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No. 2130
(August 2nd 2010 Issue)

For the International Antiwar Assembly, Aug. 1st
Fight against the impending crisis of warfare caused by
the tense confrontation between the US and China-Russia!
Advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle
by overcoming the official opposition movement falling into dead silence!

- Collision between the US and China: hostile exchanges of military exercises in the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea
- US attempts to form an 'Asia-Pacific version of the NATO': new developments in the global conflicts between the three poles
- Japanese imperialism seeking for its survival under the serious confrontation between the US and China
- Denounce the JCP central leadership abandoning fights back due to their illusion about Obama
- Advance our revolutionary antiwar struggle in solidarity with working peoples in other Asian countries!

(Pic right: Zengakuren protesting the dispatch of SDF troops to the US-South Korean joint military drills, in front of the Defense Ministry, July 25th)


Fights against the US-Japan military alliance
Hokkaido: 'Stop the landing drill by SDF forces!' (July 9th)
(Pic right: Zengakuren Hokkaido struggled to stop the drill together with 1000 workers in local trade unions)

Kagoshima: 'Stop the US and Japanese warships entering the local civilian port!'
(July 7th, Kagoshima City)

Taliban fighters advancing towards the victory in their struggle against American imperialism and its occupation forces

The final bankruptcy of Yankee imperialism in its aggression and occupation of Afghanistan
- Fierce attacks by Taliban fighters and the failed attempts by Karzai for 'peace'
- The Obama administration suffering the complete bankruptcy in its 'new strategy' for Afghanistan
- Double-dealings by Karzai desperate for survival
- Hu Jintao's China seeking to win Karzai

Russia's plan to construct its own Global Positioning System

JCP-affiliated cadres in trade unions brought defeat to the 2010 spring offensive: deception seen in their final 'report'

JCP leaders shocked by the historic defeat in the latest national elections: on their unusually expressed 'apology'

A city in Hyogo Prefecture planning to outsource municipal administrative works

Topic The National Personnel Authority recommending wage cuts in two consecutive years

The Third National Convention of the Japan Post Workers' Union
The leadership ordered the members to support the 'postal reform bill' and 'a new post service'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- On the nature of the rising 'Your Party'
- What's behind the Japanese asteroid probe
- Today's caste system in China
- Vladivostok in the new century


No. 2129
(July 26th 2010 Issue)

Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
Oppose the consumption tax raise!
Aug 1st International Antiwar Assembly
Advance struggle against the impending crisis of war caused by
the tense confrontation between the US and China-Russia!

- The DPJ government bringing about its own ruin due to the inability to cope with the global crisis
- A tense confrontation between the US and China-Russia prepared for war over the Korean Peninsula
- Strengthen the ranks of the working class to overthrow the Kan government!

See the Overseas Appeal for the 48th International Antiwar Assembly

A strategy of EU rulers to survive the tripartite economic war linked with environmental issues

- A rollback operation for the coming COP-16
- 'Low carbon economy', a gold-glittered signboard of their measures for environmental and energy issues
- A strategy of EU rulers to survive the global environmental-economic war between the three poles

The Hokkaido prefectural board of education forcing teachers 'to guide respect for the national flag and anthem'

The Rengo-sponsored 'Peace Rally in Okinawa': One 'question' after another about Rengo central leaders' agreement to the new base construction in Henoko (June 23rd-24th)

Confrontation between the US and China-Russia over Iran's nuclear development

Additional sanctions by the Obama administration and reactions by the Chinese and Russian governments

The new parcel service: 350 thousand delays in delivery

The Japan Post management responsible for the unprecedented confusion

Topics The DPJ government 'strategy for changing the Japanese agriculture into a growth industry': producing a miserable layer of agricultural workers

Obama's hypocritical medical insurance reform

Self-reflection on my failure to understand Kuroda's theory of cognition

[8] Kaleidoscope
- A spy exchange: for maintaining 'the reset'
- War over biological resources
- Cloud computing: through the clouds to the CIA
- The Sumo scandal: the evil intention of the police


No. 2128
(19th July 2010 Issue)

Aug 1st International Antiwar Assembly
Oppose US, Japanese, South Korean rulers
preparing for war against North Korea!
Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
Oppose the consumption tax raise!
Now is the time to create the ranks of the working class
that can overthrow the Kan government!

