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No. 2490
October 16th 2017 Issue)

Rise in the Workers and Students' United Actions on October 29th!
No to Trump's visit to Japan! No to the US-Japan summit meeting!
Down with the Abe government resting on the NSC autocracy!
Stop a nuclear Korean war! Stop the revision of the Constitution!

Central Students' Orgburo

I. Abe is desperately attempting to stay in power: the general election amid a growing crisis of a nuclear Korean War

II. The imminent danger of a nuclear Korean War: It may touch off another World War
- A race to build up nuclear military potentials is intensifying between the US/Japan/South Korea and North Korea-China/Russia

III. Degeneration of the official opposition movement leaderships and the strenuous efforts of the revolutionary left

IV. Denounce the Japanese Communist Party leaders' descent into the position of 'defending the homeland'!

V. Topple the Abe government bent on participating in the war and revising the Constitution!
- Stop a nuclear Korean war! Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
- Don't allow any of Japan's attempts to arm itself with nuclear weapons!
- Absolutely 'NO!' to the revision of the Constitution!


'Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
The JRCL ardently called on workers and citizens in the busy street of Fukuoka, September 14th


Tepco's Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant

Denounce the Nuclear Regulation Authorities for drawing the conclusion,
----'Reactors Nos. 6 and 7 satisfy the requirements for the new safety standards'!


A appalling degeneration of Chukaku-ha remnants, the last phase of the tools of state power


What will be brought about by the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'?
(Part 9)
Clerical workers are being replaced by the "robots"
(a new software system called Robotic Process Automation)

The Japanese Trade Union Confederation leadership aided the break-up of the Democratic Party

The Labour Ministry's panel released a report outlining the 'work style reform'-related bills to be brought before the Diet
Shatter the major revision of labour laws!

The 'poverty of children' in Hokkaido

- 'The sad state of affairs of families living in poverty: short of money for food, medical treatment, heating, etc.
- 'Settle it on your own responsibility': The Abe government imposes 'self-help efforts' on the poor

The criminal nature of the JCP policy,
'joint struggle between citizens and opposition parties',
playing up to the so-called conscientious conservatives
-- Criticizing the 'lectures' given by JCP senior leaders on the 95th anniversary of its foundation


No. 2489
October 9th 2017 Issue)

Topple the Abe government rushing to participate in a US attack on North Korea!
Fight resolutely, denouncing the JCP's parliamentarianist distortion of struggles!

- Abe's dissolution of the Lower House 'aimed at getting through the national crisis':
---a plot to strengthen the NSC autocracy with the aim of plunging the nation into war
- Create a tidal wave of anti-Abe government struggle,
--- overcoming the JCP's distortion of the struggle into an election campaign for a coalition between opposition parties!
- Denounce the JCP bureaucrats' plunge into a position of 'defending the homeland'!
-Let us advance antiwar struggles to stop a nuclear Korean war!
- Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
-Overthrow the Abe government intent on participating in a war and revising the Constitution!

'Down with the Abe government!'
Protest voices echoed through the city
Thousands of workers, students and citizens took to the streets,
September 19th, Nagoya
'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Stop the revision of Article 9!'
Protesters fought in high spirits
Each holding up a placard, demonstrators marched in the city streets

Media control by the government
Abe pressed television newscasters to stop reporting on the Moritomo and Kake Gakuren scandals
and to one-sidedly circulate the government's view


'Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
Bearing a big banner, Kanazawa Univ. students strived to make a militant upsurge of the rally
'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Overthrow the Abe government!'
Workers and students demonstrated in the streets of Kanazawa,
September 19th

The Government is attempting to step up a wartime mobilization structure
by making full use of J-Alert, a nationwide warning system against missile attacks

The Education Ministry tightens school textbook censorship to virtually impose government-edited textbooks on all schools
with the aim of reviving 'militarist Japan'

No to the strengthening of 'patriotic' education by the Abe government!

The Abe government is bent on introducing a system of performance assessment in universities

Expose deceptions in Abe's concept of 'social security for all generations'!

Don't allow the sacrificing of social security for military buildup!

The government is going to employ uncertified immigrant workers in nursing care services with extremely low wages
to patch up acute labour shortages, in the name of Technical Internship Program for foreigners

No to the restructuring plan of Japan Display Inc. involving mass dismissals and redeployment of workers!


