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No. 2230
(August 6th 2012 Issue)

Stop the deployment of
the US Force tilt-rotor Osprey to Okinawa!
Stir up the flames of revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the danger of war
amid the confrontation between the US-Japan and China-Russia!
Rally to the 50th International Antiwar Assemblies!

'Stop the reopening of nuclear plants!' 'Down with the Noda government!'
Over a hundred thousand people marched on the Diet building.
Militant students in their forefront (July 29th, around 19:40, at the main gate of the parliament )

- The deployment of the MV-22 Osprey at the Futenma base: a major offensive aimed at strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance
- Confrontation between US imperialism and China escalating in the Asia-Pacific region
- The triple attack intensified by the Noda government: a drastic consumption tax increase, the restart of nuclear reactors and the acceptance of the US deployment of Ospreys
- Crush the deployment of the Osprey to Okinawa! Create a tidal surge of antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!

'Denounce the reopening of nuclear plants! Overthrow the Noda government!'
Angry voices of over a hundred thousand protesters shaking the Diet Building, with Zengakuren at the forefront (July 29th, Tokyo) (pic above)

'Down with the Noda government!'

Zengakuren taking the lead in the mass protest against the restart of nuclear reactors
(July 20th, in front of the Diet Building)

'Immediately stop the Oi nuclear plant!' 'Topple the Noda government!'
Fighting students from Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ raised the banner of denunciation against the restart of the two Oi reactors
(July 20th, in front of KEPCO, Osaka)

The flames of anger spread all over Japan against the planned US deployment of the Osprey

(Yamaguchi Pref., July 23rd)
'Stop the unloading of Ospreys! No to the deployment!'
Spirited students from Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. fighting together with workers and local residents on the spot
(pic 1)

(July 23rd)
Zengakuren spearheading the protest (in front of the PM's Official Residence)
Zengakuren raising a hue and cry against the Obama administration, in front of the US Embassy
(pic 2)

(July 23rd)
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students lodging a letter of protest at the US consulate
(pic 3)

(July 21st)
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Intl Univ. students staging a protest against the imperialist scheme to start the full-scale operation of Ospreys at the Futenma base (in front of the US consulate in Okinawa)
(pic 4)

A clash between US imperialism and China, both fighting to win over ASEAN countries

I. Rivalry between China and ASEAN countries over the dominium of the South China Sea
II. Strife between the US and China to seize naval supremacy and to form a regional economic bloc
- China hell-bent on building up its military strength as a sea power, as well as creating a 'yuan-based economic sphere'
- Desperate attempts of the declining imperialist state to restore its domination
III. The reactionary Noda government scheming to 'nationalize' the Senkaku Islands

Denounce the Japan Postal Union leadership, an accomplice in Draconian wage cuts and personnel cuts in the name of 'creating new postal services'!

A Suzuki factory in India: workers' anger exploded against ruthless exploitation

'Decommission all the reactors! Scrap all the nuclear fuel facilities!'
Militant students appealing to 3,000 workers and residents in the 'Goodby Nukes' rally (Fukuoka, Kyushu, Jul. 16th)

A letter from a reader
I'm resolved to fight and make a leap forward: what I felt amid my first participation in the demonstration of the revolutionary left

Rengo's reworked energy policy: 'aiming eventually to escape from dependence on nuclear power', but in reality, 'positively in support of the restart of nuclear power generation and reprocessing'

Cost reduction takes precedence over safety: successive entries of foreign LCC (Low Cost Carriers) into the domestic airline market

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Noda's attempt to 'nationalize' the disputed Senkaku islands: for selling himself to nationalist hawks (the Governor of Tokyo and his ring)
- A desperate struggle of the czar: a large sum of money will be imposed should you just wear a mask at a demonstration!
- Exploitation of shale oil resources: can it really be the declining imperialism's trump card?


