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No to aggression in Ukraine!

Russian people, down with Putin!
Solidarity with Ukrainian people!

The JRCL statement
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No. 2720
(May 30th 2022 Issue)

Crush 'Putin's war'
in solidarity with the working people of Ukraine!

Central Workers' Orgburo
I. Russia's defeat in the war of seizing Ukraine and its causes
(1) The defeat of the Russian invading army
(2) The causes of Russia's defeat
II. Dying 'leftists'
(1) The degeneration of the JCP bureaucrats
(2) The suicide of the so-called progressive intellectuals
(3) The derangement of the remnants of Chukaku-ha faction
(4) The decay of 'left-wing' tendencies in the world
III. The ideological grounds for the degeneration and confusion
- The complete absence of a mind to live together and suffer together with Ukrainian working people
- Who is committing aggression against whom?
- Superficial understanding of Marxism
- The abandonment of struggles to overcome Stalinism
IV. Workers, rise in Ukraine antiwar struggle!

Zengekuren rose against the US-Japan summit! May 23rd


Tanka poems

Fighting together with Ukrainian people


Counterattacks launched against the attempt to make a military fortress of the Okinawa Island
May 15th
Stop PM Kishida from attending the 'ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa'!

Zengakuren and antiwar workers staged a demonstration
Marchers closing in on the hall of the ceremony in Ginowan

May 14th
Militant workers and students strived for the upsurge of the Peace March
Marchers headed for the US Kadena air base, Ginowan

Militant students from across Japan marched on the Kadena base
'Crush the US-Japan military alliance!'
'Smash Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

Demonstrating through Okinawa City

May 16th, Henoko,
Stop the bringing in of land reclamation materials!

Fighting students rose to block the construction vehicles at the job site gate
Holding out clenched fists at the working barge
Build up Ukraine antiwar struggle and anti-Ampo struggle!


Condemning the genocide against Ukrainians
Militant workers and students marched on the Russian consulate general

May 8th, Sapporo, Hokkaido

'Rise in Ukraine antiwar struggle, in anti-constitutional revision, anti-Ampo struggle!'

A student from Zengakuren Hokkaido appealed in the solidarity rally

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine! Stop the revision of the Constitution!'
Militant students of Kanazawa University strived
in the van of workers and citizens in Constitution Day rallies
May 3rd, Kanazawa

Raising the banner
at the 'Against Constitutional Revision' rally
Students joining the demonstration
held by the 'Citizens' Action' group


'Denounce Russia's aggression against Ukraine!'
The JRCL's leaflets evoked fresh impetus among rally participants

A Zenroren rally in Nagoya,
Aichi Prefecture, May 1st

Let us win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

Fight to the end for the upsurge in the 2022 spring offensive of the JAM
[Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers]
- The JAM leadership is totally dependent on capitalists' seeming inclination to raise wages
- Don't allow the distortion of shunto into labour-management consultations for 'investment in people'!
Let us organize Ukraine antiwar struggles from below, in our workplace!

Toyota, NTT, Sony and NYK each obtained the gains of more than a trillion yen
Big monopolies are growing awfully fat on making a sacrifice of workers


No. 2719
(May 23rd 2022 Issue)

Rise against the US-Japan summit!
Oppose the US-Japan global alliance against China, against Russia!

- Break through the crisis of a thermonuclear war erupting amid the 'new East-West cold war'!
- Don't allow a further strengthening of Japan's military capacity! Stop the revision of the Constitution of Japan!

Smash 'Putin's war'!
Fight for an upsurge of the Ukraine antiwar struggle!
- The Russian army's failure to take control of Donbas
- Biden manoeuvring to 'weaken Russia' ; Putin threatening with the use of nuclear weapons
- The Ukrainian working masses united with the national army drove back the invading troops
- Let us create a huge upsurge of struggles against Russia's aggression in Ukraine!

'Condemn the genocide against Ukrainians!'

Militant students strived in the forefront of 4,000 protesters

A Constitution Day rally in Osaka,
May 3rd
'Smash Russia's aggression!' The banner attracting rally participants Students called on workers and citizens to enliven antiwar struggles:
to oppose the US-Japan military alliance, to smash the constitutional revision

Denounce the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, an accomplice in 'Putin's war'!