- Faced with the Manchurian Incident in 1931, the then JCP youths risked their lives to call on soldiers to turn their guns backwards,
to their 'real enemy'; today, the party is doing the opposite

- Is it to rank with 'Mao Zedong Thought'?! :
Power struggles are intensifying as the 19th National Congress of the CPC is approaching


No. 2488
October 2nd 2017 Issue)

Eradicate the danger of a nuclear Korean war!
Thwart a nuclear attack against North Korea by the Trump administration!
No to the hydrogen bomb testing and missile test-firing by the Kim regime!

- Overthrow the Abe government with the united power of the working class!
- The confrontation between the US and North Korea has plunged into a hair-trigger situation
-- The Trump administration is escalating its military threats against North Korea
-- The Kim regime is hell-bent on the development of nuclear ICBMs
-- Xi and Putin are intensifying their opposition to the US government

- Let us fight resolutely under the banner, 'Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance'!

'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' 'No to the constitutional revision!'
Carrying banners and placards, militant students fought together with workers and citizens
Two years after the enactment of the War Law
Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in front of the Diet Building to topple the Abe government,
September 19th, Tokyo(pic above)


'Abrogate the Conspiracy Law!'

Voices of workers, students and citizens were united in a huge protest, September 15th, Hibiya, Tokyo
(pic left) Students from the Metropolitan area raised big placards, saying 'Down with the Abe government!' in the middle of the bandshell
(pic right) 'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Stop the constitutional revision!' With a banner spread wide, Students demonstrated in the Ginza district

The May-led British government is boxed in on all sides

@-- Brexit talks have been confronted with a great many difficulties

'No to Trump's preemptive attack on North Korea!'
Kanazawa Univ. students conducted an emphatic publicity drive against a nuclear Korean war,
September 7th, Kanazawa
Students called for opposition to Trump's threat of a nuclear strike on North Korea, while denouncing Kim's hydrogen bomb test
(pic right)


Don't allow the offensive of outsourcing public services in the name of the 'industrialization of services'!

-- A criticism of the action plan of Jichiro
[All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
for 'putting local finances on a firm footing' and 'reforming public services'

Create a huge upsurge of struggles against a nuclear Korean war,
against the constitutional revision, and against the US-Japan military alliance!


Denounce the JCP-obedient leadership of Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]
for admitting the Self-Defense Forces, saying it is 'designed exclusively for defense'!

The Japanese government agreed to extend a large yen loan to India for the construction of an Indian version of the bullet train Japan had undertaken
It is trying to find a means of patching up bankrupt 'Abenomics' in its infrastructure exports

What will be brought about by the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'? (Part 8)
'Opening your office anytime, anywhere'!
?: Workers are downtrodden under the 'tele-work system'

Internal power struggles within the Liberal Democratic Party have burst into flame


- The Abe government keeps buying expensive US-made weapons as it is bid by the Trump administration

- Workers' pension funds turned out to have been invested in the stocks of the world's 'merchants of death'

- On the Rohingya question in Myanmar

- The Chinese style of the shared cycle business:
The user's convenience involving smartphone is directly connected to the tightening of state control over individual behaviour


No. 2487
(September 25th 2017 Issue)

Fight to stop a nuclear Korean war!
Denounce the JCP leadership having declared a 'defence of the homeland' position!

- Condemn the firing of ballistic missile by the Kim Jong Un regime!
- Kim's rush for the possession of a nuclear capability and Trump's threat of a military attack on North Korea
- Servilely following US imperialism, the Abe government is stepping forward towards participation in the war and the revision of the Constitution
- Criticize the JCP leadership for simply using trade union members as 'vote-getting tools' for the upcoming general election

'Scrap the Conspiracy Law! Down with the Abe government!'
Militant students fought with workers and citizens, September 15th, Hibiya, Tokyo

The 87th Zengakuren National Convention
September 12th-13th, Tokyo
The 87th Zengakuren National Convention

Students got prepared for the struggle against a nuclear Korean war,
against constitutional revision, and against the US-Japan military alliance

Hepco (Hokkaido Electric Power Co.):
Driven into a corner by the rise of new power suppliers,
Hepco is moving more and more towards the restart of the Tomari nuclear power plant

Putin's ambition fired by the Korean war crisis: at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok

Mentioning the use of an electromagnetic pulse bomb:
Exchanges of threatening words are heating up between Kim and Trump

What lies at the bottom of the meltdown of Toshiba Corp.

