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No. 2200
(New Year Issue, January 1st 2012)

All comrades, workers and students,
fight for a great leap forward of
the anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement!
Fight to fundamentally break through the crisis of
the decaying contemporary world in the 21st century

Chairman of the National Committee of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League
Takuma Ueda

- A revolutionary achievement our fight has realized
- Advance an anti-government struggle to overthrow the Noda-led reactionary administration!
- Win a greater advance in the building of our revolutionary party organization!

[6-7] A cartoon for the New Year issue


20 years after the self-disintegration of the USSR
Overcome Stalinism to open a new century of revolution!

- Fundamentally break through 'the century of darkness'!
- The crime of the century brought about by Gorbachev's ideology of 'anti-revolution'
- Now is the time to prove the worth of the anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement!


The Communist Party of China
Wails of the decolourized Stalinist bureaucrats

- The decolourized Stalinist state clashing with US imperialism for hegemony over Asia
- The seething anger of toiling masses and difficulties with no way out
- A 'lack of morality' and a 'lack of ideology' prevalent over the party and throughout the country

[10-11] Resolves for New Year
- The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- The Tokai Regional Committee
- The Hokuriku Regional Committee
- The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
- The Postal Workers Committee
- The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee
- The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
- The Tokyo Antiwar Workers Conference

Photo Special
Thus did we do fight in 2011

The year of the earthquake and the nuclear disaster

In front of the TEPCO headquarters

Militant workers and students in the forefront of the people burning their angers for the Fukushima disaster

Against the Japanese imperialist government developing the fast breeder reactor

Workers and students in Okinawa fighting against the US base construction


No. 2199
(December 26th 2011 Issue)

Looking back on the turbulent year of 2011: An imaginary talk between rulers
Let the rulers of the world tremble

at the workers' struggle spreading over the world!

 Hibiya, Tokyo
 No nuclear export! In front of the Diet
 Denounce Tanaka! Okinawa
 Against Ichikawa's visit
'Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Oppose the export of nuclear plants!'
5500 workers, students and citizens rose in a rally on Dec. 10th (Hibiya, Tokyo)
(Pic) Fighting students of 'Metropolitan Students Network' departing from Hibiya Park for the demonstration with the banner in their hands

'Denounce the approval of bilateral nuclear agreements by the Lower House!'

Zengakuren students held a demonstration to stop the pacts approved for nuclear plant export in front of the Diet Building, as the one and only protesting force

Workers and toiling masses denounce the insulting remarks by Okinawa Defence Bureau Chief Tanaka
(Naha, Dec.2nd / Kadena, Nov. 30th)
Workers and students rise in protest to denounce the Minister of Defence, Ichikawa visiting Okinawa
(in front of the prefectural office in Naha City, Dec.2nd)

'Stop the adoption of ultra-nationalist-edited schoolbooks!'

1000 workers and citizens rallied in the Okinawa Prefectural Rally on Nov. 23rd

The impending crisis of an international financial debacle expanding from the EU

1. A deepening crisis of the euro zone on the brink of collapse (in the previous issue, No. 2198)
2. The declining imperialist state of the US completely stuck in a financial crisis and major depression
3. Deepening decay of contemporary imperialism

Messages to the JRCL Public Political Meeting

The International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction [FLTI]
Let us organize international struggles!
Fight for the international regouping of internationalist revolutionaries!

A message from the Russian Communist Workers Party - Russian Party of Communists


The national employers federation scheming to frustrate an annual spring wage offensive

Fight against the Hokkaido prefectural authority scheming to continue cuts in the wages of public workers!

Greedy monopoly capitalists of the Komatsu Co. enjoying the 'reconstruction boom'

'Denounce the corrupt leadership of the prefectural service workers unions accepting wage cuts!'
JRCL's leaflets delivered at a rally in Fukuoka, Kyushu (Nov. 30th)

Workers of the Japan Postal Group Union, prepare the coming spring wage offensive!

Never let the leadership betray the fight!

The JRCL stirring controversy in a JCP-organized anti-nuke rally
Supportive responses from rank-and-file JCP members to the JRCL slogan 'Stop all nuclear plants right now!'