- A flag waver for the aggression against Ukraine
- Crush the remnants of the Stalinist party, enemies of the working class!

A system to authorize 'Universities of International Research Excellence'
To be set up by the government with the aim of mobilizing universities to do high-tech development and military technology development

11 years after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster

No to the calling off of medical fee reduction measures for Fukushima disaster victims!

- The Kishida government abandons disaster victims in the name of the 'self-support of the disaster communities'
- 'Fukushima's creative reconstruction' measures: intended solely to rescue monopoly capitalists

Flexible containers jam-packed with radioactively contaminated soil:
still buried in the premises of private houses throughout Fukushima Prefecture

Denounce the LDP government's irresponsible and dangerous measures against polluted soil!

US-Japan integrated forces conducted island recapturing exercises in succession
- Exercises based on the concept of EABO [Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations] were conducted with US and Japanese forces in one united body
- Amphibious assault exercises were also conducted using Ospreys and F-35B jet fighters

A call to Ukraine antiwar struggle resounded across the country

The May Day rally of Rengo Osaka,
May 1st
Militant workers strived in opposition to labour aristocrats' distortion of struggles into election campaigns (pic)

Osaka Roren rally, May 1st
Strong opposition arose to the JCP's policy of 'using SDF troops in an emergency'

The May Day rally of Rengo Fukuoka , April 29th
The JRCL called on rally participants to denounce the snuggling up of the JTUC leadership to the LDP (pic)

The May Day rally of Rengo Ishikawa , May 1st
Workers expressed anger at the union leaders' agreement on ultra-low compromise figures of wage increase (pic)


In response to LDP hawks, Tamaki
(head of the Democratic Party for the People) and Ohmi (former Rengo leader) cry for the revision of the Constitution
Denounce the Yoshino-led Rengo leadership's treachery!

JRCL criticized local leaders of the JCP for voting yes to an LDP-presented resolution of 'thanks to the SDF'

A Constitution lecture meeting in Naha,
Okinawa, May 3rd

20 million cram school workers were dismissed in China

The Xi Jinping government has embarked on an extensive regulation of cram schools and reduction of academic high schools

'Close to a Sputnic shock!'
US rulers are shocked at China's hypersonic weaponry experiments

Tanka poems
-- Hand in hand with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters
: April, 2022


No. 2717-18
(May 9th-16th 2022 Double Issue)

Advance struggles against Russia's aggression in Ukraine,
against the US-Japan military alliance!
Crush the attempt to make the whole of Okinawa a military fortress!
Create an antiwar struggle by overcoming the JCP leadership's abandonment of opposition to Ampo!

'Condemn the genocide against Ukrainians!'
White-helmeted militants marching on the Russian Embassy, April 24th Voices echoed through the centre of Tokyo

- Putin's address: a declaration of defeat in the war
- Japanese and US rulers are desperately solidifying Ampo
-- PM Kishida to attend the ceremony in Okinawa to 'commemorate the 50th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa':
-- with a view to making the whole of the Southwest Islands a fortress against China
- Let us create a militant upsurge of the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!
-- On the 50th anniversary of the 'return of the administrative power over Okinawa'
- Let us forge ahead with antiwar struggles aimed to smash 'Putin's war on Ukraine'!

Smash 'Putin's war'!

Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths marched on the Russian Embassy

Workers and students' United Action, April 24th, Tokyo
- 'Break down the aggression! Down with Putin!' Chanting slogans, white-helmeted militants marched on the Embassy

- 'Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!' Calls issued in the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration

- 'Show the true worth of the anti-Stalinist revolutionary left!' An address by a JRCL representative in the rally
-----   ------
the solidarity rally prior to the demonstration

JRCL distributed leaflets in a 'workers and citizens' action in Hokkaido to say NO to Russia's aggression in Ukraine',
April 19th, Sapporo
---------- ---------  

Don't permit the passage of the 'economic security bill' in the Upper House!

- The aim is to build up supply chains of dual-use technologies and scarce materials, with the exclusion of China and Russia
- Neo-fascist legislation: the government intends to place companies and researchers under strict control with severe punishment
- Denounce the JCP leadership's degenerate response! Prevent the enactment of the economic security law!

