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No. 2680
(August 9th 2021 Issue)

International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted
August 1st, Tokyo and six other cities in Japan

Let us create an explosive upsurge in the antiwar struggle!:
Workers and students strengthened their resolve

'Down with the Suga government!' Militants vowed to fight
(the meeting in Tokyo)
- The significance of this spring's struggle made clear
- Break through the crisis of war erupting amid the US-China cold war! Bring down the Suga government!:
the keynote speech
- Messages of solidarity from abroad, read to the assembly, were received with enthusiastic applause
- A militant postal worker and the chairman of Zengakuren each expressed their fervent resolves

Rivalry between the US and China over Latin America

The Xi government's 'vaccine diplomacy': putting pressure on Latin American states to break off relations with Taiwan

- A tug-of-war between China and Taiwan with focus on Honduras
- The Xi government is pressurizing Honduras into accepting 'One China'
- The Biden administration is hell-bent on rolling back the tide

The 'Iron Lady'-led pro-American government rebelling against Putin

Demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transdniestria

Toyota's project for Woven City
Workers will be turned into 'slaves of artificial intelligence'
- A demonstrative experiment for a creation of 'new services' with the use of big data
- A dystopia where each and every detail in daily life is placed under close surveillance
- The Suga government is intent on giving support to monopoly capitalists

The warming of the Arctic Zone accelerating very rapidly
Rulers of the US, China and Russia are searching the permafrost for pathogenic bacteria capable of being used for developing new germ weapons

The 14th national convention of the JP Union

Condemn the adoption of the union's 'Vision for Business Activities'!

Denounce the union leadership for driving postal workers to higher productivity!

Fight back against the major rationalization! Let us achieve a militant strengthening of our union!

A Covid-19 cluster broke out in a hotel used temporarily to put mild cases in quarantine

Sapporo, one of the Olympic cities, was plunged into a healthcare collapse
The rapid spread of infection was brought about by the Suga government, which is sticking to the hosting of the Olympics

Capitalists are scheming to destroy a rule in the labour contract law,
which facilitates the conversion of temp workers' fixed-term contracts into regular contracts
An advocate for Keidanren came out with an incoherent argument in a government panel

Haiku poems
I'll fight together with the people of Gaza

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi,
Maohi Nui (French Polynesia)
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain,
- Union Pacifiste de France,
- National Alliance of People's Movements,


No. 2679
(August 2nd 2021 Issue)

'No to the holding of the Olympics! Down with the Suga government!'
Zengakuren rose in fight in the metropolis

June 19th, Tokyo

Smash the US-Japan global alliance against China! Stop the revision of the Constitution!

Marching on the US Embassy and the Diet Building Chanting slogans, they closed in on the Diet Building
- White-helmeted students marched on the PM's Official Residence
- Let us create resolute struggles nationwide to topple the Suga government!: a solidarity rally

The 91st Zengakuren National Convention held

July 19th, Tokyo

Let us oppose the US-Japan global alliance against China! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Militant students fortified their battle lines to overthrow the Suga government

Condemn the US forces in Okinawa for dropping an iron container from a helicopter!
The accident was caused by a US Marine air wing in the middle of a military drill
US bases in Okinawa are being reinforced as forward bases to attack China

Based on the big success in the Zengakuren convention,
let us make further advances in the revolutionary student movement!

The Japan Marxist Student League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)
- The revolutionary significance of the convention
- Let us carve out a new age of the student movement in Japan!
- Total disappearance of Chukaku-ha faction's fake 'Zengakuren': Let us advance the revolutionary student movement!
- For a great success in the coming international antiwar assembly and this summer's struggles!

Definitely no to the resumption of Shimane No. 2 nuclear reactor operation!

