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No. 1930
(August 7th Issue)

For the August 6th International Antiwar Assembly

Denounce the Israeli aggression against Lebanon
at the instigation of the Bush Empire!
Fight against the building of a war system
against China and North Korea!

- The impending crisis of a Fifth Middle East War
- Clashes over the DPRK launch of missiles between the US plus Japan and China plus Russia
- American and Japanese imperialist powers rushing to strengthen their offensive and defensive alliance against China and Russia
- Build up the subjective forces to break through the crisis of warfare!

Stop the moved up deployment of PAC3 missiles!
- Workers and students demonstrate in front of the US Kadena Air Base in Okinawa (July 19)
(Pic left)

Appeal against the Israeli aggression in Lebanon (July 20th, Osaka)

A military drill for US Air special squads planned on the Nagaragawa River: disclosed and cancelled

Denounce the dangerous accident of the Fifth Reactor at the Hamaoka nuclear plant!

Fight against the planned participation by US forces in Tokyo prefectural disaster drills!

US-obedient 'deregulations in the construction industry' led by the Koizumi government: What underlies the exposed scandal related to quake-proof construction

The global-wide regrouping of the steel industry


Fight back against offensives for cuts in wages and jobs against public workers!

The Jichiro leadership diving on the ranks to an Industrial Patriotic Movement

The second central action of public workers' unions
(July 19th)

Topics A renewing system planned to be introduced for teachers' licence: aimed to expel teachers critical of the government


The new system of nursing care started: destructive for seniors' life

The number of recalled Toyota cars rapidly rising

[8] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Arms import of Venezuela stopped from the US: then from Russia
- Boycott of a Dubai-financed port company
- Zidane and his revolt


No. 1929
(July 31st Issue)

Denounce the Warmongering
by the Bush Emperor!
Smash the belligerent measures
against North Korea and China
by the Koizumi administration!
Fight to advance struggles
against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!

- The Summit Meeting turned a stage of confrontations between G7 and BRIC nations
- Over a 'sanction' against the DPRK: clashes between the US-Japan and China-Russia
- The Bush administration and the Israeli rulers in an international isolation
- Ultra-reactionary moves of the Koizumi government and new developments of the power strife within the Japanese ruling class
- Denounce the central JCP leadership betraying its nature as war assistant!: 'Choices must include sanctions'

Zengakuren students
closing in on an LCAC landing craft
Workers and students
protesting aroud the landed LCAC

Stop the SDF drills!
- A militant protest against the landing drill on Hamataiki beach in Hokkaido (July 7th)
(Pics above)

Kagoshima University: a demonstration under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance (June 29th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Ukraine: the US product refused
- Koizumi's funny performances: disgrace on the country
- Two suns can shine at an international conference in Africa
- Initiative for national security related foreign languages?
- The 'e-Japan': anti-patriotic state project

Response from below to the governmental plan for the worst revision in the civil service system:
The Takagi leadership in Rengo assisting the government with the strengthening of the neo-fascistic ruling order

- Supportive responses to the internal ministry's project for 'a new public space'
- A revised interpretation of 'public service' dependent on the public economics
- Deceptive idea of 'cooperation' for 'a new publicity'
- Assistance with the massive sackings of public workers
- A complete surrender to neo-liberalism

Afghanistan: the Bush Empire cornered by an all-out offensive by Taliban


Indignation of taxi driving workers suffering 'deregulations'

Antiwar struggles from each working place: a discussion organized by a chemical industrial worker

Topics A 'basic law for suicide prevention': covering up the root causes

Fukui Prefecture: placed under a wartime order on the pretext of North Korean missile tests
- Stop the building of today's version of the national mobilization system!

Intensified confrontation over the South Pacific Ocean between Japan and China:
the Fourth Pacific Island Leaders Meeting

Book Review Investigation of Chinese Farmers
- Miseries of the rural population in China


No. 1928
(July 24th Issue)

August 6th International Antiwar Assembly
Oppose the belligerent measures
by US and Japanese governments
preparing for military action against North Korea!
Denounce the aggressive attacks on Hamas and Hezbollah
by the Israeli government!
Denounce the warmongerings
by the Bush Empire!

