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No. 2690
(October 18th 2021 Issue)

Crush the ultra-reactionary offensives launched by the Kishida government!
Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as a global alliance!

- The Kishida-led new government is hell-bent on building a system for waging war against China
-- Prevent the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
- Don't allow the imposition of sacrifices on toiling people in the name of 'new capitalism'!
- Down with the Kishida-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!

Militant students protesting in the face of the working ship
in the reclamation site
, Oura Bay, October 2nd
Stop the reclamation work in Oura Bay!

Zengakuren Okinawa rose in action against the new US base construction

October 2nd, Henoko, Okinawa

- Militant students held a protest rally on the shore facing Oura Bay
- They strived in the van of the workers and residents who rallied at the Camp Schwab gate, Henoko
The rally at the Camp Schwab gate, Henoko

Realities in the detention centres of the Immigration Bureau for foreign workers

- No medical treatment, violence, injurious assaults and confinement prevail
- Don't abuse foreign workers as 'easily disposable, cheap labour-power'!

Defender Pacific 21
Based on a new war plan against China, the US Army and Air Force conducted large-scale joint exercises
(part 1)

The melting of ice on the 'world's largest island'

A tug-of-war intensifying between US and Chinese rulers

Denounce the Xi-led Chinese government's brutal repression against Uighurs!

- Detention, destruction of mosques, death sentences: numerous anti-proletarian acts
- Denounce the Beijing bureaucracy for imposing 'assimilation into the Han Chinese' on Uighurs!

Power shortages in China
Xi Jinping's 'carbon-free society' scheme is at a standstill

Over the JCP's old argument on revolution
'Whether or not to use force depends on what moves the enemy makes':
JCP bureaucrats are desperate to deny the government propaganda that they still 'adhere to a violent revolution'

Absurdity in reasoning:

A local JCP leadership says it opposes the deployment of F-35A fighter jets in the SDF Komatsu air base because the deployment will turn the base 'for defending the nation' into a base for attacking neighbouring countries

The bourgeoisie of Keidanren demands that the new government abundantly pour state funds into the promotion of digitalization, decarbonisation and nuclear power generation

NHK: a propaganda machine for the LDP government

It is serving as a tool for the 'state capable of waging a war' in mobilizing the nation

Fukushima nuclear disaster:
Denounce the government's decision to annul the evacuation order despite high doses of radiation that still remain
- Evacuees are angry about the government's neglect of decontamination

Pegasus: Israeli-made spyware that caters to authoritarian rulers of the world


No. 2689
(October 11th 2021 Issue)

October 17th
Rally to the united actions of workers and students!

Crush the reactionary offensives of the Kishida-led new government!

Create an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war impending amid the US-China cold war!
Overcoming the JCP's abandonment of opposition to the US-Japan military alliance, carry forward the struggles!

Central Student Orgburo
[ I ] Today's world in great turbulence
- A crisis of war intensifying with the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea as its focus
- Acute rivalries between US imperialism hell-bent on building up an anti-China containment and the China-Russia alliance
- The present phase of the US-China cold war
[ II ] The start of the Fumio Kishida-led government with its reactionary nature laid bare
[ III ] The deepening degeneration of the established opposition movement and revolutionary struggles of Zengakuren in opposition to it
[ IV ] Fight for a militant upsurge in antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles and struggles against Constitutional revision!

- Denounce the JCP central leadership for totally abandoning opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
- Rise in an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war impending amid the US-China cold war!
-- Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as a global alliance
-- Prevent the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
-- Fight back against the government and monopoly capitalists imposing sacrifices on students and workers
-- Oppose newly started battles over 'decarbonization' between US-Japan, European powers and China-Russia
-- Topple the Kishida government of Japanese-type neo-fascism!


The Biden administration of US imperialism on the verge of default

Counteroffensives from Trump-led Republicans
- 'The government could run out of cash', screams Janet Yellen

The Japan Post management intent on reorganizing delivery systems

Fight against the planned reduction in personnel, forced reassignments, intensification of labour and cuts in wages!

