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No. 1850 New Year's Issue

Hew out
Another Century of Revolution!

Picture: Militant students on a boat struggling to stop US aircraft carrier Stenis
entering Sasebo Port (August 21st 2004)

Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle
to smash the atrocities of the Bush Empire!

I. The outrageous Bush Empire
A. Massacre in Fallujah and an all-out counteroffensive by Muslims
- Atrocities by today's crusade
- Stirring flames of resistance against American imperialism
- Conflicts over Iraq's parliamentary elections
B. Frenzies for enforcing the 'war on terrorism'
- The machinated murder of Arafat
- Hard-line policies towards Iran and North Korea
II. Polarization of the world in the 21st century
A. The emergence of a bent trapezial structure
- Collapse of the US-led 'Coalition of the Willing'
- Conflicts over Ukraine's presidential election between the US, EU and Russia
B. Beginning of a new confrontation between China and the US
III. Strengthen the battlefront in struggles against the Iraq War!
(1) The ideological and class nature of the aggressive war on Iraq
(2) The structural reorganization of the world in the 21st century
(3) Revolutionary significance of our tactics stressing the 'solidarity with fighting Muslims'

Dec. 12th JRCL Public Political Meeting
- 1500 workers and students renew their resolves for fights
- Keynote speech: highlighting the revolutionary nature of our struggle against the Iraq War
- Postal workers: expressing their resolutions to fight back against deadly intensification of labour
- Education workers: denouncing the official leadership weak-kneed before the offensive by Tokyo Gov. Ishihara
- Chairman of the Zengakuren: We will fight with the glorious tradition of the antiwar Zengakuren

(Pic. in the right)

Miseries of the Putin-led Great Russian chauvinism
1. Grand failure in Ukraine
2. Dreams of a 'unified CIS'
(To continue)

Cartoon: Marx's Moving Castle See

Monopoly capitalists imposing extraordinarily long-time, intensified labour and Karoshi (deaths from overwork): under the stagnant Japanese economy
1. A downward turn in the Japanese economy: from a standstill to a slowdown
2. A major restructuring: with increasing deaths from overwork and frequent industrial accidents
- Harsh measures carried out for restructuring
- The record high profits of companies and the unprecedented number of suicides
- The declining 'power of workplaces' viewed in the light of the successive industrial accidents
- Broken traditions of techniques / skills to be handed down
3. Trends of the 'out sourcing' and the 'multi-skilled worker'
- The number of employed workers, the standard of wages and labour time
- The increasing number of temporary, dispatched and part-time workers
- Introduction of the cell production system

Resolves for the New Year
- Kansai Regional Committee
- Tokai Regional Committee
- Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Postal Workers Committee
- Education Workers Committee
- Chemical Workers Committee
- Telecommunication Workers Committee
(To continue)

Photo Gallery: Antiwar Flames in 2004



No. 1849 (December 20th Issue)

Stop the reorganization and strengthening of
the Japanese military
in the name of the 'war on terrorism'!

Smash the extended deployment of troops
by the Koizumi government
obedient to the Bush empire!

- Flames of resistance flaring up throughout Iraq
- The Japanese military strengthened as part of forces for the 'war on terrorism'
- Denounce the Rengo leadership helping the attempt to revise the Constitution of Japan
- Denounce the central JCP leadership spreading the illusion about the coming 'national election' in Iraq!
Stop the Cabinet decision to extend the SDF deployment!
- Zengakuren protest in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence (9 Dec) (Pic. right)
Metropolitan students march on the US embassy
- With angers against the US occupation of Iraq and the continued dispatch of Japanese troops (4 Dec)
Denounce the central JCP leadership opposing the resistance of Iraqi people!
- JRCL leaflets receive active, supportive responses at a JCP-led rally in Tokyo (30 Nov)
Aichi University
- A 'Meeting for Appeal' against the Iraq War (24 Nov)
- 1000 students, workers and residents rally to stop a nuclear facility (23 Nov)
Waseda University: attempts to destroy a students' association shuttered at the Faculty of Social Science
- On the basis of struggles to strengthen the mass organization of students carrying out antiwar struggles
Kaleidoscope 2004
- Seoul's suicide bombing versus Bush's unctuous praise: primed by the 'personal tutor'
- A touch-and-go by Japan's Director-General of the Defence Agency at Samawah
The APEC Summit turned a stage of the confrontation between the US and China
1. A cold handshake in Santiago
- Meaningless 'agreements'
- A hot controversy over the issue of Taiwan
2. Deceptive bargaining between US imperialism mired in Iraq and ambitious China
Chukakuha remnants
- A ridiculous 'self-criticism' of its Kansai organization
[6] Labour Front
Denounce the postal authority's order to deliver New Year's cards on Jan. 2nd!
- The cancellation of the 32-year-old deal for New Year's holiday between the ministry and the labour: Denounce the JPU leadership oppressing the objections!
Fight back against the planned introduction of 'regionally adjusted payments'!
- Aimed for drastic cuts in wages of prefectural / municipal workers
Topics 'Reform' in the medical service: Stop the attempt to charge more on patients!
The annual report from the National Police Agency
- Stressing attempts to intensify the coercive security system through 'counter-crime volunteers'
From campus festivals
- Kokugakuin Univ: 'Be challengers for new culture!'
- Aichi Univ: events for the issue of the Iraq War
The main articles in Kaihoh this year


