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No. 1970
(May 28th Issue)

Smash the all-out offensive for the Constitutional revision!
May 14th, Zengakuren surround the Diet building,
denounce the House of Councillors
deciding the Constitutional referendum bill


Stop the Constitutional revision! No strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!
Rise in the June 17th united actions of workers and students nation wide!
Central Students' Orgburo
- A cold war-like hot war: intensified confrontation between the US and China-Russia
- The Abe government rushing headlong towards 'a nation that can engage in war', and the opposition movement in a grave conjuncture
- Fight for a historic surge in the struggle against the Constitutional revision, against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

Stop the enactment of the referendum law!' Zengakuren struggle in every region
- Kagoshima University (May 14th)
- Struggles against 'public hearings' in Fukuoka and Sapporo (May 7th)

May Day rallies
- Kanazawa (May 1st), Fukuoka (April 28th)

Toyota factories: a drastic increase of migrant workers from Okinawa

- With their minds and bodies exhausted

Report from a workplace
- In opposition to a betrayal in the spring offensive by the labour aristocrat leadership in the UI Zensen

Topics Increasing Karoshi (deaths from overwork), depressions and industrial accidents

Fight against the revision of the Broadcasting Law for building 'a nation that can engage in war'!

My participation in the Oct. 15th JRCL meeting
- Feeling Comrade Kuroda with us

Nissan: Bankruptcy of the Carlos Ghosn-led managerial system
(Continued from No. 1969)

Kaleidoscope 2007
- Settlement of the scandal: Democratization of the Middle East versus Democratization of the World Bank
- High waves of the Caspian Sea: Everything of the ex-USSR is mine
- Pirates of Beijing: 'A capitalist rule' that those who copied is to be copied
- The disease of the poor: Metabolic syndromes, so what?


No. 1969
(May 21st Issue)

Denounce the enactment of
the Constitutional referendum law!

Rebuild a battleline to stop the Constitutional revision!
Fight against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!
Fight for a radical breakthrough of
the crisis in the Japanese class struggle!

- The Japanese government rushing for revising the Constitution and strengthening the military alliance at Bush's order
- A 'cold war-like hot war' intensifying between the US-Japan and China-Russia
- Advance under the banner, 'Stop the neo-fascist reaction'

The shameful death of Yeltsin as the foolish czar

- Rites to bury 'the Yeltsin era'
- The historic crime leading the self-destruction of the USSR
- Eradicate 'the negative legacy of Stalinism'!

Nissan: Bankruptcy of the Carlos Ghosn-led managerial system

Stop the House of Councilors voting the referendum bill!

- Zengakuren fighting in front of the Diet building (May 10th-11th) (Pic.)
- Protest against the public hearing in Nagoya (April 24th)
- A rally of protest in Okinawa against the House of Representatives deciding the referendum law (April 16th)

May 3rd meetings for the Constitution: encouraged by a breath of militant struggle
- Angers for JCP chairman's speech with no sense of crisis (Hibiya meeting)
- Denunciation against Rengo's proposal of 'a right revision of the Constitution' (Peace Forum meeting)

Workers and students in Okinawa demonstrate under the banner against the US-Japan military alliance (April 29th)

Fights against a planned US Marine base (Okinawa, April 24th-26th)

May Day rallies

- Rengo Osaka, Zenrokyo, Airoren

Topics Heated competition over flat panel TVs

Guidelines for institutionalising a chauvinist education

- Education Rebuilding Council's 'first report' and its features

[8] Kaleidoscope 2007
- The evil wall in Baghdad: strengthen anti-American unity over the wall
- 'Parentingology'?: the foiled recommendation by the Education Rebuilding Council
- A carpet dealer's way of negotiation: reading into Bush's 'gun diplomacy'
- A 'new' principle in Japan's arms export: for interests of the munitions industry


No. 1968
(May 14th Issue)

Apr 29th
A militant demonstration on the Diet
against the Constitutional revision

Stop the House of Councilors
voting the Constitutional referendum bill!

