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Let's Fight against Russia's Aggression in Ukraine!
Q and A

(From special pages for new students,
Weekly Kaihoh, No. 2763)
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No. 2770
(May 29th 2023 Issue)

Denounce the G7 Hiroshima Summit!
Oppose the strengthening of the nuclear military alliance against China and Russia!

Zengakuren rose in protest against the G7 Summit,
in front of the PM's Office
Tokyo, May 19th

- G7 rulers making a rush for the buildup of a nuclear military encircling net against China and Russia
- The 'reunion' of imperialist rulers, each on the verge of ruin
- Crush the Kishida government's constitutional revision, massive military buildup and the strengthening of the military alliance!

'Don't make Okinawa a military fortress!'
 Chanting slogans at the base of the notorious Green Beret,
Militant students in the van of Peace March in Okinaw May 13th US Army Special Forces, in Yomitan May 13th
Militant students fought back against the offensive to make the Southwest Islands a military fortress
Okinawa, May 13th-14th

Zengakuren Okinawa and delegates from across the country strived for a militant upsurge of the Peace March and Okinawa People's Rally
Students of Zengakuren fought in the island of frontline bases against China under the 'antiwar, anti-military alliance' banner
Students putting up a good fight in the middle of
1,400 workers' and people's rally in Ginowan
May 14th
 'Stop the new US base construction in Henoko!' Students carried
out a demonstration to encircle Camp Schwab in Henoko
, May 14th


Voices against the constitutional revision and the military buildup raised nationwide on May 3rd, Constitution Day


Under the banner 'No to Ampo', militant students fought at the forefront of 5,000 angry people in the rally

'Stop the constitutional revision and the major military buildup!' Raising a big banner, militant students marched together with workers and citizens
JRCL's leaflets and a weekly calling for the Ukraine antiwar struggle evoked a warm response from rally participants

Two mass rallies and demonstrations held against the constitutional revision

Kanazawa Univ. students called on rally participants to rise in an anti-Ampo struggle and a Ukraine antiwar struggle, which met with a warm response


JRCL made ardent appeals to workers in May Day rallies

Rengo Rally in Hokkaido
May 1st
Workers' anger spread against labour aristocrats' justification for having agreed upon wage cuts

Rengo Rally in Fukuoka April 29th
JRCL's call to oppose the military buildup and the constitutional revision encouraged rally participants

IAMD [Integrated Air and Missile Defense] formulated by the Baiden administration
A foundation for building up a pre-emptive attack system against China (and Russia)
(Continued from the last issue)
- The general mobilization of the allies and 'partners' based on the strategy of 'integrated deterrence'
- The integration of the Japanese military into the US Indo-Pacific Command

Denounce the Kishida government for abandoning infection control measures and sacrificing social security

I. So many elderly patients are driven to death; so many workers and students are suffering aftereffects
II. 'There's not much need for hospitalization': Enforcing 'medical treatment in facilities' on the elderly means enforcing death on them!

The Kishida government coerces workers into 'reskilling' and retirement
The government panel for the 'realization of new capitalism' decided on the 'guideline for a three-part labour market reform'

The Putin government hell-bent on winning over African countries
By means of mercenaries and weapons

- The Wagner military group manoeuvring behind the civil war in Sudan
- Putin is trying to bring round rulers of developing countries by taking advantage of their economic crises
- Denounce the escalation of sacrifices on African people!

Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921 Part 6
III. The strengthened alliance of workers and peasants leading to the end of the civil war
(3) The revolt of the Makhno army and a conversion to New Economic Policy
Conclusion: Denounce the crimes of Stalin


No. 2769
(May 22nd 2023 Issue)

Oppose the G7 Summit in Hiroshima for building
an Asia-Pacific version of NATO!

- The buildup and reinforcement of a nuclear military encircling net against China and Russia
- The Kishida-led neo-fascist government bent on building Japan into a major military power
- Oppose the G7 Summit Meeting! Rise in antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles!

Stop the enactment of the law to 'secure defence funds' for a major military build-up!

