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No. 2600
(January 1st 2020 Issue)

For a huge leap forward
in the anti-Stalinist communist movement!

Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Break through the crisis of war created by the head-on confrontation between the US and China!

'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Smash the US-Japan military alliance!'
Zengakuren and antiwar youths rose up in a united action,
October 27th, Tokyo

1. The present world suffering from wars, poverty and authoritarian rule
I. Political, military and economic rivalry escalating between the US and China/Russia
- A race to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles
- A struggle for naval supremacy and a race to develop new weapons
- The US-China trade war being intensified and protracted

II. The declining militarist empire behaving with naked state egoism

Trump is pushing through 'America first'
- The final collapse of the US's dominion over the Middle East
- Trump's 'presidential election first'

III. China, a 'state of market socialism', revealing its anti-proletarian nature
- A challenge to the US imperialist hegemony
- Brutal repression against the people of Hong Kong and Uighurs
- A hard-line policy with the aim of annexing Taiwan
- The strengthening of the system of governance declared in the 4th Plenum of the CPC

IV. The Putin-led Russian government aiming to 'reinstate Russia as a Great Power'
V. Wars erupting across the world
- New developments in the Korean Peninsula
- Dramatic changes in the political dynamics in the Middle East

VI. Aggravation of poverty and the struggles of workers and the toiling masses
- The rise of anti-government struggles in Latin America
- The rampancy of the far right and the crisis leading to the EU's disintegration
2. The Abe government hell-bent on building Japan into a military power
- The drastic strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance
- The government is desperate to revise the 'war-renouncing' Constitution
- The dispatch of Japanese warships to the Middle East
- The strengthening of the neo-fascist ruling system
- Workers and people's anger erupting
3. Down with the Abe-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!
I. Shatter the suppression of workers' struggles by the JTUC leadership!
II. The Japanese Communist Party leadership sticking to the daydream of an 'opposition party coalition government'
- The anti-proletarian nature of the planned 'revision' of the party programme
III. Stop the constitutional revision! Crush the US-Japan military alliance! Oppose the sending of Japanese troops to the Middle East!
IV. Denounce the bloody repression of Hong Kong people by the Xi government!
4. Exert all our powers based on revolutionary Marxism!
I. Overturn the 'dark 21st century world'!
II. Let us build a powerful vanguard party organization by making Kuroda's philosophy our own!


'No to the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Protesters blocked the shipping of sand for land reclamation in Henoko
December 3rd, Awa Pier in Nago, Okinawa
Workers, students and citizens of Okinawa fought together on land and sea

Protesters standing in front of the dump trucks, at the gate to the pier

'Remove all bases!'
Canoe fighters blocked bulk carriers from sailing out, around Awa Pier

Militant students staged a vehement protest in front of the PM's Official Residence

December 11th, Tokyo

'Overthrow the Abe government!'
Students denounced the cover up of Abe's illegal invitation of his supporters to the government-funded Cherry Blossom-Viewing Party


A New Year's cartoon

The desperate struggle of the militarist empire falling from its position as the world's 'sole superpower'

I. US imperialism frantic to build up nuclear capabilities with which to overwhelm China and Russia

A. A plan to deploy intermediate-range missiles, to expand armaments in space
B. The trade war against China
C. The flight from the Middle East
D. Estranged from all its allies, the US insists on Japan's obedience all the more
II. The declining empire imposing subordination to its state-will on other countries
III. The fall of the empire and its historical meaning

Workers of the world, rise in a struggle to overturn the dark 21st-century world!


New Year's resolutions
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee
The Kyushu Regional Committee
The Hokuriku Regional Committee
The Postal Workers Committee
The Prefectural / Municipal Workers Committee
The Traffic and Transport Workers Committee
The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Chemical Industrial Workers Committee

Struggles in 2019

Zengakuren protesting against the Xi government's repression of Hong Kong people
November 16th, in front of the Chinese Embassy, Tokyo (Centre (under the title)above)
September 24th, ditto (Centre below)

Against the constitutional revision! Against US-Japan military alliance!