No. 1848 (December 13th Issue)

Political turbulence in Ukraine
revealing the triangular rivalry among the US, EU and Russia

Smash the brutalities of the Bush administration
shouting for the 'export of democracy'!

- The presidential election in Ukraine turning a proxy battle between the US and Russia
- Atrocities in the name of 'democratizing the Middle East'
- Oppositions over foreign policies for the second term of the Bush administration between Powel and Neo-Cons
- The present-day world showing oppositions between the four poles
Okinawa: Stop the exploratory boring for a new Marine base!
- Workers and students struggling on both the water and the land (15-20 Nov)
Osaka University of Economics: 1000 students join a protest against the school authority (18 Nov) (Pic. right)
- Stop the interference with elections for the leaders of the students' association!
Waseda University: protests against an event scheduled by the school authority to support the troop dispatch to Iraq
- Invitation of the chief officer of the SDF contingent cancelled by the authority just before the event: pressed by students' protests
Kaleidoscope 2004
- A President-involved scuffle at a state banquet: revenge in Santiago
- Another morass for Bush: on the very homeland
- Those bullet holes showing the truth: a year on from the US-machinated shots against two Japanese diplomats
Stop the strengthening of SDF forces! Stop Arms exports by Japanese imperialism!
- The planned lifting of the three principles of ban on arms exports: at the request from the Bush administration
- A central squad for emergency to be inaugurated: for the 'war on terrorism'
Oppose the planned reduction or abolition of the state subsidies for the national compulsory education!
- 3200 billion yen decided to be cut by a governors' association
- Intensification of power struggles
- What to come after the curtailment
- Denounce the central leaders in the JCP-led teachers' unions seeking for 'cooperation' with municipal boards of education, and with principals!
[6] Labour Front
Midnight duties imposed on postal workers: Deceptions in the 'demands' by the JPU leadership
- On the premise of the continuation of the new system of midnight duties
- Concealing terrible realities at workplaces
- The JPU central leadership in cooperation with the managerial
The increasing number of industrial accidents
- In Osaka, where middle- and small-size enterprises are concentrated
Topics Canon to introduce unmanned lines of production, redeploying 5000 workers
Successive 'counter-disaster drills' jointly carried out by police and the SDF: stop the strengthening of the oppressive security system!
- 'Crisis control'
- Legal preparations and practical drills for the revised SOLAS Convention
- Drastic intensification of airport security
- The Koizumi government ambitious to be 'a country that can wage war'
Comradely intra-party discussions, the source for fashioning us as members of the organization:
My strife in spite of restructuring
- No depressed with restructuring
- Making comradely discussions a springboard for revolutionalizing myself


No. 1847 (December 6th Issue)

Dec 12th JRCL Public Political Meeting
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah
by American imperialism!

Fight now to advance a worldwide struggle
against the Iraq War!

