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No. 1800 - New Year Issue 2004

Break through the darkness of
the 21st century!

Zengakuren delegates marching in New York (March 22nd, 2003)

Eradicate the tragedy of contemporary religious=ethnic wars!
In solidarity with people struggling to overthrow the Iraqi military administration under the CPA!
Stop the dispatch of the Japanese state army to Iraq!
I. Defeat of the US occupation forces: upsurge of anti-American guerrilla struggles
1. Dispatch of the Japanese state army to Iraq
2. Fierce intensification of anti-US guerrilla struggles
- The 'November uprising' and its effects
- Joint struggles between the Saddam loyalists and the Islamic radicals
3. The planned 'return of the sovereignty' and its deception
- Guerrilla hunts driven by madness
- The Shi'ites aiming to seize the power
- The necessity of the bankruptcy of the military administration
II. Death agony of the militarist empire as the 'sole superpower'
1. Internal strife within the Bush administration
- Policy disagreements critically surfacing
2. Oppositions over the planned reorganization of military alliances
III. The radical structural change of the 21st-century world
1. The US-European opposition over the 'Iraqi reconstruction' and revisions in the US foreign policy
2. Intensification of the oppositions between the 'three poles'
- The crisis of the US-led 'coalition of the willing'
- Wavering of the 'Franco-German-Russian' line
- Mounting contradictions in China as the 'third pole'
Letters of solidarity from Britain and Ukraine
The Koizumi government whipped by Bush's threat: the murder of Japanese diplomats
- The Japanese state army to be dispatched to the battlefield
- The murder of Japanese diplomats: a conspiracy by the Bush administration for pressing the Koizumi administration to decide the dispatch
- The troop dispatch and the Constitutional revision encouraged by the memorial campaign
- Denounce the JCP central leadership engulfed in the memorial campaign for the dispatch!
No troops to Iraq! 5000 workers, students and citizens at a rally sponsored 'against the dispatch' by Rengo and the Democratic Party
- A leader of the Democratic Party heckled by angry oppositions: 'You help Koizumi!'
- A political cartoon for New Year

The grand failure of the 'structural reform' led by Koizumi and Takenaka
No burdens onto the working people!
1. Miserable realities of the 'Koizumi reform'
- The 'temporal nationalization' of the Ashikaga Bank
- Fierce oppositions over the reform of the highway public corporation and the privatization of the national postal service
- The 'simultaneous three-way reform' in taxation and finance to destroy the financial basis for welfare and education
- The collapse of the pension system and the stormy increase in taxation
2. Smash the offensive for tax increase under the pretext of 'resolute reform'!
Resolutions for New Year (1)
- JRCL Kansai Regional Committee
- JRCL Okinawa Regional Committee
- JRCL Tokai Regional Committee
- JRCL Postal Workers' Committee
- JRCL Electric Industrial Workers' Committee
- JRCL Education Workers' Committee
- East Kanagawa Antiwar Workers' Conference
Pictures:antiwar struggles 2003


No. 1799 (December 22nd Issue)

Stop the dispatch of the Japanese army to Iraq!
Down with the Koizumi government rushing to join in the war!

- The Koizumi government to join in the bankrupt military administration by US imperialism
- Denounce the US for its massacres against Iraqi people!
- Overcome the Democratic Party and the Rengo leadership helping the scheme to revise the Constitution!
- JCP bureaucrats uttering, 'We do not demand for US pullout.'
- Stop the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq!

Denounce the intentional gunshots to kill Japanese diplomats
by the desperate Bush administration
to press for the dispatch of the Japanese army!

