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No. 2400
(January 1st 2016 Issue)

60 years after the Hungarian Revolution
Fight for a great leap forward in the anti-Stalinist movement! 

Solidify the revolutionary bridgehead for breaking through the 'dark clouds of war and fascism'!

'Stop the passage of the War Bill! No to fascism!' Zengakuren fight at the head of tens of thousands of people
in front of the Diet Building, September 18th

I. No to the genocide in the name of 'war on terror'!

A. The escalation of bombing attacks after the 'Paris incidents'
B. The fallacy in the Islamic State's terrorism and the crime of the French state
C. The IS as a 'monster' begotten by imperialism
D. Denounce the air raids on Syria and Iraq! Create an international antiwar struggle!
- Muslim people all over the world! Unite under the banner of Islamic 'inter-nationalism'!
II. The clash between the US-Japan and China-Russia, and Muslims' revolts:
----the present-day (and historical) phase of the 21st century world
A. Aspects of the 'US-Japan vs. China-Russia' clash
B. Desperate struggles of the US, a declining empire
C. The EU's diplomacy to cling to China
D. China hell-bent on tiding over domestic conflicts by launching economic invasions outside
E. The Islamic world that is bursting out: the centre of the whirlpool in the dark 21st-century world
III. Overthrow the neo-fascist Abe government with the power of the working class!
A. The epochal horizon opened up by the revolutionary left in the struggle against the War Law for aggression
B. Shatter the buildup and strengthening of the US-Japan global war alliance for aggression!
C. Crush the Abe government's all-out fascist offensive!
IV. Overcome the crisis of the class struggle in Japan!
A. Break through the deterioration of the Japanese labour movement that has plunged into an Industrial Patriotic movement!
B. Denounce the Japanese Communist Party for complementing Japanese neo-fascism!
V. Now is the time to solidify the bridgehead for revolutionary Marxism!

'Denounce the US, UK, French and Russian bombing of Syria!'

Militant students stage a high-spirited antiwar demonstration,
December 13th, Shibuya, Tokyo
'No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the South China Sea!' 'Block the new US base construction in Henoko!' 'No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!'
(pic 1)

Protesters blocked the construction vehicles from carrying in building materials every day
December 2nd-9th, at the Camp Schwab gate, Henoko, Okinawa
Dec. 2nd: 500 workers, students and residents start a sit-in protest early in the morning despite heavy rain (pic 2)
Dec. 5th: Protesters condemn the police and US forces for retaliatory unlawful arrests of fighters
Dec. 9th: Workers and students rally to the protest action from all over Japan. Okinawa Zengakuren fight in the forefront of them (pic 3, 4)


A New Year's cartoon:
The Scroll of the Defeat of Abe the Devil


25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Create a torrential current of the anti-Stalinist movement in the capitalist state of Russia!

1. Denounce Russia's bombing of Syria in the name of eradicating the Islamic State!
--- No to Russian annexation of Crimea and military intervention in Ukraine!
2. The historical peculiarities of Putin's autocracy and its economic structure
A. The authoritarian, military ruling system is backed by the FSB
B. Putin is seeking to restore the Russian economy, transforming it into Russian-style state capitalism

3. The JRCL called on Russian people struggling under the Yeltsin regime to rally to the banner of anti-Stalinism
A. The significance of the efforts of the JRCL delegation to Russia (in 1992 and 1997)
B. Kuroda's philosophy and thought of revolution has surely taken root in Russia

4. We call on the Russian working class to overcome Stalinism and realize the second proletarian revolution!

New Year's resolutions
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Hokuriku Regional Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Postal Workers Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee

Pictures: Struggles in 2015
'Scrap the War Law!' We fought in the van of hundreds of thousands
[top left]
'Topple the Abe government!' Zengakuren fought in the forefront of 120,000 toiling people from all over Japan (Aug. 30th, in front of the Diet Building)
[top right]
'Stop the passage of the War Bill!' Workers, students and citizens chanted slogans in front of the Diet Building (Sept. 16th)
[2nd right] 'No to the US-Japan military alliance!' People rose in anger at the forcible passage (Sept. 19th, Sapporo, Hokkaido)
[2nd next to right] 'Down with the Abe government! Denounce the forcible passage!' Protesters marched in the main street of Nara (Sept. 19th)
[2nd left] White-helmeted militant workers and students marched upon the Diet Building (Oct. 18th, Tokyo)
[3rd centre] 'Denounce the bombing of Syria! Stop Japan's participation in the war!' Militant students demonstrated in the metropolis (Dec. 13th)
3rd right] 'Don't send our pupils into battle!' Japan Teachers' Union members gathered from all over Japan
(Aug. 23rd, in front of the Diet Building)

[3rd left] Friends from Tavini Huiraatira in the Antiwar Assembly (Aug. 2nd, Tokyo)
3rd next to left] British workers rose against the bombing of Syria (Dec. 2nd, London)

