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No. 2590
(October 14th 2019 Issue)

Denounce the enforcement of the consumption tax hike!
Don't allow the Abe government to strengthen expropriation of the toiling masses!

- The government imposes heavy taxes and attempts to spread cashless payments
- Aimed to establish a financial base supporting the neo-fascist state
- Fight against mass expropriation, refuting demagoguery, 'tax hike for the improvement of social security'

Condemn the shooting of demonstrators by the Hong Kong police!
No to the invocation of the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, actual martial law!


Reduction of benefits, increase in the beneficiary's expense, working at an old age

Definitely 'No' to the Abe government's cutting of social security benefits!

Kepco [Kansai Electric Power Company]'s evil manoeuvre to restart nuclear power plants brought to the light of day
The company has long been in corrupt collusion with local interest groups
Don't allow the restart of nuclear power plants! Decommission all the nuclear facilities!


The 7th JCP Central Committee Plenum

Condemn the JCP bureaucrats for wallowing in a delusion that it might be able to 'join in an opposition party coalition government'!


What's going on at 'elderly persons' homes with care services'?
Let us fight against facility managements' profit-first measures!

Japan Post's 'watch over and report' service:
postal workers regularly visit the household of the aged and report their living conditions to contractors by mail
Severe sales quotas are assigned to postal workers, who are driven to make unnecessary contracts and pay contract money at their own expense

Construction of a gigantic base for developing a next-generation automobile is underway at the sacrifice of workers and toiling people

80 years after the Nomonhan Incident

Japanese militarism forced its own soldiers to fight hand-to-hand combats in order to realize its ambition for aggression

The development of genome editing technology will cause further environmental and human destruction
- Distribution of genome-edited foods 'without preliminary safety inspections, without indications' will be started soon
- Destruction of the ecosystem and diversion of the technology to military use
- Alteration of the human genome spells dehumanization


No. 2589
(October 7th 2019 Issue)

Don't allow US imperialism to launch a military attack on Iran!
Smash the US-Japan military alliance!
Oppose the Xi Jinping government's military repression of Hong Kong people!

Zengakuren carried out protest actions at the US and Chinese embassies

September 24th, Tokyo

'Stop US imperialism's attack on Iran!' Angry voices resounded at the US embassy
- Militant students also expressed their resolve 'Against Japan's dispatch of SDF troops to the Persian Gulf!'
- They denounced the neo-Stalinist bureaucrats of Beijing
'Don't allow military repression against Hong Kong people!' At the Chinese embassy

Student protesters raising the banner of the JRCL

The 89th Zengakuren National Convention

September 24th-25th, Tokyo

Militant students fortified their bridgehead for advancing struggles against the constitutional revision, against Japan's dispatch of troops to the Persian Gulf, and against the US-Japan military alliance

Zengakuren delegates rallied against the Beijing bureaucrats' repression of Hong Kong people, at the Chinese embassy, September 24th
(pic right)

'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Stop sending Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf!'
Workers, students and people's rally in Kagoshima, September 19th

Angry voices reverberated through the venue of the rally

Hokkaido workers and citizens rose up in street demonstration against the constitutional revision, September 19th, Sapporo
The JRCL called on participants to overthrow the Abe government

The meaning of the attack on Saudi oil facilities

I. Counterattack on US imperialism: Iran's attack with responsibility claimed by the Houthis group
II. An attack aimed at the Achilles heel of the enemy
III. Trump was dismayed and thrown into confusion
IV. The political, military and historical meanings of the Sept. 14th incident

Don't allow the union leadership to abandon 'struggles for higher wages' by giving top priority to the 'revival' of the publishing industry!

A criticism of the 'action policy for 2020' of the Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Union


Emphasis on the need to build 'safety nets': encouraging workers to accept dismissals without complaint
-- The regular convention of the UA Zensen [Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]
The UA Zensen leadership is taking a leading role in the 'structural readjustment' of the labour movement of the JTUC

Island states in the Southern Pacific are now turning into good targets for the US and China in their struggle for world hegemony

Don't allow the discharge of tritium-contaminated, radioactive water into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant!

