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No. 2500
(January 1st 2018 Issue)

Fight for the advancement of the
anti-Stalinist communist movement!

Organize a struggle
to eradicate the danger of a nuclear war
and the imposition of poverty on workers and people!

I. The 21st-century world amid a confrontation between US imperialism and China-Russia
A. An impending nuclear Korean war: a hair-trigger situation in East Asia
B. The world under 'war, oppression and poverty'

- Middle East: struggles are erupting against US imperialism, against Zionism, with war fires expanding
- The Trump administration and a death agony of US imperialism
- Xi Jinping-led China is making a arrogant move under the slogan a 'powerful socialist country'
- Putin is hell-bent on the 'restoration of strong Russia'
- Working people are thrown into a '21st-century type' poverty amid the globalization of capital

C. The neo-fascist Abe government is moving towards participation in a war and the revision of the Constitution
- The bankruptcy of Abenomics is now evident; the government is scheming to make workers and people 'pay the bill'
- The JRCL-led revolutionary left have been fighting against the reactionary offensive of the government, denouncing the betrayals of the JTUC labour aristocrats and the JCP bureaucrats

II. Let us create an upsurge in the antiwar, anti-US-Japan military alliance struggle! Shatter every offensive of revising the Constitution!
A. Rise up against a nuclear Korean war, against Japan's entry into a war!
B. Don't allow the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution! Smash a scheme to insert a new clause that authorizes a PM to hold vast emergency powers!
C. Shatter the historic revision of labour laws!

III. One hundred years after the Russian Revolution: Let us strive for further advances in the anti-Stalinist movement!
A. A historic horizon opened up by the Russian Revolution and the criminal nature of Stalinism
B. Let us carve out a 'second century of proletarian revolution'!

Anger exploded at the falling of a weighty US military helicopter window
on an elementary school ground

'Remove all US bases at once! Crush Ampo [US-Japan military alliance]!'
Workers, students and citizens rose in an emergency protest on December 13th,
Ginowan, Okinawa
Militant students fought in the van,
at Ginowan City Hall near US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

'Stop the new embankment work! Stop the marine transport of building stone!

Thousands gathered in Henoko to block the new US base construction,
December 2nd
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students strived together with workers and citizens of Okinawa,
in front of the US Camp Schwab gate


A New Year's cartoon
The Last Judgment: An Updated Version: A contemporary adaptation of masterpieces of Michelangelo, Bosch and P. Bruegel


The Trump-led United States in historic decline

I. Warmongering Trump is stirring up conflicts in the Korean peninsula and the Middle East
A. Trump is pushing forward preparations for a pre-emptive attack on North Korea
B. Trump arrogantly recognized Jerusalem as the 'capital' of Israel
II. A major upheaval in the contemporary world caused by the Trump administration
- Trump was led by the nose in China: the meaning of his round of visits to Asian countries
- The United States is isolating itself from the rest of the world
- Trump's National Security Strategy: a desperate attempt for survival
- The US is selling tons of arms to its sole 'vassal state', Japan

III. 'Tramponomics' is totally bankrupt:
The animated appearance of the US economy is only a pretence maintained by an increase in military production

- The Trump administration is shaken by the disclosure of the 'Russia-gate' scandal
- The 'hollowing out of the manufacturing industry' is becoming more and more serious due to Trump's immigration control


New Year's resolutions

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Hokuriku Regional Committee
The Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
The Postal Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
District-based General Workers Committee

Struggles in 2017@

'For a second century of proletarian revolution!'
- Revolutionary, militant workers and students made a fresh resolve, JRCL public political meeting on the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Nov. 12th, Tokyo
(centre, under the title)

Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!: struggles on land and sea

- 'Block the new embankment work!' A resolute protest in front of the Camp Schwab gate, Oct. 7th, Henoko, Okinawa
(top, right)
- 'Remove all US bases!' A 'sit-in' on the sea by a flotilla of about 70 canoes; Students fought in the van, Oct. 25th, Henoko
(second from top, right)