Definitely no to the new base construction in Henoko! The sit-in protest still goes on
[4th right] Protesters are resolutely fighting despite violent repression (Oct. 29th)
[4th centre] Canoe fighters are protesting against the Coast Guard (Oct. 29th)
[bottom right] The sit-in protest reached its 500th day: 1,200 workers, students and residents gathered to resist at US Camp Schwab (Nov. 18th)
[bottom centre]
Protesters are fighting in front of the gate from very early in the morning (Nov. 18th)

No to the restart of nuclear power plants! People rose in protest nationwide
[4th left] 'Stop the restart of No. 2 reactor operation!' Kagoshima Univ. students fought at the head of workers and people (Oct. 15th, at Sendai power plant, Kagoshima)
[bottom left] Militant metropolitan students rose in protest against the restart of nuclear power plants in solidarity with a huge number of workers and people (Mar. 8th, Hibiya Park, Tokyo)


No. 2399
(December 21st 2015 Issue)

The JRCL's public political meeting, December 6th
1,500 workers and students fortified their resolve to fight for a further advancement of the anti-Stalinist movement
Denounce the US, UK, French and Russian bombing of Syria!

Participants confirm their resolve by making fists: Ginza, Tokyo
Stop the indiscriminate killing of Muslims in the name of 'anti-terrorism'!: the keynote report
Let us spread the battle against the US-Japan military alliance from Henoko to the whole country!: a special report by a comrade from Okinawa
A care worker and the chairman of Zengakuren expressed their ardent determinations on behalf of the worker and student comrades

Sit-in protesters are increasing in number, in front of a US military base,
Okinawa, December 2nd - 9th (Details will be carried in the next issue)
'Scrap the War Law! Stop the US base construction in Okinawa! No to the bombing of Syria!'
Many students joined the Zengakuren demonstration,
December 13th, Shibuya, Tokyo

'Stop the construction of a final disposal site for high-level nuclear waste!'

Protesters gathered from all over Hokkaido to crush the government plan,
November 23rd, Horonobe, Hokkaido
Zengakuren students strive for an upsurge of the struggle
--- in solidarity with workers, farmers and residents (pic1)
Three farm tractors take the lead in a spirited demonstration
(pic 2)

The Abe government is making desperate efforts to construct nuclear waste disposal sites and spent fuel storage facilities



Zengakuren in Tokai rose against the dispatch of Japanese troops to south Sudan,
December 2nd, Komaki, Aichi Prefecture
(pics 3, 4)
White-helmeted Zengakuren fighters raise angry fists at the Komaki base

The plight of the Chukaku faction: the annual 'November assembly' of the state power's running dogs presented a wretched sight

Aung San Suu Kyi is groping for a transfer of political power by making a compromise with militarists
1. Myanmar's military Bonapartist junta suffered a crushing defeat in the recent general election
2. Negotiations over the transfer of power between Suu Kyi and the military leaders
3. US and Chinese rulers are scheming to win the new NLD government to each of their sides
4. The new government will implement policies for opening markets to foreign capitalists in the name of 'the nation's prosperity'

The Supreme Court dismissed a librarian's claim for retirement pay because he was a part-timer
Don't allow the reactionary court decision!
He continued to work for 33 years and receives nothing, while the mayor's retirement pay amounts to 21,240,000 yen!

PM Abe and Keidanren
[Japan Federation of Economic Organizations] leader Sakakibara plotted together
to move up the start of the corporate tax cut

in spite of the immense increase in large companies' internal reserve funds

[National Confederation of Trade Unions]'s policy for the 2016 spring labour offensive
Demands for 'big wage hikes' are pushed to the background
Union policies for higher wages are distorted into vote-getting campaigns for the upcoming House of Councillors election

My study note

How was the '
theory of organizing praxis for movement and organization' formulated? (Part 2)
- For the assimilation of the
theory of organizing praxis for mass (labour) movement and the creation of forms of vanguard organization (fraction / party) on the basis of and through the medium of the former



'We'll long remind them of what they did. And they'll regret it!' Putin threatened Turkey with gritted teeth
- What is it that
'Allah alone knows why they did it'?: the ulterior motive of Erdogan in shooting down the Russian warplane
'Funds for the reduced tax rate'?! The Abe government is making a brazen 'show of kindness' using the media
- A backboned cartoonist of 'the goblin world' who detested war,
Shigeru Mizuki, passed away


No. 2398
(December 14th 2015 Issue)

For an upsurge of the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle and the 2016 spring labour offensive!
No to the bombing of Syria conducted by the US, the UK, France and Russia!
Down with the neo-fascist Abe government that imposes war and poverty on workers and toiling people!

