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No. 2420
(May 30th 2016 Issue)

Remove all the US military bases! Scrap the US-Japan Ampo!
We denounce the rape and murder of a woman by a former US Marine!!

'Denounce the rape and murder of a woman by an ex-Marine!' 'Remove all US bases!' Workers, students and residents raised fists of rage at the US Kadena base,
May 20th, Okinawa
(details will appear in the next issue)
- Condemn the rulers of Japan and the US who voiced, 'It was bad timing'!
- Absolutely no to the construction of a new US base in Henoko!
- Okinawa is in the midst of the confrontation now heated up between the US-Japan and China
- Fight for the removal of all the US bases, for the scrapping of the US-Japan Ampo [security treaty]! Create an upsurge of struggle all over the country in solidarity with the people of Okinawa!

'Definitely no to the revision of the Constitution! Scrap the War Law!'
'We condemn the rape and murder of a woman by a former US Marine!
Angry voices of protest were raised in front of the Diet Building,
May 19th
(pic left) Many workers gathered from various trade unions and raised angry voices, in front of the National Diet Library
(pic right) 'Block the revision of the Constitution! No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!'
Zengakuren from the Metropolitan area fought with workers and citizens, in front of the Diet members' office building

'Decommission the Shika nuclear power plant located right above a number of active faults!'
Workers and residents rallied to oppose the move towards the restart of the plant, May 14th, Ishikawa Prefecture

The Okinawan peace march and residents' rally uplifted


The Peace March:
May 14th
4,500 workers from many unions participated in the Peace March
In front of the US Kadena base, protesters raised their angry fists against the threat by US soldiers with rifles
(pic left)

The All Okinawa Rally: May 15th
All participants in the Peace March joined the residents' rally
'Block the construction of the new US base in Henoko!' protesters' voices resounded under a blazing sky
(pic centre)
Zengakuren Okinawa held up big placards, 'Down with the Abe government!'
(pic right)

'Stop the construction of a new base in Henoko! No to the constitutional revision! Scrap the War Law!'

Militant Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students held up a big banner and marched in the main street of Naha, Okinawa, April 30th
(pic right end)


Oppose military research in Universities! Say 'No!' to tuition increases!

Crush the neo-fascist reorganization of tertiary education!

I. The Abe government is promoting a reactionary reorganization of national universities by putting financial pressure on those not loyal to the 'patriotic policies' of the Education Ministry
II. The Education Ministry schemes to reduce humanities departments and convert them into research/education institutions suitable for a 'state capable of waging a war'
III. Fight against the reactionary reorganization of national universities, creating solidarity with university teachers/staff!

Monopoly capitalists tremendously benefit from tax havens
-- The meaning of the Panama Papers leak
- The leak was targeted at China, Hong Kong and Britain
- Dirty tricks are ascribed to US multinational companies
- 'Fiscal paradises' are incorporated into the dark depths of the globalized financial networks
- Rivalry is intensifying between the US-Japan and the EU over regulatory measures

Don't allow the destruction of the teachers' union organization!

The Hokkaido Education Board trumped up a false charge, saying 'distribution of stationery printed with a slogan 'No to Abe's politics!' is considered as political activity, from which teachers are banned

Fight back against the destruction of union organization, overcoming union leaders' silence and inaction!

A monopoly bourgeois association offered 'Opinions' on the reassignment of temp workers to permanent posts:
It's a proposal to select workers and further contribute to companies

'The essential prerequisites for today's subject of revolution are money, leisure time and information'?!:
a JCP-kept scholar's nonsensical article
, 'A Modern Citizens' Revolution'

Militant workers fought for the upsurge of May Day rallies

May 1st, Osaka:

Many workers fought against the Abe government's offensives,
objecting the union leaders' distortion of the struggle into the upcoming election campaigns

May 1st, Hokkaido:
Workers' resentment whirled against the Abe government's move to revise the Constitution and promote nuclear development

May 1st, Nagoya:
Militant workers strived to create a fighting atmosphere,
criticizing the JCP-led union leaders who deliberately neglect to fight against the constitutional revision and the Ampo

The Abe government is accelerating the development of a Japan-made stealth fighter


- 'A world without nuclear weapons', Obama and Abe's clumsy subterfuge:
Behind the curtain, Obama is steadily reinforcing US nuclear capability

- The Japanese government budget for a military-academic research is going through the roof

- 'Not quiet' on the fifth battlefield:
The US cyber-command has launched an attack against the Islamic State's Internet


No. 2419
(May 23rd 2016 Issue)

Oppose the G-7 Ise-Shima summit
under the banner
'No to the buildup and strengthening of the US-Japan new military alliance'!

Don't allow the strengthening of US military nuclear capability
behind the curtain of the propaganda,
'realization of a nuclear-free world'!

