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No. 2440
(October 17th 2016 Issue)

Rise in the Workers and Students' United Action on October 23rd!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Smash the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Eradicate the imminent danger of war in the Korean Peninsula and East Asia!

- The cease-fire in Syria is broken; confrontation between the US and Russia is intensifying
- The Abe government is hell-bent on building Japan into a military power aiming to cover up the decline of US imperialism
- Create a surge of antiwar struggle, denouncing the JCP leadership for withdrawing the past slogan, 'Dissolve the unconstitutional Self-Defense Forces'!

Protesters unfolded a militant fight to block vehicles from carrying in construction materials, October 8th, Takae, Okinawa
The special team of protesters bravely closed in
on the construction site in the mountains
'No to the construction of US Osprey helipads!'
in front of the gate of the US training field

'No to the sending of Japanese troops to South Sudan!'

Angry protesters gathered against the dispatch of troops 'licensed to kill people' in the name of rescuing foreign troops,
September 25th, Komaki, Aichi Prefecture



- War preparations are under way: The Abe government is intent on increasing the number of military reserves

- The government is frantic to create new markets for Japan's space industry

- The exact reason why rulers of Saudi Arabia agreed to OPEC's 'joint action' for oil production cut

- Demagogue Abe's general-policy speech in the recent Diet session

Stop at once the operation of the Ikata nuclear plant with the use of plutonium-mixed fuel!

- The reactor is built on a very dangerous site close to a huge active fault line
- Stop the restart of the nuclear power plant designed to further nuclear development!

The government has actually nationalized the nuclear fuel reprocessing project
Despite the total failure of the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor, the government is sticking to the development of the nuclear fuel cycle / production and use of plutonium

Don't allow the government, the Environment Ministry and the Fukushima prefectural authorities to curtail childhood thyroid cancer screening!

The number of thyroid and other radiation-related cancer cases is increasing also outside Fukushima Prefecture

[National Confederation of Trade Unions] leaders are desperate to justify their instructions to vote for specific 'joint candidates' of oppositions
Severe criticisms of the leadership are welling up from union members

Far from improvement: The government's relaxation of social insurance conditions for part-timers has brought serious income decreases to them


What is really meant by Abe and BOJ Governor Kuroda's 'wage increase', coupled with 'labour reforms'

The Erdogan-led Turkish government is rushing to the creation of an autocratic regime


My Study Note

I'll make the
'theory of the self-liberation of the proletariat' my own flesh and blood

-- On reading Kan'ichi Kuroda's
The Logic of the Formation of Marxism


No. 2439
(October 10th 2016 Issue)

Crush the 'labour reform' offensive
and the constitutional revision by the Abe government!

- The government is desperately attempting to patch up the totally bankrupt Abenomics
- The 'labour reforms' are aimed to increase productivity
- Denounce the leadership of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] for positively collaborating in government reforms
- Create a gigantic current against the revision of the Constitution, against the revision of labour laws!

'No to the resumption of nuclear reactor operation! Scrap the War Law!'
A protest rally was held against war and nuclear development,
September 22nd, Tokyo
Militant students brought a breath of fresh air into the rally

'Stop the new US base / helipads construction in Okinawa!
Scrap the US-Japan military alliance!'

Metropolitan-area students strived militantly with workers in solidarity with the persistent struggle of Okinawa, September 28th, Tokyo

September 19th: one year after the passage of the War Law
'Smash the constitutional revision! No to the strengthening of the US-Japan war alliance!'
Militant students raised a big banner (pic above)
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students demonstrated in the van of workers and people
(pic right)

Block the constitutional revision! Scrap the War Law!
People gathered to protest in large numbers
'Scrap the War Law! Down with the Abe government!'
Militant students yelled in a big demonstration through the central street in Osaka

Create a huge upsurge of struggles against the constitutional revision,

denouncing the leadership for abandoning efforts to organize counterattacks!

