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No. 1890
(October 24th Issue)

Stir up the flames of struggle!
Against the revision of the Constitution!
Against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Overcome the JCP-led movement 'for protecting the Constitution'
without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

Zengakuren protesting against Koizumi's visit to
Yasukuni Shrine deifying Class-A war criminals
(Oct. 18th, at Prime Minister's House)

- Iraq verging on the split of the nation: and another intensification in the confrontation between the US and China
- Counteroffensives against China and Russia laying worldwide siege to US imperialism
- The Koizumi government ambitious to be 'a country that can wage war'
- The official peace movement engulfed by the reactionary trend towards the Constitutional revision
- Advance the struggle against the Constitutional revision and that against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance in a unified manner!
- Fight it out aiming to overthrow the neo-fascist Koizumi government!

Warning against the Koizumi autocracy: JRCL propaganda
- In Fukuoka and Sapporo

The Bush administration intent on developing and deploying mini nuclear weapons
- 'Nuclear weapons that can be used for pre-emptive attack' on development
- A crisis of nuclear wars of a new type

Denounce the enactment of the Postal Privatization Law!
Smash the offensive for 80000 sackings and a major rationalization! Oppose the sell-out of the resources of the postal savings and insurance to US monopolies in the name of 'open market'! No to the Koizumi-led 'structural reform' policies based on neoliberalism!
- A 'traitorous' postal privatization obedient to Bush's intention
- Denounce the JPU leadership justifying the defeat!
Fight back against the offensive for intensified labour in the name of 'Japan Post System for New Year service'
- A new order for the coming busy time
- No to offensives planned for privatization!

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
Demagogy for beautifying the war of aggression: agitation of blood-strained chauvinism
- Wicked designs of Koizumi in his controversial visit to Yasukuni Shrine
- Dangerous examinations of history textbooks by the government
- Chauvinism against China and Korea

Collisions between Japan and China over the gas well development in East China Sea
- The Chinese government attempting to make its mining an accomplished fact
- The Koizumi government countercharging with uncovered hostility
- Voracious China greedy for oil resources

Denounce the leadership of the NTT workers' union accepting the 'review of wage systems'!
- A major cut in the 'total human cost': to make the performance-based pay thorough
- A thorough 'down rating' of the wages: according to the expanded introduction of performance pay
- Drastic cuts in allowances
- Fight it out in spite of the betrayal by the leadership!

The publication industry: the two major distributors rushing to construct new systems of supply
- A major reorganization of the publication industry led by distributing capital
- Publishing companies diminishing their own editorial works under the managerial crises

Topics 'Kick the poor old out of hospitals!': The Koizumi government forcing the prefectures to reduce the medical expense

Iraq: British perpetrators of an engineered bombing captured!

- The distinctive achievement by Basra policemen (followers of Muktada al-Sadr)

Kaleidoscope 2005
- Announcement of 'ten thwarted plans of terror' and a 'timely' farce of subway bombings
-China's second manned satellite: impatience of the declining emperor and the poodle's mortification

The resumed six-party talk: development into another phase under the new confrontation between the US and China
- The resumed talk led by China
- The Bush Empire desperate to rally
- China's acceleration for 'unification of Koreas' and formation of a worldwide siege against US imperialism


No. 1889
(October 17th Issue)

Join the Oct 23rd United Antiwar Action
Denounce the massacre of Iraqi people by US forces!
Against the revision of the Constitution!
Against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!