No. 2229
(July 30th 2012 Issue)

'Fight against the reopening of nuclear plants!'
170 thousand people rise in action
With revolutionary lefts at its forefront
The rally of 'Sayonara to nuclear plants' (Tokyo, Jul. 16th)

The rally filled with flames of the anger (Yoyogi Park in Tokyo)

Amid the students' independent meeting with their university flags raised aloft,
they hold the banner of 'Overthrow the Noda government!'
showing the way to advance the struggle

- Workers' and people's flaming anger against the ultra-reactionary Noda government
- Promote the struggle by overcoming the JCP-led campaign for begging the government to 'switch its energy policy'!
- Concurrently promote the antiwar and politico-economic struggles!

Fighting students militantly lead the struggle at the forefront of the 'Sayonara to the nuclear plants' rally

(Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Jul. 16th)
(pics above and right)

Zengakuren won the 82nd Regular National Congress in Tokyo
(pic) Fighting students converged in Tokyo resolutely declare their determination to fight against reactionary offensives launched by the Noda government (Jul. 15th)
(pic right)

[3] Angry voices of 'Stop the reopening of nuclear plants!' resound throughout the country

Students of Hokkaido Univ. march on the Hokkaido government office (Jul. 6th-13th)
(pic above left) Fighting students raising their banners 'Stop the reopening of Tomari nuclear plant!' (Sapporo, Jul. 6th)
(pic above right) Fighting students of Hokkaido Univ. lead the rally at the forefront of 800 workers and citizens (Sapporo, Jul. 13th)

More than 1200 workers, students and citizens rise in protest (Nagoya, Jul. 15th)

(pic above) Workers, students and citizens march through Nagoya City raising the slogan 'Stop the reopening of nuclear plants!'

Zengakuren Hokkaido rises in an on-site protest to fight against the SDF landing exercise (Hamataiki in Tokachi, Jul. 8th)


Down with the Noda government rushing headlong towards the reopening of nuclear plants!

Japan Revolutionary Communists League (RMF)

The Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Plant: workers are continuingly forced to work in the radioactive contamination

The Noda government holds government-organized hearing meetings just to take the appearance of listening to the public opinion

Stop the reopening of the Tomari nuclear plant!

Expose the government measure of bluster and trickery seen in the official stress-test report!
Tricks played by the so-called additional investigation on 'an unknown active fault'

Fight against the construction of 'a facility for learning the modern and contemporary history' schemed by the ultra-nationalist mayor of Osaka!

Full-time young workers coerced to work under severe conditions

The report drafted by a government -organized study meeting advocates reactionary policies including 'the constitutionality of the exercise of the right to collective self-defence'

The anti-proletarian nature of the JCP-led teachers' union Zenkyo's policy of 'participation and cooperation in school improvement'
Criticise the leadership encouraging trade union members to be devoted to 'teaching activities'!
(continued from the previous issue)
3 The anti-proletarian nature of their theorization based on 'the right of receiving an education'

- An unexpected supporter of the Noda government: JCP encourages the government to be the land owner of the Senkaku Islands
- US imperialist rulers' fear about Syria: 'An enemy's enemy ... might not be a friend'
- Denounce the SDF military exercise in a public 'security' deployment!
- Environmental destruction in China seriously worsened
- The authority of the University of Tokyo introduces an autumn-start curriculum scheming to collect 'globally talented persons from abroad'


No. 2228
(July 23rd 2012 Issue)

Rally to the 50th International Antiwar Assembly!
Block the planned deployment of the US Force Osprey to Okinawa!
Remove the US Marine Air Station Futenma!
No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!


(pic 1)

(pic 2)
- The Obama administration hell-bent to strengthen US military bases by deploying the Osprey
- Military confrontation between the US / Japanese and Chinese / Russian rulers over East Asia and the Pacific
- Anger boiling up against the planned deployment of the Osprey
- Kindle the flames of opposition to the US-Japan military alliance! Down with the ultra-reactionary Noda government!