No. 2198
(December 19th 2011 Issue)

JRCL public political meeting, Dec. 4th
20 years after the collapse of the USSR,
on the 55th anniversary of the Hungary Revolution
1300 workers and students resolve on
a great leap forward in the anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement

- The keynote address by comrade Takuma Ueda, Chairman of the JRCL: Advance an anti-government struggle to overthrow the Noda-led reactionary administration!
- A special report: 20 years after the self-disintegration of the USSR, forward our anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement!
- Firm resolves expressed by comrades from the labour and student fronts

'Scrap the Monju reactor! National Rally 2011' held on Dec. 3rd

1300 workers, students and residents protested in front of the fast-breeder reactor in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture
- 'Fight against Japan's development of a nuclear fuel cycle!' Fighting students led the rally

A report on a students' festival
- Aichi University's Aidai Festival

The Rengo leadership pledging an all-out assistance to monopoly capitalists in the name of 'a creative reconstruction'

Reveal the anti-proletariat nature of the Rengo leadership's latest agenda for the labour movement
- The labour aristocrats supporting the restart of nuclear plants in favour of the government's 'reconstructing' plan
- The deceitful nature of their agenda for the labour movement, holding up the symbolic banner of 'reconstruction and regeneration'
- The Rengo leadership giving an order to mobilize an 'industrial patriotic' movement decorated with 'social solidarity'

Denounce Okinawa Defence Bureau Chief Tanaka's remarks deriding the people in Okinawa!

Okinawa Prefectural Hospital: the prefectural authority launching an offensive for a massive reduction in wages and a scheme for its reorganization into an independent administrative institution

A plan for a 'reform of social security' schemed by the ministry of labour and welfare

The impending crisis of an international financial debacle expanding from the EU

Messages from abroad to the JRCL public political meeting

- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Vladimir Pronin (Ukraine)
- The Party of Russian Communists
(To continue)

Egypt: The people's anger exploding against the Supreme Council of the Armed Force sticking persistently to the power

[3] Kaleidoscope
- Myanmar: confrontation between the US and China intensifying over the influence with the military Bonapartist government
- The US-China Joint Trade Committee: 'a trade recovery' comes first, relegating 'a trade imbalance correction' to second place
- A popular novelist acquitting TEPCO while preaching submission to peoples
- Denounce the newly started nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia in cyberspace!


No. 2197
(December 12th 2011 Issue)

Fight back against tax increase and welfare cuts!
Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
Oppose nuclear plant export!
Smash reactionary offensives
by the Noda government subservient to US imperialism!

- The Noda-led Japanese imperialist government intent on 'tax increase for reconstruction' and consumption tax increase
- Japanese monopoly capitalists suffering from the impending financial crisis and the unprecedented rise of the yen
- Denounce the Rengo leadership supporting the Noda government!

(Pic right: Militant students marching against a high-speed breeder reactor Monju, Fukui, Dec. 13th)

'No nuclear waste dumpsite in Horonobe!'
Zengakuren Hokkaido march together with local trade unions, farmers and other residents (Horonobe, Hokkaido, Nov. 23rd)
(Pic right lower)

Reports on students' festivals

- Kokugakuin University's Wakagi Festival
- Kagoshima University's Kadaisai Festival

Japanese monopoly capitalists suffering from the flood disaster in Thailand

Japanese imperialists victimizing Thai workers
Fight against evil offensives by monopoly capitalists!

Small-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry pressed for 'collective relocation abroad'

Local governments in Kyushu cutting school expense subsidies one after another

JRCL propaganda at the Rengo Ishikawa rally for seasonal demands (Kanazawa, Nov. 11th)

The 'second proposals for energy policy' issued by the employers' federation: re-start of nuclear plants, nuclear plant export, and so on and on

The Rousseff-led PO government of Brazil at a crossroad amid the global economic crisis

Stop the participation in TPP for free trade!

(The fourth part of the feature articles) US imperialism desperate for inroad into the market of government procurement

Report on a JCP-led rally in Fukushima


No. 2196
(December 5th 2011 Issue)

The US-Japan imperialist alliance strengthened
amid the intensifying confrontation between the US and China

Oppose Japan's participation in TPP!
Fight to stop the US base construction in Henoko!
Advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle and
politico-economic struggle in a unified form!

 Kokubu base
 Naha City
- The East Asian Summit turned a place of clash between US and Chinese rulers
- 'Shift to Asia': a new strategy of the Obama administration
- Reactionary offensives by the Noda government deepening its servility to US imperialism

'No to the joint SDF exercises based on a war manual against China!'