Zengakuren and antiwar youths rose in a united action,
October 27th, Tokyo (Top left)
'Topple the Abe government!' Militant students fighting in the van of 65,000 people in a Constitution Day rally,
May 3rd, Tokyo (Second from top, left)

Fought determinedly to stop the new US base construction in Henoko!
'No to the shipping of sand for reclamation!' Protesters fought on land and sea,
December 3rd, near Awa Pier (Top right)
Workers, students and residents blocked the gate to the construction site,
November 21st (Second from top, right)
'Stop the construction!' A thousand staged a protest action,
November 2nd, in front of the Camp Schwab gate (Third from top, right)

Now is the time to stir up struggles against the Abe government!
Students denouncing Abe for entertaining his constituency using taxpayers' money,
November 16th, Tokyo (Third from top, left)

Militant workers and students strived across the country
Kansai region students demonstrating against the restart of nuclear reactors,
March 9th, Osaka (Third from bottom, centre)
Kanazawa Univ. students fighting in a rally against the constitutional revision,
May 3rd, Kanazawa (Third from bottom, right)
White-helmeted students and workers rose up in a united action,
October 27th, Sapporo, Hokkaido (Second from bottom, right)
All-Kyushu Workers and Students' united action,
October 20th, Fukuoka (Bottom, centre)
All-Tokai workers and students' united action,
October 27th, Nagoya (Bottom, right)

An FLTI representative made an ardent speech in the JRCL political meeting
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth fighters exchanged banners with FLTI militants,
December 8th, Tokyo (Bottom, left)


No. 2599
(December 16th 2019 Issue)

The JRCL public political meeting, December 8th
Break through the crisis of war created by the confrontation between the US and China!
Advance the anti-Stalinist communist movement!

'Down with the Abe government!' The whole participants chanting in unison

- Exert all our powers based on revolutionary Marxism for overturning the 'dark 21st century world'!: The keynote address
-- Let us make Comrade Kuroda's 'philosophy of the topos of praxis' our own

- An ardent speech of solidarity from an FLTI representative
- Indomitable determination expressed by a revolutionary worker and the new chairman of Zengakuren
- For a great leap forward of the anti-Stalinist communist movement
Zengakuren and Anti-war Youth representatives exchanged banners with FLTI (pic1)
Singing The International together with FLTI militants

Stop the US-Japan joint military exercise!

Militant students staged a demonstration against the exercise together with workers and citizens
Aibano, Shiga Prefecture, November 30th (pics)

Denounce the shooting of fighting people by the Hong Kong police!'
Kanazawa Univ. students made an emergency call on their fellow students in the campus
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, November 13th


Stop the deployment of SDF missile corps on the Southwest Islands!

A plot by the Trump administration to undermine the Iranian regime by using Albanian rulers


Suspension of the annulment of the Japan-ROK GSOMIA
[General Security of Military Information Agreement]:
Moon Jae-in retains his intention to break away from the US-Japan-ROK triangular military alliance

'Don't put emphasis on "war-renouncing" Article 9 in the pro-Constitution movement'?!
A JCP-kept scholar recommends 'learning from left populism' exampled by Syriza and Sanders

A Japanese information service cooperation has computed the personal probability of university graduates abandoning an employment offer by using artificial intelligence

'Personal information' collected through a job information site is sold to big business without notice

Denounce the capitalists of Toyota for driving workers to suicide!

French workers rose in massive strikes across the country

Anger flares up at Macron's plan of revising the pension system

Don't allow the bad revision of the health-care system for people aged 75 and over!
The Abe government is scheming to double the medical fees for the elderly

A list of main articles published in Kaihoh in 2019


No. 2598
(December 9th 2019 Issue)

Denounce the JCP bureaucrats for falling into throughgoing revised capitalism!
The anti-proletarian nature of the draft revision of the JCP programme

- An absurd plan to 'realize an opposition party coalition government by 2022'
- Total cancellation of the previous definition of 'China as a country aiming for socialism': a submission to the JRCL's criticism
- Making it a goal in itself to 'continue and develop advanced capitalism'
- Let us make a further ideological fight against JCP bureaucrats as converted Stalinists!

Workers, students blocked vehicles from bringing in materials
for the new US base construction,
Henoko, November 21st


Don't allow the restart of the Onagawa No. 2 nuclear reactor!

Denounce the Nuclear Regulation Authority for giving the green light to resume operation!
No to the Abe government's promotion of nuclear development!