  'Don't send troops to south Sudan!' Zengakuren fights against the first dispatch of Japanese troops to UN PKO since the passage of the War Law, December 2nd, in front of the Komaki base
(Details will be carried in the next issue)

- Denounce the indiscriminate massacre of Muslims by the US, the UK, France and Russia!
- The Abe government is desperately attempting to build up the US-Japan global war alliance
- Imposing poverty on workers and toiling people in the name of 'realizing a virtuous cycle of Japan's economic growth'
- Overthrow the Abe government with the power of workers and toiling people!

'Block the new US base construction in Henoko!
Angry voices resounded Hibiya Park in Tokyo
4,500 workers, students and citizens rallied in solidarity with the battle in Okinawa,
November 29th
(pic centre)
Protesters raise their fists of anger at the forced execution of construction work by the Abe government
(pic left) Participants pore over the JRCL leaflet
(pic right) 'Scrap the Security Treaty!' 'Down with the Abe government!' Militant students give out yells on the main street of Ginza, Tokyo

'Stop the relocation of the training ground for US aerial refuelling aircraft to the Kanoya base!'
(pic left)
Workers, students and residents staged a demonstration in the city streets of Kanoya, November 29th, Kagoshima Prefecture

Denounce Japanese forces' field training exercises conducted in succession!

The organizing of 'corps capable of waging wars with US forces' proceeds at a quick pace

The 55th Kagoshima Univ. Festival was successfully achieved,
November 12th-15th


Smash the Abe government's reform of the health care system!

No to the total lifting of a ban on the mixed medical treatment
(health-insurance covered and private ones)
at the sacrifice of underprivileged people's health!

- Unapproved drugs will be used unlimitedly in disregard of their safety
- Patients will be obliged to pay extremely high costs of medical treatment
- 'Advanced medical treatment' is being promoted in 'national strategic zones'
-- 'Advanced medical treatment' and 'regenerative medicine' are already facing bankruptcy
- Medical workers will be forced to perform acutely intensified labour

The delivery of 'my number system'-related mails
Stop the imposition of extraordinarily intensified labour on postal workers!

Mass dismissals by Sharp Corporation

The 'prices' of dismissed employees are being beaten down at outplacement: the awful reality of the 'social safety net'

Don't allow the new leadership of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] to strangle the 2016 spring labour offensive!
Labour aristocrats presented an extremely low wage increase demand of 2 %

The Obama government hell-bent on reorganizing and reinforcing US Pacific Command
- The enforcement of the Freedom of Navigation Operation: intimidation against China
- Reinforcement of USPACOM based on the Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy

'Don't attack Syria!' British workers and people rose up against air raids on Syria
- Those opposed to the bombing are 'a bunch of terrorist sympathizers' (PM Cameron)
- A mass of Labour MP's shifted sides
- Let us create an international antiwar struggle in opposition to the chorus of 'anti-terrorism'!

- 'Turn your eyes to the other side of the world': an indignant, heartfelt protest against the ruthless aerial bombing
- Nabila and Malala: the double standard of the US for making 'heroes' of 'terrorist victims'

My study note

How was the '
theory of organizing praxis for movement and organization' formulated? (Part 1)
-- For the assimilation of
the theory of organizing praxis for mass (labour) movement and the creation of forms of vanguard organization (fraction / party) on the basis of and through the medium of the former


No. 2397
(December 7th 2015 Issue)

Denounce the indiscriminate massacre of Muslims
by the US, France and Russia
in the name of 'eradicating the Islamic State'!

- No to the escalation of bombing on Syria by the US, France and Russia!
- Turkey's shooting down of a Russian plane has provoked more opposition and a split among the 'anti-IS coalition'
- The IS has embarked on retaliatory terrors
- Shatter the Abe government's scheme to participate in the war in the Middle East!

' We never allow the new base construction inHenoko!'
Militant students yell with 4,500 workers and toiling people holding up placards, 'Denounce the US-Japan Security Treaty!',
November 29th, Hibiya Park, Tokyo (Details will be carried in the next issue)


'Stop the restart of the Takahama nuclear power plant!'

1,000 protesters besieged the head office of KEPCO
[Kansai Electric Power Company], November 20th, Osaka
Kansai region militant students fought in the forefront

1,200 blocked the US base gate: November 18th-20th, Okinawa

Stop the new base construction in Henoko!

A series of struggles to stop the new base construction in Henoko surged up

November 18th
Sit-in protesters blocked construction vehicles all day despite repression by the riot police:
in front of the Camp Schwab gate
Canoe protesters crossed the boundary set up by the authorities and fought denouncing the Coast Guard's repression
(pic 2) The 500th day of the sit-in protest: Resolute protesters gathered early in the morning to block the construction: at the Camp Schwab gate
(pic 3)
Protesters completely block the gate with arms tightly linked
(pic 4) Militant students take the lead in the demonstration: in front of the new gate

November 19th
Workers and students lodged a stern protest against the US consul general's arrogant remarks on the opposition movement:
in front of the US consulate general, Urazoe City (pic 5)

November 20th
Angry protesters marched on the headquarters of the US military in Okinawa:
in front of Gate Ishinda, Camp Zukeran (pic 6)

Denounce the degenerate union leadership for turning its back on the struggle against the War Law!