Don't allow the operation of the newly built No. 3 reactor!
- The Nuclear Regulation Authority gave a slapdash permission to the resumption
- The prefectural authorities' 'evacuation plan' is totally slipshod
- The Suga government and Cepco (Chugoku Electric Power Co.) frantic to start new reactor operation

Mihama No. 3 nuclear reactor
Denounce the restart of operation by the government and Kepco
(Kansai Electric Power Co.)!
Pump filters got clogged with rust

Amazon workers fighting against management's obstruction to frustrate their efforts to form a union

Great hardships faced by the US working class under the leadership of the AFL-CIO

- Severe intensification of labour and extremely low wages
- Hard struggles in Southern states under reactionary anti-union laws

The Xi Jinping leadership has started to make a reactionary revision of labour laws
The Shenzhen authorities revised city ordinances to restrain workers' wages

Capitalists of Japan's car monopolies back up Renesass Electronics' 'recovery from the immense fire damage' to keep their production going
Renesas remains specialized in the production of 'low-end' semiconductors (exclusively for car monopolies)

Afghanistan, now a graveyard for the empire in decline

US forces are soon to withdraw totally from Afghanistan
- The end of the invading army
- The plots of China and Russia

Rakuten Goup to be put under surveillance
The US and Japanese governments in a rush to set up communications networks 'with China excluded'


No. 2678
(July 26th 2021 Issue)

'Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko!'
Protest action carried out to stop the shipping of dirt for the landfill in Henoko
July 15th, at Awa Pier, Okinawa

'Remove all bases! Scrap the US-Japan Security Treaty!'
The canoe flotilla fighting at sea

- Antiwar canoe fighters closed in on a bulk carrier ship just about to set sail for Henoko, at Awa Pier in Nago
- 'Block the dump trucks from entering the construction site!'
- Antiwar fighters staged the sit-in together with workers and residents at the worksite gate in Henoko
- Let us fight against the new US base construction under the banner 'No to the US-Japan military alliance!'

'Denounce the enactment of the "land use control law"!'
Angry protesters clenched their fists at the forced passage of the bill

June 30th, Nago, Okinawa

- Antiwar workers fought in the van of the rally held by unions and residents fighting against military bases
- Let us fight against fascistic suppression by the central government!
Indignant workers and residents protesting
at the entrance of the Nago city hall

Denounce the Japanese government for enforcing the Olympics!
Down with the neo-fascist Suga government!


Kokugakuin University

Students realized a resolute counterattack against the university authorities' attempt to restrict and undermine students' circle activities
July 3rd, Tokyo
- Students successively held the general meeting of the association of cultural circles, made a representation to the authorities to give approval to the resumption of their circle activities

Aichi University
Students adopted a resolution against the revision of the Constitution
Hundreds of students gathered for a student meeting despite university authorities' restrictions on the pretext of the state of emergency
June 3rd, Aichi Prefecture

- Discussions, heated up about Japan's dangerous move to build a pre-emptive strike system, led to the adoption of the special resolution
- 'Free university education!' 'No restrictions on students' activities!' The resolution adopted overwhelmingly

G-7 Summit:
a desperate struggle of declining imperialism confronted by China's offensives
I. Biden implored the rulers of Germany and France to 'unite'
II. A frantic effort to build a global encircling net against China
III. A scheme to give support to developing countries in rivalry with China's formation of the 'one belt, one road' initiative
IV. Discord becoming conspicuous between US and German / French rulers

NTT management compels workers to be 'digital talent'

Don't allow the introduction of a 'job-based personnel system'!

Postal workers' struggle

Don't allow the management to increase working time
in the name of 'counting time for changing clothes as part of working time'!

Denounce the JP Union leadership for acting in concert with the management!

The deception of the Suga government:
propagandizing the recent council decision on this year's minimum wage
(a derisory rise of 28 yen per hour) as a 'big hike'
- Denounce the JTUC leadership for extolling this decision!

My study note

To assimilate the 'logic of reflexion' expounded by Kan'ichi Kuroda in his Praxiology
What does it mean to 'make a self that sees myself'?


No. 2677
(July 19th 2021 Issue)

Rally at the International Antiwar Assembly on August 1st!
Denounce the Japanese government for enforcing the Olympics!
Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China!

- Bring down the Yoshihide Suga-led government inflicting hardship on the toiling masses!
-- It's the Suga government that is to blame for the fifth wave of the spread of Covid-19!
-- Don't allow any more imposition of sacrifices on workers and toiling people!

- Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance against China! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
-- Denounce the leadership of the JCP for being wrapped up in their election campains! All workers and students! Let us fight!

Resolute protests made against the 'Orient Shield 21', nationwide US-Japan joint manoeuvres

Stop the live firing exercise in Yausubetu!

Zengakuren Hokkaido and antiwar youths rose against the war game

July 1st, Yausubetsu, Hokkaido

Militants raising protest chants at the Yausubetsu drill ground gate

Protest rally and demonstration against the military exercise
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fought with workers and citizens

June 27th, Aibano, Shiga Prefecture

'Topple the Suga government!'
Students' call evoked sympathy among rally participants
Militant students spearheaded the demonstration

Orient Shield 21
(June 18th to July 11th)
The US-Japan joint field training exercise of the largest scale ever carried out in the Japanese Archipelago;
it was conducted on the supposition of an 'emergency in Taiwan'


A big failure in 'accelerating vaccination':
Vaccin supply shortage is causing nationwide suspension of reservations for vaccinations

the Suga government justifies itself with outrageous remarks

'Constitutional revision can be postponed thanks to the CDP-offered amendment to the revised referendum law' (!!!):
A JCP-kept scholar quibbles

Xi-led China's war for semiconductor chips 'with Chinese characteristics'
- A desperate measure to break the deadlock in nurturing its domestic industries

Oppose patriotic education by the name of the 'Olympic-Paralympic education'!

The Suga government is obliged to call off a 'school programme' for mobilizing school children to watch Olympics and Paralympics
- The government notification would allow pupils and escorting teachers to be exposed to the danger of Covid-19 infection:
- the case of the Tokyo education board
- The Suga government is sticking to the 'school programme' to arouse patriotism in the young
- Definitely NO to the promotion of the 'Olympic-Paralympic education'!

The Suga government rushing to the hosting of the Olympics and the tightening of the suppressive security systems


Postal workers' struggle:

My resolution to fight back against the planned rationalization, including 35,000 sackings

- Mail delivery workers are always being monitored by artificial intelligence systems
- Let us fight firmly by overcoming the union leadership's 'business reform movement'

Amid the 'pandemic depression': Tax revenues reached an all-time high due to consumption tax hikes
No to the strengthening of mass expropriation and the intensification of exploitation!

the Lukashenko regime tightening its authoritarian rule
- A 'state-conducted hijacking'
- The regime's two protectors

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe: China and the US-Japan are competing to win them over to their respective sides
Japanese foreign Minister Motegi's visit to the three Baltic countries: acting as a cat's-paw for the Biden administration


No. 2676
(July 12th 2021 Issue)

Overseas Appeal for the 59th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan
Rise up in antiwar struggle to break through
the crisis of war breaking out
amid the US-China cold war!

- An intensifying clash between the US-Japan and China with focus on Taiwan
- The Middle East: the danger of a military clash mounting between Israel and Iran
- Topple the state rulers who are imposing poverty and tyranny on us amid the pandemic!
- Denounce the Japanese government for pushing forward to hold the Olympics! Down with the Suga government rushing to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance!
- Three decades after the collapse of the USSR - Proletarians all over the world, rise up in fight to overturn the dark century!
(See the full text at.)

[2-3] Militant workers and students' united actions nationwide, June 20th

'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
White-helmeted militants marched through the downtown of Naha, Okinawa
(pic left above) 'Crush the military alliance against China! Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Suga government!' Militants marching through the high street in Naha
(pic right above) Solidarity rally with lively yells arising

Demonstrators clenched their fists with anger: at the LDP local office in Sapporo
(pic left above) 'No imposition of sacrifice on workers and people!' 'Stop the revision of the Constitution!' 'Bring down the Suga government!' Militants on the march
(pic right above) The rally before the demonstration

The flame of 'Overthrow the Suga government!' blazed up in Nagoya
(pic left above) 'Absolutely NO to constitutional revision! No to the imperialist military alliance against China!' Making their position clear, militants marching along
(pic right above) Solidarity rally. Yells given out before the march

The anti-proletarian nature of the JC Metal
[Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]'s 'Demands on the Government'
'Acceleration needed to the new cold war': Labour aristocrats are supporting the Suga government's 'economic security' policy

Overseas students studying in Japan having a hard time
- Unfairly dismissed from part-time jobs; evicted from dormitories
- Excluded from the government's support measures to students; the number of their applications for refugee status rapidly increasing

Toyota: a suicide case caused by 'workplace power harassment'

- Strengthening of labour management for the survival of the company
- Denounce the labour aristocrats for submissively accepting the strengthening of labour management!