'Talks for Afghan peace' frustrated:

Trump's plan to hold 'Camp David talks' was rejected by the Taliban

My study note

I will make Kuroda's thought my own even if I can only go at a snail's pace
-- Some considerations on the epistemological clarification of the cognizing process


No. 2588
(September 30th 2019 Issue)

Shatter the Abe government's attempt to revise the Constitution!
Crush the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!
Smash massive tax increases and cuts in social security!

- Abe's dash towards the promotion of Japan as a 'country capable of waging a war together with America'
- - Bolstering the new US-Japan military alliance against China as its 'main enemy'
- An enormous increase in military expenditure and bad revision of the social security system - victimization of the toiling masses
- Don't allow the suppression of militant struggles by the JTUC leadership! No to the distortion of workers' struggles by the JCP leadership!

The Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Station accident case

Denounce the Tokyo District Court's decision of 'not guilty' handed down on Tepco
[Tokyo Electric Power Company] management!

Condemn the Abe government for abandoning the victims of Typhoon No. 15!

- The major power failure is still going on in Chiba Prefecture and elsewhere, plunging many residents into critical situations
- Tepco first deliberately underestimated the damage and spread misinformation; the government neglected to take necessary measures for the disaster

The rampancy of AfD, a neo-Nazi party

- By declaring itself against Merkel's 'coal-free' policy, AfD increased its number of seats in the recent provincial elections
- Exploiting dissatisfaction among workers in the former East Germany region about income disparities and poverty, it is fanning exclusionism against refugees

Trump getting annoyed about the trade war against China
The 'boomerang effect' of the war has begun to deliver a blow to the US economy

Against the revision of the Constitution! For a militant resuscitation of Jichiro!

-- A report on the 92nd regular convention of Jichiro
[All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union]
- Under pressure from rank-and-file members, the chairman declared Jichiro's resolve to oppose 'Abe's attempt to revise the Constitution'
- Many local chapters reported on their antiwar, anti-military base struggles and efforts against the resumption of nuclear power plant operations
- Let us strengthen unity against the government's offensive of destroying the union!

Denounce the labour-management agreement on the introduction of a 'mandatory retirement system at the age of 65'!

-- Steel industry monopoly capitalists' scheme to thoroughly exploit elderly workers
<Part 2>

4. Under the planned new wage system, wages of the elderly workers nearing the retirement age will be the lowest in the company
5. Don't allow the labour aristocrats controlling the steel industry unions to accept the bad revision of working conditions!

The regular convention of the JC Metal [Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]
Denounce the union leadership for promoting a labour-management collaboration policy for the realization of a 'robot revolution' set out by the Abe government


Due to the protracted power / water supply failures in typhoon-stricken Chiba, the elderly and patients are in peril of their lives

The US-China confrontation is escalating over the initiative in laying submarine cable networks

The second wave of the US shale oil revolution'!?: deceptions in the International Energy Agency report

Historic crimes of the JCP in relation to three major conspiracies in post-war Japan

- A succession of conspiracies committed by the GHQ occupation authorities to destroy the Japanese labour movement
- The case of Mitaka railway Incident in 1949: far from exposing the plot, a JCP lawyer forced one innocent union member to make a false confession 'with no accomplice' for the survival of this party
- The JCP repeated betrayals under its slogan 'peaceful revolution under occupation'

The Boris Johnson-led British government boxed in on all sides

- A split within the British ruling class over the way to survive in the face of the head-on clash between the US and China
- Johnson-led Brexit hawks spreading exclusionist demagoguery

The ruling party defeated: Israel's repeat general election
Corruption-ridden Netanyahu at the end of his tether


No. 2587
(September 23rd 2019 Issue)

Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
Fight resolutely by overcoming the JCP-led peace movement
that has abandoned opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!