Don't allow the Kishida government to launch a tax hike offensive!

- Revenues from 'special taxes for post-earthquake reconstruction' to be diverted to military budgets
- Let us fight against the government constructing a pre-emptive attack system and building Japan into a major military power!

'Russia's defeat' laid bare in the Victory Day ceremony on May 9th
- A desperate cry of Putin driven into a corner
- A complete failure in the operation for Bukhmut

[Integrated Air and Missile Defense] formulated by the Baiden administration
A foundation for building up a pre-emptive attack system against China (and Russia)

- The IAMD concept of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US forces
- The 'IAMD Vision 2028' of the US Indo-Pacific Forces

Protracted talks for the renewal of the Compact of Free Association
The Biden administration hell-bent on reinforcing US military strongholds in the Pacific


Voices of anger over labour aristocrats' compromises on wage cuts resounded through the May Day rallies

May 1st

Rengo Rally in Osaka
JRCL's appeal won workers' overwhelming sympathy
Osaka Roren Rally
JCP bureaucrats attempting to shirk their responsibility for their defeat in the recent local elections

Rengo Ishikawa Rally
Workers vowing to keep fighting despite their leaders' compromises
- Local Rengo Chairman's mentioning of the low compromise figures as a 'good result' was greeted by boos and hisses
- 'No to the imposition of long working hours!' Workers' voices reverberated

Aichi Roren Rally
'No to the constitutional revision!
Stop the massive military buildup!'

Many workers responded eagerly to
the ardent appeal of the JRCL
- The degenerated leadership attempting to reduce workers' struggles into mere support for Kishida's 'structural wage hike'
- JCP bureaucrats frowned at the remarks made by Ukrainian participants' appeal to support Ukrainian resistance

Denounce the leadership of UA Zensen
[Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers' Unions] for agreeing on ultra-low compromise figures!
Fight for 2023 shunto to the last ditch!

- The leadership shamelessly justifies itself, saying 'We won improved pay fitting for price rises'
- 'We live in an age where productivity is improved through wage hikes': the chairman of the Federation dared to say
- Management is strengthening personnel management by using the legislation of 'equal pay for equal work' as a lever
- Workers of the unions of small enterprises! Fight tenaciously!

'Change your mentality that makes you prefer to keep working in the same workplace'

The government panel for the 'realization of new capitalism' is going to start recommending voluntary retirement to workers to make labour turnover smooth

Denounce the military junta's bloody repression of people!

Condemn the extension of the martial law!

Denounce the German 'Left' for joining hands with neo-Nazis to defend Putin!
- The 'New Movement for Peace' approved AfD elements joining the rally
- Pressing Ukrainian people to lay down their arms

A Japanese Communist Party's 'recommendation' to the Japanese and Chinese governments - with no words 'against the military build-up'
- Anger spreading among the rank and file


No. 2767-68
(May 15th 2023 Double Issue)

Oppose the missile deployment on the Southeast Islands!
Crush Russia's aggression in Ukraine!

Fight to prevent the revision of the Constitution and the military build-up!

- Don't allow the annulment of Article 9 and the introduction of a new clause for a 'state of emergency'!
- No to the construction of a system for pre-emptive attacks on enemy bases!
- Let us fight for a mass upsurge in antiwar, anti-military alliance and anti-constitutional revision struggles!

White-helmeted Zengakuren students marching through the government district
A howl of antiwar, anti-military alliance protest echoed in the metropolis
Zengakuren marched on the Diet and the Prime Minister's Office
Tokyo, Apr. 22nd

- 'Smash the US-Japan military alliance!' Raising the banner high
- 'Break through the danger of nuclear warfare erupting amid the clash between the US and China / Russia!' Zengakuren Chairman appealed
- Let us fight for an upsurge in antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles and struggles against the constitutional revision!

Don't allow the government to build a pre-emptive attack system!

Voices of protest rising and spreading


Students of Kanazawa University carried out a demonstration in the city centre

On campus, they appealed to their classmates to join the protest
Apr. 27th
The banner also says, 'No to Russia's aggression in Ukraine!'