'No to Russia's aggression in Ukraine! No to the revision of the Constitution of Japan!'
A Constitution Day rally,
May 3rd, Ariake Park, Tokyo

- JRCL leaflets, distributed in the rally with a call to smash Russia's aggression in Ukraine, evoked sympathy among workers and citizens
- Denounce the degeneration of the JCP leadership!
- Militant students strived in the van of the rally and demonstration

The introduction of a 'job-based employment system', coupled with major restructuring

-- Criticism of Keidanren's 2022 labour management report
(Part 2)
II. Encouraging the introduction of a 'job-based employment system'
(continued from the previous issue)
III. Deceptions in 'work styles with varieties and autonomy'

2022 spring offensive of the JEIU
[Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union]
Denounce the JEIU labour aristocrats for being immersed in
'labour-management consultations designed to resolve managerial issues'!

- Fight for a militant rebuilding of the labour movement in the electrical industry!

From a comrade who works in a nursing home visited by a Covid-19 cluster

I am determined to create our fight here!

The government and steel industry capitalists sacrificing workers for a drastic shift to a 'carbon-free' industrial structure
'The New Vision of the Raw Materials Industry' presented by the Economy Ministry

Militant workers strived for an upsurge of rallies and demonstrations: the 93rd May Day rallies in Tokyo
The JRCL called on workers to rise in Ukraine antiwar struggle

[Japanese Trade Union Confederation] rally, Yoyogi Park, April 49th
Workers denounced the Yoshino-led union executive for snuggling up to the LDP government
(pics 1,2) Spirited workers in the rally held after an interval of three years

Zenroren [National Confederation of Trade Unions] rally, Yoyogi Park, May 1st
Union members gathered in opposition to their leaders' distortion of struggles into mere election campaigns
Participants expressed anger at JCP chairman Shii's fanning of illusions about state rulers' diplomatic negotiations

Zenrokyo [National Trade Union Council]'s Hibiya rally, May 1st
Union members under the umbrella of Zenrokyo rallied at Hibiya Park
Handing out leaflets, the JRCL called on participants to crush Putin's war on Ukraine


No. 2716
(May 2nd 2022 Issue)

Don't allow a full-scale attack on eastern Ukraine by the Russian invading army!
Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'
Militant workers and students marching on the Russian Embassy,
Tokyo, April 24th
- Don't allow the Russian military occupation of Donbas!
- Don't let genocide be committed against Ukrainian people!
- Break through the crisis of the outbreak of a third world war!
Xi Jinping-led China is supporting 'Putin's war'
- Rise in a struggle to oppose the revision of the Constitution of Japan and shatter the US-Japan global alliance!
'Condemn the genocide against Ukrainians!' Raising clenched fists at the Embassy Solidarity rally prior to the demonstration, in Shiba Park

Denounce Putin for launching armed attacks on Ukrainian nuclear power plants!

- On the first day of the aggression, Russian forces occupied the Chernobyl nuclear plant
- Rocket attacks were launched on the nuclear power plant in operation in Zaporizhzhya
- Denounce Putin for ordering the occupation of nuclear plants, for threatening to use nuclear arms!

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'
Osaka, April 17th
'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

Students of Zengakuren Kansai strived in the van of the demo

Workers and citizens' rally to 'stop Japan from going down the road to war'
Osaka, April 17th

The raising of the prices of living necessaries and public utility rates

The government and monopoly capitalists are imposing a life of destitution on the toiling masses

- The number of small enterprises obliged to quit business is surging; great many workers are sacked
- Monopoly capitalists and speculators are swarming around the 'special procurement' boom by taking advantage of 'Putin's war on Ukraine'

In order to promote its shift in production to electric vehicles, Nissan is sacrificing its major subcontractor
-- The bankruptcy of Marelli, Nissan's erstwhile No. 1 affiliate company

The introduction of a 'job-based employment system', coupled with major restructuring

-- Criticism of Keidanren's 2022 labour management report
(Part 1)
I. A declaration of major restructuring to 'promote DX (digital transformation) and GX (green transformation)'
II. Encouraging the introduction of a 'job-based employment system'
- Aiming to crush the 'Japanese-style' employment system
- What is meant by 'a company's own employment system'
- Introduction of an employment system which makes it easier for capitalists to sack workers

The Health Ministry's restrictions on hospitalization
Elderly covid-19 patients are forced to stay in nursing homes without receiving sufficient medical treatment