Topics Working systems that allow capitalists to impose murderously long working hours on workers -- Labour Ministry's findings revealed extremely harsh realities of the 'highly professional system' and the discretionary working-hour system

'Stop the resumption of Mihama No. 3 nuclear reactor operation!'
An emergency national rally and demonstration, June 23rd, Mihama, Fukui Prefecture
Kobe Univ., Nara Women's Univ. and Kanazawa Univ. students fought in the forefront
(pic left above) Protesters thrusting their fists at the headquarters of Kansai Electric Power Co.
(pic right above) 'No to nuclear development!' Militant students chanting slogans at reactor No. 3

The time has come to rise in revolutionary antiwar struggles!
Tension heightened in the Black Sea: British and Russian forces were on the verge of a military clash
The US and China are competitively building military strongholds in South Pacific islands


No. 2675
(July 5th 2021 Issue)

For huge advances in antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle
Break through the impending danger of war growing
amid the clash between the US and China!

- Political and military confrontation intensifying between the US and China / Russia
- The danger of war mounting with focus on Taiwan and East Asia, as well as on the Middle East
- Denounce the leadership of the JCP for being degraded into patriotism!
- Rise in antiwar struggle! Fight against Ampo, against the revision of the Constitution!

The Putin government's arms buildup and successive military manoeuvres in and around Iturup Island

- Repeated war games staged in the face of US-Japan joint military exercises
- Putin is aiming to fortify the Sea of Okhotsk with stepped-up nuclear strike capabilities

The site of Fukuoka Airport
Years of unchecked discharge of toxic substances by US forces stationed in Japan
The US forces headquarters imposes decontamination work on Japan

'Brain-computer interface' (BCI)
Absolutely no to the horrific development of 'robotized humans' for warfare!


The explosive spread of Covid-19 invited by the Modi-led Indian government

Condemn the government for imposing sacrifices on toiling people!
- Giving preference to religious events and bourgeois economic activities while abandoning the strengthening of healthcare systems
- In a bid to vie with China, India exported its domestically produced vaccine

"Tang ping (lying flat)" trend is going about among Chinese youths
Arise ye prisoners of starvation!


Labour aristocrats thoroughly immersed in the labour-management consultation
over the company's 'survival strategies'

The anti-proletarian nature of the Toyota union leadership in the '2021 spring labour offensive'
- The management posing as the 'leader' of the automobile industry
- Labour aristocrats expressed their intention to 'slave away as a company union'
- Toyota's way of making up for its slowness in the 'competition in developing the EV'
- Now is the time for auto workers to unite and fight!

Monopoly capitalists of Hitachi bent on introducing a system for 'job-based employment'

No to the intensification of labour! No wage cuts! No forcible redeployment of workers! No sackings!

- The plan to introduce a 'job-based' employment system into the whole company
- A drastic change in business structure for the survival of the company
- The attempt to sweep away the 'Japanese-style employment practices'
- Oppose the introduction of a 'job-based' employment system that plunges workers into a living hell!

The Suga government intent on selectively eliminating small businesses and sacrificing workers
-- Deceitful presentation of the policy to 'raise' the national minimum wage

Rulers of China, the US and the EU - all absorbed in developing 'digital currency'

- Xi-led China hell-bent on the practical implementation of a digital renminbi
- US and European powers, lagging behind in development races, are taking steps to roll back
- China embarked on the creation of a 'network for using a digital renminbi to settle international accounts'

Beyond 5G communication technology
US imperialism aims to recover its powers in opposition to China by making a stepping stone out of its 'vassal state', Japan


No. 2674
(June 28th 2021 Issue)

No to Ampo! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Down with the ultra-reactionary Suga government!

