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No. 2710
(March 21st 2022 Issue)

Don't allow a general attack on Kiev by the Russian troops!
People all over the world, let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!

- Stop Putin's indiscriminate attacks on the capital!
-- 'Cease-fire negotiations': for Putin to force a surrender
- Ukrainian people, crush the Russian invading forces with resistance!
- Russian people, bring down Putin-led authoritarian ruling system based on the FSB!
-- Workers and people in Japan, rise in an antiwar struggle against Russia's aggression in Ukraine!

Antiwar actions across the country against Putin's aggression
'Denounce Russia's military aggression against Ukraine! Russian people, topple the Putin government!'
Zengakuren mounted a demonstration
in solidarity with the people of the world

March 11th, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Students joined a 'Parade in Support of Ukrainian People'
Students fought arm in arm with Ukrainian and Russian residents in Tokyo
Shibuya, March 5th

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'
JRCL made an urgent appeal to the public at Shinjuku station,
March 5th
- Vigorous agitations resounded throughout the station square
- An extra of Kaihoh evoked enthusiastic responses from workers and toiling people
- What is decisive is to fight against Stalinism

Under the slogan 'Stop aggression! Stop attacks on nuclear stations!',
workers, students and citizens held an emergency rally in Yoyogi Park,
Shibuya, March 5th
Students from Waseda, Kokugakuin and other universities fought for a militant upsurge of the rally and demonstration in solidarity with Ukrainian people

Sapporo, Hokkaido, March 6th
'Down with the Putin government!'
Workers and students rose in a united action

- Solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian people confirmed in the rally prior to the demo
Raising fists to express anger against Putin
at the Russian consulate general
Militants marching through the streets

March 4th
Workers and students voiced thunderous denunciations of Russia's aggression

White-helmeted militants staged a protest demonstration in the city centre

Naha, Okinawa

Zengakuren Okinawa staged a spirited demonstration in a high street in Naha, March 4th (pic left)
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students strived for a militant upsurge of an antiwar rally against Russia's aggression in Ukraine,
March 1st (pic right)

March 5th
JRCL distributed Kaihoh extras in a busy downtown streets

The struggle of postal workers

Achieve an explosive upsurge in the 2022 spring labour offensive!

Let us advance the offensive, denouncing the JP Union leadership's abandonment of wage-hike demands!

I. Company management is intent on wage restraint; the union leadership is acting in concert with the management
II. Union leaders have abandoned making a demand for higher wages
III. The anti-proletarian nature of the leadership's Vision for Business Activities
IV. Let us create a militant upsurge of the spring labour offensive, based on activities in our production points!

Devotion to the survival of the company in the 'age of carbon neutral'

A criticism of the Toyota union's course of action for the 2022 spring labour offensive

- This year's spring labour offensive: met with the acceleration of a 'shift to EV (electric vehicles)'
- Loud cries for the promotion of CN (carbon neutral) and DX (digitalization), and for the need of Toyota workers' 'active involvement'
- The anti-proletarian nature of the leadership's 'wage demands corresponding to jobs and functional qualifications'
- Denounce the labour aristocrats of Toyota for having destroyed the spring labour offensive!

Labour leaders' remarks on Russia's aggression in Ukraine
Both Rengo and Zenroren leaderships are laying their hope on the diplomatic efforts of state rulers

People's ill feeling boiling in Cambodia towards its 'suzerain', China

- Chinese company bosses are treating workers in developing countries with contempt
- China using Hun Sen as a mouthpiece of the Chinese government
- A Chinese version of neo-colonialist rule

Putin's so-called 'denazification'
Never let the 'offspring of Stalin' continue perpetrating atrocities!


No. 2709
(March 14th 2022 Issue)

Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!
Build up antiwar struggles
in solidarity with Ukrainian people fighting against the aggression!
- Denounce the indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainians! Condemn the bombardment of nuclear power stations!
- Russian people, rise to topple the Putin regime!
- Let us make a gigantic surge of international antiwar struggles!

Protest actions taken across the country to denounce Putin's barbarities
'Arise against Russia's aggression!'
JRCL appealed to workers and citizens, at Shinjuku Station,
Tokyo, March 5th
Tokyo, Feb. 28th
Militants marched on the Russian Embassy
Zengakuren and antiwar youths carried out an emergency demonstration
Demonstrators nearing the Embassy 'Down with Putin!' White-helmeted
marchers closing in on the Embassy
A revolutionary appeal to the world:
the JRCL headquarters building
- 'People all over the world, rise up in an antiwar struggle!' A call was issued in the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- Create a surge of antiwar struggles in solidarity with workers and people in Ukraine!

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Feb. 24th
Militants hurled denunciations at the Russian consulate general
Zengakuren and antiwar youths rose in protest

Protesting to the Russian consulate general at close quarters Calling on workers and citizens to stand against Putin's aggression

Kansai, Feb. 25th - Mar. 1st
Fighting students carried out a series of protest actions
Militant students fought together with workers and citizens
rallied against Russia's aggression,
in front of the Russian consulate general, Mar. 1st
- Students appealed to the public to denounce Putin's aggression, Kobe, Feb. 25th
- They protested to the Russian consulate general in Osaka, Feb. 26th
- JRCL distributed leaflets denouncing the aggression, at a station in Osaka, Feb. 26th

Kagoshima, Feb. 25th
Kagoshima University students rose in action
Students called on workers, citizens and youths to oppose Putin's barbarities

Hokuriku, Feb. 22nd-23rd
'Arise against Putin's aggression in Ukraine!'
Calls were made consecutively
by Kanazawa Univ. students Feb. 23rd by JRCL in Nagoya, Feb. 22nd
Tokai, Feb. 25th
Zengakuren and the antiwar youths of the Tokai region rose in protest
at a station in Nagoya, Feb. 25th


A solidarity speech by a JRCL representative to the February 6th Workers' Solidarity Meeting

For a big upsurge of the wage struggle in the spring of 2022

A. A few aspects of the 'US-China cold war' amid the pandemic
B. The reactionary nature of the Kishida government's 'new capitalism'
C. Let us fight to win a big, across-the-board wage raise!

The Welfare Ministry's 'self-support subsidy system'

Denounce the Kishida government's policy of leaving poverty-stricken people in the lurch amid the Covid-19 pandemic!

- The amount of subsidy is very small; the number of those who are eligible is limited

Following LDP hawks, the leader of the DPFR
calls for a 'reworking of Japan's three non-nuclear principles'
With the support of the Chairwoman of Rengo, DPFR is rushing towards conversion to a 'ruling party'

For an upsurge of the 2022 spring offensive of auto workers

Denounce the leadership of the Automobile Workers' Union
for dissolving shunto into labour-management consultations
'seek solutions to the problems of the auto industry and companies'!
-Union leaders are fully supportive of the management's restructuring plans arranged to match a shift to electric vehicles
- Labour aristocrats are asking for support from the government in promoting 'carbon neutral' projects

No to aggression in Ukraine! (The JRCL statement in English)
Осуждаем агрессию против Украины! (The JRCL statement in Russian)


No. 2708
(March 7th 2022 Issue)

No to aggression in Ukraine!