- The Bush administration showing its ambition towards the Middle East
- Bold resistance of the Muslim people against US imperialism
- France, Russia and China conflicting with the Bush Empire
- The Japanese poodle government planning to extend its troops' mission in Iraq
- For a worldwide development of struggles against the Iraq War
Militant students criticized JCP chairman Shii at his lecture meeting in the University of Tokyo (23 Nov)
- 'Er ... The Allawi government is not a kind I think to be branded as a puppet.'
- 'The cause of Iraqis' struggle is good but we do not express our solidarity with them.'
- Distrust of the leadership deepened among the rank-and-files
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah!
- Fukuoka (18 Nov) and Komaki (14 Nov)
Okinawa: a trade union based rally against the war (21 Oct)
- Marching on a US base
Fight back against Tokyo Gov. Ishihara forcing the 'Rising Sun' flag and 'Reign of the Emperor' anthem on teachers!
JRCL Education Workers Committee
- Fight back against the neo-fascistic offensive!
- Overcome the JTU leadership abandoning struggles against the punishment
- No revision to the Fundamental Law of Education or the Constitution!
Agriculture in Japan declined by the Koizumi 'reform': a critical US-dependent structure and deformity
1. An 'interim advisory report': deserting small agricultural households
2. Japan's agriculture: on the decline
- Drastic decrease in the farming households and the cultivated acreage
- The worst rate of self-sufficiency in food among the developed countries
3. The so-called 'policies for stable agricultural management': pie in the sky
- 'Encouragement for professional farmhouses': its delay and difficulties
- Rice-farming households victimized
- A 'reform' based on devilish neo-liberalism
[6] Labour Front
Postal workers suffering from the 'new parcel system'
- 'Beat the private companies!'
- Multiplied burdens
No to the 2% wage cut!
- Fukuoka prefectural workers fighting back
Topics Nissan: a 5-day shutdown in operation for steel shortage
[7] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Owl's monologue: Collin Powell
- Ukraine: a proxy electoral war
- A Chinese submarine: a bargaining
- A popular cartoonist forced to stop cartooning by rightist pressures on his comic taking the Nanking Massacre by the Japanese Imperial Army
Reading Kuroda's book
- 'Ideological Control by JCP Bureaucrats', included in Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda


No. 1846 (November 29th Issue)

Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War
to break the brutalities of the Bush Empire!

Denounce the massacre in Fallujah by American imperialism!
Denounce the machinated murder of Arafat!

- Genocide in Fallujah
- Armed resistance spreading over Iraq
- Repairs of the failed 'Broader Middle East Initiative'
- Opposition and obedience to the brutalities of the Bush Empire
- Denounce the central JCP leadership hanging on to the illusion of a 'UN-based reconstruction of Iraq'
JRCL Public Political Meeting: December 12th, Tokyo
- For an explosive struggle against the Iraq War to break through the century of darkness!
- Denounce the genocidal attack on Fallujah! Fight back against the brutalities of the Bush Empire!
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah! Nationwide protests
- Okinawa (14 Nov): Stop US marines departing for Fallujah from Okinawa! Militant workers and students march through the capital city
- Protests against US consulates: Osaka (9 Nov), Urasoe (9 Nov), Nagoya (8 Nov), Sapporo (14 Nov), Kanazawa (10 Nov), Kagoshima (9 Nov).
Waseda University: Fight back against the authority attempting to repress students' associations fighting against the Iraq War!
- Burning protests of students spreading against the attempt to repress the Students' Self-Governing Association in the Faculty of Social Science
- Reactionary offensives instigated by the Koizumi government
- The law department: the conservative leadership of the students' association deletes provisions for strike from its constitution
- Shatter the attempt to destroy the Students' Self-Governing Association in the Faculty of Social Science!
- Criminal nature of the JCP's direction for 'making the university worth learning there'
- Against the neo-fascistic reorganization of education!
The machinated murder of Yasir Arafat carried out to split and break the PLO
1. Conspiracy by the US CIA and the Israeli Mosad
2. Agents of US imperialism attempting to seize the PLO and the Palestinian government
- Struggles within the al-Fatah movement denouncing the Abbas leadership as 'betrayers'
- Hamas calling for a provisional united leadership of the Palestinians
3. Conflicts between the US-UK alliance and France over a 'peace process in Palestine'
Bush's re-election stained with tricks and riggings: the US presidential race and its realities
1. Numerous fouls revealed
- Electronic voting machines introduced to rig the ballots
- Obstructions and manipulations on the registration
2. Hitler-like tactics for re-election
- A negative campaign pushed to the utmost
- Massive votes from the Christian rightwing
- A tremendous fundraising campaign
- Eradication of American liberalism
[6] Labour Front
5500 people at a national rally in Tokyo against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Reports from various regions
- Active responses to JRCL leaflets
Fight back against the lower wages and intensified labour management onto the non-clerical workers! Denounce the leadership accepting the plan of the Tokyo prefectural government!
- No to lower wages!
- Stop the introduction of a new personnel system
- Fight against sackings, forced redeployments or intensified labour!
Topics Privatization reaching to prisons
A multinational PSI drill on the Bay of Tokyo
- Armed inspections on 'suspicious ships' from 'states supporting terrorists'
- The Koizumi government hosting the drill as a faithful dog of the US government: and other Asian countries expressing their oppositions
Book Review
- Ikuo Kameyama: Enthusiasm and Euphoria (Conclusion)