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths carried out a militant demonstration through the capital

June 13th, Tokyo

'No to the military alliance against China!' Zengakuren unit marching at the front

'March on the Diet Building'

Militants renewed their resolve in the solidarity rally
- White-helmeted students and workers marched on the US Embassy and the Diet Building
- Let us break through the danger of war amid the "US-China cold war"!:
A solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- The bridgehead consolidated for struggles against Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance], against the revision of the Constitution
- Militants denounced the JCP leadership for abandoning opposition to Ampo and fascism

Stop the revision of the Constitution! Down with the Suga government!

Workers and Students' United Action in Kansai,
June 13th, Osaka
'Overthrow the Suga government sticking to the hosting of the Olympics while abandoning people in need!'
Militants marching through the streets

Clenching their fists at the local LDP office
White-helmeted protesters staged a militant demonstration at the heart of the city
- Demonstrators marched on the Osaka LDP office
- 'Smash the military alliance against China! Crush the tightening of suppressive security systems!':
- Fighters fortified their determination in the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration

Denounce the government and the LDP for leaving the toiling masses in the lurch!
Kanazawa Univ. students took to the streets and called on workers

June 9th, in the main street of Kanazawa


Stop the amendment of the referendum law!

Zengakuren Okinawa rose up in protest in front of the local LDP office in Naha

June 10th, Okinawa

'No to the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Students calling on citizens


Denounce the deployment of a Ground SDF missile unit in Miyako Island, to the southwest of Okinawa!

Former mayor of Miyako, the person responsible for promoting the deployment of a missile unit, was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes
- A minion of the Abe / Suga governments, he acted as the go-between in the Defense Ministry's purchase of land (to secure the site for a missile unit base) at an absurdly high price
- No to the deployment of a missile unit! No to the bringing of ammunition into the island!

The Suga government desperate to host the Olympics in the middle of the pandemic

No to the imposition of sacrifices on toiling people!
Call off the Tokyo Olympic Games now!

'If they hit you, hit them back'
Just prior to the G-7 summit, Xi-led China passed an act to counter sanctions imposed by foreign powers

The Biden administration made an about-face and OK'd Russia's Nord Stream 2

The criminal nature of the Suga government's hosting of the Olympics
and the 'acceleration of vaccination' for that purpose

I. Imposition of extremely intensified labour upon healthcare workers; forcing of confusion and distress upon the elderly
II. The Suga government has been neglecting due countermeasures against Covid-19

Dripping with hypocrisy: Japan's offer of vaccine
The Suga government passed AstraZeneca vaccine to Taiwan

No to the Suga-led neo-fascist government's reform of the social security system!

(1) Reorganization, and therefore deterioration, of the system for providing medical services
(2) A bad revision of the health insurance system: the amount of the personal payment, especially of elderly people, is to be increased
(3) Promotion of 'digitalization' in the fields of healthcare and nursing care services

A decision made in the Cabinet to spend a huge sum of tax money on Japan's 'economic security' against China
-- the Suga government's 'growth strategy action program'


No. 2673
(June 21st 2021 Issue)

Denounce the amendment of the national referendum law
for the revision of the Constitution!
No to the enactment of a land use control law!

Down with the Suga government!
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths marched through the capital
June 13th, Tokyo

Militants marching on the US Embassy and the Diet Building

Zengakuren rose in action in front of the Diet Building
'No to the amendment of the referendum law! Stop the passage of a land control law!'

June 9th, Tokyo
- Carrying big placards and banners, militants chanted slogans
- at the Upper House Commission on the Constitution

Stop the resumption of Mihama No. 3 nuclear reactor operations! June 6th, Osaka
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students clenched their fists in the van of protesters

They also appealed to crush Ampo, thwart constitutional revision and oppose fascism
'Stop the nuclear development!'


Stop the development of a fast neutron reactor!

