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No. 1870
(May 30th Issue)

Build a mass struggle
against revision of the Constitution

From the labour front!
Denounce the Jichiro and JTU leaderships
turning supportive for the revision!

200 students from Okinawa International Univ. etc.
leading the human chain,
Zengakuren students singing the International
to close the meeting
- The Koizumi government ambitious to change Japan into 'a state that can wage war'
- Jichiro and JTU leaders surrendering to Rengo President Sasamori: Jichiro officials crying 'Put the pro-Constitutional into the dustbin of history!' with JTU leaders making up their minds to revise Article 9
- Overcome the JCP-led 'pro-Constitutional' movement with no pro-Constitutional position!

the US Force's Futenma Air Station (May 15th) besieged by thousands of protesters agianst the military base, with 200 students leading a chain (Pic. right)

Stop the 6th SDF dispatch to Iraq from Itami Base!
- Zengakuren struggle to stop the batch (May 7th)
- Students from Kobe University speak to a mass rally near the base (April 24th)
(See the picture in the previous issue)

Zengakuren holds a welcoming meeting for freshers (May 15)
- Filled with resolves to stop the Constitutional revision (Pic. right)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- The Quran desecration: adding fuel to the flames against today's Crusaders
- 30 years on from the Vietnam War: yesterday's enemy becoming today'sc
- A Cuban terrorist under the US protection: wanted by the Venezuelan government
- Little Birds: a movie helping viewers imagine war fires in Iraq

JR West Co.'s punitive 'daily education' cause 16 workers to commit suicides for 5 years
- 'Punctual' drives forced according to the congested train schedule
- The driver forced to salute 'for training' for 13 days
- A victimized trainee forced to retain his urine
- Offensives to make careerists and to destroy trade unions disobedient to the company
- Offices in the company union defending the managerial
- Let us fight by reviving the tradition of the driving safety struggle!
The same disaster possible in the Metropolitan Undergroud!
- Fight back against the Traffic Bureau planning an extreme prolongation of working hours!

Basic Industry Workers' Union: labour aristocrats pledging their allegiance to the state and the industry
- Sudden cries 'for workplace ability'
- Imposing 'morale for production' in the name of 'vital workplaces'
- Denounce the leadership shifting the responsibilities for accidents onto workers

May Day in regions
- Rallies in Hokkaido (May 1st), a JCP-led rally in Aichi (May 1st), a Rengo rally in Fukuoka (April 29th)

Topics A summer time system planned: what is aimed for

On an article included in Kan'ichi Kuroda Living the Contemporary Age

Reading books
- "The Beginning of the End"
- K. Kuroda's Life and His Works


No. 1869
(May 23rd Issue)

Stop revision of the Constitution!
Build a mass movement
against strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Fight by overcoming the JCP-led 'pro-Constitution' movement!

- On 'the 60th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany': hostile frictions between the US and Russia-China
- Confrontation between the US-Japan and China-ROK for the hegemony over East Asia
- The official opposition movement engulfed by the waves of Constitutional revision
- Expose the deception by the JCP central leadership stressing the 'Party's dual role'!

Pic. in the left: militant students fighting to stop the 6th SDF batch to Iraq from Itami Base (May 7th)

Stop revision of the Constitution!
- April 29th Kansai united action of workers and students (Osaka), April 30th Hokkaido united action of workers and students (Sapporo), April 23rd Kansai student action (Osaka), April 28th students' walk against the Constitutional revision at Kagoshima University

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Coalition of the Billing: no body included in the official war dead
- Communist-Nationalist collaboration in the 21st century: post Maoism of China
- 'A operation to rescue the hostages'?: the flame-up failed in Baghdad
- A new law in Florida: 'Kill before being killed!'
- Doubts over the official announcement refuting North Korea's allegation of the remain of a Japanese abductee

The Democratic Party of Japan waving a flag for revision of the Constitution
Break reactionary offensives under today's Imperial Assistance Association system!
- Changing yells for the Constitutional revision with the Koizumi government and the Liberal Democratic Party
- Revisions drafted by the DPJ: seeking for Japan's 'independence from the US'
- Rejection of Article 9 and proposals for an autocratic system under prime minister
- Denounce the Rengo leadership ordering to support the DPJ draft!

