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No. 1830 (August 2 Issue)

Fight in solidarity with Muslim people
struggling for smashing the US occupation and
for overthrowing the puppet government!

- The puppet government of US imperialism on the verge of crisis
- The collapse of the US 'coalition of the willing'
- The US-Japan military alliance strengthened in the name of 'war on terrorism'
- The Koizumi government ambitious to leap into a 'nation that can wage war'
- Rally in the 42nd International Antiwar Assembly
What lies behind the recent arrests of 'suspected snipers at the former National Police Agency Chief'
- Former Aum cultists arrested 9 years later after the incident
- Suspicions about the arrests revealed by a police-related scholar
- Power struggles over the reorganization of the violent apparatuses of Japan beiween the US and Japan
- Fight back against the strengthening of the repressive order under the pretext of 'war on terrorism'
A book written by a erstwhile stock trader advocating against Yankee culture
- The truth of 'Koizumi reform' revealed by /Japan who cannot refuse it/
- 'Reforms' by successive Japanese governments following America's demands to Japan
- Disgusts against Anglo-Saxons 'who have the interests in competition for winning
Every 15 minutes:
- The increasing number of suicides for the 6 consecutive years
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- 'Straightforward exchanges of opinions' between South Korean President No Moo-hyung and the Japanese poodle of Bush
- Obituary Yaceck Kuron: the frustrated advocate for 'revolution for workers' self-control'
- 'Arrested bombers of Madrid trains are police agents': a truth-finding committee inaugurated by Spanish politicians
- 'What a thing for players to say his owners!': an arrogant saying against the players' union by the boss of the Japanese baseball leagues, a former leader of the JCP
- China: hometown of wolves
Neo-fascist reorganization of the national education: what to be brought about by the Tokyo Governor's 'education reform'
I. A destructive reorganization of the education in prefectural / municipal schools
II. His ideology of 'education reform'
- Statism: 'education as part of the governing act'
- Talent-first: separation between kids 'with and without talents'
- Market supremacism: 'introduction of competitiveness into education'
III. Changing demands for education from the monopoly capitalist class
VI. The abyss of the neo-liberalist reform
1 A copy of the US-made 'New Public Management'
- Pressure on schools to compete with each other
- Introduction of a 'school management system'
- A coercive control based on the principle that 'good work will be rewarded and bad work punished'
- Americanization of the education system
(To continue)
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! (in the end of the 13 consecutive series)
- Smash the restructuring in the postal service! Rebuild our trade union as a fighting union!
Fight back against the restructuring and the extreme intensification of labour in national hospitals!
- Workplaces deteriorated after the reorganization into independent agencies
- Fight by overcoming the distorted guidance by the leadership!
No to 80000 sackings of postal workers! Sentiments growing for fight-back against the industrial patriotic movement!
- 20 percents voted against the chairman elected for the first time after renaming the union as JPU (Japan Postal Union) from
- 'The central leadership is an accomplice of the restructuring!'
- Criticisms levelled against the leadership helping the reationalization
- Voices demanding the pullout from Iraq
- Win a militant rebirth of the postal workers' union!
Topics 'labour divides' expanding rapidly
I will develop my workplace activities!
- Encouraged by my senior colleague
- Impressed with it that our activities are underlain by the theory of organizing praxis for mass movement and the creation of forms of vanguard organization on the basis of and through the medium of the former
Reading Kuroda
- 'Renaissance of Marxism in the 21st century'
- Participation in student movement


No. 1829 (July 26th Issue)

Smash the offensives for Constitutional revisions
and neofascistic reactions
under today's Imperial Rule Assistance Association!

Build a battlefront against the war, the military alliance
and Constitutional revisions!