The 82nd Convention of Shitetsu-soren [Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]
1. The leadership virtually abandoned struggle against the War Law
2. The convention for an 'election campaign ceremony' under the slogan, 'Demand traffic policies for overcoming management crisis'
3. Union leaders praised ultra-low compromised figures of pay increase in the 2015 spring labour offensive
4. Fight resolutely for a militant upsurge of the 2015 year-end labour offensive!

Stop the dispatch of Japanese forces to Sudan for a UN peacekeeping operation!
No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!

The Japan Marxist Student League (RMF) Tokai Regional Committee
- The Abe government is steadily preparing for the 9th dispatch of Japanese troops to engage in actual warfare
- The civil war is intensifying in Sudan amid confrontation between the US and China
- Abe intends to get the start of Japan's full-scale participation in the US-led 'war on terror'
- Overcome the JCP's campaign to beg the government for a 'halt to sending troops' without opposing the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the imposition of extremely intensified labour upon postal workers caused by the delivery of 'my number system'-related mails!


'Next year's wages shall exceed this year's figure': A business bigwig gave lip service to PM Abe

Stop the resumption of nuclear plant operations! No to the nuclear development!

- The Abe government is frantic to cope with the 'problem' of Japan's possession of a massive quantity of plutonium
- The 23rd postponement of the completion of a reprocessing plant construction: The government and the JNFL
[Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd] are sticking to the development of the nuclear fuel cycle
- The government and SEPCO
[Shikoku Electric Power Company] intend to restart the Ikata nuclear reactor by forsaking 5,000 neighbourhood residents

Don't allow the creation of new mobile striking forces 'capable of waging wars with US forces'!

The JCP snuggled to the conservative LDP candidates,
resulting in the outvoting of far more populist fascists in the recent elections in Osaka


No. 2396
(November 30th 2015 Issue)

Denounce the US, France and Russia for escalating air strikes on Syria!
Smash the Abe government's scheme to dispatch troops to the Middle East
in the name of 'exterminating terrorism'

- The Islamic State's retaliatory terrors against the French bombing of Syria
- Indiscriminate massacres of Muslim residents in the name of 'eradicating-terrorists'
- The Abe government is watching for an opportunity to send Japanese military forces to the Middle East
- Denounce the JCP for joining the chorus of 'exterminating terrorism'! Spread the flames of international antiwar struggle!

Ryukyo Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fight in the forefront of the battle to block the US base's gate November 18th, Okinawa

Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko!

The sit-in protest reached its 500th day: 1,200 workers, students and residents gathered in front of US Camp Schwab, November 18th, Okinawa

'No to repression!' Protesters face up to the riot police

Protesters halt a US military truck raising placards,
'Remove all the bases!'
'Stop the landfill work at all costs!'

500 workers, students and residents blocked the Camp Schwab gate,
November 11th, Henoko
- Protesters blocked construction vehicles by pushing back the riot police
- 'Stop the installation of a jack-up barge for the drilling survey!': The canoe protesters fought fiercely on sea

Intensification of Japanese air force training to develop the capability for 'preemptive attacks on enemy bases':
Komatsu Base, Kanazawa


'No to the War Law! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Workers, students and citizens rose, calling for the resignation of the Abe Cabinet,
October 30th, Nagoya
(pic left)
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students hold up placards, 'Down with the Abe government!'

The 69th Aichi Univ. Festival achieved success,
November 1st-3rd, Aichi Prefecture


'Environmental-economic warfare' over the world car market:
the meaning of the VW scandal
- VW had long been playing the trick of escaping exhaust emissions control
- The US and the EU are heating up economic wars using environmental protection control as a tool

The military bases in the Kyushu region are being reinforced as bases for the integrated US-Japanese forces
to launch attacks on China and the Middle East

Stop the setting up and deployment of an Osprey unit at Saga Airport!
--- No to the transfer of the US airborne refuelling aircraft's training function to Kanoya Base!

The Osaka prefectural police criminalized nursing care workers
for conducting tube feeding for the elders, an absolutely normal treatment, on grounds that they were not licensed

2,000 workers assembled despite heavy rain
- Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] Ishikawa's rally for the victorious autumn-yearend labour offensive,
November 9th, Kanazawa


The government and capitalists are scheming to 'review' spouse allowances (including their abolition):
aiming to force longer working hours on part-time workers


My study note
Necessary labour and surplus labour: these are not 'two kinds of labour'
- Learning from Kuroda's works on political economy



- The VW scandal about emission control is not called into question in China
- A rapid slowdown in the Chinese economy has exerted adverse influences on BRICS countries
- Protest songs, past and present
Surveillance in Narita and other airports is being stepped up: the transport ministry started a trial run of three-dimensional 'body scanners'


No. 2395
(November 23rd 2015 Issue)

Rally to the Dec. 6th JRCL public political meeting!
Build a revolutionary foothold for breaking through the danger of 'war and fascism'!

