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No. 1790 (October 20th Issue)

Oct. 19 antiwar, anti-military alliance struggle
Demonstrations in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
Called by Zengakureren and the Antiwar Youth Committee

- Dispatch of troops and financial support asked by the Bush administration
- The Koizumi government crying for 'cooperation in the issue of abductees'
- Intensifying contradictions within the ruling class over the state strategy
- Struggle to transcend the SDPJ and the JCP sunk down in the bipolar opposition between the LDP and the DPJ over the coming election!
'Generous' with troops and money, with everything
- An oasis in the desert for Bush.
Rapid strengthening of the Self-Defence Forces for joining in the 'Bush's war'
- The first introduction of JDAMs [joint direct attack munitions] as GPS guided missiles
- Rush to the deployment of missile defence systems
Militant students protesting against the bill for Japan's continued support to the US 'war on terrorism'
- 3 Oct. in Nagoya, in front of the Aichi Prefectural office of the LDP.
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- 'Vacations for rest and recreation': road to a second Vietnam
- The white powder: revealed CIA drills months before the Anthrax scare
- Omnicide: DU diseases spread among US veterans
- US return to UNESCO: the First Lady's lecture in Paris
- JCP alternatives for 'eradication of terrors': insult against fighting Muslims
Machination to produce a Japanese CIA in the name of 'anti-terror measures': National Police Agency's 'emergency measure program for public security'
- Another 20000 police officers employed under the pretext of 'deterioration in public security'
- A department inaugurated for 'measures against organized crimes'
- A 'Japanese CIA' to debut in close connection with US CIA
- Building up of an FBI-type 'national surveillance system'
- Rapid and drastic reorganization of the Japanese police under the US pressure
Oppose the Koizumi government pressing the South Korean authorities to oppress the labour movement!
- Schemes to deprive the labour of gains: for the 'Free Trade Accords'
- The Koizumi government demanding for oppression on strikes and 'appropriate interventions'
- The Roh Moo Hyun government shifting burdens onto the working class
Putin's complaints
- I'm a flying merchant of death
- Ugly oligarchs
- 'I can't make something out of nothing' is the last word for the Russian President.
[6] Labour Front
Selective education pushed on
- The education ministry's 'frontier program for higher abilities'
A monorail operation hastily started in Okinawa: troubles from day one
- Accumulated contradictions of Okinawa as 'auto society'
Topics Crimes by UAW as a faithful dog to the Big Three
JTU 91st Regular National Convention: The central leadership helping the scheme to revise the Fundamental Law of Education, by begging a 'careful deliberation'
- Central leaders justifying their abandonment of struggles against the revision
- A fake 'unity' shown off by central and local leaders
- Appeals from below about realities at workplaces ignored
- Successive criticisms against the leadership's line 'participation, proposal and reform'
- Denunciations against leaders' acceptance of considerably lower wages
Reading Kuroda's books
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Anthropology
- Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda


No. 1789 (October 13th Issue)

No troops nor money for the US occupation of Iraq!
Oct. 17th Block Bush's visit to Japan! Smash the US-Japan summit!
Oppose the drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as a 'Hakenkruez alliance'!

- An impudent 'attempt to reuse the UN'
- Dutch rolls of the Bush administration
- An ultra hawkish cabinet led by Koizumi bent on dispatching troops to Iraq and revising the Constitution
- Burn antiwar and anti-Security Treaty flames! Overcome the SDPJ / JCP immersed in their election campaigns!
Oct. 17th Zengakuren demonstrate against Bush's visit to Japan
Oct. 19th united actions of workers and students for antiwar struggle, in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

