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No. 1810 (March 15th Issue)

Denounce the Bush Administration
for the Bloody State Conspiracy,
the March 2nd Massacres of Shi'ite Muslims!

Full text of the JRCL statement. See

Zengakuren protest against the US embassy (5 Mar)
- Denouncing the bloody March 2nd plot by the Bush administration (Pic.above)
Rise in world-wide actions on the March 20th: No to the US occupation of Iraq! Smash the dispatch of the Japanese Army to participate in the military administration!
- Our struggles winning the upsurge of anti-dispatch movement
- The Bush administration's plot with the aim to prevent the Iraqi Shias from seizing the power
- The Koizumi government rushing to participation in the military administration and to revision of the Constitution
- Win an international upsurge of the Iraqi antiwar struggle!
For the 117th meeting of the Central Committee of Zengakuren (18-19 Mar)
- Advance struggles against the war and against the emergency-related bills!
A CIA spy the Chukakuha remnants have taken for their 'international solidarity'
- Named Steve Zeltzer
US / UK intelligences bugging on UN officers: the Echelon system exposed to the light of day
- Shocking remarks by a former British minister
- The Bush-Blair-Koizumi alliance being contained
The bloody plot to massacre Shia Muslims: the bankruptcy of the Bush empire
- A grave state conspiracy committed
- Fears of a Shia uprising
- The failed military administration
- Revealed limitations of policies to use the UN
[6] Resolutions addressed at the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb
Win an organizational advance in hellish postal workplaces!
- A grand failure in the experimental introduction of TOYOTA systems
- Increased frequency of midnight labour with imposition of extraordinary norms
- Denounce the labour aristocrats accepting the whole offensives from the agency authority!
- Struggling at a difficult place: our historic mission
Topics A 'mini report for the offensive' issued by labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC: asking the capitalists for a 'more just performance-based pay'
Fight together to overcome the spring offensive in the electric industry degraded to a campaign for 'industrial revival and industrial patriotism'!
- Electric monopolies wanting for special demands from the 'Iraqi reconstruction'
- The leadership of the electric workers' unions degrading the spring offensive to a campaign to demand industrial boosting policies from the government: Fight together against the war and the restructuring!
Poems with comments for pent-up indignations of education workers
- At schools in Tokyo where I work, the prefectural board of education are forcibly promoting 'education reforms' from above according to orders from the ultra-nationalist Governor, Shintaro Ishihara, as causing disastrous situations to classes.


No. 1809 (March 8th Issue)

21 Feb 'Stop the Japanese Army departing for Iraq!'
Militant workers and students struggling at Chitose Airport

- Protests in front of the ASDF base in Hokkaido, and just before the government plane for the flight
- Denouncing the Rengo leadership and the JCP central for the abandonment of protests
- Raise tidal waves against the dispatch!