- Obama and Abe are plotting to justify the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance by Obama's visit to Hiroshima
- The imperialist G-7 summiteers are revealing rifts among themselves
- Eradicate the danger of war amid the confrontation between the US-Japan and China-Russia!

'Block the US base construction in Henoko! Repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty! Workers and people gathered in the All Okinawans' Rally from all over Japan
Zengakuren students fought in the front ranks of them
May 15th (details will appear in the next issue)


Against the harmful revision of the Constitution
, protest actions were taken all over Japan

May 3rd, Osaka:
'Down with the Abe government!' Voices of protest resounded throughout the main street
Zengakuren students strived in the van of the workers and citizens' furious demonstration

April 28th, Naha, Okinawa: 'No to the new base construction in Henoko! Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
Zengakuren Okinawa fought in solidarity with workers, raising the slogan, 'Annul the US-Japan Security Treaty!'

April 19th, Nagoya: 'Create a major surge of protest against the constitutional revision!' Holding up a big banner, Zengakuren fought in the forefront of workers and citizens
Angry voices were raised against the Abe government's perfunctory response to the Kumamoto earthquakes

Militant workers strived to create a fighting atmosphere in May Day rallies


April 29th, Fukuoka:

'Accuse the Abe government of making use of the earthquake disaster to its political advantage!'
'Denounce the union leadership for keeping its mouth shut about the continued operation of the Sendai nuclear power station!'

Militant workers fought strenuously in the van of the rally participants
(pic right)

May 1st, Okinawa:
'No to the constitutional revision! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Many workers fought for a militant upsurge of the rally, criticizing union leaders for trying to distort struggles into election campaigns

May 1st, Kanazawa: Anger towards the Abe government's move to revise the Constitution swirled around in the venue of the rally


Stop the dispatch of ground troops to the UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan!

The Japan Marxist Student League (RMF) Hokkaido Regional Committee
- The Abe government is taking a step forward towards sending 'troops bleeding for their country' in accordance with the War Law
- Rulers of the US-Japan and China are clashing with each other over interests in Africa
- Fight firmly against the dispatch of Japanese troops to South Sudan, denouncing the JCP leaders' complete abandonment of the struggle!

Oppose wage cuts, restructuring and rationalization by the new postal management!

Denounce the JP Union leaders' full collaboration with it!

The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
Don't allow the union leadership to distort struggles into a campaign to contribute to postal business and to the state and society!

The 33rd regular convention of Zenkyo [All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]
The leadership withdrew its initial policy to campaign for 'protecting the peace Constitution'
It suppressed union members' voices against constitutional revision, regarding this campaign as an obstacle to the JCP's pursuit of forming an opposition party coalition

Denounce the leadership of Toyota Roren
[Federation of All Toyota Workers' Unions] for accepting an extremely low wage increase!
Don't allow the union leaders' treachery in the name of 'correcting pay differentials'!
- The management is bent on suppressing wages and intensifying labour under the pretext of 'a change in the economic situation'
- Fight resolutely by accusing the union leadership of giving priority to the 'development of the company'!

Abe government is telling a transparent lie,
'Nursing care workers' wage will be increased by 10,000 yen'!
Crush the blatant propaganda aimed to pull in votes for the upcoming House of Councillors election!

Drastic wage cuts, strengthening of labour management, destruction of the teachers' union...

Shatter the offensive launched by the Osaka city authorities that are taking advantage of the devolution of authority to the city!


- There is no need for big corporations in Japan to resort to tax havens: Japan is riddled with tax loopholes, besides various tax preferences given to them

- Japanese-style strengthening of 'anti-terrorist measures': grass-roots mobilization is being carried out in the name of guarding the G-7 summit

- The arrest of an ultra-right politician: he is now an obstacle for Abe who was ordered by Obama to mend fences with Korea and solidify the US-Japan-Korea triangular military alliance against China


No. 2417-18
(May 9th-16th 2016 Double Issue)

Block the revision of the Constitution!
Denounce the Abe government for using the Kumamoto earthquake disaster to its advantage by promoting the constitutional revision and strengthening the US-Japan military alliance!

'Stop the constitutional revision! Topple the Abe government!'
Militant students fought in the forefront of millions of protesters rallied on Constitution Day, May 3rd, Tokyo
"I will moibilize all peaple for war"

- Create a gigantic upsurge of struggle to block the revision of the Constitution and scrap the War Law!
- No to the summit meeting of imperialist rulers besmeared with the blood of Muslims!
- Fight resolutely for the overthrow of the Abe government by overcoming the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by JCP leaders!
 Down with the imperialist Group of Seven summit in Japan!
We oppose the US military nuclear buildup under the cloak of the propaganda, 'realization of a nuclear-free world'!
Stop the buildup and strengthening of the US-Japan global war alliance!


Absolutely 'No' to a consumption tax hike to10%!

