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No. 2170
(May 30th 2011 Issue)

Fight against nuclear development!
Advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
Overthrow the Kan government deserting disaster victims!
Stop and Scrap all the nuclear plants immediately!
Oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!


- The Fukushima nuclear catastrophe growing more serious
- The Obama government intent on strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance, subordinating Japan
- Overthrow the Kan government with the explosion of our struggle against nuclear power development, antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle and politico-economic struggle!
(Pics right)

Upsurge of anger
3300 workers and students hold an annual May 15th peace rally in Okinawa

Students of Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa International Univ. struggle, raising the banner of 'Fight against the US-Japan military alliance'

Militant workers struggle for the 82nd MayDay in all parts of the country

- 'Denounce the Kan government exposing people to radiation', workers' voices resound in opposition to the labour aristocrat oppressing their anger against the nuclear accident (Hokkaido, Apr. 29th-May 1st)
- JRCL appeals to workers, 'Down with the Kan government deserting disaster victims!' (Osaka, May 1st)
(Pic right lower)
- Militant workers call out, 'Stop the Hamaoka nuclear plant! Support the victims!' (Nagoya, May 1st)

The Hamaoka nuclear power plant:
400 tons of seawater leaks into a steam condenser of its No. 5 reactor
Pipes damaged during a cold shutdown operation
-Seawater also Leaked into the pressure vessel: a danger of a disastrous accident

Oppose the Kan government deserting independent fishermen!
Reveal the government's deceptive 'fishing village reconstruction plan'

Serious radioactive contamination of coastal waters

Rokkasho spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant (in Tohoku): the external power source cut off by the mega-quake, almost leading to another nuclear disaster

European state rulers' responses to the Fukushima nuclear plant accident

Oppose the union-bashing targeted at the Sasebo local trade union council fighting against the port calls of US aircraft carriers

The number of workers suffering from psychotic depression increaseing in electric parts manufacturing workplaces

Topics No to the Kan government schemeing to discharge Tepco from the indemnity

Criticize the JCP-led Zenkyo teachers' union for promoting 'moral' education!

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Reveal the deception of 'safety standard values'
- Putin blames the Fukushima accident but avoids the responsibility for the Chernobyl disaster
- 'An electric power shortage': demagogy spread by the Kan government and electric power monopolies

Tanka poems


No. 2169
(May 23rd 2011 Issue)

Advance our struggle to stop nuclear power development!
Fight to stop all the nuclear plants!
No to the government's 'reconstruction' plan for monopoly capitalist business!
Down with the Kan government deserting disaster victims!

- The intensifying danger of an explosive release of 'lethal fallout' caused by reactor cores' meltdown
- Expose the JCP bureaucracy's deceptive / cosmetic turnaround in their nuclear power policy
- Fight for an immediate stop and scrap of all the nuclear plants!

'Stop all the nuclear plants!'
Fighting students rose in protest all over Japan

- Voice of 'Stop the nuclear plants!' resounded in the streets (Kobe, Apr. 29th:
Photo right upper)
- Students held a demonstration against Hokkaido Electric Power Co. under the banner of 'Stop the Tomari nuclear plant! Support Tohoku people!' (Sapporo, Apr. 30th)
- Students called out: Denounce the serious Fukushima nuclear plant accident!
Support the victims! (Kanazawa, Apr, 29th:
Photo right middle)

'Scrap all the nuclear plants!'
JRCL appealed to workers on the 82nd May Day

- 'No to the sacking and pay cut under the pretext of 'reconstruction'!'
JRCL's appeal evoked favourable responses (Fukuoka, Apr. 29th:
Photo right lower)

Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant accident: See how the worst nuclear disaster in history happened

'A warning' of the gigantic disaster: Tepco Kashiwazaki-kariwa nuclear plant stricken by the Chuetsu coast earthquake in 2007

The Nuclear Safety Commission's deceptive 'quakeproof guide' to keep the Hamaoka plant running on earthquake nest

An opera singer 'is a worker and has a right to collective bargaining', the top court ruled

No to the nationalistic, meritocratic education under the cover of 'dear-home education' carried by the Ishikawa prefectural board of education

Topics Guarantee jobs and livelihood to disaster victims!

