komatsu Hikoshichi


No. 215
Distributed in January 2005

Burning Fallujah:
An annihilative operation by the Iraqi occupying force, and the machinated murder of Arafat
Kimoto Yasuji

Our struggle against the Iraq war to hew out the 21st century
Yanaba Masahiro

Poem: Of, Chechnya!

From Workplaces
Turning a Hell on Earth

Ultra-long time, ultra-intensified labour:
Imposing Karoshi, deaths from overwork
Yoshimoto Ryuji

What is meant by 'loss of the workplace ability'
Hasumi Takumi

Japan Post divided into four private companies: the finishing touches to the Koizumi 'reform'
Yajima Tatsuo

As composing poems for my daily indignation: a report from schools in Tokyo
Oribe Shino


Young Kuroda's investigation for the philosophy of materialist subjectivity
Wakaba Ikumi

The origin of the young Kuroda: reading his "Quest for a New Human Existence"
Udzuki Tatsuo

A Stalinology in a labyrinth
Kameyama Ikuo: Enthusiasm and Euphoria
Sakata Seiichi


No. 214
Distributed in November 2004

For Development in Studies
on Marxist Economics

A deformed image of Ouchi Tsutomu: Impressions of his memoirs
Oyamada Ikuo

Asobe Kyuzo, a tragic theorist in Marxist economics:
Reading his Theory of Value and Historical Materialism
Fujita Tomoko


Advance in struggles against the Iraq War, against the US-Japan military alliance and against the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Japanese economy under the high oil price and the financial bankruptcies
Kawaharada Hisashi

Introduction of the 'cell production system' into the production of engines
Funado Kai

Intensification of the coercive security order under the pretext of 'counter-terrorist measures'
Minada Kyosaku

Attempts for mass surveillance using bio-certification technology
Teruyama Mitsuki


What are happening in schools

Schools, the epitome of today's Japanese society
Natsuyama Akira

What has been illuminated by the Sasebo juvenile murder
Saikai Yushi

Investigating the logic of organization of education workers
Yamada Etsutaro


Yu Miri: Over the August
Shari Masarueru

Chukakuha remnants: bankruptcy in their 'revolution of the party'
Utsunomiya Ken


No. 213
Distributed in September 2004

A Third Oil Crisis Impending:
Bankruptcy of the US imperialist strategy for monopolization of the world oil resources
Tatekaze Hiroshi

Our Antiwar Struggles
Spreading Internationally

Bankruptcy in the US occupation and the central issues for antiwar struggle
- The keynote report for the 42nd International Antiwar Assembly

Sakamachi Toru

Overseas Appeal for the International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Greetings from Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
Messages from foreign friends to the International Antiwar Assembly
(See English text)


Ambition for the 'rebirth of the Great Russia': Miseries of Putin's second presidency
Kanda Haruka

Hidden strife between Japan and the US over Japan's plan of domestic arms production
Hishima Fujio

Organizing praxis based on reflection of ourselves
Kito Ryutaro

Tokyo Governor Ishihara's 'education reform'
Utsunomiya Ken


No. 212
Distributed in July 2004

Feature 1
Perspective for
Iraqi liberation struggle

'Transfer of the sovereignty': a farce ridiculing the Iraqi people

The April uprising in Iraq: results and perspective
Kuju Fumio

The Sadr-led uprising: Its significance and limitations
Nagaoka Shigeo

Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War
Ueda Takuma
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Roh Moo-hyun's ROK rushing towards 'Korean unification'
Kamata Katsutoshi

Desperate attempts for survival by Kim Jong Il
Yoshitomi Nobuo

Territorial conflicts between China and Japan over the Southern islands
Takasaki Sumio

Demagogue Abe Shinzo's proposal for 'a third Constitution'
Shia Santaro

Feature 2
Education, Medical and
Postal services of today

For changing the devastated 'kids-teachers' relationship
Hatano Hiroshi

Introduction of electronic medical records and changes in the medical labour process
Takahara Susumu

Hell of postal workplaces: We fight back

'Performance-based payment' and its failure
Yoshimoto Ryuji


No. 211
Distributed in May 2004

Appeal to the working people all over the world
Now is the time to fight for an international upsurge of
antiwar struggle against the US occupation of Iraq!