Protesters raising clenched fists at the Camp Schwab gate, Henoko, September 7th

- No to the continued land reclamation in the area whose seabed is soft like mayonnaise!
- The Abe government is hell-bent on the US base construction in Okinawa and the revision of the Constitution
- The South Korean government's annulment of the Japan-ROK GSOMIA
[General Security of Military Information Agreement]: a cataclysmic change in the political situation in East Asia
- Let us fight with the aim of repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!

Rally to the 89th Zengakuren National Convention!

Promote the struggle against constitutional revision, against the dispatch of troops to the Persian Gulf, and against the US-Japan military alliance!

Don't allow the Xi governments' repression of Hong Kong people!

People of Hong Kong! Advance struggles by exposing the bourgeois class nature of 'democracy and human rights' disseminated by US imperialist
Strengthen the quality of the struggle on a proletarian basis!

JCP bureaucrats' same old sermon: a road to an 'opposition party coalition government'
- Dodging the issue of crushing defeats in national elections, they are continuing to chase their 'never-ending dream'
- Their statement about the Hong Kong peopl's struggle:
'We hope a peaceful solution to the affair'


The armament race in outer space intensifying between the US and China-Russia

The US Space Command started up by the Trump administration
The reality of the US-China arms development race in space

Denounce the labour-management agreement on the introduction of a 'mandatory retirement system at the age of 65'!

-- Steel industry monopoly capitalists' scheme to thoroughly exploit elderly workers
<Part 1>

1. They say: 'The retirement age needs to be extended for the growth of companies'
2. The absolute shortage of skilled workers: this is what the management is afraid of
3. A natural consequence of the repeated restructuring and the union leadership's cooperation under the slogan 'Labour-management acting as one'
(to be continued)


Local authorities' offensive against education workers in Ishikawa Prefecture

Don't allow the education board's plan to introduce education workers' merit rating into their 'work style reform' and link this with the wage system!

Make up for your low income with a second job'(!?)
The government is planning to lift its ban on the ultrashort-term, precarious employment

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
- Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece (OKDE),
- Victor F. Isaichikov,
- News and Letters Committees,

- John Bolton dismissed

- A massive explosion of a nuclear-powered cruise missile in the middle of testing in Russia

- Crackdowns on the media by the Morrison-led Australian government: paving the way for its participation in the 'coalition of the willing' against Iran

- Yokota airspace: most of the skies over the Greater Tokyo Area are controlled by the US forces stationed in Japan


No. 2586
(September 16th 2019 Issue)

US-China military confrontation in a new phase
Advance antiwar struggle against the nuclear capability upgrading race

between the US and China-Russia!

- The Moon Jae-in government's annulment of the Japan-ROK GSOMIA [General Security of Military Information Agreement] has caused a structural change in East Asia
- The US and China, plus Russia, have embarked upon a new arms race in space and missile systems
- The US and China are irreconcilably clashing with each other over world domination

Xi-led China's challenge to the supremacy of the US dollar

The Xi government is bent on 'internationalizing' the renminbi

Definitely 'NO!' to the planned raising of the consumption tax rate to 10 percent!

The Abe government is scheming to make workers and toiling people pay the bill for the financial collapse of the pension system

Absolutely no to the cutting of social security expenses!

An illusion of overcoming 'poverty and disparity' by means of an increased issue of currency

-- MMT
(Modern monetary theory) advocated by 'democratic socialists' in the American Democrats
A. A rehash of the Keynesian policy in the last phase of capitalism
B. A trap of relying on the 'power' of managed currency
C. An attempt of a policy-based alleviation of the 'evil' of capitalism in its terminal phase

Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Down with the neo-fascist Abe government!
The Prefectural/Municipal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Create an upsurge of anti-war, anti-constitutional revision struggle by resisting oppression by the JTUC leadership!
- Don't allow the tightening up of labour management based on job performance appraisal! No pay cuts!
- No to the fixation of yearly-contracted workers' low wages and precarious employment!

The Welfare Ministry's review report on the state pension system : full of lies and tricks
Shatter the government's plan of pension reform!