20 March: Demonstrate in solidarity with the people around the world!

[2] No troops to Iraq! Nationwide
A militant demonstration on the Defence Agency (21 Feb, Tokyo)
- In solidarity with comrades struggling on the spot of Chitose
Stop US Marines in Okinawa departing for Iraq!
- Local students demonstrating against the dispatch for reinforcing the occupation army (19 Feb, Okinawa)
3000 workers rallied against the dispatch
- From trade unions in the Kyushu region (15 Feb, Fukuoka)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Silent Babies: human society deteriorating
- American middles falling low: as Indian engineers rising
- Matrix off: human communication just on a cellular phone
- 'A mortar attack on the Defence Agency': with a police raid on a handful of 'radicals' in the next morning for showing off the 'possibility of terrors'
[4] Keynote Report to the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb
Smash the offensive of lower wages and sacking!: Let us struggle for a militant revival of labour!
- Stop the dispatch of the Japanese Army to Iraq!
1. Storms of cuts in wages, restructuring and sacking
- An 'economic recovery' through restructuring
- Koizumi's 'structural reform' shifting burdens onto the working class
2. Rengo's line for the spring offensive 2004: pledging its cooperation in wage decrease and restructuring
- 'The end of the spring offensive' declared again with an order to accept lower wages
- Submission to the offensive to abolish the 'system of annual pay raise'
3. Japanese labour movement on the verge of death
- A bottomless crisis of labour movement in Japan
- What Rengo labour aristocrats call 'organization of unorganized workers'
4. For a militant revival of labour movement in Japan
- Struggles by militant workers in unorganized workplaces
- Lessons from struggles to found trade unions
[5-6] Resolutions addressed at the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb
I remake from below the organization of my trade union at a small-scale enterprise: From the private industrial sector
- In opposition to the submissive guidance by the leadership of the JCP-led trade union
- How we should win more companions
Let us expand our struggles against the war and the imperialist reorganization of education under this wartime order!: From education workers in Okinawa
- Our pupils sent to a battlefield again: Let us turn the regret into our springboard!
- A rapid escalation in patriot education and purges of opposition
- Organizing activities in workplaces under the imperialist reorganization of education: Started with listening to companions
- Let us fight on the basis of the sharing of workers' alienation deepened under the wartime order!
Burn flames of antiwar struggle at electric workplaces on the basis of the consciousness of unity among members of a trade union!: From the electric industry
- Electric monopolies devouring special demands from the Iraqi occupation
- Remaking a trade union movement from below
- Angers against labour aristocrats helping restructurings
[6] Labour Front
Fukuoka Prefectural authority to trust its financial accountings to private business
- Fight back against the reduction in personnel and the intensification of labour!
- The world's second auto maker cheating in an official examination for car mechanics
Topics Labour aristocrats in the metal industry giving an order for 'reform in the nation's spirit'
Photo Special: Zengakuren fighting in Hokkaido against the troop dispatch

Feb 15
Asahikawa City
Stop the main GSDF contingent departing!

Feb 17,
Muroran Port:
In solidarity with dock workers against the dispatch

Feb 18,
Muroran Port:
In protest against MSDF war vessels entering

(Pic. Upper)

Feb 20,
Muroran Port:
Stop MSDF war vessels departing for Iraq!
(Pic Lower)!

Feb 21,
Chitose Airport:
Stop the main GSDF contingent departing for Iraq!


No. 1808 (March 1st Issue)

15 Feb The greatest struggle
against the Japanese Army departing for Iraq

Military City Asahikawa shaken by
1,200 workers and students marching through

- A traffic circle with pro-dispatch 'yellow handkerchiefs' turned an antiwar plaza (Pic. left)
- Angry calls to the central gate of the GSDF base
- A resolute declaration of fight against Bush and Koizumi addrssed at a meeting (Pic. right)
- Raise tidal waves against the war, against the Security Alliance and the Koizumi government!

A militant fight also exploded on
Chitose Air Base, 21 Feb

(Next issue to report )

[2] No troops to Iraq! Nationwide
12,000 rallied in response to a call from the transport related trade unions (13 Feb, Tokyo)
- Enthusiastic applause given to dock workers expressing their resolution
- A great upsurge of the joint struggle based on strenuous efforts by militant workers
(Pic. left)

A trade union based rally with angry 4,000 workers (14 Feb, Osaka)
- Demonstrators unfurling red flags of their own unions against the dispatch