Russian people, down with Putin!
Solidarity with Ukranian people!

The JRCL statement
in English, see the full text and the leaflet
in Russian, see the full text and the leaflet

Workers and students marching on the Russian Embassy, 28 Feb. Tokyo
'No to aggression in Ukraine!'

Flames of antiwar protests blazed up across the country

Feb. 25th
'Stop the Putin government's massacre of Ukrainian people!'

Zengakuren rose to protest at the Russian Embassy

Militants bitterly denouncing Russia's armed aggression

Naha, Okinawa, Feb. 25th
'Stop the Putin government's barbarities!'
Zengakuren Okinawa held a protest rally

The JRCL called on workers and people to denounce the Russian aggression
Students raising clenched fists

Fukuoka, Feb. 24th - 25th
'Condemn Putin's brutalities!'

JRCL appealed to the public in the city centre

A Ukrainian woman showing sympathy with the apeal

'Stop the new US base construction! No to the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!'

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students held a demonstration in Henoko,
Okinawa, Feb. 12th
Students marched on the main Camp Schwab gate

'No to the reclamation work for the construction of the base!'
'Stop the base construction! No to Russia's invasion of Ukraine!'
Militants raising their fists at the main gate
Spirited students extended their demonstration to Henoko Beach

'Block the holding of the Commission meeting on the Constitution!'

Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students made a protest to the local LDP office,
Kobe, Feb. 9th

'Down with the neo-fascist Kishida government!'
Students' voices resounding through the area
Calling on workers and citizens to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine,
in the main street of Sannomiya, Kobe

'No to the Constitutional Revision' Rally and Demonstration, Feb. 19th, Nagoya
Nagoya Univ. and Aichi Univ. students strived in the van for the upsurge of the demonstration

Raising the banner
'Stop the constitutional revision! Stop Russia's invasion of Ukrein!'


The second keynote speech to the February 6th Workers' Solidarity Meeting

With the united power of workers, stop the Kishida government's move to revise the Constitution!

1. The deepening crisis of war amid the 'new East-West cold war'
2. Japanese imperialism: at the 'front line' of the US-China clash
3. The Kishida government dashing to establish a neo-fascist constitution
4. Create a huge upsurge of struggles against the revision of the Constitution by strengthening workers' unity!
- Education workers' struggles we organized from below
- Advance anti-constitutional revision, antiwar, anti-Ampo, anti-fascist struggles!



Don't allow the passage of the 'economic security promotion bill'!
An authoritarian legislation being aimed to develop and protect Japan's dual-use technologies

Denounce the union leadership for emphasizing 'a thoroughgoing implementation of labour-management consultations' for the 'reconstruction of the industry'!

Create a militant upsurge in the 2022 spring offensive of private railway unions'!

I. Private railway capitalists are intent on wage cuts and redundancies
- Hard fighting of militant workers against the union leadership's abandonment of struggles
II. The leadership dictates that union members should have 'heart-to-heart talks' with the management
III. Let us fight for a big, across-the-board wage increase!

Leading private railroad companies desperate to restructure their businesses


No to aggression
in Ukraine!
Russian people,
down with Putin!

Solidarity with Ukranian people!

   Under the orders of the war-crazy president Vladimir Putin, Russian forces started a full-scale armed aggression on February 24th in the whole of Ukraine.
   Putin called the armed groups of Donetsk and Lugansk from eastern Ukraine to Moscow and recognized the independence of the 'Donetsk People's Republic' and the 'Lugansk People's Republic' (February 21st). Under the pretext that Russia was requested by these two 'states', he launched military aggression against Ukraine. Russian forces rushed into Ukraine from the three directions of the Russian mainland, Belarus and Crimea, while destroying Ukraine's military facilities and airports by missile and cyber attacks. They gained control of the Chernobyl nuclear plant, and now are advancing into Kiev to seize the capital. They are shooting missiles into apartment houses where citizens live, intentionally, to threaten Ukrainian people.
   Putin declared that Russia would achieve the 'demilitarization and de-Nazification' of Ukraine. It is apparent that Putin's ambition is to control the whole of the country and conduct operations to decapitate the existing government, thus setting up a puppet government.
   In the face of these brutalities, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling on the people to rise in 'all-out resistance', while shouting grievously: 'What is happening here in Ukraine will also happen in other European countries', but 'none of the great powers helps our country.' He has issued an order for general mobilization and prohibited all men aged 18 to 60 from leaving the country, thereby mobilizing them for combats.
   The fire of war Putin has set is about to sink Ukrainian people into seas of blood.


   Confronted with Russia, the imperialist US president Joe Biden ignored Russia's demand for 'no eastern expansion of NATO' and said as early as last December that he was not considering sending US troops to Ukraine (one day after the summit meeting with Putin on December 7th). By so doing, the erstwhile 'sole superpower' once again revealed its drastic decline, as we the JRCL have already exposed.
   Incidentally, the Kishida-led Japanese government is terribly shocked at the emergence of the 'Ukrainian crisis' because Japan's self-sufficiency in energy is lower than 7%. The Japanese PM can do nothing but reiterate that 'international cooperation' is needed in response to such attempts as to change the existing international order by force.
   On the other hand, despite the fact that Putin emphasized over and over again his position that 'the collapse of the USSR, together with the eastern expansion of NATO, was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century', European rulers were not even able to catch on to what he meant, for, since the collapse of the 'socialist USSR', they have been intoxicated with their blind belief that 'economic democratization' would surely lead to 'political democratization'. That is why they have gone pale at the war of aggression launched by today's Hitler, Putin.
   It was only after it became apparent that Putin was ambitious to effectively incorporate Ukraine into Russia, that American, European and Japanese rulers decided - while supplying some amount of weapons - to exclude a certain number of Russian banks from the SWIFT, the international network for transactions and payments among banks (which links more than 11,000 financial institutions and settles an average of 5 trillion US dollars per day) (February 27th).
   It is inevitable that exclusion of Russian banks and companies from the SWIFT network will in turn cause a lot of damage to European and other countries, whose energy supplies depend on Russia. Even so, they could not but decide on it, as economic sanctions such as this are the only measure that they can take to counter Putin, who threatens them by saying, 'You must be aware that Ukraine's participation in NATO means for Russia to wage a war with NATO over the possession of Crimea.' 'Russia is still a strongest nuclear holder. It's clear that those who attack on us shall meet miserable consequences.'
   In this conjuncture, Xi-led China is imprudently saying that the Ukrainian issue has a 'complex' history and that China understands Russia's 'legitimate concerns' on security (Foreign Minister Wang Yi), or that 'Sanctions are never fundamental or effective ways to solve problems' (China's foreign ministry). China abstained from voting for a United Nation's resolution to condemn Russia.
   Apparently, Russia and China had made advance arrangements with each other on the invasion of Ukraine.


