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No. 2540
(October 15th 2018 Issue)

Rise in the Workers and Students' United Actions on October 28th!
Shatter the revision of the Constitution!
Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!

Advance antiwar struggles against the nuclear arms race between the US vs. China and Russia!

'No to the deployment of Ospreys in the US Yokota base!'
Zengakuren rose in protest, October 1st
Central Students' Orgburo
Protest meeting against Aegis Ashore missile systems,
in Yamaguchi Prefecture, September 30th
I. The Abe government headlong towards the constitutional revision and the buildup of the US-Japan military alliance
II. Today's world shaken under confrontation between the US and China/Russia
A. Intensifying rivalry in East Asia between the US and China
B. A hot competition between the US and China/Russia for the hegemony of the world

III. Degeneration of the official opposition movements and the strenuous efforts of the revolutionary left
IV. Overcome the JCP-led opposition movement which abandoned 'anti-Ampo'!
A. Absolutely 'NO!' to the revision of the Constitution!
B. Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Block the dumping of sand!
C. Strengthen antiwar struggles to eradicate the danger of war amid confrontation between the US vs. China and Russia!

US and Russian interventions threaten to provoke another war in the Middle East

A. Trump's sanction against Iran; Rouhani's determination to resist
B. The US government is hell-bent on protecting the 'Jewish state' of Israel
C. Putin is intent on seizing a political initiative in the Middle East by winning over Iran and Turkey to its side
Oppose the dispatch of Japanese troops to MFO [Multinational Force and Observers] operations in the Sinai Peninsula!

Denounce the union leadership for distorting struggles into vote-gathering activities
for the upcoming House of Councillors' election!

The 85th regular convention of Shitetsu-soren [Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]


Abe's newly reshuffled cabinet is plotting to use prewar ultra-reactionary Imperial Rescript on Education as teaching materials in classes

'New residence status' to be given to foreign workers:

The government aims to secure more foreign workers, easy to sack, with low wages

The 'work style reform' of hospital doctors:

The prescribed number held down, 'productivity improvement' imposed and their labour relentlessly intensified

Deception in the 'speedy reconstruction' of Kansai Airport submerged by the typhoon

A wily scheme of the government and the Hepco [Hokkaido Electric Power Co.]:
By making ample use of the power blackout throughout Hokkaido,
they are propagandizing the need of nuclear power generation

'Stop the deployment of Ospreys in the US Yokota base!'

Zegakuren staged a vehement protest against the deployment of CV-22 Ospreys in front of the US Yokota base,
October 1st, Fussa, west of Tokyo

A militant student reading out a protest
before an Air SDF officer in charge

'Down with the Abe government!'
Angry voices echoed through the city streets
September 19th, Kagoshima, Kyusu

Kagoshima Univ. students strived under the banner 'Stop constitutional revision! No to the US base construction in Henoko!'

'Out, Abe!' Workers and citizens chanted in unison,
in front of the Kagoshima central station

Wild rumours, a pack of lies, gross deception ...
A right-wing monthly magazine, neo-fascist Abe's mouthpiece, was forced to suspend publication


No. 2539
(October 8th 2018 Issue)

Advance a revolutionary antiwar struggle
to eradicate the danger of war
amid the confrontation between the US and China!

- Heated exchange of political criticisms between rulers of the US and China/Russia in the UN meetings
- Diplomatic horse-trading over the 'denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula'
- The nuclear arms race intensifying between the US and China
- Isolated Trump's America and Xi-led China's diplomatic offensive against it
- Stop the revision of the Constitution! Step up the antiwar, anti-Ampo, anti-Abe government struggle!

Don't allow the discharge of tritium-contaminated, radioactive water into the ocean
----from the Fukushima No. 1 NPS!


'Smash the revision of the Constitution!'

Protest voices resounded in many parts of the country, September 19th

Sapporo and three other cities in Hokkaido:

Protesters rallied against the constitutional revision, against the restart of the Tomari Nuclear Power Plant,
denouncing the government for taking reactionary measures at the pinch of the major earthquake disaster

'No to the US-Japan military alliance!' Militant students' placards inspired rally participants, Sapporo

Demonstrators marched on the LDP local office

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture:
Participants expressed anger against Abe's policy to bring Japan into a 'war-capable' state
Kanazawa Univ. students spreading a big banner, saying
'No to the constitutional revision!
Smash the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Saga in the Kyushu region:
'Denounce the governor for accepting the SDF's deployment of Ospreys!'