My experience: sharing board and room with the victims

No to the Kan government exposing school children to the radiation!

Haiku poems

A glossary related to nuclear power
- Becquerel, sievert, internal exposure, etc.

'JCP is perpetrating a complete fallacy!'
In a JCP led public meeting, the main speaker shouted to the audience

[7] Kaleidoscope
- Never thrust 'nuclear wastes' on Mongolian people!
- Denounce Russian rulers making a dash for nuclear plants sales by taking advantage of the Fukushima disaster!
- Vietnam: terribly dangerous imports of nuclear plants from Russia and Japan
- No to the Kan government tightening regulations of speech and thought!


No. 2168
(May 16th 2011 Issue)

Stop and scrap all the nuclear plants now!
Decommission the Hamaoka nuclear power plant!
Down with the Kan government deserting victims!

-Kan's demand for 'complete suspension of the Hamaoka nuclear power station' (May 6th) to protect his own interests
-Tepco's Fukushima No.1 plant accident escalates the radiation catastrophe
-Impeach the Rengo leadership of quashing movements against nuclear plants
-Stop the nuclear development! No to the large increase of taxation under the pretext of 'reconstruction!'

'Stop the Hamaoka nuclear plant immediately!'

Fighting students of Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. held an angry protest in front of the Chubu Electric Power Co. office, Apr. 24th (photo: 'Stop all the nuclear plants!' the students' voices resounded in the streets of Nagoya)

Denounce the killing of Osama-bin-Laden, state terrorism, by US imperialism
No to the US aggression against Afghanistan and air strikes on Libya!
Advance the international antiwar struggle!

Militant workers' strenuous efforts in the 82nd Mayday rallies

Revolutionary and militant workers call out, 'Overthrow the Kan government leaving victims in the catastrophe!' 'Stop all the nuclear plants straightaway!'

Stop and scrap the Hamaoka nuclear plant located in a hypocentral region of the imminent Tokai major quake

The Tokai Regional Committee
-Chubu Electric Power Co.'s executives vacillate in accepting Kan's demand of the 'complete suspension'
-The Kan government and the Chubu Electric executives persist in promoting nuclear power development
-Growing opposition to the Hamaoka plant and nuclear power generation
-Advance the struggle to immediately stop and scrap all the nuclear plants by overcoming the JCP-led movement demanding the Kan government for 'safety measures'

Danger of the aging nuclear plant with no precautions against an earthquake: Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Mihama nuclear plant

JCP Chairman Shii says, 'Insisting on immediate suspension of nuclear plants is irresponsible'
- Distrust increases among rank-and-file members on their leader's statement
-'This guy (Shii) has a hole in his head!' a trade union member says

Topics Rengo 'freezes' its policy to 'establish new nuclear plants' ?

The number of students receiving elementary and junior-high school expense subsidies increases rapidly in Hokkaido

Denounce the Tokyo education board for tightening control over teachers and school staff under the pretext of 'improving school management'

Tanka poems



-Supports filled with proletarian humanism needed
-Taking part in support activities in Ishinomaki City

Elderly and sick sufferers coerced into death

[7] Kaleidoscope
- JCP Chairman shocked by the late election results, wallows
- These ones learning no lessons from the nuclear accident
- Fukushima nuclear plant workers given no notice before venting
- Libya: merchants of death ranpant in a desert


No. 2167
(May 9th 2011 Issue)

'Scrap all the nuclear plants immediately!'
'Down with the Kan government deserting disaster victims!'
Angry voices resounded in central Tokyo, Apr. 29th

Zengakuren students calling out chants in front of Tepco
Helmeted fighting students' demonstration clenching their fists against the METI [Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]

[2] Rallies and Protests
4,500 workers, students and citizens march against the government and Tepco
(Tokyo Apr. 24th)

'Denounce the nuclear disaster!' Students' lines chanting militant slogans
(Photo right upper)

Stop the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan calling at Sasebo port!
Zengakuren Kyushu and the Antiwar Youth Committee rise in protest together with local trade union members (Sasebo, Apr.19th)
(Photo right lower)

Overthrow the Kan government deserting workers and people in the catastrophe!
Tasks of the revolutionary left in the gigantic disaster

Central Workers' Orgburo
- Collusion between the government, capitalists and labour aristocracies over ways of 'disaster reconstruction'
- No to the government's 'reconstruction' measures ignoring workers and residents in the disaster areas!