No. 1845 (November 22nd Issue)

Denounce the massacre in Fallujah
by the US force!

JRCL International Appeal (See the English Home)
- Pull Japanese troops out from Iraq! Denounce the Koizumi government combining the SDF contingent with the US forces!

- Let us fight in solidarity with Muslim people in Iraq waging their resistance against the occupying forces and US imperialism!
- Fight now for an explosive worldwide struggle against the Iraq War to break the brutalities of the Bush Empire!

Workers and students besiege the US embassy (Tokyo, 14 Nov.)(Pic. above)
- A march of anger: as crushing a hostile act by rightists
- Resolute fight-back declared against the arrogant Bush Empire!
Denounce the assault on Fallujah!
- Zengakuren immediately protest the US embassy in Tokyo (9 Nov)
- In Sapporo, against the US consulate (8 Nov)
Denounce Koizumi continuing the dispatch of Japanese troops!
- Kagoshima Univ: a campus rally (27 Oct)
5000 at a trade union based rally in Osaka (21 Oct)
- Remove US bases! Pull the troops out!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- A meaningful comment through ignorance: 'We make another Hue in Fallujah'???
- Kill devils in Fallujha!: Opium toxication into 'Armageddon'
- A fictitious talk: Three talkative sisters against Koizumi
Denounce the massacre in Fallujah by US forces!
Fight now worldwide to stop Bush's war!
- An attempt to annihilate the Fallujah people: today's crusaders!
- A machinated murder of Ararat: and a scheme to divide the Palestinian people
- Isolation of the Bush Empire and its faithful dog, the Koizumi government
- For a struggle to break the darkness of the century! Fight now in solidarity with the Muslim people!
(Pic. right: the head of the Nov. 14th demo)
Demagogueries by Koizumi to justify the Japanese government as an accomplice in the US occupation
- Praising the massacre in Fallujah
- Lying the troop dispatch as part of 'humanitarian assistance'
- Justifying the assistance to the Bush Empire as one 'to the national reconstruction by the Iraqi people'
- Decorating the dispatch as 'being rooted in the Japanese people's belief for peace'
- 'The need to cooperate with the international community': an empty rationale
[6] Labour Front
Stop the introduction of a performance-based form of wage payment by the Tokyo prefectural government!
Overcome the official movement for 'accountability and complaint procedures' organized by the leadership!
Fight the planned Nov. 16th strike!

- Neo-fascist Ishihara's authority planning a drastic change in the wage system
- 'Complaint procedures', no solution!
- For a militant strengthening of prefectural workers' unions
Topics 'Job-loss recovery' of Japanese version: behind the 'cash rich'
Reading Books
- Seiichi Sakata Glory and Tragedy of the Revolutionary Russia
From a reader
- Thank you, Kaihoh
Book Review
- Ikuo Kameyama: Enthusiasm and Euphoria


No. 1844 (November 15th Issue)

Stop the US all-out attack on Fallujah!
Break the brutalities by the Bush empire
arrogant about the re-election!
Pull out the Japanese troops
from the Iraqi battlefield!