Workers engaged in home delivery service as 'independent contractors':
exploited and downtrodden, with extremely low wages and no workers' rights


Rengo Chairwoman Yoshino attended a meeting of the LDP
Snuggling up to the government party, labour aristocrats of Rengo are now meddling in the reorganization of opposition parties

The Xi Jinping leadership's ambition to 'rejuvenate the great Chinese nation'

-- The 'resolution on history' adopted in the sixth plenary of the 19th CPC Central Committee

I. An attempt to give authority to 'Xi Jinping's new era'
II. Troubles both at home and abroad: shaking the autocratic rule by the Beijing bureaucracy
III. A declaration for the strengthening of the autocratic system under the rule of the bureaucracy
IV. The anti-proletarian nature of 'socialism with Chinese characteristics'


No. 2715
(April 25th 2022 Issue)

No to the concentrated attacks on eastern Ukraine!
Rise in Workers and Students' United Action on April 24th!
Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!

Denounce the massacre of people in Mariupol!
The Russian invading army frantic to take control of Donbass
Putin the warmonger stirring up Great Russianism

- The intensifying crisis of the outbreak of a third world war
Let us demolish 'Putin's war' in solidarity with Ukrainian people!


China is to conclude a 'security pact' with the Solomon Islands

Strife between China vs. the US with Australia over South Pacific islands

Expenses for the US forces stationed in Japan:
Even those for their drills in their home country are to be defrayed by the Japanese government!

Oppose the increase in the 'host-nation support' budget!

Denounce the resumption of the flight of F-15 fighter jets!
No to the dramatic strengthening of the SDF Komatsu air base for attacking China and Russia!

'Condemn Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

Calls of antiwar struggles resounded throughout the Hibiya Park bandshell,
April 8th, Tokyo
------ ----  

'Denounce the massacre of Ukrainians by the Russian army!'
Militant students fighting with rallied workers
 'Crush "Putin's war"!'
JRCL's leaflets evoked sympathy among participants
- Denounce the JCP for abandoning opposition to Ampo!

A descendant of Stalin
JCP Chairman Shii brings up Stalin's pseudo 'dialectic'
in deceitfully mobilizing party members to engage in the forthming Upper House election campaigns

Doubling of the number of HIMARS units in the US Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa
US Marine bases in Okinawa are now being strengthened into the frontal bases for 'stand-in units' to attack China


Lenin's struggle against Stalin's Great Russian nationalism

On the incorporation of Ukraine into the USSR

1. Putin heaped abuses on Lenin
2. Lenin criticized Stalin's plan for 'a union of republics'
3. 'Separation, then federation': the Marxist principle
- Lenin's appeal to the Ukrainian people
V.I. Lenin:
Letter to the Workers and Peasants of the Ukraine - Apropos of the Victories Over Denikin
The Question of Nationalities or "Autonomisation"


The sinking of the Russian flagship missile cruiser Moskva

Denounce Putin's retaliatory bombing and shelling!

'The devil's weapons': thermobaric bombs
Never, ever allow genocide against Ukrainians!

Tanka poems

-- The rage against Putin's war --

Private railway workers' spring wage struggle

Denounce the agreement on ultra-low compromise figures
by the central union leadership and degenerate leaders of leading company unions!

- Abandonment of struggles for higher wages in the name of the 'reconstruction of the industry'
- Create a struggle against Russia's aggression in Ukraine, against the revision of the Constitution of Japan!

'Decarbonization revolution': monopolies have embarked on factory closures and mass dismissals
Successive restructurings in the manufacturing industry

NTT workers' shunto

No to the restructuring plan in the name of a 'change into a new business style'!

Let us fight, denouncing the treachery of the union leadership!

I. A restructuring plan aimed at surviving the global competition
II. The union leadership restrains wage increase demands; entreats the management to 'invest in people'
III. Let us fight for a big, across-the-board wage increase!

A 'smart store':
AI cameras are monitoring workers and customers

An extremity of capitalist Versachlichung

No to the setting up of a 'cyber police'


No. 2714
(April 18th 2022 Issue)

Condemn the genocide by Putin!
Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people putting up persistent resistance against the Russian invading army!