- The government is planning to introduce a reduced tax rate system under the guise of offering kindness
- A 'tax hike for the sake of social security' is a transparent lie!
- A great deal of burden will be imposed on small businesses
- Reduction of corporate taxes is given to monopoly capitalists
- The revision of the taxation system is designed for the benefit of companies 'capable of making money'

Militant workers strived for the uplifting of the 87th May Day rallies

Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation]'s central rally, April 49th, Tokyo
'Stop the constitutional revision!' Angry voices were raised against the leadership's posture indicating approval of the Abe government's reactionary policies
'Fight in unity!' Workers raised their fists with indignation
against labour aristocrats' suppression of struggles

[National Confederation of Trade Unions]'s central rally, May 1st, Tokyo
JRCL called on Zenroren workers to rise in struggle to topple the Abe government by revealing the anti-proletarian nature of their JCP-led union leaders who are choking off objections against the constitutional revision
Workers rallied with boiling anger
against the Abe government

[National Trade Union Council]'s rally, May 1st, Tokyo
Militant workers strived in the fight against the constitutional revision and the War Law, calling on participants to overcome union leaders' distortion of struggle into a House of Councillors election campaign
Voices against unfair dismissals and against the constitutional revision reverberated through the band shell

Down with the G-7 Ise-Shima summit!

The Japan Marxist Student League
(RMF) Tokai Regional Committee
- The Abe government is hell-bent on achieving its ambition to revise the Constitution by making good use of the G-7 summit
- US and Japanese rulers are fixated on building a military encircling net against China
- Expose the deception in Obama's visit to Hiroshima
- The imperialist G-7 summiteers, shaken by the worldwide economic crisis, are frantic to make people pay the price for it
- Stand up against the G-7 summit, overcoming the distortion of the opposition movement led by the JCP that has abandoned struggle against the US-Japan military alliance!

No to the tightening of security controls and suppression in the name of 'antiterrorism measures'!

Don't allow the Abe government to revise the criminal justice-related laws!
- The Abe government is scheming to drastically tighten up security controls and strengthen suppression in the name of 'countermeasures against terrorism'
- It is plotting to revise the criminal justice-related laws with the aim of liquidating anti-government organizations
- Denounce the JCP leadership for yielding to the government's move to tighten security controls because it supports 'antiterroism measures'!

The Abe government is scheming to introduce a neo-fascist version of 'visualization of police inquisition'

Denounce the leadership of UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions] for agreeing on a very low compromise figure of pay increase!
- The leadership's remark 'real wages have been recovered' is a lie!
- Labour aristocrats' wage increase demands were premised on workers' cooperation in improving productivity

'That we won the narrowing of the wage gap between small and big company workers was a mistake'
JC Metal labour aristocrats corrected their 'error', smiling in their sleeve

NHK newscasts never fail to conceal the danger of the Sendai nuclear power station located very near to the epicentre of the earthquakes

My study note

Learning from Kuroda's materialist investigation into thinking
(part 2)
On reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis, vol. 3
Militant students' voices echoed through the vicinity


'Stop the constitutional revision by the Abe government!'

Millions of workers and toiling people rose on Constitution Memorial Day
, May 3rd, Tokyo

The venue bristled with colourful banners of trade unions gathered going beyond the boundaries between national centres

'Down with the Abe government!' Zengakuren's placards stood out against the blue sky

'No to the deployment of an aerial combat training group to the Komatsu air base!'

Militant Kanazawa Univ. students raised angry fists of protest with workers,
April 16th, Komatsu, Ishikawa Pref


No. 2416
(May 1st 2016 Issue)

The unprecedented Kumamoto earthquakes are still going on!
Immediately stop the operation of the Sendai nuclear reactors
in the adjacent area!
Down with the Abe government rushing to promote nuclear development and revise the Constitution,
trampling down the evacuees from the earthquakes!

- The Abe government was very slow in taking action to relief earthquake victims
- Denounce the Abe government and Kepco [Kyushu Electric Power Co.] for continuing the operation of the Sendai Nuclear Power Station!
- Shatter the Abe government's movements to revise the Constitution and build Japan into a military superpower by taking advantage of the earthquake disaster!

'Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
Angry voices of thousands rose to a roar, April 19th, Tokyo
 (1)   (2)
(pic 1) 'Scrap the War Law!' Militant students fought together with workers and citizens in front of the Diet building
(pic 2) Students from the Metropolitan area created a militant upsurge in the struggle, in front of the Diet members' office building

20 years after the US-Japan agreement to return the Futenma base site
Okinawan protesters rallied,
April 12th, Naha, Okinawa
(pic 3) Militant students, together with workers and residents, called for the immediate removal of US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and for the halt of the new base construction in Henoko

Remove all the US bases!' Anger exploded, April 6th, Okinawa
  (4)   (5)
(pic 4, 5) Protesters blocked the gate of the US command centre to protest against the arrest of a fighter and the repression of the opposition movement by the US military police and the Japanese Coast Guard


- By taking advantage of the recent earthquakes in Kyushu, Abe is committing one crime after another

- The US is plotting to restore its influence in Latin America: Against Obama's visit to Argentine, militant workers and people rose

- Cameron is desperate to prevent 'Brexit': Obama's 'noisy call for the UK to stay in the EU' invited British people's anger

- Watch out! State power is plotting to step up security measures by means of vicious entrapment!