Abe's policy 'to support rechallengers': to desert the weak

- Measures like pie in the sky
- Arrogantly justifying the 'gap widening society'
- Manoeuvres to oppress complaints from the toiling masses
- Manifestation of social Darwinism

Denounce the education ministry erasing from history textbooks the collective suicides in Okinawa forced by the Japanese military!

May Day rallies: voices against the Constitutional revision

- Rengo (April 28th), Zenroren (May 1st)

April 21st Kansai student action
- 'Stop the Bush-Abe talk!' Voices of anger on the US consulate

[3] For the annual May 15th struggle in Okinawa
Surround the US base! Fight to stop the construction of a new US Marine base at Henoko!
No revision of the Constitution! Stop the House of Councillors voting the Constitutional referendum bill!

- Strengthening of US military bases in Japan including Okinawa, and the incorporation of the Japanese military into the US forces
- The new US-Japan military alliance being strengthened as an offensive and defensive alliance against China and Russia
- Advance by overcoming the official opposition movement to demand 'consolidation and reduction of bases'!

Denounce the House of Representatives voting the Constitutional referendum bill!
- Okinawa (April 13th), Fukuoka (April 12th-13th)

An irregular working hour system introduced in a municipality: forcing extremely intensified labour

Aftermath report: The Noto Earthquake

Topics The nursing-care business coining money

Denounce the criticality accident close to a nuclear explosion!

- Hokuriku Electric Co. justifying the accident and its cover-up at Shika nuclear plant

The final collapse of 'the legend of safety'

[8] Kaleidoscope 2007
- Chains of classified information: binding companies, media, and the people
- The same racial origin: The Bolivarian president praising Japan in a hidden irony
- A small town, which rejected nuclear waste
- Miserable counter criticisms from official left leaders against a dubious 'poor part-timer'


No. 1967
(May 7th Issue)

Stop the House of Councilors voting
the Constitutional referendum bill!

Build an anti-neofascist front to fight
against the all-out attack for the Constitutional revision by the Abe government!

- The Abe government rushing towards hell together with the Bush administration
- Crisis of warfare intensified under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Overcoming the official opposition movement engulfed by the current of neofascism

Stop the neofascistic reorganization of the medical and social security system!
- Intensive contradictions faced with medical workers and the toiling masses
- A destructive reorganization of the Japanese medical system
- Social security policies by the Abe government for 'a nation that can engage in war'
- Fight back under the banner 'Stop the neofascistic reaction!'

Smash the Bush-Abe meeting!
- Zengakuren protesting in front of the US embassy (April 27th)

Stop the Constitutional referendum bill!
- Protests in Osaka (April 13th) and Sapporo (April 12th-13th)

Reactionary nature of the demands for 'employees' stock holding' stressed by the labour aristocrats in the JPU postal workers union

Topics Tricks of the 'job cards' introduced by the government 'to boost up productivity'

The 'council of experts' set up for the forcible constitutionalization of the 'exercise of the right to collective defence'

Reporting the 56th JTU national meeting of education research

A spy organization used by the state as a tool to give the appearance of a leftist guerrilla attack to the projectile shot on US Zama base

Japan's EPA talk with Australia: deserting minor agriculturists

Canon Co.: super intensified labour imposed on workers at its factory in Oita

[3] Kaleidoscope 2007
- The 'star wars' in the 21st century over the 'control of space'
- 'We want money more than Blair's apology.'
- The end of that 'oldest daughter', or the nearest future of the JCP
- An endangered butterfly in Japan: though it survived the ice age
- Troops of 'the subordinate state' trained for 'the war on terror'


No. 1966
(April 30th Issue)

Rise in the April 29th united action of workers and students!
Smash Abe's visit to the US and
a US-Japan summit meeting!

Build a battlefront
against the war, against the US-Japan military alliance!