'Block the construction vehicles!' Hundreds of workers and students rose in action against the starting of the base construction
November 11th, Henoko, Okinawa; -details will be on the next issue)

- The fight of the revolutionary left has been leading the struggle against the War Law
- Create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to eradicate the danger of war between the US-Japan and China-Russia!
- Advance the struggle towards the overthrow of the neo-fascist government!
- No to the deterioration of the Japanese labour movement into today's version of the notorious Industrial Patriotic movement during WWII!
- Expose the further degeneration of the neo-Stalinist Japanese Communist Party!
- For the renaissance of Marxism!

'Remove the US base for the X-band radar!'

Workers, students and residents from all over the region protested against the strengthening of the US base:
October 31st, Kyotango, Kyoto
(pic left)
Militant students demonstrating together with fighting people: Kyotango city
(pic right)
Raising a chorus of angry yells at the building housing the X-band radar: Cape Kyogamisaki, Kyotango

'Scrap the War Law! Block the US base construction in Henoko!'

Kagoshima Univ. students staged a protest action in the campus against the US-Japan military alliance:
October 28th, Kagoshima

The new leadership pledges allegiance to the government and monopoly capitalists:
the 14th regular convention of Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation]
- The new leadership is desperate to 'calm down' the struggle for scrapping the War Bill
- Trade unions are further weakened while labour aristocrats are conflicting with each other behind the scenes
- Firmly advance struggles for the scrapping of the War Bill! For the victorious 2016 spring labour offensive!

Shatter the big wage cut offensive! No to the expanded implementation of the 'performance-based rating' system!
Don't allow the Metropolitan authorities' strengthening of labour management and destruction of trade unions!

The JRCL Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee
- Scrap the War Law for aggression! No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!
- Block the new base construction in Henoko!
- Fight the autumn labour offensive militantly by overcoming the degenerate leaderships of municipal workers' unions

- indulged in the upcoming House of Councillors election campaign!

Japan Post
Smash the postal management's offensive of rationalization in the name of a 'new collection and delivery system'!
I. Restructuring/Rationalization in the mail/parcel service division
II. A major reorganization in the collection and delivery division
- (1) What is meant by a 'new collection and delivery system'
- (2) Imposition of plural jobs on workers
- (3) Introduction of unscrupulous labour management methods
- (4) Forcible adjustment of 'collection and delivery zones' without increasing the workforce
- (5) Introduction of a variable working hours system to impose intensified labour on workers
- (6) A 'new personnel and wage system' aimed to reduce labour costs
III. Denounce the union leadership for totally supporting the postal authorities' labour management on the pretext of 'verifying management effects'!

Abe's treacherous 'grandstand play': 'The government requests wage hikes in three consecutive years'

A handshake between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-Jeou:
in anxiety about the extension of Taiwan's DPP
[Democratic Progressive Party]
- A 'ceremony' for enhancing Sinocentric nationalism
- Taiwanese people are increasing distrust and opposition to the government
- Collusive ties between Taiwanese capitalists and Chinese party-state bureaucrats

China takes a turn for a 'two-child' policy
The Beijing bureaucrats' expedient scheme to cope with the shortage of young labour-power in the forthcoming graying society


- 'Lenin is a terrorist': Spurred by neo-fascist politicians, NHK broadcast an ugly anti-communist view of history
- Abe imitates erstwhile Japanese militarists' demagogic methods of media control
- Competition intensifying between Japan and China over financing for troubled French nuclear group Areva
- Two nuclear carriers USS T. Roosevelt and USS R. Reagan were dispatched to intimidate China


No. 2394
(November 16th 2015 Issue)

No to the buildup of the global war alliance!
Advance the antiwar struggle to eradicate the danger of war
growing due to the confrontation between the US/Japan and China!

- US and Japanese rulers are staging provocative military actions against China
-- The launch of the Alliance Coordination Mechanism, US-Japan joint headquarters for war
-- The Obama administration is increasing its military demands on its 'vassal state', Japan
-- The Abe government is desperate to promote the construction of a new US base in Henoko
- Countermeasures against the US taken by the Xi Jinping-led China that claims for the 'possession of the South China Sea'
- Advance antiwar struggle by overcoming the 'Defend Constitutionalism' movement that does not oppose the US-Japan military alliance!

The 'October 21st International Antiwar Day' struggle was fought in regions

'Block the new US base construction in Henoko!'
'All Okinawan action' surged up! Zengakuren students fighting in the forefront of it!