Denounce the union leadership for fully cooperating with the management!

- Indoor postal workers are faced with sackings, reassignments, labour intensification and wage cuts
- On delivery workers, the management is imposing redundancies and intensified labour
- Denouncing the full cooperation by the labour aristocrats with the management, let us create fights back from work places!

Monopoly capitalists urging new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to give priority to 'economic recovery' in pandemic-related policies
and to build new nuclear facilities

'Now is the time for the working people to topple the LDP government!'

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths took successive actions

September 21st, Hokkaido

A resolute protest against the US-Japan joint military drills
for operating F-15 fighter jets
'Overthrow the LDP government!
Protesters raised their fists in indignation in front of the local LDP office

 Convincing appeals and leaflets at the station square received warm responses from workers, students and citizens


No. 2688
(October 4th 2021 Issue)

Oppose the largest ever military manoeuvres being conducted by the Ground Self-Defence Force!
Zengakuren rose up in emergency protest

September 23rd, in front of the Ministry of Defense, Tokyo

'No to the US-Japan global alliance against China!'
Militant students holding up their fists in indignation

Don't allow the continuation of the LDP government
of war preparation and oppressive rule!

- The LDP presidential election battle: spurring a move to prepare for war and bolster the neo-fascist ruling system
- Smash the strengthening of the US-Japan global alliance against China!

A contest over who will succeed the 'right-wing militarist', Shinzo Abe

'Let us topple the LDP-led government!'

'No to the Constitutional Revision!' Rally,
September 19th, Nagoya
Militant workers strived for the upsurge of the rally and demonstration

The retreat of the militarist empire from Afghanistan and the intensification of the US-China cold war

I. The Taliban has regained the power of the state
- The operation to capture Kabul: supported by China and Russia
II. Chinese and Russian rulers scheming for a drastic strengthening of the anti-American network
- Exulting at US imperialism's flight from Afghanistan
- Forming a framework for supporting the Taliban-led regime
- A move to expand and strengthen the anti-American entente under the banner 'No interference in internal affairs!'

III. Biden-led US imperialism having revealed its loss of prestige

The 69th regular convention of JEIU
[Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union]
The JEIU labour aristocrats advocating 'the labour movement for the development of the electrical industry'

- The choruses of 'supporting "digitalization" and "decarbonisation"' and 'human resources development'
- The further degeneration of the JEIU labour movement into the Industrial Patriotic movement

A cluster infection at Sasebo post office in Nagasaki
All delivery workers were suspended from going to work

Condemn the postal authorities for exposing workers to the danger of infection!

- The spread of infection within the post office: due to neglect on the part of the postal management
- Successive outbreaks of infection in post offices all over the country: The management gives business operations priority over infection control measures

The government is scheming to raise unemployment insurance premiums
Don't allow the intensification of expropriation from workers!

'Support for the needy' in name only
The deception of the Suga government's special measures for 'granting loans' by the name of 'giving support' to those who seek for self-support

The foundation of AUKUS

US, UK and Australian rulers hastening to form a military encircling net against China

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- Tyumen Regional Committee of the Russian Communist Workers Party (b) - CPSU


No. 2687
(September 27th 2021 Issue)

Zengakuren rose against the large-scale manoeuvres
of the Ground Self-Defense Force

Students chanting slogans at the gate of the GSDF base in Naha A militant protest at the LDP local office in Osaka
Zengakuren Okinawa raised their fists to the GSDF Naha base
September 15th, Okinawa

- The nationwide manoeuvres, involving 100,000 troops, conducted on the supposition of a 'Taiwan emergency'
- Militant students mounted a demonstration at the gate of the GSDF base in Naha

Militant students in Kansai lodged a protest against the local office of the Liberal Democratic Party
September 15th, Osaka

- Students fought under the banner 'Shatter the US-Japan global alliance against China!'
- 'Let us bring down the LDP government!' Students issued a call on workers and toiling people

'No to the tank mobility exercise in urban areas!'
Angry workers and residents stood up in protest

September 5th, Kushiro, Hokkaido

- Protesters closed in on tens of tanks running with a roar
- On 7th, the GSDF corps conducted a landing exercise at Tomakomai West Port
Protesters closing in on a tank running on the public road, Sept. 5th


'Military comfort women' and 'forced conscription (of Korean workers)' have been deleted from high school textbooks
Denounce the Education Ministry's reactionary screening of history textbooks intended to conceal sexual slavely and forced labour, the war crimes of Japanese militarism!