Students of Kanazawa Univ.
- Protesting against a local SDF base (3 Feb)
No to the US Marine live firing drill!
- 600 workers rallied on the spot together with Zengakuren Kyushu units (25 Jan, Hijudai)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- The AWOL ordering troops to go to war: another scandal
- An empty agitator and violator of Ten Commandments
- 'A civil war between religious sects' engineered: a 'terrorist document' (?) found in Iraq
- A declaration of fight by a veteran French lawyer: for Saddam on trial
- 'I have no specialist knowledge' (Koizumi): pressed by MPs' question exposing the truth of the gunshots on Japanese diplomats
[4]Keynote Report to the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb
Fight back against the shift of burdens onto the working people in the name of 'administrative and financial reform'
- Fight together to stop the dispatch of the Japanese Army: my resolution
- Under the Koizumi-led 'structural reform': stormy offensives against workers in public sectors
- The municipal version of the major restructuring based on the 'New Public Management' theory
- Oppression and distortion of fight-backs by central leaders of the Jichiro [Prefectural / Municipal Workers Union]
- Our struggles in opposition to the Jichiro leadership submissive to the municipal version of restructuring
[5] Special Report to the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb
Burn the Iraqi antiwar struggle in solidarity with Muslim people!
1. The dispatch of the Japanese Army to the front for the first time after the WWII
- The Koizumi government pushing the dispatch
- A rush to the Constitutional revision and a crisis of opposition
- Neo-fascism agitated: yellow handkerchiefs
- Japan's base in Samawah: Like a prehistoric site surrounded by moats suddenly appearing in Babylonia
- Anti-American guerrilla fights burning
2. Downfall of the Bush Empire
- Bush in a dead impasse
- 'Saddam's arrest'
3. Strengthen your weapons for overcoming the darkness of the 21st century!
[6] Labour Front
The NTT managerial intensifying offensives for sacking and redeployment of workers
- Deserting maintenance divisions on distant islands
Angers of bookstore workers
- Amid of a long-time depression in the publication business
Topics Grave industrial accidents in succession
An emanation of fighting energy filled in the 'General Action on Toyota' (11 Feb, Toyota City in Aichi)
- Enthusiastic responses to a JRCL leaflet
- Leaders of the JCP-led trade unions raising illusions of Toyota bosses
The Leaflet: Contain the Toyota Headquarters with Angers of Workers!
- Deadly intensification of labour, overtime works imposed with no pay and expropriation of subcontractors: Now is the time to fight back!
- TOYOTA capital: the world's worst exploitation
- Labour aristocrats in the Toyota Workers Union assisting the 'rule on workers' by the TOYOTA capital
- Degenerate leaders of the JCP-led federation boosting illusions of the vampire-like TOYOTA capitalist in a human guise
Reading Kuroda's book
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
At Highgate Cemetery


No. 1807 (February 23rd Issue)

Stop the SDF units departing for Iraq
from Chitose Base on 21 Feb!

1200 militant workers and students marching on
the GSDF Asahikawa Base in Hokkaido
from which the main units depart for Iraq (15 Feb.)

Burn flames of antiwar struggle from workplaces in spite of oppressions by labour aristocrats in Rengo!
- Troops sent to Iraq with the performance of the 'Yellow Handkerchief Campaign'
- Anti-US struggles intensifying: the Bush administration in a dead impasse
- Denounce the Democratic Party advocating a 'PKO-based dispatch' and a 'renewal of the Constitution'!

No troops to Iraq! Nationwide
- A 'National Meeting to Demand a Cancel of the SDF Dispatch': 3000 workers, students and other citizens rallied in Sapporo (7 Feb)
- 'No SDF troops to Iraq!' 1500 workers and students rallied in Obihiro, with one of the main bases of GSDF units dispatched to Iraq (31 Jan)
- Militant workers struggling in JCP-led trade unions: 700 workers rallied against the dispatch near ASDF Komaki Base (17 Jan)
- Protests against MSDF vessels entering a civilian port in Okinawa (26 Jan)

1300 workers rallied at the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive on 8 Feb