(pic1) 'Definitely no to the new US base construction!' Okinawan workers, students and residents giving yells of indignation in front of the prefectural office: Naha, Okinawa

'No to the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!'

Militant workers strived to uplift the rally

Workers strived for the upsurge of the rally in opposition to the degenerate union leadership distorting antiwar struggle into an election campaign: Fukuoka, Kyushu


Workers and students' united actions were staged across the country, October 18th

'No to the buildup of the global war alliance!'
Demonstrators raised angry fists at the LDP local office
(pic1) White-helmeted marchers evoked citizens' sympathy
(pic2) The Solidarity rally prior to the march

'Scrap the War Law! Denounce the restart of the Sendai nuclear power plant!'
Zengakuren Kyushu and Antiwar Youth workers staged a militant demonstration in the city centre
(pic3) Holding up the banner written in large letters, 'Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!'

US and Japanese imperialists have managed to almost come to a conclusion of the TPP agreement against China
Stop the Abe government from destroying agriculture and the health care system in Japan!

I. The Abe government yielded to the US demand for a still more open-door policies
- The Japanese government is breaking the Diet resolution that made 5 exceptions in dealing with agricultural products
- Desertion of small-scale farmers in the name of the 'aggressive style of agriculture'
- Abolition of food labelling systems for genetically modified food and relaxation of safety standards

- The total lifting of the ban on the mixed medical treatment (health insurance-covered and private ones) at the sacrifice of people's health
II. The extremely delicate 'agreements' that shelved the clash of interests among states
III. The inauguration of the AIIB near at hand: China's buildup of a Yuan-based economic sphere is accelerated
IV. Creation of a US-led trade zone combined with the strengthening of the encircling net against China
Japanese imperialism schemes to strengthen its neo-colonialist inroads

Militant education workers strived for meaningful discussions in the annual education research conference sponsored by Zenkyo
[All-Japan Federation of Teachers' and Staff Unions]
In opposition to the attempt of the union leadership to avoid a resolute struggle against the Abe government's neo-fascistic reorganization of education

The Abe government is plotting for the 'liberalization of lay-offs'
The Labour Ministry plans to introduce a 'severance pay' system to 'cover up' troubles over layoffs

[Hokkaido Electric Power Co.] is trying frantically to block the increase in number of solar power plants intending to resume the Tomari nuclear reactor operation
Irritated with the 'explosive expansion' of energy-saving generation business

3,500 workers and citizens got together: A 'Sayonara to Nukes! Sayonara to War!' rally in Sapporo, October 10th
Workers assembled from all over Hokkaido carrying their union flags

The bankruptcy of the Bank of Japan's 'reflationary' policies: the inflation target of 2%

- Japan-Korea summit talks: Behind smiles and handshakes, Abe again rode roughshod over Korean people who had suffered militarist Japan's criminal acts
- The TPP negotiations over biotech medicine: an attempt to destroy Japan's health care system
- Global Hawk unmanned spy planes are to be concentratedly deployed at the Air SDF's Misawa air base: to strengthen the encircling net against China


No. 2393
(November 9th 2015 Issue)

Block the landfill work for the new US base construction in Henoko!
No to the buildup of the US-Japan alliance for aggressive war!
Down with the Abe government!

Protesters are raising angry fists in front of the Camp Schwab gate
Henoko October, 29th

- The government started full-scale construction work by trampling on Okinawa Prefecture's protests in the form of revoking the approval for reclamation
- The danger of war is growing between the US and China over the South China Sea
- US and Japanese rulers are rushing frantically for the buildup of an alliance for aggressive war
-- The Japanese military (Self-Defense Forces) is expanding its commitment to US forces' operations
The Official leaderships are immersing opposition movements in the upcoming House of Councillors' election campaigns
- Crush the Henoko landfill work with the militant fight of working people!

Anger exploded at the starting of the full-scale construction work:
Henoko, October 29th
- A sit-in protest resolutely fought in front of the Camp Schwab gate
- 'No to the restart of the drilling survey!' Militant protesters fought fiercely in canoes

(pic left) 'Stop the installing of floats!' Militant students fighting in the forefront of the canoe unit against the repression of the coast guard
(pic right) Demonstrators brought US forces' trucks to a standstill by blocking the Camp Schwab new gate

Absolutely no to the Henoko landfill work!
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students rose in succession:
October 14th - 16th
- Protesting against the government's steps to overrule Okinawa's decision to revoke the approval for landfill work: in front of the Okinawa Defense Bureau,
October 16th (pic 1)
- 500 protesters rushed to the Camp Schwab to block the gate early in the morning,
October 14th (pic 2)


Workers and Students' United Actions fought across the country:
October 18th, Osaka / Nagoya
The Kansai Region: Angry yells at the LDP office in Osaka
(pic 3)
Marching through the streets of Osaka under the banner 'Scrap the War Law for aggression!'
(pic 4)

The Tokai Region: White-helmeted workers and students staged a militant demonstration in the centre of Nagoya
(pic 5)

Shatter the reactionary nursing care insurance system revised at the sacrifice of the elderly!