The Suga-led LDP government is plotting to retain Japan's potential to possess nuclear weapons

- It is sticking to the continued development of a fast reactor which has turned out a failure
- The suspended experimental fast reactor Joyo is designed to breed plutonium for military use

'China, a country that aims for socialism'

The definition deleted by the JCP leadership

- An attempt to cover up their glorification of China's 'socialist market economy'
- A hymn of praise to the 'institutional superiority' of Japanese state monopoly capitalism
- A bid to conceal their inconvenient past: they passed over the Tiananmen massacre in silence for the 'normalization of relations' with the CPC
- Let us fight for the revolutionary disbanding of the rotten party of converted Stalinists!

Postal workers' struggle

Oppose dismissals and redeployment connected with the introduction of a new delivery system!

Denounce the JP Union leadership for their full collaboration with the management!
Create struggles against rationalization from within our workplaces!

1. The management is rushing to a mass dismissal of postal workers
2. Let us create struggles against dismissals, compulsory redeployment, intensification of labour and wage cuts from the depths of our workplaces!


Labour aristocrats demanding 'the acceleration of decarbonization and the resumption of nuclear reactor operations'
- The 'carbon neutral policy' of the JC Metal
[Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]

'Requirements' in receiving livelihood assistance under a new system

'Self-help first'
(PM Suga), which means you have to use up what little savings you have
Families with more than one million yen in their bank accounts are ineligible for support

'Technical internship trainees' suffering from abject poverty
The Suga government and so-called caretaker associations are deserting Vietnamese workers

Tanka poems
Indignation, denunciation and solidarity

- On Palestine, on Myanmar and on the novel coronavirus

Teleworking plunges workers into the depths of alienation

1. Alienation of workers under the system of teleworking

 - The harsh realities of teleworking
 - Workers are mentally driven into a corner
2. Monopoly capitalist offensives against workers combined with teleworking
- Changing over to a 'job-based' employment system
- Drastic cuts in commuting allowances and other allowances
3. The anti-proletarian nature of the 'Guidelines for teleworking' worked out by Denki Rengo [Japanese Electrical, Electronic & Information Unions]


No. 2672
(June 14th 2021 Issue)

Build up a fire of antiwar struggle!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

No to the amendment of the national referendum law for the revision of the Constitution!
Stop the enactment of a 'land use control law'!

- The Suga government is rushing hell-bent for the revision of the Constitution and the tightening of suppressive security systems
- The government of Japan, a 'vassal state' of the US, is intent on strengthening the US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China
- Rise in Workers and Students' United Actions on June 13th / 20th!

Under the pretext of 'eliminating the danger of US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma',
the Suga government justifies the construction of a new US base in Henoko, Okinawa

- A justification for constructing a new base as a 'front-line base' against China
- Fight resolutely with the aim of removing all the US bases and of repealing the US-Japan Security Treaty!

Joint exercises conducted by US, Japanese and French forces
Kyushu, on May 11th-17th

Heliborne and urban warfare exercises conducted jointly for military operations against China over Taiwan

The Biden-hosted summit on climate change: April 22nd-23rd

Economic competition intensifying between the US, Japan, China and European powers over 'decarbonization'

- European imperialist countries committing their future to 'green recovery'
- US imperialism desperately rolling back China and European powers
- China's challenge to seize hegemony in technology from the US
- New types of environmental destruction being accelerated amid the US-China confrontation
- The Suga-led Japanese government and the monopoly bourgeoisie hell-bent on the promotion of nuclear power generation and conversion to a new industrial structure

NTT Union spring labour offensive

Don't allow the management to shift all burdens on workers for developing NTT into a global ICT corporation!

Denounce the union leadership for accepting zero or ultra-low wage hike!
The leadership has distorted shunto into a 'joint labour-management consultation for the sustainable development of NTT'

Absolutely no to the 35,000 redundancies of postal workers!

Oppose dismissals and redeployments for the drastic reorganization of the delivery system! Smash the intensification of labour!

Don't allow the union leaders to formulate 'union's visions for business activities'!

The Postal Workers Committee of the JRCL
- The leadership is giving full cooperation to the management in massive redundancies according to the latter's new 'Mid-term Business Plans'
- The anti-proletarian nature of the union leaders' formulation of 'union's visions for business activities'
- Denounce the leadership for moving to agree with the management in wage cuts and reforming the personnel and wage systems!
- Let us march forward towards the overthrow of the Suga-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!