Militant students fought together with workers and citizens all over Japan

- A protest against the Ground SDF landing exercise, July 9th, Hamataiki, Hokkaido
(third from bottom, right)
- A protest rally against a Korean war and against the Abe government, Sept. 19th, Nagoya
(second from bottom, right)
- 'Stop the restart of Genkai nuclear reactors!' Feb. 18th, Saga
(bottom, right)
- 'Remove the US X-band radar base!' Nov. 5th, Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture
(second from bottom, centre)
- 'Stop a nuclear Korean war!' Sept.19th, Kanazawa
(bottom, centre)

'Stop a nuclear Korean War! Block the revision of the constitution!'
Voices of Zengakuren students and Antiwar Youths echoed through the metropolis

- Braving suppression by police power, Zengakuren marched through the streets of Shinjuku, in opposition to the US-Japan summit meeting, Nov. 5th
(top, left)
- 'Stop the constitutional revision!' Despite a pouring rain, white-helmeted students and workers marched spiritedly on the Diet Building, Oct. 29th
(second from top, left)

'Shatter the enactment of the conspiracy bill! Topple down the Abe government!'

- 'Block the passage of the conspiracy bill in the Upper House!' Zengakuren fought through the night, in front of the Diet Building, June 14th
(second from bottom, left)
- 'Repeal the Conspiracy Law!' Students fought with workers and citizens, Sept. 15th, Hibiya, Tokyo
(bottom, left)


No. 2499
(December 17th 2017 Issue)

Stop a nuclear Korean war!
Don't allow US, Japanese South Korean rulers to launch a military attack on North Korea!
No to the nuclear missile development by the North Korean Kim regime!

- The US, Japanese and South Korean governments are conducting provocative military manoeuvres; Confrontation between the US-Japan-South Korea and North Korea is intensifying
- The Trump administration is pushing forward preparations for a nuclear 'pre-emptive' attack on North Korea
-- Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital: an act of warmongering to expand war over the Middle East and Asia
- Chinese and Russian rulers are opposing US's military measures for their own national interests
- The Abe government is moving headlong towards Japan's participation in the war on North Korea and a massive increase in armaments
- Rise up against a nuclear Korean war, against Japan's entry into the war and against the revision of the Constitution!

Denounce the Trump administration's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital!


Don't allow the Abe government to cover up the Moritomo and Kake school scandals!

'No to the deployment of F-35 and FA-18 fighter jets at Iwakuni!'

Kobe Univ. students fought with workers and citizens against the deployment of fighter aircraft at US Iwakuni Base,
Yamaguchi Pref., November 26th
'Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!' Students raised their fists at US Iwakuni base, in front of the base gate
Protesters staged a demonstration in the city streets of Iwakuni

'Don't allow the construction of a final nuclear disposal site in Hokkaido!'

Thousands gathered to oppose the planned construction in Horonobe,
Hokkaido, November 23rd
'We'll stop the disposal site construction!'
'No to Japan's nuclear development and nuclear armament!'

Militant students voiced their fighting spirit with workers and citizens

No to the introduction of long-range cruise missiles to the Japan Self-Defence Forces!

Thwart the Abe government's attempt to acquire 'capabilities to attack enemy bases'!

Rationalization of distribution in post offices:

The management has launched a fierce offensive in the name of
'setting up new regional distribution offices and integrating mail service'
No to dismissals! Shatter the imposition of redeployment and intensified labour on desk workers!

I. How is the 'integration of mail service' being promoted?
II. Reorganization of labour organizations in working places is causing harsher labour
III. Fight back against rationalization! Oppose the oppression of workers' struggle by the union leadership that have yielded to the management!