1. The revised nursing care insurance system put into operation
--(1) Burdens on the elderly were dramatically increased
--(2) Nursing care service was drastically reduced
--(3) The Abe government's economic policy for reducing social security costs
2. Nursing facility proprietors are trying to survive by sacrificing workers
--(1) Intensification of labour
(2) Reduction of total labour costs

My study Note

The method and criteria for the analysis of 'performance-based wages' (notes)

All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union: The 88th regular convention

Denounce the union leadership for devoting itself to vote-gathering activities for the forthcoming House of Councillors' election!

An ultra-low rate of wage increase demand!
[Japan Trade Union Confederation] has decided on only 'around 2 percent' demand for the 2016 spring labour offensive

Isn't this a Rengo version of Abe's 'dynamic engagement of all citizens'?!
Labour aristocrats support the Abe government's reactionary revision of the labour laws in the name of a 'reform in the ways of working'

Abe cries out for the 'dynamic engagement of all citizens' to restore 'militarist Japan'
The deceitful nature of Abe's 'three new arrows'
- The bankruptcy of Abenomics
- Society where one cannot have a child
- Sacrificing social security
- Say 'No!' to the consumption tax increase and the revision of the social security system!

'No to the restart of the Sendai nuclear power plant!'
Workers, students and residents took action against the restart of Reactor No. 2 at the gate of the plant: October 15th, Kagoshima Pref. (pic left)
Kagoshima Univ. students fought together with workers and citizens from all over the country:
October 12th, Kagoshima city (pic right)


- The JCP even abandons the slogan of 'protection of the Japanese Constitution' to seek for a 'broad coalition' with conservative 'constitutionalists'
- A change in the withdrawal plan: Obama has totally got bogged down in Afghanistan
- A Fukushima worker suffering from leukaemia first won worker's compensation: Never allow the imposition of lethal radiation exposure on workers!

Stop the restart of the Ikata nuclear power plant!
The Abe government is plotting to resume the operation of 'plutonium burning in a thermal reactor'
that has been suspended since the Fukushima disaster


No. 2392
(November 2nd 2015 Issue)

Workers and Students' United Actions fought across the country: October 18th
Anger flared up against the War Law: Tokyo
'Scrap the War Law!' 'Down with the Abe government!'
Militant demonstrators marched on the Duet Building, on the PM's Official Residence and on the US Embassy

'Crush the US-Japan military alliance!' 'Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
pic left Demonstrators put up angry fists at the Diet Building

pic right Raising yells of indignation at the US Embassy (far left)

- Zengakuren and Anti-War Youth fighters in white helmets marched holding up the banner 'No to fascism!'
- 'Let us fight against the buildup of the global war alliance!':
A solidarity rally was held prior to the demonstration
- 'Denounce the JCP bureaucrats for slighting the unity of the working class!':
A JRCL comrade gave a solidarity speech
- Build a united battle front against fascism! Down with the Abe government!
- Stop the US Marine base construction in Henoko! No to the dispatch of SDF troops to the South China Sea and the Middle East!

'Block the start of the landfill operation for the US base construction in Henoko!'
Protesters gave loud voices of resentment in front of the Camp Schwab gate, Okinawa:
October 23rd (pic 1)

Workers and Students' United Action in Okinawa, October 18th
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Scrap the War Law!'

White-helmeted militants carried out a big demonstration in Naha
Okinawa Ken-gakuren students and Anti-War workers marched beneath the banner of 'Against the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!' (pic 2)
A solidarity rally in advance of the demonstration (pic 3)

Nationwide workers and students' united actions: October 18th

(top right)
Demonstrators marched on the PM's Official Residence: Tokyo
(top left above)
Marchers held up the banner marked in large red letters, 'Scrap the War Bill!': Osaka
(top left below)
Militants paraded through the centre of the city: Fukuoka
(middle right)
A vehement protest at the LDP Office: Sapporo
(middle left)
Protesters took to the streets under the crimson flags of the Antiwar Youth Committee and Zengakuren: Nagoya
(bottom right)
'Remove US bases!' 'Renounce the US-Japan Security Treaty!' A solidarity rally hoisting the JRCL banner: Naha, Okinawa

No to the restart of the Sendai nuclear power plant 2!: Kagoshima, Kyushu
(bottom left above)
Kagoshima Univ. students fought together with workers and residents: October 15th, in front of the Sendai nuclear plant
(bottom left below)
1,800 rallied around from all over the country: October 12th, in front of Kagoshima Station

Denounce the Putin government's bombing of Syria! Denounce the military intervention!