116th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee held in Tokyo
- A fighting position built up against the SDF dispatch to Iraq! (27-28 Sept)
'Enemy No. 1 is the RMF': part of the state machination to repress the revolutionary organization revealed at a court
- 'I put you to the sword', a gang-like intimidation by a police officer
What is behind the 'historic reconciliation' between Japanese TRON and the MS Windows
- Cooperation in developing an OS planted in digital electric home appliances
A cartoon and some words
- Death of a shameful man (having led the Bukuro Chukaku faction)
A 'water war' in the 21st century: the impending 'global shortage of water' and the beginning of the power struggle
1 Emergence of the global issue of a 'shortage of water'
2 Realities of the exhaustion of water resources
- Exhaustion of water of rivers
- Drains of ground water
- Reductions / disappearances of lakes and marshes
3 The beginning of imperialist struggles for 'water concessions'
- Commoditization of water by monopoly capitalists
- Imperialist or monopoly capitalist domination of life lines
Nippon Steel Corp.: a grave explosion at a steelworks in Nagoya
- Denounce serious accidents and disasters on labour caused successively under restructuring offensives!
Toyota: Denounce cover-ups of accidents!
- Forcible shifts of responsibilities onto subcontractors
- Revolts by developing countries
Jichiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union]: Denounce the forcible adoption of the '21st Century Declaration!
- Central leaders helping restructurings in local governments and revision of the Constitution
Stop the adoption of the '21st Century Declaration' as declaration of a self-destruction of Jichiro! (From a leaflet by the JRCL municipal workers' committee)
Topics A new system to be introduced for 'individualization of labour disputes': a quick, positive response from labour aristocrats in Rengo
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Rumsfeld's nightmare: all enemies, outside and inside
- A 'Catastrophic success': off the rails from day one
- Lake Baikal weeping: 'environmental measures' as a guise for state calculation
- Oppressive new facilities of the Tokyo Detention Centre: No sky, no sunbeam, no green plants seen
Reading Kuroda's books
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 2


No. 1788 (October 6th Issue)

Oct. 17th Smash the Koizumi-Bush Meeting!
Oct. 19th Rise in antiwar demonstrations!
Oppose the military occupation of Iraq by US / UK imperialism!
Stop the Koizumi government from sending troops to Iraq!
Block the revision of the Constitution!
Let us struggle to transcend
the parliamentarianist and petty-bourgeois pacifist distortion of
the official peace movement led by
the Social Democratic Party of Japan and the Japanese Communist Party!

JRCL Central Students Orgburo

1. The US militarist empire on the verge of crisis
- Conflicts intensifying over a new UN resolution on Iraq
- The total bankruptcy of the US policy for 'democratization of the Middle East'
- Makeshifts for breaking through the isolation
- The rapidly declining possibility of Bush's re-election
2. The new Koizumi cabinet bent on sending troops to Iraq and revising the Constitution
- Announcement of the plan of dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq
- A neo-fascist cabinet agitating for the revision of the Constitution
- Hawkish policies applied towards North Korea
- Strengthening of the coercive and military ruling order
3. The official opposition movement collapsing
4. Win a revolutionary uplift of antiwar struggles against the military occupation of Iraq! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
- Block Bush's visit to Japan! Smash the US-Japan summit talk!
- Stop the Koizumi government from dispatching troops to Iraq for joining in the military administration!
- Oppose the military rule of Iraq by US imperialism! Denounce the military occupation of Palestine by the Sharon government!
- Block the revision of the Constitution! Build up a fighting front against the neo-fascistic reactions!
The WTO meeting in Cancun broken down
- Revolts by developing countries
Six-way oppositions over the suspicious 'nuclear weapons development' by North Korea: Wither the marathon talk among six states?
- Diplomatic disputes towards the second meeting
- The Bush administration trying revisions in its hard line towards North Korea
- Chinese and Russian power holders groping for euthanasia of the Kim Jong Il government
Iraqi Shi'ites in hardships: Denounce the conspiratorial terror plotted to diminish the Shi'ites!
(Continued from the previous issue)
3. Withers the Iraqi Shi'ites
- Internal oppositions within the Shi'ites and their historical origin
- A road to overcoming the oppositions
[6] Labour Front
Winning in the struggle to prevent local schools from introducing 'patriot grades' in pupils' transcripts
- A nationally precedent offensive by the Fukuoka City Board of Education
- Struggles from below by militant workers to transcend the social democratic leaders submissive to the authorities
Topics Official punishments on teachers: break the purge targeted at trade union activists under the pretext of 'less leading ability'!
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- 'It's natural to set a timebomb on that officer (in the foreign ministry weak-kneed to North Korea)' said Tokyo Governor Ishihara: agitating in cahoots with the very bombers and gunmen.
- Shinzo Abe, new secretary general of the LDP and grandson of that A-class criminal of war: the DNA
- The blast in Nagoya: a failure of the police special squad
Reading Kuroda's books
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- "Inquiry into a New Human Existence" (included in the Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 1)


No. 1787 (September 29th Issue)

Fight with the aim to overthrow the new Koizumi cabinet
bent on intensified reactionary offensives!