'No to the restart of nuclear plants!' 'Overthrow the Noda government!'
Zengakuren fighting in the forefront of the mass rally of 170,000 workers, students and citizens (pic 1)
The JRCL banner showing the revolutionary way forward (pic 2)
('Sayonara to the Nuclear Plants' rally in Tokyo, July 16th)

'Definitely no to the deployment of the Osprey!' 'Advance the fight towards the repeal of the Japan-US Security Treaty!'
Militant students giving direction to the surging struggle of 5,200 workers, students and citizens (Jun 17th, Ginowan, Okinawa) (pic 3)

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa International Univ. students fighting in the forefront of the indignant citizens' rally (ditto) (pic 4)

Delivering an angry blow to the Defense Minister Morimoto visiting Okinawa
Workers and students making a counterattack against the planned deployment of the Osprey (Jul. 1st, Naha, Okinawa) (pic 5)

People's outcry against the restart of nuclear plants shaking the PM's Official Residence
Zengakuren taking the lead pushing aside police repression (Tokyo, Jul. 13th) (pic 6)

'Stop the operation of Oi reactor!' 'Topple the Noda government!'
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students' fight evoking an enthusiastic response (in front of the main office of KEPCO, Jul. 6th) (pic 7)
 (6) (7)

- A big city inhabited by just 444 people? The Chinese government's haughty stopgap measure to seize the disputed islands in the South China Sea
- South Korea's last-minute cancellation of the signing of a military accord: caught in the gap between the pressure from US imperialism and anti-Japanese sentiment at home
- The Russian military chief's presentation: Look! The target of the US-led MD system is Russia!

The anti-proletarian nature of the JCP-led teachers' union Zenkyo's policy of 'participation and cooperation in school improvement'
Criticize the leadership encouraging trade union members to be devoted to 'teaching activities'!

(Part 1)
I. Lack of the sense of crisis towards the government's scheme for a neo-fascistic reorganization of the education system in Japan
II. A complement from below to the elite-training education system

The latest Greek election
The agony of the working class and the confusion of left parties

Fundamental defects of the MV-22 Osprey vertical takeoff and land transport aircraft

Shatter the new offensive of personnel cut launched by the Hokkaido local government!

Deception of the 'job seeker supporting system': benefiting only one third of the estimated number

Denounce the Noda government's campaign to worsen the livelihood protection system

Resolved to keep forging myself: what I have learned from Comrade Tobiume's Kuroda's Teachings

Tanka poems

A criminal lie of a tool-of-politicians scholar: 'radiation under 100 millisieverts is safe'

Don't allow the government and TEPCO forcing radiation exposure on Fukushima nuclear plant workers!


No. 2227
(July 16th 2012 Issue)

Stir up a storm of anti-nuclear development struggle!
Stop the restart of nuclear plants!
Oppose the planed deployment of the US Force MV-22 Osprey!
Fight against the consumption tax increase!

Overthrow the ultra-reactionary Noda government!

- The Noda government rushing headlong towards the restart of nuclear plants and the development of a nuclear fuel cycle
- US and Japanese imperialist rulers frantic to deploy Ospreys in Okinawa
- Advance the struggle by overcoming the official opposition-led campaign begging the government to 'alter its energy policy'!

'Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Down with the Noda government!'

More than 10 thousand angry demonstrators, with Zengakuren in their forefront, surged forward, closing in on the Prime Minister's Official Residents (Jul. 6th, central Tokyo)
(pics above and 1)

Zengakuren students and workers of Antiwar Youth Committee rose in the nation-wide June 17th united action in Sapporo
(pic 2)

'Stop the US Marin live-fire exercise in Yausubetsu!'
500 of workers in Rengo Hokkaido rose in an on-the-spot rally in Nakashibetsu Town (Jun. 10th)

