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No. 1990
(October 22nd Issue)

Stop the enactment of a new law
to continue the MSDF anti-terrorism mission!

Denounce the Rengo leadership accepting
Ozawa's vision of 'Japan's participation in the ISAF'!
Join in the Oct. 21st antiwar united actions!

- The Fukuda government bent on enacting a new law to continue the MSDF mission on the Indian Ocean in response to Bush's direction
- The latest Rengo convention: a campaign rally for a DPJ government led by Ozawa
- Win a militant upsurge of the united actions of workers and students on Oct. 21st!

Deceptive patches upon its agenda for 'school making based on participation and cooperation': Denounce the Zenkyo leadership attempting to gloss over the failure!

(Continued from the previous issue)
(1) The central Zenkyo leadership in a grave confusion (included in Kaihoh No. 1989)
(2) Extremely rightish patches
- A shameless 'review' of the struggle to stop the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education
- Criminal utterances for 'the best possible interpretation of the revised FLE'
- Extraordinary outcries for an 'activity of education' unrelated to class or historical base
- Zenkyo leaders' idea of education essentially the same as bourgeois liberalism
- Ugly patches upon the failed agenda 'to make a school on the basis of participation and cooperation'

'Neo-liberalism with Chinese characteristics'?

Denounce the JPU leaders stressing a 'productivity movement'!

Oppose the sackings, lower wages, prolonged and intensified labour planned by the Nishikawa-led Japan Post administration!
Create a militant movement of postal workers by overcoming the 'policy proposing' movement led by the central JPU leadership!
Postal Workers Committee

Kanazawa University students: Immediate protests against an unannounced SDF night drill at the campus (Sept. 26th)

The JTU leadership stressing a 'social dialogue with the educational administration': 95th national convention

Topics Toyota workers union: the leadership's intention in its plan to unionize seasonal workers

The JCP-led prefectural/municipal workers union: the leadership spreading illusion about an 'coalition of the oppositions', blindly following the JCP central

A published self-confession of conspiracies by a member of police-operated infantile radicals

In response to a letter from the Russian Communist Workers' Party Saratov Regional Committee

Kaleidoscope 2007
- Holidays of the Czar: for a president-like premier
- If you want gas, obey!
- Following neurotic Abe's resignation
- Little Rock 50 years on: From The Plantation To The Penitentiary
- Forced deaths of prisoners: the record hot summer


No. 1989
(October 15th Issue)

Oct. 21st antiwar demonstrations
against the US-Japan military alliance

Block a new bill to continue the MSDF mission in the Indian Sea!
No deployment of MD systems in Japan! No revision of the Constitution!

116 thousand workers, students, and residents
at the Sept. 29 rally in Okinawa
Militant workers and students in the forefront
No to a new law for the MSDF mission! Oct. 3rd
Zengakuren Central Committee meeting
- The Fukuda government desperate to enact a new law to continue the MSDF mission 'against terrorist activities'
- The Ozawa-led DPJ launching an offensive to seize power
- The official opposition movement in a crisis, manoeuvred by Ozawa
- Stop the Rengo central leadership assisting the foundation of a 'two conservative party system'
- Fight against the enactment of a new law to continue the MSDF mission! Denounce the betrayal by the JCP!

End the Chukakuha remnants nearing its extinction!

Deceptive patches upon its agenda for 'school making based on participation and cooperation'

- Denounce the Zenkyo leadership attempting to gloss over the failure!

Denounce the bloody repression by the Myanmarese military junta!
- The military Bonapartist regime fearing struggles rising against its government
- Denounce the Chinese government defending the Than Shwe regime!
- Denounce the Fukuda government announcing Japan's continuation of aids!