Marching on the Israeli embassy (July 8th) In front of the US embassy

Denounce Israel's aggression against Palestine!
- Zengakuren demonstrates with anger on the Israeli and US embassies (July 8th, Tokyo)
(Pics above)

Smash the US-Japan summit talk!
- Okinawa Kengakuren protest against the US consulate (June 29th)

For the 76th Convention of Zengakuren

Reporting a JCP lecture meeting at the Chuo University
- The head of the central Secretariat balking before criticisms from militant students

Okinawa Kengakuren denouncing Koizumi's attendance at a prefectural war memorial ceremony (June 23rd)

The Bush Empire fearing for the collapse of its single domination of the world
I. 'Escape forward' of the doddering empire
- Another warmongering
- A transitional period of the retreat from Iraq
II. A strategy for breaking through the crisis given the name of 'battles against totalitarianism'
(1) 'To prevent China and Russia from becoming rivals': a re-established objective
(2) Global transformation of the US-led alliance system
(3) Patch-ups over notorious American unilateralism
(4) Christian fundamentalism de-emphasized
III. Collapse of the Bush Empire
- Jitters against the worldwide formation of an anti-American encirclement by China and Russia
- Waves of revolts against American globalization
- The mask of 'freedom and democracy' ripped away


'A staunch policy' of the welfare ministry
- The worst revision in the social security system deserting the unfortunate

Numerical objectives imposed on the workplace of education

Topics 'Japanization' of labour management in the western countries


Indonesian workers indignant at the planned revision of labour codes

Presidential elections in Mexico: anti-American tsunami

[8] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Weapons of the Russian emperor: underground resources
- Closing the neo-con office: 'Democrats need to take ownership of American foreign policy again'
- Political whale: a come-from-behind victory of Japan?
- A new satellite of the US dependency


No. 1927
(July 17th Issue)

Smash the building of
a US-Japan war-executing system!
Denounce the JCP bureaucrats joining in the
chauvinistic agitation against North Korea!

- A desperate attempt of the Kim Jong Il-led DPRK government agonized in an impasse
- The US and Japanese militaries in readiness for war
- A crisis of a hot war breaking out intensified by the new confrontation between the US and China
- Power strife within the Japanese ruling class: disoriented
- Advance struggles against the war and the military alliance in spite of the chauvinist agitation against North Korea!

- Oppose belligerent measures of the US and Japanese governments preparing for military actions!
- Denounce the anti-popular launching drills of ballistic missiles by the Kim Jong Il government! Oppose the build-up of nuclear military power by Chinese and Russian governments for countering the US!
- Denounce the Gaza invasion by the Bush Empire and the Israeli government for destroying the Hamas-led Palestinian government!
- Fight in solidarity with Muslim people in the Middle East rising in struggles against US imperialism and Zionism!
- Stir up the flames of the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Stop the USS Kitty Hawk entering Otaru Port!
- Over 1000 workers and students protesting at the site (July 1st, Hokkaido)

Workers and students demonstrating through Sapporo City
- Against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance (June 18th, Hokkaido)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Chamoro people crying out on US Force-occupied Guam
- Army is broken
- Internal radioactive exposition
- Monumental wall-painted beauties weeping

Ahmadinejad challenging US imperialism
(1) An offensive and defensive battle over the nuclear development with the Bush Empire
(2) Active involvement in the formation of anti-American encirclement led by China and Russia
(3) Building of an anti-American, anti-Zionist joint front


Denounce the deceptive summarization of the spring offensive by the leadership in the electric workers' union!

Topics The labour ministry encouraging the formation of an employee-employer consultative body

US and Japanese militaries in readiness for military action


Regular convention of the postal workers' union
- Denounce the leadership fully cooperative with managers in 'making the company stronger'!

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathers (No. 3)
- Tei'ichi Tanigaki: a fence-mender with China, whose grandfather was an engineer of Japan's aggression against China


No. 1926
(July 10th Issue)

Smash the strengthening of
the new US-Japan military alliance!

Stir up the flame of the revolutionary antiwar struggle
to break through the crisis of warfare intensified under
the new confrontation between the US and China!

- Transformation into a 'global alliance'
- The doddering Empire of Bush and its irritations
- Intensification of the 'cold war-like hot war' between the US plus Japan and China plus Russia
- Power strife heated within the Japanese ruling class
- Fight for advancing struggles against the war and the military alliance!