Workers, fishermen and farmers rose up in protest against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
"No to Ospreys!" protesters chanting


Postal workers' struggle:

Don't allow the deprivation of allowances and the revision of the personnel and wage systems!

Reveal the deception of the union leadership that is preparing to accept management's proposals!


The JCP-affiliated union leadership preached on the need to 'fulfil the role' of local government workers as '
servants of all the people'
The 40th regular convention of Jichiroren [Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Unions]


Long working hours, deaths and suicides from overwork

The harsh realities of Mitsubishi Electric under a discretionary work system


'Constitutional revision is a necessary': Labour aristocrats declared their 'official opinion' as the Central Executive Committee in the meeting
The regular convention of the UA Zensen [Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]

Local JCP bureaucrats withdrew the slogan in question:
'Thank you, SDF servicemen, for your disaster relief activities'



QAnon: A fascistic manipulation of the masses contrived by Trump and his ring with the active use of SNS

- Learning a lesson from Moritomo and Kake scandals: The Abe government has embarked on new control over information and custody of official documents

- Signs of the break-up of the EU?: Hungary was banned from exercising its vote in the European Parliament

- The Xi leadership is crying desperately for 'long-term patience and endeavour' to 'acquire core technology'

The Maritime SDF conducted an antisubmarine exercise in the South China Sea

The Abe government is strengthening its military countermeasures against China

The pro-Chinese Maldivian government was defeated in the election
A hole is appearing in China's 'one belt, one road' initiative

Neo-fascist Abe was frantic to put his own party members under pressure
so that he could win an 'overwhelming victory' in the presidential election


No. 2538
(October 1st 2018 Issue)

Crush the revision of the Constitution!
Smash the new US base construction in Henoko!

Workers, students and citizens held a big rally

against the Abe government
Hibiya, Tokyo, September 19th

Militant students, gathered from all over the country, hoisted signboards saying
'Down with the Abe government!', at Hibiya Park bandshell

'No to the constitutional revision!'
Protesters' voices echoed through the Ginza streets

- Let us create a huge upsurge of struggle against the US-Japan military alliance, against the Abe government!

The Abe government is going to buy still more US-made weapons

- The Defense Ministry's greatest ever demand for the military budget announced
- Abe is hell-bent on the military buildup, as is demanded by Trump

The 88th Zengakuren National Convention

The 88th Zengakuren National Convention ended in success
September 18th-19th, Tokyo

- An in-depth analysis was conducted on the domestic and international situation
amid the confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Revolutionary guidelines for shattering the constitutional revision and advancing antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles were established

'How about concluding a peace treaty without any preconditions?':
Abe could do nothing but make a forced smile at Putin's wily use of Abe's words

Denounce the leadership of Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]
for approving the 'work style reform in schools' promoted by the Education Ministry
and demanding its full implementation!

- Let us oppose long working hours and intensification of labour!
- Don't allow the introduction of flexible working hours on an annual basis!

The leadership is fawning over monopoly capitalists
by emphasizing the need to pursue a '
labour movement for a sound development of the global market economy'
The 57th regular convention of the JCM [Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]


The realities of small-business job sites

- Harsh labour in a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius
- Frequent occurrence of injuries, psychosomatic disorders and fatal accidents

The Labour Ministry is scheming for a drastic spread of 'independent contractors'

A contribution from a reader of Kaihoh working in the ICT industry

On reading the serial 'What will be brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution'
[published in Kaihoh Nos. 2471-2490]


Strictures on Trump's behaviour, including Bob Woodward's Fear , are appearing in succession

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly (7)
- Russian Communist Workers Party,
- Russian Communist Workers Party - Tyumen Regional Committee,


No. 2537
(September 24th 2018 Issue)

Create a great upsurge of struggles
against the revision of the Constitution!