Resolutions of all participants made firm for the national demonstration in Asahikawa on 15 Feb
- First keynote report: lessons from struggles to found a trade union in minor-scale enterprises
- Second keynote report: struggles against storms of a 'municipal version of the major restructuring'
- Special report: A statement-to-be by fictitious 'Saddam with an anti-Stalinist communist mind'
- Burning resolutions addressed from various industries
[4-5] Criticism of the annual report by the Japan Employers' Federation
The Japanese monopoly bourgeoisie staking its fate on a turn to a 'trading-based nation'
1. A turn to a 'trading-based nation'
2. Plans for a 'nation based on diverse human resources'
3. Fallacies of the 'performance-based principle'
- Fallacies of a 'new wage system'
- Failure in the 'new type of the Japanese management'
[6] Labour Front
Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education attempting to purge a teacher who expressed his objection to a Board's notification
- Only for his contribution to a local newspaper
- Most problematical is the new policy of the Education Board
- A storm of a patriotic and ability-based reorganization of education
- Advance the struggle by strengthening the unity in workplace units of teachers' unions!
Topics Tricks in the Rengo's annual report
Expose deceptions by labour aristocrats of the NTT Workers' Union in their 'opposition to the troops dispatch to Iraq'!
1. A support for the Democratic Party led by Kan and Ozawa
2. Reasons for the 'opposition' based on the Iraqi Reconstruction Law
3. The anti-working class character of their policy based on the 'national interests'
- 'Our opposition is not an absolute.'
- Counterproposal of a 'UN-based reconstruction assistance'
- Joining in a chorus for a Constitutional revision
- Anti-American chants hand in hand with the NTT managerial
Book Review: Visiting the Kurdistan
- A torn 'nation'
Reading Kuroda's "For a Renaissance of Marxism"


No. 1806 (February 16th Issue)

15 Feb. Fight together in Asahikawa!
Stop the main contingent of
the Japanese Army to Iraq!

Against the US occupation!
Against Japan's war participation!
Raise tidal waves of antiwar struggles!

- Participation in the US-led coalition forces carrying out a war against guerrillas
- The Japanese Army in fear of guerrilla attacks
- Attempts to build a national mobilization system and to revise the Constitution
- Denounce the JCP degraded to advocators of 'national interests'!

Call from Zengakuren

[2] No troops to Iraq!
Hokkaido: Stop the first batch of the main GSDF contingent!
- 1 Feb.: 150 Workers and students marching on Asahikawa base against a departure ceremony attended by Koizumi
- 3 Feb.: Angry calls against the government-run jet departing from Chitose base
(Pic. upper)

Okinawa: Militant struggles in succession
- 20 Jan.: 2700 people in a regional trade union-based rally against the dispatch, encouraged by militant workers and students
(Pic. lower)

- 23 Jan.: Okinawa Kengakuren calling in the streets against the Emperor's visit to Okinawa
- 26 Jan.: 'Stop the SDF transport planes to Iraq!' A trade union-based protest in front of Naha base

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Putin's government of Russia today
- A rightist group arrested for a series of gunshots against teachers unions and North Korean affiliates: revealed connections with Tokyo Governor Ishihara and a right-wing MP of the DPJ
- A storm of whitewash against the whitewash
[4-5] Zenroren, JCP-led trade union federation
An appeal to monopoly capitalists for 'economic boosting': the criminal nature of Zenroren's line for the spring offensive 2004
1. What is called 'offensives to press big businesses for social responsibilities'
2. In the direction of 'cooperation with conservative voters'
- Praising 'Charters of the Japan Employers Association'
- Dreaming for Japan's 'economic boosting' through 'partial returns of internal reserve'
- Beautifying overseas moves of production by Japanese monopolies
- Stressing the 'cooperation with owners of minor enterprises'
- Sending a love letter to the Rego President
3. A right-wing remake of the JCP-led labour movement
[6] Labour Front
The 'official identification service' started: 5 months on from the expanded operation of the national online system of resident registers
- Heavily intensified labour on municipal workers
A 'community school' system introduced in Fukui prefecture
- An imitation of the US 'Charter School' system for privatized education
Topics A 'multiple wage system'? A monopoly capitalist makeshift faced with harmful effects of the 'performance-based pay'
Reactionary revisions planned in the public pension system: the devastation of the lives of the toiling masses (Continued from the previous issue)
2. Falsity of the so-called 'sustainable pension system'
- Justification of an intensified expropriation under the pretext 'to cope with the less child-bearing and more aging society'
- Deceptions with the idea of 'impartiality between generations'
3. A neo-liberalist reorganization of the social welfare system
Reading books
- "Questions around Philosophy, Humans and Literature", Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 3
- "Quest into New Human Existence", Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda, Vol. 1
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1805 (February 9th Issue)