Zengakuren protest the genocide (Nov. 9th) [1]
- Bush's victory supported by the Christian rightwing

- A mass manipulation like Nazis
- The United States divided
- The Bush empire showing its brutality
- Smash the plan to extend the SDF mission in Iraq!
Oct. 24th: Against the Iraq War! Against the Constitutional revision! An antiwar demo in Osaka
- Militant workers and students marching on the US consulate
A trade union based antiwar rally in Fukuoka (Oct. 21st)
- Greetings from Okinawa receiving the warmest supports
Oct. 21st in Obihiro, Hokkaido
- 1000 workers and students at a local antiwar rally
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- An ultra-nationalist member of the Tokyo prefectural board of education: shocked by the Emperor's remarks against his initiative for the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem
- Stupidities of the Japanese troops in Samawah: 'Japanese cultural events' provoking the Iraqi religious faith
- Monologue from Castro: the South American people laying siege to Yankee imperialism
- Mad cow disease: 'with no scientific reason'?
Book Review

- Ikuo Kameyama: Enthusiasm and Euphoria
[5] Electrical Electronic & Information Union
Stop the degeneration into a 'labour movement serving the nation'!
- What is called a 'new labour movement'
- A new guideline for 'surviving the international competition'
- What is meant by 'mutual aid and solidarity'
[6] Labour Front
- Tokyo prefectural office: a drastic cut in its subsidy for livelihood protection, deserting the impoverished households
- Mitsukoshi Department Store: 800 workers to be sacked
Topics Kanagawa prefectural board of education: ordering punishments on teachers against the Rising-Sun flag and the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem
NTT West: Fight back against the new standards for wages!
- Denounce the leadership accepting the new system!
A trade union based antiwar rally in Tokyo (Oct. 26th)
- JRCL leaflets receiving enthusiastic responses
Reading Kuroda's book
- Topos and Praxis
A letter from a reader
- Criticizing Yomiuri newspaper on the Sasebo juvenile murder


No. 1843 (November 8th Issue)

Oct. 24th Demonstration
Against the Iraq war!
Against the US-Japan military alliance!

- Smash the Powel-Koizumi talk! Militant workers and students marching on the Diet and the US embassy
- In solidarity with fighting Iraqi people
- Overcome the official pro-Constitution movement without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
Denounce the Koizumi government irresponsibly abandoning the Japanese hostage in Iraq!
Pull out the Japanese troops from the battlefield of Iraq!
Oct. 17th antiwar demo in Nagoya
- Oppose the continued occupation of Iraq! Pull out the Japanese military! Militant workers and students marching on the US consulate
- Stop another GSDF contingent dispatched to Iraq from Nagoya!
A trade union based antiwar rally in Sapporo (Oct. 21st)
- Angers against leaders of the Democratic Party advocating revisions of the Constitution
Disputes over the Daiei failure
- Truth behind the usual decision of the biggest retailer to abandon its own plan for reconstruction: pressed to accept support from the governmental IRCJ
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Afghanistan: a puppet and heroin
- Following the Transformation of US forces: nonsensical controversy over the geographical limits of the 'Far East'
- An ethnic cleansing in Kosovo after the bombings: in the reversal direction
- A 'new peace movement' to call for a change from 'disarmed pacifism' to 'armed pacifism': undermining the official pro-Constitution movement
- Greedy US oil measures ambitious to make money from the global warming
Japanese industrial monopolies troubled with the loss of the 'workplace technicality': deteriorated foundations for the 'country of technology' due to massive restructurings
1. A drastic increase in the number of grave accidents in workplaces
2. Causes for the decay of the 'workplace technicality'
- Organized working bodies reorganized under mass restructurings
- Decline of workers' 'motivation' caused by the introduction of the 'performance-based principle'
- Loss of the 'unwritten knowledge': deteriorating quality of labour-power
3. Fight back against the victimization of workers!
- NTT capital: 'Engineers' renaissance campaign'
- Smash the restructuring of a new type!
[6] Labour Front
Hokkaido prefectural workers' union: 29 minute protests in workplaces against the planned closures / transfers of prefectural hospitals
- Militant members of the trade union initiating the fight back in opposition to the betrayal by the leadership
Construction workers: Successive deaths from accidents and overwork
- Capitalists' lies of 'private diseases'
Topics Planned privatisation of Japan Post: no guarantee for continued employment
Hell of electronic clinical records: what is happening in medical workplaces
- No time to see patients: busy operating digitalized data
- Electronic records instructing the way of service: awful changes in nursing labour
- Doctors irritated from intensified work
- Why now?
- Don't make medical workplaces test sites for developing electronic clinical records