- Smash the neo-fascist's aim to start a Diet procedure for the constitutional revision!
- Don't allow the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance! No to the massive buildup of the Japanese army!
- Let us fight resolutely, overcoming the JCP leadership's parliamentarianist distortion of struggles!

Don't allow the spread of the 'independently contracted' type of work styles
in the name of 'flexible work styles'!


The Hokkaido Earthquake disaster

Denounce the government and Hepco [Hokkaido Electric Power Co.] for causing a power blackout throughout Hokkaido
that increased the damage!

They have neglected to maintain thermal and other power facilities
---by giving priority to the resumption of the Tomari nuclear reactor operations!

'Shatter the US-Japan joint military exercises involving Ospreys!'
Workers and militant students rose in protest against the military manoeuvres in Hokkaido
September 3rd, Sapporo, Hokkaido
'Crush the nuclear military alliance between the US and Japan!' Students' banner inspirited rally participants

Protesters marched on the LDP local office in Sapporo
The 91st convention of Jichiro [All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
Many participants raised voices of 'Stop the constitutional revision!'
- Revolutionary and militant workers strived for a militant regeneration of the public sector workers' union
- Delegates successively expressed opposition to the constitutional revision, to US military bases and to the restart of nuclear reactors

Denounce the National Personnel Authority's recommendation of exceedingly small wage increases!

Don't allow wage cuts and tightening of labour control by means of the extension of their retirement age!

The forthcoming LDP presidential election

Fascist Abe, running for a third term, is praising his own 'Abenomics' riddled with lies


The 68th convention of Nihon-Iroren
[Japan Federation of Medical Workers' Unions]
The JCP-affiliated union leaders are completely aloof from the hard struggle of rank-and-file members
Don't let them press union members into vote-getting activities for the JCP!

Accuse the Abe government of sacrificing the social welfare of the disabled!
Denounce central ministries and agencies for having padding out the numbers of handicapped employees!

The Moon Jae-in government of South Korea has decided to revise the minimum wage law in response to monopoly capitalists' claims



- The alliance between China and Russia is being cemented

- Swedish general election: A notorious fascist party extended power

- 'Estimates of future crimes' using artificial intelligence: The Trump administration is enforcing preventive repression

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly
- International Proletarian Union,
- Faridabad Workers Newspaper,


No. 2536
(September 17th 2018 Issue)

Build up a powerful struggle
to stop the revision of the Constitution!

Crush the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

Strengthen our ranks by overcoming the suppression and distortion of struggles
by official trade union leaders!

- Neo-fascist Abe is hell-bent on getting reelected for a third term as the President of the LDP to realize the revision of the Constitution
- Amid confrontation between the US and China, the Abe government has been faced with a dilemma
- Denounce the degeneration of the official leaderships of labour movements!
- Fight resolutely, overcoming the JCP-led opposition movement immersed in parliamentarianism and distortion of struggles into those flattering to civil groups!

The 88th Zengakuren National Convention to be held on September 18th

Fortify the bridgehead for shattering the constitutional revision, for advancing antiwar, anti-Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance] struggle!

In solidarity with the people's rally in Okinawa:

Workers, students and citizens of Osaka rose up against the US base construction in Henoko

August 11th, Osaka

'Stop dumping sand into the bay!' Militant students marched spiritedly on the street

- 50 years after armed intervention in Czechoslovakia by the Soviet army

- A change of regime in Pakistan

Let us build up the struggle to stop the revision of the Constitution!
No to the extreme intensification of labour imposed on public sector workers in the name of 'productivity improvement in public service'!

The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee of the JRCL
( A bill distributed to workers at the convention of Jichiro [All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union])
- Denounce the National Personnel Authority's recommendation of exceedingly small wage increases!
- Absolutely no to further wage cuts and tightening of labour control schemed by the government with the extension of the retirement age!
- No to the worsening of temp workers' working conditions!
-Don't allow reduction in the number of regular employees!
- Accuse the central union leadership of shifting the responsibility for having virtually accepted government offensives to local unions!
- Stop another personnel cut and intensification of labour imposed on local government workers through the introduction of artificial intelligence and ICT!
- No to the constitutional revision! No to the buildup of the Japanese military! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Stop the dumping of sand!

