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No. 2250
(New Year Issue, January 1st 2013)

Build an anti-fascist battle front!
Crush the ultra-reactionary offensive of the Abe-led LDP government!
Make huge strides in the anti-Stalinist communist movement!

On the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction
Takuma Ueda
Chairman of the National Committee of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League
1. Build a united front against the storm of neo-fascism!
2. The fight we have developed: in the forefront of the class struggle in Japan since the March 11th disaster in 2011
3. Now is the time to make a great leap forward in building the powerful proletarian vanguard party
- Let us strive following the wishes of Comrade Kuroda!
4. Fortify our ideological and organizational bridgehead for the defeat of the neo-fascist offensive!

(pic above) Tens of thousands of people shaking the Diet Building with Zengakuren fighting in the forefront (July 29th, 2012)

A new year's cartoon

The Seven Seas, and the Seven Deadly Sins

Shatter the reactionary offensive of neo-fascists with a united struggle of workers and students!

The turbulent internal and external situation and the tasks of the JRCL
I. The crisis-stricken contemporary world in the 21st century
A. The clash between the US-Japan and China over supremacy in East Asia
B. The danger of war growing in the Middle East
II. The neo-fascist Abe government of the LDP: dashing headlong towards constitutional revision
A. A plot to build Japan into a military power in the name of 'shaking off the post-WWII regime'
B. The deepening crisis of the class struggle in Japan
III. Build a united front of the working class to smash the newly formed Abe government's neo-fascist offensive!
A. Denounce the Japanese Communist Party immersed in the muddy waters of nationalism!
B. Fight for a tremendous explosion of antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle, united with the struggle against constitutional revision, anti-nuclear development struggle and the politico-economic struggle!
C. Fight in solidarity with workers and toiling masses of the world!

The neo-Stalinist party at death's door: Chinese rulers frightened by the uprisings of the toiling masses
I. The 18th CPC Congress: a gloomy departure for the Xi Jinping regime
1. Temporary unity based on 'common interests'
2. 'Corruption may destroy the nation': Hu Jintao's address
II. The extremely widened gap between rich and poor and the struggle of Chinese workers and peasants
1. In pursuit of securing command of the sea and marine interests in the East and South China Seas
2. Deepening economic and social contradictions
3. Workers and peasants rise up one after another in revolt
III. Ideological and organizational degeneration now in progress from within
1. In fear of a 'second Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution' (?)
2. The question of the 'corruption of party members'
3. Overthrow neo-Stalinism in China!

New Year's resolutions
- The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- The Tokai Regional Committee
- The Hokuriku Regional Committee

- The Postal Workers Committee
- The Education Workers Committee
- The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
- The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee
- The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee

Thus We Fought:the trajectory of our struggles in 2012

Sep. 9th, Ginowan Marine Park, Okinawa
A huge JRCL banner calling on 100,000 Okinawa People's Rally participants to fight for the abolition of the US-Japan Security Treaty

Oct. 7th, at the Nodake gate, the Futenma base, Okinawa
Militant workers and students fighting to block the deployment of the MV-22 Osprey

Sep. 28th, at the Oyama gate, Futenma, Okinawa
Workers, students and local residents protesting against repression by the police

Jul. 23rd, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Pref.
Militant univ. students in the Kansai region fighting with workers and citizens against the landing of Ospreys on the base

Mar. 11th, Fukushima
The JRCL banner 'Overthrow the Noda government!' raised in a rally to commemorate the first anniversary of the 3/11

Jul. 16th, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
The revolutionary left fighting in the forefront of 170,000 protesters in the 'Sayonara to the Nuke' rally

Sep. 22nd, Hokkaido
'No to the restart of the reactor!' Militant students, together with workers and residents, staging a protest in front of the Tomari nuclear plant

June, 29th, Tokyo
Zengakuren in the van of tens of thousands of people in front of the PM's Official Residence


No. 2249
(December 24th 2012 Issue)

Shatter the ultra-reactionary offensives completely!
Stop the revision of the Japanese Constitution!
Fight against the strengthening of the Ampo!
No to the nuclear development!

Range the forces of workers, students and toiling masses right now!