'Remove the Futenma base immediately!' 'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Rise and fight under the banner of 'anti-Ampo!' in the annual May 15th march and rally in Okinawa!
Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- A deceitful scheme to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance by using 'Operation Tomodachi' as a lever
- Intensifying military rivalry between the US-Japan and China-Russia
- Let us fight by overcoming the official peace movement led by the JCP abandoning 'anti-Ampo' struggle

No to the sacking of non-regular postal workers suffering disasters!
We denounce the JP executives' cruel offensives!

Denounce the leadership of electric power trade unions saying nothing about the nuclear disaster!

Tepco workers' annual income to be cut by 20% -- the company's executives announced

Hasty slipshod 'counter measures' against the nuclear disaster by the METI

Residents exposed coercively to radiations by the Kan government

Letter: Standing in my rubble-covered hometown

Tanka Poems: Japan shaken (part 2)

Contributions What I thought in my support activities
Now is the time to call out resolutely 'Stop all the nuclear plants at once!'


No. 2166
(May 2nd 2011 Issue)

No to the government's 'reconstruction' measures
ignoring people in the disaster-stricken area!
Stop and scrap all the nuclear plants immediately!
Oppose the planned consumption tax increase
in the name of reconstruction!
Down with the Kan government deserting disaster victims!

A deceptive operation dubbed 'Tomodachi' by US forces
- The Obama administration scheming to strengthen the US-Japan military alliance, taking advantage of the 'disaster relief activities'
- 'War without exercising firepower' - an operation intended to make an instant response to an emergency in line with the Japan-US militay guidelines

[5] Documents
Fukushima No.1 power plant accident - Neglect and incompetence of the government and Tepco caused the nuclear catastrophe!

[2] Rallies and Protests
Angry voices of 'Stop all the nuclear plants!' resounded - fighting students, together with 3,000 workers and citizens, rise to action (Osaka, April 16th)

Refugees' new homes are put on hold - the Aso-led local government's reactionary inhuman treatment (Fukuoka)

Prefectural assembly chairman Osada uses abusive language (Osaka)

'Support workers and residents in the disaster area!' - our comrades making an appeal in front of a railway terminal (Hakata, April 11th)

'Nominal professional temps' are rampant - Job camouflage unchecked in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's subsidiaries

Only 7 hours off from work! - Corrupt unionist leaders' anti-proletarian demands in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Topics Education Ministry hastily recalls supplementary teaching materials extolling nuclear power generation

JCP-affiliated teachers union leaders still supporting the DPJ government

a report on the 28th Zenkyo
[All-Japan Teachers' Union] general meeting

Smash the mayor's 'Kizuna [ties] education' programme!
a nationalist scheme to implant patriotism using life stories of the 'great names' of the city (Kanazawa) 

[8] Contributions
A month since the earthquake and tsunami - Reports on our support activities in disaster-stricken areas

Sharing sorrow and anger with workers and people suffering disasters (continued from the previous issue)
We will never forgive the Kan government leaving disaster victims in the lurch

[3] Kaleidoscope
- Cover-ups by the Meteorological Agency, an accomplice in keeping residents exposed to radiation
- Decommissioning of reactors - a big business chance spotted by French Areva
- Red (?) capitalists' dilemma: 'Without criticism from people, the country will crumble; yet criticism will ruin the Party' - China's National People's Congress held in March

Tanka Poems: Japan shaken (part 1)


No. 2165
(April 25th 2011 Issue)

We denounce the Kan government
for deserting disaster sufferers!
We demand the government and Tepco make every effort
to prevent a nuclear catastrophe!
Now is the time to create a gigantic struggle
against nuclear development!