Three years after the revision of the Labour Services Temporary Assignment Law
JTUC labour aristocrats are supporting the continuation of 'lifelong temporary labour imposed on workers'


To cope with 'labour shortage, the Abe government is going to accept more foreign workers

Technical Internship trainees are made to work under terrible working conditions, with extremely low wages and long working hours

- Many trainees are obliged to do jobs unrelated to the training program: the cases of Mitubishi Motors and Nissan
- Companies are preying on foreign trainees in collusion with supervising organizations

Employment agents for foreigners are greedily growing rich

Labour aristocrats are collaborating with the management in personnel cuts in the name of
'accommodating to the Fourth Industrial Revolution'
The criminal nature of the 'Guide to coping with management and employment' presented by the leadership of Denki Rengo [Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union]
- Monopoly capitalists are sacrificing workers to make a 'change in business models'
- Labour aristocrats are fully collaborating with the management by emphasizing the need to 'step up management measures'
- Denounce the Denki Rengo labour aristocrats, the vanguard of an Industrial Patriotic movement!

Many government organizations turned out to have been inflating the number of handicapped workers they employ
Denounce the Abe government's sacrificing of the underprivileged!

The Korean War in 1950:
Betrayal of revolution by the Japanese Communist Party in postwar Japan


Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly
- Organizing Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI),
- The International Secretariat of the Fourth International,
- Union Pacifiste de France,
- Prospettiva Marxista,
- International Network for the freedom of all political prisoners and justice for our martyrs,


No. 2535
(September 10th 2018 Issue)

Drive away the dark clouds of war looming
amid the heated confrontation between the US and China-Russia!

- Calling off Pompeo's visit to North Korea, Trump is strengthening reproach on China
- Taking advantage of the Trump administration's international isolation, Xi Jinping-led China is stepping up its offensive
- The danger of war spreading in the Middle East: The US has embarked on economic sanctions on Iran and Turkey

Smash the deployment of Ospreys in civilian Saga Airport in Northern Kyushu!
The Abe government is frantic to establish staging points for attacking North Korea and China

Trump's catchword,
'Mars awaits, space force'
No to the arms race in space between the US-Japan and China-Russia!



he 56th International Antiwar Assembly, August 5th - regional meetings

The Hokkaido Assembly in Sapporo

'We definitely oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia!'

Workers and students solidified their bridgehead for a revolutionary antiwar struggle
(pic 1)

The Tokai Assembly in Nagoya
'By all means stop the revision of the Constitution!'

Participants fortified their resolve to overcome the distortion of antiwar struggles by the JCP leaders
(pic 2)


Xi counters with Trump, waving the banner of 'steadfast in free trade'

The Beijing bureaucracy is ambitious to incorporate Latin-American countries
into the China-led economic sphere

No to the school version of a 'work-style reform' imposed by the Education Ministry!
No to the full-scale implementation of the Ministry's new 'guidelines for schoolteaching'
aimed to imbue pupils with the spirit of nationalism!

Let us strive for fertile discussions in the Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]-hosted annual education research conference!
JRCL Education Workers Committee

'Results of the achievement tests should be reflected on teachers' performance evaluation'!!
Don't allow Osaka Mayor Yoshimura's reactionary measures to strengthen labour management!

No to the reduction of the workforce in Japan Post Bank!
Smash the intensification of labour!

Oppose the introduction of a new system to clerical centres designed to automate paperwork!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly
- Vladimir Pronin,
- The Russian Party of Communists,
- Mikhail Borisovich Konashev,


No. 2534
(September 3rd 2018 Issue)

Stop the start of parliamentary procedure for constitutional revision!
Let us fight resolutely by overcoming the JCP-led peace movement
that has abandoned the fight against the US-Japan military alliance!

- Create a militant upsurge of anti-constitutional revision, antiwar, anti-Security Treaty struggle!
- Smash the government's attempt to dump sand into Henoko Bay!
- Confrontation between the US and China-Russia is intensified in East Asia
-- A shift in international power relations
- Eradicate the danger of war amid the heated confrontation between the US and China-Russia!

