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Overseas Appeal for the
60th International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Working people all over the world,
unite to crush Putin's war!

Break through the danger of a thermo-nuclear war
erupting amid the clash between the US and China-Russia!

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No to aggression in Ukraine!

Russian people, down with Putin!
Solidarity with Ukrainian people!

The JRCL statement (Feb. 27) in English, see the full text and the leaflet
in Russian, see the full text and the leaflet

No. 2740
(October 17th 2022 Issue)

No to the imposition of poverty on the working masses!
Stop the revision of the Constitution and the building of Japan into a military power!

Rise in Workers and Students' United Actions!

Oppose the increase in the prices of daily necessities and in public utility rates!
- This is the time to win a big, across-the-board wage increase!
- Stop the government's scheme to sacrifice social security!

In the name of 'new capitalism', the Kishida government is intent on supporting monopoly capitalists
Smash the building of a pre-emptive attack system and a massive military buildup!

Denounce North Korea's successive launching of missiles!
Denounce the dispatch of a US nuclear carrier to the Japan Sea!

No to the annexation of the four eastern and southern Ukrainian regions!

Zengakuren rose in an emergency action at the Russian Embassy

Tokyo, September 30th

'Russian people, bring down the Putin regime!
We fight in solidarity with Ukrainians!'

Militant students raising a chorus of yells at the embassy gate

Putin's Great Russian chauvinism

An ideology for the war of seizing territory
(Part 1)
A. Great Russian chauvinism as the ideology of aggression
- 'Recovery of the Great Russian Empire's territory'
- The delusion of the 'building up of a Rusky world'
- Sanctification of the aggression by the authority of 'God'
- Ideological justification of the authoritarian FSB ruling system
B. 'Oneness of Russians and Ukrainians': a concocted myth
- A farfetched logic for robbery
- Obliteration of the history of 'Russia as oppressor

'No to the state funeral!'
Voices of protest raised Nationwide
September 27th
'Smash fascism!' 'Stop the constitutional revision!' Aichi Univ. and Nagoya Univ. students fighting at the front of workers and citizens' march

Kanazawa September 27th
'Fight against the revision of the Constitution!' The JRCL's call evoking sympathy among citizens

Osaka September 26th
'No to fascism!' Students striving for the upsurge of a mass demonstration

September 27th
After a protest action at the local LDP office, militant students joined workers and citizens in the rally

September 26th
'No to Abe's funeral! No to fascism!' Raising a big banner, Hokkaido Univ. students staged a demonstration with workers and citizens

September 27th
Kagoshima Univ. students stood in the forefront of the workers' and citizens' demo

Fukuoka September 23rd
'Oppose fascism!' JRCL's call attracted rally participants' attention

'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!'

Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students strived in the forefront of workers and people's protest action at Camp Schwab

October 1st
   Stop the reclamation in Henoko!' 'Crush Russia's invasion of Ukraine!'


The General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions: The 89th Regular Convention

Denounce the central leadership for imposing 'self-restraint of wage hike' in the name of 'the survival of the traffic industry'!

- Anger erupting against the leadership for forcing the rank-and-file to 'endure'
- Voices arising successively for strengthening antiwar, peace activities and campaigns against the constitutional revision
Create struggles against the constitutional revision, the major military build-up and the price raising! Win a big, across-the-board wage hike!


'Smooth labour turnover and reskilling'?!

Kishida's tricky proposals for 'wage hike to cover the price rise'

Fight resolutely against a rise in tuition fees of national, public and private universities!

- The education ministry is pressing the university authorities for major increase in tuition
- Let us fight in unity under the flag of students' self-governing associations!

Orient Shield 2022
The joint exercises of the US and Japanese land forces for pre-emptive attacks with the use of high-tech weapons

- The drills for 'cross-domain operations', mobilizing Japanese and American units for electronic warfare
- Exercises for Javelins and HIMARS, aimed at intimidating China
-- The intensifying confrontation between the US-Japan and China-Russia


No. 2739
(October 10th 2022 Issue)

Rise in Workers and Students' United Actions!
Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Naha on October 16th
  Nagoya, Fukuoka on October 23rd

Stop the revision of the Constitution! Crush Japan's military buildup!
Stir up the flames of the Ukraine antiwar struggle!