- Denounce Putin for committing genocide with the aim of 'annihilating Ukraine'!
- The US-China confrontation intensifying over Russia's aggression against Ukraine
- JCP bureaucrats criticize Putin: abominable self-protection intended to conceal their obedience in the past to the Stalinist USSR
- Create a still greater upsurge in the mass struggle against Russia's aggression in Ukraine!

Denounce the JP Union leadership for accepting 'no increase in the basic wage' for seven consecutive years'!

Postal workers' shunto distorted into joint labour-management consultations for the structural reform of business activities

- Denounce the union leadership for accepting virtual decrease in wages
- The leadership accepted management's offer of 1,000 yen monthly pay increase for low-salaried workers: being of no help in improving their living standards
- Regular employees' bonus was left without increase
- The union leadership abandoned demanding a wage increase of non-regular employees
- Denounce the agreement on the bad revision of the sick leave system

'Host-nation support' for the US forces stationed in Japan to be increased:
given a new Japanese name
'budget for the strengthening of the alliance'
Rulers of both states are frantic to strengthen military preparations against China

: the Great Famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine
Stalin compelled several millions of Ukrainians to die of starvation

- 'Destroy the base of nationalism!': a direct order to exterminate those peasants resistant to the collectivization of agriculture
- Stalin's destruction of the revolution by fabricating the myth of 'socialism in one country'

Tanka poems
-- A battle cry to fight against Putin's aggression --

For victory in the 2022 spring labour offensive!

For the upsurge of the labour movement in the electrical industry!

I. The management's schemes for wage restraints and 'work style reforms': designed to restructure their businesses
- Application of the 'job-based employment system' to all employees
- Labour aristocrats' distortion of struggles and the strenuous efforts of revolutionary workers to oppose it
II. Don't allow the distortion of shunto into 'labour-management consultations for the development of the electrical industry'
- Let us win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

Due to the Kishida government's policy, many of the elderly covid-19 patients in nursing homes are not sent to hospitals

Compelled to stay in homes, they are dying one after another

Nursing facilities are hit by Covid-19 clusters breaking out all over Japan

The so-called 'wage increase of 9,000 yen for each care worker': another deception of the Kishida government

The meaning of Nippon Steel's legal action against Toyota and Baoshan Iron & Steel (Part 2)
- Competition for survival over the development of 'carbon neutral' iron-manufacturing technology
- Don't allow the monopoly bourgeoisie to shift the burden onto workers for the restructuring of their businesses!


No. 2713
(April 11th 2022 Issue)

Advance the antiwar struggle against Russia's aggression in Ukraine!
Oppose the revision of the Constitution of Japan!
Overcoming the JCP's abandonment of opposition to Ampo [the US-Japan military alliance],
let us carry forward the antiwar, anti-Ampo struggle!

Central Students' Orgburo
1. Russia's armed aggression in Ukraine and the intensification of the 'new East-West cold war'
A. The defeat of the Russian invading army headed for Kiev and concentrated attacks on eastern Ukraine
- Backgrounds of 'Putin's war', in actuality and historical
B. The 'new East-West cold war' becoming increasingly intense
- Rivalry over the 'Ukrainian issue' between US, European and Japanese imperialists vs. Chinese and Russian rulers
- The clash between the US and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea
2. The Japanese government rushing to revise the Constitution and strengthen the US-Japan military alliance
A. The Kishida government's reactionary, neo-fascist offensives
B. The JCP leadership preaching 'peaceful diplomacy with the use of Article 9' and the struggle of Zengakuren to overcome their degeneration

3. Advance struggles against Putin's aggression in Ukraine,
---against the constitutional revision and the US-Japan military alliance!
A. Create mass struggles from the student front!
B. Promote the antiwar struggle to break through the crisis of war created amid the 'US-China cold war'!

- Absolutely NO to the revision of the Constitution designed to revive 'militarist Japan'!
- Let us fight to smash the US-Japan global military alliance!
C. Crush every reactionary, neo-fascist offensive!

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'
The appeal of a student from Ryukyu University won an enthusiastic response

A workers and citizens' rally to 'Put an end to Putin's war!' and 'Demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine!' in Naha,
Okinawa, March 23rd
Militant students calling for solidarity with Ukrainians

'We'll fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!'

Together with workers, Kanazawa Univ. students strived for an upsurge of the protest rally

March 26th, Kanazawa

'Impeach Putin for invading Ukraine! Russians, overthrow Putin!
' Students holding up a big banner

'Denounce Putin's war of aggression!'