'No to the US Marines' live firing exercises!'

Workers and farmers rose up in protest,
July 21st, Kushiro, Hokkaido (pic right)


'Don't let the Abe government dump sand!'

Workers, students and other residents of Okinawa fought on land and sea
August 17th, Henoko, Okinawa
A fight on land: (pic left)
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought in the van of protesters blocking vehicles from carrying in construction materials
A battle on sea, (pic right)
Braving suppression by the Coast Guard, canoeist students fought on the embankment work site raising placards, 'Stop reclamation!' 'Remove all bases!'

The upcoming ruling Liberal Democratic Party's presidential election:
Shatter Abe's plot to use his 'reelection for a third term' as a lever to revise the Constitution!

Putin succeeded in banning US forces from entering the Caspian Sea
Russia and other four coastal countries reached an agreement on the 'legal position' of the 'waters' in question

The 66th regular convention of the Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Unions

Accuse the labour aristocrats of impelling workers to 'serve the electrical industry and the nation'!


The rise of AfD, a neo-Nazi party

Germany caught up in the nationalist tide agitating hostility against refugees and Islam
-From a party with no seat to the third largest party with 94 seats
- The party's platform: based on chauvinistic nationalism and hostility against the European Union
- A sharp increase in population living in poverty, a widening gap between rich and poor
- Workers forced into low wages and compelled to 'compete' with immigrant workers
- Conflicts within the ruling class over immigration policy and the EU
- The degeneration of the labour movement official leaderships and the critical situation of the class struggle in Germany

Three workers died of hydrogen sulphide poisoning in a paper factory in Ishikawa Prefecture

The company's management had long neglected to provide industrial safety measures
Despite repeated occurrences of fatal accidents, the company resumed operations without clearing up the cause

The 2018 National Personnel Authority's recommendation on public sector employees' salaries and working conditions:
- Virtually 'legalizing' long working hours exceeding the level of 'death from overwork'
- Aiming to exploit workers over 60 at 30 percent wage cuts for five more years

JTUC secretary-general Aihara is preaching the need to 'review the current work style', in support of PM Abe's 'work style reform'

The 56th International Antiwar Assembly,
August 5th - regional meetings

The Kansai Assembly in Osaka

- 'We'll not allow the nuclear arms race between the US and China-Russia'

Workers and students made a strong resolve to fight
(pic right)

The Hokuriku Assembly in Kanazawa
- 'Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Abe government!'

The foothold was consolidated to fight antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI)
- Workers International League (WIL) -
- News and Letters Committees,


No. 2532-33
(August 20th-27th 2018 Double Issue)

Smash the new US base construction in Henoko!
70,000 people rose up in protest in the midst of a rainstorm

People's rally in Naha,
Okinawa, August 11th

All protesters expressing their 'NO to the new US base';
Zengakuren holding up a banner, 'Remove all bases! Repeal Ampo!'

- Militant workers and students strived for an upsurge of the rally held at a crucial stage
- 'Don't let the Abe government dump sand!' Workers and residents strengthened their resolve
- Zengakuren's call to fight for the repeal of Ampo [US-Japan Security Treaty] met with an enthusiastic response
- Let us stop the reclamation of the Henoko seashore! Shatter the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
'Fight on land and sea!' Sit-in protesters and canoe fighters joined together to oppose the reclamation work, Henoko, Okinawa, August 17th

'Definitely "NO!" to the dumping of sand in the sea of Henoko!'
Voices reverberated through downtown Tokyo

Protest action in concert with the people's rally in Okinawa,
Tokyo, August 11th
'No to the US-Japan military alliance!' Metropolitan area students fought in the van of thousands of workers and people
in solidarity with the Okinawa People's rally,
Tokyo, August 11th

They rose up to protest the Defense Ministry

They strived to create a militant upsurge with huge placards saying 'Repeal Ampo!'