- Neo-fascists loudly advocate the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance
- The rescue of monopoly capitalists and the enforcement of terrible sacrifices on toiling masses
- Schemes for the survival of Japanese imperialists devised in the name of 'breaking through the national crises'
- Break through the reactionary neo-fascist offensives!
- Denounce the Rengo leadership clinging to the DPJ government!
- Promote struggles by overcoming the election-minded JCP's distortion of the struggle!

'Denounce the deployment of PAC 3
(Patriot advanced capability-3)!'
Militant Zengakuren students in Okinawa waged an emergency action
- Zengakuren students hold aloft a banner saying 'Fight against the strengthening of US-Japan joint war preparation towards North Korea!' in front of the SDF base gate (Naha city in Okinawa, Dec. 8th)

- 'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!':
Fighting students join the workers and residents converged on a base gate of US Forces (Ginowan city, Dec. 7th)(pic)

A report on students' festival
The 130th Wakagi Festival in Kokugakuin Univ. (Nov. 2nd-4th)

Workers' struggles flare up in Europe
General strikes against austerlities (Nov. 14th)

The remnants of Chukaku faction
: A mess piled up as their dispersion proceeds

Maruti Suzuki in India
Denounce the destruction of and major offensives against unions jointly launched by monopoly capitalists of Maruti Suzuki and the government of India!

The number of 'disposable permanent workers' increases

Devilish banking monopolies make good use of people's death in its moneymaking

The Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant
: Widespread fraudulent contracts and rake-offs among subcontractors

My study note:
Kuroda's Letters Exchanged with Tetsuo Tuji

A list of main essays and articles published this year

- The military alliance between the US and Australian rulers bound by their 'DNA' (a word of Clinton)
- Mayor of Osaka, Hashimoto, exploits the issue of debris disposal of disaster-stricken areas for fanning public sentiments towards the revision of Constitution
- Greedy Japanese capitalists swarm in Myanmar
- The Noda government, a servile follower of the US, gets started on supporting Myanmar government as its master does
- Workers' struggles flare up in East Asian countries


No. 2248
(December 17th 2012 Issue)

Range the working-class forces against
the reactionary offensives of neo-fascists!

- Genuine fascists cry out for revising the Constitution and building Japan into a military power
- Fascists fan the flames of abhorrence against class struggle, against the labour movement
- Bring all the energy of the working class together and fight back!

'Stop the construction of a high-level nuclear waste disposal plant!'

900 workers, farmers and students hold a protest rally on the site (Nov. 23rd, Horonobe, Hokkaido)
(pic) Fighting students of Hokkaido staging a heated protest in the falling snow (Nov. 23rd, Horonobe)

The 52nd Kadai (Kagoshima Univ.) Festival achieves success:
Fighting students squarely tackle the issues of the US-Japan military alliance and nuclear development (Nov. 15th-19th)

China's dash towards a 'nuclear power':
a danger of severe accidents lurks in the unfreezed government projects

- A huge construction plan: approx. 50 nuclear plants to be built by 2020
- A stopgap measure to cope with energy and electric power shortage
- Primary factors for severe accidents to take place


US-Japan joint exercise 'Keen Sword': headed for a state of war readiness to vie with China

Stop and scrap Oi Nos. 3 and 4 reactors immediately!

Denounce the act of coercing nuclear power plant workers into radiation exposure!
Denounce the government and TEPCO for concealing facts about the radiation dose!

Don't allow general contractors to take a rake-off from the government-aided 'decontaminaion' project!

The criminal nature of the JCP's 'battle against dismissals':
playing the role of supporting the 'revival' of electric big business

Fight against IBM Japan's dirty sacking offensives!

Oppose Japan Post's introduction of an ultralow-wage 'new general clerical work'!


- The tunnel ceiling collapse: it's a government crime to impose the upkeep of motorways upon private companies
- Petraeus and Allen's scandals: responsibilities for US forces' total defeat in the Afghan war ascribed to immoral commanders
- Obama's pilgrimage to Myanmar: aimed to cut off a 'Chinese supply route'
- IMF pokes its nose into Argentina


No. 2247
(December 10th 2012 Issue)

Shatter the neo-fascist offensive!
Fight against the US-Japan joint war preparation
under the pretext of 'intercepting North Korea's ballistic missile'!
Lead the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle resolutely!