- The Kan government was faced with the 'nonconfidence' of workers and people
- Japanese imperialism struggling for survival in the midst of a serious confrontation between the US and China
- Advance a resolute fight against coercion into 'war and poverty'

See the Overseas Appeal for the 48th International Antiwar Assembly

Fight to advance the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
For the 80th National Congress of Zengakuren

Central Students' Orgburo
I. A new horizon opened by Zengakuren's antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles for the last four months
(1) Zengakuren's fight in the forefront of the latest class struggles in Japan
- Zengakuren led the mass struggle to stop the new Marine base construction and to remove the US Futenma base
- June 20th united actions waged nationwide under the banner 'Oppose the war footing against North Korea! Smash the US-Japan Joint Statement!'
(2) Revolutionary significance of the struggles
II. Theoretical lessons from the latest antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle
(1) Concerning the analysis of the US conspiracy to sink the South Korean warship
(2) Concerning the criticism of the JCP tactics for 'reducing US Force bases'
(3) Lessons concerning the clarification of tactics for the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle

Okinawa Kengakuren: protest against Prime Minister Kan's visit to Okinawa (June 23rd)

China: bent on developing its own GPS [Global Positioning System]

The US-Japan-South Korea vs. China-Russia: a head-on confrontation

Major military drills led by US Forces

G-8 and G-20 summit meetings in the middle of a serious confrontation between the US and China
Confrontation between the US and China-Russia both in readiness for war, and new developments in the global struggle between the three poles

(1) The end of the G-8 summit, which has lost the reason for its existence
(2) US imperialism and China-Russia effectively in readiness for war against each other
(3) The tripartite economic struggle entering a new phase
- Intensified confrontation among the states over fiscal and monetary policies
- An impending crisis of an EU-triggered international financial bankruptcy and a second dip into a global recession
(4) The gathering dangers of economic catastrophe and warfare in today's world

340 thousand parcels delayed: Japan Post Service Co. revealing the failure in the merger of its delivery operations with Nippon Express Co.

A serious shortage of teachers in Osaka: due to the continued cut in the education budget by the governor

One in 20 residents is on relief: Kushiro City, Hokkaido

Topics Labour aristocrats of Rengo proposing legislation for an 'auditor selected by employees'

[3] Kaleidoscope
- 'No burka' but 'free prostitution and drug': hypocritical European 'democracies'
- A year after the Uighur revolt
- China's support for the Pakistani nuclear plant project
- The Police Agency organizing university students into 'crime prevention circles'


No. 2127
(July 12th 2010 Issue)

Shatter the coercion of 'war and impoverishment'!
Oppose the military exercises carried out competitively
between the US-Japan-South Korea and China-Russia!
Denounce the official leaderships immersed in the Upper House election campaigns!
Advance antiwar and politico-economic struggles!

- An impending crisis of warfare in the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East
- The Kan government forcing impoverishment upon workers and the toiling masses
- Advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle! Fight to stop the consumption tax raise!

G-8 and G-20 summit meetings in the middle of a serious confrontation between the US and China
US imperialism and China-Russia facing each other while preparing the troops for action: and new developments in the global conflicts between the three poles

- The end of the G-8 summit, which has lost the reason for taking place
- The US vs. China-Russia: confronting with each other in arms
- A new phase in the economic conflicts between the three poles

[2] Antiwar demonstrations
Okinawa: militant workers and students marching through Naha City (June 20th)

Osaka: Oppose the US, Japanese and South Korean governments placing the armies on a combat readiness against North Korea! (June 20th)

US-Japan-South Korea vs. China-Russia in East Asia

Competitive military drills on a massive scale causing a hair-trigger situation

Tokyo prefectural board of education: forcing teachers on sick leave to resign

Successive bankruptcies of Toyota subsidiaries

Topics Monopoly capitalists changing the forms of temporary employment of workers

On the expression (or definition) of 'intensive labour'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- The sacked US command in Afghanistan: 'To rebel is justified'?
- Tension in the Yellow Sea
- Power strife in the prosecution
- Chukakuha on the South Korean warship sinking: 'it's not a conspiracy'


No. 2126
(July 5th 2010 Issue)

Oppose US, Japanese South Korean governments
preparing war against North Korea!