The 83rd regular convention of Shitetsu-soren
[Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]

Fight resolutely against the revision of the Constitution

by criticizing the leadership for blindly extolling the recent 'non-government party coalition' for election campaigns!

The 38th regular convention of Jichiroren
[Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Unions]

Self-exposure of a decline in party influence:

JCP Chairman called the miserable defeat in Tokyo's gubernatorial election 'a good fight',
without any energy to persuade its lower-echelon members of its 'major advance'

Say 'No!' to the labour aristocrats of the JC Metal

who accommodate themselves to Abe's 'labour reforms'

The 55th regular convention of the JCM -
Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions

Tie-ups between the Defense Ministry and universities are being promoted in the name of dual-use technology
Don't allow the development of weapons involving universities!

Despite its past of having glorified China as a 'pacifist, progressive force',

the JCP leadership is now blaming the Communist Party of China for its 'hegemonism'

Big Five nuclear powers are desperate to oppose a nuclear-weapon-ban treaty


- The new leadership of the main opposition Democratic Party is ready to play the role of promoting the constitutional revision

- The ambitions of Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince

- The Japanese government has an intention of stepping up its 'anti-terrorist measures' by counting on intelligence gathered by Italy


No. 2438
(October 3rd 2016 Issue)

Create a huge upsurge of the antiwar struggle!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Eradicate the imminent danger of war in the Korean Peninsula and East Asia!

- North Korea is arrogantly repeating nuclear testing;
- the US, Japan and South Korea are strengthening their military threats against it with the build-up of the MD system
- The Abe government is hell-bent on cementing the US-Japan new military alliance
- and building up Japanese forces on a massive scale
- Fight resolutely under the slogan,
'No to the nuclear capability race between the US and China/Russia!'

'Block the constitutional revision! No to the restart of nuclear power plants!'
Militant students fought in the forefront of the protesters in the 'Sayonara Nuke, Sayonara War' rally,
September 22nd, Tokyo
'Scrap the War Law! Block the revision of the Constitution!'
One year after the passage of the War Law, 23,000 people surrounded the Diet Building,
September 19th, Tokyo
(pic left) 'Down with the Abe government!' Militant students stood in the van of the protesters in front of the Diet
(pic right) Driven by a sense of crisis about the constitutional revision, many education workers gathered


Denounce the ultra-reactionary high court decision!

People exploded anger against the court decision on the Henoko reclamation work, which gave an encouragement to the US base construction
September 21st, Naha, Okinawa
(pic right)
Block the construction of the US base in Henoko!



- '
Prepare for the second Korean War':
- Abe's hangers-on are stirring up a sense of crisis on the pretext of North Korea's nuclear testing

- The government is crying out only for 'measures against nuclear terror';
- it ignores the fact that nuclear facilities are built on the earthquake nest

- China launched a quantum communications satellite 'Micius' with the aim of testing a military technology for 'hack-proof' communications, though ancient philosopher Micius is renowned for his 'renunciation of war' and 'universal love'

The Scrapping of Monju reactor
total bankruptcy of the development of the fast breeder reactor
Stop the operation and decommission all the nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel facilities immediately!
- The equipment is now decrepit, grave operational errors succeeded ... and the project has finally gone bankrupt
- All attempts to revive the myths about nuclear power generation (safe, stable, and inexpensive) after the Fukushima catastrophe have deadlocked
- The Abe government is still clinging to the fast reactor technology for nuclear development

Combat training is being intensified

Troops fired live rounds at each other in a rifle drill, inflicting two casualties,

An infantry division staged an armed parade on a city street, S
eptember 3rd, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Pref.

Corrupt union leaders are following Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] labour aristocrats who are about to plunge into the Abe-led discussion aimed to revise the Constitution
The 89th convention of Jichiro [All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]

Denounce the Rengo labour aristocrats for participating in a government panel for the revision of labour laws!