15 Feb. Fight together in Asahikawa!
Stop the dispatch of the main GSDF contingent to Iraq!

- War participation in the name of 'security keeping'
- To revise the Constitution: under a wartime order
- Attempts to rebuild the military administration over Iraq
- The Democratic Party of Japan shouting for 'constitutionalization' and the Japanese Communist Party joining in the chorus for 'eradication of terrorism'
- Stop the dispatch of the Japanese Army! No revision of the Constitution!

Pic. Left: Workers and students demonstrating on GSDF Asahikawa Base in Hokkaido home to the contingnt (1 Feb).

No troops to Iraq!
- 26 Jan., ASDF Komaki Base in Tokai: workers and students protesting against a C130 transport plane departing for Iraq
- 19 Jan., Oita Port in Kyushu: Local trade unions and students struggling to stop US Force munitions landed for live firing drills
- 18 Jan., Naha in Okinawa: 'Stop the dispatch! Stop the Emperor visiting to Okinawa!', workers and students demonstrating through the capital city
- 15 Jan., Kagoshima in Kyushu: Local students appealing to residents against the dispatch
15 Feb. From all regions to Asahikawa!
Stop the main contingent of the Ground Self-Defence Force!
Marxist Students League - Hokkaido Regional Committee
- The Japanese Army ordered to go to the battlefield
- For renouncing the Security Treaty! For overthrowing the Koizumi government!
Sounding the same as 100 years ago
- The 'strategic significance of the Korean Peninsula' explained by Yomiuri Shinbun news paper
The Georgian election: total sum over 100%?
- Following after Bush in rigging
Chukakuha remnants seized by a labour-movementist faction
The Sharon government in its last moments
- A martyrdom operation by Hamas on 14 Jan.: a signal gun for the overthrow of the Sharon government
- A 'unilateral declaration of the separation of Palestine' made by Sharon
- For plundering fertile lands and water resources from Palestinians
- Aggravated difficulties of the Israeli economy due to the 'war'
- Power strife intensifying within the regime
Nursing care workers forcibly trained according to a McDonalds-like way of service
- Reporting the training I experienced in my workplace
'Moral education' stressed by the education ministry
- The ministry-edited 'supplementary' textbook imposed on teachers
Topics 'Teachers must have an official training every year!
Reading books
- Quest for a New Human Existence, included in Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda
- K. Kuroda: Anthropology
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
Reactionary revisions planned in the public pension system: the devastation of the lives of the toiling masses
1. Change to a system without secured payment
- Mass expropriation strengthened in the name of 'reform'
- Attempts to bill the people for the financial difficulties
- The monopoly bourgeoisie demanding 'less payment'
(To continue)


No. 1804 (February 2nd Issue)

Stop the main units of
the GSDF contingent to Iraq!


The 18 Jan. demonstration in Tokyo
- No troops to Iraq! Smash the Security Alliance!
Militant workers and students marching on the US embassy, the Diet Building and the Prime Minister's Office

(Pic. Left upper)
The 22 Jan. protests at Komaki Base
- Stop the main units of the ASDF to Iraq!
Zengakuren and workers from Nagoya area demonstrating on the base
(Pic. Left lower)


Stop the main units!
1 Feb., Protests against GSDF Asahikawa Base
- Stop the facilities building unit!
Protests against Chitose Base

No troops to Iraq!
- Successive demonstrations in Hokkaido home to the GSDF units to be dispatched

- Zengakuren protesting against a dispatch ceremony of the GSDF advance unit at the Defense Agency headquarters in Tokyo (16 Jan.)

- Workers and students demonstrating against the troop dispatch in Osaka (17 Jan.)