- The Koizumi government deliberately ignoring contradictions in the statement by the US Force
- The perpetrator was the US Force: the gunshots shaking the government
- An intentional murder for the purpose of pressing the Japanese government to dispatch the state army

Denounce the Cabinet approval of the basic plan to dispatch SDF units!
- 9 Dec. Militant students protesting in front of the Diet Building (Pic. above)
No troops to Iraq! Nationwide
- Militant students struggling to stop the Cabinet approval of the basic plan for the dispatch, in front of the Diet building (9 Dec.)
- Zengakuren Hokkaido protesting against the regional LDP office in Sapporo (9 Dec.)
- Students from universities in the greater Tokyo area marching against the dispatch (6 Dec.)
- JRCL propaganda at a JCP-led trade union rally (10 Dec.)
- 2000 workers rallied from trade unions in Hokkaido against the dispatch (3 Dec.)
- Militant students in Okinawa denouncing the Rumsfeld visit (16 Nov.)
Aichi Univ. Students' Cultural Festival
- A lecture meeting held to criticize the logic of 'Iraqi democratization'
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Genocide again: another 'songmi'
- Colas: loved by Muslims
Japan's Defence Report 2003: a new military strategy in response to the Bush doctrine
- 'From prevention to reconstruction': a new military strategy for Japanese imperialism
- 'Terrorists' vs. 'international community'
- 'Anti-terror' strategy based on the US-Japan military alliance
- What is called 'international cooperation' to defend 'national interests'
- Shift in priority from frontal equipment to missile defence systems
Denounce Idemitsu Kosan Co. having caused a grave fire at a oil manufacture in Hokkaido!
What was shown in the historic worst accident at an oil industrial complex
- A 'full fire' for the first time in Japan
- Characteristics and causes of the accident
- Successive accidents prior: operations continued with old facilities
[6] Labour front
- Care service companies sweating and sacking workers
- A regular convention of the Hokkaido Prefectural Office Workers' Union: Angers for the leadership stressing 'an improved service for the public'
Topics Leaders in JCP-led medical workers' unions ordering 'actions for better job' in cooperation with medical industrial capital
Denounce the fatal accident at prefecture-run rubbish disposal facilities in Mie!
No burdens onto the people under the pretext of 'a circular type socio-economic system'!
- Two firemen killed in the explosion
- No safety measures and a thoughtless watering
- An 'ideal system for rubbish disposal'?
- Electric power generation from the Refuse Derived Fuel system promoted as a state policy
- A list of the articles in Kaihoh in 2003


No. 1798 (December 15th Issue)

Denounce the US / Japanese governments
covering up the US Force's shots to
kill Japanese diplomats!

Stop the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq
under the pretext of 'fight on terrorism'!

Denounce the Cabinet approval of
the basic plan to dispatch SDF units!

- The US Force desperate to cover up the case
- Denounce the Koizumi government helping the cover-up! Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops!

7 Dec. JRCL Public Political Meeting

1500 workers, students and citizens resolute to fight

- Keynote report: beaconing the road to revolutionize the 21st world under wars
- Appeals from workers' and students' fronts: resolute to fight for another leap forward in the anti-Stalinist communist movement
- Let us fight the Echelon-type repression!
Stop SDF troops leaving for Iraq from Hokkaido!
- Students from universities in the region rallied in Sapporo (22 Nov.)
(Pic. Left)

No to the plan of nuclear facilities in northern Hokkaido!

- Local workers, students and other residents rallied

A coup in Georgia: Shevardnadze used and discarded by US imperialism
- Opposition parties taking the advantage of the mounting angers of the people
- The 'rigged election' consciously made up
- Confrontation intensifying between Russia and the US
A miserable 'international workers' rally' tried by the Bukuro Chukakuha remnants
Denounce the introduction of the new personnel system by the postal agency!
- The newly introduced system for the assessment of employees' performances
- The reviewed standards for the assessment
- 'Ability-based, performance-based' job assessment to be refined
- A drastic intensification in the personnel management
Denounce another offensive for redeployment and sacking by an NTT East subsidiary!
Fight it back in opposition to labour aristocrats helping the offensive!
- The 'Business Plan for 2003'
- Burdens from the declined business of wire telephones shifted onto the workers
- Redeployment to different jobs, imposition of normas, and forced retirement
- Leaders in the NTT East Workers Union helping the offensive in the name of 'strengthening the business'
[6] Labour Front
- Are there ideologically undesirable teachers?' Niigata prefectural board of education checking the ideas of teachers
- For deepening the analysis of the latest recommendation by the National Personnel Authority
Topics Rengo's proposal for 'reviewing the wage system': recommending trade unions to promote a performance-based pay
[7] Kaleidoscope 2003
- 'War with donkeys' in Baghdad: and also in the homeland
- Operation Touch and Go: A dinner at 5:00 am
- Empty Warheads vs Resistance: an instant democracy
- A 'suicide bombing' of a Japanese spying satellite: Not up into space but down to the bottom of the sea
- Rightist slanders against the sex education: a spearhead of reactionary offensives onto the efforts against sexual discrimination
Reading Kuroda's books
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- "On Philosophy, Human existence and Literature", in the Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 3
- "Quest for New Human Existence", in the Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 1