Break the building of a national mobilization system
through the mass propaganda of national chauvinism
against North Korea!

- Strife between 6 states over North Korea's 'development of nuclear arms'
- The arbitrary agitation against the 'North threat'
- Rush to the building up of a national mobilization system
- Fight it back transcending the official left joining in the chorus for national chauvinism!
Oct the 17th Stop Bush's visit to Japan!
- Zengakuren to demonstrate!
Hokkaido: No to the live-firing drill by the US Force!
- Zengakuren protests against the landing of munitions at a local civilian port (4 Sept.)
- Rengo regional rally (14 Sept.): Militant students inspiring 3000 workers (Pic. left)
The General Assembly of the Students in Kokugakuin Univ.: a resolution adopted against the dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq (12 July) (Pic. right)
- Warm applause to antiwar appeals
- Based on various organizing activities
Block the codification of 'collusive crime'!
Stop the brutal intensification of the repressive security system in the name of 'measures against organized crimes'!
- Punished only for an agreement as 'collusion', even with no action
- The central aim is to destroy fighting trade unions, student associations and left-wing organizations
Waseda Univ. students wining a historic lawsuit!
- More fights back against coercive oppressions on antiwar struggles and other students' activities!
Strangulation of conservative liberalism: completion of today's Imperial Rule Assistance Association
1. The merger of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party
- A machination by LP head Ichiro Ozawa
- Backed by Okuda, President of the employers federation
2. The birth of the 'new party' under the banner of a 'strong Japan'
3. A 'two conservative party' system: a daydream
- Variation in contradictions in the Japanese ruling class
- Formation of the political forces supporting the revision of the Constitution
Iraqi Shi'ites in hardships: Denounce the conspiratorial terror plotted to diminish the Shi'ites!
1. The CIA conspiracy to assassinate Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim
2. Revolts by Shi'ite sects against the US-led military administration
- SCIRI's resistance within the IIA
- Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers unfurling the anti-US banner
[6] Labour Front
The National Federation of Municipal Workers' Unions: JCP-affiliate leaders faced with the bankruptcy in their guidance and the decline in the unions' strength
- Emphases shifted to 'struggles in workplaces'
- A lack of the sense of crisis against the planned dispatch of Japanese troops
- The central leadership busy in covering up the declining strength
Topics Grave accidents successive in the steel industry: 38 deaths for a year
Deepening contradictions on the spot of education: backgrounds of a murder by junior high school students in Okinawa
- Shockwaves from the incident: the prefectural board of education crying for 'prevention of juvenile delinquency and absence from school'
- Why did the incident occur?
- Contradictions accumulated from the reorganization of education
- No to the nationalistic, ability-based reorganization of education!
[8]Kaleidoscope 2003
- That Russian 'boy with pink pants': a new instructor for the economic reconstruction of Iraq
- Two years on from the September 11: Conceited remarks by that Nobel Prize-awarded novelist Oe about 'words that can calm violence down'.
- 'We have Japan for money and troops': Bush's dream before his visit
- True weapons of mass destruction: dumped in China by the Japanese Imperial Army


No. 1786 (September 22nd Issue)

17 Oct. Stop Bush's Visit to Japan!
No to the military occupation of Iraq by US-UK imperialism!
Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops!
Let us fight overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion
of the official opposition movement
led by the SDPJ / JCP immersed in election campaigns!