'Stop the planed deployment of US air carrier Ospreys!' 'Denounce Prime Minister's attendance on the Prefectural 'memorial ceremony' for the victims of war in Okinawa!'
Zengakuren students raise their angry fists (Jun. 23th)
(pic 3)

Zengakuren students and militant workers march on the KEPCO and the US consulate general under the banner of 'Oppose the restart of the Oi nuclear plant outright!' (Jun. 17th, Osaka)
(pic 4)

Fighting students of Kanazawa univ. called on their schoolmates to oppose the restart of Reactor 3 at the Oi nuclear plant! (Jun 15th)
(pic 4)

The reactionary nature of the Rengo-proposed social service policy decorated with the flowery words, 'unbiased supports to all generations'


The government-schemed 'reconstruction measures' for disaster-hit areas: deserting victims and encouraging monopoly capitalist businesses

- The Noda government deserting disaster victims
- Measures for the benefit of the Japan Business Federation and the Obama US administration
- Reactionary schemes promoted under the slogan of 'creative reconstruction'


The president of Rengo introduces himself to the LDP as a leader of a 'supporter's club' for a grand coalition of the DP and the LDP for a US-servile government

Militant workers struggling within Rengo Okinawa: Denounce the Rengo leadership calling out to heighten 'public awareness of national security'!

Fight against wage cuts and the intensification of labour due to the revision on care payments!

Reactor 3 at the Oi nuclear plant: Accidents and alerts occurring in succession soon after the operation resumed

- JCP rank-and-file's complaints and oppositions towards their leadership rise like a flood tide: 'I can't stand with the leaders who have no intension for mass mobilization against the restart of nuclear plants and the consumption tax increase'
- NATO's supply route re-opened at the Khybar Pass with Obama's reluctant apology spurred by his desire to run away from Afghanistan

Overseas Appeal for the 50th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Fight against the growing danger of war over the world!
Advance struggles against the competitive strengthening of nuclear capabilities by US (plus Japanese) and Chinese/Russian rulers!
Smash offensives to coerce the working people into poverty!
Strengthen the solidarity of workers and people fighting all over the world!


No. 2226
(July 9th 2012 Issue)

Denounce the passage of the consumption tax increase
bill through the Lower House!
Overthrow the ultra-reactionary Noda government
serving US imperialism and monopoly capitalists!

'Block the vote on the consumption tax increase bill!'
Zengakuren fighters rallied against the vote in front of the Diet Building (Jun. 6th)

- Unprecedented reactionary offensives launched by an effective coalition between the ruling DPJ and the former ruling LDP plus New Komeito.
- Still more abject poverty forced upon workers and people
- Fight by overcoming the oppression and distortion of struggles by the leadership of Rengo and the central JCP!

Denounce the restart of Oi No.3 nuclear reactor!


Against the restart of reactors! Overthrow the Noda government!

Zengakuren fighting at the forefront of tens of thousands of angry people (Jun. 29th, in front of the PM's Official Residence) (pics 1,2)

Block the vote on the consumption tax increase bill in the Lower House!
Zengakuren fighters rallied in opposition to the vote in front of the Diet Building (Jun. 6th)
(See also the picture above)

Denounce the tremendously harmful revision of the Atomic Energy Basic Law!


'Definitely no to the US deployment of the Osplay!'
Fighting workers and students staging a street demonstration against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance (Jun 16th, Okinawa)
(pic 3)

Angry voices resounded against the resumption of the Oi nuclear plant operation
A militant demonstration marched through downtown Nagoya (Jun 17th) (pic 4)


Advance struggles against nuclear development! Stir up the flames of antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
For the success of the 82nd regular national convention of Zengakuren

Central Students' Orgburo
1. Zengakuren taking the lead in the class struggle in Japan
A. Revolutionary advancement of struggles against the restart of nuclear plants
B. Creating an upsurge across the country, including in Okinawa, in the struggle against the drastic strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance
C. Striving to smash the mass consumption tax increase and the bad revision of the social security systems
D. Crushing down neo-fascistic repression on students' associations
2. Theoretical lessons from this year's spring struggles
A. For a more in-depth analysis of the present world situation
B. For the deepening of our criticism of the JCP's 'vision for a future Japan after the abolition of the Security Treaty'
C. Lessons concerning the clarification of our struggle = organizing tactics

Shatter the planned deployment of US Force MV-22 Osprey air carriers to Okinawa!

Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- An onrush towards a further strengthening of the US Futenma base
- A manoeuvre to strengthen the new US-Japan military alliance based on the new defence strategy of US imperialism
- Deployment and Reinforcement of SDF troops in the Southwest Islands
- Intensified military confrontation between the US / Japanese imperialists and Chinese / Russian rulers
- Anger mounting among the workers and people of Okinawa against the notification of the deployment
- Now is the time to spread the struggle against the US-Japan military alliance across the whole country!

Fight back against the labour aristocrats pledging allegiance to capitalists!
The 2012 Spring Labour Offensive in the automobile industry

The soon-to-be-abolished NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Association) giving its last-minute permission to a deadly MOX fuel processing plant

The Eurozone on the verge of collapse and the impending global financial crisis

(continued from the last issue)
I. G20: an empty 'collaboration'
II. The spread of the Eurozone crisis to the whole world
(The above appeared in the last issue)
III. A likely split of the Eurozone: malfunctioning leading it to collapse


No. 2225
(July 2nd 2012 Issue)

Overthrow the reactionary Noda government!
A militant demonstration staged by workers and students
in central Tokyo, June 17th
Stop the restart of Oi nuclear reactors!
No to the consumption tax increase!
Oppose the drastic strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

- Marching upon the Diet Building and the PM's Official Residence
- Fight by overcoming the JCP's ''zero nuclear plants'' petition movement! Ardent appeals made by Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee in the opening rally
- Battle lines solidified to smash the reactionary offensives of the Noda government

Protest actions unfolded all over Japan
against the government decision to restart Oi nuclear reactors

2,000 workers, students and residents' anger burst

A rally against the Shika nuclear power plant held in Kanazawa (Jun. 10th, in front of the prefectural governor's office)
(pic 1)

The JRCL propaganda carried out in downtown Kanazawa (Jun. 16th)

'Stop the restart of Oi reactors!'
Angry voices resounding in a pouring rain in the campus of Kagoshima Univ.
(Jun. 15th) (pic 2)
An emergency call addressed to protest against the government (Jun. 9th, in front of the Kagoshima Station)

2,200 angry workers, residents and students encircling the Fukui Prefectural Government building
Kanazawa Univ. students raising a powerful call against the governor approving the restart of Oi reactors (Jun. 17th, Fukui)
(pic 3)

'Stop the restart of the Ikata nuclear plant!'
1,300 protesters surrounding the Ehime Prefectural Government building (Jun. 10th, Matsuyama)

'Absolutely no to the resumption of Oi nuclear reactors!'
Obihiro Zootechnical Univ. students appealed to local residents (Jun. 14th, in front of Obihiro Station, Hokkaido)
(pic 4)

A resolution adopted against the restart of nuclear reactors by the all-students' meeting in Aichi University(Jun. 7th)
(pic left) The resolution adopted
(pic right) Students rallied together at the administration building to win their demands

FLTI comrades leading a militant action to denounce the massacre of Syrian masses in front of the Syrian Embassy in Buenos Aires

'Workers' Democracy' (left) and 'The Committee of Solidarity with Syria'
(Jun, 7th, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Eurozone on the verge of collapse and the impending global financial crisis

I. G20: an empty 'collaboration'
II. The spread of the Eurozone crisis to the whole world
(To continue)

Crush the scheme by Chukakuha remnants to undermine the struggles against nuclear development!