Denounce the Jichiro leadership deciding revision of Article 9 for sending troops abroad!
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers' Committee
- Denounce the historic crime by the leadership of the prefectural / municipal workers' unions!
- Overcome limitations of leaders against the central leadership!
- Fight back against offensives for restructurings in local governments! Build a mass movement against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq War and the military alliance!

April 2nd Constitution Forum in Sapporo
- At the trade union-based lecture meeting, a lecturer silenced before harsh criticisms from conscious workers

Drafted revisions to the nursing-care insurance law to desert 'unhealthy aged people'

May Day rallies
- Osaka: 'You tolerate the JR West authorities!' Angers against Rengo leaders
- Ishikawa: Voices against the Constitutional revision

May 7th Rally against revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Workers rallying nationally in Tokyo

Poems: A farcical trip by war criminal Bush


No. 1868
(May 16th Issue)

April 30th
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth
march on the Diet and Prime Minister's Office

to stop revision of the Constitution!

- Fight back against a neofascistic repression!
- Deliver a sweeping criticism against the JCP advocating for 'coexistence of the Constitution with the Self-Defence Forces'!
(Pic in the left)

- Workers and students rise in a demonstration against the Constitutional revision (Apr 24, Naha)
May 3rd Constitution Day in Tokyo
- Militant workers and students struggle at a mass rally against the revision
May 3rd in Osaka
- Denounce violent acts by JCP officers against JRCL propaganda!
Stop resumption of a dangerous nuclear plant!
- 200 workers and students at a rally nearing the site in Shika (Apr 23rd)

May Day rallies: JRCL fighting to strengthen workers' struggle against the Constitutional revision
- Rengo rally (Apr 29th), Zenrokyo rally (May 1st), JCP-led Zenroren Rally (May 1st), Tokyo prefectural workers unions (May 1st)

[4] May 3rd
Denounce the state power machinating a violent rightist attack on Zengakuren students!
- A fascist attack launched upon opposition movement against revision of the Constitution
- Machinated by Metropolitan Police Department's Security Division, Marunouchi Police Station, and Riot Squad 1
- 'Exterminate Reds!' A rightist convoy suddenly U-turning to attack students distributing handbills
- Police blocking the traffic to make a space, where 60 rightists rushing
- Riot police officers blocking a Zengakuren car, as rightists attacking it
- After rightists disappearing, come security police officers, attempting to blame Zengakuren
- A violent attack machinated by a unified headquarters
- Fight back the violent offensive attempted to exterminate struggles against the Constitutional revision!
Pic in the right: A police officer blocking the Zengakuren car, as 2 rightists kicking its body (before rightists' cars contained the Zengakuren car to give grave damages.)

Denounce JR West Co. taking 107 lives!
- A strained 'recovering drive' causing the grave accident
- A profit-first policy, neglecting safety drive, since the very start of JR West Co.
- A company union actively supporting the authorities' personnel control policy

[6] Labour front
Harsh intensification of labour imposed
- The Japan Postal Agency authorities: 'Keep the compliance!'

Hokkaido prefectural authorities: presenting a 'program for prefectures' reorganization of prefectures into states'
- Stop mass sackings of public workers!

Okinawa: a serious injury from a forced drive with no licence
- The managerial shifting the responsibility onto the worker

Kim Jong Il's autocratic ruling system nearing the collapse
- Tense diplomacy over the six-party talk to be resumed
- Indications towards 'unification of Koreas'
- North Korea suffering from an economic catastrophe

Reading Kuroda's articles on the vanguard organization
- Making the organization a topos for 'human revolutionalization'

Reading Walter Mosley's What Next
- His awakening as African American


No. 1867
(May 9th Issue)

Stop revision of the Constitution!
Stop enactment of the Referendum Law for the revision!

Overcome the JCP-led 'pro-Constitutional' movement
with no 'pro-Constitutional' cause!

- Stormy offensives of legislating a Referendum and drafting revisions!
- Development into a confrontation between the US-Japan vs. China-South Korea
- Betrayals by central leaders in the municipal workers' and teachers' unions
- JCP partcrats struck to the heart by our criticism
- Stop revision of the Constitution! Fight for an explosive struggle against the war and the US-Japan military alliance in solidarity with people in China and South Korea!

