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No. 2450
(January 1st 2017 Issue)

 On The centenary of the Russian Revolution

Consolidate the revolutionary bridgehead
for a fundamental change in the 'dark 21st century'!

Workers and students' united action
in Tokyo, October 23rd
'Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
Zengakuren and antiwar youths marched on the Diet Building, the PM's Official Residence and the US Embassy

1. The beginning of a new age: clashes of undisguised state egoism
A. Rivalry between the US and China is further intensifying
- The incoming US Trump administration is shouting, 'Make America great again!'
- Xi Jinping-led China is bent on catching up with the US
- Putin is seeking an alignment with Trump
- The European Union is on the brink of disintegration
- East Asian countries are also being rocked

B. The Abe-led Japanese government, a 'vassal' of the US, pays tribute to its new 'lord'
C. What underlies the upheaval is a desperate attempt of declining imperialism to survive
2. The centenary of the Russian Revolution and the contemporary world
A. The realization of the Russian Revolution and the formation of an autocratic state by the Stalinist bureaucracy
B. The 'divide and rule' of the world by imperialism and Stalinism and the rise of anti-Stalinist movement
C. The self-destruction of the Stalinist Soviet Union and the struggle of the revolutionary left
D. Arrogance of the military 'sole superpower' and the fight of the revolutionary left for breaking the 'darkness of the 21st century'
3. For a giant step forward of the anti-Stalinist movement
A. Kan'ichi Kuroda's earnest response to the Hungarian revolution as a communist: the origin of the anti-Stalinist movement
B. For the dissolution of the Japanese Communist Party!
C. Let us fight together with the proletariat of the world!
4. Solidify the bridgehead for putting an end to the darkness of the contemporary world!
A. Let us make Kuroda's 'philosophy of the topos of praxis' our own flesh and blood!
B. Let us assimilate Kuroda's revolutionary spirit and advance forward!
5. Create a gigantic uplift of struggles against the revision of the Constitution of Japan and against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Remove all the US Ospreys from Okinawa, from Japan, right now!

We denounce the US military for having resumed the flight of Ospreys!

Let us fight for the 'removal of all US bases' and the 'repeal of the US-Japan Security Treaty'!

(pic) At the crash site, workers, students and citizens raised their angry fists at the broken pieces of the Osprey floating on the sea, December 14th, Nago, Okinawa

'Condemn the crash of the Osprey'!
Zengakuren fought in the van of the protest action in Okinawa

(pic) Protesters rallied in front of the US headquarters, December 14th

Militant students staged a protest action in Tokyo

(pic) Zengakuren in the metropolitan area rose in front of the US Embassy, December 16th

A New Year's cartoon

A sea of raging state egoism in the contemporary world


The death throes of 'Yankee' imperialism

The incoming Trump administration will push through its state egoism

I. Formulation of Trump's policies: 'The revival of great America' is presented as the centrepiece
- 'America first' is elevated to the ideal of the state
- Policies for the reconstruction of the US economy are framed under the slogan 'anti-globalization'

II. Ailing America: Division is being widened and hostility is engendered between classes, races and regions
III. 'Manufacturing companies will come back to America': a sheer illusion of 'Trumponomics'
- The decay of the US economy is accelerated, while 'globalization of the labour market' is progressing
IV. Eradicate corroded capitalism in its terminal stage with a Renaissance of Marxism!

New Year's resolutions
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Hokuriku Regional Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Postal Workers Committee
The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee

Struggles in 2016


JRCL public political meeting,
Militant workers and students resolved to make a big leap forward of the revolutionary communist movement,
December 4th, Tokyo (top left)

Remove all the US bases! Repeal the US-Japan Security Treaty!' We fought in the van of the people of Okinawa
65,000 angry people rallied to denounce the rape and murder of a woman by a former US marine and demanded the removal of US bases,
June 19th, Naha (top right)
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! No to the US-Japan Security Treaty!' Militant students strived with workers and residents in the Peace March in Okinawa,
May 14th, in front of a US camp (second from top, right)
'Block the construction of Osprey helipads in Takae!' Protesters rose against the impermissible repression by the state power,
July 21st, Takae (third from top, right)

No to the restart of nuclear reactors!