- Results of the elections: people's angers erupting against the participation in the 'multinational forces' and the negative revision of the pension system
- Overthrow the Koizumi government rushing for strengthening the imperialist alliance and Japan's military aggrandizement!
- Power struggles intensifying within the ruling class
- Denounce the central leadership of the Democratic Party assisting the Constitutional revision!
- Expose the bankruptcy in the current JCP line for revised capitalism
The central and regional meetings of the Antiwar Assembly will be held on the same day, August 1st (Sunday) in Tokyo, Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa.
No to the major military drills!
- Stop the LCAC [landing craft, air cushion]! Zengakuren Hokkaido struggling at the site of the beach together with 1000 workers from regional trade unions (6 July) Pic. left

No participation in the multinational forces!
- Antiwar Walk by Osaka students (4 July)

Denounce the government covering up its trial cost calculation for a direct disposition of nuclear wastes!
- Oppose a pluthermal operation! Oppose the building and operation of nuclear reprocessing facilities in Rokkasho Village!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- A paranoid president: terror-dependent
- A counter 'holy war': missionaries in Iraq
- The forced immigrants theory of Koreans in Japan is for a 'persecution-maniac identification'?: a fallacious condemnation
- A new Europe declining in the parliament elections
- Games in Athens: for security
Introduction of a 'cell production system' in an engine-manufacturing branch
Shipbuilding and machine-manufacturing monopolies: an attempt to survive
- From a linear 'tact production system' to a 'cell production system'
- Extremely intensified labour
- The number of days for assembly reduced by half with minor augmentation of workers
- Workers controlled by data
- Extremely hard work imposed on 'line keepers'
- 'Hurry to hand over your parts!'
- Workers forced to compete over individual efficiency
- International competition over engines for electric dynamos
- For organizing a fight-back from workplaces
Massacres by Sharon and struggles by Palestinian radicals
(Continued from the previous issue)
2. The declining Palestinian Authority and Palestinian radicals strengthening their cooperation
- Hamas: aiming to build a united front for 'liberation of the whole Palestinian land'
- Struggles based on an uninterrupted two-stage strategy
- Pro-American elements within the Fataha organization attempting to oust Arafat
- Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade carrying out their armed operations
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.12
- A day of midnight duty
- Voices of colleagues
8 million US workers turned 'exempts'
- Authorization of overtime work with no pay
Topics 'Throw him out even before recovery!': US corporations 'oppressing medical expense'
A Regular Convention of Hokkaido Teachers Union: energies against the Iraq War and the Constitutional revision
No to the reactionary policies by the ministry and the prefectural board of education!
Militant workers struggling in spite of oppressions from above
- The leadership pressed from below to break with the central DP leadership helping reactionary revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- Criticisms growing against the leadership giving irresponsible pieces of guidance
- Militant workers criticising leaders for simply proposing 'better alternatives' for 'ideal images of schools'
- Denouncing 'guidance' from leaders around the national flag and anthem: exchanges among workplace protests organized from below
- Expand the battlefront against revisions of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education! Advance antiwar struggles against the Iraq War!
NTT to cut 110,000 jobs: a suicide of a worker in a lunch break
- The managerial and trade union leaders ordering the colleagues to keep silence
Reading Kuroda's books
- Topos and Praxis
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- 'Nihilism and the Will for Peace', Peace and Revolution in the Contemporary Age


No. 1828 (July 19th Issue)

August 1st: 42nd International Antiwar Assembly
Advance antiwar struggle against the Iraq War!
Denounce the degeneration of the official leadership!

Read the Overseas Appeal

- Burning flames of struggles to kick out the occupation forces and
to overthrow the Allawi government as a puppet of US imperialism

- Bush and Blair in death throes
- Japanese imperialism rushing to be 'a nation that can wage war'
- Expose the degeneration of the central leaderships of the DP and the JCP!
- For revolutionary antiwar struggle!

The central and regional meetings of the Assembly will be held
on the same day, August 1st (Sunday)
in Tokyo, Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa.