- Death agonies of the Bush Empire mired in the total bankruptcy of the occupation of Iraq
- Frets about the formation of an anti-US encirclement by China (and Russia)
- The Koizumi autocracy and its rushes towards the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the Us-Japan military alliance
- Rise in a struggle to break the trend to the Constitutional revision! Fight against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Demonstrations in five regions on Oct. 23rd
- Tokyo, Sapporo (for Hokkaido), Osaka (for Kansai), Nagoya (for Tokai) and Naha (for Okinawa)

A signal fire for counteroffensives against the Koizumi autocracy
- Zengakuren demonstrate through a downtown of Tokyo (Oct. 1st)

Stop the codification of the 'crime of conspiracy' designed to intensify police repressions!
- Intensification at a request from Bush

[3] The Rengo convention (Oct. 5-6th)
'Denounce the acceptance of the Constitutional revision and the reduction of the civil service!'
New President Takagi meets criticisms coming out one after another

- Over a third of the votes against Takagi
- Criticisms appearing one after another against 'the position of Rengo' supportive for the revision of the Constitution
- Angry voices against new representative of the DPJ Maehara stressing a breakaway from trade unions
- The JRCL propaganda shaking the convention, giving a militant encouragement to delegates and observers

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
Crimes of Koizumi's 'dependency diplomacy': compliant to Bush and arrogant to China and South Korea
- Hostile arrogance to North Korea: around the six-party talk
- Agitation of chauvinism: 'Stinging neighbours, clouding the future' (Roh Moo-Hyun)
- Becoming 'an orphan' of Asia
- Japan's ambition to be a permanent member of the UNSC killed off by the Bush Empire: A poodle kept on the chain of the US-Japan military alliance

To the 9th Convention of Rengo: Don't elect Takagi as Rengo President!
- Break the reactionary offensives by little-Hitler Koizumi
- Denounce the central leadership of Rengo ordering support to the Maehara-led DPJ!
- No to Takagi, ultra-rightist advocator of the Constitutional revision!
- Let us oppose the 'Rengo's position' negating the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution!

'Reward good conduct and punish evil doing':
A new way of control adopted over the personnel by Hokkaido Prefectural Board of Education
- Intensification of the governmental training in the name of 'improvement of teachers' morale and sense of mission'
- A thoroughly 'ability-first' education
- Assessment of teachers based on the principle of competition
- Changes in the current relation between employees and the employer: designed to destroy teachers' unions

Topics A storm of mass sacking of public employees: Denounce Rengo President Takagi accepting the government's plan of job-cutting!

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Bush's Mom's concept of eugenics: Poor people are leading a better life here than before the disaster
- 'An ideological struggle needed against terrorism'?: Sour grapes
- JCP Vice Chairman Ueda Koichiro: 'For a broader front including part of the LDP'
- Police fashion: A New York Collection for Japanese cops with heavy armament

Asbestos: Denounce the government and capitalists having let asbestos used with no regulation
- I've had to work covered with asbestos
- Spoiling the lives of workers and residents
- Legal regulation of asbestos use killed by labour aristocrats!


No. 1888
(October 10th Issue)

October 23rd United Antiwar Actions
Break through
the reactionary current of neo-fascism!
Fight against the revision of the Constitution!
Fight against the war and the military alliance!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo

Militant students against the revision of the Constitution
October 1st, Tokyo
The 119th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee
1. The present-day world under war clouds
(A) Reactionary offensives of neo-fascism under the Koizumi autocracy
- Mad dashes towards the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
- Victimization of the toiling masses under the name of 'structural reform'
(B) The agonized Bush Empire in the quagmire of its bankruptcy of the world domination
- The grand failure in the 'democratization of the Middle East' with the Iraq occupation as its starter
(C) China and Russia attempting to form world-wide links against US imperialism
(D) The extinction of the official peace movement and struggles by the revolutionary left-wing
2. Break through the authoritative rule of the Koizumi autocracy plunging Japan into war and darkness
(A) Fight by transcending the JCP-led movement for the 'protecting of the Constitution' without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
- 'Article 9 is a brake'
- Bankruptcy of the party's tactics of 'cooperation with conservative voters'
- A right-wing degeneration in the basic causes of the party: 'protection of the Constitution' and 'opposition to the US-Japan military alliance'
(B) Build a broader front against neo-fascism!
- Advance the struggle against the revision of the Constitution in integrated fashion with the struggle against the Iraq war and the US-Japan military alliance!
- Stir up flames of opposition to the Koizumi-led 'structural reform'!