The government schemes for a massive deployment of F-35 stealth fighters
- A plan to upgrade Japan's electronic warfare capabilities by introducing F-35 fighters is mentioned expressly
-- in the government paper, Defense of Japan 2021
- Rulers of the US and Japan are hell-bent on building up systems for electromagnetic attacks against China

The strengthening of the National Security Council-helmed autocratic system by means of the newly established Digital Agency

- Reorganization, or centralization of the administrative information systems under the direct control of the National Security Council
- Tightening of controls over the people by 'combining' My Number [identification number] cards and smartphones
Mass surveillance with the use of artificial intelligence and a surveillance camera network
- Promotion of the 'digitalization of the Japanese economy and society' for the interests of monopoly capital

The Japanese government's policy of 'relocating data centres at home'

While rejecting China's access, Japan is obliged to have its massive amount of data freely exploited by US imperialism

Abnormal weather:
Heat waves, drought and forest fires occurring in succession on a global scale

US and Chinese rulers are frantically competing with each other in the development of technologies to 'prevent global warming' for their own economic interests

Denounce the dismissals and drastic wage cuts by the management of All Nippon Airways!

- Voluntary retirement, forced leave of absence, relocation to other businesses, wage cuts: burdens are shifted onto workers
- All aviation workers! Unite and fight together!

Honda, with a shift in its production focus to electric vehicles, is bent on forcibly redeploying and sacking workers
Its factory at Sayama and an engine parts factory at Mooka are to be closed

'The incoming LDP president should have courage to be a target of hate' to secure Japan's and industry's survival
(a cry of monopoly capitalists at the summer seminar of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- Russian Party of Communists
- Victor F. Isaichikov
- Mikhail Borisovich Konashev
- Prospettiva Marxista
- The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU)


No. 2686
(September 19th 2021 Issue)

Oppose the port call of the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth at Yokosuka!
Zengakuren rose in emergency protest in front of the British Embassy

September 5th, Tokyo

'Stop the US-Japanese-UK forces' joint military exercises!'
Militant students hurling a storm of denunciations at the British Embassy

Denounce the start of construction of N2 Embankment in Henoko!

Workers and residents protested to the Defense Agency in Okinawa

September 2nd, Kadena

- Militant workers fought under the slogan 'No to the US-Japan military alliance!'
'Denounce the start of embankment work!'
Protesters expressing opposition at the Defense Agency

'Condemn the US forces for discharging carcinogenic PFAS-contaminated water into public sewerage!'

Protesters raised their fists at the US forces' Ishinda headquarters

September 2nd, Okinawa

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought in the van of angry workers and people of Okinawa
'Remove US bases!'
Protesting at the US forces' headquarters


Denounce the start of N2 Embankment construction work!

Fight for an upsurge of the struggle against the new US base construction in Henoko!

- The Japanese government and the Defense Ministry have started dumping rubble into the construction site on the shore of Oura Bay
- Let us fight under the banner 'Shatter the US-Japan global alliance against China!'

No to the deployment of F-35B fighters at the ASDF Nyutabaru base!
Don't allow the creation of the first Japanese light aircraft carrier unit!

- A plan decided to set up a new base for carrier-borne planes in Nyutabaru, Kyushu, for operations around the Southwest Islands
- Creation of a Japanese version of a light aircraft carrier unit for waging war against China
- The base is intended for both US and Japanese forces to use
- Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan joint operational systems against China!