1. Toshiba is facing delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2. Construction projects of new US nuclear power plants by Toshiba's Westinghouse have foundered
3. A plot to restore the nuclear power generation industry has totally been bankrupted
4. Japanese and US rulers are sticking to nuclear plant exports and nuclear development

Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro's regime is facing a crisis threatening its survival


Uber Technologies' entry into the Japanese market will drive out taxi companies

'Independent contractor, not employee': This is the very working style the Abe government schemes to spread in Japan

A Labour ministry panel is to start deliberation on how to spread the working style of 'independent contractors',
which is sure to deprive workers of their basic rights

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI),
- Le SI de la Quatrieme Internationale,
- Faridabad Workers Newspaper,

My study note

For truly making Marxism indigenous to Japan

-- Learning from Kan'ichi Kuroda's inquiry


No. 2486
September 18th 2017 Issue)

Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
No to the nuclear ICBM development by the Kim Jong Un regime!
No to an attack on North Korea by the Trump administration!

- Kim's hydrogen bomb test and Trump's threats of a nuclear attack on North Korea
- Political bargain between the US and China / Russia over aUN Security Council resolution
- Servilely following the Trump administration, the Abe government is stepping up its readiness for war against North Korea
- We denounce the JCP leadership for only 'entreating' a face-to-face talks! Let us resolutely promote struggles to thwart a nuclear Korean war!

'We condemn North Korea's nuclear test!' 'Stop Trump's and Abe's war preparation!'
Zengakuren Hokkaido rose in an emergency protest in front of Sapporo station
September 3 rd, Sapporo, Hokkaido (pic1)

Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students fought against a Korean nuclear war
'Stop Trump's attack on North Korea!'
They protested in front of the US Consulate in Nagoya
August 30th, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture (pic2)

Thousands of workers and citizens marched on the Kyusyu Electric Power Company head office
'No to the restart of the Genkai No. 3 and No. 4 nuclear reactors!'
Kagoshima Univ. students fought in the van of the demonstration
August 27th, Fukuoka, Kyusyu (pic3)


The Abe government is openly exhibiting hostility towards the UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons
- Abe brushed off even hibakushas' protest against the Japanese government's 'no' vote
(August 6th in Hiroshima)
- Flattering the US government, the Abe government justifies the holding of nuclear capabilities

Remove all the US Ospreys immediately!
Osprey crashes are occurring in succession as preparations for a war against North Korea are under way


The total bankruptcy of Abenomics:
The economic crisis is deepening in Japan

1. It's a pure fabrication: '
Japan has marked its third longest business expansion in the post-WWII period'
2. The 'Abenomics' policy is accelerating the monetary and financial crisis
3. Enterprises are scrambling for non-regular, exceedingly low-wage workers
4. The real facts about '
the increase in export and capital investment'
5. Evil "measures" are being taken to pull through the critical Japanese economy

JCP bureaucrats are dependent on rulers' reason for 'settling' the critical situation
Disclose the anti-proletarian nature of the JCP chairman's remarks on the 'North Korean crisis'!

Don't allow the neo-fascist revision of the official guidelines for schoolteaching!
The Abe government is further strengthening its control over school curriculums

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- Vladimir Pronin,
- Larisa Trofimovna Babienko,
- The International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation (IWC),



- A new US strategy in Afghanistan:
After all, Tramp is being brought into a bottomless quagmire by those 'generals'

- No more warmongers' crimes!
Never let Trump perpetrate another massacre of the Afghan people in the name of 'war on terror'!

- Far-right Governor of Tokyo Koike rejected paying an annual tribute to the memory of the slaughtered Korean residents
during the Great Tokyo Earthquake of 94 years ago

- Trump reluctantly signed the bill to impose severer punishments on Russia


No. 2485
September 11th 2017 Issue)

Denounce the Kim Jong Un regime's test of a hydrogen bomb!
Stop the Trump administration's nuclear attack on North Korea!

- The 'Kim dynasty' is desperately accelerating nuclear and missile development on which it pins its hopes of survival
- The Trump administration is making repeated 'nuclear threats' against North Korea
- The Abe government is hell-bent on strengthening the new military alliance between Japan and the US
- Stop a nuclear Korean war! Let us step up our fighting to scrap the US-Japan security treaty!