A. An annihilation campaign against anti-Assad armed forces on the pretext of 'sweeping the Islamic State'
B. Rivalry is intensifying between the US and Russia over the 'political settlement' of the civil war in Syria
C. Create a surge of struggle against the military intervention in Syria by both the US and the Russian governments!

No to the imposition of intensified labour upon postal workers for reasons of the delivery of 'My Number system'-related registered mails!

Denounce the Japan Postal Union leadership for accepting the intensification of labour, saying the system is a 'national project'!

1. The Abe government ready to execute the national identification number system designed to keep people under surveillance
2. Unduly harsh delivery plan based on a 'new collection and delivery system'
3. Denounce the union leadership for totally supporting the JP management!


he Defense Ministry is taking advantage of young people's poverty
No to 'economic conscription'!

Strive creatively for a fruitful discussion in the Osaka Teachers Union-sponsored education research conference!
JRCL Kansai Regional Education Workers Committee

The Abe government permitted a new type of corporation system:
a reactionary scheme to develop medical nursing care industry into a 'growth industry' by sacrificing workers and the masses

My study note

To revolutionize myself as a vanguard party member, together with my comrades



- Abe delivered an address in a naval review: spurring SDF personnel to get ready for a 'glorious death on the battle field'
- A wicked intention to strengthen military presence in Spain: The US says OK to dispose of the radiation-contaminated soil of Andalusia
(itself the result of US forces' act of half a century ago)
- India's marine strategy: a plot to use US and Japanese strength to vie with China
- High technology of the Japanese Maritime SDF is used by US forces to monitor Chinese submarines in the joint operation of SOSUS
[sound surveillance systems]


(October 26th 2015 Issue)

Scrap the War Law!
Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
No to another increase in the consumption tax!
No to the Trans-Pacific Partnership!
Down with the Abe government with a militant fight of workers and students!
Crush the imposition of war and poverty on the toiling people!

- Crying out for Japan's 'strong economy', for building Japan into a strong military power
-- The blaring of the slogan 'revolution in productivity' and promotion of the militarization of the economy
-- Newly presented 'second and third arrows' in the 'second phase of Abenomics': designed to deceive workers and the toiling masses
- A 'broad agreement' in the TPP negotiations: a scheme to set up a Pacific Rim economic bloc against China
-- 'Rules that facilitate US and Japanese multinational companies earning most'
-- The TPP linked to the Asia-Pacific version of NATO
- No to the new US-Japan military alliance! Shatter the imposition of poverty on the toiling people!

Demonstrators marching on the PM's Official Residence,
October 18th
Workers' and Students' United Actions on October 18th
'Scrap the War Law!' 'Down with the Abe government!'
Militant workers and students took to the streets all over Japan

A plot to build up a system for national mobilization in line with the new US-Japan Defense Cooperation Guidelines

Denounce the US-Japan-Australia joint military exercise enforced on the pretext of 'coping with large-scale disasters'!


The Abe government's reactionary scheme to reorganize and shut down public hospitals

The New Guidelines for the Reform of Public Hospitals --
- New reforms based on a ruthless medical plan of 'regionalization'
-- Hospitals divided into several groups: highly specialized key hospitals, clinics for home medical care, etc.
-- Slighting elders and chronic patients
- Definitely no to the neo-fascist Abe government's sacrificing of social security!

JCP-affiliated scholars co-authored a criminal book on radiation exposure

- Completely denying the influence of low dose exposure
- Helping the Abe government implement its policy of forcing evauees to return to their contaminated hometowns

'The red forest in Chernobyl' is likely to appear in Fukushima: the anomaly of fir trees
The government, together with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, is concealing the realities of radioactive contamination

An IT industry worker driven to suicide from long hours of overtime work


The voting age dropped to 18: the Abe government intending to suppress 'political activities' of high school students and education workers

My study note

To revolutionize myself as a vanguard party member, together with my comrades
(To be continued)


La noticia internacional

Oppose the stationing of US forces in Peru!

None of the US military's joint exercises with Peruvian and other Latin American forces!

'Let's follow the anti-imperialist fight of the workers and militant youth of Japan against US military bases in Okinawa'
(excerpts from a statement by Liga Socialista de los Trabajadores Internacionalistas (CI) )

The Japanese government lifted the evacuation instruction in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear power plant

No to the Abe government's abandonment of the nuclear disaster victims!



- Introduction of a national identification number system: moneymaking is rampant on the pretext of getting rid of cybercrimes
- A dangerous gamble: Erdogan is anxious about the rise of Kurdish forces
- Japanese fascists' double standard about UNESCO Memory of the World Register:
---Japanese POW internment in Siberia is
OK, while the Nanjing Massacre is NO
- A pack of lies about the TPP 'broad agreement'

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