Xi Jinping vs. Li Keqiang
: Power struggles are intensifying between Beijing bureaucrats

My study note

Learning from Kuroda's
How to Read; to be a revolutionary Marxist
-- On reading Comrade Tobiume's
The Teachings of Kan'ichi Kuroda


No. 2437
(September 26th 2016 Issue)

The US presidential election reflects the decline
of the 'sole' imperialist superpower

Let us advance in solidarity with workers and people all over the world
fighting against 'war and poverty'!

- Donald Trump is nationalistically inciting 'victim feelings' among American people
- American workers and toiling people are struggling against poverty
- Denounce the degeneration of the AFL-CIO leadership! Now is the time for the US working class to rise!

'Scrap the War Law! No to the dispatch of Japanese forces to South Sudan!'
One year after the passage of the War Law, militant students fought in the van of 23,000 people in front of the Diet Building,
September 19th, Tokyo

SDF helicopters brought in heavy equipment above the heads of protesters blocking the gates

People's anger exploded at the high-handed US Osprey helipads construction
September 14th, Takae, Okinawa
(pic left) Raging protesters used cars to occupy the bridge near the gates early in the morning
(pic right) Workers, students and residents rose, furiously denouncing the mobilization of Japanese forces

'No to the US-Japan joint military exercise!'
Workers, students and citizens rose from all over the Kansai region,
September 10th, Aibano, Shiga Pref.
(pic left) Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students strove to create a militant atmosphere of the struggle
(pic right) 'No to the military exercise!' 'Fight in solidarity with the struggle of Okinawa!' Protesters raised vehement voices


- A steamroller tactics: A special unit of the Japanese Army was mobilized to facilitate US helipads construction in Okinawa

- Abe's so-called 'reconstruction of Fukushima' is a fake:
--The government is plotting to return residents home, to still contaminated towns, by decontaminating only the central part

- Xi's ambitions in the recent G-20 Hangzhou summit

- An unproductive debate about Bitcoin: Learn from Marx's value theory!

The gap and antagonism between classes, between races are more and more widening in American Society

The meaning of the 'Trump Phenomenon' in the US presidential election
A. People's rage is causing a major change in the political, class situation in the US
B. Trump is shouting 'America first' and instigating racism
C. The gap between rich and poor is widening amid globalization and the bloated money market
D. Let us fight in solidarity with American workers and the toiling masses!

The JCP has gone so far as to propose 'measures for Japan's economic recovery'
(Continued from the last issue)
I. Proposed measures are modelled after the Japanese economy in the period of rapid growth half a century ago
II. Criteria for devising measures are 'Keynesian politics'; the analysis of the present 'globalization' of the world economy is put out of court
III. JCP bureaucrats blindly believe in the validity of the government's control of the economy from the macro view
A. They admire the 'regulatory functions of the market economy' (For the above, see Kaiho No. 2436)

B. They assert that 'dissolution of the gap between supply and demand' will lead to the 'resolution of the contradiction between production and consumption'!!

IV. Their idealization of a 'rules-based economic society' is entirely anti-proletarian
A. JCP bureaucrats have made a party platform out of 'proceeding to socialism through the market economy'
B. They extol the exchange of equivalents in the commodity market by severing it from the immediate process of production


Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp. is to incorporate Nisshin Steel in an attempt to survive

Don't allow monopoly capitalists to make workers pay the price for their companies' survival!

- Nippon Steel has decided on this buyout to check its decline in profit
- The management is aiming to concentrate its production system
- Extreme intensification of labour is already being imposed on workers;
---serious accidents have been occurring frequently in the past few years


The Abe government is plotting to emasculate the role of the Labour Policy Council, closing its ears even to labour aristocrats
Definitely 'No!' to the reactionary revision of labour laws!

The Infrastructure Ministry is scheming to require all public works-related private enterprises to make efficient use of information technology

My study note

I learned to keep in mind pondering on the materialist, subjective way of thinking
-- On reading Comrade Tobiume's
The Teachings of Kan'ichi Kuroda (Part 2)

Tanka Poems

Our strong solidarity with Maohi people


No. 2436
(September 19th 2016 Issue)

Block the revision of the Constitution!
Shatter the strengthening of the war alliance!
Denounce the North Korean government
for conducting nuclear testing and firing ballistic missiles!
No to the reinforcement of the MD system
and war preparedness of the US, Japan and South Korea!