Zengakuren Kansai rose in protest in front of the local office of the Liberal Democratic Party

Apr. 28th

'Shatter Putin's war!'
Militant students also appealed to the public in the city centre

Protest action against the energy / environment-related ministerial meeting of G7

Sapporo, Apr. 15th

'Oppose the Kishida government hell-bent on nuclear development!'
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths appealed to workers and citizens in front of the central station

Tanka poems

One year after the start of the war of aggression

The Shii leadership of the Japanese Communist Party writhing in danger of division and extinction

The exclusion of a former leading member Nobuyuki Matsutake and its meaning

I. 'Defensive national defence' and 'new capitalism' should be specified in the Party's program: demands of Matsutake
II. The central leadership is barking at its own shadow
III. The party of revised capitalism is passing its last days

'DX' and the imposition of unemployment / independently contracted gigs

A. What is meant by 'DX [digital transformation]'?
B. Workers 'driven out' by the introduction of artificial intelligence
-- The falsity of 'Labour turnover' and 'reskilling'
C. A widening gap between rich and poor and the growing of cyber alienation

Postal workers' struggle

Oppose the 'integration of customer service counters'!

Don't allow the unilateral termination of employment contracts!
No to the forcible redeployment of workers, imposition of intensified labour and wage cuts!

1. A major reorganization of postal services and labour organizations
2. No to the revision of the system for job performance assessment! No to wage cuts!
3. A plan to change the customer service section into a division that specializes in financing
4. Let us fight firmly by overcoming the JP Union leadership immersed in full collaboration to the management's rationalization programme!

'Drive away the "preserve-the-status-quo disease"!'
(President of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives)
Crying out for dismissals and wage cuts, the new head puts pressure on Kishida

May Day rallies in Tokyo

'Victory to the spring offensive! Stop the constitutional revision! Crush Russia's aggression in Ukraine!' JRCL leaflets inspired workers

Rengo Rally
Apr. 29th
Militant workers denounced Rengo Chairwoman Yoshino for inviting Kishida to the May Day rally
Kishida's self-advertisement of 'structural wage rises' was greeted by fierce boos and hisses
'Fight in unity!' Participants raising their fists with indignation against labour aristocrats' cooperation with capitalists in wage restraints

Zenroren Rally May 1st
Indignation spread against degenerate leaders for organizing no protest against capitalists
Union members waging a bitter fight despite the distortion of
struggles by degenerate leaders obedient to the JCP central

Zenrokyo-centred rally May 1st
Enthusiastic responses to JRCL leaflets calling for struggles against Putin's war
Union members present at the rally in Hibiya Park


No to the constitutional revision and the major military build-up!
Militant workers and students strove in the van of a mass protest rally

May 3rd, Constitution Day, Tokyo

- Warm responses to JRCL leaflets
- 'No to fascism!' Militant students made an ardent call

'Against the US-Japan military alliance, against fascism!' Students inspiring 25,000 workers and citizens in the rally

'Let us crush Putin's war in solidarity with Ukrainian people!' Appealing to the participants at the start of the demonstration

'Don't make the Southwest Islands a military fortress!'
Protest actions at sea blocked the unloading of dirt for the landfill

Henoko, Apr. 25th,
six years after the start of the embankment work for a new US Marine base

'Remove all the military bases! Repeal the Security Treaty!' Militant workers on the boat prevented the landing of construction materials

Several dozens of kayaks dashing to the construction site

Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921 Part 5
III. The strengthened alliance of workers and peasants leading to the end of the civil war
(1) A failure in the organization of sovhoz and the defeat by Denikin
(2) A decision on the change in agricultural policies


No. 2766
(May 1st 2023 Issue)

Fight against sacking and imposition of low wages!
Crush the massive military buildup, the revision of the Constitution and
the massive tax hikes schemed by the Kishida government!

- Dismissals and suppression of wage rises amid the reorganization of Japanese industries
- - Sacrificing workers for the survival of Japanese imperialism
- The Kishida-led neo-fascist government rushing headlong into the expansion of armaments and the revision of the Constitution
- Shatter the imposition of 'war, poverty and oppression'!