- Bankrupted occupation of Iraq: The Bush administration helpless at the escalated Iraqi internal strife
- Collapse of the world domination by US imperialism as the 'sole superpower' and a counteroffensive by China and Russia
- An attempt 'to link' the US-Japan military alliance with Nato
- Fight by overcoming the fake 'pro-Constitution' movement by the JCP!
- Advance the struggle under the banner 'Stop the neo-fascist reaction'!

A major counterattack by Putin's Russia

- Declaration of the successful breakthrough of the sole US domination of the world
- Deliberate attempts to revive the ex-USSR's sphere of influence
- Strengthening of the authoritative ruling system based on the FSB

Eradicate the Chukakuha remnants!

The JTU central surrendering to the education ministry under the pretext of 'education reform from below': the 148th meeting of the JTU Central Committee

Smash the massive reduction in personnel by the Aso-led Fukuoka prefectural authorities!

Topics Workers in minor enterprises faced with low wage offers

Stop the enforcement of the national achievement test!

Kaleidoscope 2007

- An omnidirectional diplomacy by India
- JCP: 'Even a bad law is still the law', so is the revised Fundamental Law of Education(?)
- What Agent Orange caused

US Misawa base: strengthened as an intelligence-gathering base for the MD system

US-Japan joint military exercises for a war against China

Stop the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!


No. 1965
(April 23rd Issue)

Smash Abe's visit to the US
for a bilateral summit meeting!

Stop the enactment of the referendum law for the Constitutional revision!
Fight it by overcoming the JCP central's distortion of struggles as an election campaign!
- The Abe government and the ruling LDP steamrollering the referendum bill
- Abe's rush for the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance as an offensive and defensive alliance against China and Russia
- Attempts for breakthrough by the Bush Empire suffering from the collapse of its world domination as the 'sole superpower'
- Build up a battlefront against the war and the military alliance, against the neo-fascist reaction!

Fight against the attempt to produce a new system of education for building 'a nation that can engage in war'!
Stop the revision of the four education laws and the enforcement of the national achievement test!
Education Workers' Committee
(1) Attacks under the pretext of the 'reconstruction of education', for an reactionary reorganization of education and the destruction of teachers unions
- Revisions of the four principal laws of education aimed at building a system for chauvinist education
- Enforcement of a 'national investigation into the actual achievements and conditions of education'
- 'Reforms' for 'a nation that can engage in war', 'a nation building based on science and technology'
- Official leaders of teachers' unions submerged in election campaigns and the struggles by the revolutionary workers
(2) Fight to stop the neo-fascist reorganization of education!
- Fight it by overcoming the JTU central-led movement to demand for 'education reform from below'!
- Fight it also by overcoming the Zenkyo central-led movement to demand for 'a true reform of education based on a national accord'!
- Build a counteroffensive as a struggle against war and the military alliance, against neo-fascist reaction!

Zengakuren marching on the Diet (April 13th)
Counterattacks against the steamrollering of the bill for a Constitutional referendum
- Zengakuren struggling in front of the Diet building (April 12th, 13th)
- April 12th rally at Hibiya Hall: angers for the official leaders' distortion of struggle as one demanding for 'careful deliberation'

Denounce the Toyota labour aristocrats' spring no offensive but consultation, stressing 'improvement of company'!

Topics Zenroren leaders' 'better bill for national referendum'

Denounce the JAM leadership accepting the deceptive 'improved wages', the extremely low raise!

Philosophy underling our writing expressions
- What I learned from Comrade Kuroda

Kaleidoscope 2007
- Abe's doubled double tongue
- A Russian castle in the oil
- Bush: no inspection on beef export

A huge demonstration shaking the Iraqi earth: 'US occupiers are the true enemy for you'


No. 1964
(April 16th Issue)

Surround the Diet on April 29th!
Stop revision of the Constitution!
No enactment of the referendum law
for the Constitutional revision!