'remove all US military basis!' April 6th
Block the new US base construction in Henoko! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Create a gigantic upsurge in the May 15th antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- The Abe government is manoeuvring to construct a new US base in Henoko under the smoke screen of 'reconciliation'
-- It is bent on revising the Constitution and building Japan into a military superpower
- Confrontation is intensifying in the South China Sea between the US-Japan and China
- Fight resolutely by overcoming the distortion of anti-base movement by the JCP that abandons struggle against Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance]!

Spread the Okinawan militants' struggle against Ampo to the whole country!


Decommission all the nuclear power plants, which are located above the 'earthquake nest'!

Denounce the Fukuoka high court for rejecting a request for injunction against the resumption of the Sendai nuclear power plant!

The Japan Marxist Student League (RMF)
Kyushu Regional Committee
- Stop the operation of the Sendai nuclear power plant immediately!
- No to the resumption of operation of all the nuclear power plants in the country!

Don't allow the resumption of nuclear reactor operations of the Takahama power plant!
- The district court upheld citizens' complaints and ordered the suspension of reactors No. 3 and No. 4
- Create a fresh upliftment in the struggle against nuclear development!

None of the wage cuts or deterioration of working conditions! None of the dismissals of workers!

Don't allow any attack on local government workers delivered on the pretext of the 'devolution of authority from prefecture to ordinance-designated city'!

It is the result of Abe government's forcible reduction in tax revenues distributed to local governments!

'The Olympics education' aimed to 'enhance pupils' patriotism'

The Education Ministry and the metropolitan education board coerce all schools to incorporate this 'subject' in curricula

Sweatshop labour in a physical distribution company in Okinawa drove a worker to suicide
Definitely no to the bad revision of labour laws plotted by the Abe government!

We'll level up temp workers' wages':
With all the policies of Abenomics going bankrupt, Abe now resorts to a specious plan fo
'Promoting Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens'

My study note

Learning from Kuroda's materialist investigation into thinking
(part 1)
On reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis, vol. 3

The declaration of a state of emergency in France is an object of avid desire of Abe
who is desperate to add an 'emergency clause' to the Constitution of Japan


No. 2415
(April 25th 2016 Issue)

Crush the revision of the Constitution by the Abe government!
Overcome the parliamentarianist distortion of struggles by the JCP!

- The Abe government is rushing to revise the Constitution after the enforcement of the War Law
-- Denounce the official opposition leaderships for indulging in the upcoming Upper House election campaigns!

- Bring to light the criminal nature of the 'Defend constitutionalism' campaign led by the JCP!
-- Condemn the JCP bureaucrats for having abandoned fighting against the revision of the Constitution!
Accuse them of only seeking after a coalition with other opposition parties, disregarding efforts to organize the struggle of the working class!
Bottomless ideological degeneration of the JCP bureaucrats: They have withdrawn their erstwhile policy of 'abrogating the US-Japan military treaty'
They see 'state security' as going beyond classes

- Their ideological backbone has melted away into petty-bourgeois individualism

Workers, students and citizens rose up in succession against the enforcement of the War Law: Hokkaido
  (1)   (2)
March 27th: Thousands of workers gathered by going beyond the boundaries between trade union national centres (pic 1)
March 29th: Militant Hokkaido Univ. students marched together with workers and citizens (pic 2)

'Overturn the agreement by the JC Metal major unions on extremely low figures of pay increases!'
Militant workers strived for a vigorous upsurge of Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation]'s spring labour offensive in Okinawa, March 29th (pic 3)

Immediately stop the operation of the Sendai nuclear power plant,
very near to the major earthquakes still going on in Kyushu!

Decommission all the nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities!

Block the resumption of the nuclear reactor operation in the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant in Niigata Prefecture,
located right above an 'earthquake nest'!

Disclose the deception of the Nuclear Regulation Authorities!: NRA says there is no active fault line running under this area

Five years after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake:
Don't allow the Abe government to abandon nuclear/tsunami evacuees!


Denounce the agreement on a zero wage increase by the Japan Postal Union leadership!

1. Union officials agreed on a virtual decrease in real wages
2. They are justifying the agreement as a 'victory', advertising the excuse of the management
3. The differential in wages and treatment between regular and temp workers is increasing
4. The leadership is acting in concert with the management which uses its 'lack of ability to pay wages' as a good excuse
5. The leadership is pressing union members to engage in election campaigns, setting aside the fight against constitutional revision

The fight of JEC
[Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions]:
For a militant upsurge of chemical industry workers' spring labour offensive! Don't allow the treacheries of the labour aristocrats'!