- Level 7, the worst in the International Nuclear Event Scale: the renewed evaluation causing a shock
- The danger of a mass emission of radioactive material continued
- Denounce the Kan government for deserting local residents!
- Another mass expropriation plotted in the name of 'reconstruction tax'
- Deceptive propaganda for 'sticking to the promotion of nuclear power generation' by monopoly capitalists and patronized scholars
- Support disaster victims with might and main!

'Stop all nuclear plants immediately!'
- Militant students march through central Tokyo, raising their fists with anger (Apr.10th)
- Strengthen our struggle against the promotion of nuclear power generation and the development of nuclear weapons
(Pic right)

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington 'sheltered' in Sasebo: reinforcing the US military presence against China

A monopoly capitalist measure to cope with the disaster

Toyota victimizes workers and subcontractors

'Tepco has no responsibility' Shameless justification by the Japan Business Federation

In the face of the disaster

Overcome the fallacious desire for 'symbiosis with nature'

[3] Prevent the nuclear disaster from spreading!
Reactor No. 1 coolant turned out lost before the tsunami attack

The US Force's nuclear war unit CBIRF conducts joint exercises with Japanese troops

Denounce the Kan government and Tepco for forcing workers into exposure to radiation!

Russian rulers cling to promoting nuclear power generation as economic stimulation measures

We denounce the Hokkaido prefectural government for punishing 197 trade union members!

Major city mayors propose a reduction in livelihood protection assistance

Topics Rengo labour aristocrats dispatching disaster relief volunteers - a placatory manipulation to mitigate anger against the government and the electric power companies

Reckless remarks by the neoliberalist governor calling for an 'Osaka renewal'

Sharing sorrow and anger with workers and people suffering disasters
a month after the earthquake and tsunami: a report on my support activities in disaster-stricken areas


No. 2164
(April 18th 2011 Issue)

Prevent the nuclear disaster from spreading!
Unleash our anger at the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown!
Denounce the Kan government and Tepco
for concealing inconvenient information!
Immediately stop all nuclear plants!

Central Students' Orgburo
(1) A massive emission of lethal radioactive ash is impending! Prevent a nuclear catastrophe!
- International shock waves from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown
- A rising protest for 'stopping nuclear plants' and struggles by Zengakuren
(2) Support sufferers from disaster! Unleash our anger at the nuclear accident! Organize a nationwide struggle!
- Denounce the central JCP leadership proposing 'safety measures' for nuclear plants!
- For a Zengakuren demonstration on Apr. 29

Support disaster sufferers! Prevent a widespread nuclear catastrophe!

A big aftershock on Apr. 7th nearly causing a total loss of power supply to nuclear plants: Immediately stop all nuclear facilities!

The Prime Minister's visit to the disaster victims is just playing to the gallery!

A massive earthquake and gigantic tsunami: how they occurred

'Build nuclear plants of a 21st century type.' Denounce the reactionary remark by a Yankee-patronized former LDP minister!

European Trotskyists in complete disarray over the imperialist airstrikes on Libya
- 'Freedom and democracy' made a criterion for interpretation
- 'Break with the Provisional National Council!' A critical call by the FLTI

'Immediately stop the operation of the Hamaoka nuclear plant!' Militant students of the Aichi Univ. and the Nagoya Univ. protest in Nagoya on March 18th.
(Pic above right)

'Immediately stop all nuclear plants!' 400 workers and citizens protest Tepco and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Tokyo, Apr. 3rd)

A Rengo Hokkaido rally for the spring labour offensive (Sapporo, Mar. 10th)

Smash the massive punishments by Hokkaido prefectural board of education against the Hokkaido Teachers' Union!

Nuclear plant workers struggling in an extreme situation

Topics Medical workers struggling at disaster-hit areas

Fight back against the bosses of Japan Transocean Airlines victimizing workers to pay for its managerial crisis!

Denounce the Rengo leadership positively proposing a consumption tax hike!