- Simply fanning a 'fear of radioactivity'
- Praising everything as 'a combat against neo-liberalism'
- The failed attempt to manifest themselves as syndicalists

What's going on at the workplaces of small-scale manufacturing companies

Stop the government-planned revision of the livelihood protection system to force people into more poverty!

Denounce the Rengo labour aristocrats demanding the 'early passage' of the consumption tax increase bill!

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The US Air Force carrier MV-22 Osprey: the planned deployment of the 'widow maker' justified as 'safe' despite its repeated crashes
- Nuclear promoters holding meetings behind the scene for the continuation of the nuclear fuel cycle project
- Police's 'proxy service' for lawsuits: the truth behind the anti-gangster campaign



No. 2224
(June 25th 2012 Issue)

Denounce the decision to restart the Oi plant!
Fight against the Noda government bent on promoting nuclear development,
leaving disaster victims to their fate!

Workers and students marching on the Diet (Jun. 17th, Tokyo)

- A frantic dash for nuclear development with the Oi's restart as a springboard
- Japanese imperialism promoting nuclear development for surviving the economic crisis
- Overcome the official opposition movement to demand a 'policy change for alternative energies'

Fight to stop the Diet voting for the consumption tax increase bill!


Denounce Noda's decision to restart the Oi plant!

Zengakuren students fighting in the forefront of the workers and people surrounding the Prime Minister's Official Residence in protest (Jun. 16th)
(Pic 1)

Protest actions developed nationwide
- An urgent rally in Fukui City (Jun. 3rd)
(Pic 2)
- Osaka City (May 27th)
(Pic 3)
- Saga City, Kyushu (May 27th)
- Militant students of the Hokkaido University delivering their statement for the Self-Governing Association in the streets (Sapporo, Jun 8th)

No to the joint military exercise of US, Australian and Japanese air forces!
Workers and students protesting in front of the ASDF Komatsu base (Jun. 4th)

An upsurge of the 'anti-Putin' movement and the Russian left

- 'Right and left' in the same boat
- Dropping out of Marxism: in the case of the Russian Party of Communists and others
- Groping around for a way of overcoming the bankrupted CPSU: in the case of the Russian Communist Workers Party

JRCL letter to the Russian Communist Workers Party congress

A domino effect in Europe: reactions to MerKozy-led austerity policies


Okinawa: jobs for prefecture-run facilities outsourced to private companies, with 80% of the personnel working on a temporary contract

Sharp, Japanese electric monopoly, to be financed by a Taiwanese EMS business: transferring 1300 workers in its Osaka factory to a subsidiary

Rengo's '10 million membership plan': a plan to expand its organization as an Industrial Patriotic Association of today's version

Samsung: successive deaths of factory workers from cancer and leukaemia

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Chavez on successive cancers of Latin American leaders
- US and Japanese imperialists desperate to secure their ties with Pacific island states against the growing economic influence of China
- Power strife within the North Korean bureaucracy
- No to the manipulation of public opinion to reduce livelihood protection!


No. 2223
(June 18th 2012 Issue)

Fight to stop the restart of the Oi nuclear plant!
Stop the passage of a consumption tax increase bill in the Lower House!

Workers and students,
make all-out efforts to overthrow the reactionary Noda government!
Rise in the united action on Jun. 17th!

- The Noda government rushing headlong towards the restart of the Reactors 3 and 4 of the Oi nuclear plant
- The imperialist government scheming to adopt a consumption tax increase bill in this Diet session
- Surge up the flame of the struggle and topple the government now!