Zengakuren rose in struggle to stop the continuation of the MSDF mission (Oct. 3rd, in front of the Diet Building)

Sept. 29 Okinawa People's Rally: militant workers and students in the forefront of 116 thousand participants
- Seething angers for the government's deletion of references in history textbooks to the Imperial Army's use of coercion in the mass suicides of local residents during the Battle of Okinawa

NTT's new service: the optical communication successive disorders

Topics Oppositions over the planned revisions of the Workers' Dispatch Law

Privatized postal services started: forced overwork for 6 hours

Zengakuren: the 123 meeting of the Central Committee

[8] Kaleidoscope 2007
- Ahmadinejad in New York
- US 'researches of sufferings from nuclear radiation' : preparation for nuclear strike
- SiCKO: my sympathy and dissatisfaction


No. 1988
(October 8th Issue)

Oct. 21st United Actions of Workers and Students!
Block the enactment of a new bill for the MSDF refueling mission in the Indian Sea!
No deployment of MD systems in Japan! No revision of the Constitution!

Build the working class strength to overthrow the Fukuda government
by denouncing the JCP central dependent on the Ozawa-led DPJ!

JRCL Central Students' Orgburo
- Japanese imperialism in a grave crisis under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Intensification of a cold war-like hot war between the US and China/Russia
- A crisis of the official opposition movement and the struggles of the revolutionary left
- Win a great advance in struggle against war and the military alliance, struggle to stop the Constitutional revision!

The 79th National Convention of Jichiro [Prefectural/Municipal Workers Union]
- Denounce the central leadership accepting privatizations and sackings!

Forcibly starved to death: No livelihood protection by Kitakyushu city government

The Communist, No. 231

'Drafted revisions of the government guideline for teaching' : its reactionary nature

Book review False Contractual work
- Crimes of monopolies and temporary employment agencies

Topics Labour aristocrats in the IMF-JC crying for the 'continuation of structural reform'

Zengakuren protests against the LDP nationwide

On their local streets: Militant students appeal against a new bill to continue MSDF refuelling mission for the US troops

'Structural reform' policies: deserting small-scale farmers

Rogues in Baghdad: US private military companies


No. 1987
(October 1st Issue)

Aim at the overthrow of the Fukuda government!
Denounce the Rengo leadership and the JCP central
spreading illusions about the Ozawa-led Democratic Party!

Strengthen the battlefront
to advance antiwar struggle against the US-Japan military alliance,
to block the neo-fascist reaction!

- Fukuda's sailing amid the intensified power strife within the LDP
- Ozawa's DPJ striving for power: moves towards a 'two conservative party system'
- The Japanese imperialist state faced with internal and external troubles
- Fight against the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance and the neo-fascist reaction!

Japanese auto monopolies: their measures to survive the global competition
- Faced with the waves of international regrouping
- Moves to another realignment
- Measures for survival taken by Japanese auto monopolies

Stop the bilateral drill!

- Kagoshima University students together with 500 workers from local trade unions struggled against a US-Japan military drill at a local SDF base (Sept. 3rd)
No to another US Marine base!
- Workers, students, local residents protested the defence minister's visit to Okinawa (Sept. 8th)

Denounce the Hokkaido prefectural government forcing private high schools to force the respect for the 'Rising Sun' flag and the 'Reign of the Emperor' anthem!

The health ministry's promotion of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) and its aim

Illegal acts rampant among temporary employment agencies

Topics Ozawa's queer praise for Keynes

The National Education Research Meeting 2007 of the JCP-led federation of teachers' unions
- Struggles to reveal the failure in the leadership's agenda for 'making schools of participation and cooperation'

'School supporters': retired police officers planned to be stationed at schools

Lessons for 'subjective analysis of an object'

Reading 'Japan', the posthumous poems of Kan'ichi Kuroda

Kaleidoscope 2007
- Acknowledgement of the lie: SDF's refuelling mission on the Indian Sea 'for Afghanistan'
- The Downfall of US vulture funds: subprime loans
- Japanese spy satellites planned to be upgraded: for US 'missile defence'
- Moises Naim's questionable criticism of Bush


No. 1986
(September 24th Issue)

Smash any attempt by the LDP
to survive a crisis of its government!