Under the banner against the neo-fascist reaction,
fight to advance struggles
against the war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Central Students' Orgburo
Angry fists of students against the Diet central public hearing
for steamrollering the Referendum Bill (April 5th)
Calls to protest against the Osaka hearing (March 28th)
(1) A crisis of warfare intensified under the confrontation between the US and China-Russia
(2) Reactionary attacks by the Abe government ambitious to become 'a nation that can engage in war' and the opposition movement in a crisis
(3) Fight to advance struggles to stop the Constitutional revision and to oppose the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

The converted Stalinists and their darkness covering Central European countries
(1) Central Europe under the new confrontation between the US and Russia
(2) As slaves to US and European imperialist powers
(3) Root away 'the negative legacy of Stalinism'!

The education ministry's reactionary censoring on school textbooks of the Japanese history

Struggles at local Rengo rallies for the spring offensive (Rengo Ishikawa on March 8th, Rengo Fukuoka on March 12th)

The central Rengo leadership and their deception in the movement for supporting the financially bankrupted city of Yubari

Break through the Industrial Patriotic Movement led by the central UI Zensen leadership!

Struggles to stop the enactment of the referendum law
- Angry fists against the central public hearing for the steamrollering (April 5th), Fights against the Osaka hearing (March 28th), Appeals at central Fukuoka (March 21st)

'Denounce the criticality accident!' Kanazawa University students protest against Shika Nuclear Plant (March 24th)


No. 1963
(April 9th Issue)

Stop the referendum law enacted for the Constitutional revision!
Fight aiming to the overthrow of the Abe government
attempting to become 'a nation that can engage in war'!

- The Bush Empire suffering from the total bankruptcy in its domination over the Middle East
- A patch-up covering the collapse of the Hakenkreuz alliance between the US, UK and Japan
- The Abe government rushing to the Constitutional revision for breaking through its political impasse
- Build a broad battlefront to stop the Constitutional revision and to smash neo-fascist reactions!

Failed attempt for a monopoly of the world oil resources
The Bush Empire forced to change its energy policy
- The total bankruptcy of its ambition
- Roundabout measures for a breakthrough
- Intensification of war for natural resources and the aggravated destruction of the global environment

Zengakuren students fight to stop the deployment of PAC3 missiles to ASDF Iruma Base (March 29th)

'Stop the deployment of US air-to-air refuelling crafts!' Militant students protest at ASDF Komaki Base (March 19th)

Osaka Centre for Peace and Rights rally on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war (March 20th)

Zengakuren: the 122nd meeting of the Central Committee
- A strong bridgehead built for struggles against the Constitutional revision, against the war and the military alliance (March 14th-15th, Tokyo)

'A map exercise for evacuating the residents' joined by US forces (February 15th, Sasebo)

Denounce the agreement for lower wages by the consultation between the NTT managers and labour aristocrats!

Topics 'Regularization' of 3500 casuals? A trick by Mitarai-led Cannon Co.

My participation in the Feb. 4th meeting for the spring labour offensive

Criticizing the Rengo-affiliated chemical workers union's tactics for the spring offensive

[8] Kaleidoscope 2007
- Bound by their own embargo: the Cuban oil field
- 'Dual loadings' on nuclear reactors
- A clearance sale


No. 1962
(April 2nd Issue)

Fight to stop the Abe-led Japanese neo-con government
enacting the national referendum law
for the Constitutional revision!

- The Bush administration compelled to end its financial sanction against North Korea
- The total bankruptcy in its attempt to dominate Iraq and the whole Middle East
- The Abe government rushing for the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance and the revision of the Constitution
- Fight to advance struggles against the war and the military alliance, and to stop the Constitutional revision!

G. W. Bush, the US President agonizing on his deathbed
- The acknowledgement of the defeat in the 'war on terror': the State of the Union address
- The total collapse of its world domination as the sole superpower
- The end of the Bush Empire

'Smash the central hearing for the national referendum bill!'