Aichi Univ.: 300 students marching through the campus for their petition against intensified regulations on students' circles

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Nakasone and Miyazawa, LDP seniors forced to be retired by Koizumi: turning free critics against Koizumi and Bush
- A liberal-aired journalist who supports a national referendum for the Constitutional revision
- Measures for 'ethnic cleansing' by Tokyo Governor Ishihara
- A fictitious monologue by UN Secretary General
[4] Rengo's policy for the spring offensive 2004
Denounce the Rengo leadership surrendering to the 'cancellation of regular pay raise' and 'cuts in basic wages'!
- The deceptive nature of its opposition to 'the present dispatch' of troops to Iraq
- The repeated wording: 'to maintain' and 'the minimum'
- A trick in their demands for 'raising the minimum'
- A sudden change from the last year's policy of 'focusing on the job issue'
[5] Regular Convention of the Democratic Party
Denounce the new Democratic Party advocating the revision of the Constitution!
1. An explicit statement for the Constitutional revision and 'formation of special units for the UN forces'
- Stresses on Hawkish policies: the backgrounds
2. A 'smiling fascist' party sounding the bugle for the march
- Agitation for a 'national referendum law'
- Moves for a 'grand coalition between the LDP and the DP'
Harsh conditions of workers in military bases: Okinawa, a fortress for the 'war on terror'
- Reorganization and strengthening of US military bases under the 'revolution in military affairs'
- Long-time absences from illness and mental illness
Topics Behind Matsushita's 'recovery': Affiliated retailers cut off, workers sacked
[7] Extra 58th Convention of Zentei
Marked the completion of the postal industrial patriotic association
- Decision of the change of the union's name 'Zentei'
- 'Reform of the organization and finance' to strengthen the central leadership and its bureaucratic control
- The central leadership assisting the first president of the new Postal Agency
- Labour aristocrats showing their hatred for anti-US, anti-occupation struggles by the Iraqi people
Over the 'value determination' of commodities and the 'magnitude of the value'
- Is the 'dual character of labour' a determination given to the 'living labour'?
- The value of commodities is a determination of the 'dead labour'
- What is meant by it that the 'magnitude', or quantity, of value 'settles down to the socially average quantity of labour'


No. 1803 (January 26th Issue)

8 Feb. Workers' Meeting for the Spring Offensive
Fight for a militant development of the Spring Labour Offensive 2004!
Stop the main GSDF unit leaving for Iraq!