Block the forcible construction of US helipads for Ospreys!'
Workers, students and residents staged a sit-in demonstration in front of the gate of the US training field,
September 3rd, Takae, Okinawa

- Confrontation and manoeuvres heated up between the US-Japan and China-Russia
in the G-20 summit and the EAS
[East Asia Summit]
-- Obama's last tour round Asian countries: The 'rebalancing strategy' turned out a miscalculation and setback
-- Xi Jinping's persistence has 'nullified' the Arbitration Court tribunal's decision against China's Nine-Dash Line claim
- The Abe government is frantic to strengthen its offensive aimed at constitutional revision and building the US-Japan new military alliance
- Strengthen the opposition forces by overcoming the utmost degeneration of the JCP,
-- which has converted its own policy, 'Dissolve the unconstitutional Self-Defense Forces',
-- into 'Make the best use of SDF troops for national security'!

No to the construction of US helipads for Ospreys!
Angry protesters blocked the carrying in of construction materials all day,
September 3rd, Takae, Okinawa
Protesters halted construction vehicles at the foot of a bridge near the gate

'Make good use of the SDF as a force exclusively for defense purposes'

A JCP-kept scholar tries to justify the party's having made policy changes to accept the existence of the SDF


- What was waiting for Obama who had hoped to adorn the final pages of his career in Hangzhou
(G-20 summit) and Vientiane (EAS)

- The Abe government is impatient at Japan's lagging behind in the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'

- The confrontation over doping problems left its traces in the Rio Paralympics

- The major advertising company Dentsu is utilized fully for propaganda and to cover up political suspicions
(e.g. about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics)


The JCP has gone so far as to propose 'measures for Japan's economic recovery'

I. Proposed measures are modelled after the Japanese economy in the period of rapid growth half a century ago
II. Criteria for devising measures are 'Keynesian policies';
--the analysis of the present 'globalization' of the world economy is put out of court
III. JCP bureaucrats blindly believe in the validity of the government's control of the economy from the macro view
A. They admire the 'regulatory functions of the market economy'
(To be continued)


Messages from overseas to the 54th Antiwar Assembly
- News and Letters Committees
- Lewisham People Before Profit
- A World to Win
- Russian Communist Workers Party - Tyumen Oblast Committee

Denounce the leadership of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] for taking a positive attitude to the government-led 'discussion on the constitutional revision'!
Range strong forces against the revision of the Constitution!

The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee of the JRCL

The Rengo leadership encourages its union members to be 'competent enough for the Fourth Industrial Revolution'

A private railway company, bent on restructuring its subsidiary bus company, is tormenting disobedient bus drivers in a bid to drive them into retirement

Chukaku-ha remnants are yelling for the 'split of Rengo' in accord with the Abe government's intention

My study note

I learned to keep in mind pondering on the materialist, subjective way of thinking
-- On reading Comrade Tobiume's
The Teachings of Kan'ichi Kuroda (Part 1)


No. 2435
(September 12th 2016 Issue)

Crash the Abe government's all-out offensive aimed to revise the Constitution!
Denounce the degeneration of the JCP leadership who scrap their slogan: 'Dissolve the unconstitutional Self-Defense Forces'!

- The Abe government is hell-bent on building militarist Japan capable of waging a war together with the US
- Official opposition movements are getting involved in the tide of constitutional revision
- Disclose the criminal nature of the JCP's new advocacy for a 'reform of the SDF into defense-only forces'!

Denounce the Chairman of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] for expressing his intention to endorse the constitutional revision!