- The Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and Japan Restoration Party competing for initiative in the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance, promotion of nuclear development and a massive tax increase
- Rivalry with China dashing for the buildup of naval-power under the slogan of becoming a 'maritime power'
- Fight on in opposition to the JCP and Rengo leaderships oppressing and distorting the struggle!
(pic above) - Militant students in Okinawa resolutely denouncing US military men's crimes in front of the US Forces headquarters (Okinawa, Nov. 19th)

Okinawa resounds with the call of 'Remove the bases! Smash the Ampo!'

A fiery denunciation of US military men's crimes (at the Ishinda gate of the US bases in Okinawa, Nov. 19th)
- Workers and students stand in blockade action denouncing the US Forces
(pic 1)

A protest action taken at the Kadena US Air Base (Nov. 13th)
- 'Remove Ospreys!', the gate front crammed with union workers and students
(pic 2)
- Students of Ryukyu Univ. and the Okinawa International Univ. surround the Kadena base in solidarity with workers and residents
(pic 3)

'Denounce the port call of the Japan Maritime SDF battleship despatched for the US-Japan joint military exercise!'(Naha, Nov. 19th)
In the rally at the Naha new port, 400 union workers and students take a firm stand against the military use of the civil port
(pic 4)

700 workers, students and residents rise in protest against nuclear development in Nagoya (Nov. 11th)
Militant workers and students fight on denouncing the liquidation of the struggle by JCP leaders completely wrapped up in its election campaign

'No to the construction of the Oma nuclear plant!'
The JRCL and the Zengakuren in Hokkaido appeal to local residents: 'Stop the construction of the Oma nuclear plant, a plutonium-thermal-use reactor with MOX fuel only!' (Sapporo, Nov. 11th)

A report on students' festival
- Aichi University's Aidai Festival: realized by surmounting all offensives launched by the university authorities

The amalgamation of Nippon Steel Corp. and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd: Steel monopoly capitalists rushing headlong towards the rationalization of their production facilities
Fight back against the major dismissal aimed at the companies' overseas expansion!
- Realignments of corporate production bases under the banner of 'the realization of an efficient unification earning 150 billion yen'
- The two companies' domestic management strategy for their 'survival'
- Denounce labour aristocrats pledging to support the major dismissal!

Oppose the reopening of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor!

Toiling masses in Lithuania confirm their 'No' to the construction of a new nuclear plant

Fight against the major offensive including massive dismissals and 'the return of wages'
lunched by the Ministry of Education and the Hokkaido board of education!
The Education Workers Committee in Hokkaido

A fire broken out at a sewing plant in Bangladesh

A contribution:
I strongly denounce the leadership of Rengo assisting the massive tax increase and social security cuts!

A rise in international food prices: workers and toiling masses forced to be on the starvation line

- An ignorant leader of the Liberal Democratic Party boasting of his method for an escape from the economy crisis: unlimited print of Yen
- The UN's recognition of the statehood of Palestine: US imperialists faced with Abbas's disobedience
- A present-day czar Putin engulfed by the people's upsurge


No. 2246
(December 3rd 2012 Issue)

Critical decay revealed in the 18th CPC Congress
Fight in solidarity with
struggling Chinese workers and toiling masses in distress!

- The Xi Jinping regime: a result of compromise between the Hu Jintao faction and the Jiang Zemin faction
- Totally bankrupted attempts to 'build a harmonious society'
- A dash for 'building China into a maritime power' declared
- The Stalinist party aggravates its corruption and degeneration

'We denounce the air strikes on Gaza by Israel!'
Zengakuren staging an emergency protest in front of the Israeli Embassy, repelling the police repression (Tokyo, Nov. 21st) (pic left)

Storms of protests all over the world against the Israeli bombings

'Remove all the bases! Shatter the Ampo!'

A hard blow against the US-Japan military alliance delivered to the US Forces Headquarters in Okinawa (Nov. 3rd)
(pic 1) Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students denouncing the deployment of the Osprey and a succession of US military's acts of violence (at the gate of the Futenma Base, Okinawa, Nov. 3rd)

'Crush the nationwide Osprey flight drills!'
700 workers, students and residents rise in protest in Fukuoka (Nov. 11th)
(pic 2) 'Fight by overcoming Rengo labour aristocrats' suppression of militant struggles!': Zengakuren Kyushu members chanting slogans (Fukuoka, Nov. 11th)

Students strenuously fight in a 'Good-by nuclear plant' rally in Kagoshima (Nov. 11th)
(pic 3) 'Stop the restart of reactors! Decommission the Sendai nuclear plant!': The centre of the city resounds with Kagoshima Univ. students' call (Kagoshima, Nov. 11th)

Smash the drastic wage cut offensive by the NTT Corporation management!