Monopoly capitalists are preparing countermeasures against the 2018 spring labour offensive

The end they have in view is to 'increase productivity' by means of Abe's 'work style reform'

The harsh reality of workplaces in the electrical industry amid the offensive of Abe's 'work style reform'

- Workers are forced to do more and more intensified labour and 'upgrade' their skills
- Union leaders are fully cooperating with management in the name of 'improving productivity'

Workers' anger erupted over Abe's 'work style reform' and against union leaders' acceptance of it
A JTUC Ishikawa workers' year-end rally in Kanazawa,
Ishikawa Pref., November 8th

What lies behind the suicide committed by a junior high student in Fukui Prefecture
The prefectural education board had been frantic to emphasize the 'importance of increasing the academic ability' of students

News from campus

The 57th Kagoshima University Festival was held successively,
November 9th-13th
An ideological foothold was established for staving off a nuclear war

The 71st Aichi University Festival,
November 4th-5th
Militant students carried out creative projects to forge theoretical weapons against fascism

The 135th Wakagi [Sapling] Festival in Kokugakuin University, November 3rd-5th
Students realized a 'festival of university autonomy and culture',
sounding an alarm bell to the move towards Japan's participation in a war and the revision of the Constitution

A list of main articles published in Kaihoh in 2017


No. 2498
(December 11th 2017 Issue)

Denounce the firing of another intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea!
Stave off a military attack on North Korea by the US, South Korea and Japan!
Rise in action against a nuclear Korean war!
Down with the Abe government hell-bent on entering a war and revising the Constitution!

Block the reactionary revision of labour laws!
Shatter all the attempts to strengthen exploitation by the Abe government and monopoly capitalists!
Smash Abe's 'work style reform' that imposes an intensification of labour and low wages!

-- The Abe government is crying out 'revolution in productivity'
-- It is scheming to fundamentally break up the eight-hour working day system
-- It aims to 'liberalize' dismissals and promote the 'independent contractor' system
Definitely no to the 'improvement of productivity' and mass dismissals based on the introduction of artificial intelligence technology and ICT!
Denounce JTUC leaders' repeated treacheries! Let us fight firmly against the revision of labour laws!

Stop the Trump administration from attacking North Korea!
The warmongering administration is bent on developing and actually using 'usable nukes'

Condemn the drunken driving and killing of an Okinawan worker by a US Marine!
Workers and students rose in an emergency protest action in front of the US headquarters at Ishinda,
Okinawa, November 22nd
'Remove all the bases!' 'US forces Out!'
Indignant protesters raised their fists at the US headquarters

Voices against the revision of the Constitution, against Japan's participation in a war resounded through city streets,
Kanazawa, November 11th
'Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
Kanazawa Univ. students staged a demonstration together with trade union workers in spite of heavy rain

Against the development of the nuclear fuel cycle! No to the restart of nuclear reactors!
Kanazawa Univ. students fought in the forefront
'Scrap the fast-breeder reactor Monju!' National Rally in Fukui, November 5th
'Stop the restart of nuclear reactor operations!
No to the 'plutonium-thermal project'!'

The 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution
Photos of the revolution exhibited in the JRCL political meeting (Part 3)

The JRCL appeals to the working people all over the world

- Based on proletarian internationalism, let us fight to stave off a nuclear war!
- Awake to the anti-Marxist nature of Stalinism!
- Rally under the banner of anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism!
Click to see the full text

No to the imposition of extremely intensified labour on postal workers
due to a dramatic increase in the number of 'Yu-packs'
[postal packages]!

Don't allow automobile monopolies to exploit irregular employees
by forcing short-term contracts, low wages and long working hours on them!

They are taking mean advantage of a legal loophole to secure 'cheap, disposable labour-power'

The Tokyo Metropolitan government has set out putting pressure on its affiliated, metropolitan-financed outsourcing companies
to exploit workers 'more effectively'

The Abe government revised a law for a new employment system
Don't allow municipal governments to promote the replacement of regular workers by irregular staff!

The 'independence' of Catalonia:
Ethnic and regional divisions are deepening
- What lies behind the revolt against the central government of Spain?
-- The rise of ethno-nationalism
- Social and economic contradictions are intensifying under Germany-led EU regulations
- Working class struggles are in confusion under the influence of an ideology called 'de-ideologization'

The civil war in Spain remains imprinted in the memory of Catalan people


No. 2497
(December 4th 2017 Issue)

Create a tremendous surge of struggle against the revision of the Constitution!
Stop a nuclear Korean war! Shatter the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Advance towards the overthrow of the Abe government!