Russian bombers are making sallies into Syria from an Iranian military base
Putin-led Russia is strengthening its relationship with Iran and Turkey

The 54th International Antiwar Assembly: regional meetings, August 7th


The fighting force against the constitutional revision was further strengthened:
The Hokkaido Assembly, Sapporo (pic left)

Participants made a firm resolve to crash the government's all-out reactionary offensive: The Kyushu Assembly, Fukuoka (pic right)


A Major reorganization of Toyota's component manufacturers:
monopoly capitalists' measures to reduce 'overcapacity'

- The Toyota management is planning to integrate the production of each kind of main components
-- Many small companies are in danger of closing their businesses
- The management is scheming for a massive reorganization of its supply chain
- Toyota has introduced a new manufacturing system to obtain victory in a competition with Western enterprises
- Toyota has been pressed to reorganize its 'just-in time' production system
-- Don't allow the management to make small companies and their workers pay the price for its survival!


Let us strive to realize fruitful discussions
in the national education research conference of Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]!


A big increase in elderly people's insurance premiums:

The Abe government is aiming to make the public nursing care insurance system far worse


- Abe's shameless disguise as Super Mario at Rio Olympics closing ceremony

- The budget for military research has gone up to eighteen times as much as last year's

- Xi Jinping's gloom: successive derailments of China's 'cheep and unsafe' infrastructure business abroad

TICAD IV in Nairobi: Abe is aiming at neo-colonialist invasion of Africa, as well as African votes for Japan's permanent seat on the UN Security Council

Messages from overseas to the 54th Antiwar Assembly
- The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
- Left Radical of Afghanistan
- The Russian Party of Communists
- Faridabad Workers Newspaper,


No. 2434
(September 5th 2016 Issue)

Shatter the full-scale offensive aimed to revise the Constitution!
Strengthen the fighting force against the buildup of the US-Japan global war alliance!

- The Abe government is in a headlong rush to draft a revision of the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan new military alliance
- The US and China are confronting each other with their attention focussed on the Korean Peninsula and the East and the South China Seas
- Overcome the distorted movement led by the leadership of the JCP that is advocating 'reform and good use of the Self-Defence Forces'!
- Fight resolutely against the constitutional revision! Create a major upsurge of antiwar, anti-Ampo [US-Japan military alliance] struggle!

Stop the construction of US helipads in Takae!

Workers, students and residents rose in action to block the forcible construction of new military facilities,
August 19th, Takae, Okinawa
'None of the helipads for Ospreys! Remove all the bases!' Protesters blocked the gate (pic left)
Protesters staged a vehement demonstration in front of the main gate of the US military training field
(pic right)

South Sudan:
No to the Japanese government sending another SDF contingent, who are allowed to carry out killings with firearms in the name of 'rescuing foreign troops' for the first time!

Crooked behaviour of the US and China to secure their own interests: the root cause of the civil war in South Sudan

The 54th International Antiwar Assembly: regional meetings,
August 7th
Militant workers and students fortified the bridgehead for fighting against the constitutional revision:
The Kansai Assembly, Osaka (pic 1)

'Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!' In high spirits, participants raised a chorus of yells:
The Tokai Assembly, Nagoya (pic 24)

No to the dismissals, forcible redeployment and intensified labour due to the new construction of mega distribution centres!

A. The new Japan Post management is accelerating the 'reorganization of postal and distribution networks'
B. 'Measures for productivity growth is indispensable': The leadership of the Japan Postal Union is giving full support to the management plan
C. Create a struggle against cruel rationalization of postal services!

A dirty trick:
In order to pad GDP figures, the government plans to incorporate research and development costs into plant and equipment investment and conceal the bankruptcy of Abenomics

The Police was secretly filming a trade-union office building with hidden video cameras in Oita Prefecture
Denounce the despicable attempt by the Neo-fascist Abe government to destroy trade unions!