'Scrap Monju, the fast breeder reactor !' Protesters gathered from all over the country to demand its decommissioning,
December 3rd, Tsuruga (fourth from top, right)
'No to the restart of the Sendai nuclear reactor operation!' A national rally in Kagoshima,
November 13th (bottom right)
Five years after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe: 35,000 demanded to stop the resumption of nuclear power plants,
March 26th, Tokyo (bottom, centre)

Antiwar struggles fought all over Japan: against constitutional revision, against the US-Japan military alliance

'Scrap Ampo!' 'Block the construction of the US base in Henoko!' Workers' voice resounded through the vicinity of the Diet Building,
February 21st, Tokyo (second from top, left)
'Down with the Abe government!' 'Definitely NO to the constitutional revision!' Militant students fought in the forefront of 50,000 people,
May 3rd, Tokyo (third from top, left)
'No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!' Zengakuren Hokkaido fought at the airport,
May 22nd, Hokkaido (fourth from top, centre)
'Remove the US X-band radar base!' Militant students fought with workers and citizens at the base,
November 6th, Kyoto (fourth from top, left)

Zengakuren delegation to Tahiti strengthened their solidarity with Maohi people fighting for the independence of Polynesia:
on the fiftieth anniversary of the start of French nuclear testing, July 2nd, Papeete, French Polynesia (bottom left)


No. 2449
(December 19th 2016 Issue)

JRCL public political meeting, December 4th
Militant workers and students reinforced their resolve
to make a quantum leap forward of the revolutionary communist movement

On the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution
For the centenary of the Russian Revolution

A revolutionary foothold for overturning the dark 21st century was consolidated

'We'll fight here and now for revolution!'
Raising their fists, participants showed their determination

- Let us advance, assimilating the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Kuroda, founder of the JRCL! :
The keynote address
'Trump's America' is causing upheaval and a crisis to the contemporary world
Forge the communist movement all over the world by overcoming Stalinism in both praxis and theory!
Let us assimilate the 'philosophy of the topos of praxis' illuminated by Kuroda!
- 'Remember the soul-wrenching cries of Hungarian workers!':
A video documenting the Hungarian Revolution was shown
- Indomitable resolves were expressed by a worker comrade and the chairman of Zengakuren

Angry workers, students and citizens rose against the dispatch of Japanese troops to South Sudan, November 15th and 19th, Sapporo, Hokkaido
(pic left) Protesters rallied round the banner, 'Stop the constitutional revision!', November 19th
(pic right)
Militant students marched against the Cabinet decision to send Japanese troops on combat missions to South Sudan, November 15th

'Don't allow the construction of a nuclear waste disposal plant!'
Hundreds of workers, farmers and students staged an angry demonstration in intense cold,
November 23rd, Horonobe, Hokkaido
Spirited students strived to create a militant uplift in the rally
We denounce the fascistic repression of the struggle by the Abe government!

Exert all our powers to block the construction of new US military facilities in Takae and Henoko!

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL
- We furiously denounce the arrests and house searches of four protesters by the Okinawa police!
- No to the dangerous US Osprey helipads construction in Takae in exchange for a partial removal of the inutile training field!
- Block the resumption of the new US base construction in Henoko!
- Fight against a further reinforcement of the US-Japan military alliance!
- Fight resolutely for the removal of all US bases! For the renunciation of the US-Japan security treaty!

'Absolutely no to the crackdown on the protests in Henoko and Takae!' 'We denounce the arrest of our fighters!'
Indignant workers and citizens rallied in front of the local police station,
November 29th, Nago, Okinawa
(pic left) 'Free our comrades!' Protesters raised their angry fists at the police station
(pic centre) They staged a resentful demonstration along the streets of Nago city
(pic right) They blocked the vehicles from carrying in construction materials all day, November 30th, Takae, Okinawa

News from campus
The 70th Aichi Univ. Festival
was held,
steadily creating a powerful surge against the revision of the Constitution
November 2nd-3rd, Aichi Prefecture

Guidelines for Japan on waging wars together with the US

Ultra-reactionary features of the white paper 'Defense of Japan 2016'
1. Strong emphasis on the 'significance' of the Aggressive War Law
2. Exaggeration of the threats of China, North Korea and the Islamic State in consideration of the decline of the United States
3. A cry for the buildup of the Japanese army appropriate for the US-Japan global war alliance

The leadership of the JTU
[Japan Teachers' Union] is scheming to distort education workers' union movement
---into one only for 'moderate proposals' to the government

An oath of subordination to the United States: Abe's planned 'spirit-consoling visit' to Pearl Harbor
Smash the 'ceremony' designed to strengthen the US-Japan war alliance!