- Chemical industry monopoly capitalists are rejecting wage increases
- Labour officials have abandoned leading struggles for higher wages in local unions
- Fight it out, denouncing the desertion of struggles by the JEC leadership!

The Abe government is plotting to introduce a new system of lengthening working hours, exempting certain categories of workers from regulations against overtime work

Impeach NTT labour aristocrats for accepting an ultra-low wage increase figure!

- '700 yen plus a little bit of extra'!: The agreed figure imposes dire poverty on workers
- Labour leaders have been adopting a deceitful policy of 'correcting wage differentials' to conceal their cooperation with the management
- Achieve the unity of regular and temp workers and fight tenaciously!

My study note
I've made a fresh resolve to fight!
-- On reading an article by Kuroda, included in Fifty Years of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction of the JRCL,
vol. 3, 2015

Militant education workers strived for fruitful discussions in Japan Teachers' Union's annual education research conference

Calling on participants to organize struggles against the revision of the Constitution and the reorganization of education

- Despite the growing move of the revision of the Constitution, the central union leadership is keeping silence
- Militant education workers animated discussions over the ingenious promotion of antiwar/peace education
- '"Neutrality and indifference" means assistance for the government's war policy!': Participants expressed their critical feelings one after another
- 'Let us stop the restart of nuclear power plants!' 'We need to expose the falsity of the Education Ministry's supplementary reader on radiation' Heated discussion was unfolded
- 'The root cause of teachers' overtime work and workplace harassment lies in Abe's education reform' Many participants spoke with a single voice
- Shatter the fascist attempt to destroy the JTU organization!


- The Abe government is indecently wriggling to evade responsibility for a huge loss on GPIF
[Government Pension Investment Fund]

- The Education Ministry is tightening school textbook censorship
-- to screen out the Japanese army's 'sex slave' issue, the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, the disputed Senkaku Islands, etc.

'Reconstruction of the tsumami-stricken Tohoku region by boosting tourism'?:
-- The government plans to attract rich tourists from overseas with casinos and advanced medical care

- China attempts to strengthen its influence on five ASEAN countries along the Mekong River
-- in the name of 'promoting the development of the Mekong basin'


No. 2414
(April 18th 2016 Issue)

Rise up against the revision of the Constitution,
against the War Law!

Overthrow the Abe government rushing to build Japan into a military power!

Central Students' Orgburo

I. The Abe government is pushing forward the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and the revision of the Constitution

II. The danger of war is growing all over the world; the nuclear armament race is intensifying between the US and China-Russia

- US imperialism is frantic to form a military encircling net against China
- Xi Jinping-led China is strengthening confrontation against the US
- Putin-led Russia is hell-bent to reinstate itself as a 'great power'
- The US and China are confronting each other over the construction of economic blocks

III. Zengakuren is fighting strenuously, conquering the distortion of struggle by opposition leaderships into election campaigns
IV. Fight resolutely, overcoming the 'Defend constitutionalism' campaign led by the JCP that abandons opposition to Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance]!
- Expose the criminal nature of the JCP's 'Abrogate the War Law' campaign!

V. Advance forward for the prevention of the constitutional revision, for the upsurge of antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
- Block the revision of the Constitution!
- Scrap the War Law! No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!
- Immediately stop and decommission all nuclear power plants!
- Shatter every government attempt to cover up the bankruptcy of Abenomics!

Voices of protest against the War Law echoed through city streets:

(1)    (2)
March 27th, Kagoshima: Hundreds of workers and citizens rose against the revision of the Constitution
(pic 1) Kagoshima Univ. students fought militantly at the forefront, exposing the reactionary nature of the JCP's 'Defend constitutionalism' campaign
March 29th, Naha, Okinawa: 'Scrap the War Law!' Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought vigorously with workers and citizens
(pic 2) 'No to the new US base construction in Henoko!' Protesters raised a chorus of yells

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster:
 (3)  (4)
Hokkaido, March 13th: 'No to the restart of the Tomari nuclear power plant! No to the construction of a nuclear power plant in Ohma!' Workers, students and citizens held a big rally
(pic 3) 'Down with the Abe government devoted to nuclear development!' 'No to the constitutional revision!' Zengakuren students appealed at the forefront of the demonstrators
(pic 4) Workers marched holding aloft their trade union flags

Denounce the treacherous agreement on tiny pay increases reached by the leadership of the JEIU
[Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions]!
- No to monopoly capitalists' deceitful 'improvement in wages'!
- Stop the massive dismissal of workers due to restructuring!
-- Accuse the labour aristocrats of accepting the firing of workers!
- Expose the anti-proletarian nature of the JEIU leadership's policy of joint labour-management consultation!
-- Management partially accepted working condition-related demands of workers: merely to comply with the deceitful measures of Abenomics
- Fight tenaciously in unity with temp workers and SME workers!