Denounce the violent attack by police and rightists on the street propaganda against the Constitutional revision
Joint Statement of Protest by Zengakuren and the JRCL

Railway accident in Amagasaki: the responsibility for the disaster lies with the authorities of JR West Co.!
JRCL Statement
- Denounce the managerial and personnel policies of the JR West Co. neglecting safety!
- What caused the disaster?
- JR West Co. watching out 'delays' in seconds and punishing drivers as a warning to others
- A punitive training 'like hell'
- Denounce the 'profit first' policy of JR West Co. ordering 'a higher speed' for competing with private railways! Fight back by denouncing corrupt leaders of the corporate union obedient to the authorities!

Stop the 6th dispatch of GSDF troops to Iraq!
- Rise in the May 7th struggle at Itami City!
- Denounce the JCP central leadership abandoning the struggle!

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Self-criticism by a JCP leader, 'I mistakenly failed to stress the unconstitutionality of the SDF': A bureaucratic deception by the central leadership pressed by our criticism
- Roh Moo-hyun's scheme: 'reds' turning patriots, 'anti-communists' traitors
- 'Throwing good money after bad': Putin's visit to Ukraine
- A best-selling Japanese book relating an 'invisible war': reality in that there is no sense of reality

Denounce the leadership of the Japan Teachers' Union degenerating into a supportive position for the Constitutional revision in the name of 'participation in discussion over the Constitution'!
- March's meeting of the JTU Central Committee: the 'pro-Constitutional' flag took down
- 'Discussion over the Constitution' for 'agreeing' on the 'revision'
- 'Resistance' by left-wing social democratic leaders and their betrayal
- Controversy over the proposed review of the 'five agreements'
- Stop the JTU convention deciding a supportive policy for the Constitutional revision!

A new network of spy organizations and the Chukakuha remnants incorporated into it

Planned revisions to the Labour Safety Law
- More deaths from overwork and suicides inevitable

March 26th rally against revision of the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education
- JRCL struggle in opposition to the central leadership of the JCP-led teachers' unions

Topics A shameful exchange over anti-Japanese demonstrations: between the 'Rengo' president and a bureaucratic representative of the official trade unions in China

A retrial decided for the wartime 'Yokohama Case'
- The atrocities applied onto progressive intellectuals for repressing free speech

- 'Patriotic' flames in China

Like a 'young rice plant' grasping the earth
- Considering sentences and the style in the Selected Early Writings by Kan'ichi Kuroda


No. 1866
(May 2nd Issue)

April 30th United Action of Workers and Students!
Against anti-Chinese, anti-Korean chauvinism,
Fight to stop the Constitutional revision!

- Mutual collisions between nationalisms: Japanese vs. Chinese and South Korean
- Conflicts between the US-Japan and China intensifying over East and Southeast Asia
- The Koizumi government rushing to revise the Constitution by means of chauvinist agitation
- Fight for an explosive struggle to stop the revision and to oppose the war and the US-Japan military alliance

Zengakuren protest at the Prime Minister's Office (April 17th)
- 'Denounce the chauvinist agitation against China and South Korea for the Constitutional revision!

3000 workers and students rally at a nuclear site in Kyushu (April 9th)
- Stop the dangerous plan of pluthermal operation

A fictitious nightmare of the king
- Illusions with the national online network of resident registries

Smash the stormy offensive for destroying students' self-governing associations!
- Offensives to annihilate students' associations and autonomous circles
- Intensified control upon students by authorities of universities pressed by the government
- Smash the offensives as an anticipation of the Constitutional revision!

Roh Moo-hyun 's South Korea scheming to drift away from the triangular alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea
- A change to a hard-line policy towards Japan
- Attempts to 'embrace' North Korea
- The government of the Uri party aiming to clear the 'conservatives' away

Working at a nursing facility for aged people
- Prevalence of noro virus

Working at a social insurance office
- Harsh work for consulting and collecting money

Topics The deceptive vision of 'society in which men and women jointly participate'

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- JCP: A 'dialectical' method for spoiling the rank-and-files beyond Bernstein
- A neo-con in limbo: a pending nomination as UN envoy
- Another dispatch of troops planned for Sudan: for a seat at the UNSC
- Accusation by the wife: an executive victimized for concealing the truth of a nuclear accident


Reading an article on discussion at an organizational meeting
- I change my attitude towards a meeting

What I have felt at a tough workplace


No. 1865
(April 25th Issue)

Stop the Constitutional revision!
Fight together on April 30th!

