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No. 2210
(March 19th 2012 Issue)

A year after the massive earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Down with the Noda government
bent on restarting nuclear plants,
increasing taxes and strengthening the military alliance!

The March 11th Fukushima rally Militant workers and students fighting in the forefront
of 16,000 participants against nuclear development (in Koriyama City)

- The reactionary Noda government leaving disaster victims to their fates
- Offensives to victimize workers and people for saving Japanese imperialism
- Denounce official opposition leaders engulfed in the chorus 'for overcoming a crisis of the nation'!

'Remove the Futenma base!' 'Stop a US Marine base construction in Henoko!'
Fighting workers and students protest Noda's visit to Okinawa (Feb. 27th, Naha City)
(Pic right upper)

'Don't restart the suspended nuclear plants!'

2100 workers, students and citizens rally in Saga City, Kyushu (Feb. 26th)
(Pic right lower)

Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring labour offensive!
Denounce the leadership of the NTT workers union for abandoning the wages struggle

- The NTT management ordering for 'creation of a new information service'
- The NTT union leadership crying for 'overcoming a crisis of the nation': no demands for higher wages for ten consecutive years, no demands for improvement of temporary workers' labour conditions
- Let us fight for a militant upsurge of the NTT labour offensive!

Fight to break the patriotic 'labour offensive' in the electric industry under the leadership of labour aristocrats!

- The Noda government and monopoly bourgeoisie victimizing workers under the slogan 'Overcome a crisis of the nation'
- Fight the labour offensive! Break the oppression and distortion by the leadership of the electric workers' union!

The Rengo leadership held an indoor meeting, instead of an annual mass rally, for funeralizing the spring labour offensive
(Mar. 6th, Tokyo)
- Amid growing anger among workers, the JRCL issued a call for a militant offensive

The growing number of welfare recipients: over 2 million

A compulsory overnight evacuation drill to be introduced in high-schools in Tokyo: to promote 'respect' for the police and military

Topics The Rengo central leadership support the government's plan to raise the consumption tax rates

A year on, the Fukushima nuclear plant is a hell on earth
Uncover the lies of the government about 'a cold shutdown accomplished'!

(1) The December 16th 'accident settled' declaration by the Noda government: a complete lie
- An arbitrary declaration of 'cold shutdown'
- What is called 'the goal': tricky and dubious
- Earthquake-caused damages on the containment vessel of Reactor 2: still concealed
- Threats from damages on the nuclear fuel rods pool of Reactor 4
- Hydrogen explosion and re-criticality: the dangers continue
(2) Tricks by the so-called 'safety assessment based probability calculation'
- The probability arbitrarily revised: 'once in 5000 years'
- The idealistic manipulation of the probability
- The bourgeois nature of 'safety theory'
(3) Don't operate decrepit plants! Fight to stop the restart of nuclear plants!

US: demonstrations against war on Iran

Greece: workers waging general strikes against the austerity policy

A letter from Ukraine (Vladimir Pronin) : more than 150 deaths from cold

[3] Kaleidoscope
- The Fukushima disaster: uncovered cover-ups by the government
- Putin: re-elected by every conceivable mean
- Yemen: a head replaced for saving the pro-US imperialist system
- The US-recommended anti-nuclear terror measures to be introduced in Japanese nuclear plants


No. 2209
(March 12th 2012 Issue)

Stir up a flame of militant spring labour offensive!
Denounce the Rengo leadership
finally liquidating the spring labour offensive!

- Monopoly capitalists forcing workers to pay for the survival of their business
- The Noda government rushing headlong towards a massive consumption tax increase
- Rise in a struggle against an industrial 'patriotic' movement!

'Sayonara Nuclear Plants Rally in Hokkaido' held on Feb. 18th

- 'Stop all the nuclear plants right now!' Militant students resound their youthful voices throughout the city, fighting to overcome the official opposition movement simply begging for 'a policy change to sustainable energies' (Feb. 18th, Sapporo)
- Workers and citizens holding placards and banners in the march amid a severe cold

Stop reactionary prefectural regulations passing the Osaka Assembly!