Stop the Koizumi visit to the US!
- Zengakuren marching through the Haneda airport district (June 27th)
(Pic left)

Antiwar demonstration through the centre of Osaka (June 18th)

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathers (No. 2)
Yasuo Fukuda: the son of ex-Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda and the continued anticommunist, corrupt connection ranging over the US, Japan and the ROK

Denounce the leadership of Jichiro pressing the ranks for a municipal version of the Industrial Patriotic Movement!
- Smash the offensive for a massive reduction of public workers and cuts in wages!

Denounce the Israeli forces invading the Gaza strip!
Denounce the Bush Empire and the Zionist power attempting a military destruction of the Hamas-led government of Palestine!

Bloodstained coal of China


The Osaka City authorities pressing trade unions leaving their office rooms

The Koizumi government upset at the reported birth rate 1.25

Topics The labour ministry planning the worst revision of the labour codes


The financially bankrupted city of Yubari
- The root cause lying in the Koisumi-led structural reform deserting the unfortunate and localities

The Defense Agency raising and mobilizing Japanese PMCs

The Chukakuha remnants and their miserable 'decisive fight in Okinawa'

Overseas Appeal for the 44th International Antiwar Assembly
- Break through the crisis of warfare intensified under the new confrontation between the US and Chiana-Russia!
See the full text

No omnicide!


No. 1925
(July 3rd Issue)

June 18th Zengakuren, Antiwar Youth
marching on the US embassy and the Diet Building

Through the heart of the Capital,
against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance

'Smash the RimPac drills! Stop Koizumi visiting the US!', voices spirited

- With arms linked: smashing destructive provocations by police and rightists
- Zengakuren chairman: Break through the crisis of warfare intensified under the US-Sino confrontation!
- Rise in a fight on July 7th against a military drill in Hokkaido!


Antiwar struggles in the Tokai region
- Workers and students marching on the LDP Aichi prefectural office (June 18th)
(Pic left upper)

- Students 'Antiwar Walk' in Nagoya (May 28th)

- No revision of the Constitution: a resolution decided by the General Assembly of Students in Aichi University (June 8th)
(Pic left lower)

2000 people at a trade union-based meeting against the planned revision of the Fundamental Law of Education (June 4th, Sapporo)

Stop the joint mobilization drill of the Self-Defence Forces!
Fight at the Hamataiki beach in Hokkaido
Marxist Students League - Hokkaido Regional Committee
- A rapid development drill for a 'contingency in the Taiwan Strait'
- The actual strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance by defining it as an offensive and defensive alliance against China
- Overcome the JCP-led official opposition movement!

Fight to stop the RimPac 2006 intensifying the crisis of warfare!
A massive war drill based on the Bush Empire's plan for a war of aggression against China
- A war plan for a contingency in the Taiwan Strait and an extensive battle with the Chinese forces
- A 'joint operation' of the three Self-Defence Forces under US command
- Full mobilization of Asia-Pacific allies
- Military exercises also conducted in Crimea and the Caribbean Sea


132th Meeting of the Jichiro Central Committee
- Leaders in the prefectural/municipal workers union cooperative with the Koizumi-led 'reform in the civil service'

Fight back against the introduction of merit rating and performance pay systems by the Fukuoka prefectural board of education!

Topics Oppose the legislation for bankrupting municipalities!


Bank capitals coining money: 3 trillion yen!

Chinese peasants rising in successive protests

[8] Kaleidoscope 2006
- A recent week of Foreign Minster Tro Aso
- Aegis-equipped war vessels of Japan as a dependency
- 'Communication patterns of terrorists'?
- US beef import: a tribute to Bush


No. 1924
(June 25th Issue)

June 27th Rise in a struggle at the Haneda airport site!
Stop the Koizumi visit to the US!
Smash the rim-Paciffic joint military drill!
Fight to break the strengthening of
the new US-Japan military alliance!