Denounce the 'Rengo' labour aristocrats
waving the flag of the revision!

Create waves of fight back
from the labour front!

- Stop chauvinist campaign by the Koizumi government!
- The Rengo central leadership and the national headquarters of the Jichiro and the JTU pressing workers to support the revision!
- The Jichiro national headquarters' policy 'to codify a basic law of peace': against the working class
- Fight back against the chauvinist campaign! Smash the scheme for revising the Constitution!
Tokyo: April 30th, Hokkaido: April 30th, Okinawa: April 24th

Zengakuren protests against the Koizumi government leading chauvinist campaigns against South Korea and China (In front of the Prime Minister's Office, April . Pic. right)

Denounce the enactment of the 'Takeshima Day' ordinance of Shimane Prefecture supported by the Koizumi government! Denounce the chauvinist incitement under the pretext of 'Japan's sovereignty over the Takeshima islets'!

Denounce the education ministry approving the school textbooks compiled by the ultra-nationalist Society for History Textbook Reform! Stop their adoption in schools!

Denounce the Koizumi government leading chauvinist campaigns against South Korea and China! Denounce the Chinese government of the Stalinist bureaucracy agitating anti-Japanese nationalism to shift their blame for domestic contradictions!

Stop the Constitutional revision! Advance militant struggles against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance! Fight in solidarity with South Korean and Chinese people!

World Exposition 2005 in Aichi Prefecture: A farce
An Expo of Toyota, by Toyota and for Toyota
- Mobilization of ranks and their families from affiliates
- 'Wisdom of Nature'? No. 'Cunning of Capital'
- Environmental destructions and other sufferings imposed upon the toiling masses

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A dubious 'NGO': its manuals for 'regime changes' introduced from the Yankeedom
- The dictionary of the education ministry: with no entry for 'aggression'
- An island or a rock? The southern 'fortress' of Japan, vulnerable to Tsunami
- 'Be not an Asian but a pacific nation!' The pro-American rightist president of the Central Japan Railway

The Bush Empire and its strategy for 'escaping forward': In the name of 'expansion of freedom and democracy', a Dutch roll
1. Belated makeshifts for the bankrupted occupation of Iraq
2. Trials and errors for patching up the strategy of 'pre-emptive attack'
- Pushing forward attempts for 'regime change' in the 'outposts of tyranny' and for preventing China and Russia from growing to be rival forces
- Patch-ups for the collapsed 'Coalition of the Willing'
- Rice's 'diplomatic way of democratization'
- Making a society under a jungle law called 'ownership society'
- Agitation for Christian fundamentalism
- The Bush Dynasty
3. The Bush Empire coming to an end
- The loss of Iraq as the bankruptcy in the 'democratization of the Middle East'
- Intensifying conflicts with China and Russia
- Rejection by EU countries: NATO declining
- A critical situation toward the collapse of the US Dollar ruling order
- A major split of the US nation

One nurse for 12 senile persons: The night nurse hardly slept a wink every night
What underlies a 'murder' at a group home in Ishikawa Prefecture
- The case is by no means a 'cruel ill-treatment'
- All sufferings imposed upon workers under the nursing-care insurance system

The JCP-led teachers' unions: The 22nd Regular National Convention
- No sense of crisis before the offensive for revising the Constitution and the Fundamental Law of Education

Topics A retrial decided for the Yokohama Incident, a wartime repression on speech

Reading Fujitsu Seen from Inside: Collapse of Its 'Performance First'
- A 'criticism' of a primitive type of the performance-based principle

Stop local assemblies voting for revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
- Stresses on patriotism and morality
- Denounce the betrayal by the JTU leadership

Reading Kuroda's books
- 'The Atomic Bomb Issue and Me'
- 'The Contemporary Revolution and Human Revolutionalization' (included in Kuroda's Thought on Revolution, Part II)


No. 1864
(April 18th Issue)

Rise in a United Action of Workers and Students
on April 30th!

No revision of the Constitution!
Stop enactment of a referendum law for the revision!

Fight against the chorus for the revision
and the chauvinist agitation,

in solidarity with East-Asian people!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

I. Bush Emperor's 'escape forward', and the drives for the Constitutional revision!
1. US-Japan vs China-Korea: a growing danger of warfare in Asia
2. Conflicts between Russia and the US over the Middle East and the CIS
3. The Koizumi government rushing for a 'Bush Constitution'!
4. Formation of an assistant camp for the revision
II. Organize a militant current against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!
1. Denounce the central JCP leadership advocating for 'coexistence of the Constitution with the SDF forces'!
2. Fight it out by overcoming the official peace movement engulfed by the revisionist chorus!