- The Bush administration desperate to get out of the bankruptcy of the military rule
- The grand failure of the US policy for 'democratization of the Middle East'
- The Koizumi government heading for the dispatch of SDF troops and the revision of the Constitution
- Win a revolutionary build-up of antiwar struggle under the banner 'against the US-Japan Security Treaty'!
Join in the 116th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee!
- Build up and strengthen the front line against the dispatch of Japanese troops and the revision of the Constitution!
- Elaborate revolutionary tactics for mass struggles for the coming season!
Waseda students won their lawsuit against the university authority!
- The Supreme Court ruled that the university acted illegally in submitting to police a list of those who attended a lecture by former Chinese President (for their objection) From media reports Mainichi Asahi Japan Times
Denounce the justification of Japan's colonial rule!
- 'The adoption of Japanese-style names was not forced but wanted by Koreans themselves' (Aso Taro, top policy maker of the LDP)
- Smash the chauvinistic propaganda against North Korea!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Armitage's remarks pressing Japanese rulers: 'Don't walk away'; Supporting operations in Iraq is no like attending a 'tea party'.
- A step to hell: a choice by the Japanese poodle
- Just a power struggle within the LDP: but watch carefully!
- The etymology of 'Peace'
- Worship in supply-side economics: another lie by Bush
Smash the planned revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
The reactionary nature of the new ideas of education shown in the last report by the Central Council for Education
1. The drafted revisions stressing nationalism and ability-centred education
2. Public education for building 'a state based on strong military strength and high-technology'
[6] Labour Front
- Denounce the shift of responsibility onto the driver for an accident in the Shinkansen train operation!
- 'Juvenile crimes are due to teachers' unions' (Former Prime Minister Kiro Mori): Denounce the vicious remarks against the JTU!
- Cooperation with police in surveillance over residents imposed on postal workers
Topics The changed interpretation of 'public service' and what is aimed by degenerate leaders in municipal workers' unions
[7] Jichiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
The 74th National Convention: the central leadership intending to finish changing the Jichiro into trade unions that serve the state
- 'The 21st Declaration' was voted down, but degenerate leading lines were adopted.
- Leaders from a left-wing social democratic faction submissive to the mainstream
From the General Meeting of the non-clerical part of the Jichiro
- Angry voices one after another: 'No fight back can be built under this leading line!'
Reading books by K. Kuroda
- Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary Age
- Anthropology
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1785 (September 15th Issue)

Denounce the conspiratorial Najaf blast
engineered by the CIA to kill Shi'ite leaders!
Smash the US-UK scheme to introduce 'multi-national forces'
to patch up the failed military administration in Iraq!
Stop Japan's dispatch of 'researchers' to Iraq!

- A conspiracy engineered by the US CIA to weaken the Shi'ite forces
- The Bush administration in agony of having failed in its policy of 'democratization of the Middle East'
- Makeshifts by 'utilizing the UN' and the modification of its policy towards North Korea
- The Koizumi government heading for the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq and the revision of the Constitution
Stop the introduction of a BMD system by the Koizumi government!
- Ballistic Missile Defense
Stop the US Aegis cruiser entering a private port in Kagoshima!
- Local university students protest together with trade unions (25 Aug., Kagoshima)
The reason why ultra-nationalist hawks fiercely oppose the national online network of resident registries
- That's the prey of the Echelon!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Why are Russian low-tech weapons selling well?: thanks to a free advertisement from Iraq
- Two years on: a monologue by that neo-con
- Yomiuri Shinbun, the best-selling daily in Japan: in direct decent from an agitator for an anti-Korean pogrom
- SDF official posters for recruitment with female pop singers on, 'Go! Go! Peace!': No. 'Go! Go! To Iraq!'
A shameless, open turn to the acceptation of the Ten'no [emperor] system
The criminal nature of the drafted new programme of the JCP
1. Abolition of the 'abolition of the Ten'no system'
- The deleted definition: 'a bourgeois monarchy'
- The eternal postponement of its 'abolition' under the pretext of 'being a future topic'.
2. Sophistry for accepting the Ten'no system
- 'With no sovereignty, it's not a monarchy.'
- Falsification of the JCP history
- Proposal of 'co-existence with the Ten'no system' in the name of 'reasonability'
3. A help to the offensive aiming to consolidate the Ten'no's position as sovereign
Denounce the recommendation of lower wages for consecutive two years by the National Personnel Authority!
- By 160,000 yens a year!
- NPA's declaration to be in the van of the reorganization to worse of the civil service
- Fight back by transcending the degeneration of the trade union leaders!
Jichiro [Prefecrural and Municipal Workers' Union] 74th National Convention voted down the '21st Century Declaration' drafted by the central leadership
- Struggles that lead to the rejection of the 'drafted declaration'
- Angers from workplaces against the central leaders who pledges their loyalty to the Rengo leadership
- Strengthen the struggle from below to prevent our trade union from degeneration
Hokkaido prefectural authority's forcible reorganization of the prefectural office
- No more reduction of the personnel! NO intensification of labour!
Topics The steel industry recovering: not only for the increased export to Chinac
The 57th National Convention of Zentei [Postal Workers' Union]: the leadership bent on making a 'trade union serving the state and the postal agency'
- Criticisms erupted against central leaders accepting a hell of restructuring
- Adoption of a new line
- Local leaders only helping 'a better plan'
- The central leadership justifying its oppression on antiwar peace activities
- Denounce the leadership arrogantly oppressing criticisms from below!
A letter to Walesa supporting the US aggression on Iraq
- Shame on you!
Review: Yoro Takeshi Walls of Fools
- On his view of the language