- Abe's resignation from neurosis and his makeshift replacement with Fukuda
- Japanese imperialism torn apart under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Continuation of the Koizumi-Abe policy of 'US dependency'
- A rising tendency to change to a 'two conservative party system'
- Build a battle front to fight against neo-fascist reactions!

Smash a postal version of the Industrial Patriotic movement produced in response to the managerial call for 'strong companies'!
Oppose the sackings, lower wages, and longer intensified labour planned by the Nishikawa-led administration under the pretext 'to build a new business model'!
- A 'privatized post' to start as 'a breakthrough in structural reform'
- The 'new business plans' to change to a 'privatized post'
- Schemes to reduce the personnel and lower the wages for carrying out the 'new business plans'
- Denounce the JPU leadership cooperating with the administration in managerial and labour policies for new companies!
- Smash the sackings, lower wages and intensified labour schemed 'to build new companies'!

Zengakuren march on the Diet
- Blows to the collapsing LDP government on the day after Abe's resignation (Sept. 13th) (Pic. top)

'Stop the US live-fire exercise!'
- Zengakuren Hokkaido struggle together with 3000 workers (Sept. 2nd) (Pic. middle)

Zengakuren Hokkaido struggle to stop SDF tanks in Obihiro
- Amid angers growing for driving drills on public roads (Aug. 31st) (Pic bottom)

Join in the Sept. 29th Okinawa People's Rally!
Denounce the education ministry erasing the textbook description on the known military order to force collective suicides upon residents in wartime Okinawa!
Fight by overcoming the official movement to ask the government 'to restore the description'!

JRCL Okinawa Prefectural Committee
- 'Denounce the erasion!' The flames of anger spreading over the islands
- 'Patriotism' advocated to make 'a country that can engage in war'
- Oppose the authorization of 'patriot education'! Fight it together with struggles against war and the US-Japan military alliance!

Municipal boards of education desperate to improve not the academic abilities of kids but their scores in the national test

The increasing number of nursing care workers leaving their workplaces

Topics Hawkish labour aristocrats set up a new group within Rengo

Stop the introduction of 'morality' in the curriculum aimed to enforce 'patriot education'!

Security order intensified under the pretext 'to secure the G8 Summit'

Kaleidoscope 2007
- My neurotic syndrome (Abe)
- New Confucianism in China
- Blue Gold
- JCP Chairman's love letter to Ozawa


No. 1985
(September 17th Issue)

Denounce the central leadership of Rengo
supporting Ozawa's Democratic Party!

Let us build a militant, class-conscious labour movement
that can fight against 'war and impoverishment'!

- The Abe government broken down and the Ozawa-led Democratic Party intensifying its offensives
- The Rengo leadership attempting to revive 'a labour movement as part of the ruling coalition'
- Fight for a de-construction of Rengo and for a militant revival of labour movement!

A new clash between the US and Russia for their vital dominance over Central / Eastern Europe

- The US and Russia clashing over the US deployment of MD systems in Central Europe
- A major offensive by Putin's Russia in Eastern Europe
- A new nuclear arms race between the US and China/Russia for their vital state interests

Join the 123rd meeting of Zengakuren Central Committee!


The central leadership of Rengo vocal for 'a political system shiftable in power'

Fight against intensified exploitation and expropriation of temporary workers!

Topics A deceptive recommendation for minimum wages from a governmental council

The absolute decline in the wage level

- Reported in the latest white paper

Denounce the IHI Co. shifting the responsibility for a fatal accident onto the victimized workers!

Hokkaido prefectural office: bent on carrying out 'market tests'

Poisons in water, in soil, and in foods

- An aspect of food pollution in China

[3] Kaleidoscope 2007
- A mirage in desert: 'improved security'
- Dynastic ashes, Orthodoxy, and mental hospitals: Great Russian conception of history
- Collapse of the constitutional principle: the first lady with a hijab and cecular veils
- 'No apparent damage': a rubber stamp on a Japanese nuclear plant by IAEA


No. 1984
(September 10th Issue)

September 13th
March on the Prime Minister's Office and the Diet!