The intensification of the military rivalry between the US and China

The situation in the South China Sea is becoming more and more strained

Another US-China confrontation over the China-led Mekong Basin development project


Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly (5)
- Mikhail Borisovich Konashev,
- Russian Communist Workers Party - Tyumen Regional Committee,


No. 2585
(September 9th 2019 Issue)

Denounce the JTUC leadership for moving on
to destroy the spring labour offensive and antiwar, anti-base struggles!

- The leadership is attempting to establish the line of abandoning the promotion of struggles for higher wages and against the bad revision of labour laws
- It is extolling the introduction of artificial intelligence and the IoT, thus yelling louder for productivity movement
-- JTUC labour aristocrats are intent on producing an alternative to the 'social safety net'
- Let us strengthen our struggle, aiming for the 'deconstruction' of the JTUC, a complement to the neo-fascist ruling system!

A great fluctuation in East Asia caused by South Korea's annulment of the Japan-ROK GSOMIA
[General Security of Military Information Agreement]
- The Moon Jae-in-led South Korean government has taken the decision to change its security and diplomatic strategy
-- It has raised a slogan 'Achieve One Korea by 2045', aiming for the 'unification' of North and South Koreas
- The Abe government has revealed an inability to cope with the turbulence created in the US-Japan-South Korea triangular military alliance
- Don't allow the Abe government's instigation of chauvinistic nationalism against South Korea!
-- Achieve the unification of North and South Koreas on a proletarian basis!


The 57th International Antiwar Assembly, August 4th - regional meetings

The Hokkaido Assembly in Sapporo
Participants made a firm resolution to stop the Japanese government sending troops to the Persian Gulf, to stop the revision of the Constitution

Sapporo, August 27th

'Don't allow the Xi Jinping government's military repression of Hong Kong people!

The JRCL made an emergency appeal in the main street of Sapporo,
August, 27th


Don't allow the union leadership to carry forward the 'union movement for the sake of the continuous development of the company'!

-- A criticism of the policy of the Japan Postal Union for its12th National Convention

I. Fight back against the JP management's shifting of all the responsibility for the 'inappropriate sale of life insurance' onto postal workers!
II. Lay bare the deception in the union's 'summary of struggles' that does not touch on the leadership's acceptance of 'no pay increase' in the 2018-19 spring labour offensive!
III. The leadership is acting in concert with the management in emphasizing 'structural reform in the postal service', thereby accepting the plan to dismiss and forcibly redeploy fifty-odd thousand workers
IV. It proposes consideration on the part of the trade union of 'adequate pay levels and proper treatment of employees'
V. Expose the leadership's deceitfulness in stressing the need to 'activate the union organization'!

Nissan: Management is scheming for mass dismissals to ride out its financial crisis


A plan to train 'teachers who teach AI technology' by using AI technology
In order to comply with monopoly capitalists' demand, the Abe government is pressing for the promotion of 'AI education' to all university and technical college students

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
- Vladimir Pronin,
- Left Radical of Afghanistan,
- The Russian Party of Communists,

The please-all diplomacy of the Modi-led Indian government

The Erdogan-led Turkish government strengthening ties with China


No. 2584
(September 2nd 2019 Issue)

The Abe government frantic to impose punitive economic sanctions on South Korea
Oppose Abe's inflammation of chauvinist nationalism against South Korea!

- The Moon Jae-in government took the decision to annul the GSOMIA [General Security of Military Information Agreement] between South Korea and Japan
- The Abe government has tightened export restrictions; the Moon government is striking back
- Denounce Abe's justification of erstwhile Japanese militarism's crime of drafting many Korean workers for harsh labour in Japan during the Second World War!

Don't allow the Xi-led Chinese and the Hong Kong governments' repression of Hong Kong people!

Fight against the autocratic rule by the neo-Stalinist bureaucracy!