Big companies, temp agencies and the government are in cahoots:'Government subsidies for labour turnover' are being used fully in order to sack workers

Abenomics accelerates wealth gap:
The amount of financial assents of the rich rises to a record high, while 60 % of the unmarried twenties have no savings

A local government's education board has embarked on tightening controls over high school students' political activities
No to the tightening of the state's control over education!
- Students are required to report in advance to school authorities even when listening to public speeches on the street
- The Education Ministry has started to muzzle teachers and suppress teachers' unions in the name of 'political neutrality'
- Launch a counterattack against the Abe government by overcoming the weak-kneed official leadership that merely calls for the 'defense of human rights'!

Abe is doing everything to secure victory in the Upper House election, including the 'moving forward' of public works spending

Xi Jinping's military strategy under the banner of 'a strong army, a strong nation'

1. An epochal shake-up of the People's Liberation Army (PLA)
2. The 'active defense' strategy emphasizes 'preparation for military struggle (PMS)'
3. China is rushing to build up the PLA navy to become a maritime superpower


- Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, taken advantage of by Abe, disclosed an off-the-record remark of Deputy PM Aso: 'A secret plan to get out of the deflation is going to war'!!

- Conscientious news anchors have been made to step down one after another; the government has started to tighten controls on the media in the name of 'neutrality'

- TPP-related documents submitted to the Diet were all blotted out in black

- 'It may be impossible to remove the melted nuclear debris...' A Nuclear Regulation Authorities member dropped a hint of the hopeless state of Fukushima reactors' decommission process five years after the catastrophe


No. 2413
(April 11th 2016 Issue)

Denounce the US, UK, French and Russian bombing of Syria!
A storm of chauvinism is raging in Europe amid the 'war on terrorism'

Workers and people all over the world! Rise up against war and fascism, overcoming the abandonment of antiwar struggle by the official opposition leaderships!

- Indiscriminate massacres of Muslims are being carried out in the name of 'eradicating the Islamic State'
- Nationalistic, chauvinistic tendencies are on the rise under the banner of anti-immigration
- Denounce the degeneration of self-styled 'leftists' who join the chorus of 'anti-terrorism'!

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster:

'Stop the restart of nuclear reactors!' 'Down with the Abe government!'
Protest voices resound in many places

Tokyo, March 26th: 35,000 gathered together to demand the abolition of atomic power generation
(pic 1) Anger flared up against the Abe government's 'policy of abandoning nuclear evacuees'
(pic 2) 'No to nuclear development!' Fighting students created a militant atmosphere by appealing to workers in the demonstration

Kagoshima, March 13th: 'Stop the Sendai nuclear power plant!' Demonstrators marched through the main street of the city
(pic 3)
Kagoshima Station Square was filled with burning indignation of workers, students and citizens protesting against the restart of Sendai nuclear reactors
(pic 4) Kagoshima Univ. students held a spirited demonstration with workers and citizens

Thousands rose against the enforcement of the War Law,
March 19th

Nagoya: Workers, students, citizens and lawyers held a big rally
(pic 5) Militant students fought, accusing the JCP of withdrawing its slogan 'Protect the war-renouncing Article 9'
(pic 6) 'No to the buildup of the US-Japan military alliance!' Many demonstrators joined Nagoya Univ. and Aichi Univ. students' chorus

Kanazawa: Hundreds of workers, students and citizens rallied
(pic 7) 'Scrap the War Law! Stop the constitutional revision!' 'Topple the fascist Abe government!' Kanazawa Univ. students held up a big banner

The Education Ministry launched a reactionary system of subsidizing only those state-run universities
that are loyal to governmental university reform policies

Fight tenaciously for the militant upsurge of JAM
[Japanese Associations of Metal, Machinery and Manufacturing Workers]'s spring labour offensive!
Don't allow JAM leaders' distortion of struggles on the SME
[small and medium-sized enterprise] labour front into a campaign for 'improving productivity'!
I. Denounce agreements on extremely small wage increases in big enterprises!
II. The JAM leadership is emphasizing 'correction of pay differentials'
III. The leaders are scheming to suppress big wage hikes on the pretext of reducing disparities
IV. Organize struggles aimed to overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government!

Denounce only shoddy bits of compromise figures in the wage negotiations between major private railway trade unions and their managements!

No to the distortion of struggle into vote-gathering activities for the upcoming House of Councillors' election!

(1) Union leaders of the leading companies justify their agreements on small compromise figures as 'victories'
(2) The bankruptcy of Abenomics has caused a sense of crisis among railway monopoly capitalists
(3) Organize struggles against the constitutional revision in all work places!

'Keep workers alive and make profits!'