The 119th meeting of the Zengakuren Central Committee
- Ready to fight against stormy reactions of neo-fascism (20-21 September)

'No to the US Marine live firing drill!'
- 800 Workers and students on the site (Hokkaido, September 18th)

Series the Koizumi autocracy: No to war and the reign of terror
To be a country capable of waging wars of aggression
- SDF overseas contingents to be under US Force's command
- 'Common strategic objectives of the US and Japan': military strategy of the Japanese state to be subjected to that of the US
- Tactics for a US-Japan joint operation of invasion against China being framed
- The Japanese army in Samawa as an accomplice in the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq
- Dispatches abroad as a part of the Hakencreuz alliance
- A poodle of the Bush Empire

The leadership of the Jichiroren, the JCP-led federation of municipal workers' unions
- A turn to an effective acceptance of the major restructuring

Topics Over 10000 job cuts by SONY and SANYO: electric monopoly capitalists struggling for survival

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Freedom of sinking: rejecting aids from Cuba
- A new labour law: whose slogan is 'Arbeit macht Frei' as a step towards Auschwitz
- Goods with RFID tags: to kill two birds with one stone

A letter from Ukraine
- The beginning of the end of the 'colourful coups'

Reading Kuroda's book
- Introduction to the theory of the vanguard party organization


No. 1887
(October 3rd Issue)

Now is the time to de-construct
the Rengo confederation!
Build a bridgehead to break through
the Koizumi autocracy!

- Koizumi, 'the Little Hitler', launching offensives to revise the Constitution, push 'structural reforms' and attack trade unions
- Democratic Party of Japan: reforming itself as another neo-fascist party
- Create a strong current against the Constitutional revision, denouncing 'Rengo's view' for the revision
- Fight back against Koizumi-led 'structural reform' deserting the 'unfortunate'
- Stop the election of ultra-rightist Takagi as Rengo president!

Fight back against lower wages!
- 1000 workers rally in Fukuoka (Sept. 13th)

Stop SDF tanks driving on a civilian road for a military drill!
- Zengakuren Hokkaido protests in Obihiro City (Sept. 12th)

No to US Force's test blasts near civilian houses!
- Workers and students protest in Okinawa (Aug. 25th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A great applause from the UN Assembly: 'It's the US itself that needs protect' (Chavez)
- Hawara: or Islamic 'underground banks' difficult to be investigated
- Koizumi's unusual response: 'Japan is under a one-party rule as seen in China and North Korea' (New York Times)
- Cyber chauvinism: a best selling book with a catch copy 'That is because we hate South Korea'

Stop the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance by transforming it into an offensive and defensive alliance against China!
- An offensive in response to a strengthening tie between China and Russia
- US and Japanese military: combined on the basis of 'common strategic objectives'

No to the 'transformation' of US forces! No to sacking of military base workers!
- Fight back by overcoming the official movement 'to demand job security'!
- Fight against the war and military bases and against the restructuring!


Stop the postal privatisation! Stop the postal savings and life insurance sold out to US monopolies!
- Oppose the new system for delivery!

Topics A new Labour Contract Law and the government intending to promote restructuring and destroy trade unions

On the trial over the Ishikawa group home incident
- Denounce the heavy sentence on the care worker!
- Contradictions of the nursing care insurance system and the victims
(Continued from the previous issue)

Reading Kuroda's book
- "Participation in Students' Movement", included in Selected Early Writings of Kan'ichi Kuroda

Reading Kuroda's Topos and Praxis, Volume 1
'Die and live' here and now

- After reading "Umemoto's Philosophy of Human Subjectivity" (included in Praxiology)
- Making a springboard out of the conscious awareness of 'being able to live by others'
- What Kuroda learned from Umemoto

Reading Kuroda's poem
- Images

After reading a message from Greece
- Glory to Christian Rakovsky!


No. 1886
(September 26th Issue)

Build a battlefront against neo-fascism!!
Break through the authoritative political order
under the Koizumi autocracy
plunging the 21st century Japan
into war and darkness!