- Zengakuren students struggle in front of the Diet building (March 22nd) (Pic above)

'Stop the US-Japan joint military drill of F15 jet fighters!'
- Militant workers and students demonstrate on the ASDF Tsuiki Base (March 5, Kyushu)

Topics Deceptive 'regularization of casual workers'

Prefectural Rengo rallies for the spring offensive
- Aichi (March 4th, Nagoya), Hokkaido (March 7th, Sapporo)

A peace rally of the youth and female workers in Ishikawa Prefecture (February 15th)

Denounce the electric monopolies offering fake 'wage improvement'!

The JCP-led teachers union: an empty stress on the 'splendid attainment' in the struggles over the Education Law


Water pollution troubling the Chinese toiling masses

Kaleidoscope 2007

- Economic draft!
- The JCP chairman in Vietnam: Toast for joint-stock companies!
- Misfortunes never come singly: CIA crimes revealed in Europe
- Frogs in danger
- Survivors of Iojima speak: soldiers are being killed again


No. 1961
(March 26th Issue)

Denounce IMF-JC labour aristocrats
yielding to the worst reply from the capitalists!

Burn angers against attacks
imposing the 'absolute impoverishment'!
Continue to fight for a militant uplift of the spring labour offensive!

- The ultra lowest raise replied under the pretext 'to strengthen the competitiveness'
- IMF-JC labour aristocrats, not 'correcting the disparity', but helping it
- Win the spring offensive! Break through the ruinous crisis of the labour movement!
Okinawa workers and students at US Kadena Base
against the deployment of US strategic bombers
Aichi Univ students denouncing the school authority

An attempt to reorganize the Chukakuha remnants into a 'parasite' on the official labour movement
With the poorest cosmetic of fake syndicalism
(1) Self-revelation as 'surrenderers to the state power'
- A Spy revealing another spy
- After the 'revolution of the party': Dispersed and loosened
- Declaration of the liquidation of their 'fronts'
(2) 'Liquidation' of the course of former JRCL dropouts
(3) Smash their poorest attempt to infiltrate the official labour movement!

A ski tour bus accident in Osaka
- Extremely intensified labour forced under the 'deregulation' in the bus industry

Okinawa: workers and students protesting the deployment of US F22 strategic bombers (Feb. 10th, Kadena Air Base)
(Pic. right upper)

Aichi University: 150 students rallying against the school authority, protesting the planned introduction of a new system to control the students' circles (Jan. 27th)
(Pic. right lower)

Central Rengo rally for the spring offensive (March 3rd)

Osaka Rengo rally: JRCL handbills encouraging workers (March 2nd)

Stop the legislation of 'the crime of complicity' aimed to strengthen the neo-fascist ruling order!

- The Abe government rushing to the enactment through the 'major alteration'
- An attempt for a drastic intensification of the security order
- Fight under the slogan 'against the Constitutional revision, against neo-fascism'!

Stop the enactment of a 'gatekeeper law' for secret informers! No strengthening of the repressive security order!
- The low to oblige private businesses to inform customers to police
- The ultra-reactionary attack according to a pledge to the Bush Empire
- Smash the enactment in the current Diet session!

Smash the leaders' plan to integrate the Japan Postal Workers' Union with a pro-corporate union!

Topics Rengo President Takagi helping the government-planned revision of the labour legislation

Denounce the central leadership of the private railway workers' union accepting the 'no raise'!
Denounce their positive response to the 'development strategy' of the monopoly capitalists!

- Monopolies in the private railway industry carrying out their measures for 'aggressive management' and grave miseries on workers
- The central leadership of the union stressing the need 'to encourage "human assets" for the company's development'
- Win a militant upsurge of the labour offensive in spite of neo-fascist reactions!

Kaleidoscope 2007

- Bush to South America: adding fuel to the fire of anger
- Complaints from the Libyan surrenderer
- The minister vs the 'emperor' in the defence ministry

Denounce the criticality accident at Shika Nucler Plant!
Denounce Hokuriku Electricity Co. covering up the accident for 8 years!

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