'Oppose the building of a pre-emptive strike system!
Stop the revision of the Constitution!
---Crush Putin's war!'

Zengakuren marching on the PM's Office, on the Diet Building
April 22nd, Tokyo


Fortification going on along the 'First Island Chain'

US imperialism intent on winning the Philippines over to the anti-Chinese encircling net



Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko!
Smash every attempt to make the whole islands of Okinawa a military fortress!

Achieve a militant upsurge in the Peace March and in the People's Rally!: May 13th - 14th, Okinawa
The Okinawa Prefectural Committee of the JRCL
- US and Japanese rulers dashing to the building of a pre-emptive strike system against China
-- A clash between the US and China with focus on Taiwan and the Korean peninsula
- Denounce the JCP's distortion of struggles into a mere campaign to ask the government for 'peace diplomacy'
without opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
-- Absolutely no to the strengthening of the US-Japan offensive and defensive alliance against China!
-- Oppose China's expansion of nuclear armaments!


Denounce the leadership of Zenroren
[National Confederation of Trade Unions]
for distorting shunto into a petition to the government for 'wage raises'!
I. A petition to the Kishida government for 'wage raises' by using health care workers as props
A. The bankruptcy of a deceptive 'strike aimed to appeal to the people'
B. Basal characteristics of the 'course of action for 2023 people's shunto' that run counter to the interests of workers
C. Intensification of conflicts within Zenroren

II. Denounce the distortion of shunto into a mere campaign aimed to ask the government to support 'funds that cover wage raises'
A. An illusion about state monopoly capitalism in Japan
B. Distortion of struggles into a request for 'public support for securing funds for wage raises'
C. The anti-working class nature of their 'social wage struggle'
D. Abandonment of the efforts to organize workers as a class
E. 'Wages correspond to the costs for reproducing labour-power': Zenroren's anti-Marxist theory
F. Flight from all of the antiwar, anti-Ampo, anti-constitutional revision struggles and from the Ukrainian antiwar struggle

Denounce the Kishida government for obliging workers to 'take re-skilling on their own responsibility'!
The latest meeting of the government panel to 'realize new capitalism'

No to a relentless collection of consumption taxes!
Introduction of a new invoice system

- A scheme to impose sacrifices on small independent businesses currently exempted from taxation
- Stop the increase of consumption taxes for a massive military build-up!
- No to the revision in the taxation system designed to support the neo-fascist state!


No. 2765
(April 24th 2023 Issue)

Stop the deployment of missiles on the Southwest Islands!
Overcoming the JCP abandoning opposition to the US-Japan military alliance,
let us fight for a militant upsurge in anti-base, anti-military alliance struggles!

- Japanese and US rulers are intent on strengthening their global alliance
- China is intensifying its military and political offensives against the US
- Let us fight for a militant upsurge in antiwar, anti-military alliance struggles and anti-constitutional revision struggles!
- Build up the antiwar struggle to shatter the Russian aggression in Ukraine!

Don't allow a mobilization system for war to be built on the Southwest Islands!

Self-Defence Forces concluded a cooperation arrangement with shipping companies in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions

- With the aim of securing routes for transporting troops and munitions in the event of a 'Taiwan emergency'
- An attempt of united US-Japanese forces to prepare a war on China

The Kishida government hurrying to enact a law to boost the munitions industry

- The Defence Ministry is hell-bent on vitalizing the Japanese munitions industry
- Monopoly capitalists are clamouring, 'Make the defence industry a growth business!'
- Munitions monopolies are swarming on the colossal military budget, '43 trillion yen in five years'

'Official Security Assistance' launched
The Kishida government institutionalises constant military aids to developing countries


Expose the anti-working class nature of the 'annual JTUC report'!

A declared submission to the government and monopoly capitalists emphasizing a 'structural wage raise'

Denounce the Yoshino leadership for being immersed in today's Industrial Patriotic movement!