Kansai Regional Committee
- Workers with a flame of anger in the bottom of their hearts: at a rally of the Rengo-affiliated Osaka trade union confederation
- Mayor of Osaka, Hashimoto, scheming to reorganize the educational administration system into the one controlled by the mayor's autocratic decisions
- Massive dismissals of public sector workers and cuts in public services for the scheme to realize an 'Osaka Metropolis'
- Denounce the betrayal of prefectural Rengo leadership following the line of labour-management consultation policies!
- Reveal an anti-proletarian nature of the JCP-led trade union leaders' theory of 'Be good servants of the public'!

Monopoly capitalists shouting to 'overcome the crisis threatening the enterprise's survival'
Self-justifying arguments to compel workers to pay sacrifices

Criticism of the 2012 report of Keidanren, the Japan Business Federation
- Monopoly capitalists crying out for the need of 'labour-management cooperation to strengthen the competitiveness'
- Offensives for restraining wages and demands for bailouts by the government
- Emphasizing on 'deepening a labour-management partnership talk' with labour aristocrats as attendants

Fight for an upsurge of private railway workers' spring offensive!

Criticizing the JCP proposal for an 'integrated reform in public services and taxations'

A militant energy the JRCL brought into 'the TOYOTA general action' on Feb. 11th

Topics Elpida went bankrupt

US Forces: the newly schemed reorganization and enforcement in the Asia-Pacific region

Fight against the drastic strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!


No. 2208
(March 5th 2012 Issue)

Definitely no to the restart of nuclear plants!
Stop and scrap all the nuclear plants at once!
No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Oppose the huge tax increase!

Let us fight by overcoming the official movement
to demand a 'change in the energy policy'!

- The Noda government rushing towards the restart and exportation of nuclear plants
- A move towards dispatching the Japanese Army to the Strait of Hormuz
- Overthrow the reactionary Noda government with the power of workers and students!

'Stop the US Marine Corp live firing exercise in the Hijudai training field!'

(pic upper) Zengakuren students, together with Antiwar Youth Committee workers, staging a protest in front of the military vehicles heading for Hijudai, Oita, Kyushu
(pic lower) Raising a hue and cry against the unloading of military supplies at Oita port (Feb.3rd)

'Down with the reactionary Noda government!'
Zengakuren students carry out public relations activities in Sapporo, Hokkaido

The turbulent world today and the tasks assigned to us: a special JRCL report to the workers' meeting for the spring labour offensive on Feb 12

I An imminent crisis of another Middle East War
II The clash between US imperialism and China over the dominance of Asia and the increasing 'servility' of Japanese imperialism to the US
III The 'sovereign debt crisis' of EU countries and an impending global financial crisis
IV Let us fight in the forefront of workers and people of the world!

The 'US-servile' military strategy of Japanese imperialism: the Defense Ministry White Paper published in 2011

Rally round to the Zengakuren 132nd Central Committee!

Inner workings of the Japan-US talks on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

China's massive naval build-up

Lead a militant fight against sackings under the pretext of restructuring!: for the metal & machine workers' 2012 Spring Labour Offensive

- Capitalists' attempt to survive at the cost of workers
- The anti-proletarian policies of the metal workers' union (JAM) leadership: giving priority to the 'reconstruction of the Japanese economy' and the 'restoration of industries'
- Denounce the JAM central leadership backing up the Noda government! Smash the offensive of sackings and wage cuts!

Stop the continued wage cuts and reduction in workforce by the Hokkaido prefectural government!

Don't allow the Hokkaido board of education to force teachers and students to sing the 'Reign-of-the-Emperor' anthem in school ceremonies!

Topics Rengo labour aristocrats to hold no outdoor rallies this spring: fight in opposition to the attempted 'funeral' of the annual labour offensive!