Waseda University: March 31st - April 1st
- The attempted removal of the student association room smashed
- Students' struggles growing against the school authority 'repealing' the authorization of the students' self-governing association
(The upper pic in the right)

Zengakuren: the 118th meeting of the Central Committee (March 30th)
- Preparation for struggle made up against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq War and the US-Japan military alliance
(The lower pic)

The JCP-led Zenroren leadership distorting the spring offensive into a movement for corporate social responsibility: demanding some 'charity' from capitalists
1. 'Movement for CSR' being developed
2. Flatteries for monopoly capitalists in the name of 'establishment of CSR'
3. A limitless degeneration of the JCP idea of 'economic democritization'

Fight to stop the adoption of the Tsukurukai's ultra-nationalist history textbook!
- Denounce the government authorizing the school textbook justifying Japan's war crime!

Rengo rallies for the spring offensive
- Kanazawa (March the 14th), Sapporo (March 11th)

Topics Smash the planned privatisation of the postal services!

Fight back against the Ishihara-led Tokyo government penalizing teachers for the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem!
- Denounce the metropolitan board of education penalizing teachers disobedient to the orders for forced honour for the flag and the anthem!
- The JTU leadership surrendering to the forced honour order and the constitutional revision
- Militant workers breaking through the betrayal by the official leadership

The IDB conference in Okinawa
- Fight back against the intensified security order for 'crisis control'!

- Gigantic Tsunami

Reading books
- Kan'ichi Kuroda: Topos and Praxis, Vol. 1


No. 1863
(April 11th Issue)

Fight for a surging struggle
to stop the Constitutional revision!

Flare the flame of struggle
from the labour front!

- Drives for the revision pressed by the Bush administration!
- Intensified commitments in the 'war on terrorism'
- The official leadership engulfed in the revisionist current
- Advance the struggle to stop the revision in combination with the struggle against the Iraq war!
- Denounce the central JCP leadership proposing for 'coexistence of the Constitution with the SDF forces'!
- Stop the Referendum Bill submitted for the revision of the Constitution!

[2] International Day against the Iraq War

Denounce the occupation! Stop the Constitutional revision! Demonstrations nationwide
- Okinawa prefectural rally called by trade unions (March 18th) (The top in the left),
- Ishikawa Peace Movement Centre Rally in Kanazawa (March 18th),
- A rally called by the trade union-based Osaka Peace Movement Centre (March 19th)
(the middle),
- A rally in Fukuoka called by the trade union-based Peace Forum Rally (March 20th, inspite of damages from an unusual earthqake)
(the lowest)

Fight back against the Tokyo government penalizing teachers!
- Oppose forced honours to the rising-sun flag and the reign-of-the-Emperor anthem!

Kaleidoscope 2005
- Roosevelt tearing: Ownership Society?
- The spirit of el Libertador reviving: the pledge of Ayacycho
- The drug-addicted fleet: From Baghdad through Yokosuka to Shibuya and Roppongi

Putin's Russia shaken by the American Empire as the sole superpower
- Countermeasures against Bush's attempt to undermine the CIS
- Russia's revival as a great power by means of oil resources: a daydream
- Revealed weakness in the economic base and disorders in the domestic rule

The steel industry: the rate of operation 120%
Special procurements from China and successive industrial accidents
- The first priority to the Chinese market
- Larger-sized furnaces
- The global reorganization of steel makers
- Superannuated facilities operated to the limit: causing accidents

Denounce the leadership of the NTT Workers' Union abandoning demands for higher wages for five consecutive years!
- Organize fights back from workplaces against the full introduction of the performance-based payment!

Topics Mergers of steel makers beyond national boundaries for special procurement from the Chinese market: successive industrial accidents under the worst conditions of labour

Jichiro: Public workers' rally in Tokyo for the spring labour offensive (March 15th)
- Angers against the leadership accepting the Constitutional revision

Denounce labour aristocrats in the Private Railway and Buss Workers' Unions surrendering to the 'zero percent' response from the capitalists!
- Major companies introducing contract workers into stations

Spring offensive in the Press Workers' Unions: Denounce the central leadership with no tactics or vision!
- Drives for rationalizations and intensified labour in newspaper companies
- The central leadership: completely weak-kneed
- Overcome the leadership raising the empty cry for 'rebuilding the industrial offensive'!