'Stop the constitutional revision! No to the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'
JRCL made a militant appeal to participants in a union-based peace conference on the revision of the Constitution
Hakodate, Hokkaido, November 9th


Orient Shield 19:

US and Japanese integrated forces conducted their first field training exercise in Japan aimed to train capabilities for 'cross domain operations'

The darkness of 'Thai-style democracy'
An autocratic rule going unchallenged amid the heated competition between the US and China

A confrontation escalating between the US and China-Russia over the Arctic Ocean

Global worming: sea ice is shrinking rapidly

The Abe government is hell-bent on popularizing 'My Number [identification number] cards' aimed at intensifying state surveillance

News from campus

Festivals of 'students' autonomy and culture' held across the country

The 137th Wakagi [Sapling] Festival in Kokugakuin University, November 2nd-4th
@Sounding an alarm bell to fascistic regulations of speech and expression

The 73rd Aichi University Festival, November 3rd-4th
@A foothold established against 'constitutional revision and the nuclear military alliance'

The 59th Kagoshima University Festival, November 15th-18th
@Teach-ins and exhibitions mounted focussing on the theme of antiwar movements

Stop the deployment of US intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Okinawa, in all over the county!

The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL
- The Trump administration intends to reinforce US bases in Okinawa as front-line bases for launching nuclear attacks against China and Russia
- Nuclear capability upgrading race intensifying between the US and China-Russia
- Organize a huge struggle against the strengthening of the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

The battle of Henoko, November 21st
Workers, students and residents went on a sit-in at the Camp Schwab gate
Henoko, Okinawa
They blocked vehicles from bringing in materials for the new US base construction

Protesters forming a tight scrum
against repression


No. 2597
(December 2nd 2019 Issue)

We denounce the armed repression of Hong Kong people
by the Xi Jinping government!

- Denounce the 'second Tiananmen incident'!
- Condemn the Beijing bureaucracy for embarking on the deprivation of 'Hong Kong's autonomy'!
- We call on workers and students of Hong Kong fighting in the face of repression!

Create a surge of struggles against the Abe government!
- Let us fight resolutely holding up the banner of 'No to fascism!'
- Don't allow the Abe government's attempts to revise the Constitution, strengthen the US-Japan military alliance, and dispatch troops to the Middle East!
- Workers, students and toiling people! Rise with us, revolutionary Marxists!

'No to the bloody repression of Hong Kong people!

Zengakuren held an emergency protest at the Chinese Embassy

November 16th, Tokyo

'Denounce the Beijing government of the neo-Stalinist bureaucracy!'
Militant students chanting in chorus, braving suppression by the Japanese police

Students' chants administered a shock
to Beijing bureaucrats

An angry protest staged in front of the PM's Official Residence

Zengakuren impeached PM Abe for illicitly entertaining his supporters in the government-funded Cherry Blossom-Viewing Party

November 16th, Tokyo

'Topple the Abe government!' Students clenched fists at the PM's Official Residence

Fighting under the slogan, 'No to the constitutional revision!'

Kyo-tango city, October 11th

'Remove the US X-band radar base!'

Zengakuren students fought together with workers and citizens from all over the Kinki Region,
October 11th, Kyo-tango City, Kyoto Prefecture
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fighting under the slogan, 'No to the strengthening of the new US-Japan military alliance!'

No to the introduction of a yearly overtime calculation system based on the fabrication of 'less busy seasons' into schools!

Don't allow the passage of the bill to revise the special measures law concerning education workers' working conditions!
Abolish the special measures law legalizing teachers' overtime without pay!

Forest fires in the Amazon:

Brazilian President Bolsonaro sets fire to the 'lungs of the Earth'

- The area of one and a half times larger than that of Kyushu is burnt down; local residents are driven out by force
- Aiming to break down economic stagnation, Bolsonaro is urging crooked developers to 'exploit the Amazon'
- Huge US agribusiness monopolies are pulling wires behind the scenes
- Destruction of tropical rain forests: Lay bare its bourgeois class nature!

Settlement by face authentication in convenience stores: The Beijing bureaucracy places its 14 hundred million people under close surveillance


Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant:

Expose the criminal nature of the new government plan to take the nuclear fuel debris out of No. 2 reactor!

The Abe government is trying to cover up the impasse in the initial 'decommission process'

The action plan of the UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions]:
extremely low wage hike demands on the pretext of 'asking for a hike in pay that corresponds to productivity improvements'


The first international arms fair in Japan:
Together with the private sector, the Japanese government is frantically seeking to increase arms exports

- Jingoist fascists are being mobilized to carry on a 'grass-root' campaign for constitutional revision

- The AI is being introduced even for the purpose of supervising workers in factories


No. 2596
(November 25th 2019 Issue)

Rally to the JRCL public political meeting on December 8th!
Make a great leap forward in the anti-Stalinist communist movement
to break through the war crisis caused by the head-on confrontation between the US and China!