- Organize struggles from workplaces to stop the dispatch of the Japanese army!
- Fight back against storms of wage cuts and restructuring!
- Labour aristocrats in Rengo surrendering to the capitalist offensive for scraping the mandatory pay raise
- Central leaders of the JCP-led Zenroren reducing the offensive to attempts for building 'cooperation with managers of small and medium enterprises'
- Smash lower wages! Win a uniform and substantial pay raise! No to sacking and redeployment! Fight back against the ultra-long labour time and the unpaid over-time work!
Against neo-fascist reactions
Win a militant advance of the Spring Labour Offensive 2004!
JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo (Continued from the previous issue)
III. Advance antiwar struggles and the Spring Labour Offensive 2004 in opposition to the war-assisting industrial patriotic movement of Rengo!
1. A deepening crisis of the Japanese labour movement and tenacious struggles by revolutionary workers
- Makeshifts to cover the declining rate of organization
- Reduction of the spring offensive to a 'spring consultation' for lower wages
2. Organize struggles to break the neo-fascist reaction from the core of the labour front!
(1) Block the enactment of 'laws for an emergency decree'!
- Stop the legislation to 'restrict basic human rights' in the name of the 'protection of the nation'!
- The deceptive and criminal nature of the arguments 'against the troop dispatch' by the Democratic Party and the Rengo leadership
- The idealistic and criminal nature of the JCP policy for a 'UN-based assistance for reconstruction'
(2) Denounce the Rengo leadership submissively responding to the capitalist offensive for performance-based forms of payment!
- Deceits in Rengo's slogan of 'Ensure the wage curves!'
- A full assistance to the capitalist changes in the form of payment
(3) Smash the measures for restructuring!
- A full cooperation in restructurings under the pretext of 'job security'
- The farcical nature of JCP demands for 'rules of work'
A fictitious broadcasting: the Saddam Hussein Trial as his platform of exposure
- Saddam's arraignment has begun.
- Who gave the WMD to Iraq?
- Gorby's support, an unpardonable betrayal
- The senior and junior devils attacked Iraq
- 'Causes' of the war entirely given the lie
- Brutalities by the Crusaders
- May God judge war criminal Bush!
[6] Labour front
Government-run 'polytechnic centres': the job training schools planned to be reorganized into independent agencies
- Everything expressed by borrowed words from English
- What are called job trainings
- Reorganization of the ministry-run centres into independent agencies
Kindergarten kids forced to sing wartime military songs
- 'Patriot education' escalated in today's war-time situation
Topics 'Don't be puffed up!' The Rengo president making a show of protesting the capitalist proposal of lower wages
Stop the ASDF main unit leaving for Iraq from Komaki base!
- Workers and students from the Tokai region protesting in front of the main gate (11 Jan.) Pic. left.
Militant students protesting the repairs of a high-speed nuclear breeder
- Together with 700 workers and residents against the planned resumption of the operation (6 Dec.) Pic. right.
- Sleep, drugs, and money: for GIs mentally ill
- 'South America is the safest in the world': Yankee-phobe 'measures against terrorism' by Brazil
The chairman of Zengakuren speaks
- Against the mobilization of the Japanese arm to Iraq, against the revision of the Constitution, Zengakuren fights in the forefront.
- In opposition to the Democratic Party shouting for the Constitutional revision and the Japanese Communist Party joining in the 'anti-terrorism' chorus.
Resolutions for New Year (4)
- JRCL Media Industrial Workers' Committee
- JRCL Small and Medium Enterprise-Related Workers Committee


No. 1802 (January 19th Issue)

Stop the Japanese army mobilized to Iraq!
No cut in wages! For a uniform raise!
Win a militant advance of the spring labour offensive 2004!

JRCL Central Workers' Orgburo

I. Bankruptcy of the US-UK military administration in Iraq and the dispatch of the Japanese state army
1. The Bush Empire suffering from the bankruptcy of the occupation
2. Participation in the war and the dispatch of the state army finally launched by the Koizumi government
3. Rapid intensification of neo-fascist reactions
- Preparation for revision of the Constitution
- Attempts to form and strengthen today's system of national mobilization
- Deprivation of basic rights under the pretext of 'protection of the nation'
- Forcible reorganization of administrative structures of governments under the pretext of 'administrative and financial reforms'
II. Failure in the 'Koizumi reform' and the deepening crisis of the Japanese economy
- Revisions of Labour codes against workers
- 'Economic recovery': falsity by the government
- Takenaka-led 'structural reform' having plunged the Japanese economy into the bottomless pit
(To continue.)
The world's severest exploitation system of workers of Toyota
1. Groups of specialists organized in factories for 'improvement'
2. 'The Toyota system of "Kaizen" does not cause intensified labour'?
3. A newly introduced way to cope with troubles
Fight back against the closure of a Takefu Matsushita factory with the whole 1000 workers sacked!
The trick of a new company founded through the 'Employee Buy Out' system
1. 70% workers sacked for shifting the production of Matsushita motors to China
2. An 'employee-invested company' newly inaugurated: in fact, a temporary measure before the complete shift of production
3. All bills of red notes in management shifted onto the workers
No to the Emperor's visit to Okinawa!
Marxist Students' League - Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Emperor's visit to the southern Islands and its intention
- Overthrow the Koizumi government dispatching the troops and building a national mobilization system!
23 Dec. A mass rally held against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- 4000 people rallied, smashing the attempted division of struggle by the official leaderships in teachers' unions

No troops to Iraq! Nationwide

- Okinawa (25 Dec.):
A trade union based rally in front of an SDF base.
(Pic left upper)

- Osaka (19 Dec.)