'Condemn the drunken driving by a US Marine, causing an accident that claimed the life of an Okinawan worker! Not a single US base!'
Resentful people rose in an emergency action in Okinawa, November 22nd

- Abe is strengthening the NSC autocracy; taking advantage of an overwhelming majority in Diet, he has started moving towards the effectuation of the constitutional revision
-- Abe is hell-bent on building up the US-Japan military alliance; he is stepping forward towards Japan's participation in a Korean war
- The confrontation between the US and North Korea is continuing; the threat of a nuclear Korean war is intensifying
- Let us fight dauntlessly denouncing Japanese Communist Party leaders' plunge into a position of 'defending the homeland'!

'No to the US-Japan summit meeting!'

Workers and students' united action fought in Kyushu,
November 5th
'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Overturn the Abe government!' White-helmeted fighters held a militant demonstration
in the city streets of Fukuoka


'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Stop the constitutional revision!'

Zengakuren Kansai fought together with tens of thousands of protesters
Action against constitutional revision in Osaka, November 3rd
Zengakuren students strived for a militant upsurge of the demonstration

'No to the US-Japan summit talks!'
Students fought holding up a huge banner in the rally

'Oppose Trump-Abe summit talks! Crush the US-Japan military alliance!'

Kanazawa Univ. students fought in the van of the citizens' rally
No to the constitutional revision!' Rally in Kanazawa, November 3rd
'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Militant students clenched their fists in the march

Thousands of workers and citizens rose against the revision of Article 9
Citizens' rally against constitutional revision in Fukuoka, November 3rd
The JRCL called on participants to strengthen a battle front against fascism with the aim of toppling the Abe government


The 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution

Photos of the revolution exhibited in the JRCL political meeting (Part 2)

On the centenary of the Russian Revolution
We shall carve out the second century of revolution

Disclose the foulness in the business recovery of electrical monopolies from financial difficulties
at the cost of great many workers fired and laid off!

The management is enforcing one downsizing after another with the union leaders' total acceptance of the management plan
Sony: Many elderly employees are being sent to so-called 'rooms for restructuring',
-----------where they are deprived of their jobs and are forced to 'resign of their own accord'

The JCP-affiliated leadership simply yells for a 'deepening of coalition among citizens and "constitutional" opposition parties'
-- The 'action plan' for the 2018 spring 'national joint' offensive of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions]

Militant education workers made efforts to realize fruitful discussions
in the national education research conference of Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]
They strived hard to call forth opinions about the need to resolutely oppose the reactionary revision
of the Education Ministry's Guidelines for School Teaching


- Trump exactly wants 'business', to which Abe has got no choice but to say, '
OK, Donald. We'll buy more US-made weapons'

- '
To form a coalition with the SPD, or to hold another election...': Merkel is in a fix


No. 2496
(November 27th 2017 Issue)

The 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
The JRCL public political meeting
November 12th, Tokyo
Worker and student comrades made a firm resolution
to strive for the second century of revolution
All comrades strengthened the ideological and organizational bridgehead
aimed to revolutionize the dark 21st-century world

'Fight it out!' Participants raised a chorus of yells with pride and confidence in the anti-Stalinist movement

Let us make a big advance in the anti-Stalinist movement!:

the keynote speech
-- Eradicate the danger of a nuclear war and brutal oppression!
-- Let us make Comrade Kuroda's revolutionary spirit our own!
-- Take a giant step forward under the banner of 'anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism'!

Photos of the October Revolution in the hall uplifted revolutionary enthusiasm

Powerful resolves were expressed from both the labour and student fronts
- We are advancing the struggle against the new US base construction in Henoko:
a worker comrade from the labour front in Okinawa
- Let us strengthen the anti-Stalinist movement with Kuroda's theory of organizing praxis engraved in our minds!:
an education worker from Hokkaido
- We've fought out the struggle against Trump's visit to Japan:
the Chairman of Zengakuren

'Remove the US X-band radar base!'
Protesters staged a resolute demonstration

November 5th, Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture

Militant students fought in the forefront of the demo
calling on people to oppose the US-Japan summit talks


Workers and students' united actions: fought nationwide against a nuclear Korean war
October 29th
Naha, Okinawa

'Stop the US base construction in Henoko! No to the constitutional revision!'