- Smash the attempts to revise the Constitution and strengthen Ampo! Oppose the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!
-- Stir up enormous fights against the Abe government!
- Build up a revolutionary antiwar struggle against the nuclear capability upgrading race between the US and China-Russia!
-- Don't allow the Xi-led Chinese governments' murderous repression of Hong Kong people!
- Let us fight resolutely by denouncing the suppression of workers' struggles by the JTUC leadership and the betrayals of the JCP bureaucrats!
- Let us make the quintessence of revolutionary Marxism our own and advance forward!

Don't allow the bloody repression of people by the Chinese and the Hong Kong governments!

Condemn the shooting and mass arrests under Xi Jinping's order!
Workers and toiling people in Hong Kong, fight it out by organizing a general strike!

Zengakuren staged an emergency protest at the Chinese Embassy, Tokyo, November 16th
'Denounce the armed repression of Hong Kong people
by the government of neo-Stalinist bureaucracy in Beijing!'

Denounce PM Shinzo Abe for inviting his constituency to the government-hosted Cherry Blossom-Viewing Party using public money!

Down with the Abe government hell-bent on constitutional revision!

Zengakuren held an emergency action in front of the PM's Official Residence,
Tokyo, November 16th
Impeach Abe's illicit invitation of his supporters!

Stop the constitutional revision! Create an antiwar struggle!
All-Kansai workers and students' united action,
Osaka, October 27th
'Stop constitutional revision! Stop sending troops to the Middle East!'
White-helmeted workers and students marching under the slogans
Militants denounced the violent repression of Hong Kong people
at the Chinese Consulate General

Kanazawa, November 3rd

A protest rally against constitutional revision held in Kanazawa,
November 3rd
'No to the dispatch of troops to the Middle East! No to the deployment of US intermediate-rage nuclear missiles!' Kanazawa Univ. students fought in the van of the rally

Shatter the attempt of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., backed by the Abe government, to resume the operation of the Tomari nuclear power reactor!

- In disregard of the existence of active faults in the site, the management is pushing ahead towards the restart of reactor No. 3, operation of dangerous plutonium burning
- Decommission all nuclear reactors and related facilities!

Two power companies
(Tepco, Cepco) and two plant makers (Hitachi, Toshiba) agreed to embark on a joint enterprise of nuclear power generation
The Abe government is egging them to promote its nuclear development policy in an attempt to break the present deadlock

Workers expressed anger against JTUC labour aristocrats for their destruction of the spring labour offensive
A JTUC Ishikawa autumn rally in Kanazawa,
November 7th


The Japan Post management has started a 'fact-finding process' concerning workers' sales activities in relation to the company's 'inappropriate life insurance contracts' scandal
Don't allow the management to shift its responsibility for the unlawful contracts onto postal workers!

No to the Macron-led French government's bad revision of the pension system!

Don't allow the deprivation of workers' 'vested rights'! Don't allow the destruction of trade unions!
No more treachery of official union leaderships! Create a big upsurge of struggles!

Xi-style media control:
Journalists who failed in the exam on political thought through a mobile app will have their press passes cancelled

Rail guns and electromagnetic catapults:

China, in rivalry with the US, is developing and deploying cutting-edge weapons


No. 2595
(November 18th 2019 Issue)

Voices against constitutional revision
resounded across the country
November 3rd

 Tokyo  Osaka

A mass rally in front of the Diet Building: Tokyo

'Crush the nuclear Ampo! No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!' JRCL's appeal evoked a big response from workers and people rallied round
- A JCP delegate laid bare degeneration of the party leadership by crying out for an 'opposition party coalition government'
- 'Anti Ampo! Anti fascism!' Militant students appealed to the protesters
(pic) 'Don't send troops to the Middle East!' Workers and citizens joining students' chorus

No to the constitutional revision!: Osaka
- 'Denounce the JCP for abandoning struggles against Ampo!' The call of the JRCL met with protestors' approval
- Nara Women's Univ. and Kobe Univ. students strived to create an upsurge of the rally
(pic) 'Stop the constitutional revision!' Militant students' big banner put life into the rally

Anger boiling up against the new US base construction in Henoko
Okinawa People's Action, November 2nd

- 'Against Ampo!' Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa International Univ. students strived in the forefront of the rally

(pic) 'Unite against war, against US bases!' In front of the Camp Schwab gate

'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Union workers held an International Antiwar Day rally, October 21st, Fukuoka

Denounce the Japanese force's participation in US-led military exercises in the Persian Gulf!
Oppose the Abe government's dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!