Nowadays monopoly capitalists are endorsing new styles of 'healthy management'

The number of childhood thyroid cancers is increasing in Fukushima

Don't allow the Abe government to conceal the grave nuclear damage to human health!
- The local authorities are frantic to deny the causal relationship between the number of cancers and the nuclear accident
- Academics servile to government authorities: 'The number is due to excessive medical checks'
- The government is fabricating a new 'safety myth': 'The less than 100 millisieverts of radiation exposure is safe'

The management of Kyushu Electric Power Co. justifies its neglect of safety standards, while once again cancelling its pledge to construct an anti-seismic building


- 'We are ready to further reduce the quality of our party so long as we can survive by forming a coalition with other parties' (JCP Chairman Shii's monologue)
- Delay in post-tsunami/nuclear accident reconstruction:
-- Greedy general contractors are swarming around the 'special procurement' boom in the inland area of Sendai, while deserting the severely attacked Pacific coastal areas

- Castro brothers each performed their own role during Obama's visit to Cuba: for the 'cause of anti-Americanism' and for the 'survival of Cuba'

- 'The US should achieve a low-cost victory over China by limiting the areas of military actions to Japan and its vicinity': A Pentagon's hanger-on suggests an 'off-shore control strategy'

My study note

Learning from Kuroda's '
struggle on two fronts' discussed in his What is Revolutionary Marxism? (1969)

Renga (a linked waka poem)
Shaking with rage amid the sound of jackboots approaching


No. 2412
(April 4th 2016 Issue)

Stir up a gigantic struggle to block the revision of the Constitution!
Scrap the War Law!
No to the buildup of a global war alliance between the US and Japan!

Fight firmly by overcoming the JCP-led 'Defend constitutionalism' campaign with no opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

'Stop the restart of nuclear power plants! Down with the Abe government!'
Militant students strived together with 35,000 workers and people,
March 26th, Tokyo
(Details will be in the next issue)

- The Abe government is hell-bent on constitutional revision and building Japan into a military strong power
-- Abe is scheming to hold simultaneous elections to obtain two thirds of the legislative seats required for constitutional revision

- Confrontation is intensifying between the US and China in East Asia
-- The Obama administration is intent on building a military encircling net against China

- Denounce the JCP's distortion of struggles against constitutional revision into mere vote-gathering activities for the 'coalition of non-government parties' within the Diet!

'We condemn the rape by a US Navy sailor!'
Thousands staged a protest in front of US Marine Corps Camp Schwab in Henoko, Okinawa, March 21st
(pic left) 'Remove all the US bases!' Okinawans with burning anger raised their voice demanding the withdrawal of US troops
(pic right) Workers, students and residents blockaded the road to Camp Schwab,
holding placards saying,
'Remove US bases!' 'Scrap the US-Japan security treaty!' 'Stop the new base construction!'



A big rally was held against fascist Abe's attempt to restart dangerous Takahama nuclear reactors, March 13th, Osaka
(pic 1)
Together with workers and citizens, militant Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students demonstrated calling for the immediate decommission of all nuclear power plants

5,600 workers and citizens rose against the soon-to-be-enforced War Law,
March 19th, Hibiya Park, Tokyo
(pic 2)
'Scrap the War Law!' 'Abe OUT!' Indignant voices filled the band shell
(pic 3) Protesters, including many trade union members, demonstrated by holding their flags up high

Block the revision of the Constitution!
Shatter the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
Down with the Abe government!

The 85th Zengakuren Convention,
March 14th-15th
(pic 4)
Students of Zengakuren fortified their resolve to fight, March 15th


Condemn Toyota labour aristocrats for having agreed on an extremely low figure!
Definitely 'No!' to the 'productivity campaign' promoted by both management and labour!
- Toyota labour aristocrats' agreement drives all workers in Japan into more abject poverty
- Don't allow them to deceptively insist, 'We've had three consecutive years of improvement in wage hikes'
- Denounce the minions of monopoly capitalists who cry for 'bolstering competitiveness in the global market'!

A stopgap measure to cover up the bankruptcy of Abenomics: Expose deception in Abe's 'equal pay for equal work'!

The Bank of Japan's negative interest rate policy is revealing its complete failure

A. The BOJ introduced negative interest rates as a last-ditch attempt to conceal the bankruptcy of Abenomics
B. Stock prices are declining rapidly while the appreciation of the yen is increasing in the midst of the worldwide economic stagnation
C. The BOJ's 'different dimension easing policy' has fallen flat
D. Don't allow the government to sacrifice workers and the toiling masses again and again for the sake of riding out their failure!

Win big, across-the-board wage hikes! Stop the constitutional revision!

Hokkaido, March 2nd:

Revolutionary/militant workers fought in Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation]-hosted spring labour offensive rallies:
Militant workers strived to enliven the rally together with fellow union members by denouncing labour aristocrats' low wage hike demands
Kanazawa, March 7th:
2,000 workers rallied for the victory of the 2016 spring labour offensive

The labour aristocrats of JAM [Japanese Associations of Metal, Machinery and Manufacturing Workers] impel workers to devote themselves to the improvement of productivity for the survival of their companies
-- The meaning of JAM's campaign for 'handing down high levels of technical skills' to younger workers

Stop the enforcement of the reactionary 'My Number system'!