[8] Kaleidoscope
- IAEA Chief Amano, a US-bootlicker who comes from the country of 'Hiroshima & Nagasaki'
- 'The friendship' with the Iranian president: The Chavez-led ALBA expanding its influence
- A power struggle in China: behind the scenes of a failed political exile
- 'Radiation doesn't immediately cause cancer'?!: an absurd 'objection' from the nuclear authorities responsible for the disaster


No. 2207
(February 27th 2012 Issue)

A formation to break through the 'patriotic' spring offensive built, Feb 12th
1300 militant workers rallied in the
Workers' Meeting for the Spring Labour Offensive

- Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring offensive!
A keynote address filled with a fighting spirit
- Fight in solidarity with workers all over the world struggling against the rulers imposing wars and poverty!
A special appeal from a JRCL representative
- Now is the time to stir up fighting flames of the proletariat!
Resolves expressed by workers from various industries and the Zengakuren chairman
- Overthrow the reactionary Noda government with a militant upsurge of the spring offensive!

Stop the restart of the nuclear plants!
12,000 workers, students and citizens rallied on 11th Feb., Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo

(pic right top) Workers, students and citizens rallying with anger from the bottom of their hearts
(pic right middle) Fighting students leading the protest
(pic right bottom) 'Scrap all the plants!', angry voices resound throughout the city of Shinjuku in Tokyo

'Oppose the construction of a new US military base in Henoko!' 'No to a massive consumption tax increase!'
Fighting students marched on the US Force Kadena base and the Okinawa Defense Bureau (28th Jan., Kadena City)
(Pic) Students raising their angry fists and chorus of yells against the Okinawa Defense Bureau

[4-5] Keynote address to the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Labour Offensive
Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring offensive by breaking through the 'industrial patriotic' campaign!
Stop the Noda government rushing to a massive consumption tax increase!
Smash the major offensive of wage cuts and sackings lunched by monopoly capitalists!

(1) The government and the bourgeoisie forcing workers to pay all costs for the economic crisis
- Massive wage cuts and sackings lunched by monopoly capitalists under the pretext of the earthquake disaster and the appreciation of the yen
- The Noda government rushing headlong towards a massive tax increase and a deterioration of the social security system
(2) Break the 'patriotic' distortion of the spring labour offensive! Fight for a military upsurge of the offensive!
- The labour aristocrats in Rengo driving workers into an 'industrial patriotic' campaign under the slogan of 'Overcome the crisis of the nation!'
- The JCP-led Zenroren leadership distorting the spring offensive into a campaign for begging bourgeoisie to encourage an 'increase in domestic demand'
- Overthrow the Noda government with a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring offensive!

The Naha City authority hell-bent on cutting off the social security allowance
Denounce the Noda government and local authorities cutting welfare services!

Topics The Noda government declares an increase in payments for care services: actually a decrease in consequence. Reveal the deceptiveness lying in the government's slogan of 'a stable social security'!

The Ooi nuclear plant: the crime of the faked contracting business brought into the light
Mitsubishi affiliated companies utilizing gangsters to collect workers and to force them to work in the nuclear plant with extremely low wages

The Fukushima nuclear plant accident and 'the historical science in postwar Japan'

Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood aiming at 'unifying the Arabs'

(Continued from the last issue)

(3) The strategy for 'an Islamic state and an Arab unification'
(4) Fight in solidarity with militant working people amid the imminent war crisis in the Middle East!

[3] Kaleidoscope
- Russia: Putin attempting every trick for a higher approval rate, but drawing blank
- Xi Jinping in the US: Conflict heated up between the two, seeking for the respective state interests
- China: The decoloured Stalinist bureaucracy becoming the object of workers' resentment
- A year after the earthquake: at least 120 thousands workers of the disaster-hit region have no job


No. 2206
(February 20th 2012 Issue)

Break through an imminent war crisis in the Middle East!
No to the US imperialist sanctions and
military intimidation on Iran!
Stop Israeli attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities!
Rise in a struggle in solidarity with workers and people fighting in the Middle East!

An outbreak of another Middle East War is impending. Tensions are mounting around the world over the issue of the Iranian nuclear development. We, the JRCL, will rise in a fight. We say no to the US-led sanctions and military intimidation against Iran, fight against a military attack by the Israeli regime on Iranian nuclear facilities, and fight to stop the dispatch of the Japanese troops to the Strait of Hormuz. The suppression by the Asad government of Syria on rebelling people must also be denounced. We oppose, at the same time, an invasion of Syria by imperialist US and European rulers. The JRCL has been advancing the antiwar / anti-Ampo struggle in Japan with the tasks of opposition to the new US base construction in Henoko and removal of the US Futenma base. As the one tackling these tasks, we call on workers and toiling masses all over the world. Now is the time to rise in an international antiwar struggle!