   Ukraine has been wavering between pro-western and pro-Russian governments. What is motivating Putin to incorporate this country is, first, his 'Great Russianism', which sees Russia (great Russia), Ukraine (small Russia) and Belarus (white Russia) as one nation. Armed annexation of Ukraine means realization of this chauvinistic nationalism.
   The second reason is that, in order to rebuild the ruinous Russian economy, it is necessary to incorporate Ukraine, a large country that has a rich granary with thriving industries supported by Western capital.
   Today's Russia is on the verge of catastrophe in its economy, which can only be called 'quasi-capitalism' because of the state capitalism that is deformed under the authoritarian ruling system helmed by the Federal Security Service (FSB), as will be referred to later. 70% of Russian exports are oil (world's third in production) and natural gas (world's second), with the rest including weapons and wheat. The Russian economy has barely survived with the high prices of oil since 1999.
   This originated in the historical fact that, in the former USSR, the industrial structure was divided by republic and region.
   Third, for this reason, since immediately after the collapse of the USSR, Russia had kept pressing the former constituent republics to have closer economic relationships with Russia. But, the more Russia pressed them, the more strongly the pressure encouraged nationalist and secessionist drive.
   In order to break through such an impasse, the Russian state power took a policy to promote the migration of Russians to the former USSR republics with the aim of ruling non-Russian people. This is exactly the implementation of Great Russianism. Because of this, ethnic conflicts between Russians and non-Russians flared up across the former USSR. The Russian government has been suppressing the rebellions of people against Great Russianism by coercive measures, the same measures as taken in the era of the Stalinist USSR, such as of setting up a puppet government and of dividing the territories of republics to incorporate them into the Russian sphere.


   In his televized address, Putin said that 'Lenin and his associates [Bolsheviks] created modern Ukraine ... by separating, severing what is historically Russian land', and that '[in 1922, whereas Stalin suggested building the country on the principles of autonomisation], Lenin criticized this plan and suggested making concessions to the nationalists'. Putin thus said, 'Why was it necessary to appease the nationalists?'
   But Putin's abuse at Lenin betrayed that this person is nothing but a snob that pretends to be a tsar of Russia.
   As regards national questions, we, as Marxists, should inherit the course of 'separation, then federation' and the principle that 'a nation cannot become free and at the same time continue to oppress other nations', which is a tradition of Marx and Engels. The state under the dictatorship of the proletariat in the period of transition to socialism must fully accept the right of nations to self-determination, including their separation (for unification), and at the same time base itself on international ties among the working class by overcoming national differences. And because of this, Lenin argued that the name of the federation should be the Union of the Soviet Republics of Europe and Asia, that the Union Central Executive Committee should be presided over in turn by representatives of all the uniting republics, and that each republic should reserve the right to freely secede from membership of the Union; he would never make any concessions on these three points.
   However, Stalin schemed to incorporate not only Ukraine and Belarus but even Caucasian nations into the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR). He introduced a rating among nations and classified them into republics, autonomous republics, autonomous provinces and autonomous regions, thereby building up a bureaucratically centralized system. Although Lenin was seized with apoplexy and paralyzed on one side, he contended with Stalin. It was over this issue that he left a will that Stalin should be removed from the post of General Secretary.
   Nevertheless, Putin insists that the Ukrainian impudence is attributable to Lenin! Putin was a KGB officer charged with missions in the former East Germany, where he saw firsthand the 'collapse of the Berlin Wall'. As to his criminal past as a Stalinist, he is not in the least ashamed. No thought or philosophy is relevant to this person. He is no more than a petty Stalin who poses as a tsar.
   Workers and toiling people in Russia! Now is the time to overthrow the warmonger Putin government!
   After the collapse of the Soviet Union, your country under the rule of Boris Yeltsin, who attempted the restoration of capitalism, suffered from hyperinflation with prices becoming thirty times higher, terrible increase in unemployment, an absurdly uneven distribution of supplies and the collapse of the distribution structure, rampancy of the economic Mafia, and the barter economy - indeed, all the misery in 'ruinous Russia'.
   And here came Putin, who took over power from Yeltsin. To begin with, he engineered plots, blasted buildings in Moscow as many as five times and, by framing up 'Chechen terrorist attacks', drove Chechen people into seas of blood. He also imprisoned the top of Yukos, Russia's biggest private oil company backed by Western capital, on suspicion of tax evasion, thus taking over that company. Moreover, by sending so-called Siloviks (such as former intelligence officers, servicemen and security force members) to state-run oil companies and other enterprises, he usurped state properties. He also sent his cronies to broadcasting stations and newspaper companies. In this way, he has established an authoritarian ruling system helmed by the FSB.
   Workers and toiling people in Russia! Without toppling the FSB-helmed authoritarian system with Putin as its head, there is no future for Russia. The path that leads to resurrection from 'miserable Russia' can never be found in nostalgia for or a return to the era of Stalin and his descendants who wielded their influence in the latter half of the 20th century world. It lies precisely in the awakening to the falsehood of Stalinism - which is, in fact, pseudo-Marxism - and in the reviving, in this dark 21st century, of the age of the Russian revolution led by Lenin, revolution that gave the world working class hope, courage and their ideals.
   Workers and toiling people in Ukraine who are courageously waging resistance against the invading army!
   The aim of Putin, a devotee of Great Russianism who abhors the Russian revolution, is to annex Ukraine to Russia or to make it a subject state. Such a plot must be totally shattered! Ukrainian people, put up resistance in unity to shatter this scheme! Against the occupation of cities, fight back with general strikes!
   Your enemy is the armed forces of Russia that Putin has dispatched; it is not the people of Russia! Call on the Russian workers and toiling masses to bring down the Putin government, to build solidarity among peoples! This is exactly what Putin the evil murderer is most afraid of.
   Workers and toiling people of Ukraine, sons and daughters of those who joined the Russian revolution as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic about a century ago! Call to mind that great revolutionary spirit and, together with the people of Russia, turn the war into revolution!
   We call on people all over the world. Rise now in antiwar struggle!
   American people! Recollect and be aware that the present war launched by Putin-led Russia bears a close resemblance to that war started by Bush against Muslim people, and that in reality it can be traced back to that war! Keep this in mind and stand up in a resolute antiwar struggle!
   We call on European people. Be awakened to it that the situation now developing is quite similar to that during the Second World War where 'Nazi madness' devastated the world! Based on this insight, stand up in a resolute fight!
   And we call on people in China. Denounce your Xi government in indignation for defending those brutalities committed by Putin, today's Hitler!


   Russia's war of aggression that has taken place now in Ukraine must be seen as representing a new phase in the development of today's world structure into a new East-West cold war, which was drastically laid bare amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
   The dramatic decline of the militarist empire of America as the erstwhile 'sole superpower', the ensuing entry into the era of the US-China confrontation, and its rapid development into a new East-West cold war - in the middle of these seismic changes, a crisis is growing rapidly - crisis that may ignite a Third World War triggered by head-on clashes between imperialist America and China with Russia. This crisis of war, moreover, is pregnant with a danger of becoming a nuclear war with 'usable nukes' used in reality.
   We the JRCL (RMF) have seen into the crisis of today's world, revealed its essence, sounded alarm bells, and have consistently been calling on the working class and people all over the world to rise in fightbacks against the imposition of wars, tyrannies and poverty by both imperialist rulers and those of neo-Stalinist China and 'ruinous' Russia. In the face of the Hungarian revolution that flared up in the October of 1956, the anti-Stalinist revolutionary movement in Japan thoroughly revealed that the USSR was no more than an anti-Marxist, false 'socialist state'. Since then, it has been fighting for the overcoming of Stalinism and the creation of a genuine communist movement. And now, we are advancing struggles against Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine under the orders of Putin as a descendant of Stalin, while resolutely denouncing the Japanese Stalinist party for issuing only trifling statements in response to the Ukrainian crisis, such as that 'Russia and NATO are both anachronistic' and that it requests 'for a multipolar diplomacy'.
   Working people all over the world! Rise in antiwar struggles to break through the crisis of war amid the new East-West cold war! Based on the strategy of 'anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism' for world revolution, let us fight to change this dark 21st century into a proletarian century!
   Let us fight together!       (February 27th, 2022)


Осуждаем агрессию
против Украины!
Российские трудящиеся, свергните Путина!
Солидаризируемся с Украинским народом!