No. 1784 (September 8th Issue)

The military administration of Iraq on the verge of collapse
Stop the Koizumi government dispatching SDF troops to Iraq!
Fight in solidarity with militant Muslim people!

- Counterattacks by Saddam-led forces and self-martyrizing attacks by Muslim militants
- The Najaf blast, killing Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim: CIA's conspiracy engineered by the US government faced with the bankruptcy of the occupation
- Explosions of struggles against American imperialism, against the occupation, against Zionism
- The Bush administration pressed to modify its unilateralism
- The Koizumi government bent on building 'a state that can wage wars'
Jichiro [Prefecrural and Municipal Workers' Union] 74th National Convention voted down the '21st Century Declaration' drafted by the central leadership
- Stop the adoption planned at the continued session by the leadership!
Hokkaido university students accused the Director General of the Defence Agency at a Town Meeting in Sapporo held by the Cabinet (8 Aug)
Workers and students in Tokai demonstrated against the dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq (20 July)
Conspicuous cover-up of the gun and narcotic scandal by the whole organization of Hokkaido police: a guilty verdict by the regional court to only one police officer
- For sweeping the problem under the rug
- Internal strife intensifying within the police organization
- Dismantling of dark connection with North Korean and Russian mafias
Organization of today's version of 'neighbourhood units' in the name of prevention of disasters and crimes
- The Tokyo government conducting 'disaster drills' under the slogan 'co-operation'
- The police-turned Dice Governor ordering a 'grand psychological operation, or social movement'
- NO to the strengthening of coercive security system advocated by Tokyo Governor Ishihara!
The Bush administration in death throes: reorganization of the world in the 21st century (Continued from the previous issue)
3. Reorganization of the EU and NATO
- East European states turning dependent countries to the US
- Foundation of the independent 'EU forces' and the strengthening of the Euro Bloc
4. Turning to a tripartite conflict
- Opposition to the domination by the 'sole superpower' in the world
- Germination of crisis of a Third World War
Struggles intensifying over natural resources in 'Black Africa'
- US imperialism scheming to monopolize the oil resources in western Africa
- Resource wars connected with munitions production
[6] Labour Front
Municipal authorities in Okinawa heading for building 'electronic localities'
- Start of the issue of ID cards based on the national online network of resident registers
- Municipal authorities intensifying control over workers
- NO to the national surveillance / controlling system!
'10000 part-time workers newly organized '?
- The case of the sudden increase in the membership of the Daiei Workers' Union'
- Full-time employees to decrease accepted by the leadership
- Stop the worsening of labour conditions!
Topics Proposal by the Higher Productivity Headquarters for a Japanese-type 'corporate governance': 'Build a 21st century system of joint consultation between employers and employees!'
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Privatization of water service: US companies taking advantage of water shortage
- Indication of the collapse: 'friendly fires', including deserters and suicides
- Revived Trotsky criticized the trends to call the neo-conservatives 'Trotskyists of today'
- UNA: the world for the UN, and the UN for the USA
Reading Kuroda's works
- Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda
- Anthropology