Don't allow the effectuation of the US-Japan trade agreement with victimization perpetrated on Japanese farmers and workers!

- The Abe government vowed to open up agricultural and livestock markets for US agribusinesses
-- The Trump administration is desperate to retain American farmers' votes
- Denounce the Abe government now ready to railroad the approval process through the Diet

Forcing a massive amount of unwanted corn on Japan: Trump is upset about having lost farmers' support as a result of his own policy of reducing ethanol production

Abe, head of America's 'client state', readily accepted his master's superfluities though unnecessary

Denounce the dropping of a dummy bomb by the fighter jet F-16 from US Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture!

Condemn the US Air Force for repeatedly conducting ultra low-altitude flight training in the area of Niseko, Hokkaido!

ASDF Hamamatsu Base, Shizuoka Pref., is being strengthened as a forward base for Awacs to make sorties against China

The Abe government is scheming to carry into effect the 'super city' plan

- The plan is aimed at tightening state control of personal information by the state power in the name of an 'advanced city'
- A plot to strengthen the oppressive surveillance system by making full use of artificial intelligence
- Intended as a means of breaking the impasse in Abe's 'growth strategy'

'Integrated innovation strategy' set out
No to the imposition of 'AI education' on all university and high school students!
Don't allow the introduction of AI technologies for sacking workers!

Health device maker Tanita is pressing its workers to resign from the company and become 'contract workers within the company' instead
Employees-turned contractors are guaranteed only three years of jobs

[6] Workers and students' united actions
 Hokkaido  Tokai

'No to the dispatch of troops to the Middle East!' Voices of protest echoed in Sapporo

All-Hokkaido workers and students' united action, October 27th

- Angry fists raised at the ruling party's local office
- Demonstrators made resolve to check the deployment of US intermediate-range nuclear missiles
(pic) White-helmeted fighters marching under the slogans, 'Stop sending troops to the Middle East! Stop constitutional revision!'

Voices against the constitutional revision reverberated
All-Tokai workers and students' united action, October 27th

- Militant demonstration wended through the city centre of Nagoya
- 'Oppose the nuclear capability upgrading race between the US and China-Russia!': solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
(pic) Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths following the banner of 'No to the dispatch of SDF troops to the Middle East! Stop constitutional revision!'


No. 2594
(November 11th 2019 Issue)

Voices against constitutional revision, against Ampo echoed through the streets of Tokyo
Stop the deployment of US intermediate-rage nuclear missiles!
No to the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths held a militant demonstration,
October 27th

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths
marching through the government district

- White-helmeted fighters marched on the Diet Building and the US Embassy
- 'Let us fight resolutely, aiming at the repeal of Ampo
[US-Japan Security Treaty]!'
--- The new chairman of Zengakuren called on fighters in the solidarity rally prior to the demo
- Break through the crisis of war newly arising after the Sept. 14th incident!
--- A JRCL delegate's solidarity appeal
- Topple the Abe government intent on constitutional revision, on the buildup of the US-Japan military alliance!

Marching on the Diet Building

'Down with the Abe government!' Voices reverberated through the area

Osaka, October 20th
'Stop the constitutional revision! Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'

Militant students strived in the forefront of workers and citizens

'Stop the War' rally in Osaka,
October 20th
'Don't allow the dispatch of troops to the Middle East!'
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students appealed energetically

'I'll train myself harder as an anti-Stalinist'
From a student who participated in Zengakuren's protest against the US and Chinese embassy

Students should compete 'in accordance with their (financial) standing'
Denounce Education Minister Hagyuda's remark concerning the planned introduction of private-sector English proficiency tests as part of Japan's standardized university entrance exams!
- The neo-fascist Abe government lays bare its 'survival of the fittest' ideology
- Don't allow the neo-fascist 'education reform' promoted by the government!
Rise in a struggle against Abe government!