Oppose any extension of the special counterterrorism law!
Down with the Abe government!

- Disintegration of the Abe government after its reshuffling
-Attempts to extend the current law to continue the SDF's US-linked refueling mission in the Indian Sea
- Ozawa's Democratic Party showing its flag: 'Japan's independence from the US'
- Reveal the crime of the JCP being dependent on the illusion of the Ozawa-led DPJ! Advance the struggle against war and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

The JCP's analysis of 'the strategy of the business' coincident with its hopes on the business

(A) A JCP-patronized scholar analyzing the 'Labour Big-Bang' project
(B) Reinforcement for the Zenroren's argument of the 'business dictatorship'
(C) Criticisms based on its criterion of 'better capitalism'
- Narrow horizons and the loss of real perceptions
- No distinction between the government and the business: lacking the theory of the state
- Projection of the JCP's 'democratic alternatives'
- A strange characterization of the 'authoritative ruling system by the corporates' as 'a petty US Empire'

Zengakuren Hokkaido: struggle against a US warship calling at a civilian port (August 17th, Otaru) (Pic upper)

Okinawa: workers and students rallying on the third anniversary of the US helicopter accident (August 13th) (Pic lower)

Kokugakuin University: all-students' assembly

Fight back against the campaign to destroy the Hokkaido Teachers' Union!

Toyota's 'reconstruction aid' for the recent earthquake

Topics Tetsuo Maeda's idea of a 'Basic Law for Peace'

A purer example of Today's Industrial Patriotic Association: the Electrical Electronic and Information Union's 55th convention

[8]Messages from foreign friends to the 45th International Antiwar Assembly Part 3
- Democratic Socialist Alliance (Britain)
- A World to Win (Britain)
- News and Letters Committees (USA)

- Mp{y{p |p}p(Russia)
- David McReynolds (USA)

[3] Kaleidoscope 2007
- Putin: Billy's Boot Camp
- Today's Gagarin on the North Pole?
- A strange remark: 'against the old LDP'
- Worker dispatching business and the government


No. 1983
(September 3rd Issue)

Down with the power-obsessed Abe government!
Stop constitutional revision!
No strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!

March on the Prime Minister's Office and the Diet!

- Intensified military confrontation between US imperialism and China/Russia
- The Bush Empire suffering from the bankruptcy in its attempted domination over Iraq and the Middle East
- The straying government of Shinzo Abe
- Down with the Abe government clinging to power for constitutional revision!

Tokai meeting
Kyushu meeting
Hokuriku meeting
Regional meetings of
the 45th International Antiwar Assembly on August 5th

Reports from Tokai, Kyushu and Hokuriku meetings
- A bridgehead built to break through the crisis of warfare

Protests against a military drill of SDF forces at a civilian port (Osaka, August 3rd-4th)

'Stop constitutional revision!' Tokai students' action (Nagoya, July 16th)

Series Central European countries drifting in disunion
No. 3
Groans of the Czech Republic under the 'anti-Russian, pro-US' government

- Acceptance of the US-planned deployment of missile defence facilities
- Agitation of anti-Russian nationalism
- Return to a neo-liberal 'reform'
- Overcome the 'negative legacy of Stalinism'!

Ishikawa prefectural board of education forcing teachers to get 'a training for bullying' at weekends during the summer holidays

Painful labour of buss drivers in casual employment

Fukuoka City: 'A wartime training' at elementary schools

Topics Japan Post to launch 'a temporary staff agency'

[8] Messages from foreign friends to the 45th International Antiwar Assembly Part 2
- Qusy~p|~p py {}}~yr (Russia)
- B|pty}y P~y~ Pututpu| Rrup Kyur{z sp~yxpyy "P}uuz" (Ukraine)
- S}u~{yz q{} QKQP-QPK (Russia)
- Socialist Appeal (USA)

[7] Kaleidoscope 2007
- Depoodlization
- 'Asymmetric responses'
- Olympic Games: upon victims
- America's 'dangers bridges'
- The war in the eye of a cartoonist


No. 1982
(August 27th Issue)

Down with the ultra-reactionary Abe government
staying on for constitutional revision!