По приказу президента Путина, любителя войны, российская армия начала вооруженную агрессию против Украины 24-го февраля.

Путин вызвал лидеры вооруженных сил ДНР и ЛНР и признал независимость обеих республик (21-го февраля). И под предлогом их требования сразу приступил к захватнической войне против Украины. Российские войска разрушили все военные сооружения и аэродромы на Украине ракетами и кибератаками, и ворвались на ее территорию из трех сторон, т.е. из самой России, Белоруссии и Крыма. Они овладели Чернобыльской АЭС и нацеливаются захватить Киев. С целью угрожать украинскому народу, намеренно нападают ракетами на многоквартирный дом.

Путин бесстыдно сказал: «мы будем стремиться к демилитаризации и денацификации Украины». Это очевидно, что он замышляет подавить всю Украину войсками, свергнуть нынешнюю власть и фальсифицировать марионеточное правительство.

А украинский президент Зеленский печально говорит: «событие, сейчас происходящее на Украине, может произойти и в Европе, но никто из великих держав мира не спасает нас». Он, призывая к сопротивлению до последней капли крови, стремится мобилизовать всех мужчин в возрасте с 18 до 60 для боев приказом о мобилизации, запрещая им уезжать за границу.

Сейчас очень много крови украинских людей проливается из-за пожара войны, вызванной Путиным.


Но президент Байден империалистических США, игнорируя выдвинутое Россией требование о «нераспространении НАТО», рано высказал, что «мы не рассмотрим отправление войска США на Украину» (на следующий день переговоры саммита США и России 7-го декабря прошлого года). Таким образом, США, бывшая «единственная сверхимперия», опять обнаруживают свой страшный упадок.

Кстати, степень энергетической самообеспеченности Японии ниже 7 процентов. Поэтому взрыв «украинского кризиса» напугал японское правительство, которое только повторяет слова «по отношении к попытке разрушить мировой порядок ... мы идем путем международного сотрудничества».

С другой стороны, несмотря на то, что Путин повторял свое утверждение: «роспуск СССР и расширение НАТО на восток — это наибольшая катастрофа в 20-ом веке», европейские властители не могли догадаться об его намерении. Это потому что, со времени разрушения "социалистического государства" СССР их опьяняла та слепая вера, что "экономическая демократизация" обязательно приносит "политическую демократизацию". В силу этого, они побледнели от изумления агрессивной войне, поведенной "современным Гитлером", Путиным.

Только когда стал очевидным замысел Путина присоединить Украину к России (27-го февраля), властители США, ЕС и Японии — которые предоставляют Украине некоторое оружие — приступают к вытеснению некоторых российских банков из Swift, международной сети для расчёта между банками (больше 1100 финансовых органов используют ее и общая сумма расчёта в день — 5 триллион долларов).

Вытеснение российских банков и предприятий из Swift введет в убыток также и стран, начиная со стран европейских, зависящих от импорта природного газа и нефти из России. Однако кроме этих экономических санкций правители Европы и США ничего не могут делать перед Путиным, угрожающим им, говоря «вы понимаете или нет, что если Украина будет в НАТО и нападет на российский Крым, то случится конфликт России с альянсом.» «Россия – одна из ведущих ядерных держав. Очевидно, что тот, кто поведет наступление на нас, уничтожится, подвергнется ужасному результату».

В этом положении китайское правительство Си Цзиньпина надменно заявляет «Украинский вопрос имеет сложную историю. ... законные требования России в области безопасности следует воспринимать серьезно» (Ван И министр иностранных дел), «санкция не эффективная мера» (министерство иностранных дел) и т.д. При принятии резолюции ООН об обвинении России, Китай воздержал от голосования.

Ясно, что о российском вторжении на Украину договорились правители России и Китая.


Украина качалась из прозападного правительства в пророссийское правительство. То, что побуждает Путина аннексировать эту Украину к Россию, состоит, во-первых, во великорусском национализме. Он считает Россию (великорус), Украину (малорус) и Белоруссию (белорус) одной нацией. Исполнением этого державного национализма является вооруженное аннексирование Украины.

Во-вторых, для того, чтобы перестроить экономку в «гибнущей России», нужно присоединить Украину, на которой есть плодородная житница и промышленность развита в результате поддержек западных капиталов.

Нынешняя Россия стоит на грани катастрофы экономики, которую мы не можем не определить как псевдокапитализм, потому, что у нее есть искаженный государственный капитализм под сильно авторитарной системой господства ФСБ-типа. Во всем российском экспорте 70% составляют нефть (по выпуску третий в мире) и природный газ (второй), кроме которых не больше оружие и пшеница. Российская экономика едва избегает банкротства благодаря повышению нефтяных цен с 1999 г.

Этот кризис проистекает из разделенной по республикам и по областям промышленной структуры в бывшем СССР.

В-третьих, поэтому сразу после разрушения СССР Россия сильно требовала от составляющих бывших СССР стран укреплять экономическую связь с ней. Однако, чем сильнее она требовала это, тем сильнее становился их националистский и сепаратистский порыв отхода от ней. С целью преодолеть такое положение российская власть приняла политику переселить российских в эти страны, чтобы господствовать нероссийских. Именно это — реализация великорусского национализма. В результате этого, там и сям в бывший СССР часто вспыхивали национальные конфликты между российскими и нероссийскими.

И российское правительство, принимая такую же меру, как в периоде сталинистского СССР, фальсифицировало марионеточное правительство на фоне своих могучих вооруженных сил, и присоединяло часть территории посредством ее разделения. Таким образом, оно душило сопротивления народа, питающего ненависть к великорусскому национализму.


Путин сказал, «... Ленин и его соратники делали ... за счёт отделения, отторжения от неё части её собственных исторических территорий.» «(Хотя в 1922 г. Сталин ... предложил строить страну на принципах автономизации), Ленин раскритиковал этот план и предложил пойти на уступки националистам. ... зачем надо было с барского плеча удовлетворять ... националистические амбиции...?»

Эти ругательные слова по отношению к Ленину обнаружили то, что личность Путина не что иное, как обывательщина, воображающая себя царем.