The torrential rainfall disaster caused by Typhoon No. 19

The result of the Abe government's abandonment of taking flood control measures

Postponement of the issue of Libra decided in the G-8 finance ministers' meeting

The start of a battle between the US and China over the digital currency

The head of the National Security Secretariat (NSS) replaced
The Abe government has packed important posts in the Cabinet Secretariat with former police top brass

A new economic division set up in the NSS
Aimed at establishing a system for 'economic diplomacy' in blind imitation of the Trump administration

Don't allow the 'work style reform' implemented by the Governor Suzuki-led Hokkaido government!

Denounce the leadership of the local government workers' union for accepting the 'recommendation' by the Personnel Authority, virtually a wage cut!

No to the imposition of a 'variable working hours system on a yearly basis' on education workers!

Stop the deployment of US intermediate-rage nuclear missiles!

Workers and Students' United Action in Okinawa, October 27th
- Eradicate the danger of a nuclear war caused by the clash between the US and China-Russia!
-- A JRCL delegate's solidarity speech
'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko! Smash the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!'
Demonstration in the main street of Naha

'Bring down the Abe government!'
The solidarity rally prior to the demo

Voices of 'anti-Ampo' rang out through the city centre of Fukuoka

All-Kyushu Workers and Students' United Action,
October 20th
- Don't allow the buildup of military bases in Fukuoka and Miyazaki!
--- The keynote address in the solidarity meeting prior to the demo
- Fight against the Abe government!
--- A worker and a Zengakuren student expressed their resolutions to fight
'Thwart the revision of the Constitution!' White-helmeted fighters staging a militant demonstration

The solidarity meeting prior to the demo


No. 2593
(November 4th 2019 Issue)

'Stop constitutional revision! Smash Ampo!'
Voices of protest resounded through the government district
October 27th, Tokyo

Militants marching on the Diet Building and the US Embassy
Workers and Students' United Action fought in solidarity with simultaneous demonstrations staged in Hokkaido, Tokai, Kansai and in Okinawa

Oppose the dispatch of Japanese troops to the Middle East!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
No to the deployment of US intermediate-rage nuclear missiles across Japan!

- The Abe-led Japanese government scheming to participate in US-led joint operations against Iran
- Rise up in a fight against the US-Japan nuclear military alliance!

China's 70th anniversary of its foundation

The Xi government assuming a posture of a 'long march' for world hegemony

- In military rivalry with the US: State-of-the-art weaponry displayed
- 'Great power'-type phrases pushed aside; China's 'Long March in a new age' emphasized
- Authoritarian rule over the toiling masses being tightened in the name of 'the rule of law'


Abe sanctifies Japan's erstwhile war of aggression and colonial rule

- The Solomon Islands: tossed about amid the struggle of the US and China for world hegemony

- A 'counter-Opium War'?: A massive inflow of narcotics from China into the US

- 'Statistical analysis examiners' deployed in the Cabinet Secretariat to cover up falsification of government data

The Abe government cries for the 'development of human resources for Society 5.0'

- A plot to radically change education for realizing the government's 'AI strategy'
- Introduction of AI and big data technologies into schools in the name of 'information-oriented education'
- A historic change in the compulsory educational system designed to foster select talents

The 41st regular convention of Jichiroren
[Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Unions]
The union leadership urged workers to be 'democratic civil servants'

- JCP-affiliated leaders 'ordered' union members to be confident about the 'joint struggle of citizens and opposition parties'

Toyota's joint labour-management conference on winter bonuses

Labour aristocrats vowed 'not to defend but to change' union members in response to the president's 'expectations'

Learning from Engels' understanding of human labour

On reading The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man

'Stop constitutional revision! Smash US-Japan military alliance!'
Militant workers and students took to the streets of Fukuoka, Kyushu, October 20th (pic right)
The protest demonstration was applauded by many citizens


No. 2592
(October 28th 2019 Issue)

No to the new US base construction in Henoko! Stop the reclamation work!

Militant workers and students fought in the van to block the US camp gate

October 5th

eSmash the construction of a gfrontline baseh against China!f
Protesters raising their fists in front of the Camp Schwab gate
- Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Intfl Univ. students fought under the banner eCrush the US-Japan military alliance!f

Kushiro, Hokkaido
eOppose the US Marinesf live firing exercise in Yausubetsu!f

Workers and farmers across Hokkaido rose in protest against the planned exercise
September 28th
Protesters from all over Hokkaido marching against the exercise by the US Marines stationed in Okinawa
- eYou mean you approve of the drill?!f Protesters heckled a JTUC labour aristocrat who did not voice any objection to the exercise in his speech

Denounce the Abe government for taking no emergency action
at the height of the rainstorm caused by Typhoon No. 19!