(1) Reorganization of the US alliances according to the national strategy against China
- PimPac 2006: an extensive military exercise on the supposition of a 'Taiwan crisis'
- The Bush Empire in a terrible fix
(2) China and Russia strengthening and expanding an international encirclement against US imperialism
- The Koizumi governemnt: reactionary offensives for leaping into a 'nation that can wage war'
(3) Denounce the JCP central bureaucrats completely abandoning the banner against the US-Japan military alliance
- Fight to overthrow the Koizumi government rushing on the road to Japan's protectoratization to the US!

Okinawa workers and students voicing against the US-Japan military alliance (May 25-26th)

Voices against revision of the Fundamental Law of Education from Hokkaido
(May 23 in Sapporo, May 26 in Obihiro)

An antiwar meeting of students in Osaka (May 20)

An extensive military exercise in Crimea prepared by US Forces

A General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) prepared by the US and Japanese governments

Fight against a surveillance system structured for controlling the whole nation!
- A human version of traffic monitoring systems: a face identification system experimented at an underground station
- Japanese police turned a subordinate organization to the US intelligence
- Plans to build an information network for an extensive surveillance of the people:
- A drastic change in the method of investigation (or repression) in the name of 'crime prevention': the newly codified crime of 'collective planning' and the neo-fascist ideology of 'ensured and safe'
- Smash the intensification of the repressive security order! Fight back against the offensive against the revolutionary leftwing!


The former head of the US base workers union going over to the other side, the Defense Facilities Administration Agency

Teachers unreasonably pressed to economize on electricity

Topics The Rengo labour aristocrats to drop an appeal to the ILO against the Japanese government over the basic labour rights of public workers


Denounce the leadership in the prefectural/municipal workers union helping offensives for the privatisation of public services!

Workers in national hospitals faced with the introduction of 'regionally differentiated payments' for a drastic decrease in their wages

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Walls of arrogance: a US base in Okinawa claiming a soundproofing wall against the outside noises from civilian cars
- Splits again: Brazilian Mandelites
- Read states and Bush
- The US-made human trafficking report excepting the US and its allies


No. 1923
(June 19th Issue)

Fight to smash the US-Japan summit meeting!
Overcome the JCP-led peace movement
completely abandoning
the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!

- The Bush Empire driven into a corner with no exit
- Iran's challenge backed by China and Russia
- Japanese and US rulers planning to link the NATO and the US-Japan military alliance
- Fight to advance antiwar struggles under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop USS Lincoln!
- Antiwar workers and students in Kyushu struggling against the US nuclear aircraft carrier entering Sasebo port (May 25-27th) Pic above.

Denounce the F15 accident!
- Workers and students in Okinawa protesting near the US Air Kadena base against the dangerous accident of combat planes (May 18th)

Against the government tabling the national referendum bill
- Students in Osaka handing their letter of protest to the prefecturral LDP office (May 26th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- Poodle's dilemma: Iranian oil to go to China
- The Java quake: tragedy of sun-dried bricks
- Continuous decline in the rate of birth in Japan
- The Asian Elephant in difficulties

Theory of 'new public space' presented by the internal affairs ministry
A neo-fascistic change in the concept of 'the public'
- What is called 'strategy for innovation in the management of local administrations'
- Introduction of Public Economics from the US Empire
- Ideological justification for strengthening the Japanese neofascist ruling order

Fight against the attempts to tighten the repressive security order in the name of 'measures against organized crimes'!


My itinerancy of part-time jobs

Real report on extraordinarily intensified labour in NTT West

Topics Soaring profits of banks: as the results of restructurings against workers


No revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
- Falsities in the alternative bill presented by the DPJ

Voices expanding against the revision

- 3000 workers and citizens rallying in Tokyo (June 2nd)
- A JCP-led rally and its participants encouraged by appeals from the JRCL (June 7th)

A trade union-based peace rally in Tokyo (June 1st)
- Militant workers struggling in the forefront

Post-Koizumi LDP politicians dependent on the influence of their fathers
Abe Shinzo: blood of a cruel man continued from his war-criminal grandfather
- Chauvinist DNA against Koreans and Chinese
- Inerasable crimes of Kishi Shinsuke: the colonialist rule of Manchuria and the formation of the US-Japan military alliance
- A revival of the criminal blood backed by the Bush Empire


No. 1922
(June 12th Issue)

June 18th
Rise in a united action of workers and students
Stop Koizumi's visit to the US!
Fight to overthrow his government
turning Japan a US protectorate!