Where is Cuba going without Fidel?

Billionaire Trump played every shabby trick to pose as an 'ally of workers'

No to the cutting of the social security costs!

- No to the reduction in the number of hospital beds!
- Shatter the bad revision of the medical service fee system!
-- '
The elderly have an obligation to drop dead for the sake of the country':
---- Abe's hangers-on nonchalantly utter unpardonable words


Abe is hell-bent on reducing pension benefits at the sacrifice of the socially disadvantaged
Crush the drastic cut in social security benefits!

A list of main articles published in Kaihoh in 2016


No. 2448
(December 12th 2016 Issue)

Repel the 'waves of neo-fascism'!
Crush the buildup of the US-Japan new military alliance
and the all-out offensive of revising the Constitution!

- Trump is shouting for the restoration of 'Great America'
- Putin is openly showing Russian nationalism
- Xi is hell-bent on building China into a 'superpower' under the slogan, 'Restoration of the Chinese nation'
- Denounce the dispatch of Japanese troops to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!

'No to the constitutional revision! No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to South Sudan!'
Fighting students' chants reverberated throughout city streets

Students held a spirited demonstration in Tokyo,
December 26th

Let us strengthen solidarity with South Korean workers and people
-----fighting for the overthrow of the Park Geun-hye government
- The anger is flaring up among the masses
- We call on South Korean workers and people!
---- Say 'No!' to the settlement of the struggle by means of bargaining in the national assembly!


News from campus

The Wakagi
[Sapling] Festival in Kokugakuin University
The 'fiesta of self-government and culture' was held successfully in opposition to the growing tendency of neo-fascism,
November 3rd-5th

Denounce the leadership of the JCP for having plunged into participation in the Commission on the Constitution!

No to the 'community medical plan' being executed at the sacrifice of elderly and sickly people!

In order to cut down social security costs, the government is enforcing a reduction in the number of hospital beds on local governments

The reactionary ethnic policy of Beijing bureaucrats

1. The Xi Jinping leadership is enhancing Sinocentric nationalism
2. Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China,
----Beijing bureaucrats have negated 'national self-determination' and 'federalism'
3. They have nullified Lenin's principle of 'national self-determination' and 'federalism'

1,800 workers from teachers' unions rallied against the constitutional revision

November 5th, Hibiya, Tokyo

Militant education workers strived to create a surge of fighting spirit in rally participants

JCP-kept scholars stress teachers' efforts alone to 'correctly reorganize' educational content,
--thus plunging them all the more into Abe's neo-fascist education reform

'Technical Internship Program for foreigners is contributing to the wider world' (Abe):
Foreign students are being used as cheep labour-power under this program

Hospital doctors have been used unlawfully as duty doctors in all the prefectural hospitals:
Miyazaki Pref.
Don't allow the connivance of the Health and Labour Ministry!

Remnants of Chukaku-ha,
running dogs of the state power, manifested a symptom of its final stage in their November rally


- Ultra-right figures are appointed one after another as members of the new Trump administration

- An imaginary dialogue between Hilary Clinton and Park Geun-hye

- The ruling LDP is plotting to enact a reactionary Home Education Law designed to impose 'selfless devotion to the country' on the Japanese people

- Several right-wing politicians are attempting a 'Yasukuni Shrine reform' that would allow the state to commemorate the 'souls of the future war dead'


No. 2447
(December 5th 2016 Issue)

Crush the rise of ultra-right nationalism all over the world!
Denounce the Abe government for having sent Japanese troops
to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!
Smash all the manoeuvres to revise the Constitution!