No. 1842 (November 1st Issue)

What's in store for declining G.W. Bush
A fictitious monologue by the president
- Televised debates, with cold drops coming out on my skin
- No WMDs found. So what?
- Around the neck of Koizumi, put the collar of the Security Treaty!
- World's No.1 president
- Don't hand over the presidency to that chameleon!
- Neck and neck
The Sasebo juvenile murder in depth: The government-led 'education reform' producing 'irrationally excited' kids
- Kids inclined to irrationally lose their temper: increasing nationwide
- Why the incident occurred
- 'Teach life's dignity!' An order from the education ministry
- Break the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Today's Columbus for South-American people: It's not only Muslims who are resisting.
- South Korea: growing oppositions against the obligatory military service
- The Motorcycle Diary: Things faced with a young student who became Che
- IC tags: Kids are heads of cattle?
Special The global 'Transformation' of US Forces
Fight back against the plan to turn Japan a hub base for the 'war on terrorism'!
[6] Labour Front
A super-elite high school planned by Toyota, CEPCO and Central Japan Railway
- An Eton in Japan?
Osaka Prefecture: 'Review of the administrative and financial scheme'
- Another plan for job cuts and lower wages
The nursing care business
- Sweating its workers
Topics Drain of Japanese technics: No way
A new system of restructuring: 'Outplacement' and its harshness
- 'Outplacement'
- 'A non-dismissal type of outplacement'
- Labour aristocrats accepting the offensive
- Terrible cuts in wages
Poems from comrades


No. 1841 (October 25th Issue)

24 Oct. March on the Diet and Prime Minister's House!
Denounce US air raids on Fallujah,
massacres of Iraqi people!

Overcome the official peace movement
immersed in the pro-Constitution campaign
without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

- Bankruptcy in the US occupation of Iraq, America's isolation from the rest of the world
- Attempts to make Japan a hub base for the 'war on terrorism'
- Fight it out with the aim to overthrow the Koizumi government rushing to the Constitutional revision!
Smash the 'international donors' conference for Iraq'!
- Zengakuren protests in front of the Prime Minister's House (13 Oct.)
Denounce the aerial crash of US war planes!
- A trade union based rally of protest in Okinawa (5 Oct)
Aichi prefectural police: the front-runner in the intensification of the security order
- Under the pretext of the planned Expo and a new international airport
- What is called the 'action plan': emphasizing 'counter-terrorist measures'
- Mutual surveillance of residents urged by police and municipal authorities
- Encouragement of installation of surveillance cameras
- Don't strengthen the coercive security order!
[3] Kaleidoscope 2004
- Baghdad Burning
- A book on the Shimoyama Case: why now?
- Where are measures for an earthquake?
Burning Intifada under the leadership of Hamas
Bankruptcy of Sharon's plan of 'pullout from Gaza'
1. Gaza Invasion: storms of massacres against Palestinians ordered by Sharon
- Operation Days of Penitence
- Indomitable fights by Palestinian people
2. Hamas: new political struggles and the announced participation in elections
- The declining leadership of the PLO headed by Arafat
- Hamas's new tactics for struggles
3. The Sharon government cornered
The Sasebo juvenile muder:
Critique of the Court judgement attributing the murder to the girl's 'peculiar personality'

- Internment of the girl
- Told to give up basketball
- 'I wanna meet her to apologize', said the girl: immersed in the virtual reality of the Internet world
- An attempt to revise the Juvenile Law
- 'Characteristics common to the Kobe Case': babbles from a stupid commentator
[6] Labour Front
NTT workers exhausted by the strengthened sales norm
- The advance order from the CEO
- 'Increase by five times'
- Denounce the trade union leadership helping the restructuring!
Takeda Chemical Industries: 20% wage cut
- A 'job-based wage system' to be introduced: an extreme type of the 'performance pay'
[7] From workplaces
My way of 'protest'
- Against the order for a stricter quality control
Advance, undaunted by failure!
- My organizing praxis
Poems composed for growing indignations: from a workplace of education in Tokyo
- Don't be killed by Governor Ishihara!: Offensives for a reactionary reorganization of education reform'
- Tragic and miserable results of the IT education
- Education workers who fought back, rejecting the order to change their thought


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