Kagoshima university students stage their protests at the GSFD Kokubu base (Nov. 14th)
(Pic right)

'No to the US-Japan military alliance!'

Students from the University of the Ryukyus and Okinawa International University march through Naha City on Nov. 12th under the slogans: Oppose the US-Japan summit! Stop the US base construction in Henoko! No to the ultra-nationalist-edited schoolbooks!
(Pic right)

'Oppose Japan's participation in TPP!' Students from Hokkaido University Agricultural Department, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and Hokkaido University of Education appealing to the public (Sapporo, Nov. 12)

Stop the nuclear plant construction in Ohma!
1500 trade union members and students from Hokkaido march through Hakodate City against a new nuclear plant planned to be constructed across a narrow strait
(Pic right)

JRCL propaganda at the 'Good-by nuclear plant rally' in Fukuoka (Nov. 13th)

The imperialist world economy shaken by a global financial crisis

- The toiling masses rising up all over the world against rulers imposing unemployment and poverty
- The 'sovereign crisis' of the euro zone about to blow up
- The US imperialist economy deepening its deterioration
- The imperialist world economy revealing the necessity of its downfall

The Osaka City authority scheming to cut livelihood assistance to the people whom it recognizes their 'appetite for work'

A trade union-based rally against the reactionary regulation of education of Osaka Prefecture (Oct. 21st) The JCP-led prefectural teachers' union leadership betraying the fight, dependent on the prefectural board of education

Revision of the Worker Dispatching Law: The DPJ commission changed its draft, betraying workers' demands, for Japan's participation in TPP

The No. 1 reactor of the Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Plant: the US made reactor with its defects pointed out as early as in 1980s

The DPJ government imposing hardships on disaster victims

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Welfare recipients in Japan: more than 2 million, the most in history
- A new pipeline: from Russia to the Korean Peninsula
- A traffic accident at a poor Chinese village: 64 kids packed in a school bus with 9 seats.


No. 2195
(November 28th 2011 Issue)

Smash reactionary offensives launched by the Noda government!
Denounce the decision to 'join in the negotiation for TPP',
a US-led free trade agreement!
Fight against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

 Kadena, Oct. 25th  Naha, Oct. 17th
 Nago, Oct. 19th  Naha, Oct. 21st
- The Obama administration bulldozing the Japanese government into 'unexceptional opening of a market'
- Political, economic and military confrontation intensifying between US imperialism and China
- Besiege the Noda government with raging flames of anger of workers and people!

'No to the US-Japan summit conference!' Calls resound throughout the central Tokyo
(Nov. 12th)
- Zengakuren students raise their angry fists in front of the US Embassy, chanting the slogan 'Fight against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!'
(pic above)

No US base construction in Okinawa!

'Denounce the US-Japan defence summit!'
- Workers and students surge up their anger against US and Japanese imperialist rulers rushing headlong towards the new US base construction (near the US Force Kadena base in Okinawa, Oct. 25th)
Okinawan workers and students rise in struggles against successive ministerial visits to Okinawa
- A storm of protest against Defence Minister visiting the Okinawa prefectural office (Naha, Oct. 17th)
- 'Foreign Minister, go home!' The chants resound the Nago city hall (Nago, Oct. 19th)

'Stop the tanks!'
Zengakuren Hokkaido rise in a fight against a military drill of the GSDF (Chitose, Hokkaido, Nov. 6th)
(Pic right)

Mass rallies on the 'International Antiwar Day', Oct. 21st
- Militant students, together with workers and citizens, rally against US and Japanese imperialist rulers forcing the construction of a new US base (Naha, Okinawa)
- Speeches against nuclear plant development made one after another from trade unions (Fukuoka, Kyushu)

The Osaka University of Economics
Fighting students pinning down the responsibility of the university's authority for its suppression on the students' association
- Students, delivered leaflets revealing the crime of the authorities, raised their astonished voice: 'How dare the authority commit such a terrible crime on students of our university!' (At the main gate of the Osaka University of Economics, Nov. 15th)

The imperialist world economy shaken by a global financial crisis

- The toiling masses rising up all over the world against rulers imposing unemployment and poverty
- The 'sovereign crises' of the euro zone about to blow up
- The US imperialist economy deepening its deterioration
- The imperialist world economy revealing the necessity of its downfall

Fight against a massive tax increase under the pretext of 'reconstructing Japan after the earthquake disaster'!