- The LDP chief secretary had the cheek to say, eThe damage was acceptablef
- A huge increase in military expenditure; drastic cuts in the budgets for disaster damage prevention and social security

US forcesf Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations in Okinawa:
aimed to seize islands and turn them into US frontline bases against China

The invasion of the Kurdish area by the Erdogan-led Turkish government:
A drastic change in the power relations over the civil war in Syria

- Turkish forces invaded the northeastern part of Syria right after US forcesf withdrawal
-- Erdogan hurried to the strengthening of the tie-up with Putin
- Putin is seeking to seize the initiative in ebuilding orderf in the Middle East
- Power struggles intensifying among US imperialists over Trumpfs emisgovernmentf

The 12th National Convention of the Japan Postal Group Union@

Denounce the union leadership for collaborating with the management by crying out about the ecrisis in the survival of postal servicef!

- Angry voices erupted at the chairmanfs evasion of responsibility for accepting the imposition of severe sales quotas upon workers by the management
- Donft allow the leadership to accept a management plan for mass dismissals and forcible redeployment of workers!
- They are intending to abandon organizing struggles for higher wages by distorting the 2020 spring labour offensive into mere consultation with the management for business
- Let us fight against the planned restructuring and rationalization despite the betrayal by the leadership!
- Revolutionary and militant workersf strenuous efforts shook the National Convention meeting

The Health Ministry is planning to launch a series of merging and closing of public / community hospitals

eThe car industry is in a period of transformation that happens only once in a hundred yearsf
(head of Toyota)
The Toyota management is driving workers in its subcontracters ruthlessly

The Abe governmentfs esocial security for all generationsf
Expose the criminal intention to impose heavier burdens on every generation in the name of ereconsidering the uniform social systemf

eStop the restart of the Tomari nuclear reactor No. 3!f

Workers, students and citizens held a demonstration in Sapporo

eSayonara to Nukef rally,
October 6th, Hokkaido
Workers rallied from all over Hokkaido with their union flags and banners

eNo to all the nuclear development!f
Students fought together with workers

A protest against the US-Japan joint military exercise at the SDF Komatsu air base
October 1st, Komatsu, Ishikawa Pref.
Kanazawa Univ. students strived together with workers and citizens, in front of the SDF base gate


No. 2591
(October 21st 2019 Issue)

Rally to the Workers and Students' United Actions, October 27th!
Create an explosive upsurge of anti-constitutional revision, antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles!

Central Students' Orgburo
I. Constitutional revision and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance:
---the Abe government's historic offensive to attain reactionary imperialist ambition

II. Great turbulence in the contemporary world and the danger of a global war

- Conflicts flaring up amid the confrontation between the US and China-Russia

III. The established opposition movements deepening degeneration and the revolutionary left fighting against them

IV. Create a big upsurge in the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

A. Denounce the JCP leadership for abandoning opposition to the constitutional revision!
B. Stir up fights to stop constitutional revision! Advance antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles!
- Oppose the nuclear capability upgrading race between the US and China-Russia!


The US-Japan trade agreement

Abe offered up Japanese agriculture and livestock industries as a sacrifice

- Dramatic lowering of tariffs on American farm products: Abe swallowed Trump's demands whole
- Trump, frantic to be re-elected as president, is bulldozing his way forward
- The Abe-led Japanese government is acting as Trump's 'bootlicking government'

A JCP bureaucrat beautifies the Education Ministry's plan for 'work style reform' in schools

Denki Rengo
[Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Unions]
The labour aristocrats cry out for the
'rebuilding of Japanese society and the electrical machinery industry'
---The criminal nature of the unions' 2019 action policy
- The union is posing its 'industrial policies' for a 'rapid progress of the Japanese electrical machinery industry'
-- Demanding self-sacrifice and productivity improvement of workers
- Abandonment of united industrial actions in the spring labour offensive
- Let us achieve a militant resuscitation of the electric industrial workers' movement!

Deal a hard blow to those rulers who play down measures to counter global warming!

- Abe's intention transparent: A 'popular' young MP was appointed a cabinet minister

From students who first took part in Zengakuren's protest against the Chinese embassy
'Joining in the protest action, I renewed my resolve to fight'

'I assign myself to make a leap forward as an anti-Stalinist'

* Weekly Kaihoh is edited in Japanese.
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