- The 'Koizumi party' rushing towards revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
- The emergence of an authoritative ruling system under Koizumi's autocracy
- The poodle government accompanying the Bush Empire towards hell
- Rise in struggle aiming to overthrow the neo-fascist Koizumi government!


Waseda University
- The students' self-governing association in the Faculty of Social Science: the new leadership elected by the representatives
- The federation of students' cultural circles: adopts its annual agenda

Okinawa Kengakuren
- Protests a military exercise conducted under the cover of 'disaster drill' (September 2nd)

The Japanese government and monopoly capitalists desperate to export nuclear plants to China
- A construction rush of nuclear plants in China exciting Japan, the US, Europe and Russia
- Exclusion of Japanese firms intended to shake the Koizumi government
- Japan's plan 'to reconstruct the nuclear industry' dependent on export

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A Koizumi-directed theatre of mobocracy: and his predecessors
- Koizumi's method for propaganda: in a small voice at first
- The oil scandal in Nigeria: reaching Halliburton
- Midnight in Guangdong

'Zarqawi is dead but Washington continues to use him as a bogeyman to justify a prolonged occupation.'
(An Iraqi Shiite interviewed by Le Mond)

Stop the Rengo convention from electing Tsuyoshi Takagi, an ultra-rightist hawk, as President!
The adoption of the notorious 'Rengo's position (for the Constitutional revision)' has been smashed beforehand by our fights-back!
Now is the time to produce a powerful struggle for breaking through the reactionary trend towards the Constitutional revision and support for aggression!
- The frustrated vision of Sasamori and a consolation match of Takagi
- The leadership of UI Zensen [textile, garment, chemical, mercantile, and allied industry workers' unions] voicing loud for an ultra-rightist argument for the Constitutional revision
- Reveal the true face of neo-fascist Takagi!

New developments in the Palestinian liberation struggle
Over the farcical 'removal of Jewish settlements' by mini-Hitler Sharon
- Disunities over the 'retreat from Gaza' and a counteroffensive by Hamas
- Intensified power struggles in Israel and a machination of the Bush Empire
- Palestinian radicals intensifying their struggles in the West Bank

A major restructuring offensive for the survival of the postal life insurance service
- No to the privatisation of the postal service!
- Oppose the sell-out of the funds in the postal savings and life insurance to the US in the name of 'open market'!
- Fight back against the major restructuring by the Japan Post authorities!

Topics Tyota's $5,000,000 aid for the Katrina disaster: Another 'Toyota System' for conciliating power holders

A wicked attempt to control workers in the name of the 'prohibition of information leakage'
- Outrageous demands for compensation, ignoring the Labour Standard Law

On the trial over the Ishikawa group home incident
- Denounce the heavy sentence on the care worker!

After reading Kuroda's writings during the 1960 struggle against the US-Japan military alliance
- My resolve to assimilate his pathos and logos

On the poems for Amino Yoshihoko


No. 1885
(September 19th Issue)

Break through the raging ultra-reactionary offensive!
Down with the little-Hitler Koizumi government,
a servile follower to Bush!

- The 'victory' of Koizumi's LDP using Nazi-like techniques of mass manipulation
- Opposition-busting measures of Koizumi supported by the Bush administration
- A rush to the Constitutional revision, the strengthening of the military alliance and tax increases!
- Development into the age of 'a new confrontation between China and the US'
- Build a broader battlefront against the Constitutional revision, against fascism!


No reform to the dangerous high-speed nuclear breeder reactor!
- Kanazawa University students protest at the site (September 1st)

The annual all-students' assembly in Kokugakuin University
- Resolutions adopted against the Constitutional revision and destructive offensives against autonomous activities of students (July 9th)

The Japanese government and monopoly capitalists desperate to export nuclear plants to China
- A construction rush of nuclear plants in China exciting Japan, the US, Europe and Russia
- Exclusion of Japanese firms intended to shake the Koizumi government
- Japan's plan 'to reconstruct the nuclear industry' dependent on export