A. Imposing self-restraint of wage hike on union members on the pretext of overcoming the 'chronic deflation'
- Impermissible agenda of Rengo for the 2023 spring labour offensive
- Derisory wage hike demands, effectively 'self-restrained' demands, amid the skyrocketing price rises

B. A full cooperation in the so-called 'structural wage raise'
C. Rengo's goal of 'safety society centred on labour' and its class nature
- Denounce the JTUC leadership for reducing the spring offensive into tripartite consultations between the government, employers and labour aimed to get out of 'Japan's cheapness'!


A '2024 collapse' said to visit the trucking industry

The government and capitalists are imposing low wages and hardships on driving workers

An experimentation of 'smart agriculture' launched
Don't allow the Kishida government to sacrifice small-scale farmers!

- A project promoted in Hokkaido for 'encouraging rice production in irrigated fields'
- Manufacturing companies hell-bent on developing digitalized farm machines in competition


Denounce the Kishida government for weeding out small-scale dairy farmers!
Many farmers were forced out of business

- Promoting scale-up and free trade pacts, with no compensation for small-scale farmers

Prevent the government from constructing 'next-generation nuclear reactors' in the name of 'replacement'!

- A dangerous plan to construct 'innovative light-water reactors'
- Stop Japan's nuclear development!

Stop the restart of Shika nuclear power station!
The Nuclear Regulation Authority denied its previous judgement on active faults

The Castro-led government of Honduras leaped at China's massive aids

Broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Russia's intelligence bureau under Putin's control
Coloured, false reports are everyday occurrences

Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921 Part 4
II. Unification of the Ukrainian soviet and the formation of the Communist Party
(3) Combination between the Ukrainian Communist Party and the Borotyba faction
(4) Promotion of Ukrainization


No. 2764
(April 17th 2023 Issue)

Deliver a final blow to Putin's aggression in Ukraine!

- The Ukrainian forces, together with working people, are getting their battle formation ready to launch counteroffensives
- Putin is making a 'nuclear threat' in an attempt to get through the crisis
- Flare up the flame of Ukraine antiwar struggle!

'Don't make the Southwest Islands a military fortress!'
Militant students fought in the van

Okinawa People's Action
April 1st, Henoko
'Stop the construction of a new US base in Henoko!'
Workers and students clenching their fists at the Camp Schwab gate


A 'rapprochement' between Saudi Arabia and Iran staged by the Xi Jinping government

- An agreement reached by the two states, each having been shaken in the crisis of its own ruling system
- The Xi-led China pretending to be a 'constructor of a peaceful world order'
-- Defending Putin the aggressor
-- Bringing authoritarian rulers over to the side of China

- The danger of the outbreak of another war in the Middle East

'No to the massive military buildup promoted inseparably with nuclear development!'
JRCL's agitation against nuclear development aroused sympathy among workers
Sayonara to Nuclear Development rally in Kita-Kyushu
March 19th

'Stop the constitutional revision! No to massive military buildup! No to tax hikes!'
Action against constitutional revision in Fukuoka
March 19th

Postal workers' spring offensive
Denounce the union leaders' agreement on the derisory pay raise offered by the management!

I. The management's ultra-low offer and the union leadership's acceptance
II. Denounce the effective wage cuts amid price rises
(1) Only 1,000 yen increase in wages: the case of "regional key workers"
(2) A zero increase in hourly wages: the case of temp workers
(3) 'Improvement in wages' of "simple clerical workers": far short of the improvement of living conditions
(4) Denounce the agreement on the reduction of 'summer and winter holiday entitlements'!
(5) A deceitful 'special one-off allowance' of 70,000 yen
III. Criticize the union leadership for distorting shunto into labour-management consultations designed to 'secure the sustainability of the postal business'! Let us go on with the fighting!

Achieve a militant upsurge in publishing workers' 2023 shunto!

Denounce the agreement on a very low amount of wage hike!