No. 1797 (December 8th Issue)

The US-UK occupation of Iraq in an impossible impasse
Stop the dispatch of SDF troops by the Koizumi government
rushing on the road to hell along with Bush's empire!

- The 'Ramadan offensives'
- The Iraqi occupation to be 'Iraqified'?
- The Shi'ites aiming for a new government
- Stop the dispatch of Self-Defence Force troops!
Stop the Koizumi government from accelerating the SDF dispatch by taking the advantage of the deaths of Japanese diplomats!
Denounce the central JCP leadership pigeonholing its demand for the 'retreat of US forces'!
- The shameless statement by a JCP MP at a Diet session: 'There is no argument pressing the US forces to retreat.'
Kanazawa Univ. students protesting against SDF warplanes using a local civilian airport (7 Nov.)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Prices for lives: raised before the dispatch
- The September 11th and artistic modernism: on a critic against the Stockhausen remark
- Multiculturalism vs cultural diversity: Chirac at a UNESCO conference
- Organized crimes by police: false investigations and faked receipts
[4] Juchiro [Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
Criminality of the self-destructive 'Declaration for the 21st Century': the declaration of the Jichiro leadership for its cooperation in the restructuring and its support for the Constitutional revision and war policies
1 The leaders' sense of the times and their alternatives from the same standpoint as that of the authorities
2 Today's industrial Patriotic Association: its 'public service' version
- Proposing discussions for the revision of the Constitution
- Ordering the 'defence and enrichment of public service'
- What is called 'a new relationship between employers and employees'
3 'For effective and credible governments'?
4 The changed meaning of the ideas 'freedom, fairness and solidarity'
[5] JCP
Illusion of 'better capitalism': ultra-rightward alteration in the party's line for 'economic democratization'
(Continued from the previous issue)

3. A love letter to the Japanese monopoly bourgeoisie
- Monopoly capitalism without 'exploitation' or 'expropriation'
- A 'non-imperialistic' development of monopoly capitalism
- 'Reform' through 'cooperation with the conservative voters'
- Culmination of the 'anti-revolution'
[6] Labour Front
The 'School and Police Supporting System' in Ishikawa Prefecture
- Intensified control on schools in the name of 'security measures'
Newly enforced 'trainings of teachers with ten years' experience'
- Retrained to be obedient to the education ministry
Topics Employers' opposition to the governemnt raising insurance rates and their true intention
Smash the offensive of lower wages by the Hokkaido prefectural authority
- The largest rate in decrease
- Fight back by transcending the movement for demanding 'better financial policies of local governments'!
4 Private railway companies In the Kansai region pressing earlier retirements and cuts in wages
- Smash the major restructuring under the pretext of 'managerial improvement'
Questions and answers exchanged at the reception of the JCP headquarters
- 'Don't you disband the Self-Defence Force?'
For self-liberation of the class: Reading Kuroda's "For a Creation of a Vanguard Organization"
1. The praxical significance of the book
2. Overcoming Lenin's theory of organization
- Formation of the materialist subjectivity as a communist
- Building of a vanguard organization in the form of 'inside = outside'
3 Grounds of the overcoming
- Negation of the view of mass movements continually developing into a revolutionary struggle
- The issue on revolutionalization of human existence


No. 1796 (December 1st Issue)

7 Dec. JRCL Public Political Meeting
Build an ideological-organizational bridgehead
to eradicate the crisis of the contemporary world!