[3] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Videotapes for warning?: Too late to conceal the revealed trick in London
- Al-zazeera airing 'the al-Qaeda videos': A star of the Arabs falling into the hands of the Satan
- Blair's anti-terror legislation: Simply saying something sympathetic to be punished
- Don't you hear cries from the bottom of the water
- Risks of the 'risk communication' stressed in the government's annual report on nuclear power

Chinese and Russian rulers rushing to build a encircling net against the US in the name of 'anti-hegemonism'
1. A chorus against 'monopolism' or 'hegemonism': Summit talks of the six governments in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
- The US's failure in its offensive to 'export democratization' to Central Asian countries
2. Hu's China appearing as the leader of developing nations
3. Putin's Russia finding its way of survival in a strengthened tie with China

Denounce the government and monopoly capitalists for inflicting asbestos damages upon the toiling masses!
- Revealed sufferings from asbestos
- The government and monopoly capital concealed the danger
- Denounce the Rengo leadership for pardoning the government and monopoly capitalists!

Okinawa bus drivers suffering from the reconstruction of their company
- A ruthless plan of reconstruction
- Fight back against the managers and the prefectural government!

I will fight from below at my car-making workplace!
- Overtime work for three hours day by day

Topics A high school holding a send-off party for SDF officers at its teachers' room in Ishikawa Prefecture: Tokyo Governor conducting a training for teachers at an SDF military base

Stop the negative revision of the Law for Labour Hygiene!
- The government's 'measures for hard work and mental health' accepting cruel labour

Tawara Soichiro's sophistries praising Koizumi's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine
- 'The Yasukuni shrine is a 'place of pledge against war'?
- A stupid argument seeing the Greater East-Asian War as 'a failure'

Organizationaly in unity: from the diary of my organizing praxis for antiwar struggle
- Taking the advantage of a popular movie
- Overcoming faults through consultations with comrades

Reading an article on organizing praxis in The Communist
- I will break my limits through praxis!


No. 1884
(September 12th Issue)

Stop the Koizumi government
strengthening its neo-fascist ruling order!
Fight to break through the reactionary trend
towards the revision of the Constitution!

- Koizumi Jun'ichiro resorting to a fascistic method of mass manipulation
- Power strife over the strategy for survival of the Japanese state
- Okada-Ozawa's Democratic party: stressing 'Japan's subjectivity' in opposition to Koizumi as a one-sided follower to the US
- China's counteroffensive against the transformation of the US-Japan military alliance into 'an offensive and defensive alliance against China'
- Power struggles for a drastic reorganization of Japan's politics
- Down with the Koizumi-led neo-fascist government!

Denounce the US occupation forces and CIA for machinating the massacre of Iraqi Shiites on August 31st!
- An evil plot engineered to instigating religious conflicts between Sunnites and Shiites


August 7th: regional meetings of the International Antiwar Assembly
- Hokkaido (Sapporo City): Workers and students resolved to fight to stop the Constitutional revision
- Kansai (Osaka City): Filled with fighting spirits to overthrow the Koizumi government

Zengakuren: Rally in the 119th meeting of the Central Committee!
- Build up preparations for fights against the Constitutional revision and the Iraq war!

A 'gift' to Bush: Realities of the 'free nation' revealed by Hurricane Katrina
- Denounce the Bush administration for deserting poor people!
- Explosive revelations of a widening gap between rich and poor together with racial discriminations

Hu Jingtao's China challenging the 'US dollar's domination': Shock waves from the revaluation of yuan and the introduction of a currency basket
- Difference in the way of response to the US and the EU
- Measures to suppress its babble economy
- Active policies aimed to weaken the 'dollar system'
- Irrepressible structural contradictions of today's Chinese economy

Denounce malevolent revisions planned to the livelihood protection system to impose more burdens on the toiling masses!: The Constitutional right to subsistence rejected by the government
- The number of recipients increasing under the 'structural reform' led by the Koizumi government
- A negative revision of the livelihood protection system in the name of 'self-help support'