A. Capitalists of the publishing industry are making a sacrifice of workers as the sales are decreasing
B. Crush the union leadership's attempt to distort shunto on the basis of its line of 'rejuvenating the publishing industry'

- Abandonment of struggles for higher wages
- Abandonment of struggles against the revision of the Constitution
- Abandonment of struggles against restructuring plans and dismissals, against the intensification of labour and long working hours
C. Win a big, across-the-board wage hike! Stop the massive military buildup and the constitutional revision!


Retired workers raising an objection to the government's drastic cut in medical care benefits

Massive demonstrations stirred up despite repression in Wuhan, Dalian and Canton

- Xi ordered local governments to cut the benefit budget by 70 per cent
- The Xi government is making working people pay the price for its failure in the 'zero Covid' strategy

Another 'Secrecy Law' targeting civilians
The Kishida government has taken a step forward in the legislation of a security clearance system

Denounce the Rengo labour aristocrats for positively participating in the government panel!

Keidanren bulldozing an extended coverage of a discretionary working-hour system
Don't allow capitalists to boost the current system that enables them to work employees as long as they want without paying overtime!

Die Linke, a defender of Putin's invasion of Ukraine

- The so-called 'new peace movement' acting as a mouthpiece for Putin
- The former Stalinist party laying bare its degeneration

Tanka Poems
Ukraine: towards the spring, towards counterattacks

Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921 Part 3
II. Unification of the Ukrainian soviet and the formation of the Communist Party
(1) Victory in the battles against imperialist interventions and the grounds for it
(2) A controversy on policies within the Bolsheviks of Ukraine


No. 2763
(April 10th 2023 Issue)
A special issue for new students

Crush the promotion of nuclear development by the Kishida government with the aim of building Japan into a military power!

- Stop the enactment of a 'law to promote nuclear development'
- - Kishida's ambition to produce Japan's own nuclear weapons
- - Stop the discharge of radioactively contaminated water in the ocean from Fukushima

- Let us promote a struggle to oppose the restart of nuclear reactor operations and the Ukraine antiwar struggle simultaneously!

Denounce the JAM
[Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers] leadership for distorting shunto into a 'petition movement' for 'shifting wage raise costs onto raises in product prices'!
- JAM labour aristocrats emphasize their demand for the realization of 'fair trade' between big and smaller companies
- A deceptive demand for a '9,000 yen pay raise'
- Deception in touting a 'society where "labour" and "products" are properly valued'

Reject zero or derisory pay offer! Let us fight for a big, across-the-board wage increase!


The 2023 spring offensive of the Federation of All Toyota Workers' Unions

Fight militantly in the face of price rises and the reorganization of the industry!

Denounce the deceptive pay offers made by the Toyota-affiliated big and medium-sized companies!

-- 'Improvement in the competitiveness of the car industry': presented by the Toyota Motor Workers' Union as an agenda for shunto
-- Workers of subcontract factories! Unite and fight!


Imposition of sacrifices on workers in the name of the 'digitization of nursing care'
The Kishida government urges the introduction of AI and ICT equipment

A neo-fascist attempt of the government and the LDP to reorganize Japan's broadcasting industry

- An attempt to reorganize and sift TV stations
- Tightening up controls on the media to accelerate Japan's militarization and revise the Constitution
- Don't allow the imposition of sacrifices on broadcasting workers

Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921 Part 2
I. Achieving independence from Russia and breaking the dual power situation: 1917-18
(3) The Kyiv soviet: victory and defeat
(4) Division between soviets and its overcoming

Special pages for new students
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Let us fight together!
Crush Putin's war!
Fight against the revision of the Constitution and the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!

 Sep. 30th, 2022    Feb. 24th, 2023

 Sep. 19th, 2022    Nov. 30th, 2022

Arise under the flag of Zengakuren!

Yusuke Ariki, Zengakuren Chairman

Let us oppose Russia's aggression against Ukraine!
Q & A
(1) Why are the forces of Russia, a major military power, so powerless?
(2) How should we face up to this world-historical event?
(3) Putin's war and its meaning
(4) The grave crime of Stalinism, which we still must confront
(5) Let us change the world in a deepening crisis!