Against the military alliance! No tax increase!
Workers and students march on the Diet and the US embassy, June 20th

- 'Fight to stop the new Marine base construction in Henoko!' A militant demonstration through central Tokyo
- A rally before the demonstration, full of fighting spirit
- Advance our struggle, denouncing the official leadership for being immersed in the Upper House election campaign!
- Smash the offensive of the Kan government to impose 'war and poverty'!

The JCP central bureaucrats: one deception after another, and one crime after another
Conversion to an Obama-praising party

- An attempt to cover up the bankruptcy in their line of 'non-Cabinet participation in the DPJ government as a healthy opposition party'
- A deepening US-addiction
- 'Multiple perspectives': Those of bureaucratic optimists aloof from the critical reality
- Discarding the concept of imperialism, even that in its popular meaning

Militant workers and students demonstrating through central Nagoya City (June 13th)
(Pic right)

Against the US-Japan military alliance! Chants resounding in Sapporo City (June 20th)
(Pic right)



The official, party-patronized workers unions desperate to oppress the waves of strikes

Denounce Japanese labour aristocrats, adversaries to workers' struggles in developing countries

Repression of the Hokkaido Teachers Union: the prefectural board of education organizing a system of mutual surveillance in schools

Topics Rengo's recommendation for 'a tax exemption accompanied by a benefit payment'

Learning Kuroda's critique of Tada-mono-ron
On Lenin's definition of 'categories' as 'focal points in the web of natural phenomena'

Overseas Appeal for the 48th International Antiwar Assembly

See the full text

- Castro on the sinking of a South Korean warship: 'The empire and a conspiracy'
- The head of the People's Bank of China: On how to correctly handle the contradictions between the RMB and the USD
- Turkey undergoing a turning point in the history
- A three-day war by the Belarusian government


No. 2125
(June 28th 2010 Issue)

Japanese imperialism in death agony
under the intensified US-China confrontation

Oppose the US-Japan-South Korean war readiness against North Korea (and China)!
Smash reactionary offensives by Kan's new government to impose 'war and poverty'!

- An impending war crisis in the Korean Peninsula and the confrontation between the US and China-Russia
- The total bankruptcy of Obama's scheme to restore the unipolar US dominance over the world
- Hu Jintao's China bent on strengthening its nuclear military capabilities against the US and breaking the 'US dollar system'
- Fight under the banner, 'Oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia'!

June 20th: Militant workers and students marching on the Diet Building (Pic right)

Russia's measures 'against global warming': hypocrisy and falsehood


Spain and Portugal: workers demonstrations

Hokkaido: protest actions against a US military drill (Yausubetsu, May 30th)

Hokuriku: workers against a bilateral drill for a sky battle (Komatsu, June 7th)

'Remove nuclear bases!' Kagoshima university students marching through their local city (June 8th)

Kumamoto University Hospital authority: imposing nurses overtime work with no pay

A Tokyo District Court: orders a tourist agency to pay a worker for her overtime work

Hokuriku University authority: pay no extra for works on holidays

Topics Kan's new government openly announcing its intention to raise the consumption tax rate to 10%

Miserable conditions of workers in the food industry in Okinawa

A Tokyo District Court's reactionary decision against a worker in a motorcycle courier service

Osaka City proposes reduction in number of livelihood protection recipients

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Kyrgyz: a tragedy in Fergana
- 'Cooperation' in the Barents Sea?
- A water war over the Nile


No. 2124
(June 21st 2010 Issue)

Stop the new US base construction and a tax increase!
The June 20th United Actions of Workers and Students
Denounce the official leadership immersed in the election campaign!

- Kan's new government pledging full cooperation in the US-led re-strengthening of the triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea
- Policies to support monopoly capitalists and to increase the consumption tax rate
- Fight against offensives by the Kan government to impose 'another war and poverty'!