Fight with the aim of overthrowing the Kishida government!

'No to the annexation of the four oblasts!'
Zengakuren fighters raising fists at the Russian Embassy in Tokyo
September 30th

Central Students' Orgburo
I. A mounting danger of a thermonuclear war in today's world
A. Putin is frantic to annex the four oblasts in eastern and southern Ukraine
B. The danger of an outbreak of war growing amid the 'new East-West cold war'
- The clash intensifying between the US-Japan and China with focus on Taiwan
- Xi Jinping-led China is stepping up its military and political challenge to the US
- Biden-led America is vying with China and Russia by mobilizing all its allies
II. The Kishida-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government is putting a spurt on the constitutional revision and a massive military buildup
III. The utmost degeneration of the established opposition movements and the revolutionary struggles of Zengakuren to surmount them
IV. Rise in struggles against constitutional revision, against fascism and against Putin's aggression in Ukraine!

A. Shatter the Kishida government's ultra-reactionary offensives!
- Fight back against the imposition of poverty by the government and monopoly capitalists!
B. Crush Putin's war!
Down with the Kishida-led Japanese-type neo-fascist government!


Condemn Putin's 'mobilization order'! Denounce the forced 'referendums'!

Zengakuren resolutely staged a protest in front of the Russian Embassy

September 26th, Tokyo

Right in front of the Russian Embassy gate
The banner says
'Denounce Putin's mobilization order and referendums!'
'Russian people, overthrow the Putin government!'
'Let us fight in solidarity with Ukrainian people!'


Seething anger against Abe's 'state funeral' held forcibly

September 27th

A flame of anti-fascism flared in front of the Diet Building

15,000 protesters rallied with militant workers and students in the van

'No to Fascism' Students appealing to the participants 'Oppose Abe's "state funeral"! No to fascism!' Militant students encouraging the participants
- Denouncing the Kishida government for imposing people to express respect for criminal Abe!
- The revolutionary leftwing strived to overcome the JCP leadership having no sense of crisis towards fascism
- 'Let us advance together for the overthrow of the Kishida government!'

Zengakuren bombarded Kishida with fiery denunciation
In front of the Prime Minister's Office

Militants raised their fists at Kishida just coming out of the Office September 27th

Nationwide protests against Abe's state funeral

September 19th
Militant workers and students fought in the forefront of a mass action
   'Oppose Abe's "state funeral"! No to fascism!'
Militant students showing the way forward

Kanazawa September 20th
200 workers, students and citizens carried out a demonstration
Kanazawa University students holding the banner reading 'No to Fascism!'

Kagoshima September 19th
'No to fascism!' Kagoshima University students inspired the protesters
A local representative of the JCP just repeated 'Abe's state funeral is against the Constitution'
Workers, students and citizens raising their fists in spite of a typhoon blowing hard

Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements!
(Part 5)


Denounce the Hokkaido regional leaderships of Rengo and Zenroren for praising just a 31-yen raise in the minimum wage!

- 'I can hardly keep my head above water!' Workers are groaning in distress
- The established trade union leaderships dependent on the 'fruits of joint consultations between management, labour and a public member'

'Safety' neglected
The Japan Post management forced workers to go on delivery in the middle of a typhoon


Denounce Rengo Chairwoman Yoshino for attending Abe's 'state funeral'!
Let us fight for the deconstruction of Rengo!


No. 2738
(October 3rd 2022 Issue)

Denounce Putin's 'mobilization order' and forced 'local referendums'!
Russian people, rise in a struggle to overthrow the Putin government!

- Crush the forced mobilization by Putin in his last agony!
- Revolts of workers and people spreading all over Russia
- Russian workers and people, bring down Putin now!
Zengakuren fighters rose in protest in
front of the Russian embassy
Tokyo, September 26th
'Anti-Putin' protests spreading all over Russia

- 'Denounce Putin!' Anger erupting at home
- Let us fight in solidarity with Russian people rising to bring down Putin!