The 57th International Antiwar Assembly,
August 4th - regional meetings




The Kansai Assembly in Osaka

A firm resolution to fight antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle reconfirmed

The Tokai Assembly in Nagoya
The bridgehead strengthened for shattering the Abe government's offensive of revising the Constitution

The Hokuriku Assembly in Kanazawa
The resolve fortified to block the Japanese government from sending troops to the Persian Gulf

Kanazawa Univ. students rose in protest against Japan's dispatch of SDF forces to the Persian Gulf in their campus, August 6th

Absolutely 'NO!' to the Japan Post management shifting the blame for 'inappropriate sale of life insurance' onto postal workers!

Don't allow the offensive of punishment on the workers to be launched on a massive scale!

The union leadership proposes a better 'shift to a "smart" community' with the number of workers halved

-- A criticism of the Jichiro
[All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union] research team report 'Artificial Intelligence and Local Government'

The government is planning to impose the acquisition of 'My Number [identification number] cards' on all local government workers
Don't allow the state surveillance over the entire population of Japan!

No to the introduction of the 'integrated work support system' into schools!

The Education Ministry is promoting the system, positioning it as a linchpin for the 'work style reform in schools'

'There is no regulatory standard for the overtime in excess of "100 hours per month" of side-jobs'

The Health Ministry is intending a bad revision of the Labour Standards Law

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly (3)
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista International,
- Families and Friends of Las Heras / Workers Advance - "Black List" / The Youth of 'The Fourth" / Workers Democracy (LOI-CI),
- Prospettiva Marxista,


Condemn the Abe government's fascistic instigation of anti-South Korean chauvinism!

'Lack of the Freedom of Expression', part of the Aichi Prefecture-hosted 'Triennale 2019'
Frenzied with the display of the image of a Korean 'sex slave' girl, Abe's hangers-on intimidated an exhibition into suspension

Electric companies of Kyushu, Kansai and Shikoku are flurried to face the 'crisis' of decommissioning their nuclear reactors due to the strict application of regulatory standards by the Nuclear Regulation Authorities


No. 2582-83
(August 19th-26th 2019 Double Issue)

Don't allow the Xi government's military repression
against fighting people in Hong Kong!
Neo-Stalinist Beijing bureaucrats fear a 'second Tiananmen revolt' might occur!

Workers, students and people of Okinawa rose in a protest action against the new US base construction,
August 3rd, at the Camp Schwab gate, Henoko, Okinawa

Stop the revision of the Constitution!

Let us fight firmly overcoming the JCP-led opposition movement that makes no objection about the US-Japan military alliance!
- The Abe government is hell-bent to revise the Constitution
- The danger of a Third World War increasing as the clash between the US and China is growing
-- The nuclear capability upgrading race intensifying between the US and China-Russia
-- A confrontation between the US and China over Hong Kong and Taiwan

- Let us promote the struggle against constitutional revision, against the dispatch of troops to the Strait of Hormuz, and against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as a unified struggle!
-- Block the Abe government from revising the Constitution!
-- Stop US imperialism launching a military attack on Iran! Stop Japan's participation in the war!
-- Let us fight aiming at repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!


The 57th International Antiwar Assembly,
August 4th - regional meetings


The Okinawa Assembly in Naha
Revolutionary and militant workers and students solidified their determination to further the struggle against the new base construction in Henoko

The Kyushu Assembly in Fukuoka
Participants fortified their resolve to block the dispatch of SDF troops to the Persian Gulf

Don't allow the Japan Post managerial to shift the responsibility for the unlawful contracts for 'post office life insurance contracts' onto postal workers!

Denounce the Japan Postal Union leadership for having long accepted management's imposition of severe sales quotas upon workers!

Say 'No' to the dismissal and forcible redeployment of fifty-odd thousand workers!
The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Let us oppose the management plan for major restructuring and rationalization!
- Stand for the militant resuscitation of the JP Union by resisting degenerate union leaders' bureaucratic control!
- Stop the Abe government plunging into constitutional revision! Stop it sending Japanese troops to the Strait of Hormuz!