Authorities of Japan Post sticking to the failed JPS measures for productivity
- Leaders of the Japan Post Workers' Union supporting for the JPS measures
- Voices against the 'standing work' raised nation-wide

'Labour movement in the age of individuality'
- What is lectured in a special seminar for leaders trained by labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC

Topics Vice secretary of the Democratic Party: 'Reducing the postal personnel by 80000 is reasonable'

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Merkel, a dachshund, another poodle of Bush
- A JCP commentator recommending Japanese monopoly capitalists to find more profits in the Chinese market
- Putin: imitating Stalin imitating Ivan the Terrible
- A human right activist turned an aggressor against the Islamic world: Bush's DNA

Seeing myself in my alienated labour
- What I have felt in nursing care labour
- What I have thought as reading Kuroda's Logic of the Proletarian Human Being


No. 1883
(September 5th Issue)

Fight for overthrowing
the Koizumi-led neofascist government!
Denounce the Rengo leadership
supporting the Democratic Party!
Build a stronger battlefront against the Constitutional revision,
against the Iraq war,
against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

- Koizumi Jun'ichiro making desperate efforts to break through the crisis of his government
-Belligerent measures towards an 'unpatriotic privatisation of the national postal service', a strengthened military alliance with the US, and revision of the Constitution
- A drastic intensification of power strife within the Japanese ruling class
- The opening of a major political reorganization
- The Democratic Party led by Okada and Ozawa contending with Koizumi for policies under the flag of 'national interests'
- Denounce the Rengo labour aristocrats for supporting the Constitutional revision!


August 7th: regional meetings of the International Antiwar Assembly
- Tokai (Nagoya City): Filled with fighting spirits against the Constitutional revision and the stronger military alliance.
- Kyushu (Fukuoka City): Resolved to stop the planned dispatch of the 8th SDF contingent to Iraq.
(Continued on next issue)

- - A year on from the US military helicopter crash on Okinawa International University: militant OIU students leading a mass rally (August 13th) (Pic. right, upper)
- 10000 participants against the US Green Beret live-fire drill (July 19th) (Pic. right lower)

[3]National Convention of Jichiro [Prefectural / Municipal Worlers' Union]
The regular convention of the prefectural / municipal workers' union: Overwhelming voices against 'a Basic Law of Peace' to nullify war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution (August 23-26, in Kagoshima)
- Denounce the 13 Prefectural leaders for oppressing motions to save the central leadership!
- Storms of booing and heckling: encouraged by JRCL's mass propaganda to reveal crafty designs of the central leadership to support the Constitutional revision
- A joint motion from 4 Prefectures: followed by successive criticisms against the agenda
- Denounce the betrayal by the 13 Prefectural leaders for saving the central leadership!
- Denounce the central leadership for moving to scrap Article 9!
Smash the agenda demanding a 'Basic Law of Peace' to nullify Article 9!
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Worlers' Committee

[4-5] JCP
A senile chairman's manifesto against revolution: Fuwa Tetsuzo's arguments for 'democratic revolution'
1. 'A breakthrough' to the rightward in the theory of revolution
2. The criminal nature of his theory for 'reforming capitalism': Against revolution
- Scrapping even the previous line for 'revolution based on a parliamentary majority'
- The reactionary nature of his 'reform' under the banner of 'observing all articles of the Constitution'
- A trick given the name of 'socialist reform'
3. Profanities against Marx and Engels
- Pragmatic search on the classics
- Deformations and destructions of the lessons from the Paris Commune

General Federation of Private railway and Bus Workers' Unions: Voices against the Constitutional revision raised at the national convention (July 13-14)
- 'We will prevent them from revising Article 9': the central leadership pressed from below to express
- Angers against leaders accepting burdens upon workers under the 'deregulation'

Denounce the Jichiro leadership moving to nullify Article 9! Let us raise voices against the Constitutional revision from women and youth divisions!
JRCL Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
- Denounce the central leadership for deciding on the memorial day of Hiroshima its support for the 'Rengo's position' to nullify Article 9!
- Opposition to a Basic Law of Peace was decided by the Tokyo High-School teachers' Union: Now, it's our turn.
- Oppose the major restructuring in municipalities!