Что касается национального вопроса, марксист, разумеется, основывает на той традиции Маркса-Энгельса, что «не может быть свободен народ, угнетающий другие народы» и «федерация после отделения». Государство диктатуры пролетариата в период перехода к социализму признает право наций на самоопределения, включающее отделение (для слияния), в то же время, берет за основу международную связь рабочего класса без национального различия. Поэтому, Ленин утверждал те три пункта: чтобы называть союз «Союз Советских Республик Европы и Азии», чтобы в союзном ЦИКе председательствовали по очереди русский, украинец, грузин и т.д., и чтобы обеспечивать свободу отделения республики от союза. Он не уступил абсолютно.

А Сталин старался включить не только Украину и Белоруссию, но даже кавказские страны в РСФСР. И он установил строй бюрократического централизма, различая по разрядам республику, автономную республику, автономную область, автономный округ, и т.д. Ленин, парализованный наполовину из-за апоплексического удара, проводил борьбу против Сталина и завещал освободить Сталина от генерального секретаря по причине этого вопроса.

Несмотря на это, Путин кричат, что «Ленин виноват, что Украина становится слишком самоуверенным». У Путина, кто увидел «разрушение берлинской стены» на месте в ГДР при службе КГВ, нет никакой чувства виноватости как сталинист. Он только воображающий себя царем мелкосталин, не имеющий никакой идеи.

Российские трудящиеся, свергните власть Путина, любителя войны!

В России после разрушения СССР, Ельцин, стремившийся восстановить капитализм, принес трагедию «гибнущей России»; усиление инфляции в 30 раз, увеличение безработных, разрушение системы товарообращения и крайне неравное нахождение вещей, свирепствующие мафии и появление экономики меновой торговли, и т.д.

Путин, наследовавший власть от Ельцина, твёрдо установил систему управления ФСБ-типа посредством хитрых поступки: он сделал интриги взрывов зданий 5 раз в Москве, возвёл напраслину на чеченские силы сопротивления, назвав их "террористами", и уничтожил их; он арестовал по обвинению в уклонении от уплаты налога главу Юкоса, наибольшей частной нефтяной компании под поддержкой западных капиталов, и захватил эту компанию; он ввел «силовиков» (бывших членов разведывательного органа и органа общественной безопасности, офицеров) и его знакомство в государственные предприятия, начиная с нефтяного (таким образом, узурпировал государственные собственности), к тому же, в телевизионные станции и газетные издательства.

Российские трудящиеся! Если не свергнуть систему управления ФСБ-типа во главе с Путиным, нет будущее в России. Путь избавление от «трагической России» не находится в ностальгии и возвращении к периоду Сталина и его наследников, вертевших мир в 20-ом веке. Подлинный путь лежит именно в том, что Вы осознаете обманность сталинизма как псевдомарксизма и восстановите в темном 21-ом веке тот период российской революции под руководством Ленина, когда доставили рабочему классу всего мира надежду, смелость и идеал.

Украинские трудящиеся, смело оказывающие сопротивление агрессивной армии!

Целью Путина, ненавидящего Русскую революцию великорусского националиста, является аннексировать Украину или подчинить ее как зависимое государство. Чтобы разбить его стремление, проводите упорное сопротивление единодушно! Против оккупации городов российской армией, сопротивляйтесь всеобщей забастовкой!

Вашим врагом является посланная Путиным российская армия, а не российский народ. Призывайте российских трудящихся на борьбу свергнуть власти Путина, и проводите общую борьбу в солидарности с ними. Именно этого и боится убийца Путин.

100 лет назад украинские трудящиеся в качестве «Украинская советская социалистическая республика» влились в российской революции. Вспоминайте тот дух, и превратите войну в революцию вместе с российским народом!

Мы обращаемся к народам всего мира! Поднимайтесь на антивоенную борьбу!

Американский народ! Поднимайтесь решительно на антивоенную борьбу! Вспомните и осознайте, что сегодняшняя война Россией Путина очень похожа на «войну Буша» против мусульманских народов, и что источник этой войны Путина можно проследить до «войны Буша»!

Европейские народы! Обдумайте, что нынешнее состояние похоже на Вторую мировую войну, в которой все были попраны нацистским сумасшествием, и поднимайтесь решительно на антивоенную борьбу!

Китайский народ! Обвиняйте с гневом правительство Си Цзиньпина, поддерживающее грубых поступки "современного Гитлера" Путина!


Мы считаем, что нынешняя российская агрессивная война против Украины показывает новую фазу превращения мировой структуры под новой холодной войной между востоком и западом, которое резко обнаружилось по поводу пандемии нового коронавируса.

США, бывшая единственная милитаристическая сверхдержава, катятся под гору. Наступает эпоха противостояния между Китаем и США, и более того, резкий поворот в новую холодную войну между востоком и западом. В таком диастрофизме быстро порождается опасность взрыва третьей мировой войны из-за столкновения США с Китаем и Россией. К тому же эта опасность чревата угрозой ядерной войны с «применимыми ядерными оружиями».

Мы, СЯРК, проникали в кризис современного мира и его сущность, решительно разоблачали ее и били в набат. Мы призывали рабочий класс всего мира на контрнаступление на властителей империалистских стран, неосталинистского Китая и гибельной России, которые заставляют народу войну, нищету и угнетение. Венгерская революция, вспыхнувшей в октябре 1956 г., дала японскому антисталинистскому революционному коммунистическому движению повод разоблачить до основания, что СССР не что иное, как немарксистское псевдо "социалистическое" государство. С тех пор мы очень старались преодолеть сталинизм и создать подлинное коммунистическое движение. И теперь мы проводим борьбу против агрессивной войны против Украины Путиным, наследником Сталина, твердо критикуя Японскую компартию, которая при войне на Украине только говорит, «и Россия и Украина допускают анахронизм, нужна многосторонняя дипломатия».

Народы всего мира, поднимайтесь на антивоенную борьбу!

Уничтожить опасность взрыва войны под новой холодной войной между востоком и западом! Стремимся вместе превратить темный 21-й век в пролетарский век на основе стратегия мировой революции «антиимпериализм антисталинизм»!

Проводим антивоенную борьбу вместе в солидарности!

27 февраля 2022


No. 2707
(February 28th 2022 Issue)

Stop Russia's invasion of Ukraine!

For an explosive upsurge in the struggle against the war in Ukraine!
People all over the world, rise in antiwar struggle!

Stand up with determination to create a gigantic anti-constitutional revision, antiwar and anti-Ampo struggle!

- China and Russia decided on simultaneous actions with the aim of reorganizing the 21st century world
- US imperialism is desperate to build an encircling net against China
- The Kishida-led Japanese government is frantic to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan global alliance
-- Commission meetings for the revision of the Constitution being held repeatedly; an economic security bill to be enacted during the current Diet session
- Create an explosive upsurge in the anti-constitutional revision, antiwar and anti-Ampo struggles!

'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Militant students rose up in protest at the Kobe LDP office, February 9th
Putin and Modi jointly declared for a 'multipolar world'

- Two rulers confirmed the promotion of military and economic cooperation
- Putin-led Russia is scheming to 'divide the QUAD'
- The Modi-led Indian government's 'have it both ways'-style diplomacy under the slogan 'India's autonomy'

The first keynote speech to the February 6th Workers' Solidarity Meeting

Win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

For a militant upsurge of the 2022 spring labour offensive!