White-helmeted militants staged a big demonstration in the main street of the city
Demonstrators received a warm welcome from citizens on the roadside

The solidarity rally prior to the march

Osaka, Kansai District
'No to Trump's visit to Japan! No to the US-Japan summit meeting!'

Workers and students clenched their fists at the US Consulate General
Braving the raging wind and rain, militants advanced


The 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution

Photos of the revolution exhibited in the JRCL political meeting (Part 1)


No to the reactionary revision of the personnel and wage systems
in subsidiary companies posed by the NTT East Japan management!

Denounce the degenerate NTT Union leadership for submissively accepting the management plan!



JTUC leaders justify their ultra-low wage demands for the 2018 spring labour offensive
They say their task is to '
help workers feel safe and make them think their wages will continue to rise' (!!)

From a worker comrade
who rose in the October 29th Workers and students' united action
'I've resolved to advance for a change of this critical world and of myself together with comrades'

Oppose the US and Russian military intervention in Syria!
Shatter the barbarism and brutality of the Al-Assad regime!
The civil war in Syria plunged into a new phase

A. The Islamic State now scattering after the fall of its footholds
B. The extension of a Kurdish military force supported by US forces
C. The growing danger of a 'direct clash' between the US and Russia


No. 2495
November 20th 2017 Issue)

No to Trump's visit to Japan!
No to the US-Japan summit meeting!

Zengakuren held a militant demonstration against Trump-Abe summit talks
November 5th, Tokyo
Stop a nuclear Korean war!
Shatter the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

Braving suppression by police power, militant students marched through the streets of Shinjuku

Standing up to oppression by the police, Zengakuren marched along the highway, west of Shinjuku

Zengakuren's fight evoked sympathy for their appeal
among workers and the masses

- Fight resolutely under the slogan, '
No to the nuclear capability race between the US/Japan/South Korea and North Korea-China/Russia!'
- Condemn the JCP leadership's abandonment of opposition against the US-Japan military alliance!


'Stop the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution! Down with the Abe government!'

Tens of thousands of workers, students and citizens rose in a 'Besiege the Diet' action
November 3rd
Militant students called on people to oppose the US-Japan summit meeting, in front of the Diet Building

Protesters crowded around the Diet Building

A hard blow to the move towards constitutional revision accelerated by the Abe-led Liberal Democratic Party!


Workers and students' united actions: fought nationwide against a nuclear Korean war

October 29th

Sapporo, Hokkaido:
Workers and students marched on the US Consulate General
Demonstrators marched along the streets of Sapporo

A high-spirited solidarity rally prior to the march

Nagoya, Tokai District: White-helmeted militants charged at the LDP local office
Demonstraters advanced resolutely in the face of a raging typhoon

'No to the US-Japan summit meeting!'

Zengakuren Hokkaido made an ardent appeal in front of Sapporo Station,
November 15th

Postal labour front

No to the sale of New Year cards newly imposed on workers!
Crush the utmost intensification of labour in the busiest, year-end and new year period!

1. Reveal the deceptiveness of the management's new plan for selling New Year post cards
2. Merciless schemes for cost reduction
3. Denounce the JP Union leadership's cooperation in the management's plan! Fight firmly against the offensive!

The government is monitoring all your personal information; enterprises make full use of it

The LDP's near-fraudulent plan for
'free education':
Students will have to pay back in full after graduation the 'subsidies' they receive from the government

Absolutely no to the drastic cut in local government workers' wages!
Smash the strengthening of labour management!

Don't allow the 'work style reform' promoted by the Governor Koike-led Metropolitan authorities!

The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee of the JRCL

PM Abe's deceitful '
request for a 3 percent wage increase' to monopoly capitalists
Let us win a big, across-the-board wage hike in the 2018 spring labour offensive!