Stop the Waseda University authority repressing Students' Self-Governing Associations on the occasion of the faculties' reorganization into 'academic institutes'!
Marxist Student League - Waseda University Branch
No to the planned foundation of 'academic institutes' for an autocratic order by the current president!
- Students' protests that smashed schemes to derecognize the Students' Association in the Faculty of Social Science
- Offensives to annihilate antiwar peace movement
- Reactionary nature of the JCP-led campaign demanding 'a reform reflecting intentions of students'
- Fight back under the manner against the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
Aichi University Students' Self-Governing Associations
- 1000 students meet to resolve 'against the Iraqi occupation' (10 June)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- 'Reinstatement of fathers': a coercive security order schemed by the neofascist-led Tokyo government under the guise of a 'grass-root campaign'
- The end of the end: a split of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
- What the Greek government wants to conceal: a historical anti-US sentiment of the nation
No to the intensification of the coercive security order!
- 'Leaders of al-Qaeda hiding in Japan'?
The JCP bureaucrats dreaming of a 'democratization of Iraq' as a 'true transfer of the sovereignty'
1. A complete failure in their UN-dependent line
- Tricks to cover up the failure
- A pragmatic revision of their alternatives
2. 'For a building of a self-reliant, independent nation'?: a farce
- Opposition to the struggles by Iraqi people
- A fallacy of 'democratization of Iraq'
Massacres by Sharon and struggles by Palestinian radicals
1. The Sharon government attempting to turn the whole Palestine into a ghetto
- A grave massacre in Rafa: the Operation Rainbow
- Destruction oh buildings under the pretext 'to find a secret tunnel'
- A demonstration with no arm attacked by missiles
- Mounting condemnations from the rest of the world and pressures by the Bush administration
- Sharon's 'last bet' in consideration of a post-Bush development
(To be continued)
[6] Labour Front
Storms of restructuring in Okinawa
- Outcries from workers in public services
- Pressed into early retirements and psychological illness
- Fight back against privatisations of public facilities, sacking and forcible redeployments!
- Fight in opposition to the 'public servants bashing' by the mass media!
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.11
- 'A combined delivery of the normal and the express to reduce labour time'?: Nonsense!
Postal Workers' Union National Convention: propaganda to reveal the JP plan of 80,000 sackings
Topics TOYOTA with 1012 yen net profit and the increasing cases of mental disease: Trade union leaders fearing the 'declined competitiveness' together with capitalists
[7] Mitsubishi Motor Co.
Cover-ups of defects exposed one after another and successive accidents
Fight back against the mass sacking to survive a managerial crisis!
- Announcement of factory closures and 11 thousands sackings
- What has caused the crisis
- Fight back against the victimization of workers!
Reading Kuroda's books
- Anthropology
- 'Marx's Theory of Alienation' included in the Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda Vol.1


No. 1827 (July 12th Issue)

Stop the perpetuation of the occupation of Iraq!
Advance antiwar struggles
in solidarity with Iraqi people fighting
to overthrow the puppet government!

- 'Transfer of the sovereignty': a farce
- Surging resistance against the puppet government
- French and German rulers against the 'Greater Middle East Project'
- The Koizumi government joining SDF troops in the 'multinational force'

42nd International Antiwar Assembly: August 1st
Central Meeting in Tokyo: Asakusa Kokaido, opening 12:00;
Regional Meetings in Sapporo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa.
Read the Overseas Appeal