Fight against a suppression on the Hokkaido Teachers' Union!

- A major union-bashing conducted by the Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education at the instigation of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
- Break through the offensive launched under the newly invented pretext, 'inspection by the Board of Audit'!
Hokkaido Regional Committee of Education Workers

The Rengo leadership readily declared the relinquishment of struggle for wage increase: at the central discussion meeting on an annual spring wage offensive

The Jichiro (All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union) leadership declares its submission to the government's offensive for totally abolishing blue-collar works

Reactionary right-wing politicians frenzied with the unexpected result in Ishikawa prefecture: the total failure in their pressure on localities to adopt ultra-nationalist-edited schoolbooks

A massive flood in Thailand

Short Japanese poems on the disaster

Denounce the participation in TPP for free trade, submission to US imperialism!
(The second part of a series of the feature articles)
- Reveal the evil aim of the Obama administration hidden under the demand: 'Review the preferential treatment to Japan Post'
- More investment and business expansion aimed for US monopolies through the demand: 'Drastically deregulate the Japanese labour codes'
- 'Hyenas', US imperialists, swarming on reconstruction projects in Japan: behind the US-made PPP system


No. 2194
(November 21st 2011 Issue)

Dec. 4th
Rally in the JRCL public political meeting!

Strengthen the bridgehead for great advance in the anti-Stalinist movement today 55 years after the Hungarian Revolution
- The achievement we realized through anti-nuclear development, antiwar and politico-economic struggles
- Create our strongholds for breaking through the crisis of the contemporary world deepening its corruption!
- 20 years after the collapse of the USSR: Now is the time to strengthen the very foundation of anti-Stalinist movement!
 Kagoshima port
 Kagoshima University

The Antiwar Youth Committee and the Zengakuren students marched on KEPCO and the US consulate general on Oct. 23rd
(Pics left, right)

Workers and students rose in a demonstration against US-Japan joint maritime exercises
(Oct. 28th Kagoshima)
- Students rallied at Kagoshima port against the port call of a US minesweeper (pic)

'Stop nuclear plants!' 'Fight against the construction of a new US base on the Magejima Island, Kagoshima!'
The students' angry voices resounded throughout the campus of Kagoshima University (Nov. 27th Kagoshima)

Repressive measures taken by the Saleh government and struggles for fightback by the toiling masses

- The government making a desperate effort to suppress the anti-government struggles
- US imperialists and Saudi Arabian rulers scheming to replace 'the head' of Yemen in their own favour
- Struggles carried through by the 'anti-Saleh forces'

The Greek proletariat at the crossroads
- Prime Minister Papandreou's big act
- The leadership of the Greek communist party organizing no struggle to overthrow the government but crying for a general election
- Reveal a fallacy still retained by traditional Stalinists!

Denounce the government's decision 'to participate in the negotiation for TPP'!

- Vast majority of workers and toiling masses to be deprived of their accessibility to medical services
- The tragedy that Mexican workers and farmers suffered for NAFTA
- A 'toxic provision' of the treaty: the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, the provision that enables US imperialism to press other states to change their policies and regulations in its favour
- Labour aristocrats of metal workers' unions crying out for an early participation in the TPP negotiation: They are the one who assist monopoly capitalists sacrificing agriculture and small-sized businesses!
- The Noda government deserting small farmers in the name of a 'large-scale development of agriculture': Reveal the deception of the government's policy for 'regenerating Japanese agriculture'!

The Fukuoka city authority scheming to restructure the city-run school lunch service

The Rengo leadership in league with the National Police Agency

The reactionary feature of the government's plan to reform the nursing care insurance system

A complete fabrication: 'Fukushima nuclear plant is just ahead of suspending in a low temperature'

Relocation of the Osaka prefectural office, schemed by the fascist governor Hashimoto, finally failed

My impressions after reading the book Hidden Aspect of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Short Japanese poems on the disaster

[8] Kaleidoscope
- FTA (the Free Trade Agreement) concluded between the US and the South Korea filled with 'toxin (ISD provisions)'
- The communist party of China strengthening restraints and controls on the media and the internet
- The chairman of JCP sticking to the policy to reform a 'rule-less capitalism' to a 'ruled capitalism'
- Denounce the introduction of FX (fighter experimental)! Fight against the strengthening of the US-Japan new military alliance!