- The Abe government has tumbled into isolation from the rest of Asian countries
- Revive Marxism to shatter ultra-right nationalism!
- Let us fight to topple the Abe government!

'Decommission Sendai nuclear reactors for good!'

Workers, Students and citizens gathered from all over denounced Kyushu Electric Power Company for still operating Reactor No.2 despite protests,
November 13th, Kagoshima, Kyushu
(pic left) 'No to the planned restart of Reactor No.1!' Kagoshima Univ. students put up their banner high at the rear of the venue
(pic right) Students' fight evoked ardent supports from many people around

'No to the resumption of the Commission aimed at revising the Constitution!' @@@@@@@@@
Militant Kanazawa Univ. students held a rally against the constitutional revision,
November 17th, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref.
They also called for a protest against the dispatch of Japanese troops to South Sudan

No to the dispatch of SDF troops to South Sudan!
- In order to hush up opposition to the dispatch, the Abe government is describing the situation in South Sudan as if it were peace and quite
- Rulers of the US and Japan are scheming to integrate Japanese troops into the US Africa Command

No to the successive joint military exercises being conducted in accordance with the new US-Japan defense cooperation guidelines!

Thwart the bi-lateral command post exercise on the supposition of a war with China!

News from campus
The 'fiesta of university self-government and culture':

The 56th Kagoshima Univ. Festival was held successively,
Nov. 10th-14th


Crush the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement!

- Abe is upset by Trump's declaration of the US's secession from the TPP
- Japan has plunged into isolation in the world
- Driven by a sense of crisis about Japanese agriculture and fishery being destroyed, people's anger is growing

The murkiness of China, the 'country of market socialism'

---Miseries of peasant-turned-construction workers migrating to cities
A hundred million of them are being expelled from megalopolises:

The Chinese government has embarked on a new urbanization plan

--A relief measure for 'Zonbie companies'
The Xi Jinping government has lifted the ban on the 'conversion of state enterprises' debts into stocks';
It's people who ultimately pay the bill

--Since Trump's victory Xi Jinping has been devising a stratagem to achieve his ambitions


NHK broadcast a TV program praising greedy 'productivity campaigns' and endorsing Abe's 'labour reforms'

Abe signed an Indo-Japanese civil nuclear energy agreement
The Abe government is intent on exporting nuclear plants and infrastructure to India

The Abe government is scheming to promote a new 'contract labour system' in the name of 'autonomous partnership'

A major road subsidence accident in front of a JR station,
Hakata, Kyushu
Fully aware of the risk, the municipal authorities and the general contractor management gave priority to the cost reduction of subway construction


- Trump's 'victory': a grave consequence of the depressed, naive protests of American workers and people against the status quo

- Showing the map of South Sudan blotted out in black, the Defense Minister insisted there was 'no combat' in Juba

- Now that Trump won a victory, Putin is going to go back on his word and won't return any of the Russian-held Northern Territories to Japan


No. 2446
(November 28th 2016 Issue)

Create a torrential current of antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles
and struggle against the constitutional revision!
Rally the forces of the working class
to counterattack against neo-fascist offensives!

- Trump is crying out for 'America first'
- Nationalistic tendencies are growing all over the world, taking advantage of people's indignation against the establish orders
- The neo-fascist Abe government is hell-bent on building Japan up into a military power
- Create struggles against war, against Ampo and against the constitutional revision,
---overcoming the parliamentarianist degeneration of the JCP!

Remove the US X-band radar base from Tango!

Militant students fought in firm solidarity with workers and citizens on the spot,
November 6th, Kyo-tango City, Kyoto Prefecture
(pic left) 'Remove the base! No to the US-Japan-South Korea MD system!' Militant students hurled anger yelling against the X-band radar
(pic right) Militant students fought in the van of the demonstration staged in the city street

Stop the constitutional revision! No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to South Sudan!'
Workers, students and citizens rose in succession,
November 3rd, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Students of Kanazawa University demonstrated in the city centre with workers and residents (pic right)

Successive typhoons caused the largest ever amount of damage to agriculture: Hokkaido
This is a man-made disaster!' Flood victims are crying
The local and national governments have been reducing the budget for agricultural infrastructure for 20 years

Fight back against neo-fascist offensive to destroy the Japan Teachers' Union!