Kanazawa University students march against the war (20 Jun)
- 'No to Japan's participation in a multinational force!'
Militant workers struggle in a peace meeting sponsored by the regional Rengo leadership (Okinawa, 21 June)
- Angers grow against the labour aristocrats approving the Iraqi occupation
Stop the enactments of the law to cope with high-tech crimes and the legislation of the 'crime of complicity'
- The Cyber Crime Treaty initiated by the Bush administration
- Police to be authorized to copy and record any kind of data
- Denounce the attempt to strengthen the security order in the name of 'counter-terror measures'
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- The exercise of the state's right to collective defence stressed by Koizumi
- Mysterious developments of the shooting incident at Shibuya underground station
- A Japanese popular uprising 120 years ago and today's votes for the JCP: imprudent association by labour bureaucrats in the JCP
- IC tips everywhere: IC-equipped roads to guide peoplec then people to be surveyed
'A third revision of the constitution' advocated by the evil demagogue: Secretary General of the ruling LDP Abe Shinzo desperate to achieve the dream of his granddad
1. Boasting himself the flag bearer of Constitutional revisionists
2. Shouting for 'a third revision of the constitution'
3. Rushing to 'a true liquidation of postwar Japan'
4. Compiling grotesque demagogueries and tricks
[6] Labour Front
No to the mass punishment against teachers!
- 1500 education workers gather at a rally initiated by the three teachers' unions in Tokyo against the coercive allegiance to the national flag and anthem
'A special assistance education' initiated by the ministry: discrimination and exclusion of disabled students
- A neo-fascist type of Social Darwinism
Topics A mass restructuring continued in the 'good sales': electric monopolies pressed by Asian companies
[7] Postal workers
No to the mass sacking planned against of 80000 workers!
Denounce the leadership cooperating in the restructuring!
JRCL Postal Workers' Committee
- Again a colleague killed
- Fight back against the major rationalization in the postal service!
- No to the 'future declaration' as a 'cooperation declaration for the restructuring'!
- Oppose the Iraqi occupation in solidarity with Iraqi people!
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.10
'Make ends meet by side work!' Postal transport workers deserted
- Deliberate liquidation for sacking the whole personnel
- Mass reduction in wages and holidays
- Leaders of the Postal Workers' Union deserting workers in the transport division
Overseas Appeal for the 42nd International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
click to read


No. 1826 (July 5th Issue)

Withdraw the Japanese military
as an accomplice in the occupation of Iraq!

Fight in solidarity with Iraqi people
rising up for overthrowing the puppet government
of US imperialism!

- Flames of anti-American resistance expanding
- Bush's setback in the 'transfer of the sovereignty' and the 'Broader Middle East Project'
- Poodle Koizumi's attempt to incorporate the Japanese military into a 'multinational force'
- Overcome the official opposition movement revealing the fallacy of its 'UN dependence'!
Antiwar demonstrations nationwide
- Nagoya (13 June): militant workers and students march against the occupation of Iraq and against the US-Japan military alliance, denouncing the JCP immersed in the election campaign
- Osaka (13 June): 'Stop the Japanese military participating in a multinational force!' Angers of workers and students resound the streets
- Okinawa (15 June): a trade union-based rally against the enactment of the emergency-related
- Kagoshima (11 June): 'No to the emergency-related bills!' Local students march
- Sapporo (19 June): 'No SDF participation in a multinational force!' Students from Hokkaido University protest against the regional LDP office
Fight to stop the successive military drills in Hokkaido!
Marxist Student League Hokkaido Regional Committee
- Practical drills, mobilizing units due to Iraq
- The global redeployment of the US forces and the strengthening of the US-Japan joint operation system
- The miserable situation of the official peace movement and struggles by militant workers and students
- Denounce the DP and JCP leadership distorting the protest into an election campaign!
- Fight together aiming to repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty!
No to introduction of electronic clinical records into public hospitals!
No to extreme intensification of labour!
1. Intensification of labour and confusions of medical labour process caused by the electronization of clinical records
- Terrible over-time work with no pay
- Increasing danger of medical accidents
- 'No time afforded to see the face of a patient!'
- 'Paperless'?
- 'Filmless'?
2. Transformation in the medical labour process
- Doctors / Nurses / Pharmacists / For patients
3. 'Information-based reform in the medical service' by Tokyo prefectural office according to the medical policy of the central government
- 'Information-based reform' and the planed introduction of a 'combined payment system'
4. Denounce the official leadership of trade unions! Organize a fight-back from workplaces!
Don't be killed by Koizumi's 'structural reform'!
Breakthrough the miserable situation of workplaces at public employment security offices!
- Extremely Intensified labour
- 'Deregulations in employment' stressed by the government
- Denounce the leadership helping the intensification of labour!
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.9
Outside workers forced to be 'multifunctional' (for delivery, sales and collection)
- Punished for a slightest mistake
- Workplaces confused by the new delivery order
'Freeters' rapidly increasing
- 4.5 million part-timers of Japanese-type: exploited and thrown away
Topics An increasing number of foreign workers: exploited with no rights and low pay
Kaleidoscope 2004
- Sophistry used by the accomplice: In Iraq, 'SDF not to incorporate into use of force' (?), 'under not unified command but a unified headquarters'(?)
Within the clutches of the Rothschilds
Reading Books
K. Kuroda's Life and His Works
- Full of pathos and logos
Before the Theory of Organization
- On my failure to understand each internal world of other comrades
Crimes of Security Police Seen in Infight-Guised Attacks on the Leftwing
- Resentments and indignation