Putin the invader plunging workers and people of the world into a food crisis
- Military invasion in Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe
- Global warming and China's massive purchase of foods

--------------  Denounce the forcible holding of 'Abe's state funeral'!
Fight with the aim of overthrowing the Kishida government!
Multitudes of workers, students and citizens raised angry voices in front of the Diet Building September 27th
Zengakuren rising dauntlessly in front of the PM's Office,
just before the funeral
- No to the strengthening of the neo-fascist ruling system! No to the constitutional revision and the buildup of Japan into a military power!
-- Shatter the imposition of poverty on workers and toiling people!
-- Denounce Rengo chairwoman's attendance at the funeral ceremony! Deconstruct Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation]!
-- Denounce the Shii leadership of the JCP! Create an upsurge in the autumn struggle of workers!

The 92nd Zengakuren National Convention Tokyo

The 92nd Zengakuren National Convention held
September 13th-14th
Students established a firm footing for struggles against the constitutional revision and a gigantic scale of the military buildup, for the Ukraine antiwar struggle

'No to Abe's state funeral!'
Angry voices resounded
Militant workers and students fought energetically in the van of thirteen thousand protestors
September 19th, Tokyo
Students fighting for a militant upsurge of the protest march
around Shibuya station, Tokyo
'No to fascism! Overthrow the Kishida government!'
Militant students fighting in the heart of the rally
Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

'Stop the revision of the Constitution! Oppose the building of Japan into a military power!'

Militant workers and students brought a breath of combative air into a mass rally

'No to State Funeral' Rally in Nagoya,
September 19th, Aichi Prefecture
Students fought raising slogans
'Stop constitutional revision!' 'Crush the US-Japan military alliance'


Let us fight by overcoming the 'labour movement for defending the printing industry'!

Criticizing the 2022 agenda of Zen'insoren for its trade union movement

- Emphasis on a 'movement in the middle of a turning point in the industry'
- Abandonment of a fightback against sackings and wage cuts
- Abandonment of wage struggles in the name of 'social wage struggle'
- Guidelines for 'expanding the organization' without creating working-class unity
- Parliamentarianist distortion of the campaign against constitutional revision

A 'Stand-off' capability of defence

Don't allow a system of pre-emptive attack on China to be built up!

Hypersonic weapons

A plan of joint development announced by AUKUS

- The declining imperialist power thirsting to introduce technologies developed by a small Australian company


No. 2737
(September 26th 2022 Issue)

Don't allow Abe's 'state funeral' to be held!
Fight it out with the aim of overthrowing the Kishida-led neo-fascist government!

'No to the state funeral!' Militant students striving in the van of a mass protest action September 19th, Tokyo

- Stop the frantic dash to the constitutional revision and the building of Japan into a military power!
-- Crush the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance and military expansion!
- No to the raising of prices! Oppose the imposition of poverty on the toiling masses!
- Prevent the drastic strengthening of the Japanese-type neo-fascist ruling system!

No to the state funeral for neo-fascist Abe! (Part 5)
'Abenomics' has plunged the toiling masses into dire poverty
- Bent on promoting cheaper yen and higher stock prices, while brazening out a lie: 'a trickle down effect'
- The 'Tokyo Olympics' ridden with scandals
- The reactionary revision of the labour laws
- Neo-fascistic revisions in the social welfare system

'No to Abe's state funeral!'
A protest action in the busiest street of Kagoshima
September 10th
Students of Kagoshima University appealed to the public, together with trade union members


Unreserved hatred for 'social revolution movement'
Neo-fascist Abe's 'message' to a Unification Church meeting


Ukrainian armed forces and working people foiled a 'local plebiscite on incorporation into Russi
Recovery of Kharikiv and an all-out counteroffensive in southern regions

- Counterattacking operations carried out in close coordination between armed forces and partisan fighters
- Don't allow Putin's crazy 'retaliation'

Kim-led North Korea openly supports aggression in Ukraine
Supplying shells to Russia

'Railway partisans' shook Putin
Belarusian railway workers fighting indomitably

- 'Stop the aggression!' Struggles spread beyond borders
- The 'railway partisans' coming back today
- Despite harsh repression by the Belarusian KGB

No to the intensification of teacher training in the name of dissolving the notorious teacher's licensing system!

- A new system for training teachers: combined with the strengthening of labour management
- The reactionary nature of 'cooperative learning' imposed on teachers
- Let us oppose the enforcement of the new training system!