'Society which does not exclude anybody': a fallacious idea of a Rengo-patronized ideologue

- Proposal of an 'activation-type of livelihood assistance'
- Attempts to cover up the crimes by monopoly capitalists
- 'Labour market where anyone could freely go in and out': pie in the sky
- 'Livelihood support' of a type which forces workers to repeat unemployment and job changes
- A utopian 'society which does not exclude anybody'

Okinawa: angers against an urgent deployment of F-22 strategic bombers (May 28th)
(Pic right upper)

An anti-base rally in Amami Island: the JRCL appeal encouraged the participants (May 29th)
(Pic right lower)

Osaka: a students' meeting against the US base construction (May 22nd)

The Osaka governor planning an administrative reform for a Greater Osaka prefecture

A Rengo meeting in Fukuoka: seething angers against labour aristocrats (May 30th)

Topics A new decision of the government to urge nursing care agencies to introduce a performance-based wage system

[7] Workers' fights

Honda factories in China: workers continue strikes
Strikes spreading all over China

Workers' fights in European countries against austerity policies

What underlies the dispute over the Google book search
Intensified conflicts among enterprises and governments for 'hegemony in information'

- The meaning of the Google lawsuit
- Conflicts between contents producers and platform service providers
- Rejection or acceptance: different responses to a 'US dependency in information'

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Nuclear monger
- A 'language war' in Belgium
- Nationalism in cultural assets
- Disputes between Japanese and Chinese polices: 'settled' to create an East Asian Interpol


No. 2123
(June 14th 2010 Issue)

June 20th
United Actions of Workers and Students
Oppose the US-Japan-South Korea joint war footing against North Korea!
Smash the tax raise offensive by Kan's new government!

- The triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea being strengthened rapidly
- New Prime Minister Naoto Kan's foreign policy: following Hatoyama in his policy to bow to Obama's pressure
- Attempts to support monopoly capitalists and to raise the consumption tax rate in the name of 'strong economy and strong finances'
- Down with the Kan government, a new imposer of 'war and poverty' on the working people!

Oppose the US-Japan-South Korea joint war footing against North Korea (and China)! Advance antiwar, anti military alliance struggle!

Fight against the offensive to restrengthen the triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and South Korea by means of a US-plotted incident, the sinking of a South Korean warship!

- A war crisis impending over the Korean Peninsula
- The so-called 'North Korea's torpedo attack on a South Korean warship': a big conspiracy by US imperialism designed to rebuild the triangular military alliance
- East Asia: a focus of the military confrontation between the US and China
- Fight to break the war crisis in the Korean Peninsula under the intensified confrontation between the US and China!
Naha City
Nago City

The JRCL condemns the murderous attack by the blood-thirsty Zionist power of Israel on the Gaza aid flotilla!


Protests against the bilateral statement On May 28th, the Hatoyama government announced the US-Japan bilateral statement to specify the Futenma base relocation site to Henoko, Okinawa. With burning angers against this announcement, militant workers, students and residents rose in protests.
- In front of the Okinawa Prefectural Office, Naha City (May 28th)
- Nago City, Okinawa (May 28th)
- On the prefectural DPJ office, Nagoya City (May 29th)
- Kanazawa University (May 28th)

Students of the Nagoya and Aichi Universities march through Nagoya City against the new US base construction (May 23rd)

Iwakuni City: a protest rally against the planned deployment of US carrier-based planes (May 23rd)

'Stop the cluster bomb drill!' A protest rally near the US Kadena air base, Okinawa (May 20th)

A monopoly capitalist plan to exploit more 'unskilled migrant workers'

The number of suicides growing: workers in their twenties and thirties, because of unemployment and hardships of life

Topics iPads stained with the blood of Chinese workers

Uruma City Office, Okinawa: services at the window outsourced to the private sector

A joint operation system of an increasing number of surveillance cameras: planned by police under the pretext of the 'security for the APEC meeting

[8] Kaleidoscope
- A hell of oil
- BRTC in the NPT meeting
- Obama's NPR report


No. 2122
(June 7th 2010 Issue)

Oppose the US-Japan-South Korea joint war footing against North Korea!
June 20th United Actions of Workers and Students
Overthrow the Hatoyama government imposing 'war and poverty'!
Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
Immediately remove the Futenma Air Station!

Oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

Central Students' Orgburo
(1) A growing crisis over the Korean Peninsula: US, Japanese and South Korean rulers strengthening their triangular military alliance
(2) Denounce the JCP central bureaucrats abandoning their opposition to the military alliance, praising the Obama administration
(3) Overthrow the reactionary Hatoyama government! Advance under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!
An emergency action: Zengakuren protested the government decision and the bilateral statement for a new US base construction in Henoko, Okinawa (In front of the Diet Building, May 28th). (Pic above left)

Denounce the government decision! Workers and students rallied in Okinawa (Naha City, May 28th) (Pic above right)