NTT West Japan: an impermissible plot to forsake its affiliated local contractors together with their workers

Say 'No!' to the raising of electricity rates on the pretext of the increase in fuel costs!

Rapidly rising numbers of young workers downtrodden and driven to take their own lives

A further attack on the destitute: a reworked plan on welfare standards announced by the 'Government Revitalization Unit'

Crush the rampancy of the anti-communist, hawkish LDP led by Abe and Ishiba

Study notes

How the young Kuroda disclosed the fallacy of 'orthodox' materialists' tada-mono-ron

(a result of Soviet-type dialectical materialism degenerated into a philosophy of objectivism)
Learning from Kuroda's Hegel and Marx, 'Introduction' (continued from the previous issue)


No. 2245
(November 26th 2012 Issue)

Stir up the flame of antiwar / anti-nuclear development struggle!
Stand up to the storm of neo-fascism!

- The Noda government cornered into the dissolution of the Lower House and a general election
- The Liberal Democratic Party led by hawkish Abe cries out for constitutionalizing the right of collective self-defence
- The confrontation intensifies between the US and China over the hegemony of Asia
- The wrecked imperialist Obama administration frantically schemes to make a recovery
- Oppose the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by the official leadership! Range the forces of the working class against neo-fascism!

Denounce the air strikes on Gaza by Israel!
We strongly denounce the brutality by the bloody Zionist government!
Denounce the massacre of Palestine masses!
Denounce the imperialist Obama administration's blathering about 'Israel's right of self-defence'!
Workers and toiling masses of Arab countries! Muslim people all over the world! Rise up under the banner of 'anti-US imperialism / anti-Zionism'! In solidarity with the Palestinian masses, rise in a struggle to denounce the air strikes on Gaza by Israel!


'Scrap all the nuclear plants right now!'
Zengakuren students struggle in the forefront of 100 thousand workers and people converged on central Tokyo
(Nov. 11th)
(pic above) Zengakuren closing in on the Parliament Building and their angry voices echoing around (Nov. 11th)
(pic 1) Banners and placards raised by the fighting students encourage workers and toiling masses rallied (Nov. 11th)

'Stop the construction of the Oma nuclear plant!'
1,400 workers, students and residents march through Hakodate City (Nov. 3rd)
(pic 2) Fighting students in Hokkaido join in the rally with a banner in their hands (Hakodate, Nov. 3rd)

A new military strategy of Japan with emphasis on its 'dynamic defence cooperation'
'Defense of Japan 2012': a Defense Ministry paper coloured by subservient attitudes towards the US

Functions of the Air SDF Komaki Base strengthened as a key strongpoint against China

A sharp increase in the number of serious chemical-plant accidents in Japan

A widely organized trade union confederation renamed 'UA Zensen' (Unions' Alliance between textile, garment, chemical, mercantile and allied industry workers' unions)
Break through the machinations of UA Zensen labour aristocrats!
Expose their schemes of carrying the 'industrial patriotic movement' forward by expanding their union members in number!

Denounce cuts in retirement benefits and housing allowances schemed by the Metropolitan authorities!

Sewage workers exposed to radiation
Sewage treatment plants transformed into storage sites for radioactive substances

Study notes

How the young Kuroda disclosed the fallacy of 'orthodox' materialists'tada-mono-ron (a result of Soviet-type dialectical materialism degenerated into a philosophy of objectivism)
Learning from Kuroda's Hegel and Marx, 'introduction'

- Russia: Putin commands a 'large-scale development of the Far East' but cannot halt the population drain
- Let's have a look at the depths of the psyche of ultranationalist Ishihara: it's filled with an inferiority complex about Yankees
- Putin's autocracy on the decline
- Portugal: 'Prime Minister! Out!', angry cries of workers faced with unemployment


No. 2244
(November 19th 2012 Issue)

Obama's reelection shows decline of US imperialism
Down with the Noda government,
servile follower of US imperialism!