Warm solidarity with Ukrainian leftists in resistance

Commons website:
the heading collage to an article on the Japanese Left, with the image of
Zengakuren students raising their fists at the Russian Embassy

Sotsialnyi Rukh facebook:
reporting the protest march of Zengakuren and Antiwar Youths
on the Russian Embassy in Tokyo on Feb. 24th
together with actions across the world

A letter from Sotsialnyi Rukh

'Your support gives us a conviction that Ukraine will win and left movement is expected to revival.'

A letter from editors of the Ukrainian journal Commons

'We appreciate all the comrades, who keep to their principles of anti-imperialism and international solidarity'

 From the facebook of European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine:
Zengakuren and Antiwar Youth Committees carrying out protests in key cities in Japan
as part of the Global Week

The Global Week of Action for Solidarity with Ukraine
(Feb. 20th-26th)
Reported in the Sotsialnyi Rukh website


No. 2762
(April 3rd 2023 Issue)

Fight against the US-Japan military alliance,
against the revision of the Constitution!
Shatter Putin's war!

Rise in Zengakuren demonstration on April 22nd!

Central Students' Orgburo
1. The world today in a deepening crisis amid the intensification of conflicts between the US and China-Russia
A. Ukrainians' brave battles having brought Putin to bay
B. The danger of another war mounting with focus on Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula
C. Confrontation intensifying between the US and China-Russia
2. The Kishida government frantically building Japan into a military power
3. The appalling degeneration of the existing opposition movement and the dauntless struggle of Zengakuren
4. Create a tidal surge in the antiwar, anti-military alliance, anti-constitutional revision struggles!

A. Denounce the leadership of the Japanese Communist Party for abandoning opposition to the US-Japan military alliance!
- Criminal nature of its policy against the Kishida government's massive expansion of armaments
- Withdrawing opposition to the US-Japan military alliance
- The anti-proletarian nature of its 'alternative for peace'

B. Create an explosive upsurge in the struggle against the US-Japan military alliance, against the constitutional revision! Advance the Ukraine antiwar struggle!
- Fight against the buildup of a pre-emptive attack system! Against the revision of the Constitution!
-- Crush the strengthening of the neo-fascist ruling system!
- Shatter Putin's war!
- No to a huge tax increase! No to an immense increase in tuition fees!
- Stop the restart of nuclear reactors! Stop nuclear development!


Protestors expressed opposition to Japan's massive military expansion

A workers, students and citizens' rally in Osaka
March 18th
Kobe Univ. and Nara Women's Univ. students called on rally participants to fight against the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance
Spirited students raising placards against Putin's war in the demo

'No to the buildup of a US-Japan joint system for pre-emptive attacks!'

Kanazawa Univ. students fought in the van of a citizens' rally

Citizens' Action in Ishikawa
March 19th
Students' banner strongly appealed to
Students raising the banner,
'No to the constitutional revision! No to massive arms buildup!
Crush Putin's war in solidarity with Ukrainian people!'
the workers and citizens of Kanazawa

'Stop the extension of the period of operation of the Sendai Nuclear reactors!'

Kagoshima Univ. students strived in the rally and demonstration

A Parade to Stop Decrepit Reactors in Kagoshima
March 11th

Making a militant upsurge in the demonstration Students raising a big banner in the park

A boost to 'merchants of death'

The Kishida-led Japanese government and the Liberal Democratic Party are intent on lifting restrictions on and expanding arms exports

Denounce the degenerate leaders of the private railway workers' union for agreeing on ultra-low wage hike figures!

Create a militant uplift of
railway / bus unions' offensive continued in non-major companies despite the union federation leaderships' restraint on struggles!
- 'We got a sincere offer from the management': Degenerate leaders justified their acceptance of low compromise figures
- Private railway capitalists do not budge an inch about wage restraint
- Denounce the leadership for being immersed in local election campaigns to 'realize demands concerning traffic policies!'
- Win a big, across-the-board wage raise!
Railway and bus workers going on with the offensive
, fight it out together!