Reading books
- Koganeidzutsumi Sakurako: Kan'ichi Kuroda Living the Present
- Kan'ichi Kuroda: Anthropology


No. 1862
(April 4th Issue)

In solidarity with South Korean and
other East Asian people,

raise waves to stop revision of the Constitution!
Denounce the central JCP leadership
engulfed in the tide of the Constitutional revision!

Strengthen the fighting front!

Let us expand a fighting front ! (March 20th rally)
Students from the metropolitan area
marching in solidarity with workers (March 20th )
March 19th: trade union ranks
rallying at the second venue of the rally
- Fierce, angry responses from South Korea and China to the Koizumi administration rushing to revision of the war-renouncing Constitution of Japan
- Offensives for the Constitutional revision: the final stage
- An LDP draft for revision with Japanese nationalism laid bare
- Strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance based on 'common strategic objectives'
- Break through the crisis of opposition movement engulfed in the tide of the Constitutional revision!
- A historic crime by the central JCP leadership advocating a 'practical use of SDF troops based on Article 9 of the Constitution'

[2] United actions growing beyond sectarian attempts of division
March 20th Rally for Joint International Action: enthusiastic 6000 workers, students and citizens rallying
- 'United actions of trade unions' stressed by a representative from the traffic-related trade unions
- JCP Chair's queer speech with no reference to 'opposition to the Constitutional revision'
- Build an extensive front against the Constitutional revision,the Iraq War and the military alliance in opposition to sectarianism of the JCP!
March 19th World Peace Now rally
- A holiday mood with no sense of crisis: shutting trade unions out of the main venue
- 'Denounce JTU and Jichiro leaders accepting the Constitutional revision!': A 'pro-Constitutional' pose taken by leaders pressed from the rank-and-files

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A Senile militarist of the Empire:
- The Empire waning in power
- The Empire splitting under the dynasty
- The Empire with mad cow disease

JAM [Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery and Manufacturing Workers]: labour aristocrats abandoning the Spring Offensive under the pretext of 'change to social policies'
Fight in opposition to the metal labour version of 'industrial patriotic movement'!
1. What they call 'realization of social policies'
2. Demanding policies for 'sustainable growth of Japanese economy'
3. 'Demands for wages' with no raise and assistance to restructuring

JEC [Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers Unions] leaders' line of the Spring Offensive for just a 'spring consultation': full cooperation with restructuring measures in the name of 'development of the chemical industry'
- Factors causing 'business recovery' to monopolies
- 'Efforts for job security': a sheer lie
- Excuses for accepting lower wages
- Abandoning antiwar struggles
- Organize struggles against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision!

UI Zensen [Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]: Fight the 2005 Spring Offensive in opposition to betrayal by the central leadership! Fight against the Iraq War, the Constitutional revision and restructurings!
- Chemical-textile capital in a crisis
- Leaders advocating a labour movement serving corporations, the industry and the state
- Stop the betrayal by the UI Zensen leadership!

Postal Workers: Miseries produced by the 'one net system' in the busy New Year
- No time remains other than for sleep
- The 'one net system' producing 'three nets' in the busy period
- Stop the JPU leadership imposing the 'one net system' on workers!

Fight back against fascistic oppressions on journalism!: On a statement from the central leadership of the Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Unions on the 'NHK scandal': timidly giving 'attention' alone
- Rightist LDP politicians' pressure on a program about wartime 'comfort women' and the Emperor: an anticipation of pressures under the 'regulations on false reports'
- Organize a campaign against media repression and the Constitutional revision!

Today's mass media turning a 'patriotic journalist association'
- Media regulations for mobilizing the nation to war
- Japanese mass media surrendering to the state
- Media workers, stand up now!

Topics Behind the accident at a railroad crossing: Don't' shift the responsibility onto the gatekeeper!

For assimilate again the origin of our anti-Stalinist communist movement
- Reading an article on Kuroda's "The Organization and the Human Entity" (included in Kuroda's Thought on Revolution)


No. 1861
(March 28th Issue)

Fight for workers' victory
in the 2005 spring offensive!