No. 1783 (September 1st Issue)

Stop the building of a national mobilization system!
No to 'disaster drills' planned for September 1st!
Stop the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq!
Stop the legislation for 'protection of civilians'!
- Shock waves from the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad
- A national mobilization system being built in the name of 'self-reliant and cooperative prevention of disasters'
- A national surveillance and control system for 'emergencies'
- Build a broad-based front against the neo-fascist offensives
Regional meetings of the International Antiwar Assembly, 3 Aug.
- The Hokkaido meeting in Sapporo(Pic. top)
- The Kansai meeting in Osaka (Pic. middle)
- The Hokuriku meeting in Kanazawa (Pic.bottom)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- An indecisive intervention: with the history of Americo-Liberians
- China's 'new thinking' diplomacy towards Japan: an old Machiavellist manoeuvre
- Education for jihad is the strongest weapon: Iraqi Sunnites
- JCP's new textbook for 'antiwar history': Lenin's position treated as 'special to a limited situation, and negative'.
- The mysterious 'black out': Nothing reported other than 'social stability'
The Bush administration in death throes: reorganization of the world in the 21st century
1. A serious miscalculation by Rumsfeld
- Saddam's counteroffensives
- A 'hasty' military operation and crude 'postwar measures'
- Words and deeds rubbing Muslims up the wrong way
2. Isolation of the 'sole' superpower in the world
- A setback in the strategy of pre-emptive attack
- Makeshifts of 'unilateralism'
- Machinations to build a second UN and to strengthen the Hakenkruez alliance
(To continue)
[6] Labour Front
- The latest national convention of the JCP-led federation of teachers' unions: leaders immersed in proposals for 'building schools in cooperation with parents'
- Militant workers and students struggling within a JCP-led peace movement in Nagoya
- Successive accidents of heavy-duty trucks: overwork imposed upon drivers
Topics Revision of medical laws 2 years and a half on: workplace in a hell
The drafted 'revisions of the JCP Programme' for anti-revolution: completion in the party's line for 'revised capitalism'
2. Complete negation of 'revolution' (Continued from No. 1782)
(b) A show of the theory to beautify 'monopoly capitalism'
- Revision of the programmatic definition of 'Japan as a subordinate state to the US'
- Abandonment of arguments on 'restoration and strengthening of militarism and imperialism in Japan'
- A queer theory: 'monopoly capitalism which is not imperialism'
3. The beginning of the end of the Fuwa-led JCP
[8] From messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly No. 3
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- President of the Bangladesh National Workers Federation Tafazzul Hussain
- Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) OF Greece
- News and Letters Committees


No. 1782 (August 25th Issue)

For a new advance in antiwar struggle!
Oppose the military occupation of Iraq by US imperialism!
Stop the Koizumi government dispatching SDF troops!
- 100 days on after the declaration of the 'end of combats': a grand failure
- Conflicts between the US-Japan and China-Russia over the 'six-nation talk'
- Bush's turn towards a 'talk' with North Korea
- The Hu Jintao leadership of China scheming to wedge between the US and South Korea, between the US and Japan
- The Koizumi government following the Bush administration
From regional meetings of the International Antiwar Assembly, 3 Aug.
- The Okinawa meeting in Naha (pic. top)
- The Tokai meeting in Nagoya (pic. middle)
- The Kyushu meeting in Fukuoka (pic. bottom)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Colin Powell to be a terminator?
- Persons whom JCP researchers met in Iraq: UN officers, NGOs, French and German representatives c
- The world's largest dam in China: the world's worst contamination
- Local residents organized in a 'crime prevention patrol': led by police officers
The drafted 'revisions of the JCP Programme' for anti-revolution: completion in the party's line for 'revised capitalism'
1. Impatience with the decline in the 'party's strength'
2. A complete negation of 'revolution'
(a) Reducing everything into 'reform within the frame work of capitalism'
- A stretched interpretation of the 'establishment of a democratic coalition government' as the 'democratic revolution'
- Complete negation of the JCP theory of 'staged revolution'
- Deformation into a 'shift in power within the framework of capitalism'
(To continue)
[5] From messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly No. 2
- The Liberation Front of Polynesia (FLP)
- Dr. Howard Zinn (Professor Emeritus of Boston University)
- Dr. John Bellamy Foster (Professor of Oregon University)
- Regional Party of Communists (Leningrad)
- Cultural Association of Ukraine - Kiev Branch
[6] Labour Front
Denounce the enactment of the law to reorganize national universities into independent agencies!
Smash the plan to shift the burdens onto university workers!
- Intensifying competitions among national universities for their survival
- Shutter the offensives based on the enacted law: cuts in job, lower wages, intensified labour, loans and transfers, etc.
- Denounce the betrayal by the JCP central leadership and JCP-led trade unions!
Topics The national employers association donates for the opposition Democratic Party: Rengo plans to support the ruling LDP
Reading Kuroda's writings
- Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works-
- Anthropology
Reading For Advancement in Antiwar Struggle by Asakura Fumio
Reading "Marx in the Jihad-Raging World" in Kaihoh No. 1750-51