Stop the resumption of the Genkai No. 3 and No. 4 nuclear reactor operations!

Rise in a rally due on December 2nd in Karatsu, near Genkai Power Station, against the restart of reactors!


Don't allow the start of a new embankment work in Henoko!

Militant students fought in the van of the struggles against the US base construction in Okinawa

November 4th

Protesters formed a tight scrum and blocked the gate used for construction vehicles

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students held up the sign,
'No to the US-Japan summit !'

October 25th
A flotilla of about 80 canoes carried out a 'sit-in' on the sea

Militant students raised a placard saying
Remove all the bases!'

'No US base!'
Workers and students on shore fought
in unity with the canoe team on sea

November 5th
Zengakuren Okinawa staged a protest against Trump's visit to Japan and the summit talks, in front of the US Kadena military base
'No to the US-Japan summit meeting!'
Students raised fisted hands at the Kadena base


No. 2494
(November 13th 2017 Issue)

Block the constitutional revision!
Stop a nuclear Korean War!
No to the Trump-Abe meeting!
Overthrow the Abe government!

Voices echoed through the metropolis
Zengakuren and Anti-war Youths held a resolute demonstration,
October 29th

'No to Trump's visit to Japan!' Zengakuren and antiwar youths marched through the centre of Tokyo despite heavy rain

- White-helmeted students and workers marched on the Diet Building, the US Embassy, and on the PM's Official Residence
- A counteroffensive was declared against the Abe government: the solidarity rally
- A delegate from the JRCL made a passionate solidarity appeal
- Stop a nuclear Korean war! Never ever allow the revision of the Constitution!
---Create a huge uplift in the anti-Abe government struggle!

Shatter every move to revise the Constitution!

- Don't allow the destruction of Article 9 of the Constitution! Don't give a prime minister an authority to declare a state of emergency!
- Stop Japan's entry into a war on North Korea!
- Don't allow the JCP's descent into a position to 'defend the homeland'!
- Build up an extensive battle front with the aim of overthrowing the neo-fascist Abe government!

'Stop the constitutional revision!' 'Down with the Abe government!'

'Halt the embankment work!'
(pic left) Workers and citizens raised their fists in response to militant students' calls, 'Besiege the Diet' action, November 3rd
(pic right) Hundreds of protesters gathered against the new measures taken by the government for the US base construction in Henoko, Okinawa, November 4th

The referendum over the independence of Kurds: frustrated

The Middle East is undergoing a major upheaval after the extinction of the Islamic State

'Stop the revision of Article 9!'
Students of Kagoshima University held a campus meeting against the constitutional revision,
October 27th
Students fought with a fresh resolve to stop a nuclear Korean war

The Abe government headlong into war in cahoots with Trump-led US imperialism

-- An analysis of the 'Defense of Japan 2017'

1. 'Expansion of Japan's role in the US-Japan alliance' is declared
2. The 'threats' of North Korea and China are emphasized
3. The defense paper cries out for the need to strengthen the US-Japan nuclear military alliance and bolster the Japanese military


A Finance Ministry council proposed drastic cuts in payments for medical treatment and care services

Beat back management's forceful demand on middle-aged/elderly workers to resign!: A case of an IT company

Crooked business of
'helping workers get loans against their salaries' is rampant
Loan sharks are acting in league with employers who are forcing low-wage workers to lead a 'hand-to-mouth life'

The reactionary nature of the Abe government's measures to reduce extremely long working hours of education workers

Let us achieve radical improvement in the working conditions of teachers and other staff working in schools!


- One hundred years after the Balfour Declaration:
Theresa May's arrogance and Mahmoud Abbas' submission

- The assassination of an uncompromising journalist in Malta

- Don't allow the Abe government to sacrifice the elderly, socially disadvantaged people!


No. 2493
(November 6th 2017 Issue)

No to Trump's visit to Japan!
No to the US-Japan summit meeting!
Stop the neo-fascist Abe government
rushing to revise the Constitution, to enter into a war!