The JCP leadership is unashamedly pleading with the Democratic Party to form a common front

Don't make workers pay the price for the survival of monopoly capitalists through the business tie-up between Toyota and Suzuki!


Workers' rally held on November 15
in front of the Metropolitan Government Office
No to the drastic wage cuts and reduction in family allowance by the Koike-led Metropolitan Government!
Shatter the strengthening of personnel labour management and the destruction of trade unions!
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee of the JRCL

Workers raised their voices against the reactionary labour law reforms,
November 8th, Kanazawa


American workers are groaning in poverty and despair
Don't let Trump keep fanning nationalism!

Shika Nuclear Power Station was in imminent danger, Ishikawa Prefecture
A massive quantity of rainwater flew into the building of the nuclear reactor
We denounce the Hokuriku Electric Power Company for taking shoddy measures against rainwater!


- '
Trump's presidency isn't so bad. It'll enable Japan to arm itself with nuclear weapons...' (Japanese ultraright newspaper)

- On the sixth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee

- An anti-American typhoon is raging in the South China Sea:

- High-tech competition in developing stealth fighters and radars is intensifying between the US/Japan and China/Russia


No. 2445
(November 21st 2016 Issue)

Rally to the JRCL public political meeting on December 4th!
Build a revolutionary bridgehead for breaking through the danger of 'war and fascism'!

- Due to the advent of the new Trump administration, the danger of a world war could be increased
- Militant workers and students are strenuously protesting against the attack of revising the Constitution by the neo-fascist Abe government
- Take a giant step forward for the advance of the anti-Stalinist movement!

A Trump victory in the US presidential election is shaking the world
- The seizure of power with the use of Hitler-style campaign
- The fanning of USA nationalism
- Strengthen the unity of the working class against war and fascism!

Zengakuren adamantly rose in action in front of the Diet building, November 10th, Tokyo
'No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!'
'Stop the resumption of the Commission on Constitution! No to the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement!'

Workers, students and residents strived in successive protest actions
against the construction of US military facilities in Takae and Henoko,
Okinawa, October 29th
Their anger flared up at the vile insults and outrages by riot policemen
(pic left) Takae: 'Stop the construction of US Osprey helipads!' Resentful voices of protesters resounded through the forest
(pic right) Henoko: 'Block the reclamation work for the construction of a US base!' 'Repeal the US-Japan security treaty!' Militant students dauntlessly fought with workers and citizens

'Stop the construction of the US military facilities in Henoko and Takae!'
Workers and students of Kagoshima fought in solidarity with the struggle of Okinawa

A 'Scrap the War Law' rally in Kagoshima, October 30th

(pic left) 'Abolish the War Law! Stop the constitutional revision!' Militant students' banner flapped at the back of the rally participants' placards
(pic right) Kagoshima Univ. students' voices evoked citizens' sympathy

Militant Kagoshima Univ. students held a campus rally against Abe's offensive of revising the Constitution,
October 27th
'No to the constitutional revision!' Students kept up chanting in chorus (pic right)

The monetary policy called 'different dimension easing' of the Bank of Japan has totally gone bankrupt
The BOJ governor Kuroda has in reality admitted this bankruptcy

1. A hopeless shift from the 'quantitative' monetary easing program
2. The bogus 'reflation theory'

No to the drastic payroll cut and intensification of labour in the customer service section of the post office!



'Companies should make it a standard to hire easy-to-use, easy-to-sack "limited full employees":

A government-kept scholar proposes a thoughtless opinion in response to Abe's reactionary labour reform

The leadership of Rengo has again presented only 'around 2% wage-hike' demands for the 2017 spring offensive

The Abe government is lavishly giving massive aid to foreign countries with a dirty 'strategic aim'

Translated article

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No. 2444
(November 14th 2016 Issue)

Don't allow the dispatch of Japanese troops
to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!

Thwart the Cabinet decision to detail troops for combat missions in South Sudan!
Block the start of the Commission aimed at revising the Constitution!

Stop the railroading of the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and other related bills through the Diet!