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The metropolitan police attempting to access surveillance cameras at underground stations under the pretext of 'anti-disaster measures'
- Scrambles for farmlands in Asia and Africa
- The Russian government selling its state enterprises to Western capitalists
- Russia's military drills around the Kurile Islands


No. 2163
(April 11th 2011 Issue)

Immediately stop all nuclear plants!
The Kan government and the Tepco management,
make an all-out effort to prevent a nuclear catastrophe!
Workers and people,
let us support sufferers from disaster!

- Prevent the danger of a total emission of nuclear fuel and waste!
- Denounce the Kan government revealing its incompetence and irresponsibility
- Organize in every front struggles to support sufferers from disaster! Stop the operation of all nuclear plants!

1200 workers, students and citizens march on the Tepco headquarters (Mar. 27th)
(Pic right)

A Rengo Ishikawa rally: Militant workers call for a struggle to support people suffering disaster (March 14, Kanazawa)

The government and Tepco desperate to make radiation risk look minute

Encouraging letters of solidarity from foreign comrades
Revolutionary Marxists in Britain, International Leninist Trotskyist Faction (FLTI), Vladimir Pronin (Ukraine), David McRaynolds (US), Larisa Babienko (Russia)

Militant students call for supports to sufferers from disaster

Nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa
(Pic right: Waseda Univ. students appeal at a local subway station)

The earthquake and tsunami coupled with the nuclear disaster

- The manufacturing industry in Japan suffering enormous damage
- Temporary lay off, shutdown with no pay, and sacking: Fight back against a capitalist offensive to victimize workers!

Rengo Aichi rally (Mar. 6th), Rengo Fukuoka rally (Mar. 5th)

Kanagawa Prefectural teachers' union: Oppose a leaders' attempt to distort the education research meeting into a prefectural industrial 'festival'!

Export abroad of water supply systems: local governments bent on commercial activities jointly with monopoly capitalists

An illegal form of employment by Sekisui House Co.

The elected mayor of Kanazawa City calling for an 'administrative reform' including 'review of public employees' wages'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Tepco's 'planned suspension of electric service': to publicize the continued necessity of nuclear power generation?
- Putin stressing the safety of the Russian technology of nuclear power generation: for exporting more nuclear plants
- Obama's response to the Libyan situation
- Wikileaks: Pentagon's counterproductive measures to prevent another Sept. 11


No. 2162
(April 4th 2011 Issue)

Denounce the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown!
Support people suffering disaster!
Workers and people, fight in unity to overcome the crisis!

- Prevent a massive radiation leak!
- Denounce the Japanese government covering up real information
- Naoto Kan's government: ignorance and shamelessness coupled with idleness and incompetence
- Denounce the government leaving quake/tsunami sufferers to die!
- Support the toiling masses suffering disaster! Denounce the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown!
- Criticize the central JCP leadership proposing 'safety measures for nuclear power plants'
- Advance politico-economic struggles together with antiwar struggle!

Immediately stop all nuclear plants!
The dangerousness of nuclear power generation is now obvious: the myth of its 'safety' has totally broken down
Clarifying the meaning of the meltdown accident at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant

(1) The Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company bent on covering up the real situation and trying to justify themselves
- The government's measures to cope with the accident were too late
(2) The growing danger and its causes
- A total paralyzation of safety systems and the simultaneous accidents to four reactors
- Complete disregard of the lessons from the 2007 accident at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant
- The continued operation of decrepit facilities

Illustration: 54 nuclear reactors on the earthquake-prone Japanese archipelago

Soil contamination around the Fukushima plant: as terrible as Chernobyl

The state violent apparatuses revealing their cowardice

The Tepco management: the perpetrator of the radioactive contamination

Denounce US, UK and French imperialists bombing Libya!
Denounce the Khadafy government murdering masses to oppress the revolt!

Toiling Libyan Muslims, march on to topple the military Bonapartist regime by overcoming the National Council dependent on US, UK and French imperialism!
(A) Military attacks launched by US, UK and French imperialist powers under the pretext of 'protection of human rights'
(B) US, UK and French imperialists competing with each other for their 'national interests'
(C) Toiling Libyan masses, fight to topple the Khadafy regime and oppose the US, UK and French air raids!