(pic) Fighting students in front of the prime minister's official residence denounce the announcement of 'the restart of the plant' delivered by the Noda government (Jun. 8th Tokyo)
Denounce the Noda's announcement for 'the restart of nuclear plants'!
Angry roars of 4000 workers, students and citizens resound in front of the prime minister's official residence (Jun. 8th, in the evening)
(pic 1) Fighting students on the front pavement of the official residence take the lead in the protest

A protest rally in Tokyo against the restart of nuclear plants (Jun. 6th)
(pic 2) With a firm resolution to stop the restart of nuclear plants, workers, students and citizens rise in the rally (Tokyo Hibiya band shell)
(pic 3) Fighting students raising their angry fists towards the head office of TEPCO

'The need for countermeasures against nuclear terrorism is the chief lesson from the Fukushima disaster': the manipulative advertisement by the 'nongovernmental investigative panel'

- The 'investigative panel' speaking for the Obama administration of US imperialism in the guise of an 'independent institution'
- The panel criticizing the Japanese government for acting for 'only one nation's safety' and neglecting 'countermeasures against nuclear terrorism'
- With no engineering or technological analysis of the accident
- Based on the criminal theory of 'acceptable risks of nuclear power'
- The neo-fascist nature of the panel's recommendation: 'Be a government that can control nuclear risks!'
- Stop the restart of the Oi nuclear plant!

Fight against cuts in wages of public service workers!

Stop massive consumption tax increase!
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee

The Food company Watami fabricated its labour agreement on overtime works

The president of the TEPCO workers' union advocates the restart of nuclear plants and intimidates critical DPJ members of the parliament

Nippon Steel Corporation instituted a law suit against Korean POSCO: Japanese monopoly capitalists fearing for rivalry with companies of emerging economies

Topics The arrogant statement of the Japan Business Federation (May. 15th): the consumption tax rate should be increased up to 19% since it is a 'neutral taxation'!?

Fight against the introduction of a new personnel and wage system carried out by the executives of the Japan Post Service Co.!
Denounce the leadership of the Japan Postal Group Union driving workers into productivity growth and services for the company!
- No wage cuts! Smash the labour intensification! Expose the reactionary offensives attendant upon the introduction of a new system!
- Smash the major restructuring!
- Denounce the deceitful 'review of the postal privatization' carried out by the Noda government!
- Denounce the JP union leadership joining the imperialist chorus for 'saving the national interests'!

Kazakhstan: Workers struggle surging up for higher wages and better working conditions

Tanka poems

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Subsidiary companies of TEPCO making easy money through the rubble cleaning-up project
- Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant: The reactor 4 in a serious danger
- The Noda government exploits a conscientious scholar's proposal for anti-tsunami measures


No. 2222
(June 11th 2012 Issue)

Now is the time to create
an anti-Ampo struggle on the labour front!
Strengthen militant ranks by breaking through
the Rengo leadership's Industrial Patriotic movement for 'saving the nation'!

- The Noda government's deepening servility towards US imperialism and the crisis of the Japanese labour movement
- Rengo labour aristocrats stressing the need to hold fast to the US-Japan military alliance and supporting the restart of nuclear plants
-- Trade union leaders in key industries praising the Japanese government's reworking of its three principles to regulate arms exports
-- The Rengo leadership's deceitful 'international policies'
-- The central JCP leadership's nonsense about the 'vision for a future Japan after the abolition of the Security Treaty'
- Create a surge of anti-war, anti-Ampo struggle! Fight against the restart of nuclear reactors! Oppose the consumption tax increase!
-- Create militant ranks aiming for the repeal of the Japan-US Security Treaty!
-- Stop the resumption of operations at the Oi plant's No. 3 and 4 reactors!
-- No to the massive tax increase! No to the victimization of working people!

Militant students protesting against KEPCO scheming to restart its Oi nuclear reactors (May 17th, Nagoya) (pic)

The Noda cabinet's 'Outline of Unified Reform in Social Security and Tax' and its nature against the toiling masses

Measures taken by the imperialist state of Japan for riding out its financial crisis
(1) A massive increase in the consumption tax and the harmful revision of the social security system
- A big increase in the consumption tax rates presented in the name of the 'recovery of the mutually supporting society'
- Major cuts in social security victimizing the toiling masses
- The introduction of a national numbering system to label all the population
(2) Victimization of workers and toiling masses for saving Japanese imperialism from its fiscal difficulties and economic crisis


Egypt: the presidential election amid a clash of opposing interests

- A confrontation between the military junta and the Muslim Brotherhood
- The Tantawi-led Egyptian military scheming to remain in power
- The Muslim Brotherhood's about-turn: running on the presidential election
- Dauntless anti-military, and 'anti-American, anti-Zionist' struggles of the Egyptian working masses

Oppose the reactionary measures devised by the Hokkaido education board to 'raise students' academic levels'!