- Rulers of the US, Japan and Korea are escalating military intimidation against North Korea
- Chinese and Russian rulers are strengthening measures to counter the USfs aggressive policies
- The Abe-led LDP is preparing a parliamentary proposal for the constitutional revision
-- Because of the official opposition leadershipsf treacheries and degeneration, constitutional revisionists commanded an absolute majority in the House
- Condemn the Japanese Communist Party for starting to say Self-Defence Forces are constitutional! Fight indomitably to stop a nuclear Korean war, to oppose the constitutional revision!
-- Fortify the battlefront of the working class and march on with the aim of overthrowing the Abe government!

eNo to Trumpfs visit to Japan! Stop the revision of the Constitution!f Zengakuren and militant workers held a resolute demonstration in the face of a typhoon, October 29th, Tokyo
eRemove all the US bases!f Adamant students fought in the van of the flotilla of over 70 canoes, October 25th, Henoko, Okinawa

The Trump administration is conducting preliminary exercises for a war against North Korea


War preparation against North Korea pushed forward (Part 2)

Missile-attack evacuation drills are conducted across the country
The Abe government is bent on strengthening todayfs version of a wartime national mobilization system

No to the intensification of labour and tightening of labour management by the Japan Post management!

Workers are compelled to work in extreme tension amid a campaign to eeradicate job accidentsf for higher productivity
Denounce the degenerate union leadership for helping the campaign!


The anti-working class method of eunionizationf by UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workersf Unions]
Labour aristocrats are forming trade unions in cooperation with management for the edevelopment of companiesf

The JTUC leadership agrees to low wages and long working hours
Expose deceptions in JTUCfs
ebasic planf for the 2018 spring labour offensive!

The neo-fascist nature of the new official guidelines for school teaching

Implantation in children of an
eawareness of being the members of the Japanese nationf: the case of social studies

eQuestionnaires about teachersf conducted on high-school students in Osaka Prefecture:
The local government uses the replies for its arbitrary ejob evaluationf to divide and control education workers

Japanfs military budget for the next year will amount to a record high of eight trillion yen

The Abe government, Trumpfs yes-man, is buying huge amounts of US-made weapons, irrespective of prices or delivery dates

Chinafs first space station has got out of control

Another fact is disclosed:
US forces stationed in Okinawa got ready to fire off nuclear-tipped Mace B missiles to attack China
at the time of the Cuban crisis in 1962


No. 2492
(October 30th 2017 Issue)

No to Trump's visit to Japan!
No to the US-Japan summit meeting!
Stop a nuclear Korean war!
Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

Shatter the constitutional revision schemed by the Abe government!

- 'Defend the nation against the North Korean threat!' Abe secured a majority in the House through neo-fascist propaganda
- The treachery of the JTUC
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] leadership and the submission of the Japanese Communist Party to Abe's anti-North Korean agitation
- Don't allow the Abe government to participate in Trump's war and to revise the Constitution!

Putin-led Russia is giving stronger protection to the 'Kim Dynasty'

Stop the construction of a new embankment!

Workers, students and residents rose to block new steps taken for the construction of a US military base in Henoko,
Okinawa, October 7th
'Stop Trump's attack on North Korea!' 'Marines, out!'
Students and workers encircled a bus loaded with US marines, in front of a US camp

'Against the restart of nuclear reactors! Against the revision of the Constitution!'

Voices of protest resounded through the city
Thousands of people gathered in a 'Sayonara to Nukes!' Rally in Hokkaido,
October 9th
'No to nuclear development! No to the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!' The broad avenue echoed with protesters' cries

Condemn the JCP leaders for starting to say,
'Self-Defence Forces are legal' !

War preparation against North Korea pushed forward
(Part 2)

Reinforcement of the US Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture
as a forward base to be used for attacking North Korea and China

Stop the deployment and reinforcement of SDF troops in the Sakishima Islands in Okinawa Prefecture!

The 65th regular convention of Denki Rengo
[Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Unions]
Denounce the labour aristocrats for assisting the labour reform promoted by monopoly capitalists!