A JCP-kept scholar has begun to justify the Japanese army by stressing the 'self-defensive' aspect of the SDF, saying it is a lesson from the defeat in the preceding parliamentary election

The Japan-Russia summit meeting held in Sochi, May 6th:

Abe entreated Putin to step up negotiations on the 'Northern Territories'

Messages from overseas to the 54th Antiwar Assembly
- Le SI de la Quatrieme Internationale,
- Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International
(OCRFI), France
- The World Conference against Precarious Labour, War and Exploitation in Munbai,
- Vladimir Pronin,


No. 2432-33
(August 22nd-29th 2016 Doubl Issue)

Crush the Abe government's offensive of revising the Constitution and strengthening the US-Japan military alliance!

- The government is trying to establish a neo-fascist Constitution
- Confrontation is intensifying between the US/Japan and China over the US's deployment of the Thaad system in Korea
-- Putin-led Russia is stepping up its counter-offensive against US imperialism
- Denounce the leadership of the JCP for advocating 'the reform and good use of the Self-Defence Forces'!
Fight resolutely against the constitutional revision, against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

'Foil the attempt to resume construction of US helipads!'
Indignant workers, students and residents blocked the main gate of the US military training field: August 19th, Takae, Okinawa

[4-5, 8]
50 years after the first French nuclear testing in French Polynesia

The Zengakuren delegation visited Maohi-Nui at the invitation of Maohi comrades,
June 29th - July 5th
Zengakuren students demonstrated arm in arm with Maohi people;
Papeete, Tahiti, July 2nd

Oppose the reinforcement of French nuclear capabilities!

Denounce French imperialism for imposing radioactive contamination on Maohi people!

Zengakuren strengthened its solidarity with Maohi people fighting for the independence of Polynesia

June 30th: The delegation received a warm welcome from Oscar Temaru, the leader of the independence movement
In a town meeting, Zengakuren expressed its solidarity with Maohi people and presented a video report on its struggle in Japan, which received fervent applause
A town meeting at Hitia: Zengakuren's ardent appeal, as well as its 30-minute video report on its struggle in Japan, evoked enthusiastic applause:June 30th

July 1st: In a symposium backed by the French Polynesian government, Zengakuren Chairman Sakai made a speech to criticize French colonial rule
'Monsieur Sakai! We will fight together with you!' A Maohi fighter spoke in response

July 2nd: Zengakuren took part in Maohi people's 50th anniversary events and strived to create a militant atmosphere; the crimson flag of Zengakuren fluttered in the forefront of the march
The crimson flag of Zengakuren fluttering again in the land of Maohi:
Side by side with the people of Maohi, Zengakuren students marched to Papeete
Demonstration: Zengakuren students walked a full 15 kilometres with Maohi people towards Papeete
Demonstrators arriving at the venue for the ceremony:
The delegation cemented the bonds of solidarity with Maohi people

  The commemorative ceremony: Zengakuren held up its flag and banner to express their solidarity with Maohi people

Let us strengthen the ties across borders and go forward!

The 86th Zengakuren National Convention,
August 1st-2nd, Tokyo
Shatter the Abe government's all-out attempt to revise the Constitution!

Militant students fortified the bridgehead for advancing struggles

The 54th International Antiwar Assembly:
regional meetings, August 7th
Fight against the construction of a new US base in Henoko and US helipads in Takae!: The Okinawa Assembly, Naha (pic 1)

Forge unity to fight against fascism!: The Hokuriku Assembly, Kanazawa
(pic 2)

The Kanagawa Prefectural Police was investigating what high school teachers were talking about concerning politics in their classes
Denounce the fascistic oppression of teachers' unions!

The true damage Japanese fishermen suffered from US H-bomb tests at Bikini Atoll has been concealed for 60 years

The leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions] is undermining the unity of trade unions by emphasizing 'campaigns for local communities'

Messages from overseas to the 54th Antiwar Assembly
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional - Colectivo por la IV Internacional,
- The Commission of Condemned Workers, Relatives and Friends of Las Heras,
- Larisa Trofimovna Babienko,
- David McReynolds,
- Union Pacifiste,

Stop the construction of US helipads in Takae!
'Stop the resumption of construction!'