Topics Annual report on labour and welfare: making 'communities' responsible for aging population with the less rate of birth

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- A joint military drill: arms export from Russia to China
- Bliar: Why they shot the innocent Brazilian

Tawara Soichiro defending the JR West authorities criticised for the grave accident
- The criminal nature of the comments that the journalist wrote for Weekly Asahi

Messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly from foreign friends
- Union Pacifiste (France)

- The Marxist Platform (Russia)
- News and Letters (USA)
- Regional Party of Communists (Russia)
- North Star Compass (Canada)


No. 1882
(August 29th Issue)

Down with the neofascist Koizumi government
with the all might of the working people!

Stop every move towards the revision of the Constitution!
Oppose a drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
No privatisation of the postal service!

- Koizumi and the LDP headquarters bent on bashing intra-party opponents to the postal privatisation
- Power struggles started towards a major political reorganization of Japan
- Disagreements intensifying within the ruling class over a strategy for survival of the Japanese state
- Denounce the Rengo leadership pressing workers to support the Democratic Party, advocators for revision of the Constitutional!


August 7th: regional meetings of the International Antiwar Assembly
- Okinawa (Ginowan City): Oppose the planned 'transformation' of the US forces! Fight for the removal of the military bases! Fighting spirits renewed against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision. (Pic. right, upper).
- Hokuriku (Kanazawa City): Resolved to stop the planned drill 'against guerrilla attacks on a nuclear plant'; The revolutionary direction proposed in international solidarity with the Chinese and Korean people. (Pic. right, lower).
(Continued on next issue)

Stop the 7th dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq!
- Zengakuren Kyushu struggling on the spot (Fukuoka, July 30th)

Oppose the postal privatisation! No revision of the Constitution!
Overthrow the Koizumi-led LDP government with the all might of the working class!
- The parliamentary dissolution and the general election: with the possibility of a major split and collapse of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party
- Denounce the Democratic party of Japan's leadership competing with Koizumi for 'national interests of Japan'
- Overcome the official campaign 'against postal privatization' led by the JPU leadership dependent on intra-LDP 'opponents'!
Denounce JPU Chairman Komoda Yoshinori apologizing to postal office managers for workers' protests!

[4] National Convention of Jichiro [Prefectural / Municipal Worlers' Union]
Shatter the central leaders' agenda for 'nullifying Article 9'!
- Denounce Rengo president Sasamori and Jichiro Chairman Hitomi supporting for the Constitutional revision!
Denounce the JTU and Jichiro leaderships supporting the Rengo's position for revising the Constitution!
- Oppose the enactment of a 'Basic Law for Peace' constitutionalizing the Self-Defense Forces and their dispatch abroad!
- Fight to atop the Rengo's position for the revision adopted at its national convention in October!

[5] The recent Convention of Tokyo High-School Teachers Union
32 motions from below adopted, including that 'against a Basic Law for Peace': Resolute 'NO' voiced by THTU workers to JTU leaders' agenda
- Storms of criticism against the Wakabayashi leadership of the THTU
- Militant motions overwhelmingly adopted
- 'No revision of the Constitution' and 'Opposition to a Basic law for Peace'
- Demanding 'cancellation of the 5 agreements with the education ministry
- A bridgehead built for strengthening the struggle against the forced respect for the Rising-Sun flag and the Reign-of-the-Emperor anthem
- Voices erupted against 'destruction of trade union's democracy' by the leadership

Advance struggle against the ultra-nationalist school textbooks extolling Japan's past aggression!
- Adoption of ultra-nationalist textbooks for History and Civics stopped in many municipalities
- The 'Tsukurukai' society and its failure in the campaign for adoption
- Fight for cancellation of the adoption in solidarity with people in Asian countries!
Denounce the Suginami Ward authorities in Tokyo adopting the Tsukurukai-compiled history
- Denounce the JTU leadership abandoning the protest!