Fight against the mass dismissal of workers by Renesas Electronics Co!

Facts about disaster-stricken areas: an increasing number of local government workers resigning voluntarily and suffering from mental disorder

The government and TEPCO scheming together to drastically raise electricity charges to households

[7] Kaleidoscope
- A committee report counselling to maintain the nuclear fuel cycle: prearranged by METI bureaucrats, nuclear businesses and their ring in a secret study meeting
- 'Safe when decontaminated' is a big lie!: the true state of forest contamination covered up by the government

Tanka poems

Book review
Reading the recently published Kuroda's Early Writings, Vol. 7 : I will make the 'origin' of the anti-Stalinist communist movement my own
- An ardent appeal to all the workers in the world
- Kuroda's salto mortale: from a student of philosophy to a revolutionary of anti-Stalinism
- What I learn from Kuroda's existential struggle


No. 2221
(June 4th 2012 Issue)

Rally to the June 17th united actions!
Break through the doldrums of the Japanese opposition movement!
Resolutely advance the struggle aiming to abolish the Japan-US Security Treaty!

- Another strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance declared in the name of 'dynamic defense cooperation'
- A frantic move to build a military encirclement against China and Russia based on the US-Japan alliance
- Chinese and Russian rulers allied to strengthen their countermeasures and the declining imperialist powers of the US and Japan desperate for rollback
- Overthrow the Noda-led US-servile reactionary government!

The Kim Jong Un-headed 'new leadership' of North Korea: doomed to wreckage from the start

- The brinkmanship policy revealing its limitations
- The new leadership inaugurated by stressing the 'continuation of the military-first policy'
- Inability to get out of a catastrophic economic debacle
- A nepotist rule justified as 'guidance by the leader of the Korean nation'

'Oppose Japan's participation in TPP!' JRCL leaflets received eagerly by farmers and fishermen in the All-Hokkaido Anti-TPP meeting (Apr. 27th, Sapporo)

'Stop the restart of reactors! Oppose the US-Japan military alliance! No to tax increase!' Kagoshima Univ. students raising their voices together with freshmen (Apr. 27, Kyusu)

On the day when the last reactor stopped in Japan: the JRCL's ardent appeal against the restart of reactors resounded (May 5th, Sapporo)

Fight to stop the restart of Oi nuclear plant reactors!

- Tattered reactors facing the danger of a disastrous accident
- Pressurized-water reactors (PWR's) devoid of vents: the danger of reactor vessels bursting

Denounce the JCP assemblyman in Fukui Prefecture beautifying an authorities' ceremony for admitting the reactor restart!

NTT: Smash the wage cut proposal offered on the pretext of 'continued employment to the age of 65'!

Osaka: Definitely no to the Hashimoto-led municipal authorities' scheme to totally abolish blue-collar jobs and drastically reduce public services!

'Sack incompetent old workers!': Neoliberalist Yashiro Naohiro's unpardonable remarks against the extension of employment to the age of 65

[8] Kaleidoscope
- An 'exit strategy' with no exit: Obama's impossible dream of 'diverting US investment in Afghanistan to home'
- Anti-Islamist lectures: defeated US militarists' deranged 'strategy' of dropping atomic bombs on holly cities of Islam
- A more 'dangerous zone' appeared in Tokyo: surveillance cameras installed at every street corner below the Tokyo Sky Tree tower, the newly opened tourist spot


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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