- An bilateral engagement planned for a 'war-waging alliance'
- An intensified crisis of the 'cold war-like hot war'
- Power strife over the strategic course of the Japanese state
- Denounce the Japanese Communist Party completely abandoning its opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop a Diet decision for the Conspiracy Crime Law!
- Zengakuren students staging their protests besides the Diet building (June 6th)

No relocation of a training site of US combat planes!
- 900 workers from the Hokuriku region demonstrating through Komatsu City (May 20th)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2006
- A call from the spiritual world: Is this a 'permanent revolution in Latin America'?
- A poodle in Bogota
- Lame duck Blair up against a wall
- A two trillion yen plant to discharge radioactive effluents into the sea

Hu Jintao's strategy for China becoming a super power and its heavy makeup
I. The strategy for 'many powers besieging the one superpower' developed under the banner 'against unilateralism'
- Heavily made up with the theory of 'China's course for peaceful rise and development'
- Building and strengthening of the anti-American encirclement against the 'hegemonism'
II. Revealed limitations of its 'leap forward' relying on the US, European and Japanese economies
- Casual countermeasures against demands for a higher yuan rate and a financial deregulation
- Tragedies in the Chinese primitive accumulation of capital: transformation of its politico-economic structure into state capitalism
III. A breakthrough measure under the slogan 'all becoming richer '
- Repairs on Den's theory for 'some becoming rich first'
- Patch-ups on the agricultural ruin

Voices against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Militant workers struggling at a rally with 3000 JTU members (May 27th, Tokyo)

A prefectural rally of teachers' unions against the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education (May 14th, Fukuoka)

Topics An annual report on industrial accidents from the labour and health ministry concealing many deaths


A shameful self-justification and excuse for his decision by the retired judge
- His 'Notes' betraying the nature of the Kobe murder case as a conspiracy

JRCL propagandising at a JCP-led 'national action' (May 27th, Tokyo)

Some notes on Uno Kozo's theory of the substance of value


No. 1921
(June 5th Issue)

Smash the reactionary offensives by the Koizumi government!
Denounce the enactment of the five reactionary laws for the 'administrative reform'!
Stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!
Denounce the leaderships of the official oppositions complementing the neofascistic regime!

- The Koizumi government desperate to 'complete the administrative reform'
- All-out offensives for turning Japan the 'state that can wage war'
- Degeneration of the JCP leadership complementing the 'administrative reform' and the 'patriotic education'
- Now is the time to overthrow the Koizumi government!

Stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education! Stop the enactment of a national referendum law for preparing the Constitutional revision! Don't codify the 'conspiracy crime'!
- Zengakuren waging a series of actions beside the Diet building (May 23rd-26th)

Militant students raising calls (May 23rd) (Pic. upper)

Voices of anger from education workers (May 23rd) (Pic. lower)

Hokkaido: an 'Antiwar Students Walk' (Apr. 29th)

A 'proxy war' in Africa between the US and China

Zengakuren: an 'antiwar meeting' in Tokyo (May 21st)

'The indiscriminate police seizure is illegal'
- Fukuoka high court ruling in favour of the plaintiff

For the revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of global warfare intensified under a new confrontation between the US and China
Stop the Koizumi visit to Washington! Oppose the RimPac 2006 military drills!
Rise in the June 18th nationwide united actions of workers and students!
JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
- A 'cold war-like hot war' intensified between the US (plus Japan) and China-Russia
- The Koizumi government desperate to be the 'nation that can wage war'
- Struggles by the revolutionary left to transcend the bankrupted JCP-led peace movement
- Build and strengthen the battlefront against the US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the planned introduction of 'regional wages' by the Japan Post authorities!

'Stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education!'
- JRCL calling for struggle at a trade union based rally in Kanazawa

Topics A reemployment system for senior citizens and its evil contents

Kaleidoscope 2006
- Koizumi's visit to the US: An 'exceptionally good treatment'?
- The remissions by the pension agency and what's concealed behind their exposures
- 'Data mining'
- Cameras at investigation rooms

Fight against the planned restructuring for reorganization of the NTT group!
(Continued from the previous issue)

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese, no English edition available.
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