JRCL distributed leaflets in a rally to oppose the US-Japan military exercise in the Tsuiki Air SDF base

March 21st, Tsuiki, Fukuoka

Protesters, rallied against the military exercise, expressing denunciation of Russia's aggression in Ukraine

JRCL handing out leaflets at Fukuoka station


The meaning of Nippon Steel's legal action against Toyota and Baoshan Iron & Steel
(Part 1)
- A 'mudslinging match' over electrical steel sheets
- Nippon Steel's share of the high-tech product market being eroded
- The Toyota management rejects the demand of Nippon Steel

The government and the Education Ministry rushing towards a full-scale introduction of digital textbooks

Meritocracy-based education to be drastically strengthened to promote digital transformation

A 'new normal for labour-management talks'!?

Capitalists insist it's a 'common task' for labour and management to weed out 'unproductive' subcontractors and introduce job-based employment systems

Maglev Shinkansen construction work

Accuse JR Tokai and the Kishida government of continuing with the construction work by evading responsibility for repeated accidents!


A report from a Zengakuren student who joined a Parade in Support of Ukrainian People

What I felt and thought when I walked together and talked with Ukrainian people

- I thought deeply about my duty and felt pride as an anti-Stalinist
- I'll criticize Stalin's policy on national questions thoroughly
- A determination I made


No. 2712
(April 4th 2022 Issue)

Crush 'Putin's war'!
Pulverize the revision of the Constitution promoted by the Kishida-led neo-fascist government!

- The invading army headed for Kiev was routed
- The confrontation between the US and China-Russia is deepened further
- The Kishida government is heading for the revision of the Constitution and the building of Japan into a big military power
- Let us stir up a flame of antiwar struggles against Russia's aggression in Ukraine from workplaces!

'Denounce Russia's aggression in Ukraine!' Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths marching through the centre of Tokyo

With clenched fists,
militants expressed their anger towards the Russian Embassy
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths bitterly denounced Russia's genocide of Ukrainians
An emergency United Action of Workers and Students,
March 17th, Tokyo
- 'Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!' Zengakuren chairman addressed the white-helmeted militants prior to the demonstration

Rallies and demonstrations nationwide against Russia's aggression in Ukraine
'Stop Russian troops' indiscriminate massacre!
Workers and citizens' 'Sayonara to Nuke' rally,
March 21st

Workers rallied with their union banners hoisted high JRCL's leaflets evoked keen sympathy among rally participants

'No to Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

Workers, students and citizens' action against the aggression,
March 19th

JRCL and Zengakuren Hokkaido ardently appealing 'Bring down Putin!' Hokkaido Univ. students holding a sign

A rally to 'Stop Sendai Nuclear Power Station!'

Kagoshima Univ. students called on participants to also fight against Russia's aggression in Ukraine
March 13th
No to the resumption of reactor operation! Condemn Russian forces' attacks on nuclear power stations in Ukraine!'

Participants joining the chorus of students ---------

An 'anti-constitutional revision, anti-Nuke' rally

Many workers and citizens gathered in indignation over Russia's aggression in Ukraine
March 13th
Rally participants expressing anger against Putin's barbarities JRCL's leaflets evoked a favourable response


Let us carry out publishing workers' spring offensive militantly!

A. Dismissals and wage cuts: capitalists' attacks on workers on the pretext of 'contraction in the publishing industry'
- The leadership of Shuppan Roren
[Japan Federation of Publishing Workers' Union] is incleasingly inclined towards a position of 'defending the publishing industry'
B. Oppose the distortion of shunto by the leadership!
1. Abandonment of struggles for higher wages
2. Disappearance of struggles against constitutional revision
3. Evaporation of struggles against dismissals, against long working hours
C. Win a big, across-the-board wage increase!

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

The total bankruptcy of the government and Tepco's attempt to use frozen soil walls in blocking the flow of radioactively contaminated water

- Soil temperature has risen; liquid coolants are leaking out
- The construction work of frozen soil walls compelled workers to be exposed to radiation
- Definitely no to the discharge of tritium-contaminated radioactive water into the ocean!

'Japanese workers' wages are not so low as to starve them to death'?!