- Obama's narrow victory: with no ardent support nor expectation
- The Obama administration stuck with troubles at home and abroad
- No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance! No to Japan's participation in TPP!

'Remove the Ospreys! Stop the flight drills!'

4,000 workers and students demonstrate in central Tokyo
(pic above) 'Crush the US-Japan security alliance!' Metropolitan Students Network brings forth fighting spirit (Shiba Park, Nov. 4th)

'Denounce US airman's assault and infliction of injury on a junior high boy!'
Anger bursts at repeated acts of violence in Okinawa
(pic 1) 400 workers, students and residents rising in emergency protest (at the US Futenma base, Okinawa, Nov. 2nd)

'No to the deployment of the Osprey!'
Kagoshima Univ. students hold protest meeting in solidarity with resolute struggles fought in Okinawa and all over the country (Kagoshima, Kyushu, Oct. 26th)

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committee in Kansai and Tokai rise in Oct. 21st united action

(pic 2) 'Smash Ampo!' High-spirited demonstrators marching the centre of the city (Osaka)
(pic 3) Militant workers and students calling citizens to topple the Noda government in front of Nagoya Station (Aichi Pref.)

'No to the coming of the Osprey to Komaki!'
Workers' and residents' resentful chorus resonates throughout the ASDF Komaki base (Aichi Pref., Oct. 28th)

Crush the offensive launched by state power holders against fighting organizations!

Repressive measures strengthened on the pretext of 'eliminating antisocial forces'
Rulers' fear grows as antiwar, anti-nuclear development struggle advances
1. The arrests of Aum religious cult suspects: a choreographed rounding-up of an 'antisocial group'
2. Countermeasures to deal with crime syndicates applied
3. Shatter the scheme to strengthen the repressive public security system in the name of 'antiterrorism measures'!

Stop the setup of a nationwide surveillance network incorporating private businesses' security cameras

Keidanren [the Japan Business Federation] imposes a high-handed demand on the Tax Commission

One plant closure after another in provincial cities: the case of Yamaguchi Pref.

A raging storm of sackings in electric industry subcontractors

Denounce Nuclear Regulation Authority's crooked 'projections' for the spread of radiation!

Nuclear evacuees from Iidate obliged to return home, to their radioactively contaminated village

Remove the Osprey! No to the flight training across the country!

Down with the reactionary Noda government!
Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

'China to be a maritime power, to double per capita income by 2020'
Declaration issued by Hu Jintao in the 18th Communist Party Congress

JCP Chairman Shii's report to the 5th CC Plenum causes disgust among the rank and file


No. 2243
(November 12th 2012 Issue)

Down with the Noda tottering government!
Stop the nation-wide flight drills of the Osprey!
Fight against the reopening of the nuclear plants!
No to the construction of new plants! Stir up flames of antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle!

Fight back against the storm of reactionary neo-fascists' offensives!

- Neo-fascist elements got started on its manoeuvring
- The destruction of trade unions schemed by true fascist Hashimoto, Abe and others
- The Noda government, servile follower of US imperialism, intensifies its reactionary oppressions
- A rush for the reopening of nuclear plants and a harmful revision of the social security system
- Stir up flames of antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle by opposing the JCP's distortion of the struggle into their election campaign!

'Remove the bases! Crush the Ampo!'
Now is the time to promote the struggle!
Remove the Osprey! Stop the nation-wide flight drills of the Osprey!
Fight against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Promote the struggle and overcome the official leaderships' campaign to beg the government for the removal of the Osprey!
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- Denounce the rape case by US sailors!
- The Osprey's flight drills enforced by the US Marine Corps
- The intensification of military confrontation between the US-Japan and China in the East and South China Seas
- 'Remove the bases!'--An outburst of people's indignation in Okinawa
- Spread the ground swell of anti-base/anti-Ampo struggle nation-wide from Okinawa!