Amid 'competition over carbon neutrality'
Labour aristocrats vow to serve the company for its survival

- Taking the management's wishes into account, labour aristocrats are snuggling up to the LDP and the Kishida government
- Busily involved in building up a framework for cooperation among the government, labour and management in Aichi Prefecture
- Intent on tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management for the company to break through the crisis

Putting priority on the economy, no consideration to risks, curtailing the recuperation period
The Kishida government's irresponsible countermeasures against Covid-19 infection

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 60th International Antiwar Assembly (4)
- Organising Committee for the Reconstitution of the Fourth International (OCRFI),
- Socialist League of Internationalist Workers of Bolivia - FLTI
- Commission of Convicted Workers, Families and Friends of Las Heras,
- International Network for the Freedom of All the World Political Prisoners and Justice to our Martyrs
- Исайчиков Виктор Фёдорович,


No. 2736
(September 19th 2022 Issue)

Crush Putin's war!
Fight for a great upsurge of the Ukraine antiwar struggle!

- The Ukrainian armed forces and working people have recovered the whole of Kharikiv Oblast
- Russian invading troops have stampeded
-- Denounce Putin for resorting to 'nuclear threat'!
-- A deepening crisis of the Russian economy
- Now is the time to vigorously develop the Ukraine antiwar struggle!

Never allow the government to conduct the 'state funeral' on September 27th!

'No to Abe's state funeral!' Voices rising to a roar

A mass rally in front of the Diet Building
August 31st
Militant students fighting in the van of 4000 protesters
'No to Abe's state funeral!' 'No to military expansion!'
Militant students encouraging workers and citizens gathered in protest
- The JRCL issued a revolutionary call
- Let us create a gigantic wave of 'Against fascism!'

No to the state funeral for neo-fascist Abe! (Part 4)
Abe was bent on a drastic strengthening of the authoritarian ruling system with the Prime Minister and the National Security Council having the sole-decision making authority

- The building up of the Japanese version of the NSC: the headquarters for war
- The foundation of the Cabinet Bureau of Personnel Affairs: to grasp a life or death authority over the bureaucracy
- The enactment of today's version of the 'Maintenance of the Public Order Act': to wilding the power for brutal repression

The Orban Viktor-led government of Hungary assisting Putin in the aggression of Ukraine

- Pushing its 'national interests' to make loopholes in the EU's sanction on Russia
- Hostility against the Ukrainian government over Hungarian residents in Ukraine
- Denounce the Orban government for wielding the power of authoritarian rule!

'No to the US-Japan joint military exercise, the Orient Shield 2022!'
Militant students of the Kagoshima University, together with workers, appealing to the public

In front of the Kagoshima-Chuo station, August 28th

- The students also called for solidarity with Ukrainian people in brave resistance
'Against the US-Japan global alliance!'
Militant students holding a banner


Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements! (Part 4)

Harsh conditions imposed on workers engaged in freight truck transport

- 500 hours a month on duty: terribly long working hours
- Extremely low wages: the realities and their causes
- Shippers extremely domineering, and middlemen taking rake-offs

The Digital Agency declining amid capitalist disputes over concessions
No to the strengthening of the system for surveying and controlling the people!

Kishida's order to promote nuclear power generation
(Green Transformation Implementation Council)
To restart suspended nuclear plants, to extend the maximum service period, to build new plants, to develop next-generation reactors...


No. 2735
(September 12th 2022 Issue)

Stop the building of Japan into a military power!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Definitely NO to the 'state funeral for Abe'!
Fight with the aim of overthrowing the Kishida government!

By using 'Abe's state funeral' as a springboard,
the Kishida government is rushing headlong for military expansion and constitutional revisions

- A move to build a system of pre-emptive strikes in the name of 'counterattacking'
- The revision of the three national security-related documents planned in response to US imperialists' military strategy
- A rush to the constitutional revision accompanied by minor parties favourable to the revision
Military confrontation intensifying in East Asia between the US-Japan vs. China-Russia
- Denounce the JCP leadership for abandoning opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
- Let us fight under the banner of 'against the US-Japan military alliance, against fascism'!