No. 2193
(November 14th 2011 Issue)

Fight against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
Stop the construction of a new US Marine base in Henoko!
Oppose the Japan's participation in the US-led TPP for free trade!
Denounce the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance against China and Russia!

Advance the struggle with the aim of the abrogation of the US-Japan Security Treaty!

- The US and Japanese governments rushing headlong towards the construction of a new US Marine base in Henoko, Okinawa
- The Noda government pushing forward a policy to participate the TPP negotiation
- Intensifying confrontation between the US/Japan and China/Russia in East Asia
- Advance the struggle by overcoming JCP-led campaign begging the government 'to remove the Futennma US base' without fighting against the Ampo!

[2] Oct. 23rd demonstrations held all over the country
'Stop the restart of the Tomari nuclear plant reactors No.1 and No.2!'
Workers and students raising their angry fists against HEPCO (Sapporo)

'Decommission the Hamaoka nuclear plant!', angry voices resound in the Nagoya City

'Stop the construction of a new US Marine base in Henoko!'
Workers and students fighting back against the strengthening of the US-Japan new military alliance (Naha)

'Stop the restart of the Genkai and the Sendai nuclear plants!'
Workers and students marched through the Fukuoka City

Stop the Japan's participation in TPP!

It supports monopoly capitalists, only sacrifices the agriculture and livestock farming in Japan
Oppose the imposition of the 'American standards'!
- The Noda government rushing headlong to decide on 'entering into negotiation'
- The Obama administration bulling its way ahead to construct a US-led Asia Pacific economic bloc
- Japanese monopoly capitalists strongly demanding for 'strong and expansive infrastructure for trades and investments'
- Stop the participation in TPP negotiation!

Fight against massive wage cuts of public service workers!

Break through the major offensive launched by the Noda government!

Denounce the enforcement of the government-led achievement test in Hokkaido!

Fight against the Noda government preparing to export nuclear plants to Vietnam!
Reveal the lie that 'made-in-Japan nuclear plants are safe enough'

Advance the struggle against the US-Japan new military alliance!

Fight against the construction of a new US Marine base in Henoko!
Smash the Japan-US summit conference!
Marxist Students' League Okinawa Prefectural Committee

Fight against wage cuts and a personnel reduction!

Denounce the major offensives launched by the Hokkaido Prefectural authority!
Carry out a three-union joint strike on Nov.18th!
Hokkaido Regional Committee of Prefectural / Municipal Workers
- Stop the personnel reduction of over 450 workers! Fight against wage cuts!
- Stop massive tax increase! Oppose the 'reconstruction' policy of the Noda government deserting victims in disaster-stricken areas!
- Denounce the repeated betrayals by the leadership of Hokkaido prefectural and municipal workers' union!
- Fight for the militant revival of the Hokkaido prefectural and municipal workers' union!

- A crime by the state power amid the nuclear catastrophe: controlled media reports leaving the toiling masses in radioactive rains
- A religious scholar of Buddhism acquitting TEPCO executives of responsibility: 'TEPCO should have retreated from the Fukushima site and, instead, all of the Japanese people should endure radiation damages: that's a Buddhist way of thinking'


No. 2192
(November 7th 2011 Issue)

Oct. 23rd demonstrations
A flame of a nationwide struggle surged up
against the government's reactionary offensives
Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Fight against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
Smash massive tax increase!

Workers and students rose in a united action in solidarity with workers and toiling masses of the world fighting back against the coercion into unemployment and poverty
- Tokyo: workers and students marched on the Parliament and the METI
- A militant demo started, everyone keeping in mind the cry: 'Workers of the world, unite!'
- The revolutionary significance of the struggle held on Oct. 23rd
- Rise in a fight against the Japan-US summit on Nov. 12th!

(pics) 'Stop the restart of plants!' Militants of the Zengakuren and the Antiwar Youth Committee raising their fists with ardour (Tokyo, Oct. 23rd)

'Scrap the Mihama, Ohi, and Takahama plants!'

Workers, students and citizens raising their angry fists against the KEPCO
'Sayonara Nuclear Plants' Kansai Rally held in Osaka on Oct. 16th
(Pic right)

Denounce the US-Japan major military exercise!