- The sanctions on Iran triggering the imminent danger of war
- The anti-US state of Iran intent on developing 'Islamic nuke'
- The Zionist regime carrying on a secret war
- Confrontation between US and Russian / Chinese rulers over the Syrian government's suppression on the toiling masses in rebellion
- Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Strait of Hormuz!

'Stop the US Marine drills!'

5000 workers raise their angry fists in Hijudai, Kyushu (Jan, 22nd)
Union workers indignantly rallied in from all over the Kyushu region
(Pic right top)
'Down with the reactionary Noda government!' The JRCL deliver leaflets, thrusting the Rengo leaders' suppression aside
(Pic right middle)

'Stop the SDF parachute exercises!'

Zengakuren students fought, together with 100 union workers, in Memuro, Hokkaido (Jan, 21st)
Fighting students raise their angry fists amid a severe cold of -20C
(Pic right bottom)

Stop the restart of nuclear plants!
Oppose the export of nuclear plants!
Stop the plants right now! Decommission all the nuclear plants!

Reveal the new scheme to keep decrepit nuclear plants in operation!

Dirty money in the hands of three members of the Atomic Energy Commission
Donations by monopoly capitalists of the electric power industry towards pro-nuclear plant scholars

Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood aiming at 'unifying the Arabs
(1) The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the People's Assembly elections
- The Tantawi government scheming to defend the military junta to the last and the anti-government forces with internal discords
(2) The line of 'gradual reforms' based on the Turkish model
(To be continued)

Stop a massive cut in the public service workers' wages!

Medical service workers harshly exploited and thrown away

Topics The JCP-led Zenroren leadership begging the bourgeoisie to 'give the internal reserves back to workers' in the hope of 'increase in domestic demands'

[7] Kaleidoscope
- A war launched in advance by the Mossad: Iranian scientists assassinated in succession
- Reveal the deceitful policy of 'Insourcing American jobs' schemed by the Obama administration!
- Fight against the strengthening of the missile defence systems! No to the military build-up in outer space!
- The US Forces' representation at a large-scale emergency drill held in central Tokyo under the pretext of 'countermeasures against natural disasters'

My notebook on 'The Pursuit of Philosophy and Human beings' written by Kan'ichi Kuroda


No. 2205
(February 13th 2012 Issue)

Stir up a fight against the strengthening of
the new US-Japan military alliance!
Remove the US military base in Futenma! Stop the new base construction in Henoko!
Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Oppose the consumption tax increase!

Topple the Noda-led US-servile government
by a powerful struggle of workers and students!

- Obama's Address: desperate measures to save declining US imperialism
- The US Force 'transformation' promoted to contain 'expanding China'
- A dash for embargo against Iran
- The Noda government coercing workers and the toiling masses into 'war and poverty'
- Remove the US Futenma air base! Stop the new base construction in Henoko! Overthrow the reactionary Noda government!

Protests against Defence Minister Tanaka's visit to Okinawa

'No base construction in Henoko' Workers and students rallying in front of the local government building in Naha, Okinawa (Jan. 23rd)
(Pic top)

'Stop the US-Japan joint military exercise Yama-sakura 61!'
Zengakuren Kansai students raising their fists at the GSDF Itami base in opposition to the strengthening of the US-Japan security alliance (Jan. 22nd)
(Pic middle)

Militant workers and students protest the MSDF helicopter carrier's port call to Naha New Port, Okinawa (Jan. 10th) (Pic bottom)

Rengo's agenda for the 2012 spring labour offensive: a pledge of devoted service to the 'survival' of Japanese imperialism

Denounce the Rengo leadership acting as a servile assistant to the DPJ government and monopoly capitalists

- Ordering workers to sacrifice themselves for 'overcoming the crisis' of Japanese imperialism
- A superficial politico-economic analysis of the situation based on the same sense of crisis with monopoly capitalists
- Wholehearted cooperation with the monopoly bourgeoisie and the government in measures to 'break through the crisis'
- The consummation of the 'labour-management-government consultation' line

Fight against the education ministry and the Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education ordering education workers to pay their salaries back as a punishment for their union activities 'during working hours'! Stop the 'fact-finding inspection'!