Don't ever let US forces make a sortie against North Korea!
Militant students carried out the fight despite a drenching rain
Stop a nuclear Korean war! Don't ever let US forces make a sortie against North Korea!

Zengakuren Okinawa staged a vehement protest at the headquarters of the US forces stationed in Okinawa
on the first day of the US-ROK joint military exercise,
August 21st, Okinawa

The tragedy of Operation Imphal in India must never be repeated: testimony after 72 years
-- The detestable crime of erstwhile Japanese militarism, whose revival Abe craves

The 55th International Antiwar Assembly,
August 6th - regional meetings

The Tokai Assembly in Nagoya
A foothold for the overthrow of the Abe government was consolidated
'For a surge of anti-Abe government struggle!' Participants' yell echoed through the hall

The Hokuriku Assembly in Kanazawa
Militant workers and students established a sure footing to stop a nuclear Korean war
They fortified their resolve to fight against the Abe government

For the uplifting of the struggle against a Korean nuclear war, against the constitutional revision!

For the 87th Zengakuren National Convention
The Japan Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)@

1. Our struggles this spring and summer and their revolutionary significances
A. Militant students of Zengakuren fought in the van of the struggle to stop a Korean nuclear war
---under the banner, 'Down with our own government rushing headlong into a war!'
B. Zengakuren created a militant upsurge of struggles
---to shatter the legislation against 'conspiracy' and the revision of the Constitution
C. We resolutely stood up to fight antiwar, anti-constitutional revision, anti-Abe government struggles

2. Some lessons in theory drawn from our antiwar and anti-constitutional revision struggles
A. From the struggle to 'stop a Korean nuclear war'
B. From the proposition of the slogan: 'Create a big surge of anti-Abe government struggle'

Abe's so-called 'work style reform' of medical workers

The Health Ministry is hysterically yelling for a change of the present medical service
into ones
'with high productivity and high value added'


The bill designed for a revision of the Labour Standards Law has been taken into consideration
due to the treachery of the JTUC labour aristocrats

Don't allow the neo-fascist reorganization of administrative structures by the Abe government!

- The recent revisions of the Local Officials Law etc. were designed to reduce annual expenditures
----and provide monopoly capitalists with opportunities for moneymaking
- The Abe-led NSC autocracy is manipulating to tighten controls on municipal authorities
- It is imposing extremely intensified labour on local government workers and aiming to destroy trade unions
- Don't allow the neo-fascist Abe government to incorporate local government workers
----into the system of national mobilization for war
- In opposition to the treacherous leaderships of the municipal workers' unions,
let us step forward towards the overthrow of the Abe government!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional - Colectivo por Refundacion de la IV Internacional,
- Leon Sedov Brigade,
- Lewisham People Before Profit,


No. 2484
September 4th 2017 Issue)

Create a big surge of struggle to stop a nuclear Korean war!
Denounce the firing of another ballistic missile by the Kim regime!
Topple the Trump administration bent on warmongering!
Block Japan's participation in the war!

- Don't allow US, South Korean and Japanese forces to conduct preliminary exercises for a war of aggression against North Korea!
- Down with the Kim regime targeting nuclear missiles on the people of Guam, Japan and South Korea!
- Overthrow the Abe government aching to participate in the war! Shatter the US-Japan military alliance!
- Denounce the leadership of the JCP that has plunged into a 'defence of the homeland' tendency!

Militant students fighting with placards held up high, August 19th
'No to a Korean nuclear war!' 'Down with the Abe government!'
Thousands raised their voice against Abe in the 'Action in front of the Diet Building',
August 19th

'Stop the bad revision of labour laws!'
Many union members gathered across boundaries
between trade union national centres, bearing union banners

Students' call evoked an ardent response among workers


'Don't allow the military training with the mobilization of Ospreys!'
Militant workers and students rose in protest against a US-Japan joint military manoeuvre in Hokkaido:
August 9th - 10th, Sapporo and Chitose
(pic left) 'No to the mobilization of US Ospreys!'
----------Militants took to the streets in Sapporo despite the drenching rain, August 9th
(pic centre) 'We denounce the Osprey crash in Australia!' 'Stop the exercise immediately!'
----------Demonstrators made a protest in front of the US consulate general
(pic right) 'Condemn Osprey accidents! Down with the Abe government resting on the NSC autocracy!'
--------- They staged a protest near a ground SDF camp in Chitose, August 10th