- Sapporo (20, 26 Dec.)
Militant students protesting against the local LDP office.
(Pic. left lower)

- Kanazawa (23 Dec.)

- Fukuoka (14 Dec.)

Resolutions for New Year (3)
- JRCL Chugoku Regional Committee
- JRCL Metal Industrial Workers' Committee
- JRCL Heavy Industrial Workers' Committee
- Tokyo Antiwar Workers' Conference


No. 1801 (January 12th Issue)

Stop the dispatch of the Japanese army to Iraq!
Oppose the occupation of Iraq by the US-UK coalition forces!
Now is the time to advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle
in solidarity with fighting Muslim people!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Block the dispatch!
Militant workers and students fighting in front of the ASDF Komaki base (24 Dec.)

I. Burning struggles by Muslims and the bankruptcy of the US-led military administration
A. The Japanese army dispatched to a battlefield for the first time after the WWII
B. Bush's Empire attempting to break through the crisis of defeat
1. An upsurge of anti-American guerrilla struggles
- Captured Saddam starting to reveal 'America's crimes'
2. Measures for breakthrough by the militarist empire as the 'sole superpower'
- The US occupation forces desperately carrying out guerrilla hunts
- The 'Iraqification' policy in deadlock
- Internal strife within the Bush administration
3. Oppositions intensifying over the 'Iraqi reconstruction'
- Wavering in the French-German-Russian line
C. The crisis of the opposition movement in Japan
II. Advance struggles against the Iraqi war, against the security alliance and against the neo-fascist Koizumi government!
A. Oppose the Democratic Party and the Rengo leadership helping the planned revision of the Constitution!
B. Denounce the central leadership of the JCP asking for a 'UN-based Iraqi reconstruction'!
C. Rise in the coming united action on 18 Jan.!
- No troops to Iraq!
- Advance in solidarity with Muslim people bravely fighting against the US-led military administration!
- Struggle in opposition to the abandonment of the anti-Security Alliance struggle
- Smash neo-fascist reactions by the Koizumi administration!
Create a struggle to oppose the contemporary religious-ethnic war!
1. The 'unjust war' to be exposed
- The Saddam trial: a double-edged sward
- 'The advance of freedom': falsity
2. A religious-ethnic war between the contemporary crusade and Islam
- The double-standard policy by Yankee imperialism
- Islamic revolts furiously burning
- The Middle East as a Balkan in the 21st century
3. Tragedy in the 'age of de-ideologization'
- Revival of 'Gods' in the godless age
- A turn in the contemporary history
- For a creative application of Marxism
Resolutions for New Year (2)
- JRCL Hokkaido Regional Committee
- JRCL Kyushu Regional Committee
- JRCL Hokuriku Regional Committee
- JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee
- JRCL Telecommunication Workers' Committee
- JRCL Chemical Industrial Workers' Committee
- JRCL Social Service Workers' Committee
- JRCL Traffic and Transportation Workers' Committee
No troops to Iraq: nationwide

Militant students and workers fighting against the inauguration ceremony of the Air Self-Defence Force unit
- 24-26 Dec., in front of the ASDF Komaki base, calls of anger against the prime minister and the defence minister attending to lead the ceremony (Pic. on the first page)

'Stop The Ground SDF leaving for Iraq'
- 2000 workers and students besieging the GSDF Northern Army Asahikawa base in Hokkaido after a trade union-based rally, 14 Dec. (Pic. left bottom)

Zengakuren protesting against the Defence Agency
- Denouncing the dispatch of the ASDF advance unit, 26 Dec., Tokyo (Pic. left above)

Zengakuren struggling against the dispatch
- Kobe (9 Dec.), Kagoshima (9 Dec.), Osaka (13 Dec.)

JRCL leaflets arousing supportive responses at a regional rally based on JCP-led trade unions, 8 Dec., Nagoya
- JCP cadres wavering before the criticism


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