Hatoyama visited Okinawa again to notify the governor and the local mayors about his decision 'to relocate the Futenma base to Henoko'. More than 1000 Okinawan workers, students and residents rose in a protest. Militant students in the Okinawa Kengakuren stood in the forefront by denouncing the official opposition leaders for their abandonment of opposition to the US-Japan military alliance.
(Pic right) Militant students closing in on Hatoyama (in the car on the right ) (Naha City, May 23rd)

Stop a new US base construction! Immediately remove the Futenma base!
Militant students of the Tokyo area marched through central Tokyo (May 22nd)

Kagoshima University students fought to stop the 'public hearing' cosponsored by the central government and the Kyushu Electric Power Co. for another reactor at the Sendai nuclear plant. (May 18th)

The grand collapse of the Euro Land
The European Union haunted by the nightmare of decline amid the global tripartite conflicts

(1) The PIIGS crisis
- Makeshift measures for 'relief'
- An unsurmountable crisis
(2) The crisis rapidly expanding over the EU economic sphere
- The root cause of the PIIGS crisis
- Economic bankruptcies of Central and East European countries
- The crisis extending to the leading economies of the EU
- Friction between German and French imperialists
(3) Pragmatic political collusion with Russia
- The European Union losing its international prestige
- Collusion with Russia in the name of 'stabile Europe'
- Strengthening of the EU sphere as an exclusive economic bloc

Criticizing a Rengo-patronized ideologue shouting for 'reform in labour laws'

'Medical tourism ' advocated by the Japanese government

A JCP-sympathizer scholar proposing 'increased payment by the beneficiaries for overcoming the medical crisis'

Topics The Hatoyama government's 'vision of industrial structure' stressing the need to develop large corporations

[8] Kaleidoscope
- Foot-and-mouth disease spreading rapidly due to the belated responses of the central and local governments
- Remote 'target killing' by US Force operators
- 'New business' in the Sub-Saharan region


No. 2121
(May 31st 2010 Issue)

Outcries against the military alliance
shake the island of bases
Militant workers and students fight in the forefront,
overcoming the official movement to beg the government 'for reducing US bases'

Hatoyama's second visit to Okinawa, May 23rd
The Prime Minister announced his decision to relocate the Futenma base to Henoko in the northern part of Okinawa.
'Don't let him do it!' Okinawan workers and students immediately rallied to denounce the decision.

During the days of actions from May 14th to 16th, militant workers and students, gathering in Okinawa from all over the country, struggled to lead the protest under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance. Together with them, many participants shouted in response to the JRCL call, 'Let us fight for repealing the Security Treaty'.

Okinawa People's Rally, May 15th

Marching through the island, May 14th-15th

'Stop the new Marine base construction!'
Militant students in the forefront
'Condemn the US aggression in Afghanistan!'
Angry voices to the Camp Zukeran

Encircling action against the Futenma Air Station / Students' March
May 16th

Angers growing at the 2004 accident site
in the Okinawa International University campus
Denouncing Obama for pushing the Marine base construction
(in front of the US Consulate)
Students fighting in solidarity

- Waseda University (May 15th), Takadanobaba Station (May 15th), Sapporo (May 16th), Hakata (May 14th)

A protest march against the resumed operation of high-speed breeder reactor Monju (Tsuruga, May 6th)

The collapse of the Euro sphere
The EU haunted by the nightmare of a defeat in the global tripartite struggle

(1) Following Greece: Impending bankruptcies in Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain
(2) The Euro sphere, the economic sphere of the EU, in a rapidly growing crisis

May Day rallies

- Nagoya, Kanazawa

The resignation of the SEIU president

Topics 'Employment Charters' planned to be established by Rengo leaders: for covering up their crimes


Criticizing a Rengo ideologue's theory of 'welfare governance': the illusion of 'a new Japanese model'
(1) A theoretical support for Rengo's 'policies for job and welfare'
(2) Rejection of the idea of the 'welfare state'
- A paradigm change in the idea of 'welfare'
- 'From government to governance'?
- Reform for a 'new Japanese model'
(3) What he calls new welfare and employment policies 'for repairing strains imposed by structural reforms'

[7] Kaleidoscope
- Oppositions to the planned 'sanctions' against Iran
- Cunning 'Tea Parties'
- Russia: reuse of a war vessel
- Wiretapping, sneak photos and body scanners

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited only in Japanese.
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