The 56th International Antiwar Assembly, August 5th - regional meetings

The Okinawa Assembly in Naha
- A bridgehead was further fortified for the uplift of the Henoko struggle
- Participants strengthened their determination to advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle
(pic 1)

The Kyushu Assembly in Fukuoka
- Participants made a resolve to promote antiwar struggles based on proletarian internationalism
(pic 2)


Postal workers' struggle:

Smash the management plan to rationalize the sector of collection and delivery!
I. The management is scheming to radically restructure the three services of mail delivery, parcel post and cargo collection
II. Emphasis is placed on the reorganization of labour organizations on the pretext of 'avoiding wasted work'
III. The management plan imposes extremely intensified labour on collection and mail delivery workers
IV. The union leadership is fully supporting the plan by asking the management to carry it out 'effectively'
V. Create a hard-hitting struggle against the rationalization of collection and delivery services!

Another fatal accident again at a New Nagoya-Kobe Expressway construction site
The scaffolding collapsed and a construction worker fell off into a river; seven serious accidents in just two years resulting in a death toll of six

The 29th National Convention of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions]
Zenroren leaders, blind followers of the JCP leadership, are hell-bent on bringing union members into vote-getting activities for the JCP

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembl
y (2)
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain,
- EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party),
- DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party),


Struggles against the new US base construction in Henoko

'We're determined to hold back the dumping of sand!' Workers and students blocked US base gates
A series of sit-in protests in Henoko,
August 6th-10th
Protesters blockading the gate leading to the construction site, August 6th (pic left)
Militant students blocking the Camp Schwab first gate to hinder construction vehicles, August 10th
(pic right)

The canoe flotilla charged into the construction area

Action at sea,
Henoko, August 4th
Canoe fighters crossed the cordon one after another despite the Coast Guard repression (pic left)
Workers and students gave them yells and cheers on the beach
(pic right)

'Stop the new base construction in Henoko!'

Zengakuren Kansai rose up in solidarity with the struggle in Okinawa,

Following the protest,
they called on citizens to join in the International Antiwar Assembly
to be held the next day, in front of a busy railway station in Osaka
(pic left) Students made a vehement protest against the ruling LDP's local branch


No. 2531
(August 13th 2018 Issue)

The 56th International Antiwar Assembly was held, August 5th
Workers and students made a resolve to eradicate the danger of war
amid confrontation between the US and China/Russia

'Oppose the nuclear arms race between the US and China/Russia!'
Voices echoed through the hall (The central meeting in Asakusa, Tokyo)

- Advance the revolutionary antiwar struggle based on proletarian internationalism!: The keynote speech
- Messages of solidarity from overseas
(from 21 organizations and individuals in 13 countries)
- A report from the JRCL delegation to France
- Determination to fight expressed by a militant worker and the chairman of Zengakuren

Zengakuren students ardently called on workers, students and citizens
to take part in the International Antiwar Assembly

August 5th, in front of Takada-no-baba, a busy railway station, Tokyo (pic right)

The budget for flood control has been reduced by half

The Abe government justifies its neglectful stance on flood-control,
'A flood of this scale cannot be prevented'

The west Japan deluge disaster
Denounce the Abe government for abandoning the victims of the flood disaster!

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 56th Antiwar Assembly
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi,
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
(Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece), Greece


Rifts in the EU over the refugee issue, and Merkel's shift to 'deportation' measures
Shatter the neo-Nazis rampage!
(Part 2)

The handicapped driven into mass dismissals and suicide

Impeach the Abe government for drastically cutting social welfare!

- Urged to resign by the welfare centre authorities, a handicapped woman attempted suicide
- The number of dismissals of the handicapped is growing rapidly across the country
- The Welfare Ministry ordered Draconian cuts in subsidies to welfare centres offering job training services to the handicapped
- The LDP government has long been affording the welfare service sector to private enterprises for their moneymaking

As many as 10,000 Vietnamese technical internship trainees!

No to the government plot to increase foreign care workers with low wages and no rights vested!

My study note

On Kan'ichi Kuroda's Dialectics of Society
(Part 2)


Don't allow the discharge of radioactivity-contaminated water, resumption of nuclear reactors
and construction of new nuclear power plants promoted by the government and Tepco
[Tokyo Electric Power Company]!

Smearing Xi Jinping's face with ink:
'rebel videos' of the same kind were shot and spread all over China

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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