Topics Rengo's lamentable 'Opinions' on the annual 'economic and labour committee report' by the Japan Business Federation

For the JTU national meeting for education research

No to 'radiation education', a new myth about the safety of nuclear power plants!
No to intensification of the 'patriotic' and meritocratic education!
Education Workers Committee

Mass sackings forced by electric monopolies

10,000 job cuts, announced by NEC Corp.

Japanese electric monopolies' 'supply chain' broken by the Thai deluge (continued from the last issue)

Indonesian workers rise in a counterattack against Japanese companies that exploit them for low wages

- A child of casino capitalism vs. a man patronized by a casino owner
- A CDS-stricken, or 'Cold Deutsche Steel' woman: butting in but putting up no money in the EU while putting up money and poking her nose in Greece
- A grotesque child of the EU: who is to pay the bill for the oppressive rule and the debt crisis in Hungary?
- Retreat from the 'cooperation' for 'zero nuclear plants': squabbles among the top echelons of the JCP in the grip of the 'fear of the JRCL'


No. 2204
(February 6th 2012 Issue)

Down with the reactionary Noda government!
Zengakuren marched in Tokyo Jan. 22nd
breaking the bottomless degeneration of the official leadership

- A militant demonstration marching through the streets
- The rally brimming with fighting spirits
- Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Fight to stop the US base construction in Henoko! Smash the consumption tax increase!

The government research report on the Fukushima nuclear accident: Reveal deceptions!

- One-sided emphasis on 'technical ignorance' and 'operational mistakes' on the part of plant workers
- Obstinate denial of the occurrence of earthquake-shocked damages on reactors
- 'Defence in depth': a deceitful and dangerous trick
- Criminal promotion of nuclear power generation based on the idea 'they're safe in nature'
- Denounce the Noda government forcing the toiling masses into radiation exposure

Japanese electric monopolies' 'supply chain' broken by the Thai deluge

Toyota vice president's remarks on declining business: intent on shifting burdens to workers

Tomari Nuclear Plant Reactor No.3: dirty manipulations to fabricate 'public opinions' for using plutonium-mix fuel, jointly plotted by the government, the prefectural authority and Hokkaido Electric Power Co.

Foreign workers in traineeship in Japan forced to work for many hours with lowest wages

The Noda government decision to effectively abandon Japan's 'three principles' controlling arms exports

Topics The year's first talk between the presidents of the employers federation and Rengo: Let us fight to break the 'patriotic' degeneration of the spring offensive!

My notebook on 'collaborated labour' unfolded in the book written by Kan'ichi Kuroda Dialectics of Society (Continued from the previous issue)

Fundamental knowledge of radiation (1)

Smart phone fever: A wasteful lifestyle promoted for the survival of monopoly capitalists

[3] Kaleidoscope
- Tensions over the Strait of Hormuz: imperialist powers' dark ambition behind the chorus 'Stop Iran's nuclear development'
- The year's first speech by Noda: for consumption tax increase
- Tensions over the East China Sea: Japanese imperialism reinforcing submarine deployment


No. 2203
(January 30th 2012 Issue)

Feb. 12th
Rally in the Workers' Meeting for the Spring Labour Offensive!
Stop wage cuts! Smash sackings!
No to a massive consumption tax increase!
Break through the 'patriotic' spring offensive
organized by the Rengo leadership!

- Monopoly capitalists bent on wage cuts and sackings with a cry of 'Work for companies' survival with the highest priority!'
- The Noda government rushing headlong towards a massive consumption tax increase
- Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring labour offensive by denouncing the Rengo leadership for abandoning a demand for wage raises and supporting a consumption tax increase!