Denounce the Zenroren leadership for relying on the Kishida government and small business owners for support in wage hike
Let us fight for a militant upsurge in the 2023 spring labour offensive!

The spring offensive of telecommunication workers

Denounce the union leadership for demanding an extremely low-rate hike!

I. The NTT management hell-bent on promoting a drastic reorganization of its business structure
II. The NTT union's agenda for the spring offensive: for a 'business development of NTT groups'
- A demand for '2 per cent improvement' in wages: against the interests of workers
- 100,000 yen as temporary measures 'for defending the livelihood': for cheating workers

III. Denounce the labour aristocrats of the leadership for fully cooperating with the management in boosting productivity! Win a big, across-the-board wage raise!

Condemn the agreement on the derisory-rate wage hike!


Ukraine in revolution and civil war: 1917-1921
Part 1
I. Achieving independence from Russia, and breaking the dual power situation: 1917-18
(1) Workers' uprising in Kyiv
(2) Declaration of the establishment of a 'soviet government'

A law against 'foreign agents': the pro-Russian government frantic to repress the masses


No. 2761
(March 27th 2023 Issue)

Denounce the labour aristocrats of Rengo for agreeing on low compromise figures!
Let us militantly fight out the spring labour offensive!

Don't allow the Rengo leadership to be immersed in
tripartite consultations between the government, labour and management!

- Denounce the acceptance of a derisory pay offer! No to growing wage differentials!
-- Labour leaders of big companies: devoted to labour-management consultation for the 'development of business activities'
-- A joint government-labour-management conference aimed to reorganize and selectively eliminate small and medium enterprises

- The government schemes to involve trade unions in its measures for the survival of Japanese imperialism
- Bring to light the crimes of the official labour leaderships and create a militant upsurge of workers' struggle!

'Crush Putin's war!'

Militant workers and students marched through the city centre

March 12th, Naha, Okinawa

- 'Let us flair up the flame of Ukraine antiwar struggle all over the world!' Zengakuren Okinawa chairman called on the protesters
----   ----

'Don't make the Southwest Islands a military fortress!'
Okinawa People's Action in Henoko
March 4th
Militant students showed the way forward under the banner 'Stop the strengthening of the US-Japan military alliance!'

'No to the restart of suspended nuclear power stations! Don't build new nuclear reactors!'
A rally and demonstration in Osaka
March 5th
Militant students strove in the van
- Students from Kobe University and Nara Women's University called on protesters to oppose the massive military buildup


The Yoon-led South Korean government intent on rebuilding the triangular military alliance between the US, Japan and ROK

- The Japan-ROK summit meeting and a political 'settlement' of the issue of the wartime draft of Korean workers, a crime of militarist Japan
- Launching a militarily hard-line policy towards China and North Korea

JRCL encouraged workers in regional Rengo rallies for the 2023 spring labour offensive [shunto]
--------- --------
Osaka March 6th
Anger spread among 6000 participants
at low wage hike demands of the leadership
 Sapporo March 10th
JRCL denounced the leadership for
distorting the rally into part of election campaigns


Keidanren's 2023 labour management report
Declaration of wage restraint, dismissals / forcible transfer to other companies, and imposition of intensified labour on workers

I. 'Smooth labour tunover' by which to grow out of 'deflation and low economic growth'
II. Deception in propagandizing 'wage increases' and falsity in preaching 'a virtuous circle of wages and prices'
III. Final destruction of Japanese-style labour practices

No to the abolition of the health insurance card with the aim of the compulsory possession of a 'My Number card'!
Denounce the Kishida government for building up a national identification number system!

Win a big, across-the-board wage raise!
Fight for an upsurge of the 2023 shunto!

Don't allow the leadership of Shitetsu-soren
[General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers' Unions] to distort shunto into a movement to 'achieve the demands of traffic policies'!
(1) Private railway capitalists hell-bent on cutting wages and personnel
(2) The union leadership pressing affiliates to have 'full consultation with employers'
(3) Let us fight to win a big and across-the-board wage raise!

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