Build a battlefront by denouncing the Rengo leaders and the JCP central leadership
relying on the Ozawa-led DPJ!

- A new phase of power struggle started
- A crisis of Japanese imperialism amid the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Intensified struggles over a state strategy for Japan's survival
- Build a strong battlefront to stop the neo-fascist reaction!

- A crisis of Japanese imperialism amid the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia
- Intensified struggles over a state strategy for Japan's survival
- Build a strong battlefront to stop the neo-fascist reaction!

Hokkaido meeting
Okinawa meeting
Kansai meeting
Regional meetings of
the 45th International Antiwar Assembly on August 5th

Reports from Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kansai meetings
- 'Down with the Abe government!' Voices resounded

Denounce US armoured cars intruding into a handicapped children's school!
- Urgent protest by workers and students in Okinawa (July 24th)

A 'job/role' based system of wages for minimizing personnel costs
A new wage policy recommended by the Japanese Keidanren [employers' federation]
- Emphasis on 'job, role and merit'
- Responses to the 'globalization of economy'
- Trials and errors towards a 'Japanese form of the performance-based system'
- 'Being fair, just and understandable': Sophistries
- Denounce the labour aristocrats demanding for 'fairly performance-based wages'!

Don't shift the responsibility of unpaid pensions unto workers in the Social Insurance Agency!

Reduction of the personnel by half, overtime work for 100 hours a month: municipal workers in financially bankrupt Yubari City

Topics Crimes of 'hospital reconstruction funds

Denounce the central leadership moving to the abandonment of its agenda to 'stop constitutional revision'!
- 74th regular convention of the General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions

Messages from foreign friends to the 45th International Antiwar Assembly
Part 1
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Tavini Huiraatira No Te Ao Maohi - Front de Libération de la Polynésie
- Czech Humanist Party
- Workers Revolutionary Party in Greece (EEK)
- Northstar Compass (Canada)
- Union Pacifiste (France)


No. 1981
(August 13th Issue)

45th International Antiwar Assembly
'Down with the Abe government!'
1200 workers, students and citizens
at the central meeting in Tokyo, August 5th

- Keynote speech: 'Break through the crisis of warfare caused by the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia!'
- 16 messages of solidarity from 9 countries
- Resolves expressed by militant workers and students
- Raise waves against constitutional revision and against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!
(Pic right)

Our burial service of former Stalinist JCP Chairman Miyamoto Kenji, or a funeral message to the Fuwa-led Communist Party

- Fuwa's JCP burying Miya-Ken into oblivion
- The myth of 'independence'
- 'A negative legacy of Stalinism' in Japan

Zengakuren: 77th national convention
(July 25th-27th)
(Pic right)

'Denounce the serious accident at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant!'
- Zengakuren protest against the industrial ministry and TEPCO

Okinawa: opposition to a new helicopter base (July 3rd)

Series Central European countries drifting in disunion
No. 2 Romania: sufferings as a 'vassal state' of the Bush Empire
- Power strife intensified
- The EU affiliation causing serious social, economic contradictions
- Disagreements over adjustments in the road to a US 'protectorate'

Oppositions spreading against the enforcement of the nation-wide academic ability tests

State control tightened on media reports on elections

Topics General contractors preying on foreign trainees

Pakistan in a political crisis: under the new confrontation between the US and China/Russia

- Pervez Musharraf launching a violent repression against Muslim radicals
- A response to pressures from Bush for 'eradicating the Taliban-supportive forces'
- Power strife intensifying within the military and the ruling class
- China trying to include Pakistan into the SCO and counteractions by the Bush Empire

[3] Kaleidoscope 2007
- A 'mini crisis' between Britain and Russia
- Abe writhing in agony
- A 'Mediterranean Co-Prosperity Sphere'?
- No access to a state of the art jet fighter


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