I. The government and monopoly capitalists imposing sacrifices on workers amid the pandemic

A. Wage cuts and mass dismissals forced on workers by capitalists
B. The Kishida government is abandoning workers and people suffering in poverty
II. Shatter dismissals and wage cuts with the united power of workers!
A. Denounce the leadership of Rengo bent on imploring 'investment in people'!
- What is the 'Rengo-style labour movement'?
B. The anti-proletarian nature of the Zenroren leadership's campaign to request the government to support the management in raising workers' wages
C. Win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

Hitachi management plans to apply its 'job-based employment' system to all employees
Don't allow the relocation of workers and dismissals!
- The management is bent on shifting its business to 'IoT platform service'

Declaration of the abandonment of struggles for higher wages
Emphasis laid on 'investment in people':
the action plan for the 2022 spring offensive of Shitetsu-soren [Japan General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions]


SDF airborne troops conducted exercises of parachuting from US Air Force carriers
January 25th - 27th, the SDF Higashifuji drill ground

- An exercise based on the concept of EABO
[Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations] and aimed at securing footholds for attacks, supplies and information gathering
- The buildup of readiness for combat against China with US and Japanese forces in one united body

'Denounce the F-15 fighter jet crash right after take-off from the Komatsu air base!'
No to the strengthening of the SDF Komatsu air base as a strongpoint for attacking China and Russia!

Denounce the dumping of a fuel tank onto a residential area from an F-16 fighter jet deployed at the US Misawa Base!
- Just then, F-16 fighter jets were about to engage in a largest scale US-Japan joint combat training ever conducted for pre-emptive attacks against China


No. 2706
(February 21st 2022 Issue)

Preparedness for the 2022 spring labour offensive reinforced in the Workers' Solidarity Meeting February 6th
Win a 'big, across-the-board wage increase'!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!

For a militant upsurge of the 2022 spring labour offensive!

'Let us fight in unity!'
Workers made a stern resolve to fight it out
Participants focussing all their attention on the address

- Denounce the Rengo leadership for imploring monopoly capitalists and the government to 'invest in people'! :
the first keynote speech
- Create a big struggle against the constitutional revision, against Ampo, against fascism! :
the second keynote speech
- Fight for a 'big, across-the-board wage increase'! :
a solidarity speech by the JRCL representative
- Firm determinations expressed by a student representing Zengakuren and workers representing each of the industries

Stop Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine!
Oppose military intervention by the US and NATO!

'Denounce the F-15 fighter jet crash after take-off from the Komatsu air base!'

Militant students of Kanazawa University set up a protest at the SDF Komatsu air base,

February 4th
'Denounce the fighter jet crash! Smash Ampo!'
Students protesting at the base gate
Training sorties against China are repeatedly performed under the Kishida government

Stop Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine!
Oppose military intervention by the US and NATO!

A head-on clash between Russia and the US over the 'eastward expansion of NATO'

- The Russian Army's extensive manoeuvres enveloping Ukraine
- - 'Gray zone warfare': an exchange of false propaganda and cyber attacks
- Putin-led Russia's counteroffensive aimed at recovering the territory of the former Soviet Union
- The Biden administration frantic to pull NATO together
- Let us fight by exerting the true worth of the revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Toyota declared it would expand the production of electric vehicles

- The rapid development of a worldwide 'shift to electric vehicles'
- The Toyota management doubled research and development expenses, plus plant and equipment investment, to 8 trillion yen
- Don't allow the management to make any sacrifice of workers!

Expose the deceitful nature of a high court-mediated settlement!

A suit for the unfair dismissal of workers against a funeral company was 'settled'

- The court settlement unduly says the company has 'no responsibility' as far as the employment contract goes;
--Rengo Chairwoman Yoshino comments that the settlement was a 'success' for workers
- The company resorted to the dismissal to destroy the newly formed trade union

A livelihood support centre offering support to needy people is crowded with workers and toiling people, Naha, Okinawa
- Workers have been downtrodden and 'disposed of' one after another
- The criminal nature of the policy of the Kishida government: giving preference and good treatment to US bases and monopoly capitalists

'If you raise wages, you will gain profits'
A JCP-led Zenroren's think tank is preaching to monopoly capitalists the 'significance of the spring labour offensive'

Justification of the policy of assimilating ethnic minorities into the Han Chinese in the name of the 'community of the Chinese nation'

- On the address delivered by Xi Jinping at
the Central Ethnic Work Conference
- Xi says 'Chinese culture is the trunk; ethnic cultures are branches'
- Mongolian-language education is prohibited in Inner Mongolia
- Severe security systems are being built in the name of the 'stability of society'
- Xi Jinping is scheming to serve the third term as General Secretary

An 'educational reform' in the Chinese style
'No studying at fee-charging cram schools! No assigning too much homework! Learning Xi Jinping Thought is a must!'


No. 2705
(February 14th 2022 Issue)

Stop Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine!
Oppose military intervention by the US and NATO!


Militants rose up against constitutional revision, against Ampo
Zengakuren Hokkaido and antiwar youths jointly carried out a militant demonstration
Sapporo, January 30th
White-helmeted workers and students marching
through the snow-accumulated streets of Sapporo
- Militants advanced on the local Liberal Democratic Party office
- 'Stop Russia's invasion of Ukraine!': the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration

'Don't allow the Kishida government's presentation in the Diet of the drafted amendments to the Constitution!'
Militants of the Kansai region rose up in protest against the constitutional amendments

at the Osaka LDP office, January 27th
- Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students fighting under the banner 'Against the US-Japan military alliance!'

With the public and private sector acting together, the Kishida government is assisting the US in developing fast reactors

- Providing Japanese technologies and facilities in full measure
- An attempt to roll back China and Russia which go ahead of the US

The 'quantum war' between the US and China: a battle over quantum computing on cryptography


The US-Japan '2 + 2' agreements

Formulation of a war plan against China to prepare for a 'Taiwan emergency'

- Operations to be planned jointly by the US and the Japanese forces in the name of 'full alignment of strategies'
- Japan's readiness to build up a pre-emptive attack system is stated positively
- Joint research and development in the fields of outer space, cyber space, artificial intelligence and quantum technology
- An enormous increase in Japan's Host Nation Support, a budget for the US forces stationed in Japan, agreed in the name of the 'resiliency of the alliance'

The JCP begs the Kishida government to adopt 'peaceful diplomacy with the use of Article 9'

Denounce the JCP central leadership for abandoning opposition to Ampo!

- The utmost right-wing nature of the JCP's policy in 'opposing the revision of Article 9'
-- Shamelessly concealing their past of 'praising' China
- Proposal of a 'strong economy': a craving for the 'strengthening of the competitiveness' of Japanese monopoly capital
- While clinging to a desire to form an 'opposition coalition', they have got stuck in a far more right-wing elaboration of basic policies

Workers' suicides repeated in a Panasonic semi-conductor factory

The management tries to settle the situation with deceitful 'reconciliation'

- 138 hours per month: imposition of excessive overtime on the worker plunged him into depression
- The Panasonic management is seeking a 'way to survive' at the sacrifice of workers

Yoshino-led Rengo leadership has openly embarked on the support of LDP candidates for the coming Upper House election

The Kishida government is bent on disposing of radioactively contaminated components of reactors abroad

Don't allow the restart of Tomari nuclear reactor No. 3 promoted by the government and Hokkaido Electric Power Co.!