- The Abe government is desperate to send Japanese forces to South Sudan and restart the Commission on Constitution
- Confrontation between the US / Japan and China is intensifying over Africa
- The US's attempt to build an encircling net against China has totally gone bankrupt
- Fight resolutely, overcoming the JCP's campaign to 'protect the lives of Japanese troops'!

The government of Japan, despite being the 'sole victim of atomic bombings', voted against the UN resolution for multilateral negotiations to ban nuclear weapons
Condemn the Abe government, poodle of the nuclear superpower!

'No to the sending of troops on combat missions to South Sudan!' Resentful voices resounded
The International Antiwar Day demonstration in Fukuoka,
October 21st
'No to the construction of Osprey helipads in Takae!' 'Build a united battle front against fascism!' Militant workers fought despite heavy rain
(pic right)

Workers and students' united actions were fought nationwide

Osaka, October 23rd
Antiwar Youths and Zengakuren Kansai rose against the revision of the Constitution in solidarity with comrades across the country

(pic left)
'Remove the US X-band radar base for the MD system! No to the nuclear capability race between the US and China / Russia!' They threw bitter slogans at the LDP local office in Osaka
(pic right) 'Stop the constitutional revision!' 'Don't allow the reactionary revision of labour laws!' Militant workers and students staged a big demonstration in the city street

Sapporo, October 23th
Stop sending Japanese troops to South Sudan!'
Militant workers and students marched on the LDP local office in Hokkaido
'Down with the Abe government!'
Full of fighting spirit, demonstrators carried out their fight
(pics) 'No to the gearing up for war by the US, Japan and South Korea!' Angry voices of protest resounded the city centre

Definitely 'No!' to the expansion of cooperation in military research between the military and the academic world!
Don't allow the Abe government to push its way to a big military power and a major arms exporting country!

The Postal management has introduced a new system under which non-regular workers are sorted out according to their 'skills'

I. Under the new system, only 'fixed-term contractors' who satisfy highly required conditions are reappointed as 'indefinite-term contractors'
II. The system is aimed to facilitate the relentless dismissal of workers who are branded 'not skilled'
III. Denounce the union leadership for praising this system, saying it will lead to the 'stabilization of employment'!
Let us fight to achieve drastic improvements in the treatment of non-regular workers!

The buttering up of the leadership of Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] to the Abe government: Part 2
Rengo's secretary-general Ohmi participated in the LDP's meeting for reactionary labour reforms

Stop the revision of the Constitution!
No to the resumption of the Commission aimed to revise the Constitution!
Crush the Abe government's repression against teachers' unions!

All the education workers! Let us fight by overcoming the JCP's distortion of struggles into a campaign to 'protect the lives of SDF troops'!
The Education Workers Committee of the JRCL

Capitalists are successively setting up 'Japanese language schools' with the aim of making foreign 'students' work on extremely low wages and in bad working conditions


- China is seeking for another 'dream': becoming of a 'space power', winning of the 'command of the universe' over the US

- The US's superiority is lost, while 'Chinese-made' products are going around: Obama is jittery about China's expanded exportation of unmanned warplanes

- The government is plotting to make people pay the bill for Tepco's nuclear reactor decommission expenses and compensation costs

- Thailand's military government is bargaining over bids for big projects by making Japan and China compete with each other


No. 2443
(November 7th 2016 Issue)

Workers and Students' United Action on October 23rd
Block the construction of US helipads in Takae and a new base in Henoko!
No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!

Voices of protest against the constitutional revision resounded through the metropolis

Zengakuren and Anti-war Youth marched on the Diet, on the US Embassy

Demonstrators thrust angry fists at neo-fascist Abe, near the PM's Official Residence
White helmeted militant workers and students staged a big demonstration

- Crush Abe's attack of revising the Constitution and strengthening the US-Japan military alliance! : a solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- Demonstrators fought resolutely, calling to overcome the campaign to 'protect the lives of Japanese troops' led by the JCP leadership
- Forge the unity of the working class to overthrow the Abe government!

Workers and students' united action was fought nationwide

October 23rd
'No to the construction of Osprey helipads in Takae!'