'Denounce the rape case by US sailors! Remove the Osprey!'
Okinawa: A series of struggles staged by angry workers, students and people on Oct. 17th, 19th and 26th

- Amid the violent storm, an emergency action taken against the rape case in front of the headquarter of the US Forces in Okinawa (Oct. 17th)
- Indignation erupted against the US sailors' crime: 400 trade union workers and students rise in the struggle (Oct. 19th)
- 'Remove the Osprey!' Fighting students raise their angry fists in front of the Nodake gate (Oct. 26th)

Denounce the US-Japan joint military exercise in Aibano!
- Under the banner of 'Remove the bases! Crush the Ampo!', fighting students in Kansai march on together with workers and toiling masses (Shiga, Oct. 27th)

'Stop the deployment of the Osprey!' Angry voices resound in the rally of the 'International Antiwar Day' (Fukuoka, Oct. 21st sponsored by the Japan Congress against A- and H- Bombs)


Zengakuren students and Antiwar Youth Committee in Hokkaidorise in the united action, stirring up flames of 'Scrap the nuclear plants! Crush the Ampo!' (Sapporo, Oct. 21st)
- A line of students' and workers' demonstration advances on the head office of the HEPCO

'Stop the low-altitude flight training of the Osprey!'
Zengakuren students and Antiwar Youth Committee in Kyushu rise in the united action (Fukuoka, Oct. 21st)

'Stop the deployment of the Osprey in Okinawa!'
350 trade union workers and fighting students march through the city of Kagoshima with their banner raised aloft (Kagoshima, Oct. 19th)

Stop massive reductions in workforce and wages launched by the Hokkaido local government authorities!
Come out on the Nov. 21st Strike!
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee in Hokkaido

The 'basic plan' for the 2013 spring labour offensive designed by the leadership of Rengo

Smart phones serve as a tool of police surveillance

The construction of the Oi nuclear plant enforced right above 'the nest of earthquakes'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The CSIS symposium on Oct. 26th: Japanese imperialist rulers blatantly expose their reactionary will to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance 'handled' by Armitage and Nye, leaders of the downfallen US
- Sneak monitoring activity by the police in the meeting of the Atomic Energy Commission, with an absurd excuse: 'the nuclear accident was caused by a lack of countermeasure against terrorism'
- A US beef import follows the Osprey: the Obama administration enforces Japan to lift its import restrictions on the US beef in exchange for giving a permission to join the TPP


No. 2242
(November 5th 2012 Issue)

Down with the reactionary Noda government!
Smash the servile follower of US imperialism!
Crush the deployment and low-altitude flight training of the Osprey!
Stop the restart of nuclear reactors! No to the construction of new plants!

Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee rose in
the Oct. 21st united actions

- A militant demonstration targeted on the Diet Building, the PM's Official Residence and the US Embassy
- 'Fight against raging fascism!': A solidarity rally held in high spirits
- Participants fortified against US-Japan military alliance: the revolutionary significance of the Oct. 21st struggle
- Overthrow the reactionary Noda government with the united power of workers and students!

(Pic above) Militant students and workers marching on the Diet and the PM's Office, Tokyo
(Pic right) 'Let us carry on the spirit of the "intense battle of Futenma"!' (Starting demonstration from the Shiba Park)

'Condemn the gang rape by US airmen!' 'Remove Ospreys! Remove all the military bases!'
Fury bursting in Okinawa (details are to be reported in the next issue)

Workers and residents raising angry fists in front of the US headquarters (Oct. 19th)
(pic right upper)
An emergency protest staged against the rape case amid the raging storm (Oct. 17th)
(pic right lower)

12,000 assembled in the 'Goodby Nukes' rally in Hokkaido
(Sep, 23rd, Sapporo)
Hokkaido Univ. students raising the banner and placards: 'Stop the nuclear development!' 'Oppose the promotion of nuclear power generation and the nuclear fuel cycle!'
(pic left)

The aim of the US Marine-Japan GSDF joint drill to 'retake islands':
- The planned drill on an islet in Okinawa Prefecture frustrated due to the growing struggle against US bases
- Yet persistently prepared as part of the joint military exercises across Japan

No to the reopening of the Hamaoka nuclear plant! Scrap all the reactors immediately!

- Legislation for a referendum rejected unanimously in the Shizuoka prefectural assembly
- Keidanren [Japan Federation of Economic Organization] President Yonekura's visit to the Hamaoka plant: a plot for an early restart of reactors
- The degenerate trade union leadership in the electric power industry intimidating 'oppositions' within the ruling DPJ
- Immediately decommission Hamaoka nuclear reactors, the most dangerous reactors in Japan!

Denounce the labour aristocrats in Kikan-roren [a trade union confederation of key industries] crying out for the 'early restart of nuclear reactors'!