Main slogans the JRCL proposes for the 2012 spring labour offensive
No massive consumption tax increase launched by the Noda government! Stop wage cuts and sackings forced by monopoly capitalists!
Win a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring labour offensive by breaking out of the 'patriotic' spring offensive!
- Smash the major offensive of wage cuts and sackings imposed under the pretext of the earthquake disaster and the yen's rise! Win a big and across-the-board raise in wages! Fight against dismissal of temp workers! Win a radical improvement in their workplace treatments! Denounce the labour aristocrats who assist monopoly capitalists by begging for 'a portion given to human resources'!
- No massive consumption tax increase for imposing heavy burdens on workers and toiling masses! Fight against a harmful revision of the social security system!
- Surge up flames of the anti-nuclear development struggle and the antiwar/anti-Ampo struggle!
- Fight for deconstruction of Rengo, today's Industrial Patriotic Association, driving workers into devotion to the 'strengthening of industrial ability' with a cry of 'Break through the national crisis' Win a militant regeneration of the labour movement in Japan!
Overthrow the Noda government coercing workers and toiling masses into war and poverty!
Let us fight in solidarity with workers and toiling masses of the world fighting against their governments' suppression!


The environmental impact assessment report about a new US Marin base construction in Henoko: Reveal the mocking report of 7000 pages! Fight against the new base construction!

Myanmar's military junta scheming to survive amid a confrontation between the US and China

Stop the restart of nuclear plants! Oppose the nuclear-plant export!
Win a militant upsurge of the anti-nuclear development struggle!

- The Noda government rushing headlong towards the restart of nuclear plants
- A deceitful announcement that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is 'settled'
- People in Fukushima suffering and struggling in areas of highly concentrated radioactive pollution
- A conflict within the ruling class over the development of a nuclear fuel cycle
- Stop all the nuclear plants right now! Decommission all the plants and facilities related to the nuclear development!

Smash the construction of 'a tax identification number system combined with social security'!

- A step towards the introduction of a nation-wide identification system 'with the number on the peoples' back
- Fight against the further strengthening of the neo-fascist ruling system!

The 'accepting-all' medical service in Okinawa now on the edge of its collapse due to budget cuts

A trial on teachers who rejected to honour the national anthem 'Reign-of-the-Emperor' is held
The top court recognises the rights of teachers and order the education board to partially revoke their punishments

Right-wing ideologists shocked by the Fukushima nuclear disaster and exposing their internal disputes

The Mihama nuclear plant No.2 reactor
Reveal the serious condition: pipes damaged and a massive amount of the primary cooling water leaking!

My notebook on 'collaborated labour' unfolded in the book written by Kan'ichi Kuroda Dialectics of Society

A choice by the Pakistani government distancing itself from US imperialism: introduction of Chinese-language into education

[3] Kaleidoscope
- The European Union: Sounding a prelude to collapse, with EU rulers hit by the downgrade of bonds and thrown into turmoil
- The Chinese bureaucracy shaken by endless storms of workers' protests and worried about 'Where is the next'
- The government-led 'stress test on nuclear plants': showing global-standards in its deception and dangerousness
- 'After me, the deluge': Struggling Chinese workers and greedy capitalists fleeing abroad


No. 2202
(January 23rd 2012 Issue)

Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2012 spring offensive!
No consumption tax increase!
Smash the major capitalist offensive, sackings and wage cuts!
Overthrow the reactionary Noda government!

All the working people, unite to fight back!

Central Workers' Orgburo
(1) The Japanese government and the ruling class coercing workers and people into poverty
- The Noda government rushing headlong towards the massive consumption tax increase
- Sacking and wage cut offensives intensified under the pretext of 'reconstruction after the earthquake'
- Workers' struggles distorted into an 'industrial patriotic' movement by the Rengo labour aristocrats under the slogan of 'breaking through the national peril' and the struggle of the revolutionary left
(2) Overthrow the Noda government with a militant upsurge of the politico-economic struggle and the spring labour offensive!
- Break the 'industrial patriotic' movement led by the Rengo!
- Denounce the JCP-affiliated Zenroren leadership distorting the spring labour offensive into a movement begging the bourgeoisie 'to boost domestic demand'
- Fight for a militant upsurge of the spring struggle!