- The failed occupation of Iraq
- The Bush administration in agony
- Poodle Koizui's Dutch-roll
- Break the crisis of the 21st world radically!
JRCL public political meeting in Okinawa (19 Oct.) resolved to win another leap forward
- Over 300 workers and students confident in the new horizon of the anti-Stalinist communist movement
- Firm fortresses built in workplaces and schools: reported from comrades
(Pic. right)
Winning in a suit against the police raid on the JRCL Tokai Regional Office
- Aichi Prefetural police's appeal dismissed by Nagoya High Court
- Smash the state offensive to break the organization!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Another unilateralism: US private companies gaining
- The Galileo's challenge: to shake the 'sole domination'
- Infrastructure for 'not healing but governing': stupid recommendation for Japan's 'international contribution' in Afghanistan
- Social hysteria against the public service agitated by the media: helping restructurings in local governments
- Reports on 'deterioration in public security': really?
[4] JCP
Illusion of 'better capitalism': ultra-rightward alteration in the party's line for 'economic democratization'
1. 'Alternatives' stated in the draft of the revised Programme
- Reformist measures for 'an economic society with rules'
- Arbitrary 'analysis of the present situation' made on the projection of party's policies
2. Changes in the ideological rationale for the party's line
- Changes in the theory of the 'rule by Japanese monopoly capital'
- Less emphasis on the reform through the 'practical use' of the current structure of state monopoly capitalism
(To continue)
The Proliferation Security Initiative and its meaning: the US-led building of a global system for maritime inspection
- The Pacific Protector 03 drills joined by PSI member states
- Intensification of the economic embargo against North Korea and Iran in the name of 'prohibition of WMD proliferation'
- US and Japanese governments bent on intensifying the inspection system against North Korea
[6] Labour Front
Fight back against Tokyo governor Ishihara imposing the national flag and anthem upon school ceremonies
- Unheard-of! School ceremonies held under the watch of officials from the education agency
- New Guidelines: disobedient teachers to be punished
- Denounce the shooting against teachers' union offices by neo-fascists!
Nippon TV Corp.: Should the only producer be responsible for the bribe for higher program ratings?
- Burdens for higher ratings shifted upon media workers
Topics Governor Ishihara's extravagant advertisement 'Economic effects from Casinos save Tokyo from deflation'
No to the prefectural / municipal version of restructuring
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee
- Stop the Tokyo prefectural government from 4000 reduction of the personnel and cuts in retirement allowance!
- Smash the plan of lower wages and reduction of the personnel by the governments of Tokyo Cities!
- Denounce the central Jichiro leadership helping localities' restructuring under the pretext of 'better public service'!
- Overcome the JCP-led central Jichiroren leadership distorting the fight-back into election campaigns!
- Fight back against the media propaganda agitating ill feelings against public servants!
- Smash the offensives of restructuring by Tokyo Governor Ishihara raising the banner of 'Tokyo government reform'!
- No shift of burdens upon to workers according to the '2nd plan for financial reconstruction'!
- No personnel secondmented to the Metropolitan Police for 'security'!
- Denounce Ishihara's justification of Japan's past colonial rule of Korea!
- Stop the intensification of the 'crisis controlling system' in Tokyo!
Reading Kuroda's books
- "Quest for New Human Existence", in the Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 1
- Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary Age


No. 1795 (November 24th Issue)

Smash the planed dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq!
Stop the LDP-Komei coalition government
from preparing the Constitutional revision!

- Irritation and intimidation: Rumsfeld the hawk
- The general election focused on the alternative of the LDP or the DP, with the big defeat of the SDPJ and the JCP
- A muddy stream emerging towards the revision of the Constitution
- Denounce the Democratic Party and the central Rengo leadership joining in the chorus for the Constitutional revision!

Stop warmonger Rumsfeld!
Zengakuren protesting in front of the US embassy
(14 Nov.)