(1) Demanding the deletion of 'zero operation of nuclear reactors' from the government 'strategy' in cahoots with monopoly capitalists
(2) Promoters of the 'early restart of nuclear reactors'
(3) The anti-proletarian nature of their 'industrial policies for 2013'
- A revival of their 'policies' laid out before the Fukushima disaster
- Deception in their wording 'for the sake of avoiding deindustrialization and the employment crisis'
- Denounce their positive support for the Japanese bourgeoisie's move towards nuclear plant export!

A new ordeal of the Chavez government raising the flag of 'anti-US imperialism'

An analysis of the Venezuelan presidential election

The US Forces authorities and the LDP irritated at the upsurge in anti-base struggle in Okinawa

The leadership sticking to the 'peaceful use of atomic energy' bitterly criticized:
The annual educational research meeting of Zenkyo, a JCP-affiliated teachers' union


Workers rising in general strikes and demonstrations all over the world

India: Workers of Maruti Suzuki fighting against brutal oppression

Learning from a Kuroda's writing: On the indigenization of Marxism


No. 2241
(October 29th 2012 Issue)

Down with the reactionary Noda government!
Stop a nation-wide flight drill of the Osprey!
Stir up the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle!

Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee march on the PM' Official Residence
(Tokyo, Oct. 21st) (Details will be reported next week.)

- A military confrontation between the US-Japan and China intensifying in the East and South China Seas
- The Noda government coerces workers and people into 'war and poverty'
- Overthrow the Noda government with explosion of the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle and politico-economic struggle!

'Remove the Osprey! Remove the base of Futenma!'
The Oct. 7th Workers and Students United action in Okinawa

- 'Remove the bases! Crush the Ampo!'
In front of the Futenma base's main gate, the workers and students raise their indignant calls by breaking through the police oppression
(Pic right upper)
- With the fighting spirit strengthened through the blockade-action in the end of September,
workers and students march on the headquarters of the US Force
(Pic right lower)

'Scrap all the nuclear plants and related facilities!'
Students and workers fight for a militant upsurge of the 'GOODBYE NUKES rally in Fukuoka' (Kyushu, Sep, 23rd)

'Stop the construction of the Oma nuclear plant!'
Voices filled with the indignation resound throughout Tokyo

Sayonara Nuclear plant Rally in Hibiya (Tokyo, Oct. 13th)
Fighting students join forces to liven up the rally
(Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall)
(Pic right upper)
Students march through the central Tokyo
(Ginza, Oct, 13th)
(Pic right lower)

Militant workers and fighting students concert efforts in the anti-nuke rally in Nagoya (Oct. 7th)

Denounce the leadership of the electric industry worker's union loudly advocating the promotion of a nuclear fuel cycle!

Fight for a militant upsurge of the autumn offensive in the private railway and bus workers' union!

Promote the struggle against the distortion designed by the leadership of the union!
Denounce the leadership assisting the government to promote the reopening of nuclear plants and the massive consumption tax increase!
- The union leadership giving support to the reopening of nuclear plants in the name of 'ensuring a stable supply of the electricity'
- An active acceptance of the massive consumption tax increase
- An inexcusable distortion of the struggle for a wage increase
- The leader's petition for 'correcting harmful effects of deregulation' with no mention of terrible working conditions among bus workers
- Win a militant restoration of the private railways and bus workers movement!

A city bus service in Osaka now
Fight back against the privatization and the abandonment of deficit bus routes by the Osaka city authority!

The 60th Regular Convention of the Japanese electrical and information unions:
Labour aristocrats in the electrical unions, oppressors of labour movements, fully support the major restructuring of corporate organizations under the pretext of 'restoring industry'

A policy dialogue held between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Japan Business Federation

My study note

To pursue the Kuroda's 'discontinuity and leap in 1956'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The JCP chairman proclaims 'the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands is a matter of course', putting extreme nationalists to shame
- Driven by a belief in 'a peaceful and rational state, the US', the JCP can't say a word against the ongoing US-Japan military joint drill in 'retaking remote islands'
- The police to strengthen its surveillance over workers and people under the pretext of preventing 'an information crime'
- Greedy Japanese monopoly capitalists inexcusably sacrificing workers in China for their business reconstruction


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