Cuba shaken by anti-government demonstrations amid serious economic difficulties

- Angry demonstrations: a challenge to the 'Castro regime'
- Amid its head-on clash with China, the US Biden administration is agitating to 'contend with autocracy' including Cuba
- 'This is a US-plotted provocation': The Diaz-Canel government condemns the demonstration

China's 'three-children policy'
China's birth rate is declining while the population is aging rapidly
The Communist Party of China is urging couples to produce more offspring

The labour aristocrats are requesting the government to daringly address 'digital transformation, the new cold war and the carbon neutral agenda'

The criticism of the 'Demands 2021' set forth by the JC Metal
[Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]
I. Demands for the government's aid to business corporations by means of enormous state funds
II. Encouraging a major restructuring for the sake of the 'conversion of companies' profit structures'
III. The deceitful, anti-working class nature of the 'management attaching importance to employees and stake holders'

Denounce the enforcement of the 'school programme' for mobilizing pupils to watch the Paralympic Games!

- The Suga government and the Tokyo metropolitan government pushed through the 'school programme' amid the rampage of Covid-19
- A chorus of protest demanding the cancellation of the programme had arisen from education workers, medical associations and communities
- Later a cluster infection occurred at one school; the Paralympic organizing committee and the Tokyo government put the blame on this school and the escorting teachers
- Don't allow the neo-fascist reorganization of education in the name of 'teaching schoolchildren symbiosis and mutual help'!

By taking advantage of the pandemic, the government is carrying its policy through to weed out 'unproductive' small enterprises
The number of 'Covid-19-related bankruptcies' is sharply increasing

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- New Left Current for the Communist Liberation (NAR),


No. 2685
(September 13th 2021 Issue)

Now is the time for the working people
to topple the LDP government!

- Besieged by people's anger, Suga was forced to quit
- Amid the pandemic, Suga has been bent on bailing out monopoly capitalists while plunging the people into poverty
- Don't allow the Liberal Democratic Party's government to continue!

Protest action against the UK government
'Oppose the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth calling at Yoksosuka port!
Smash the US-Japan global military alliance!'

Zengakuren carried out a protest action in front of the UK embassy in Tokyo,

September 5th



Denounce the US Marine Corps for dumping PFAS-contaminated water!

Workers, students and citizens took emergency protest actions at the Nodaka gate of the US Marine Futenma base

August 27th:
An emergency protest was carried out, with surging anger against the arrogant, barbarous act of the US forces

The gate was blocked by angry workers and citizens,
early in the morning

August 30th:
Zengakuren students stood in the van of a mass rally, raising the banner 'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!

'Oppose joint manoeuvres of US, UK and Japanese forces!'
'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!'

Militant students from the University of Ryukyus
and the Okinawa International University raising the placards

Denounce the US Marine Corps for conducting exercises
using the carcinogenic fire-extinguishing agent of PFAS
[per- and polyfluoroalky substances]!
- The US force released 64,000 litres of contaminated water into the public sewage system
- In war readiness against China, extinguishing drills are repeated frequently

'Cognitive warfare': a 'seventh domain of war' using SNS as a weapon


A US-led 'war game' against China and Russia conducted on the supposition of 'global-wide warfare'

The Large Scale Global Exercise
[LSGE] 2021, the largest manoeuvre since the 'US-Soviet cold war'
- A multilateral exercise for 'operations in all domains'
- A joint exercise ranging over the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
- 'Multi-domain' operations with US Space Command and US Cyber Command joining in
- Experimental fields for new concepts of operations, including Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations
(EABO), Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) and Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment (LOCE)

German and French imperialist rulers faced with a dilemma entailed in their attempts to reduce 'reliance on China'

- Rulers of European countries shaken by the fall of Kabul
- European Union's policies for economic recovery by means of new businesses for environmental protection
- Reliance on China in sales markets and material supply

A target of 'punishment'
The Beijing bureaucracy intimidating the Australian government, a US ally now shaken

'The People's Army would annihilate the Japanese Self-Defence Forces'

A threat made by the Xi Jinping leadership in response to the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister's remark on 'Taiwan emergency'

Bus driving workers driven hard for Olympic-related operations enforced by the Suga government

- Mentally and physically exhausted for unreasonable operations
- Accommodations with no preventive measures against infection
- The Suga government only worked hard to bail out major tourist and bus companies

The education ministry announced the abolition of teachers' licence renewal system
- In the name of 'dissolution for development', the ministry is preparing to introduce a new training system to control teachers

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly (5)
- The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK),
- The Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece (OKDE)

- Faridabad Majdoor Samachar - Kamunist Kranti,


No. 2684
(September 6th 2021 Issue)

Bring down the Suga government on the verge of collapse!
Denounce its abandonment of workers and toiling people amid the pandemic!