Introduction of the new system has given rise to great confusion at the windows of public offices
No to the utmost intensification of the labour of local government workers!

Uncontrolled capitalist development of artificial intelligence:
An AI-equipped robot eventually glorified Hitler



- 'The use of nuclear arms is constitutional'!!: An end to the neo-fascist Abe government!

- Mass dismissals in the name of the 'reform of zombie enterprises' in China

- Behind Apple's tough-looking attitude towards the FBI lay a problem that threatens the existence of IT monopolies


No. 2411
(March 28th 2016 Issue)

Condemn the JC Metal labour aristocrats' agreement on very small wage increases with major company managements!
Create a big surge in small business workers' spring labour offensives,
allowing no betrayal of the labour aristocrats!

- 'Wage increases in three consecutive years'!!: Expose the deception in the propaganda spread by the government, management and union leaders!
-- Monopoly capitalists are intent on cutting 'labour costs'
-- The government is desperate to cover up the failure of Abenomics by postponing the planned consumption tax hike

- Never, ever allow the labour aristocrats to restrain the wage struggle of small business workers and temp workers!

- All workers! Fight resolutely for big, across-the-board wage hikes!

'Condemn the rape by a US sailor! Remove all the US bases!' Thousands rose up in protest, March 21st, Henoko, Okinawa (Details will be in the next issue)
Shatter the Abe government's manoeuvre to bulldoze its way through the reclamation work in Henoko under the smoke screen of 'reconciliation'!

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee

- The government's 'acceptance' of the 'settlement on the base plan' proposed by the court: aimed to destroy the opposition movement against the US base construction
- Rulers of the US and Japan are hell-bent on building a military encircling net against China
- The Abe government is frantic to revise the Constitution and build up a global war alliance
- The revolutionary left is striving to overcome the distortion of struggles by the JCP leaders who withdrew opposition to the US-Japan military alliance
- Promote the struggle against the US base construction in Henoko by hoisting the banner, 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'!

Block the revision of the Constitution of Japan by the Abe government!

- The government has started an all-out offensive aimed at constitutional revision
- The Japanese government is beefing up a global aggressive war alliance with the US
- Fight firmly by overcoming the JCP-led 'Defend constitutionalism' movement!

Revolutionary/militant workers strived in Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation]-hosted spring labour offensive rallies:
Nagoya, March 6th:
Fighting workers created a revolutionary atmosphere in the rally to overcome the distortion of the struggle into an 'industrial patriotic movement'

Osaka, March 4th:
Workers raised angry voices against the treachery of the degenerate leadership, which crossed out 'wage hikes' from its slogans and called off street demonstrations

Fight for the upsurge of the publishing workers' spring labour offensive under the slogan,
'Stop the revision of the Constitution'!
1. Workers are forced to pay the price for the recession in the publishing industry
2. The leadership of Shuppan Roren
[Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Union] adopts an obsequious policy, 'Spring labour offensive for the revival of the publishing industry'
3. Fight for a big, across-the-board wage increase! Stop the constitutional revision!

The Abe government's slipshod child-rearing support policy:

55,000 children are on the waiting list for kindergarten; the number of unadmitted children is rapidly increasing
Entries of profit-making companies into the nursery business are increasing, imposing ever-growing burden onto childcare workers

No to the new system of commandeering maritime workers in time of war by the Defense Ministry!
The government and the ministry are planning to mobilize private-sector ferries to swiftly transport combat forces
Smash the buildup of a system for general mobilization!

The bankruptcy of Abenomics is exposed to the light of day

The government is going to put off the scheduled consumption tax hike by even utilizing American Nobel laureates

Joint military exercises by Japan's Air Self-Defense Force and the US Marine Corps,
March 8th-18th, Komatsu, Ishikawa Pref.
Don't allow the government to strengthen the Komatsu base as one for launching attacks on North Korea and China!

No to the Abe government's support to the Obama administration's battle against the Islamic State!
F-16 attack bombers from the US Misawa base in Aomori Prefecture are engaging in the bombing of Syria

A cry for an 'ideological battle' against 'terrorists': The Obama administration is getting deadlocked in the 'war on terror'

In imitation of DARPA: The Defense Ministry is reinforcing its system of funding military research in universities/institutions


- The King of Demagoguery: the presidential election in the US

- Beware of the Nazis' method!: Addition of the 'emergency clause' to the Constitution is a road to a wartime national mobilization

- 'Good-for-nothing elderly people had better die,' says an old fascist woman writer who is acting as a policy advisor to PM Abe

- A stream of abusive language with the Upper House election approaching: Abe and his consorts expose their naked neo-fascist nature one after another

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