'Stop the US Force parachuting drill!'
Militant students of the Okinawa Kengakuren protested a US Force parachuting drill at the US Air Kadena base (Feb 16th)

Plutonium leak covered up by Tepco

Rengo Osaka rally for the spring offensive (March 4th)

Workers across the country, support the toiling masses suffering disaster!

- Now is the time to build workers' solidarity!
- Public and medical workers in disaster-hit areas are struggling

A victory in a law suit against the Tokyo governor's punishment on teachers resisting his forced respect for the national flag and anthem

Toyota's deceptive 'regularization' of temporary workers

The 60th JTU national meeting for education research: militant workers struggling for its creative development

My study notes on Kuroda's theory on building a vanguard party organization


No. 2161
(March 28th 2011 Issue)

Support toiling masses suffering from the disasters!
Denounce the Kan government for leaving sufferers to die!
Condemn the Fukushima nuclear meltdown!
Immediately stop all nuclear plants!

- The danger of massive radioactive contamination: No expansion of the nuclear disaster!
- Denounce the Kan government for allowing expansive damages!
- Support the sufferers on the basis of workers' solidarity!

Denounce airstrikes on Libya by US, UK and French imperialists!
Denounce the Khadafy regime for murdering rebel masses!

(Excerpt) US, UK and French imperialist rulers started their military attack against Libya in the evening of March 19th. Under the pretext of 'protection of civilian lives', they fired cruise missiles and other munitions at Khadafy's residence in Tripoli, Libyan air defence facilities and Khadafy-led troops near Benghazi, while disregarding damages on many innocent Libyan people. We the JRCL resolutely denounce US, UK and French imperialists carrying out the airstrikes on Libya. ...
The Khadafy regime announced that many civilians were killed by the bombardment. Khadafy is crying out that he will fight against 'an aggressive Christian crusade' with guerrilla battles like Vietnamese and Iraqis. Certainly, this bombardment by US, UK and French imperialists must be denounced. But, is Kadafy qualified to do it? No. Absolutely not! ...
Resolution 1973, which authorized 'all necessary measures' to protect civilians, was allowed to pass through the UN Security Council because Chinese and Russian rulers did not exercise their vetoes. ... Toiling Muslim masses are expressing their angers against the bombardment, which victimized their brothers and sisters. It's a tragedy, however, that part of Libyan people, who were faced with brutal attacks by the Khadafy-led army, welcomed the bombing.
We call on toiling Muslim masses in Libya and all over the Middle East. Now is the time to topple the corrupt government of your country on the basis of Islamic inter-nationalism across borders, overcoming differences in nation, tribe and religious sect. Develop your fight under the banner 'against US imperialism, against Zionism'!
Denounce US, UK and French imperialists carrying out bombings against Libya under the 'humanitarian' pretext! Denounce the Khadafy regime murdering rebel masses! We call on fighting Libyan people. March on to topple the Khadafy regime by overcoming leaders in the 'Provisional National Council', who are dependent on Western imperialists! In Japan, we are resolute to advance antiwar struggle against the imperialist airstrike on Libya.

Zengakuren: the 130 meeting of the Central Committee

- Denounce and explosions in the Fukushima nuclear plant!

[3] Disasters in Eastern Japan
The president of the Japan Business Federation still crying out for a 'continued development of nuclear plants'

The Fukushima nuclear plant: the danger of massive radioactive contamination

A fascistic remark by ultranationalist Tokyo Governor Ishihara: 'Tsunami is Heaven's justice to degenerate Japanese people'

For a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive in the chemical industry

Denounce the leadership accepting the restructuring and wage cuts!

Advance the spring offensive in the auto making industry!

Denounce the leadership leading the abandonment of wage demands!

The central Rengo rally for the spring labour offensive (Tokyo, March 5th)
Angers growing among workers against the 'patriotic' degeneration

Fukuoka prefecture: successive deaths and suicides from overwork

Topics The Fukushima nuclear meltdown: Rengo leaders supporting the Kan government

Japan Post: Smash the massive restructuring plan by the management!

Announcement: the JRCL Okinawa prefectural office relocated to a new building

My study notebook on Kuroda's theory on building a vanguard party organization

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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