Pics. from the media 1 2 3

- Zengakuren protesting against Rumsfeld's visit to Japan, in front of the US embassy in Tokyo, 14 Nov.
- Militant students struggling to stop SDF warships leaving the Kure Port for the Indian Sea (28 Oct.)
- Okinawa students marching against the planned dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq (25 Oct, Naha) Pic. left.
- Local students holding a protest rally in their university against a US-Japan joint military exercise (23 Oct.)
- JRCL leaflets shaking regional antiwar rallies in Nagoya sponsored by the SDPJ and the JCP affiliates (1 Oct., 7 Oct.)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- A greased coalition between the black and the 'red': degenerate Stalinist justifying their receiving support from YUKOS comparing it with Engels as 'entrepreneur'
- A Japanese way of deconstruction of the 'positive thinking' as American disease
- Right-wing responses to the regrettable Japanese students' performance in China: the most regrettable in morality
- 'Evolved' mobile phones: for terrible surveillance society
Russia's desperation as a 'resource-supplying colony': the arrest of the 'oil tycoon' and its meaning
1. Shockwaves from the investigation of the YUKOS
2. Opportunistic alterations in Russia's policy concerning energy and natural resources
- A sense of crisis towards the plunder of Russian oil resources by the US
- Shifts in the basis of policies towards 'cooperation with France and Germany'
3. Ignorance and incompetence of the 'St. Petersburg' group
- 'Reconstruction' through state control: a daydream
- Reconstruction of the productive and technological bases: impossible
The latest development in technologies for surveillance of the people: Stop the tendency towards surveillance society with the whole nation put under the state control!
- Shocks from the September 11th: major changes in the idea and the method of 'anti-terror measures'
- The started national online network of residents' registries and the controversial introduction of the ID cards
- An intensive race between monopolies in the development of IC tags
- Increasingly sophisticated technologies for the CCTV system
[6] Labour Front
The 5th national convention of the JAM:
the national leadership ordering the affiliates to be immersed in campaigns for next year's election,
covering up the failure in its 'industrial policy'

- Questions and doubts appearing over the guidance for next year's election
- The empty policy 'to help workers organize trade unions in small and middle scale companies'
- Self-justification of their abandonment of struggles against the aggressive war on Iraq and the emergency laws
- A more outright joint-consultation line: emphasizing the defence or reconstruction of the company
Terrible cuts in wages by the Osaka Prefectural authority
- Shifts of the burdens of its financial difficulties onto the workers
Topics The inaugurated Conference of the Public Service Workers' Unions: covering up the declining rate in organization through an 'industrial union'
Fight back against the imposition of 'mid-night duty' upon indoor postal workers!
- A drastic deterioration of the form of working: consecutive 4 mid-night duties of 10 hours
- What is called 'reform in the logistic service': quicker in time and lower in cost
- Denounce the leadership of the postal workers' union for its betrayal!
Reading books
- Tamagawa Nobuaki: Crimes by the Security Police Seen in the So-Called In-Flights between Leftists
- Karaki Terue, etc.: K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Saiso Hadzuki: A Future Imagined in Those Days


No. 1794 (November 17th Issue)

Stop Rumsfeld's visit! No troops to Iraq!

Advance antiwar struggles against the Iraqi occupation and the security alliance!
No revision of the Constitution!
- The Bush administration suffering the bankruptcy of its occupation and rule of Iraq
- Preparation for the Constitutional revision strengthened under the 'two-party rivalry'
- The Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party of Japan sunk down amid of the propagandized alternative of LDP or DP for a 'national leadership'

Stop the US-Japan joint military drill! No troops to Iraq!
- Zengakuren Kyushu struggling together with trade unions (21, 25, 27 Oct.)
Smash the anti-guerrilla drill!
- JRCL leaflets inspiring trade unions at a rally against the joint military drill
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- A Japanese dog robot unfaithful to Bush: and poodle lovers against calling Blair as poodle
- The positive thinking: an American syndrome
- Another double standard: US submarines surrounding Japan exempted from the ban on sonar harming whales
- A coup?: Putin's road to a 'strong Russia'
JCP theorization of 'socialist and communist society' with big business and exploitation continuing
1. The draft programme showing a blueprint of 'future society'
2. Discarding the theory of the 'two-staged' development
3. Negation of the law of distribution in communist society
4. A distorted interpretation of the 'socialization of the means of production'
5. 'Reform' of state monopoly capitalism
6. 'Securing private property' stated clearly
7. A caricature of 'socialism through market economy'
Denounce the Sharon government for its massacring people in Gaza!
- The mini-Hitler launching the 'final solution', driven by irritation
- Indomitable fights against US imperialism and Zionism
- Denounce the brutalities by Sharon backed by the Bush administration!
[6] Labour Front
The unemployment insurance law revised to worse: no pay to 'those without will and ability'
- Sweeping reduction of beneficiaries
- 'Benefits to temporary work' started: Watch it!
- Workers in public job centres: successive deaths and sick
A JCP leader in labour movement
- A cheap politician imposing 'cooperation in defending a company' upon trade unions in middle and small scale enterprises
Topics A government's advisory council ordering 'restructuring of local governments'
British workers' struggles rocking the Blair government
- Demand for 'pullout' decided by the TUC
- Growing angers for shifts of burdens onto the working class
- Against the 'New Labour' line
Reading Kuroda's books
- Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary Age
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Anthropology