Protesters in white helmets unfolded an overwhelming demonstration, Naha, Okinawa
(pic right) 'Remove all the bases! Repeal Ampo [US-Japan security treaty]!' Demonstrators marched along the main street of Naha
(pic left) They raised a spirited chorus of yells prior to the demonstration

Fukuoka, October 16th
'No to the deployment of SDF Ospreys in Saga Airport!'
Marchers adamantly fought against Ampo, against the revision of the Constitution
(pic right) 'Stop the constitutional revision! Topple the Abe government!' Fighting workers and students punched the air in solidarity
(pic left) Zengakuren Kyushu and militant workers demonstrated together in the city centre of Fukuoka

Nagoya, October 23rd
'Don't allow the Japanese government to send troops to South Sudan!'

Militant demonstrators marched on the LDP local office, raising their fists of denunciation
(pic) 'Down with the Abe government!' Clear voices of workers and students reverberated through the city centre

Don't send Japanese troops to South Sudan!
Workers, students and citizens held a rally,
October 19th, Nagoya
(pic) Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students strived to create a militantly uplifting atmosphere in the rally

The crash of a US military's AV-8 Harrier jet off the Okinawa Island on September was an inevitable result of the jet's structural defects
Denounce the resumption of training flights by the US military!

Shatter the attempt to enact 'legislation against conspiracy',
today's version of the notorious Maintenance of the Public Order Act!
I. Abe has decided on getting the pending conspiracy bill through the Diet
II. Japanese rulers are aiming to strengthen its suppression system to destroy left-wing organizations and impose silence on people
III. Foil the attempt to lay down a neo-fascist law aimed to escalate suppression on workers and people!

Definitely 'No!' to the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that will destroy Japanese agriculture and medicine!

National education research conference sponsored by Zenkyo
[All-Japan Federation of Teachers' and Staff Unions]:
Militant education workers endeavoured to liven discussions to counterattack Abe's neo-fascist offensives of reorganizing education


Imposition of ultra-long hours of overtime has driven workers into death and suicide from overwork
Condemn the inhuman crime of the ad agency Dentsu, a purveyor to the neo-fascist Abe government!

The leadership of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] is readily buttering up to the LDP led by Abe,
who is contriving to win them over to his side with the aim of destroying the Japanese labour movement

World News
Re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party

Let us fight in solidarity with British toiling workers and people to create a truly revolutionary vanguard party!


A rash of haughty, 'infelicitous' remarks: The true colours of the neo-fascist Abe government manifest themselves4

- Mutual mudslinging between Trump and Clinton, who has been playing a leading role in the wars against Libya and Syria as a military hawk and loved even by neo-conservative warmongers

'We need new "spirits of war dead" to enshrine': So hoping, Abe is anxious to send Japanese troops to South Sudan where the situation is further deteriorating

- Putin is going to establish a new security army 'National Guard' in fear of the eruption of a violent coup


No. 2442
(October 31st 2016 Issue)

Foil the start of the Commission on the Constitution aimed at revising the Constitution!
Denounce the leaderships of Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] and the JCP for intending to participate in the Commission!

- The Abe government is launching the attack of revising the Constitution
-- It is just about to split Rengo and destroy fighting unions
- Official opposition movements have turned out to be in a critical, degenerate state of affairs
- Strengthen the struggle against the revision of the Constitution by exerting the full power of the working class-based!

United Action on the October 23rd
'Stop the constitutional revision! Denounce the US, France, the UK and Russia for bombing Syria!'
Holding their banners up high, workers and students spiritedly marched on the Diet Building and the PM's Official Residence

'Stop the constitutional revision! Thwart the US base construction in Okinawa!'

Workers, students and citizens marched through the city centre of Osaka,
October 10th
'No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to peacekeeping operations in South Sudan!'
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students marched with workers

Angry voices resounded through the streets against the restart of the Tomari nuclear power station
Sapporo, Hokkaido, October 8th

Militant students held up placards, 'Stop the resumption of nuclear reactors!' 'We oppose nuclear plant exports!'

No to the US X-band radar base for the missile defense system!