'No to Abe's state funeral!'
Militant students fighting in the van of workers and citizens
gathered in front of the Diet Building
August 31st

No to the state funnel for neo-fascist Abe!
(part 3)
A rush to the revival of 'militarist Japan' and preparation for war against China

- Taking advantage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Abe was frantic to strengthen Japan's military capabilities
- Carrying on Abe's attempts, Kishida is moving to revise the Constitution aimed to annul Article 9 and insert a new clause for a 'state of emergency'

'No to Abe's state funeral! Stop the revision of the Constitution!
A mass protest rally in Naha Okinawa, August 24th
Ryukyu Univ. and Okinawa Int'l Univ. students fought in the forefront

'Stop the Groud SDF corps conducting a tank exercise on the public road!'

Militant workers and students rose in protest at the site
Chitose, Hokkaido, August 22nd
Closing in on tanks running with a roar

Angry voices raised against the US-Japan joint military exercise
Kanazawa Univ. students stood in protest, together with workers
A protest rally in front of the Komatsu SDF Air Base Ishikawa Pref., August 29th
'Don't strengthen the base for
pre-emptive attacks against China!'

An integrated firing exercise at the foot of Mt. Fuji
The Ground SDF conducted a combat exercise, including live firing practice, for a war on China

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

Denounce the Putin government's shelling at the plant and nuclear intimidation!

- 'Attacks by Ukraine': staged in fact by Russia
- A maneuver to make its occupation 'permanent' by using the International Atomic Energy Agency

Darya Dugina's assassination using a car bomb: a killing plotted by Putin
Intended to threaten the far right and propagandize a view that Ukraine is a 'terrorist state'

Nishi-Nippon Railroad in Kyushu

Denounce the capitalists for making stations unmanned!

Toyama Chihou Railway in Hokuriku repeats derailments

The management neglected safety measures to escape from its financial difficulties


The Kishida government's Vision of Research and Development for economic security

Frantic to develop dual-use technologies with the name of 'specified critical technologies'

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 60th International Antiwar Assembly (3)
- Tamworth Surrealist Manifestation, Britain
- News and Letters Committees,
- Lotta Comunista,
- The All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions


No. 2734
(September 5th 2022 Issue)

Fight for a great upsurge of the Ukraine antiwar struggle!
Break through the danger of a world war erupting amid
the clash between the US-Japan and China-Russia!

- Ukrainian Armed Forces and working people waging a battle in unity to foil Russia's scheme to annex the two southern oblasts
- Putin's Russia perpetrating more acts of brutality
-- Conspiratorial works to endanger the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant
-- A forcible breaking out of its 'loss of combat potential'
-- 'Russianization' forced by unscrupulous means

- Let us fight for a great upsurge in the struggle against constitutional revision and antiwar, anti-Ampo struggles!

No to the state funeral for neo-fascist Shinzo Abe!


Putin's 'dark corps'

Wagner: a Russian private military company carrying out dirty works in Africa

'Without a free Ukraine, there will be no free Belarus!'

Belarusian partisans and volunteers

Ukraine antiwar struggles surging up

The 60th International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted nationwide August 7th

Tokai Assembly Nagoya
Workers and students strengthened their resolve for the coming fights in autumn

Kansai Assembly Osaka
A bridgehead fortified for struggles against constitutional revision and the US-Japan military alliance


Xi-led China started a constant military siege of Taiwan

- Utmost military intimidation, using Pelosi's visit as a pretext
- US forces prepared for military action outside the first island chain
- Break through the mounting danger of a war breaking out between the US-Japan and China-Russia

The magnetic levitation train project

Never allow the Kishida-led LDP government to forcibly start constructing the track

The Kishida government, together with monopoly capitalists, moving to extend the coverage of the discretionary working-hour system
Employees are already forced to work for 500 hours a month under a similar system, the 'system for highly professional workers'

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 60th International Antiwar Assembly (2)
- AntiCapitalist Resistance,
- International Leninist Trotskyist Fraction
- Union Pacifiste de France


No. 2732-33
(August 22nd-29th 2022 Double Issue)

Rise in a struggle against the 'state funeral for Abe'!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
Oppose the enormous expansion of armaments!

Create an explosive upsurge in the antiwar struggle!

- The Kishida government is hell-bent on building Japan into a military strong power
- Military confrontation intensifying between the US-Japan and China with a focus on Taiwan
- Crush the Kishida government's reactionary neo-fascist attacks!
Let us resolutely advance the Ukraine antiwar struggle!
No to the price raising of living necessaries! Don't allow the government to sacrifice social security!

'No to the state funeral for Abe! Stop the constitutional revision!'