No. 1825 (June 28st Issue)

13 June, Tokyo
Workers and students demonstrate
against the Iraq War

Stop the Japanese military
participating in a 'multinational force'!

- 'Against the military alliance!' Voices of 900 marchers through the Shibuya streets
- The US occupation no longer!
- Fight in solidarity with Muslim people rising up against the interim government!
Militant students struggle in front of the Diet Building to stop the emergency-related bills (Tokyo, 14 June)
- Denouncing the Democratic Party supporting the enactment of the bills

Stop the Marine SDF drill on the water! (Osaka, 4 June)
- 1000 people at a trade union based rally
(Pic. Left)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Oil at a high price: Having counted their oil before they are produced?
- China's 'scientific view of development': reasons why they are stressing a 'human-centred' view
- Yesterday's terrorist bomber, today's puppet: Iyad Allawi as CIA agent
- Enemies inside: for the Secretary of Defence
Lessons from the people's uprising in Iraq:
the uprising led by Muqtada Al-Sadr, its significance and limitations

1. A popular uprising in Fallujah and its victory
2. Signs of a revolutionary united front
3. The Al-Sadr faction in the forefront of people's struggles against the US occupation
- A 'premature' armed uprising
- Discontent to the Grand Ayatollah's strategy of patiently waiting for a good opportunity
4. The strategy and tactics adopted by the Al-Sadr faction
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.8
A Japan Post version of the 'Toyota system' bankrupted everywhere: Mass delay in the New Year delivery by a local post office
- A 'Japan Post system of New Year cards' delivery' imposed on workers by the local post authority
- All burdens onto workers
The negative revision of the Worker Dispatching Law:
dispatched workers used out and discarded

- A 23-year-old worker and his suicide from overwork
- A worker branded as an 'unexpectedly bad purchase'
Topics 'Worker dispatch to manufacturing industries' Fight back against the harsh treatment by monopoly capitalists!
Smash the mass punishment against teachers by the Tokyo prefectural office for the national flag and anthem!
JRCL Education Workers' Committee
- Coercion and punishment for the 'rising sun' flag and the 'His Majesty's Reign' anthem: to force the students to pledge allegiance to 'the state that can wage war'
- 'Training by order' for a forcible conversion of the teachers' conscience
- Let us build up a joint action from below in spite of the schemes to divide it by social democratic and Stalinist leaders in trade unions!
- Smash the 'training by border' for forcing the teachers to obey 'the state that can wage war'!
Fight back against 'the official order' for 'leading the students to sing the anthem'!
Denounce the leaders in the JTU and the Zenkyo submissive to the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
Let us advance a joint action to stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!

Propaganda to build a 'police state' for surveying the nation
- Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper speaking for the government
Reading Kuroda's 'Organization and Human Entity' [included in Kuroda's Thought on Revolution]:
importance felt keenly as to criticism and self-criticism, comradely struggles in the party

- Kuroda's indignation against Khrushchev's 'Stalin Criticism'
- What is a vanguard organization that tolerates the personality cult?
- Class awareness and the sense of responsibility
- My fresh resolution
'The Song of Homeland' overwhelming the roaring of warplanes
- The national pride shown by a Kurdish film director


No. 1824 (June 21st Issue)

No participation of the Japanese military
in a US-led multinational force!