Another falling accident resulting in a worker's death at a New Nagoya-Kobe Expressway construction site

[West Nippon Expressway Company] is victimizing workers for rushing to the opening of a new expressway


The JCP-affiliated leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions], immersed in a campaign to 'achieve the demands of citizens',
is undermining trade union unity by urging its members into vote-gathering activities

Japan Railway Kyushu

Big failures in railway operations occurred in succession due to 'corner cutting' on preventive maintenance checks
Denounce the management's cuts in personnel!

Don't allow the lifting of a ban on unlicensed taxi operation in the name of 'ride sharing'!


The promotion of oil shale mining is causing frequent earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA
Environmental destruction is being accelerated under the Trump administration

Opioid addiction is spreading over the United States


No. 2491
(October 23rd 2017 Issue)

100 years after the Russian Revolution
Rally to the JRCL public political meeting on November 12th!
Fortify the revolutionary bridgehead for eradicating the cause of 'war and fascism'!

- 'Stop a nuclear Korean war!'
With responsibility and enthusiasm, the JRCL is striving in the van of the international antiwar struggle
-- No to the strengthening of the NSC-helmed Japanese neo-fascist ruling system!
- Revive the revolutionary spirit of the Russian Revolution and take another step forward!
-- The Great October Revolution: its world-historical significance is immortal
Rally around the banner of 'anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism'!

'We denounce CH53 air crash!'
Zengakuren made a vehement protest in front of the US military headquarters in Okinawa,
October 12th
'Denounce the US military aircraft crash!'

Zengakuren Okinawa staged an emergency protest action against the air accident
where a US Marine helicopter crashed and burst into flames on a privately owned meadowland

October 12th, near Henoko, Okinawa
(pic right) Brushing aside police checks, militant students closed in on the former foreign minister Kishida's motorcade, near the scene of the crash
(pic left) Okinawa Int'l Univ. and Ryukyu Univ. students hailed angry chants in front of the police cordon just before the crash site

The driver's sudden death from a heart attack was caused by continued many hours of overtime and holiday duties

-- The truth behind the recent 'nearly terrible' expressway bus accident

'Stop a nuclear Korean war! Down with the Abe government!'
Militant students of Kobe and Nara Women's Universities made an ardent call on workers and citizens
in a busy street of Kobe,
September 23rd

From a worker comrade who attended the 55th International Antiwar Assembly in Tokyo
'I've decided to do my best, starting with the reforging of myself, to make a leap forward'

War preparation against North Korea pushed forward
(Part 1)

Exercise Northern Viper:
US and Japanese forces held an aggressive joint field training exercise in Hokkaido by mobilizing MV22 Ospreys, August 10th-29th

US and Japanese military bases in Kyushu are being strengthened as the front line of the planned attack on North Korea
- This is a rehearsal of the US-Japan integrated forcesfor for attacking North Korea
- Japanese air force fighters frequently escort US Air Force B1 Bombers flying to the Korean Peninsula
- US and Japanese naval forces are getting prepared to intercept North Korean missiles

The new JTUC leadership has opted to support a newly formed political party led by Yuriko Koike
who endorses the constitutional revision and the War Law

-- A report on the 15th regular convention of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation
Fight resolutely with the aim of 'deconstructing' the JTUC!

Expose the deception of the Abe government!:
'Improvements in the treatment of immigrant workers employed under the Technical Internship Program' have turned out a downright lie

Crush low wages and long working hours!
-- A report on the 84th regular convention of Shitetsu Soren
[Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]
Let us fight firmly, overcoming the union leadership's campaign to
'demand the implementation of effective traffic policies' for the 'revitalization of the industry'!


- Internal conflicts in the White House, which is standing on the edge of a precipice

- 'Nuclear sharing'?: Some politicians have openly started advocating Japan's need to be armed with nuclear weapons

- Russia held the biggest ever military exercise with Belarus: It's another of Putin's ambitions that lies behind it

- Padded GDP figures: Abenomics, a web of lies, is totally bankrupt


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