Zengakuren Okinawa made a protest against the local LDP headquarters
August 5th, Okinawa


China's research vessel made port in Hambantota

The Xi regime is plotting to create a military strongpoint in Sri Lanka

No to the state funnel for neo-fascist Abe! (part 2)
A militarist deeply buried in scandals
- Granted favourable treatment to the foundation of an elementary school which worships the ultra-reactionary pre-war Imperial Rescript on Education
- Offered convenience to his 'close' friend's plan of founding a veterinary department
- Invited campaigners for constitutional revision to the government-hosted Cherry Blossom-Viewing Party using public money

Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements!
(Part 3)


The 60th International Antiwar Assemblies uplifted nationwide
August 7th

Hokkaido Assembly
'Smash Putin's war!' Antiwar cries resounded through the hall
Militant students called on people to join the assembly
Sapporo, Aug. 6th

Kyushu Assembly Fukuoka
Workers and students fortified their resolve to stop the constitutional revision

Okinawa Assembly Naha
War cries filled the venue to smash the plan to make Okinawa a military fortress!

Hokuriku Assembly Kanazawa
Advance against constitutional revision, against the US-Japan military alliance!
'Break through the crisis of a thermonuclear war!'
JRCL appealing to the public in Kanazawa
August 3rd


Shame on a Zenroren-kept scholar for giving an 'explanation' of why wage rises 'do not happen'!
JCP bureaucrats have no guts, no sense of responsibility for creating a struggle of the working class

Messages of solidarity from overseas to the 60th International Antiwar Assembly
- Alt Left
- Revolutionary Marxists in Britain
- Tavini Huiraatira no te Ao Maohi
Maohi Nui (French Polynesia)
- War Resisters League


No. 2731
(August15th 2022 Issue)

International Antiwar Assemblies, Aug. 7th
Participants renewed their resolve to fight

Stir up the flame of the Ukraine antiwar struggle!
Fight for a militant upsurge in the struggle against
constitutional revision and the US-Japan military alliance!

Crush Putin’s war! Prevent constitutional revision! Smash the US-Japan military alliance! Militant workers and students raising their fists
the central assembly in Tokyo, August 7th

- Crush Putin’s war! Keynote report
- Letters of solidarity sent from Ukraine in the face of the aggression
- Warm messages of solidarity from overseas
- Fresh determination to fight expressed by a worker comrade and the Zengakuren Chairman
- No to the state funeral for Shinzo Abe! Smash constitutional revision!

Denounce neo-Stalinist China’s military actions of besieging Taiwan!


Ukrainian leftists speak out:

- Sotsialnyi Rukh
[Social Movement]
- Editors of the Commons

No to the state funnel for neo-fascist Abe! (part 1)
Dark collusive relations between the LDP Abe faction and the Unification Church
- Shinzo Abe used the Unification Church as his ‘firm bedrock of support’
- ‘Eradicate communism!’ Nobusuke Kishi, Abe’s grandfather, colluded with Moon Sun-myung, the founder of the Church

The JCP Chairman’s criminal statement on the state funeral
Coward ‘opposition’, with no mention to Abe’s collusion with the Unification Church

Fukushima No.1 Nuclear plant

Denounce the start of construction of a tunnel for releasing contaminated water into the ocean!

Reactor No. 1 on the verge of collapse

Denounce the government and TEPCO for covering up the danger of another nuclear disaster!

The EU’s recent decision to certify atomic power generation and natural gas as ‘green energies’
- Macron taking advantage of the sanctions against Russia to export French-made nuclear power facilities
- Divisions in the ‘European Union’ deepened over the anti-Russian sanctions

From a local public service worker

Stir up the flame of the Ukraine antiwar struggle from our workplaces!

- Some union leaders uttered terrible remarks to defend Putin
- Let us develop our arguments to focus on Stalinist crimes!

Seeing an NHK televised program, ‘Stalin and Putin
- With hatred, Putin brands rebellious people as ‘cat’s-paws’ of the West
- Revive the spirit of the 1917 revolution!

Kishida emphasized the need to use nuclear power generation by calling it ‘prerequisite for decarbonization’
The first meeting of the Prime Minister-presided council for ‘Green Transformation’

Shatter a ring of counter-revolutionary elements! (Part 2)

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