No. 1793 (November 10th Issue)

No troops to Iraq! No revision of the Constitution!
Fight antiwar struggles, overcoming parliamentarianist distortions
by SDPJ / JCP leaders immersed in their election campaigns!

- Anti-US, anti-occupation fights burning
- The US occupiers' rule breaking down in hell fire
- The international donors' conference: a farce!
- The Koizumi government, as faithful dog, rushing to the dispatch of troops and the revision of the Constitution
- Denounce the Rengo leadership helping the trend to a Constitutional revision
[2] Antiwar struggles nationwide
- A militant demonstration against the dispatch of troops (19 Oct., Osaka)
- Protests in front of the US consulate (19 Oct., Nagoya)
- Militant workers and students inspiring trade union-based rallies (21 Oct., Naha, Sapporo and Obihiro)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Agitation for battle inspiring the Muslim people: a televised message from Bin Laden
- Tools, parts and materials dangerously left inside nuclear reactors: 'condos without toilets' with heaps of rubbish
- A 'new historical document on the pre-war Japan': falsified
- 'I'm prepared to fight in the forefront to defend Japan': a JCP candidate
- Written before publication: a book on the secret security team within the Japanese police
A caricature of the UN dependency which has gone bankrupt: the JCP leadership starting to cry out 'against building a state dispatching troops abroad'
A. Comical arguments on 'an extraordinary subjugation to the US' and 'a lawless adverse current'
- Stresses on 'an extraordinary subjugation'
- A fallacy of a 'current towards a peaceful international orders'
B. JCP's policy 'against the dispatch of troops to Iraq' decorated with a fake 'position against the security alliance'
- Demands for 'US-based cooperation for Iraqi reconstruction'
- Fallen into 'state interest' nationalism no different from that of 'conservative constituencies'
A disastrous industrial fire at a Nippon Steel factory in Nagoya: Denounce the management avoiding its responsibility for the accident!
- A grave explosion of a COG tank and its consequences
- Managers covering up a fatal defect in their safety measures
- What caused the accident is the managerial policy of steel monopolies!
- Stop them shifting their responsibility onto the workers!
[6] Labour Front
Things happening to workers after refusing suggestions for early retirement
- Days of no job at the workplace
- Am'I SARS?
- 'A division for human resource development'
- No help from leaders of trade unions. Fight back!
Topics The Rengo national convention: sealed disagreements among labour aristocrats
Condemn the terrorist gun fires against the Tama Teachers Union in Tokyo and the explosive threat to the JTU!
- Denounce hostile attacks by neo-fascist elements aiming to destroy the antiwar peace movement!
'Reconciliation helps a dictator'
- A deceptive lesson drawn by neo-cons from the Munich Agreements
'What Asians are today is owing to the imperial Japan's war'
- A Ten'noist (monarchist) right-winger boasting before a Chinese journalist
Reading Kuroda's books
- "Philosophy and Humans and Literature", Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda Vol. 3
- Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary Age
- "Ethics and Logic for Cooperation", Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda Vol. 2


No. 1792 (November 3rd Issue)

19 Oct. Antiwar Flames in the heart of the Capital

Workers and students marching on the US embassy and the Diet Building: Oppose the military occupation of Iraq by US imperialism! Stop Japanese imperialism from dispatching troops!
- An enthusiastic opening rally

- A militant demonstration, as breaking the coercive police control
- A speaker from the JRCL-RMF stressing the need to call on the Muslim people from the revolutionary Marxist standpoint
- Advance to stop the dispatch of troops and the revision of the Constitution!