Don't allow the imposition of the new guidelines for schoolteaching by the Education Ministry!

Let us strive for fertile discussions in the Zenkyo
[All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union]-hosted annual education research conference!
The Education Workers Committee of the JRCL
- Don't allow the union leadership's attempt to dissolve all discussions into those for merely 'protecting pupils' life and human rights'!
- Let us solidify a firm base for opposing the neo-fascist reorganization of education!

The incumbent chairman re-elected for a third term; total abandonment of the annual spring labour offensive; a rethink on which party to support...

Denounce the JTUC leadership for furthering the Industrial Patriotic movement!

The Modi-led Indian government deprived Kashmir of autonomy
Armed conflict provoked between India and Pakistan; the danger of the outbreak of war mounting
- Modi is taking a hard-line policy with unreserved Hindu supremacism
- Pakistani rulers are resisting this outrage with the support of China

The eve of another 'Lehman Shock'!?
US and Japanese monopoly finance capitalists are anxious about a possible slump in the CLO
(collateralized loan obligation) market
- The Kuroda-led Bank of Japan authorities betray their total incompetence in monetary policy

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th International Antiwar Assembly
- Lotta comunista,
- EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party),
- Faridabad Majdoor Samachar / Kamunist Kranti,
- Workers International League (WIL),


'Absolutely NO to the new US base construction!'
Protesters raised angry fists at the construction site
(pic left)
Okinawa People's Action, August 3rd, Henoko, Okinawa

15 years after the US military helicopter crash in the campus of Okinawa Int'l University

A protest rally held against US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma,
Okinawa, August 11th
Militant students fought with workers and citizens, ardently appealing to fight against the US-Japan military alliance
(pic right)

Confrontation between the US and China-Russia Today


No. 2581
(August 12th 2019 Issue)

The 57th International Antiwar Assembly held on August 4th
A bridgehead established for blocking the constitutional revision
and the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf

Fight, aiming for the revocation of the US-Japan Security Treaty!

'No to the race for upgrading nuclear arms between the US and China-Russia!' Voices reverberated around the hall (the central meeting in Nakano, Tokyo)

- No to US imperialism's attack on Iran! Break through the war crisis!: The keynote speech
-- Build solidarity among workers and people worldwide to change this century shrouded in darkness!
- Firm resolves to fight expressed by a militant worker and the Zengakuren chairman
- Overcome the parliamentalianinst distortion of struggles by the JCP!
-Let us fight under the banner 'Against the US-Japan Security Treaty'!

'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Stop the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Persian Gulf!'

Militant students held a valiant demonstration in the centre of Tokyo,
August 2nd

'No to a military attack on Iran by US imperialism!'
Students raising an angry chorus of protest
at the US Embassy

Militants marching
on the PM's official residence


Don't allow the Abe government's control of the media for constitutional revision!

A TV report was interrupted; it was designed to reveal the LDP's backstairs deals with an opposition party over constitutional revision

The Russian and the Chinese Air Forces jointly conducted a military exercise over the Japan Sea for the first time

The Health Ministry yelling loudly for 'productivity increases in nursing care'
Don't let the Abe government sacrifice social security!

The government is bent on a bad revision of the social security system amid Japan's 'declining birth rate and aging population'

In the electrical machinery, pharmaceutical, automobile and other industries
Monopoly capitalists are planning to discharge more than 10,000 workers in the name of 'early voluntary retirement'

Great may foreign students are cheated and falling prey to vicious 'studying abroad' business agents

The reality of the US-Japan joint command post exercise aimed to train 'cross domain operational capabilities'

The Trump administration conducted 'freedom of navigation' operations in the Bay of Peter the Great

Stop the resumption of operation of Kashiwazaki No. 6 and No. 7 nuclear reactors!

A fuss in the G7 over the digital currency Libra planned to be issued by Facebook

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 57th Antiwar Assembly (1)
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain,
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi,
Maohi-Nui (French Polynesia)
- Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND),
- Union Pacifiste de France,

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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