Stop the participation in TPP
[Trans-Pacific Partnership] plunging the Japanese agriculture, livestock farming and fishery into devastation!
Oppose the 'opening of a market' bulldozed by Yankee imperialist rulers!

Uncover the lie! The electricity is overproduced by the operation of nuclear plants

- The lie of 'electric shortage': the official 'forecast of electric power demand' is calculated by concealing a supply amount of pumping-up power generation
- No sign of electric shortage shown in the hottest day in the last summer
- No 'electric shortage' would come with all nuclear plants stopped
- The nuclear power generation is deliberately defined by the government and the monopoly capitalists as a 'base-load source of electricity'
- Successive installations of 'pumping-up power plants' to use the over-produced electricity generated by nuclear plants

Another crime by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency: 'stress tests' full of loopholes
Stop the restart of suspended nuclear plants!

- The 'first-stage assessment' planned with a political motivation
- An analysis of 'safety tolerance' is impossible
- 'Inspection' carried out in a fake way of
- The 'durability of materials' to be effectively ignored
- 'Defence in depth': an already collapsed myth
- The fact of workers exposed to radiation is covered up

The 83rd Regular Convention of All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union
Denounce the leadership forcing union members to 'support the reconstruction activities' under terrible working conditions! Denounce the acquittal of the government and the TEPCO!

Fight against the sackings and wage cuts launched by the Ishikawa prefectural authorities! Denounce the cutting of public services!

Denounce the Rengo leadership rushing headlong towards the positive acceptance of the restart of nuclear plants!

Zenkyo's National Meeting for Education Research

Severe criticisms bursting out against the JCP-led officials over the issue of nuclear plants

The proletariat in Greece rising in a historic general strike

- Striking for 48 hours, occupying factories and government office
- Wage cuts, sackings, rising rates of unemployment
- Greece preyed by greedy imperialist powers
- Fight in solidarity with Greek workers!

- Prime Minister Noda: 'Let Japan participate in the TPP negotiation right now.' 'It's all over; you will never manage to make it return.'
- Denounce the intensification of police surveillance over workers and the toiling masses!


No. 2191
(October 31st 2011 Issue)

Stop massive tax increase!
Fight against the Noda government coercing the toiling masses into poverty!
Stop massive tax increase in the name of 'reconstruction'! Stop the consumption tax increase!
Oppose the Noda government's measures to support monopoly capitalists!
No to the cut in social security expenses!

Fight in solidarity with workers and toiling masses
struggling in the US and European countries!
- Workers and toiling masses rising in struggle against forced unemployment and poverty in the US and European countries
- Workers and toiling masses compelled to pay for governments' financial crisis and the economic crisis
- Now is the time to fight back against forced unemployment and poverty!

Fighting students of the Osaka University of Economics win a case in the top court!

The final court decision: The forced expulsion from the university retracted

Stop the establishment of a 'special economic zone for the reconstruction' schemed in favour of monopoly capitalists!

What is 'Disaster Capitalism'?

- The bourgeoisie crowding around disaster-stricken toiling masses like hyenas

A new supplementary reader issued for pupils: a spiteful propaganda about radiation 'being useful'
- The ministry of education scheming to dismiss the fear of radiation damage

Anti-proletarian nature of the JCP bureaucrats' ideology: 'our zero-plant policy will realize a low energy society'
The JCP leadership covering up the criminality of the 'atoms for peace' argument

- The JCP leadership's turnaround in the nuclear plant policy in a bid to protect its bureaucratic interests
- The leadership sticking to the 'atoms for peace' argument
- Kneeling down and worshiping the capitalist technological civilization

Denounce the labour aristocrat of the JEC Federation approving the restart of nuclear plants!

NISSAN: Fight against the worsening of working conditions following upon the division of the Kyushu factory!

Denounce monopoly capitalists forcing youth workers to accept overseas training and temporary transfers!

The Rengo 12th Convention: Denounce the leadership being bent on determining a policy for resuming nuclear plants!

Kyushu: KEPCO, municipal authorities and capitalists of the region swarming around 'nuclear interests'
(Continued form the previous issue)

A long-awaited book published: 'No More Fukushimas'

For the advancement of the anti-nuclear development struggle!

A preposterous 'theory of profit' fabricated by ex-JCP Chairman Fuwa

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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