No. 1781 (August 11th Issue)

3 Aug. International Antiwar Assembly
1350 people at the central meeting in Tokyo
Local meetings in six cities throughout the country

- 'Smash the US-UK occupation! No Japanese troops to Iraq!' stressed in the keynote report
- Message of solidarity from the US, Britain, Russia, Polynesia, etc.
- 'Antiwar waves from campuses and workplaces': speeches from the labour and student fronts
No troops to Iraq! Nationwide
- Osaka (19 Jul., 25-26 Jul.), Sapporo (24-25 Jul.), Kanazawa (26 Jul.), Naha (25 Jul., 11 Jul.), Kagoshima (25 Jul.), Obihiro (8 Jul.).
Zengakuren: the 73rd National Convention (22-24 Jul. in Tokyo)
- For the on-going struggle against the dispatch of Japanese troops to Iraq and the US colonization of the Middle East
- Central leaders elected: Chairman Iida Shin'ichi from Waseda Univ. and Secretary General Taniguchi Norihide from Kyoto Univ., etc.
(pic. right)
A degenerate 'field report' on Iraq by a JCP leader: no sense about resentful voices of Iraqis
- Starting boastfully with his own services in the 'awfully hot country'.
- Branding anti-US battles as 'personal revenges'
The 'RMA-based army' at war: crimes in the aggressive war against Iraq
(1) The 'victory' of the US-UK forces with a 'lightening tactics', and Saddam's tactics of 'retreat'
(2) 'More efficient' murders with high-tech weapons
- Radioactive depleted uranium munitions abused
- Guided missiles for assured killings
- Introduction of robot and information technology
(3) Revealed vulnerabilities of the 'RMA-based Army'
Stop the expanded operation of the national online network of residents' registries! No to the national surveillance system!
- Pressures on the 'secessionist' localities
- The 'expanded operation'
- A system for the national surveillance and control
- To be connected with the network of surveillance cameras
- Stop the strengthening of the neo-fascistic repressive system
From messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly No. 1
- Campus Antiwar Network (the USA)
- Berkeley Stop the War Coalition (the USA)
[6] Labour Front
- Education workers' fights back in Okinawa: the prefectural authorities withdrew the plan for an intensified control on teachers
- Overtime and night work day after day: postal workers
- A JCP-affiliated trade unionist was arrested for a murder for insurance
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- 'Predicative power of market': a stupid project of the Pentagon
- The 'biotech weapon theory of SARS' becoming powerful: the US institute desperately naming a Chinese government
- The merge of opposition parties: a wanting-to-be-a-ruling-party syndrome
- Programatical revision of the JCP: 'for people to understand more easily'?
Reading Kuroda's writings

Poem: Hell on Earth

2003 No. 1750-1760 No. 1761-1770 No. 1771-1780
2002 No. 1701-1710 No. 1711-1720 No. 1721-1730 No. 1731-1740 No. 1741-1749
2001 No. 1651-1660 No. 1661-1670 No. 1671-1680 No. 1681-1690 No. 1691-1700
2000 No. 1600-1610 No. 1611-1620 No. 1621-1630 No. 1631-1640 No. 1641-1650
1999 - No. 1563-1570 No. 1571-1580 No. 1581-1599

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