- A slapdash 'safety review' by the Nuclear Regulation Authority
- Criticize the JCP for being caught up in the 'carbon-free' policies promoted by the government and monopoly capitalists! Let us fight unflinchingly!


No. 2704
(February 7th 2022 Issue)

The flame of anti-constitutional revision, antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles blazed up in Tokyo
January 22nd

Zengakuren marched on the Diet Building, PM's Office and on the US Embassy

'NO to the strengthening of the US-Japan
offensive and defensive alliance against China!'
White-helmeted students expressing their anger to the US Embassy
 'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Heading for the Diet Building

- A militant demonstration under the banner 'Oppose the US-Japan global alliance!'
- 'Break through the war crisis impending amid the "new East-West cold war"!':
Solidarity rally prior to the demonstration
- The direction of the struggle shown to break through the imminent danger of war
Stop Russia's military invasion of Ukraine!
- Don't allow US and European imperialists' military intervention!
-------------------- ----
Advancing under the banner 'Shatter the US-Japan global alliance!' Zengakuren militants marching on PM's Office


The SDF's joint field training exercises conducted last November

US-Japan joint 'preliminary exercises' for war against China


The Belarusian-Polish border

The Putin government concocted the plot to send 'immigrants' into Europe

- Putin and Lukashenko's counteroffensive against EU states' rulers
- The EU's coercive response in the name of 'preventing illegal immigration'
- Russia and Western imperialist powers have now entered into a 'pre-war state'

Bloody repression of Kazakh workers' uprising
and the dispatch of CSTO
[Collective Security Treaty Organizarion] troops to Kazakhstan
Putin-led Russia scheming to recover the territory of the former Soviet Union

- A power struggle in Kazakhstan to drive out the Nazarbayev family
- Putin has brought Kazakhstan over to the Russia-centred system
- The Putin government hell-bent on strengthening the unity of CSTO

An anti-US triangle
Khamenei-led Iran building up a common front with China and Russia


The 'security clearance' system

'Economic security' against China:
The government is promoting a system that prevents the leakage of dual-use technologies

Don't allow the construction of a high-level nuclear disposal site in Horonobe!


Spring labour offensive in alternative years of Kikan Roren
(Japan Federation of Basic Industry Workers' Union, JBU)
Just one percent! Denounce the derisory wage increase demands of the labour aristocrats of the steel industry!

Slogans of the JRCL for the 2022 spring labour offensive
All workers! Unite and fight the 2022 spring labour offensive!
Win a big, across-the-board wage rise! Crush the revision of the Constitution!

I. No to wage cuts! No to mass dismissals! Win a big and across-the-board wage increase!

- Don't allow any attacks on workers with dismissals, forcible transfer to other companies, compulsory relocation or redeployment! Don't allow employers to unilaterally terminate non-regular workers' contracts!
- Pulverize the restructuring offensive of the management promoting 'digitalization and de-carbonization'! Don't allow the revision of personnel and wage systems! Don't allow the rampancy of non-regular employments and independent contracts!
- Oppose monopoly capitalists' raise in the prices of living necessaries!

II. Denounce the Kishida government's policy of sacrificing toiling people in the name of 'new capitalism'!
- Don't allow the cancellation of government compensation for the income loss of workers and the toiling masses forced into poverty amid the pandemic! No to every increase in utility rates!
- No cuts in social security! No to reduction in pension benefits! Don't allow raises in social insurance contributions! Make medical and nursing-care services be offered free of charge! Abolish the consumption tax!

III. Absolutely 'No' to the revision of the Constitution of Japan! Oppose the US-Japan global alliance!
- Oppose the increase in the military budget to 10 trillion yen
(2 percent of GDP)!
- Stop the new US base construction in Henoko, Okinawa! No to Japan's building of a pre-emptive strike system!
- Don't allow the further strengthening of a mass surveillance and control system in the name of 'digital administration'! Thwart the authoritarian strengthening of the Japanese-type neo-fascist ruling system!

IV. Denounce the leadership of Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] for snuggling up to the Kishida-led reactionary government!
- Denounce the dissolution of the spring labour offensive into 'joint labour-management consultations for the sake of the development of companies'! Deconstruct Rengo, a neo-Industrial Patriotic Association!
- Don't allow the leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions] to distort the spring labour offensive into a citizen-leaned, parliamentarianist campaign!

V. Create the unity of the working class across borders to burst the 'chains of capital'!


No. 2703
(January 31st 2022 Issue)

Come together at the
Workers' Solidarity Meeting
on Feb 6th
Fight for a militant upsurge of the 2022 Spring Labour Offensive!
Win a big, across-the-board wage rise!
Prevent the revision of the Constitution!

- Fight against monopoly capitalists hell-bent on sacking and wage cut!
- Denounce the labour aristocrats of Rengo immersed in labour-management consultations over 'investment in people'!
- Fight in unity to win a big, across-the-board wage rise!
- Oppose the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance as a global alliance! Prevent the revision of the Constitution!

'Smash the US-Japan global alliance!'
Zengakuren marching on the Diet building and the PM's Office,
Tokyo, Jan. 22nd
'Denounce the US-Japan Security Consultative Committee Meeting!'

Zengakuren Okinawa held a protest action at the US consulate, Urasoe, Jan. 8th

(pic) 'Shatter the US-Japan global alliance! Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'
Militant students raising their angry fists

'Let us fight against the restart of Tomari Reactor No. 3!'
JRCL called on participants in the 'Sayonara nuke' rally, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Dec. 3rd

(pic) JRCL leaflets received enthusiastic responses

Putin-led Russia pursuing an ambition to "revive great Rus' "

Stop Russia's military invasion of Ukraine!
Never allow US and European imperialist powers to make a military intervention!
Create a revolutionary antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war mounting amid the 'new East-West cold war'!

- Russia stepping up its preparation for invading Ukraine to prevent 'NATO's Eastern expansion'
-- 'Hybrid warfare' already launched
- US imperialism driven into a predicament
- Russia's counteroffensive against America with the aim of overturning the history after the collapse of the USSR
-- 'Today's Ivan the Terrible' advocating the revival of 'historical Russia'
-- A scheme for 'Eurasian integration' based on alliance-like collusion with China
- Never allow Russia to invade Ukraine! Oppose US-led NATO's military intervention!

'Smart factories': abnormal ways of working is imposed on workers

- 'Smart glasses' are introduced into bolt-tightening work
- Exhausting labour is forced on workers due to the introduction of ICTs
- Monopoly capitalists are intent on sacking skilled workers and using 'disposable' workers

The latest report of Keidanren [Japan Business Federation] transmits an order to suppress wage hikes
Monopoly capitalists have declared their determination to intensify exploitation

Interviewing the Chairman and the Chief Secretary of Zengakuren

For an explosive upsurge in struggles against constitutional revision
and anti-war, anti-Ampo struggles! Zengakuren will fight in the van!