Workers, students and citizens, having gathered since early in the morning,
prevented the construction work from being conducted as of noon,
August 19th, at the main gate of the US military training field, Takae, Okinawa

On the eve of the 'due date' designated for the forcible removal of protesters' tents,
600 angry workers, students and citizens gathered to prevent it,
August 5th, at the N1 back gate

1,600 rallied to an emergency protest against the resumption of construction work scheduled for the next day,
July 21st, at the N1 gate of the training field (pic left)
'Block the construction work!' Protesters sat down to continue fighting despite violent police repression,

July 22nd, at the N1 gate
(pic right)


No. 2431
(August 15th 2016 Issue)

The 54th International Antiwar Assembly, August 7th
Militant workers, students and citizens fortified the bridgehead for fighting against the constitutional revision and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance

'Eradicate the danger of a world war amid the confrontation between the US/Japan and China/Russia!'
1,200 rallied to the assembly in Tokyo (August 7th)
The keynote speech evoked a fervent response among participants

- Shatter the all-out offensive by the Abe government aimed to revise the Constitution!:
----The keynote speech by the executive committee
- A report of the Zengakuren delegation to Tahiti on the fiftieth anniversary of the start of French nuclear testing:
----The Chairman of Zengakuren
- For the strengthening of the class unity of workers in trade unions:
---A report from the labour front
- Let us fight for the unity of the working class to overthrow the Abe neo-fascist government, overcoming the degeneration of the opposition movement caused by the Japanese Communist Party!



Workers, students and citizens rallied to oppose the US-Japan joint military exercise
, July 25th, Komatsu, Ishikawa Pref.
Participants expressed their angry protest in front of the Komatsu air base

Zengakuren students made an ardent appeal for the International Antiwar Assembly on streets,
August 6th, Tokyo (pic 2,3)

'The SDF is training for murdering people':
For this expression in a flyer, the JCP central again made an apology, saying that it was inappropriate

'Pokemon GO'
is rampaging through the world:
People today are going more and more into 'cyber-alienation'

The deployment of US missile defense systems and the Thaad missiles is making China strengthen its ties with Russia and North Korea

By using the Kumamoto earthquakes as a pretext, the Japanese and US governments are strengthening their cooperative military system for jointly waging a war

The 'Brexit Shock':
the European Union on the brink of disintegration
I. Disagreements over austerity measures, refugee issues, and the policy towards Russia
- In Southern European countries, 'leave the EU' advocates are increasing
- In Central and Eastern European countries, exclusionist movements are erupting
- The opposition of Central and Eastern European countries to Germany and France is intensifying

II. The United Kingdom is in danger of breaking up
- Economic and social contradictions are intensifying in Britain
- Scotland and Northern Ireland are aspiring to 'independence' from the UK

Messages from overseas to the 54th Antiwar Assembly
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi,
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain,
- Russian Communist Workers Party,
(Workers Revolutionary Party of Greece), Greece
- Victor F. Isaichikov,

Labour aristocrats of Rengo
[Japan Trade Union Confederation] are about to plunge into a discussion aimed for constitutional revision

The real aim of the government's plan to
'realize regional symbiotic society':
Neo-fascists are aiming to organize local residents 'as a whole'

Only 822 yen per hour on the national average!: The advisory council's report on this year's standard for minimum wages

Oil workers in Okinawa are in danger of being dismissed:

Accompanying the decision of Brazilian state-run Petrobras to pull out of Japan, its affiliate company has decided on a reduction in business


- Cherishing the mettle of the dead who experienced WWII and had the spirit of defiance towards authority, let us fight!

An aftermath of the Hague arbitration court's decision:
The Japanese government's claim that Okino-torishima is a Japanese 'island' showed its double standard

- An increase in nuclear plant exports: A Japanese electric power company is taking part in Britain's nuclear power plant construction project

- A mud-slinging match between 'Putin's puppet' and 'a traitor' in the US presidential election

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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