Rise in action to remove the X-band base in Kyotango on November 6th!
The Japan Marxist Student League (RMF) Kansai Regional Committee

- Crush the reinforcement of war preparedness and building of the MD system by the US, Japan and Korea!
- Denounce the North Korean government for conducting nuclear testing and firing missiles!
@- No to the strengthening of nuclear capabilities of China and Russia!
- US/Japanese rulers are hell-bent on preparing for war against North Korea and China
- The Abe government is strengthening the MD system
- Denounce the JCP leadership for dissolving its slogan:
'Dissolve the unconstitutional Self-Defense Forces'!
--Fight under the banner, 'Against the US-Japan military alliance'!

A rethinking of the relationship between ontology, theory of application and epistemology

No to the major restructuring in the mail collection and delivery sector!

- The postal management has launched fierce restructuring in the name of 'building a new collection and delivery system'
- Fight back against the offensive, denouncing the union leadership for totally collaborating with the management!


The Abe government is scheming to thoroughly cut down nursing care services covered by public insurance

Global warming is increasingly being aggravated:
Rulers of the US, China and the EU are confronting with each other over the entry into force of the Paris Agreement

The 64th regular convention of Denki Rengo
[Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union]
Let us fight resolutely, accusing the labour aristocrats of urging union members to devote themselves to the restoration of the electrical machinery industry!


No. 2441
(October 24th 2016 Issue)

Smash the revision of the Constitution!
Rise in the Workers and Students' United Action under the banner 'anti-military alliance, anti-fascism'!

- The Abe government is bent on strengthening the new US-Japan military alliance, building Japan into a military power
- The imminent danger of war is increasing in East Asia amid the confrontation between the US/Japan and China/Russia
- Fight resolutely, denouncing the JCP leadership for dissolving the struggle into mere election campaigns aimed to back up 'opposition coalition' candidates!

'Stop the construction of US Osprey helipads!'
The special protest team bravely irrupted into the US military's Northern Training Area
October 8th, Takae, Okinawa
(pic above) 'Don't let construction vehicles in!' Protesters firmly blocked the N1 zone gate to the NTA
(pic right) More than 100 protesters closed in on the construction site, going up into the trackless forest

Denounce the AV-8 Harrier crash into the ocean off the coast of the Okinawa island!
Workers, students and residents rose in protest in front of the US Kadena air base,
September 23rd
(pic) 'Remove all US bases! No to Ampo!' Students fought in the van of many protesters

'Definitely no to the resumption of the flight training of the AV-8 Harrier jets!'

Workers and residents gathered early in the morning,
October 7th, in front of the US Kadena air base
(pic)'Condemn the resumption of Harrier jet flight training!'


'Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons':
Defense Minister Inada, ventriloquist Abe's dummy, is still aiming for Japan's atomic armament

- Inada is a dyed-in-the-wool far right, central figure of an ultra-rightist group

Obama can 'go to hell': Philippine President Duterte is bitterly making 'anti-American' speeches

- The Abe government is making the fullest possible use of the ad agency Dentsu for propaganda and manipulation of information

Block the construction of Osprey helipads in Takae!
No to the US base construction in Henoko!
Create a militant uplift in the struggle against war, against the military alliance!
- Protest actions have surged up despite outrageous repression by the riot police mobilized by the central government
- The government is hell-bent on constructing frontline US bases against China in Henoko, Takae and the Ie Island
- The political and military confrontation between the US/Japan and China/Russia is escalating in East China
- Spread the fight against war, against the US-Japan military alliance in Takae and Henoko to the whole country!

The dangerous actualities of the US, Japan and South Korea's preparation for war against North Korea and China

Denounce an MP, originally from JEIC
[Japanese Electrical, Electronic and Information Unions], for boosting Abe's 'labour reform' policy

The government is plotting to accept foreign workers for simple labour to cope with Japan's labour shortage

The government's white paper on 'death from overwork':

Harsh realities of labour are described in underrated tons and managerial responsibilities are connived at

Create a dauntless struggle against the constitutional revision on the printing / publishing labour front!

The 66th convention of Zen'insoren
[General Federation of Japan Printing and Publishing Workers' Unions]

A sign of dangerous trends: Mass killings of the disabled have occurred frequently
Historic crimes by the Nazis should never be repeated!

My Study Note

I'm determined to break down my 'poverty of philosophy' by learning from Kuroda's teachings

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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