- Fierce battles we have been struggling for two years since the outbreak of the pandemic
- 30 years after the collapse of the USSR: We've been fighting as we learn from the struggles of Kan'ichi Kuroda

Nicaragua's break-off of relations with Taiwan
Xi-led China is extending its operations into 'the backyard of US imperialism'

The US-Japan and China with Russia are all hell-bent on strengthening their posture for electromagnetic warfare
- Jamming, Spoofing and cheating


No. 2702
(January 24th 2022 Issue)

Win a big, across-the-board wage rise!
Create a militant upsurge of the 2022 spring labour offensive!
Fight against dismissals and wage cuts!

Central Workers' Orgburo
I. Mass dismissals and wage cuts amid industrial reorganization and the fights of revolutionary workers
A. The reorganization of industries for 'digitalization and decarbonization'
----and the shifting of all burdens onto workers
----- Restructuring implemented by monopoly capitalists and reforms in 'employment, personnel and wage' systems
Government support to monopoly capitalists in the name of 'new capitalism'

B. Labour aristocrats of Rengo
[JTUC] immersed in 'tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management'
----and revolutionary and militant workers struggling strenuously
II. Pulverize the offensives of dismissals and wage cuts! Create a militant upsurge of the 2022 shunto [spring labour offensive]!
A. Don't allow the leadership of Rengo to destroy the spring labour offensive!
----- Denounce the dissolution of shunto into 'labour-management consultations for restructuring'!
B. Don't allow the leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions] to distort shunto
----into a campaign of 'appealing to the public for requesting the government to raise wages'!
----- Denounce the parliamentarianist distortion of shunto!
C. For victory in the 2022 spring labour offensive!
----Crush the Kishida government's machination to revise the Constitution!
----- For a big, across-the-board wage increase! Shatter all the attacks on workers accompanying major restructurings!
------ Oppose the revision of the Constitution! Oppose the massive military buildup and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

An arms race between the US and China colluded with Russia expanding into the arena of outer space

- China and Russia are frantic to develop and deploy hypersonic weapons
- The US is bent on setting up an observation network of as many as 1,200 small satellites

Resolute Dragon 21, the first-ever US-Japan joint military exercise based on the new 'concept of EABO
[Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations]', conducted across the Japanese Archipelago in December
Unified preparedness for combat against China is being built

'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Voices echoed throughout the country

December 19th
'Stop the constitutional revision!'
Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students strived in the forefront of workers and citizens
'No to fascism!' 'Down with the Kishida government!' Demonsrators marching through the busy street of Nagoya

'No to the US-Japan global alliance!'
Students' banners standing out in the rally

Fukuoka, December 14th
'Stop the revision of the Constitution!'

JRCL staged a resolute protest in front of the local LDP office
in front of Hakata Station
Protest in front of the LDP office Appealing to citizens to fight together

Kanazawa, December 16th
'Let us oppose the US-Japan global alliance!'

The enthusiastic call of the JRCL Hokuriku Regional Committee was met with warm responses
dddddddd"Oppose the revision of the Constitution! "
in Kanazawa

'Stop the construction of a high-level nuclear disposal site in Horonobe!'

Jointly with workers, farmers and citizens, militant students fought in the 'Horonobe Day' action in Hokkaido,
November 23rd
- Don't allow the Kishida government and Japan Atomic Energy Agency to start the construction of a new facility 500 metres underground!
'Stop the nuclear development!'
Militant students appealing to rally participants


New Year's resolutions
(Part 3)
The Chugoku Regional Committee

The Electric Industrial Workers Committee
The Mass Communication Workers Committee
The Small and Medium Enterprise Workers Committee

Declining US imperialism frantic to roll back China
(Part 2)
D. The declining militarist empire approaching to its end
- Rising of inflation and the impoverishment of workers and the masses
E. The deepening antagonism and split within the American ruling class


No. 2701
(January 17th 2022 Issue)

Shatter the revision of the Constitution,
the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

Rise in a Zengakuren demonstration on Jan. 22nd!

Create an antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war mounting amid the 'US-China cold war'!

'Fight against the Kishida government's major offensives,
the constitutional revision and a massive military buildup!'
Zengakuren fighting on November 10th, 2021,
the first day of the special session of the Diet

Central Student Orgburo

'Stop the Diet's initiation of amendments to the Constitution!'
Zengakuren rose in front of the Diet Building,
December 19th, 2021

I. The impending crisis of a hot war amid the 'new cold war' between the US and China with Russia

- The head-on clash between the US and China (and Russia) for world hegemony in the 21st century
II. The revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the military alliance: the Kishida-led Japanese government's ultra-reactionary offensives

III. Abysmal degeneration of the existing opposition movements and revolutionary fights of Zengakuren

IV. Create an enormous upsurge in the anti-constitutional revision, antiwar / anti-Ampo, and anti-fascist struggles!

A. Denounce the central leadership of the Japanese Communist Party for abandoning opposition to Ampo
[US-Japan military alliance]!
B. Create a storm of revolutionary antiwar struggle!

Oppose the Kishida government's imposition of sacrifices on toiling people in the name of 'new capitalism'!
Denounce the destruction of the global environment by US, European and Japanese imperialism as well as Chinese neo-Stalinism!

Declining US imperialism frantic to roll back China
(Part 1)
A. The Biden administration is desperate to counter the 'tied-up challenge' of China and Russia
- A scheme to build an Asian version of NATO
B. An ostentatious ceremony desperate to make an appearance of the 'unity of democracies'
C. Enclosure of technologies for dual use (military and civilian) and acceleration of US-China decoupling

New Year's resolutions
(Part 2)
The Hokkaido Regional Committee
The Kansai Regional Committee
The Tokai Regional Committee

The District General Workers Committee
The Education Workers Committee
The Social Welfare Workers Committee
The Heavy Industrial Workers Committee
The Metal Industrial Workers Committee

'No to Yama Sakura 81, a US-Japan joint command post exercise!'

Militant students of the Kansai region strived in the van of the protest
December 11th, Itami, Hyogo Prefecture
The largest ever US-Japan joint command post exercise conducted on the supposition of a ''Taiwan emergency'

'Stop the joint command post exercise!'
Spirited students from Kobe and Nara inspiring participants in the rally
Students calling on workers and citizens to oppose Ampo,
at Itami station

'Stop "Resolute Dragon 21", a US-Japan bilateral military exercise!'

Zengakuren and antiwar youths in Hokkaido rose in protest

December 8th, in front of the SDF drill ground gate in Yausubetsu, Hokkaido

Militant workers and students expressing anger at the joint exercise
conducted by mobilizing as many as ten Ospreys

Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima prefectures hit by mass Covid-19 infections
spread from local US military bases

- US troops entered Japan without taking Covid-19 tests on grounds of SOFA
(Status of Forces Agreement) based on Ampo (US-Japan Security Treaty)
- Don't allow the rulers of the US and Japan to make preparations for war against China!
- Let us fight firmly with the aim of removing all the US bases and repealing Ampo!

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