With the spread of teleworking, capitalists are strengthening their 'digital labour management'
Face expressions, motions, all the input data... workers are now monitored constantly

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' programme of producing a Japan-made jetliner MSJ
[Mitsubishi Space Jet]' has after all come to a standstill
Oppose the Suga government's move to frantically bolster Japan's arms industry and munitions exports!

Cepco (Chugoku Electric Power Company Co.)'s Shimane nuclear power station
Don't allow the Nuclear Regulation Authority to decide on giving permission to the resumption of No. 2 reactor!

The examination report ignores a huge fault line in the east of the power station and the possibility of a volcanic eruption of two mountains


No. 2671
(June 7th 2021 Issue)

Rise up in Workers and Students' United Actions on June 13th / 20th!
Advance struggles against the revision of the Constitution, against Ampo [US-Japan military alliance]!
Spread the wave of antiwar struggle! Denounce the JCP's abandonment of opposition to Ampo!

Stand up for the overthrow of the Suga government
which is imposing 'self-help' on people suffering from poverty!

- The government is rushing headlong towards the constitutional revision and the drastic strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance against China
- Confrontation intensifying between the US-Japan and China with a focus on Taiwan and the South China Sea, as well as the Korean Peninsula
- Fight resolutely for the overthrow of the Suga-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!
Break through the danger of war erupting amid the 'US-China cold war'!

No to the US-Japan-France joint heliborne and urban warfare exercise in Kirishima!

Students of Kagoshima University staged an undaunted protest
against the first ever ground exercise with the participation of the French army

May 15th, Ebino, Kyushu
At the SDF Kirishima Drill Ground gate, despite the torrential rain
At Kagoshima Station, they called on people to oppose the Suga government escalating military exercises

Clinging to the hosting of the Olympics, the Suga government is bawling out its commands to 'accelerate vaccination'
Denounce the imposition of excessive duties on healthcare and municipal workers!
Oppose its rush towards the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the neo-fascist ruling system!

2021 shunto in small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal and machinery industry:

Don't allow capitalists to cut wages and dismiss workers!
Let us fight it out!

- The leadership of JAM
[Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers] tried to hide the stark reality of wage cuts forced by capitalists
- Capitalists, by taking advantage of the 'Covid-19 crisis', pushed through their plans to 'restructure' their businesses
- The union leadership, in concert with the management, cries for the 'improvement of profitability'
- Let us fight thoroughly by denouncing union leaders' cooperation with capitalists in 'supporting and maintaining enterprises'!

Denounce the leadership of Rengo
[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] for feigning innocence for the consequences of their destruction of the spring labour offensive!


Japan Post's new Mid-term Management Plan poses 35, 000 personnel cuts
Don't allow the JP management to impose any bit of sacrifice on workers!

My resolution
I renewed my resolve to fight for the development of out revolutionary Marxist organization


- A second South China Sea?:
- the Arctic Ocean where thawing gives impetus to the confrontation between the US and China-Russia

- A culmination of the decay of the imperialist economy: a frenzied uproar over Bitcoin

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2016 No.2401-2410  No.2411-2420   No.2421-2430 No.2431-2440  No.2441-2450 
2015 No.2351-2360  No.2361-2370  No.2371-2380  No.2381-2390  No. 2391-2400 
2014 No.2301-2310  No. 2311-2320  No. 2321-2330  No. 2331-2340  No. 2341-2350 
2013 No. 2251-2260  No. 2261-2270  No. 2271-2280  No. 2281-2290 No.2291-2300 
2012 No. 2201-2210  No. 2211-2220  No. 2221-2230  No. 2231-2240  No. 2241-2250 
2011 No. 2151-2160 No. 2161-2170 No. 2171-2180 No. 2181-2190 No. 2191-2200
2010 No. 2101-2110 No. 2111-2120 No. 2121-2130 No. 2131-2140 No. 2141-2150
2009 No. 2051-2060 No. 2061-2070 No. 2071-2080 No. 2081-2090 No. 2091-2100