Denounce the JCP central leadership
praising UN Resolution 1546 and
the 'transfer of the sovereignty'!

- G8 Summit confirms the UN resolution approving the US occupation
- The 'transfer of the sovereignty' to a US-puppet government
- A growing resistance against US imperialism and the coalition forces
- Advance in solidarity with fighting Iraqi people!
Angry fists of students to the US embassy (Tokyo, 5 June)
(Pic. left)

- Stop the new UN resolution! No participation of the Japanese military in a multi-national force!
No to the maritime SDF drill! (Osaka, 4 June)
- Zengakuren Kansai closes in on war vessels

A bloody state conspiracy on 2 June plotted under the guise of 'internal strife within a radical leftist sect'!
Smash attempts to intensify the repressive security order in the name of 'measures against terror'

- The murder impassively committed under a police vigil
- The twin factions within the tiny sect used again as tools by the CIA and the Japanese intelligence

[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Fearing another hundreds of Charles Jenkins in Iraq: why the US force 'mistakenly' fired at a wedding party
- A hired president in Georgia: Over a half of his salary comes from the US
- What is called 'scientific risk research' on the imported beef: 'Paying 200 billion yens for saving a life' is 'to ruin the country'?
- Honorific expressions peculiar to the Japanese language and their latest transformations
[4] North Korea
A desperate attempt to prolong the autocratic rule by Kim Jong Il: on the latest Shino-Korean talk
1. Imploration to China and South Korea
2. Trends to a 'Korean federation'
3. An impending economic catastrophe and collapse of the regime
[5] JukiNet [national online of resident registries]
Nine months on from the expanded operation: troubles in succession
1 Leaks and falsifications of personal data, new ID cards for less than 0.1 % of the population, etc.
2 What is called a multi-purpose operation: for covering up the failure
3. Smash the building of a national surveillance and control system!
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.7
Computerization of the office work for postal savings service causing a mess
- Workers under extreme pressures
- No sooner than its introduction, the new system troubled
- Defective is the very system!
- Denounce the trade union leaders justifying their acceptance!
Transmutation of kids: distresses to education workers
- Kids in these days: restlessness / changes in playing / declining strength for daily lives
- Embodiments of the contradictions in the contemporary society
- Angers from teachers against educational policies of the government neglecting the realities
Topics 'Get new customers in the evening!' A flextime system introduced in the sales work for postal insurance
The CAP [Contract of all partners] system in Daiei retailing capital: a drastic reorganization of the forms of employment and payment - Fight back against victimization of workers!
- Dismantlement of the current form of employment based on the lifelong employment system
- New systems for personnel management and assessment on the basis of 'performance'
- Reorganization in the wage system: from seniority to qualification
Chinese farmers in miseries: a latest best-seller in the country describing the dark side of China's 'reform and open' policy
- A long piece revealing the realities of poor farmers
- 'Unimaginable poverty and hardship'
- Why the lower-ranked bureaucrats plunder the farmers
- Illusions for a solution of the 'three agricultural problems' by the Hu-Wen leadership


No. 1823 (June 14th Issue)

No to the major restructuring!
No to the deadly intensification of labour!

Fight back despite oppressions
by the official leadership
supporting for the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'!