A JCP-kept scholar talks sheer, impermissible, anti-proletarian nonsense

Putin's wartime regulation

Russian workers are courageously confronting the authoritarian rule and repression

Okinawa under 'pre-war conditions'
US Marines conducted a drill to repress antiwar demonstrations in broad daylight in Naha

Tanka Poems
--Turning my thoughts to Ukrainians


No. 2711
(March 28th 2022 Issue)

Condemn Putin-led Russia for perpetrating genocide against Ukrainians!

- Ukrainian people are fighting death-defying resistance against Russian forces trying to 'gain control of Kiev'
- Condemn Russian forces for indiscriminately attacking people in Mariupol!
- Rise in antiwar struggle in solidarity with Ukrainian people fighting against aggression!

Militant demonstrations staged nationwide against Russia's aggression in Ukraine
Tokyo, March 17th
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths carried out a resolute demonstration
White-helmeted militants marched on the Russian Embassy to condemn the Putin government

Naha, March 12th
Protesters' accusation of Russia's aggression resounded through the high street
'Russian people, bring down Putin!': Chairman of Zengakuren Okinawa addressed the solidarity rally

Fukuoka, March 12th
Militants appealed to the public
by handing out leaflets, at Fukuoka Station

Militants marched through the city in solidarity with Ukrainian people
'Now is the time to overcome Stalinism!' A JRCL representative ardently called on demonstrators prior to the demonstration

Osaka, March 12th
'Don't allow the invasion of Kiev!' Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths rose
'Down with Putin!' Militants' demonstration excited public sympathy
'Condemn the invading army for indiscriminately attacking Ukrainian cities!': solidarity rally prior to the demonstration

'Denounce Russia's military aggression in Ukraine!'
Workers, students and citizens' action in Shinjuku,
Tokyo, March 11th
Students from the Tokyo Metropolitan area brought a breath of militant air into the rally
'Don't allow a general attack on Kiev!' Militant students fought in the forefront

'Condemn Putin for genocidal massacre of Ukrainian people!'
A union-based emergency rally and parade,
Osaka, March 9th
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students strived in the van of the parade

'Let us fight in solidarity with working people across the world!'
A 'rally for peace to put an End to Putin's War',
Naha, March 9th
Carrying a banner bearing the slogan 'Russian people, bring down Putin!',
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought for a militant upsurge of the rally

The spring labour offensive
Denounce the derisory offers from the managements of biggest companies!
Denounce the union leaders' immediate acceptance!

Let us fight on in opposition to the leadership's distortion of the offensive into labour-management consultations for the development of the industries and companies!

Denounce the leadership of Rengo for serving monopoly capitalists under the slogan of 'investment in people'

Fight for a militant upsurge in the 2022 spring labour offensive through to the end!

- Labour aristocrats are praising managements' replies, virtual wage cuts, by calling them 'good fruits' of this year's labour offensive
- Destroying the spring labour offensive by laying emphasis on 'investment in people'
-- Emphasizing 'investment in people' in concert with capitalists bent on 'securing highly talented human resources'
-- Concealing the abandonment of struggles for higher wages and justifying this to boot
-- This year's wage increase demands: only 'around 2 percent rise'!

- Accepting mass dismissals in the name of 'fair transition of workers'

The number of workers out of work for more than a year is 660,000
No to capitalists' mass dismissal of workers!

I've made up my mind to fight for the 'deconstruction' of Rengo
-- From a comrade who participated in the workers' solidarity rally in Tokyo  

Smash the planned deployment of US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft at a Maritime SDF base!

The Japan Marxist Student League Kyushu Regional Committee
- The MSDF Kanoya base is being strengthened as a forward base to be used by the US-Japan integrated forces in the event of a 'Taiwan emergency'
- Based on the US-Japan '2 + 2' agreements, a pre-emptive attack system is being built
- Definitely no to the US-Japan global military alliance against China!

Students of Kagoshima University fought in the van of citizens' rally in Kagoshima, March 5th
- Students encouraged participants under the banner 'No to the deployment of US unmanned air vehicles!'
- Together with workers and residents, they expressed anger at the planned deployment of US UAV's and the construction of the Magejima military base

'Nuclear sharing' between the US and Japan to vie with China:
Given an impetus by Russia's aggression in Ukraine, Shinzo Abe and his fellow hawks are manoeuvring for Japan's nuclear armament

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