- Denounce the criminal government for causing the explosive spread of contagion and healthcare collapse!
- The reactionary government is rejecting compensation for income loss and livelihood support in the name of 'self-help'
- Don't allow the buildup of war readiness against China in preparation for 'emergency in Taiwan'!

Smash the US attempt to deploy intermediate-range missiles across the Japanese archipelago!

- A missile network to be built against China with the US Army's Multi-Domain Task Force as a core
- A countermeasure against the Chinese army's steady deployment of 'carrier killer' missiles
- Stop the attempt to turn the Southwest Islands and the whole territory of Japan into front bases against China!

Macron's visit to Tahiti
In rivalry with China making inroads into the South Pacific


The Suga government hell-bent on establishing a system for 'electronic warfare' against China

- Deployment of 'units for electronic warfare' throughout the Japanese Islands
- Constructing a system for US-Japan joint 'multidomain operations'

Continuation agreed:
the Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between China and Russia

A de facto anti-US military alliance in the name of a 'new type of international relations'

Stop the deployment of F-35A fighter jets in the SDF Komatsu air base!
Fight resolutely by denouncing the JCP leadership's abandonment of struggles!

Don't allow the reorganization and strengthening of meritocracy-based education integrated with the promotion of digital transformation!

'Individually optimal learning' and 'collaborative learning'
underlined in a report from the Central Council for Education
(an advisory body to the Education Minister)
1. 'Individually optimal learning' worked out by the Council in response to the demands of the bourgeoisie
2. Emphasis laid on the 'strict implementation of the Education Ministry's official guidelines for schoolteaching'
3. Imposing terribly intensified labour and long working hours on education workers
4. Let us fight back! Overcome the official union leaders who are countering the report with an idea of 'effective use of information and computing technology!

The Suga government, having courted health care collapse, is now forcing Covid-19 patients into recuperation at home

- The number of those who met with a refusal to be hospitalized and are obliged to stay home exceeds 80,000 in Tokyo and adjacent prefectures

Labour aristocrats declare their total cooperation in implementing the 'survival strategy' of the metal monopolies
The 'Action Plan for 2022-2023' posed by the JC Metal
[Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions]

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- The Secretariat of the Fourth International,
- The Youth Liaison Committee for the Revolution,
- Organizing Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI),


No. 2683
(August 30th 2021 Issue)

The fall of Kabul: the militarist empire of America routed
Break through the war crisis impending amid the US-China cold war!

- China and Russia backing the establishment of a Taliban-led regime
- The head-on clash between the US and China for world hegemony in the 21st century: Rise in antiwar struggle!

'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Zengakuren Okinawa rose in action

August 10th, Okinawa

Militant students raising a chorus of protest yells
in front of the US headquarters in Ishinda
'Stop the constitutional revision! Down with the Suga government!'
Students clenching their fists at the LDP local office in Naha


The International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted regional meetings August 1st

Okinawa Assembly, Naha
'We will stop the US base construction in Henoko!'
A firm resolve confirmed to promote antiwar struggles at the front line of the US-China clash
Participants expressing their resolve

Tokai Assembly, Nagoya
A bridgehead established for a revolutionary antiwar struggle
Fortified resolve by taking lessons from recent battles

Kansai Assembly, Osaka
A steadfast determination made to overthrow the ultra-reactionary Suga government
Firm determination expressed to carve out a new age


Crying out for the 'rejuvenation of the Chinese nation', Xi is pushing forward with confrontation with the US

Speech at a ceremony marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China

- Pressing people to devote themselves to 'national rejuvenation' and 'unity' under the Party
-- Stirring up of Chinese nationalism
-- Intention declared to annex Taiwan
-- Emphasis placed on the 'overall leadership of the Party'

- Strengthening of the domestic ruling system in preparation for a battle with the US
-- An increase in surveillance and suppression of toiling people suffering from poverty
- Bring to light the crimes of the Chinese neo-Stalinist party!