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- US-Made 'Operation Carpetbagger': politics of intimidation by the poodle for poodlization of Japan
- Rengo-sponsored meetings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: to fade the tragic experience
- 20 years on from the JAL 123 crash: a possible reason revealed for the delay of an SDF plane for relief
- Hokkaido Prefectural police: a scandal after a scandal, revealed with the intention for reshuffling the Japanese police organization

Messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly from foreign friends
- Tavini Huiratira No Te Ao Maohi (FLP)
- Mr. David McReynold (US Socialist Party, former Chairman of the War Registers league)
- EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party in Greece)
- The New Communist Party of Britain
- The Communist Party of the All Union (Bolshevik)
(Continued on next issue)


No. 1881
(August 15th Issue)

August 7th: 43rd International Antiwar Assembly
Central Meeting in Tokyo
1200 workers and students in high spirits
against the Iraq war,
against the Constitutional revision

- Together with 6 regional meetings around the country
- Keynote report: presents a revolutionary direction to break through the darkness over the 21st century world!
- Special report: issues a call, 'Break the stifling situation of labour movement in Japan!'
- Enthusiastic responses to a report from education workers
- Messages of solidarity from foreign friends
- Fight against the Constitutional revision!

Overseas Appeal for the 43rd International Antiwar Assembly Full Text

Koizumi dissolved the Diet after the rejection of his Postal Privatization Bills
Now is the time for the working people to overthrow the Koizumi-led LDP government!
- No privatisation of the postal service! No revision of the Constitution! Oppose Koizumi's visit to Yasukuini Shrine!

Zengakuren: 75th Regular National Convention (July 26-28th, Tokyo)
- Ready for struggles against revision of the Constitution, the Iraq war and the military alliance
(Pic in the right)

Nagoya: Protests against a Maritime SDF drill (July 22nd)
Kanazawa University: A campus march against the Iraq war and the Constitutional revision (July 20th)
Kagoshima University: A rally and a march against the school authorities oppressing an annual cultural festival of students

Messages of solidarity to the International Antiwar Assembly from foreign friends
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Vladimir Pronin (Ukrainian Cultural Association - Kiev Branch)
(To continued)

Pentagon-run units for clandestine operations: 'Strategic Support Branch (SSB)'
- Engaged in secret manoeuvres in Iraq: conspiratorial 'terrors' and assassinations to instigate religious antagonism
- Reorganization of the US intelligence organizations
- Denounce the Bush administration resorting to state conspiracies!

How the introduction of electronic clinical record cards have changed my workplace
- Teamwork between nurses being jeopardized
- Technicality of medical workers being declined
- Severely intensified labour and aggravated alienation based on computerization

The miserable end of the 'party for the protection of the Constitution'
'Constitutional discussion' theory presented by the Social Democratic Party of Japan in the name of 'sorting the points in dispute'
(Continued from the previous issue)
- Lacking in a sense of crisis against the intensification of the Japanese neo-fascist ruling order
- Supporting a 'better bill for the national referendum'
- Fight it out by overcoming the ruinous 'party for the defence of the Constitution'!

AFL-CIO split
- Breakaway of major industrial federations against the Sweeny leadership
- Bush and Republicans scheming to undermine the supporting basis for Democrats
- Disagreements sharpening among labour aristocrats under the changing structure of industries

Hokkaido Teachers' Union
- JRCL propaganda to the regular convention (June 21st, Sapporo)

Topics 'Mental health inquiries' conducted by the Japan Socio-Economic Productivity Centre: Look at devastating consequences of the major restructuring!

[7] Kaleidoscope 2005
- Rumsfeld and the deadline for US withdrawal from Uzbekistan: in 180 days
- 'Ground Zero Theatre' in Las Vegas: mad fools
- The US government protesting Russia's deportation of an ABC reporter: and what about bombing Al-Jazeera branches?
- Toyota's gift to today's czer
- Return to the Keiretsu system: automakers' way of survival

Human beings endangered
(Continued from the previous issue)

Next issue is No. 1882, dated August 29th.


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