No to permanent use of the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma!
Don't allow the use of civilian Naha Airport by the US forces in Okinawa!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- The Russian Party of Communists,
- Russian Communist Workers Party,
- Russian Communist Workers Party - Tyumen Oblast Committee,


The 55th International Antiwar Assembly,
August 6th - regional meetings


The Hokkaido Assembly in Sapporo
Participants firmly resolved to stop a nuclear Korean war
They confirmed their determination to overthrow the Abe government

The Kyushu Assembly in Fukuoka
Militant workers and students fortified a bridgehead for the overturn of the Abe government
'Stop a nuclear Korean war! No to the constitutional revision!' A powerful chorus of yells

Block the revision of labour laws!

'I don't think I approved of the government plan to exempt "highly professional workers" from regulations against overtime work'
(JTUC Chairman Kozu)
Don't let him make excuses for his acceptance of the government plan to lift restrictions on working hours!

The Abe government has finally decided on presenting a bill designed for a revision of labour laws

Expose the deceitful nature of the Education Ministry's 'measure to straighten out' teachers' long working hours!

A lawsuit against the city authorities of Kanazawa
over a prohibition on the use of the town hall square for a peace rally against SDF military parades

Denounce the Supreme Court's dismissal of the final appeal!

On reading overseas messages to the Antiwar Assembly:
Proletarian internationalism and the 'defence of the USSR'

Don't let Abe put an end to the Moritomo school scandal by arresting Kagoike,

--- the very person concerned, who is today resisting Abe's attempt to make him carry the can!
Deliver a crushing blow to the Abe government now driven into a corner!

Torrential rain that hit northern Kyusyu in July:
The disaster was attributable to the Abe-led LDP government's criminal negligence
in failing to take drastic measures for preventing damage caused by driftwood


No. 2482-83
(August 21st-28th 2017 Double Issue)

Stop a nuclear Korean war!
We oppose Trump's attack on North Korea!
We oppose Kim's firing of missiles!

'Down with the Trump administration!'
Zengakuren students raised clenched fists
at the American Embassy in Tokyo
, August 12th

'Unite and fight together!' 45,000 people held a big rally in Okinawa,
August 12th

- Down with the Trump administration hell-bent on warmongering!
- Don't allow the Kim Jong-un regime to launch missiles towards Guam!
- Topple the Abe government plunging headlong into participation in the war!
- Workers and people! Rise up in antiwar struggle under the banner of proletarian internationalism!

'Stop the Trump administration's nuclear attack on North Korea!'
Zengakuren staged an emergency protest at the US embassy in Tokyo,
August 12th
Militant students rose in firm solidarity with workers and students in Okinawa striving in a rally on the same day
'Stop Trump's attack on North Korea!
Stop Japan's participation in the war! Down with the Abe government!
Don't allow Kim's missile launches at Guam!
' Zengakuren raised their protest voices

Militant students closed in on the US embassy

Don't allow the strengthening of the NSC autocracy!

The Abe government gave a former senior police official the right to take control of personnel affairs in the government bureaucracy

The 55th International Antiwar Assembly, August 6th - regional meetings

The Okinawa Assembly in Naha
A bridgehead was fortified in the island of US military bases
Participants renewed their resolve to stop the new US base construction in Henoko

The Kansai Assembly in Osaka
'Topple down the Abe government, now driven into a corner!'
Militant workers and students gave a shout of indignation against the Abe government

Denounce the revision of the public nursing care insurance system!
Don't allow the Abe government to cut social security benefits further!
- The government is planning to make a major revision in the nursing care insurance system based on the recently enacted law
- Expose the evil intention underlying neo-fascist Abe's 'community medical plan'!

Don't allow reduction in the number of hospital beds and mergers and abolition of hospitals according to the 'community medical plan'!