A mill of Nippon Paper Industries in Kushiro, Hokkaido

Withdrawal from the paper manufacturing business

Denounce the restructuring offensive of the management!

- 500 workers are forced into 'wide area redeployment'
- Denounce the betrayal by the union leadership!

'Strengthening of war sustainability'
The ruling LDP schemes to move forward the revision of the next five-year defense build-up program
in preparation for an 'emergency in Taiwan'

Monopoly capitalists clamour for 'integrated development of military technology and civilian technology':
proposals for 'economic security' offered by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- Lotta comunista,
- Socialist League of the Internationalist Workers of Bolivia - FLTI,
- The Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras /
- The International Network for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World and Justice for Our Martyrs, Argentina


No. 2681-82
(August 16th-23rd 2021 Double Issue)

Shatter the US-Japan global alliance!
Stop the British aircraft carrier's port call at Yokosuka due in September!
Oppose the menacing military actions taken by the US, Japan and the UK against China!
Let us fight firmly by overcoming the JCP that has abandoned opposition to Ampo [US-Japan military alliance]!

- Bring down the moribund Suga government bent on attacking the toiling masses!
- Reciprocal intimidatory military actions between the US-Japan-UK coalition and China around Taiwan and in the South China Sea
-- The imperialist powers of the US, Japan and the UK are intent on forming a 'neo-triple alliance'
-- Based on its anti-US alliance with Russia, China is escalating its challenge to the US
-- The US and China-Russia have already entered into a pre-war state

- Workers and students! Rise in an antiwar, anti-Ampo and anti-constitutional revision struggle across the country!

'No to the deployment of F-35A fighter jets in the SDF Komatsu air base!'

Workers, students and residents directed a storm of protest against the base
July 28th, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture
Protesting against the deployment of F-35A, at the Komatsu air base gate

The International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted regional meetings August 1st
Hokkaido Assembly,
 'Let us create a storm of revolutionary antiwar struggle!'
Zengakuren Hokkaido appealed to the public
prior to the assembly,

at Sapporo Station, July 31st
'Down with the Suga government!'    

Kyushu Assembly, Fukuoka
'Stop the reinforcement of the military bases in Kyushu for sorties against China!
Workers and students confirmed their resolve for this autumn's struggle

Hokuriku Assembly, Kanazawa
Participants solidified their resolve to overthrow the Suga government

A 'survival strategy' of Japanese imperialism shaken by the US-China clash
The Suga government's 'Economic Security Strategy'
A. The government's cry for 'economic security'
B. A response to US-China decoupling
C. Astonishment at 'new wars in the 21st century'
D. A sense of crisis about the collapse of the base of 'digital transformation'
E. 'Economic security strategy' for the survival of Japanese imperialism
F. The yoke of Japan's subordination to the US in information: misery of the 'vassal state'

The Suga government hell-bent on reorganizing its violence apparatus in case of cyber warfare with China
A 'cyber bureau' to be established within the Metropolitan Police Department

'We will fight from within our workplace!':

a determination of a worker comrade engaged in cleaning work in railway stations

- The harsh reality of cleaning work in railway stations
- Cleaning workers are daily exposed to the danger of Covid-19 virus infection
- Why is it that ultra-low wages and unduly harsh work are imposed on cleaning workers?
- By carrying on struggles in workplaces, we have achieved improvements in working conditions

The Tokyo Olympics:
Bus drivers were atrociously overworked to sustain the so-called bubble method
(supposedly for protecting athletes and officials against infection)
All this while, the government was intent on rescuing big travel agencies

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 59th International Antiwar Assembly
- Fraccion Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI)
- News and Letters Committees,

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