- Smash the mass punishment upon teachers against the 'rising sun' flag and the 'reign of the emperor' anthem by neo-fascist Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara!
- Sacking and intensified labour driving workers deaths and suicides from overwork
- In opposition to oppressions by labour aristocrats! Fires of anger from workplaces!
June 13th United Antiwar Actions of Workers and Students
- Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
A Peace Forum rally against the emergency-related bills (28 May, Tokyo)
- 'Denounce the Democratic Party approving the bills!' 2500 workers rallied
No to the emergency-related bills!
- Students from Hokkaido Univ. protest (20 and 22 May, Sapporo)
- Students from Kobe Univ. protest against the prefectural LDP office (20 May, Kobe)
No occupation of Iraq!
- An 'Antiwar Walk' by Kanazawa Univ. students (29 Apr, Kanazawa)
Stop the Aegis-equipped war vessel departing for the Middle East!
- Students from the Kyushu region protest at the port (17 May, MSDF Sasebo base)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Rapes and murders: a countdown before the collapse of the Hakenkreuz army
- Pension reform: premiums going up benefits down
- SILMID: the latest South Korean movie invoking the erased history
- Fahrenheit 9/11: chats behind the scene
- A 'pro-Constitutional revision' of the Constitution???
Roh Moo Hyun's South Korea on the road to the 'reunification'
A historic victory of the Uri Party and its shock waves
1. A drastic change in the political structure of South Korea
- Cold-war 'shadows' swept off
- A destructive reorganization of the traditional 'east-west' confrontation within South Korea
- A surging aspiration for the 'reunification' and the latest economic growth
2. Uplift of Anti-US or US-phobic nationalism
- Machinations by Yankee imperialism to depose Roh Moo Hyun
- A growing tendency to 'independence from the US'
3. Latest development of Roh's 'policy for prosperity'
The growing Chinese dragon exhausting its oil resources
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.6
Workers in savings divisions pressed by the 'zero trouble' order
- 'Don't leave the office before finding out the cause of your mistake!'
NTT: No more victim!
- 60 deaths in every year from overwork and suicide
- Workers pressed for more sales
- 'Trainings' during recesses
- Let us fight together
Topics A ministerial report lying: '157 deaths' a year from overwork, '40 deaths' from suicides
[7] Zentei [Postal Workers' Union]
'Declaration for building the future' with no workers' future: the central leadership intending a self-destruction of the trade union
1. What they call 'a new postal workers' movement under the new Agency'
2. The 'people first' principle for tricking workers
3. A 'labour movement serving the business and the state'
4. Attempts to dismantle the class unity of workers
A tribute to the memory of the late Prof. Amino Yoshihiko
- What attract me in his works
- Shocked by Kuroda's criticism of Amino in Topos and Praxis
- An independent historian who loved Marx all his life
I do my best to organize a revolutionary nucleus in my workplace!
- A year on from my becoming a wageworker
- Just a word changing the atmosphere of the workplace


No. 1822 (June 7th Issue)

June 13th
United Antiwar Actions of Workers and Students

Now is the time to advance antiwar struggles
against the US occupation of Iraq!

Expose the deceptive change by the JCP central leadership
stressing its 'support to the Iraqi people for building their own country'!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

1. The total bankruptcy of the US occupation and oppositions intensified over the 'transfer of the sovereignty'
- Death agony of the Bush administration
- The upsurge of anti-US resistance and its development towards a united front
- Oppositions by the 'Franco-German axis' stressing the UN's intervention
- The Koizumi government ambitious to metamorphose Japan into 'a country that can wage war'
- Confusions and weakness in the official opposition movement and struggles by the revolutionary leftwing
2. Fight for a revolutionary advancement of the Iraqi antiwar struggle!
- Denounce the Democratic Party of Japan helping the enactment of the emergency-related bills!
- The JCP central leadership changing its alternative to a policy 'to support the Iraqi people for building their independent country'
- Fight in solidarity with Muslim people struggling for the Iraqi liberation!
Stop the emergency-related bills! 10000 rallied in response to the call from transport-related trade unions (Tokyo, 21 May)
- Denounce the passage through the House of Representatives!
- Let us advance joint actions to stop the Constitutional revision!
Stop the second contingent of the Japanese Army to Iraq!
- Workers and students demonstrate in Hokkaido (Sapporo, 16 May)
May Day rallies
- Aichi: Supportive responses to the JRCL call 'Fight in solidarity with Iraqi people!'
- Hokkaido: Angers seething against the worst revision to the pension system