The deepening crisis of the US administration: Trump is 'firing' his close aids one after another

Befriending white supremacists and being assailed from all sides, Trump was obliged to fire Stephen Bannon

Denounce the company management for causing a serious on-the-job accident!
The accident led to the amputation of a worker's wrist; the management ordered workers to remove the safety device to promote 'efficiency'

'Achieve as good a result as is fitting for the fixed overtime pay for 45 hours a month!'
Toyota has proposed a new crafty working pattern designed to 'improve productivity'

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly (2)
- Radio Te Reo o Tefana,
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
- The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA),
- EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party),
- David McReynolds,
- Union Pacifiste de France,

'Stop the reclamation work in Henoko! Remove all the Ospreys!'
45,000 protesters' anger exploded in the People's rally in Naha, Okinawa, August 12th

'Overturn the Abe government!'
Zengakuren's call evoked an overwhelming sympathy among participants

An angry 'sit-in protest at sea':
staged by 80 canoes and ships,
July 25th, Henoko
All workers, students and residents held up placards, 'No to the new base in Henoko'

Stop the US-Japan joint military exercise involving Ospreys!

Militant workers and students rose in protest,
August 9th - 10 th, Hokkaido
(pic left) Zengakuren Hokkaido and antiwar youths descended on the US Consulate General, Sapporo, August 9th
(pic right) Workers, students and citizens held a protest demonstration near an SDF camp gate, August 10th


No. 2481
(August 14th 2017 Issue)

The 55th International Antiwar Assembly, August 6th
All seven venues of the assembly were filled with the fighting spirit
of participants prepared to topple the Abe government

'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' Workers and students fortified their resolve

1,200 participants chanted in unison 'Let us fight!'
(The central meeting: Asakusa, Tokyo)

- Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!: The keynote speech
- A militant worker and the chairman of Zengakuren each expressed their fervent determination to fight
- Let us crush Abe's desperate attempts to stay in power!
-- Fight resolutely by overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by JCP leaders!

Workers, students and residents of Okinawa rose against the embankment work in Henoko
, July 25th, Okinawa
A flotilla of 80 canoes and ships took protest action out on the sea

Braving threats by US forces, canoe fighters staged a 'sit-in
demonstration at sea'
around the planned embankment area

Protesters gathered on the beach to raise their voice
against the new US base construction

'Overthrow the NSC autocracy!'
July 19th, Nagoya

'Down with the Abe government!' rally
Workers, students and citizens staged a demonstration in the centre of the city, July 19th, Nagoya
Militant students' call evoked a sympathetic response among participants of the rally

in front of Takada-no-baba, a busy railway station

Zengakuren students called on young workers and students to take part in the International Antiwar Assembly,
August 5th, in Tokyo


An emergency rally was held to force the Abe Cabinet to resign

July 24th, Kagoshima

Kagoshima Univ. students strived together with workers from all over the prefecture

'Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!'

Kagoshima Univ. students staged a militant demonstration in the city street
(pic 3)
July 22nd, Kagoshima

The Abe government is scheming to introduce new supersonic air-to-ship missiles to destroy Chinese aircraft carriers
Today, half a year since Trump's inauguration as president, the Rust Belt is hit by a storm of dismissals

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 55th Antiwar Assembly
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain,
- Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,
- SPARK (Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea),
South Korea

Crush the repressive 'surveillance system targeted at the whole nation'
being set up by the Abe government resting on the NSC autocracy!

Bring to light the criminal nature of the Japanese government's introduction of a US-made intelligence programme!

The government is promoting 'mixed nursing services'
(to provide for both nursing care insurance and private treatment)
to facilitate capitalists' entry into nursing care business

The government newly listed nursing care work in the Technical Internship Program for foreigners
--- to patch up acute shortages of nursing care workers
Don't allow the imposition of ultra-low wages and overworking on foreign workers!

Abe is making municipalities vie with one another in reducing nursing care benefits
-- under the new nursing care insurance system revised in the name of 'supporting self-help efforts'

The Japan Postal Union leadership proposed measures to improve productivity,
----calling them 'measures devised from the viewpoint of workers'
Say 'No!' to the leadership's full cooperation with the management in imposing extreme intensification of labour on workers!

Five fatal accidents occurred in slightly over a year at the New Nagoya-Kobe Expressway construction sites

Denounce NEXCO
[West Nippon Expressway Company] for victimizing construction workers and rushing to the opening of the new expressway!

Denounce the Nikkei Shimbun for heaping abuses on the JTUC
---that withdrew the 'tripartite agreement between the government, labour and management' for the removal of state regulations on working hours!
Don't allow the introduction of a 'zero overtime pay system'!


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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