Aichi University

'Oppose the deprivation of students' right to autonomous activities! Oppose the reactionary offensive attendant upon the partial relocation of the campus!' 'No rise in tuition!' Over 400 of the students filled the lobby and pinned down the university authority (Dec. 8th)
[pic] The students marching through the campus filled with boards encouraging all the students to rise in the protest (Toyohashi Campus of Aichi University)

My resolve for New Year
Zengakuren President Yuichiro Sakai

Criticizing the JCP policy for 'opposing Japan's participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership'
The JCP leadership using shameless flattery towards 'conservatives' with the catchphrase of 'No to the politics ruinous to the nation'

- A scheme for a survival squeezed out by the leadership neck-deep in the crisis of the organizational collapse of the party
- A superficial analysis of the present situation in Asia in disregard of the confrontation between the US/Japan and China
- Their anti-TPP policy for 'defending Japan's economic sovereignty'
- Introduction of the monopoly bourgeois ideology of 'national interests'
- A still more degeneration into modified capitalism

Reveal the terrible radioactive contamination of the ocean!
Denounce the Noda government declaring 'the settlement' of the Fukushima nuclear accident!

'Sayonara, Shika Nuclear Plant' rally held in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture (Dec, 10th)

Resolves for New Year No.3
- The Chugoku Regional Committee
- The Telecommunication Industrial Workers Committee
- The Masscommunication Industrial Workers Committee
- The Metal Industrial Workers Committee
- The Small and Medium Enterprise Workers Committee


No. 2201
(January 16th 2012 Issue)

Overthrow the reactionary Noda government!
Stop the restart of nuclear plants!
Stop the new US military base construction in Henoko!
Oppose the planned consumption tax increase!
Fight for a huge surge of struggle
by overcoming the degenerate official opposition movement!

 In front of the Okinawa prefectural office, Dec. 26
 Stop the base construction! Dec. 28
 In front of the difence ministry, Dec. 27
Central Students' Orgburo
(1) Crisis deepened in the contemporary world
- A head-on clash between the US and China over hegemony in Asia
- Nakedly anti-proletarian offensives by the Noda government
- Degeneration of the official leadership and the fight of the revolutionary left
(2) Create a revolutionary upsurge in our struggle against nuclear development unified with antiwar and politico-economic struggles!
- Fight by overcoming the JCP-led movement begging the government for a 'withdrawal from nuclear power generation'
- Overthrow the reactionary Noda government with a militant struggle of workers and students!

'Stop the submission of the environmental impact assessment report!' 'No US base construction in Henoko!'

Militant workers and students resolutely led the intense struggles against the Japanese government attempting to submit the assessment report to the prefectural authorities in Okinawa on December 26-28, 2011
The Japanese government, pressed by the US Obama administration, attempted to carry out the procedure for base construction

(pic top) Militant actions blocked the submission (in front of the Okinawa prefectural office, Dec. 26th)
(pic middle) Angry workers, students and residents thronging the guardroom where the government officials left the report at midnight (in the prefectural office, Dec. 28th)
Zengakuren rise in protest in Tokyo
(pic bottom) 'No to the forced submission of the assessment report!', furious Zengakuren students fighting in front of the Ministry of Defence headquarters (Dec. 27th)

'I'll do my best by taking the pathos of Chairman Ueda to my heart'
The determination I made in the last month's JRCL political meeting

Putin-led Russia: chasing the phantom of its restoration as a great power

(1) Protests against the 'Putin regime'
- An upsurge in anti-Putin demonstrations and the crushing defeat of the United Russia in the Lower House elections
- Carrot-and-stick measures to survive
(2) Strategy for Russia's restoration as a 'great power'
- Ambition to recover the territory of the former USSR: attempts to create a Eurasian Union
- Political, military offensives dependent on the alliance with China
(3) Russian workers, rise in a working class-based counterattack!
- A hole in Putin's authoritarian, military ruling system
- Overcome Stalinism and create a genuine proletarian party!

[10-11] Resolves for New Year No. 2
- The Hokkaido Regional Committee
- The Kansai Regional Committee
- The Kyushu Regional Committee
- The Education Workers Committee
- The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
- The Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
- The Social Welfare Workers Committee
- The Eastern Kanagawa District Antiwar Workers Conference


* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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2000 No. 1600-1610 No. 1611-1620 No. 1621-1630 No. 1631-1640 No. 1641-1650
1999 - No. 1563-1570 No. 1571-1580 No. 1581-1599

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