Smash the Bush-Koizumi talk! Nationwide, 17 Oct.
- Okinawa (in front of the largest US air base), Osaka (protesting against the US consulate), Kanazawa (local university students marching through the streets), Sapporo (local university students speaking downtown)
5500 workers against the dispatch of troops in Osaka, 10 Oct.
- JRCL-RMF leaflets distributed at an official trade-union based rally
[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- From 'fighting reformist' to 'comical actor': the greenhorn construction minister amid the scandal over the Japan Highway Public Corporation
- Interested in CUBS more than Iraq: Rumsfeld in concentrated criticisms
- A Prime Minister's Aid: justifications for 'a cause'
- A 'bank' doing good business: for reproduction of US soldiers
- The 'cocking-up' of information revealed by a spy and a spy revealed by a 'leak'
Desperate attempts by labour aristocrats to avoid Rengo's decline
1 A cheap play and a cheap imitation of the AFL-CIO
2 Orders for 'strengthening the organization' without the sense of mission and passion
3 Rengo's future
- 'Urgent tasks' defending no interests of unorganized workers
- How to organize the unorganized workers
- How to train full-time union officials
[6] Labour Front
A fire at a Bridgestone tire factory: a disaster amidst the major restructuring
- A mysterious suicide
- Backgrounds of the grave fire
Traffic accidents frequently occurring to postal workers
- Denounce the authorities shifting the responsibilities onto workers!
Topics Budgets for job creation largely left unexpended: poor treatment by the government
Reading K. Kuroda's works
- Humanism and Marxism
- Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda
The logic shown for creating the vanguard organization: what I recalled from the keynote report to a JRCL public political meeting
- That pamphlet by Kuroda recalled to my mind
- Opposition to the Bukuro-type mass-movementism
- Reconfirmation of our origin


No. 1791 (October 27th Issue)

Stop the planned dispatch of Japanese troops
sheltering behind the new UN resolution!

Fight it transcending the official opposition movement led by the SDPJ / JCP
mired in the failure of their UN dependency!

- The Koizumi government launching a life-boat for the Bush administration alone and unaided
- The new resolution by the UN Security Council: a farce
- One thousand Japanese and 5 billion dollars from Japan for the US occupation
- Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle under the banner against the US-Japan security alliance!

Stop Bush! Smash the talk with Koizumi!
- Zengakuren demonstrated nearest the airport as the US president arrived on 17 Oct.

Zengakuren Hokkaido protests against the bill to continue Japan's cooperation for Bush's 'war on terror'
- Sapporo (3-10 Oct.) and Obihiro (10 Oct.)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2003
- Letters from GIs in Iraq: another lie
- A leanest year: results of nonsensical agricultural policies
- Disasters in China from damped lethal gas weapons: Japan as a senior WMD possessor
- The last moment of the last Japanese crested ibis: flying to hit against a metal wall of her cage
- The Part Played by Mobil Phones in the Retrogression from Man to Ape or worse
JCP's illusion 'monopoly capitalism which is not imperialism'
Party's chairman Fuwa Tetsuzo destroying Lenin's theory of imperialism
1. Flattery to 'conservative constituencies'
- Tricks for rationalizing the party's line for revised capitalism
2. 'Monopoly capitalism' without exploitation or neo-colonialism
3. Bowing down to Kautsky's theory of 'super imperialism'
- Stretched interpretations under the pretext of 'conditions changed'
- A second version of the Kautsky theory
- Rejection of the 'necessity of imperialist war'
[6] Labour Front
Shock waves from BSE and workers in public health centres assigned intensive labour
- A veterinarian forced a false report and driven into suicide
- Extremely intensified labour after the start of total examination of dead cows
- The source and routes to be covered up
- Consequences of the efficiency-based policy of dairy farming
360 teachers branded as 'incompetent'
- The Osaka prefectural board of education driving an offensive for purge
Topics Rengo President Sasamori: 'No condemnation against politics or management but cooperation is needed now.'
A supplementary textbook for 'morality' edited by the education ministry: What 'A Notebook of Mind' is designed for
- Moral education placed as supreme
- How they try to raise 'patriotic minds'
Reading Kuroda's books
- Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


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1999 - No. 1563-1570 No. 1571-1580 No. 1581-1599

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