The Social Democratic Party of Japan: threatened with extinction
- The party of Doi Takako's children in its last days
- Fallacious view of 'trends to peace'
- Tactics 'against the dispatch of troops to Iraq' with no opposition to the US-Japan military alliance
- Degeneration in its ideals 'pro-Constitution and peace'
- Overcome the social democracy that has now gone bankrupt!
The Chechen president blasted to death as a Russian puppet
Challenges to the Putin government
- Planted bombs under the royal box
- Bankruptcy in Putin's policy 'to normalize Chechnya'
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.5
'Standing work' torturing postal workers
- 'My back hurts,' 'Blood goes down to the legs,' 'It's a torture!'
'Computerization of medical service' causing its dehumanisation
Topics Panics on doctors and nurses: the introduction of digitalized clinical records causing an extreme intensification of labour
Stop the building of a new Marine base in Okinawa!
JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Forcible preparations stopped by local protests
- US military bases reorganized and strengthened as the fortress for the 'war on terror'
- Central and prefectural governments have started preparations
- Fight by overcoming the official movement to demand 'reduction of bases'!
16000 people rallied to chain a US base in Okinawa
(Pic above)
Reading Kuroda's Humanism and Marxism: 'Truly subjective forces' of peace movement of today
- Limitations with humanist opposition
- How we should break through the limitation?


No. 1821 (May 31st Issue)

Fight to advance struggles
against the US occupation of Iraq and
against the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the strengthening of the military alliance under the pretext of
'war on terrorism' and 'threat from North Korea'!

- The defeated US forces imploring Grand Ayatollah Sistani for 'truce mediation'
- French and German power holders attempting to strengthen the EU axis as opposed to the US
- The US-obedient government of Japan desperate 'to retrieve the prestige' through 'talks with North'
- Fight in solidarity with Muslim people struggling for the Iraqi liberation!
Stop the emergency-related bills!
- Students' associations from the Tokyo area protest against the Diet and the US embassy (20 May)
In solidarity with Iraqi people fighting in Fallujah!
- Militant workers and students in Okinawa demonstrate through the capital city (29 April)
Zengakuren meet to welcome fresh members (Tokyo, 9 May)
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Confession by an SDF officer back home: 'I don't want to go to Samawah again'
- Neo-con representatives confessing their failure
- 'Lurking security': intensified repression under the 'war on terror'
- One of the released Japanese hostages: darkness in his personal history
Don't justify the dispatch of the Japanese Army!
- The 'self-responsibility' theory against the released hostages for hunting 'anti-Japanese elements'
Failure in the 'performance-based payment' now obvious
The Japanese monopoly capitalists busy repairing it
1. Self-acknowledgement of the failure
2. Revealed limitations in their evaluation of 'ability and performance'
- Definition of the 'performance-based principle'
- Material bases of its adoption
- Makeshift measures
- With no consideration from the viewpoint of technological theory
3. A 'system of personnel and wages' for an extremely intensified exploitation
- Today's version of 'piece wages'
- Ways to evaluate 'performance'
- What they call 'wage system with plural bases'
[6] Labour Front
Series Postal workers in hell: We fight back! No.4
- Blows of anger to the dark workplaces
The municipal version of restructuring in Okinawa
- No to sacking, lower wages and destruction of livelihood
Part-time workers exploited heavily
- Part-time workers occupying 90 % in 'family restaurants'
Topics Death of a 30-year-old system engineer from over work for 88 hours a month: the bereaved family files a suit against the trade union as well as the managerial
Reports from local May Day rallies
- Osaka, Kanazawa and Fukuoka
Conflicts between China as the would-be Asian leader and 'militarist' Japan: over the issue of Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands
- The landing by Chinese 'civilians' and the strong measures in response by the Koizumi government
- A political bashing against 'minor Japan'
- Japan's isolation from the rest of Asia: irritations of the Koizumi government


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