Break through the degeneration
into a 'labour movement
serving the state, industries and companies'!

6000 workers at the March 20th rally
called by traffic-related trade unions against the Iraq War
Students from the metropolitan area
in solidarity with workers
- Full cooperation with capitalists in restructuring, sacking and lower wages
- Break through the betrayal by the labour aristocrats! Fight for a militant fight back in the latter half of the offensive!
- Fight head-on against the reactionary current for the Constitutional revision

Oppose US military bases in Japan (Okinawa) strengthened as a sally fortress for the 'war on terrorism'!
- US bases in Okinawa rapidly reorganized and strengthened
- A drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
- Invitation of an IDB conference as appeasement measures by the prefectural authority
- Fight against the strengthening of the military alliance! Stop the Constitutional revision!

For the 118th meeting of the Central Committee of the Zengakuren (March 30th)
- Prepare for struggles against the Constitutional revision, the Iraq War and the military alliance!
- Fight back against the education ministry and school authorities attempting to destroy students' associations!

Remnants of the Chukakuha
- Employed again by the state as its tools

Denounce the worst betrayal by the central leadership of Jichiro [Prefectural/Municipal Workers Union] deciding its support for 'revision of Article 9 of the Constitution'!
Organize a mass struggle against the Constitutional revision! Fight against the Iraq War and the military alliance!
- The Koizumi government launching a historic offensive for revising the war-renouncing Constitution
- Denounce the Democratic Party cooperating with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in its rush for the Constitutional revision!
- Denounce the central Jichiro leadership advocating for 'a revision of the Constitution to stop its interpretational revision'
- Denounce the JTU leadership changing to a Constitutional-revisionist course in the guise of 'participation in discussions over the Constitution'!
- Denounce the central JCP leadership advocating for 'coexistence of the SDF forces with the Constitution'!
- Build a mass front from workplaces to stop the Constitutional revision!

Labour aristocrats in the Electrical Electronic and Information Union degenerated into an employment security office to urge workers to accept dismissals
- 'Reform in the business structure'
- Contracting outplacement companies
- Maintaining 'lower wages'
- Justification of illegal actions through joint consultations
- What they call 'work-life balance'
- Policy-related demands raised hand in hand with capitalists
- Organize a strenuous fight back from workplaces!

Miseries of migrant workers in China: 50,000 workers in the Guangzhou riot
- Mass angers exploded in Guangzhou: strikes and walkouts in succession
- Lowest wages and worst conditions
- 'Harmonious society': an illusion

The double railway accident on the JR Tokaido Line in 2002: Denounce the guilty verdict to JR workers!
- Denounce the JR West authority and the District Court shifting the responsibility upon to the railway workers!

Regional Rengo rallies for the spring offensive
- Osaka (March 4th), Aichi (March 6th), Fukuoka (March 5th)

Topics 'Independent contract workers' increasing: a loophole in the labour code and the craftiest measures for reducing the cost of employment

[7] Kaleidoscope
- Japan as Asia's orphan: meeting resentful reactions from Koreans over the islets
- What Next by Walter Mosley: a black Socrates
- Livedoor vs. Fuji TV: what's the aim of American raptors behind the scene
- A preface-to-be for a revised Constitution written by Nakasone: 'independence' written by the former prime minister obedient to the US
Review Goto Shojiro The Reason Why I Continue to Commit in the Kobe Case: Is the Boy Criminal?
- The lawyer's outcry from his confidence: accusing the state crime
Report: a civic meeting for the truth of the Kobe Case

Learning the energetic internal discussions
- On an article by the Central Workers' Orgburo in Kaihoh (No. 1851-52)


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese, no English edition available.
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2005 No. 1851-1860
2004 No. 1801-1810 No. 1811-1820 No. 1821-1830 No. 1831-1840 No. 1841-1850
2003 No. 1750-1760 No. 1761-1770 No. 1771-1780 No. 1781-1790 No. 1791-1800
2002 No. 1701-1710 No. 1711-1720 No. 1721-1730 No. 1731-1740 No. 1741-1749
2001 No. 1651-1660 No. 1661-1670 No. 1671-1680 No. 1681-1690 No. 1691-1700
2000 No. 1600-1610 No. 1611-1620 No. 1621-1630 No. 1631-1640 No. 1641-1650
1999 - No. 1563-1570 No. 1571-1580 No. 1581-1599

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