Japan Revolutionary Communist League Chairman of the National Committee
Ueda Takuma

Feature 1
A Popular Uprising in Iraq
against US Imperialism and
Its Occupation

Fight in solidarity with Iraqi people rising up against US imperialism!
No to the US occupation of Iraq!

Denounce the March 2nd Massacres of Shia Muslims Plotted by the Bush Administration!
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)
[Japnese original and English translated versions]

A US-plotted blast in Madrid and the collapse of the 'Coalition of the Willing'
Morikage Hiromitsu

An 'al-Quaeda statement'? A sheer fake!

Attacks on Muslims by today's Crusaders and their madness

Crimes of the US occupation forces Kuwaishi Haruya
The true faces of American PMCs Haruta Ikari
Disasters from depleted uranium munitions Kitauchi Toru

Feature 2
Constitutional Revision,
Emergency Bills and
Patriot Education

Against the current of the Constitutional revision
Shia Santaro

Emergency-related seven bills to form a system of laws for aggressive war
Fujieda Sakiro

Neo-fascistic coercion of the 'rising sun' flag and the 'reign of the emperor' anthem
JRCL Education Workers Committee

Fallacious policy 'to mak a school in cooperation with local communities':
JCP-led teachers' unions helping the government-led neo-fascist reorganization of national education
Kawachi Otoya

Poems with pent-up indignations of education workers
Oribe Shino

Between 'Japan favourers' and 'patriots'
Reviewing Petty Nationalist Syndrome
Karihara Osamu

China as 'the centre of the world' and its 'third-pole' diplomacy
Hoshio Ippei

The plotted nature of the Kobe incident revealed again
Asano Fumimasa

A staring Lenin
Seeing Good-by, Lenin
Hidori Kamome

Prayers to 'gods of pacification': for poems by Okano Hirohiko
Shari Masaru


No. 210
Distributed in March 2004

Feature 1
Bankruptcy of the US Occupation and
the Dispatch of the Japanese Army

The Plotted Massacre of Shiite Muslims: Bankruptcy of the Bush Emperor
Morikage Hiromitsu

Dispatch of the Japanese Army to Reinforce the Iraqi Occupation
Ohsako Shin'ichi

Fictitious Broadcasting
A Platform for Exposure: The Saddam Hussein Trial
Koganeidzutsumi Sakurako

Feature 2
For a Militant Upsurge of
the Spring Labour Offensive 200

For a Militant Advance in Iraqi Antiwar Struggles and the Spring Labour Offensive 2004
JRCL Central Workers' Orgbureau

Monopoly Capitalists Staking Their Fates on a Course for a 'Trading-Based Nation'
Sugawara Tetsuya

TOYOTA: The World's Harshest System of Exploitation
Matsushiro Hideki

The New Assessment System of Employees in the Postal Agency
Ikari Arata

Fight back against the Hell of Postal Workplaces
(From the Resolutions Expressed at the February 8th Workers' Meeting)
Amano Yoshio

The Worst Changes to the Pension System
Senmaida Mizuho

Reading the Article "Lessons from the Building of Our Workers' Organizations"
Sohma Ineko

Chukakuha Remnants Hijacked by a Group of Activists
Soga Katsumi


No. 209
Distributed in January 2004

Oppose the Dispatch of
the Japanese Army to Iraq

Break through the Darkness of the 21st Century!
Bankruptcy of the Iraqi military administration
and the tragedy of religious = ethnic wars

The Koizumi administration
intimidated by Bush having murdered Japanese diplomats

Grand failure of the 'structural reform' led by Koizumi and Takenaka
Yoshimoto Ryuji

The 21st. century 'self-destruction' declaration of the Jichiro
[Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
Izumo Kuro

Municipal restructuring imposing burdens upon workers
4000 job cuts and a worse system of retirement allowance in Tokyo prefecture
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee

Cuts in wages and jobs by City authorities in Tokyo prefecture
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee

For a militant revival of the municipal workers' movement
Takaoka Chie

The shameful end of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Kanda Haruka

Letters of solidarity from Britain and Ukraine

'Communist Society' with big business and exploitation remaining!?
Kudo Shiro

A hell of survivors: Things happening to workers who have refused suggestions of retirement
Takane Akira

Latest developments of technologies for surveillance of the people
Kurahashi Isao

How we should analyze our technical organizational praxis
Kozuka Tetsuo

Worked and learned: things I have thought over
Shibusawa Gentaro